From the Vertical Files, Tennessee Room, Jackson-Madison County Library


Read by Jack Darrel Wood, May 1994
Lead from Rhonda Freeman, April 21, 1994

Baker-Glover Cemetery is located in the woods at the southern end of Bourne Park, Oakfield Rd. Follow clear trail about 500 yds. (?), cemetery is on the right.


Baker, J. W., Feb. 7, 1841-Aug. 27, 1903

Baker, L. C., Mrs., wife of J. W. Baker, 1839-Dec. 10, 1907

Glover, Walter E., son of G. E. & C. Glover, July 27, 1886-Apr. 8, 1895


A 6' long depression clearly shows one more burial. Seems to be a potential for other graves here.