Taylor Cemetery, August 2003

            Taylor Cemetery is a very well maintained cemetery on the east side of Campbell Street a few hundred yards south of I-40. The earliest burials here date to the 1860s. Cedars were planted at several of the early graves; three storm-damaged cedars remain. The cemetery has a cast iron fence. Perhaps two dozen spaces for burials remain, mostly along the rear/east fence. There appear to be no unmarked graves; nine graves are unidentified.

            David Donahue recorded Taylor Cemetery August 24, 2003. The late William B. Elam recorded the cemetery circa. Mr. Elam's record appeared in Family Findings, Vol. VI, No. 4, October 1974. This is referred to as "Elam" in notes below. An unattributed circa 1995 record of the cemetery appears in Cemetery Records of Madison County, Tennessee Volume II The Northern Half of County and probably was a simple update of the 1974 Elam record as both records have the same date mistakes. This latter record is referred to as "1995 record" in two notes below.


Abernathy, Mary Yandell, Feb. 6, 1906-Nov. 21, 1979

Adcock, Chester, July 15, 1894-Dec. 30, 1925, military marker "Tennessee Sgt 21 Infantry World War I"

Adcock, Kelley Smythe, July 27, 1910-Mar. 19, 1970 [as reported by Elam: Mr. Kelly Smith Adcock, D Mar 19, 1970, Age 59 yrs]

Adcock, Lennie Maibelle [see Johnsey, Maibelle A.]

Adcock, Louie Bell, May 10, 1892-May 8,1907, "Daughter" footstone

Adcock, Mary Jessie, RN, June 7, 1902-Dec. 13, 1950

Adcock, Theo Gordon, Jan. 16, 1913-Feb. 4, 1913, "Baby" footstone [replacement]

Adcock, Thomas Jefferson, June 6, 1862-Oct. 16, 1936, "Papa" footstone
Adcock, Ladoskie Holland, Mar. 24, 1875-Sept. 12, 1935, "Mama" footstone

Allen, Emma [see Johnson, Emma Allen]

Baker, Calie, Sept. 14, 1874-Dec. 4, 1948, "Brother" footstone [Woodmen of the World memorial]

Baker, H. T., Mar. 27, 1845-Dec. 19, 1907, "Husband" "Father" (broken and repaired)

Baker, Infant, born & died oct. 19, 1903, "Infant son of J. F. & L. M. Baker"

Baker, Virginia T., Mar. 22, 1885-Oct. 27, 1918, "Dau. of H. T. & S. C. Baker"

Boykin, C. M., 1843-1927

Campbell, E. J., Feb. 8,1832-June 9, 1912
Campbell, Henry R., Apr. 29, 1818-June 13, 1903

Campbell, Mamie H., Jan. 22, 1870-Sept. 5, 1873, "Daughter of R. R. & E. J. Campbell

Case, Annie Lee, 1894-1960
Case, Joe P., 1892-1969

Case, John, 1861-1936 (homemade) [8 feet north of marker for Wm. Thomas Lamb]

Case, Rufus M., Oct. 19, 1886-June 18, 1905

Case, W. M., 1849-1927, "Father" footstone
Case, Mary Ellen, 1857-1927, "His wife"; "Mother" footstone

Cathey, Maggie B., 1866-1941
Cathey, Walter J., 1858-1943

Cathey, Mary B., Dec. 7, 1807-Mar. 11, 1874 (broken & repaired)

Cathey, Rebecca A., Mar. 29, 1826-May 16, 1883, "Wife of Robt. A. Cathey" "Married Nov. 12, 1856"

Cathey, Robert A., Feb. 26, 1832-Mar. 21, 1874 [Masonic symbol]

Cherry, Cherry Ann, Oct. 8, 1835-July 1, 1884, "Wife of D. B. Cherry" "Farewell dear mother . . ."

Clement, C. R., Sept. 12, 1812-Nov. 5, 1883 [Masonic symbol]

Cottongim, Claude C., 1894-1940 [Note: there is a post with an American Legion symbol at the foot of this grave, clearly within the same concrete border as the Cottongim marker. In the 1995 record this American Legion symbol is listed with the Lynn Henderson marker in the next row to the east.]

