From Family Findings
Vol. XI, No. 3, July 1979, p. 103
Copyright, Mid-West Tennessee Genealogical Society, 1979
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Located 1 mile E of Highway 45N and 500 years S of Exum Rd. in N Madison Co. Listed by Emmitt Williams and Mr. & Mrs. Robert Nolen on Nov 5, 1978.


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A. Shelton, son of Noah and Ann E. Nelson, Aug 5, 1853-June 4, 1863

Noah Nelson, Nov 11, 1825-Oct 24, 1877

Ann E. Nelson, wife of N. Nelson, Mar 19, 1334-May 1, 1873

Virginia A., dau of Noah and Ann Nelson, Oct 15, 1851-Nov. 11, 1852