Jonathan K. T. Smith
Copyright, Jonathan K. T. Smith, 1992


Men and women, with their fervor and heroism,
their steadfastness and suffering, their folly and stupidity,
their greatness and meanness, make history.
--Clayton & David Roberts


Acknowledgments and Plat Sections of Riverside Cemetery (Map) (Page 1)

A Brief History of Riverside Cemetery and Its Shannon Branch Predecessor in Jackson, Tennessee (Pages 2-6)

The Riverside Cemetery Improvement Association (Pages 7-9)

Cartmell Family (Page 10)

Notes by Lot (Pages 11-15)

Two Portraits (unnumbered page between Page 15 and Page 16)

Inscriptions Copied on the South Slope, Mid-East and East, at Riverside Cemetery, by Ingram James in 1937 with My Comments by Notes (Pages 16-19)

Notes by Lot (Pages 20-35) (slow load, large file)

More Concerning Civil War Soldiers (Pages 36-37)

Notes by Lot (Pages 37-40)

Griffin Funeral Home Burial Ledger (Page 41)

Deaths Noted in the Oldest Extant Jackson Newspapers (Page 42)

St. Mary's Roman Catholic Church Register (Page 42)

Notes by Lot (Page 42)

Index (Page 43)


[Note: Most section titles above were created when the text was split for HTML presentation and do not appear in Mr. Smith's work. In Notes by Lot sections, some lot numbers were added using lot numbers from Jonathan Smith's 1998 revised edition of "Tombstone Inscriptions in Historic Riverside Cemetery in Jackson, Tennessee"]


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