Cupples, Bettie C., 1888-1966
Cupples, Charles H., 1882-1956

Cupples, Charles Jr., Jan. 28, 1918-May 22, 1922, "Son of C. H. & M. E. Cupples"

Garrison, Lucille Hicks, Apr. 22, 1896-Dec. 5, 1975

Gilbert, Mattie [see Henderson, Mattie Gilbert]

Gilliam, Martha Louise Hicks, Aug. 28, 1911-Sept. 26, 1978

Henderson, Catherine, 1847-1872, "Mother" footstone

Henderson, Claude Hugh, May 7, 1885-May 13, 1970, "Husband of Trula G. Henderson & Lola H. Henderson"; "Father" footstone

Henderson, Clyde, no dates, Infant [replacement; Henderson does not appear on marker but is assumed based on location and surrounding markers]

Henderson, Edgar, 1868-1869 [replacement; Henderson does not appear on marker but is assumed based on location and surrounding markers]

Henderson, Elwood, Jan. 23, 1884-Nov. 16, 1892, "Son of J. N. & T. J. Henderson"

Henderson, Hugh C., 1800-Dec. 15, 1862
Henderson, Mary S., June 1824-Jan. 15, 1910

Henderson, James W., Aug. 4, 1848-Apr. 12, 1917, "Husband of Annie C. Henderson" [replacement]

Henderson, Lola Hooper, Dec. 6, 1892-Oct. 26, 1981

Henderson, Lynn, Feb. 6, 1872-June 15, 1915, [Woodmen of the World memorial; American Legion symbol on post at foot of grave] [Note: the post with an American Legion symbol at the foot of the Claude C. Cottongim grave is clearly within the same concrete border as the Cottongim marker. The American Legion symbol is directly in front of the Lynn Henderson marker and is listed with it in the 1995 record. However, the concrete border clearly separates them.]

Henderson, Mary E., 1864-1932, "Mother"
Henderson, T. J., 1855-1930, "Father"

Henderson, Mattie Gilbert, 1871-1936, "Wife of W. T. Henderson" "Mother"

Henderson, Ruby Katheryn, Apr. 14, 1911-Oct. 13, 1929

Henderson, Ruby S., Apr. 26, 1909-Dec. 19, 1985, "Wife" footsstone
Henderson, Mark W., Nov. 14, 1902-Apr. 23, 1981, "Husband" footstone

Henderson, Thomas J., Sept. 8, 1903-Jan. 16, 1958

Henderson, Trula Glynn, July 7, 1887-June 3, 1942, "Wife of Claude H. Henderson"; "Mother" footstone

Henderson, W. T., 1844-1919, "Father" footstone
Henderson, Ida, 1860-1888, "Mother" footstone

Henderson, William Frank, 1879-1952

Hicks Infant, Feb. 4, 1897, "Infant son of W. A. & M. P. Hicks" [replacement]

Hicks, Adelle, Sept. 1, 1898-May 8, 1899 [replacement]

Hicks, Anna Sue, Sept. 22, 1901-May 20, 1976, "Sister"

Hicks, Annie C., Apr. 18, 1890-Apr. 29, 1895, "Dau. of W. A. & M. P. Hicks"

Hicks, Baby, Nov. 2, 1909

Hicks, Elizabeth E., Mar. 18, 1836-Feb. 28, 1860, "Wife of John R. Hicks"

Hicks, Fannie Jones, Nov. 13, 1866-Oct. 24, 1898, "Wife of Robt. B. Hicks"

Hicks, James Edgar, 1869-1915
Hicks, Eunie Garrett, 1875-1962

Hicks, James Edgar, Jr., Dec. 10, 1915-Aug. 13, 1995 [only name on double marker]

Hicks, James Thomas, Mar. 3, 1856-Sept. 14, 1858, "Son J. R. & E. E. Hicks" (broken) [A large cedar has grown around the base and pieces of this marker. The dates were inaccessible in 2003 and are those reported by Elam.]

Hicks, James Thos., Oct.17, 1902-Nov.28,1902, "Son of J. E. & Eunie Hicks"

Hicks, Jas. W., June 28, 1834-June 16, 1916
Hicks, Annie S., Jan. 5, 1841-Aug. 11, 1911, "His wife"

Hicks, Jimmie B., July 29, 1887-May 16, 1891, "Son of R. B. & Lula J. Hicks"

Hicks, John R., 1830-1900

Hicks, Lucille [see Garrison, Lucille Hicks]

Hicks, Lula J., d. Oct. 1, 1888, Aged 24 Yrs. 2 Ms & 14 Ds., "Wife of R. B. Hicks"

Hicks, Maggie C., May 13, 1870-Nov. 17, 1927, "Mother" [adjacent to marker for Willie A. Hicks]

Hicks, Maguerite [see Lifsey, Marguerite Hicks]

Hicks, Mark Franklin, Oct. 22, 1871-Oct. 25, 1885, "Son of J. W. & N. A. S. Hicks"

Hicks, Martha Louise [see Gilliam, Martha Louise Hicks]

Hicks, Willie A., May 25, 1866-Feb. 18, 1911 [Woodmen of the World memorial]

Holland, Anna Belle Pate, Mar. 29, 1892-Feb. 11, 1984, "Wife" footstone
Holland, James Jefferson, Feb. 16, 1886-Nov. 28, 1971

Holland, Brucie, 1894-1910, "Sister" footstone

Holland, Cora [see Rowlett, Cora Holland]

Holland, M. L., 1843-1917, "Father" footstone
Holland, Mary D., 1859-1915, "Mother" footstone

