From the Vertical Files, Tennessee Room, Jackson-Madison County Library


Located in Madison County, Tennessee, on the Barnes Road, near Friendship Baptist Church, three miles from the Old Medina Road, six miles south of Medina. The writer started at southwest corner walking back and forth between rows of graves ending on east side of cemetery. Writer's notes will be in (parenthesis). Barbara Warren, 160 Moorewood Drive, Jackson, TN, 38305.

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ALLEN, Avie L., 6/14/1914-2/22/1991
ALLEN, William M., 12/23/1917-____
Married 1/15/1956

BROADWAY, Hazel I., 3/14/1918-____
BROADWAY, Wesley C., 11/12/1907-3/14/1980
Married 7/20/1935

BROADWAY, Eldon Jacquade, 5/30/1936-2/16/1991

RAINEY, Max L., 3/19/1934-1/7/1993

MARSH, Larry J., 6/18/1968-1/11/1987

RAINEY, Emitt, 1911-1973
RAINEY, Lelon, 1914-1973

MATHIS, Angelic Gwen, 2/13/1977-2/14/1977

MATHIS, Donald Lynn, 1/31/1948-3/5/1976

MATHIS, Opal Ray, 12/31/1922-____

MCBROOM, Clara Mae, 9/18/1911-____, Mom
MCBROOM, J. Lewis, 11/5/1915-2/10/1974, Dad

MCBROOM, Jeffery A., 11/6/1969-7/15/1935

MCBROOM, Finis F., 6/25/1941-7/30/1988

PLUNK, Earl D., 1912-1987, US ARMY W. W. II, 9/12/1912-7/10/1987
PLUNK, Myra B., 1927-1993
Married 2/20/1946
Parents of Molly
Grandparents of Mary Beth and John

PLUNK, Annie B., 1/19/1888-9/17/1981
PLUNK, James F., 1/18/1888-10/28/1965

HARDY, Lena, 9/24/1924-____
HARDY, Robert G., 3/3/1920-1/27/1993, Robert Glen Hardy, Replogle-Lawrence Funeral Home

ABBITT, Eva, 1/2/1911-11/24/1975
ABBITT, Edd, 4/16/1906-1/16/1975

MEWS, Mary Ann ABBITT, 3/13/1958-9/29/1976

CUPPLES, Dorothy Mae, 2/12/1935-11/25/1984, Dear Mother Rest in Peace

CUPPLES, Karl Wayne, 6/23/1955-7/9/1986

ABBITT, Terry Neal, 2/19/1980-12/11/1980

(round 3" x 6" stone, may be broken from a larger stone. The letters "TEN" are in upper left corner.)

ABBITT, Betty Christine, 10/9/1973 (Don Abbitt's dau.; may be birth and death date.)

ABBITT, Lois Ann, 1954-1957

BARNES, Doris Evelyn, 12/22/1931-____, Mother of James, Randy, Donna

BARNES, Randall Eugene, 10/4/1951-1/13/1973

BARNES, Pearl L., 10/2/1903-3/12/1987
BARNES, J. B., 12/1/1900-1/28/1962, Jack (Masonic symbol)
At rest, Mother, Dad

BARNES, Floyd Eugene, 12/8/1928-9/27/1988, Father of James, Randy, Donna (Masonic symbol)

LUCKEY, Gary Devaughn, 10/22/1961-4/21/1983, We love you Gary, Dad, Mom. Pam, Beverly

LUCKEY, Earnest, 5/4/1894-11/23/1974

QUINN, Katherine Faye, 8/24/1942-4/3/1994, Beloved dau. of Louise and Clyde, Watkins & Sons Funeral Home

QUINN, Charles C., 2/22/1932-2/22/1932

QUINN, Clyde C., 8/12/1909-9/24/1974
QUINN, Louise, 9/22/1909-5/__/1995

FOUTCH, James Earl, 1/17/1929-10/14/1932
FOUTCH, Lois Devon, 4/19/1937-7/14/1937

FOUTCH, Florence, 12/28/1907-10/24/1966
FOUTCH, Roy, 6/28/1909-12/25/1976

BARNES, Mary L., 3/13/1911-10/16/1936, Mother

BARNES, Babies - Frank - Tom

BARNES, Willie A., 5/1/1906-9/21/1988, Replogle-Lawrence Funeral Home

TETTLETON, Dewey, 2/28/1907 (date not identified, stone low to ground)

