From Family Findings
Vol. XX, No. 4, October 1988, p. 134
Copyright, Mid-West Tennessee Genealogical Society, 1988
Appears on this web site by permission


Beech Bluff Rd on Rose Hill Farm, now owned by Tankersley. Copied by Robert & Wilma Nolen.


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Guy Hurt Leeper, d. May 15, 1973, Age 75 yrs

Gowen Leeper, son of Willie Phipps & Gowen Leeper, Feb 6, 1842-Aug 4, 1876

Minnie Bradford Leeper, wife of Robert Hurt Leeper, dau of Alice Arnold & Robert Black Bradford, Feb 5, 1874-June 8, 1965

William Gaillard Boaz, son of Elizabeth Gaillard & Beauregard Boaz, hus of Alice Leeper, Dec 31, 1894-Mar 2, 1971

Absalom DeBerry, Apr 20, 1814-Oct 29, 1853

Susan DeBerry Hurt, dau of Elizabeth Epps & Mathias DeBerry, Apr 5, 1825-Nov 13, 1910

Allen DeBerry (no dates)

Susan Murrell (no dates)

Milton D. Leeper, 1872-1964

Guy Allen Leeper, son of Elizabeth Hurt & Gowen Leeper, Mar 30, 1876-Sept 18, 1956

Earle B. Leeper, Tenn Capt Inf WWII, Sept 19, 1905-June 26, 1957

Mathias DeBerry, Jr. (no dates)

William P Hayley (no dates)

Robert Allen Hurt, son of Susan DeBerry & Robert B. Hurt, Jan 3, 1858-Oct 27, 1930

Elizabeth DeBerry (no dates)

Mathias DeBerry (no dates)

William Epps, Inf of Allen & Annie DeBerry
Inf of Allen & Annie DeBerry
Inf of Allen & Annie DeBerry (no dates)

Elizabeth H. Leeper, dau of Susan Deberry & Robert B. Hurt, Feb 3, 1849-July 3, 1920

Robert Hurt Leeper, son of Elizabeth Hurt & Gowen Leeper, Dec 28, 1869-May 2, 1955

Alice Leeper Boaz, dau of Minnie Bradford & Robert Hurt Leeper, wife of William G. Boaz, Jan 22, 1902-Feb 27, 1959

Robert Bailey Hurt, b. Halifax Co.VA 1821, d. Aug 31, 1881, son of Jane Bailey & Robert Hurt

Susan A. Hurt, dau of Susan A & Robert B. Hurt (no dates)

A. W. Hurt, son of G. C. & M. A. Hurt, Jan 1841-Sept 16, 1857

Little Sallie, dau of Allen & Allie DeBerry, age 11 mos


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