From the Vertical Files, Tennessee Room, Jackson-Madison County Library


The vertical file for this cemetery contains a scrap of paper with information from four markers. The scrap is taped to a sheet of JMCL letterhead with the following typed note: "The attached note was brought to the Tennessee Room in January, 1995 by Mr, Wilson Clanton. It concerns a cemetery in Madison Co."

Three markers in this cemetery were recorded by Bill Pope and Robert Nolen in 1990. Their record was published in Family Findings, Vol. XXIV, No. 1, January 1992, p. 11. This is their description of the location on the cemetery: "located on Rooker DeLoach farm on the Old Jackson Humboldt Road, Madison County Tennessee."

Wilson Clanton's recording of the markers:

Mary Ann Harris
D. 1-21-1863
Age 66 yrs

Wesley Harris
B. 4-3-1795
D. 11-3-1861

Lucy E. Harris
B. 12-26-1842
D. 12-29-1903

T. B. Harris
B. smeared 1825
D. 2-28-1896


Bill Pope and Robert Nolen gave these dates for T. B. Harris:


You can see 8-6-1825 in Wilson Clanton's record, but only if you know what date you are looking for. The last two digits are a very clear 25.