TETTLETON, Jon (no date, stone low to ground)

TETTLETON, Charlie (no date, stone low to ground)

(found 5" x 6" stone, blank)

TETTLETON, Sarah B., no dates

LUCKEY, Gerald D., 8/20/1945-4/13/1948 (footstone: "GDL")
LUCKEY, Bettie B., 6/5/1929-6/6/1929 (footstone: "BBL")

LUCKEY, Nola M., 3/10/1912-____
LUCKEY, John D., 11/4/1896-4/4/1971
Children, Bettie, Devaughn, Mary, Gerald

LUCKEY, Baby Boy, no dates

LUCKEY, Baby Girl, no dates

LUCKEY, Baby Girl, no dates

LUCKEY, Baby Girl, no dates

LUCKEY, Baby Girl, no dates

LUCKEY, George W., 2/22/1835-8/11/1969 (stone low to ground)

BROWNING, Lydia, 8/3/1875-11/28/1942

BROWNING, Ray, 11/28/1899-2/4/1922

KING, Emley, 10/11/1887-4/22/1957, Mother

GREY, Bessie, no dates (spelling may be "GRAY")

GREY, Jim, no dates

GREY, Rosie, no dates

GREY, Luther, no dates (previous stone broken, 5" x 2")

GREY, Ellis, no dates (previous stone broken, "Daddy")

MCBROOM, Nora GREY and Baby, 1918-1942 (wife of Newt McBROOM, first wife of Jim GRAY. Elmer KING's half sister)

KING, Robert Lee, Born & Died 10/23/1944

KING, W. H., 12/1/1861-8/6/1947

HARDY, Leroy G., 8/4/1948-11/29/1948, Butch

HARDY, Infant son of R. G. and Lena, died 1/12/1941, Baby

FOUTCH Cassie NEVILL, no dates (mother of John D. [Jack] Foutch, first wife of Laz Foutch; died Ca. 4/14/1899)

NEVILL Nancy A. DAVIDSON, no dates (mother of Cassie NEVILL FOUTCH, dau. of Jesse & Cassie DAVIDSON)

GLOVER, Arthur Lee, 8/8/1883-9/5/1893, Son of M. D. & J. C. GLOVER

LUCKEY, Bettie B., 1929, Dau. of John & Nola Luckey

DAVIDSON, Cassie Boren, 1810-1852 (handcarved stone)

DAVIDSON, J. E. J., 1809-1894 (handcarved stone, magnolia tree over)

PHILLIPS, Charlie J., 1882-1965
PHILLIPS, Lula B., 1880-1966

BARNES, L. J., 1858-1923, wife of W. T. BARNES (LUCY JANE WALKER BARNES) (Handcarved, "5" & "9" carved backwards) (footstone: "B")

BARNES, William T., 4/10/1838-7/16/1931, PVT CO E38 TENN REGT CONFEDERATE STATES ARMY (a new stone has been placed over old stone) (footstone: "B")

BARNES, Anie, 1891-1893, dau of W. T.-Lew Barnes (handcarved) (footstone: "B")

BARNES, Lew, 1844-1892, wife of W. T. BARNES (footstone broken)

BARNES, Lenie, 1884-1885, dau. of W. T. BARNES (footstone: "B")

BARNES, Joe, 1882-1884, son of W. T.-Lew Barnes (footstone: "B")

(Broken stone laying on stump, hand carved: "B. L.")

CAPPS, William B., 1918-1945
CAPPS, Cassie L., 1918-19__, Mother

CAPPS, Larry Wayne, 8/22/1942-6/23/1945

KING, Jim, no dates

BARNES, Frank C., 10/4/1868-1/10/1945
BARNES, Mollie C., 10/1/1886-5/26/1964