From Family Findings
Vol. XXI, No. 1, January 1989, pp. 25-27
Copyright, Mid/West Tennessee Genealogical Society, 1989
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Located on Pleasant Plains Rd off of Ashport Rd in N Madison Co. Copied by Floyd & Helen Johnson, March 25, 1988.


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Jennie Noel Johnson, 5/10/1869-6/1/1899

Martha Johnson Noel, 9/3/1856-9/14/1934
William Priestly Noel, 3/11/1848-12 1925

Ransome B., hus of Lydia C. Hicks, 6/12/1889-l1905
Lydia C., wife of Ransome B. Hicks, 111838-21920

Cecil C. Perry, son of John C. & Lilliam White Perry, 51900-2/7/1958

Anna Morgan Griffith, 11/6/1853-31943
Joseph Dickson Griffith, 9/6/1846-8/16/1928

Inf son of J. F. & M? Jones, 12/2//1878-121878

Kate G. Cox, wife of G. T. Brown, 1866-1917

Mary Morgan, wife of G. T. Brown, 1855-1915

George Thos. Brown, 1858-1940

Gladys L. Noel (no dates)

Arch H. Noel, 7/l3/1884-11909

George H. Hicks, 21876-61961
Lula May Hicks, 101884-6/13/1963

John H. Ferguson, 1860-1931

Edward L. White, Jr., 5/15/1879-8/14/1953

Florence E. Hall, 1859-19__
Jessie J. Halil, 1851-1929

Pattie, dau of’ J. D. & A. B. Griffith, 3/11/1883-51888

Rianna H. Morgan, 12/3/1832-91901, his wife
Alfred Morgan, 1/3/1827-111913

Mary Lucile, dau of Mr. & Mrs. C. S. Crawford, 81920-91921

Gwendolyn Allen McPeak, dau of J. E. & Velma McPeake, 5/2/1924-7/10/1926

Martha Corrinne Noel, 10/6/1886-6 1978

Queen Noel, 91877-3/2/1906

Martha E., wife of Jno. R. Ferguson, 5/12/1828-12/11/1899, 71y 5m (Mother)

Charles F., son of Jno. & Martha E. Ferguson, 5/2/1862-31898 (36yrs)

Pocahontas H. White, 121884-9/16/1965

Ann Morgan, wife of W. B. Howlett, 1/1/1844-61903
M. Clarence Morgan, 1866-1928 (footstone-Taddie)

Nannie May, wife of Dr. Horace L. Jones, 10/11/1880-3/12/1902

Inf dau of D. L. & L. H. Williams (no dates)

John C. Kent, 91852-21925

J. E. McPeake, 51890-3/1/1937


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G. S. Allen, 91865-6/15/1940
Nora B. Allen, 51872-3/12/1938

Sudie E. Parker, 8/7/1891-1/12/1957

L. L. Webb, 111855-10/16/1925

G. W. Cordon, d. 12/15/1892, age 31yrs

S. Pocahontas, dau of R. C. & E. C. Gooch, 11/15/1863-6/9/1876

Rufus C. Gooch, 9/2/1830-5 1906

Clarice Davie Smith, 6/10/1893-10/14/1968, dau of Phillip Nathaniel & Sally Elsie Smith

Nanette Jaquet, 12/15/1878-21956

George Hicks, 9/10/1796-2/1/1878

James Alfred, son of H. C. & A. G. Copeland, 101919-101919

Melville B. Hunt, 1881-1939

Our Bayy (no dates or name)

Bessie L. Allen, dau of C. S. & Nora Allen, 3/9/1890-71925

Lynch Parker, 31885-41969

Lorenzo L., son of L. L. & P. E. Webb, 10/16/1885-10/14/1886

Lula S. Dearing, 6/6/1874-91876

Rowland Gooch, 2/9/1797-12/9/1873

Hannah Gooch, d. 71883

Elizabeth C. Gordon, wife of R. C. Gooch, 11/16/1837-2/6/1915

Jessie L., dau of H. E. & M. M. Vestal, 9/1/1921-4/8/1924

Charley Jaquet, 21904-7/11/1981

Mary Juanita, dau of H. C. & A. C. Copeland, 8/10/1909-21923

Dora E. Hunt, 3/11/ 1858-121847 [as reported in FF; not a scanning error]

Isabel Howard, 1837 1913

Velma Allen McPeake, 1902-1938

Rebecca P. Ledbetter, 3/1/1929-6/5/1973

Pattie Eugenia Webb, wife of Dr. L. L. Webb, 41858-2/16/1916

Potter A. Brown, 91813-101887
Saluda C. Brown, his wife, 12/2/1816-31900

Angus, son of J. J. & Florence Hall, 81880-11/8/1882, 2y 2m 14d

Allie Duke Vestal, 3l904-9/4/1929

Numa Jaquet, 11/8/1870-121932

Charles T. Baker, 9/3/1874-31946

Rosie Amanda Jaquet, 9/10/1909-____

Mattie J., wife of J. F. Jones, 11/9/1846-111871

J. T. Howard, 1840-1892


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S. M., wife of James Madison Young, 31851-____
J. M., hus of S. M. Young, 4/5/1838-21914

James E., son of W. R. & A. E. Howiett, d. 8/16/1864, 5y 2m 23d

Fannie Brown (no dates)

Elizabeth S., dau of J. W. & S. P. Parrish, 91863-8/14/1877

R. M. Rutherford, 4/12/1839-71910
Mary Lliza Rutherford, 3/9/1846-71882

Elna Barchelor, 7/8/1888-2/8/1974

Charlie S .Batchelor, 1839-1922
Amelia V. M. Batchelor, 1856-19U3

William J., son of W. R. & A. E. Howlett, d. 10/2/1861, 11y 2m 14d

Howlett Burns Hicks, son of J. R. & A. L. Hicks, 61887-61887

Lacy L. Brown, 1834-1899
Nancy F. Brown, 1840-1921

Quida L. Brown, 1882-1915

Lena B. Strawn, 1874-1929

James L. Strawn, Tn EM2 USNR WWII, 11902-41956

George W. (Rutherftord, 10/6/1879-61902

James Mubrey Midyett, son of J. A. & Ruth Midyett, 10/13/1915-51917
Katherine, dau of J. A. & Ruth Midyett, 51914-5/16/1917

Mary E., dau of W. R. & A. E. Howlett, d. 91861, 7y 4m 18d

James R., son of R. G. & C. A. Hicks, 1/9/1864-11866

Sallie B. Brown, 1858-1896

Ethley N. Brown, 5/1881-10/1881

Armendy C., dau of J. W. & S. P. Parrish, 31877-81877

Robert L. Rutherford, 81874-101886

Anna Bell, dau of J. L. & Lucy R. Moss, 91889-11/1/1890

Thomas V. Batchelor, Tn Pvt US Army WWI, 61893-41971

Rachel Amelia McPeak, 1917-1918