From Family Findings
Vol. III, No. 2, April 1971, pp. 71-72
Copyright, Mid-West Tennessee Genealogical Society, 1971
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Submitted by Mrs. Houston (Hope Wallick) Sipes, 68 Carlisle Drive, Jackson, Tenn.

Highland Home Cemetery, Gray Court, South Carolina
Formerly the Barksdale Family Cemetery

Nathan L. Barksdale, November 19, 1835-November 3, 1893 "In the way of righteousness is life and in the pathway thereof, there is no death."

Mary Barksdale, Wife of Nathan L. Barksdale, July 24, 1834-August 14, 1910

Ann Currie Barksdale, March 7, 1857-January 17, 1879

Sarah Louise Barksdale, Wife of Allen D., November 27, 1833-June 19, 1915 "In their death they were not divided."

Alan D. Barksdale, November 28, 1870-May 3, 1899 "Gone but not forgotten."

William H. Barksdale, September 5, 1857-January 25, 1941

Mollie E. Barksdale, December 14, 1869-March 14, 1947

Old Barksdale Family Cemetery, Route 14, Laurens, S.C.

In memory of Samuel Barksdale, June 30, 1812-June 21, 1869

In memory of Vancy Barksdale, Wife of Samuel, September 28, 1819-October 31, 186_ [cut off], "He gave his beloved."

In memory of Alan Barksdale, December 25, 1783-December 7, 1870, "Was often honored with the trust of the people. For more than half a century served his district in different capacities. He had been happy union with the Baptist Church nearly 40 years and his ennobling virtues have brought him in his silver of old age honor, love, obedience, troops of friends, quiver full of descendants, after a well spent life in the evening in the season when the leaves are falling, he fell like autumn fruit that mellowed long."

In memory of Nancy Barksdale, 60 years the wife of Alan Barksdale, April 11, 1787-January 6, 1866

Paul Collyat, youngest son of Alan and Nancy Barksdale, Born near the place where he now lies October 12, 1828, Wounded at second battle of Mananass August 29, 1862, Died Monday morning following September 1, having barely completed his 34th year when he sealed with his blood his devotion and cause of his state and his country. He had resided in Charleston since 1857 and commanded the Carolina lightin infantry from that city 1st South Carolina regiment."

Mary Barksdale, member of Baptist Church, October 8, 1819-January 27, 1863

James Barksdale, December 16, 1864-February 4, 1914

Lucy Williams, daughter or John A. and M. Barksdale, wife of Frank Evans, September 22, 1859-June 5, 1911

Ada Barksdale, Wife of John August Barksdale, Daughter of Sarah Carwell Garwile and Hillary, July 1, 1857-May 26, 1910

John Augustus Barksdale, Son of Dr. John August and Martha, September 16, 1856-August 29, 1916

Nannie Downs, Daughter of John A. and Martha A Barksdale, February 28, 1860-February 8, 1873

Drayton Nance, Son of John A and Martha A Barksdale, September 6, 1853-February 6, 1873

Collyar Douglass, Son of John A and Martha Nance Barksdale, June 23, 1855-August 28, 1921

Lilly Aylett Fair, Wife of Douglass Barksdale, 1855-1905

Martha Amelia Barksdale, Wife of Dr. John August Barksdale, daughter of Dr. Ayton and Lucy Williams, July 20, 1831-July 1, 1902

Dr. John Barksdale, October 1, 1826-November 6, 1908, "A distinguished physician and a man of the highest christian character a well spent life sustained and soothed by an unfaltering trust. Like one who wraps the drapery of his couch about him and lies down to pleasant dreams, he gently fell asleep to await the resurrection morn."

In memory of Martha Jane wife of James H. Parks, daughter of Alan and Nancy Barksdale, September 2, 1824-February 4, 1901, "Blessed are the pure in heart for they shall see God."