Holland, Mary Ellen, Sept. 30, 1849-Oct. 3, 1902, "Wife of S. L. Holland" "Mother"

Holland, Mary, Mar. 5, 1812-July 27, 1880, "Wife of G. Holland"
Holland, Theodosia, Feb. 15, 1857-July 7, 1880, "Dau. of G. & M. Holland"

Holland, Mollie J., Jan. 4, 1880-Oct. 27, 1913

Holland, Parlee, Mar. 6, 1861-Feb. 3, 1953
Holland, S. L., Dec. 2, 1854-May 6, 1924, "Husband of Parlee Holland" (broken, partial repair) [At some time this marker was broken. The upper part with the names was reset in the base. The lower part with dates is not at grave. Dates are those reported by Elam.]

Hooper, Lola [see Henderson, Lola Hooper]

Johnsey, Maibelle A., Dec. 31, 1913-June 22, 1902, "Mama" footstone; also temporary marker, Lawrence-Sorensen Funeral Home, Mrs. Lennie Maibelle Adcock Johnsey]
Johnsey, Clarence H., July 20, 1907-Sept. 19, 1979, "Daddy" footstone

Johnson, Emma Allen, d. Sept. 7, 1882, 5 Yrs. 9 Mos. 26 das.

Jones, Fannie [see Hicks, Fannie Jones]

Lamb, Ann Eliza, 1874-1911 [shares double marker with Sallie Ann McKnight]

Lamb, Clifford, Oct. 4, 1902-May5, 1907 (eroding concrete marker)

Lamb, Newman, June 24, 1905-Sept. 26, 1907 (eroding concrete marker)

Lamb, Wm. Thomas, Jan. 7, 1878-Jan. 8, 1912 [Woodmen of the World memorial]

Lawrence, Claud H., Nov. 30, 1877-Mar. 6, 1878, "Son of S. B. & E. W. Lawrence"

Lawrence, Eugenia W., June 13, 1852-May 27, 1888, "Wife of S. B. Lawrence"

Lawrence, Sallie Matthews, 1861-1944 [adjacent to marker for Swanie Burrus Lawrence]

Lawrence, Swanie Burrus, 1843-1920

Lawrence, Zilphy L., Jan. 6, 1846-June 19, 1871, "Wife of S. B. Lawrence" [replacement]

Lifsey, Marguerite Hicks, 1907-1934

Longmire, Alice [see Smith, Alice Longmire]

Longmire, Anna, Jan. 6, 1817-Dec. 22, 1899, "Wife of Joseph Longmire" "We have lost our darling mother . . ."

Love, Maude H., Feb. 21, 1898-May 6, 1965
Love, Albert S., Dec. 11, 1885-Oct. 21, 1963

Matthews, Sallie [see Lawrence, Sallie Matthews]

McCann [see More, William T.]

McKnight, Sallie Ann, 1859-1911 [shares double marker with Ann Eliza Lamb]

Moore Infant, born & died July 26, 1893, "Infant dau. of W. & M. T. Moore"

Moore, Mattie T., 1866, 1919, "Wife of W. M. Moore"; "Mother" footstone

Moore, Minnie L., 1874-1964

Moore, Rebecca, 1842-1870, "His wife"; "Mother" footstone
Moore, S. P., 1840-1919, "Father" footstone

Moore, Wm. M., 1868-1934

More, William T., Dec. 28, 1902-Jan. 11, 1903, "Son of W A. & Zula Z. McCann"

Myers, Josie R. Price, Apr. 10, 1857-Nov. 19, 1880, "Wife of W. R. Myers" [shares quadruple marker with Rebecca H. Taylor Price, Maud H. Price Yandell, , and Mary E. Price]

Newton, Martha J., Mrs., Oct. 29, 1821-Jan. 31. 1886

Osborne, Nancy J. [see Tomlin, Nancy J. Osborne]

Outlan, John, Dec. 10, 1883-July 25, 1884, "Son of J. F. &W. E. Outlan"

Pate, Anna Belle [see Holland, Anna Belle]

Payne, Lula Trice, Jan. 27, 1862-Mar. 16, 1910

Pearcey, Lula May, Feb. 15, 1887-Jan. 8, 1888, "Dau. of W. S. & M. L. Piercey" (death date below ground) [death date from Elam]

Pearcey, William S., Sept. 9, 1851-Jan. 13, 1931, "Father" footstone
Pearcey, Mary L., Oct. 11, 1858-Dec. 30, 1932, "Mother" footstone

Pearcy, Everett G., Feb. 27, 1819-Apr. 30, 1897, "Born in Chatham Co. N.C." "Soldier Mexican War"

Philip, Annie R., 1892-1960 [adjacent to marker for Charles M. Philip]

Philip, Charles M., 1875-1947

Piercey, Arthur, Apr. 19, 1881-Feb. 16, 1909

Piercey, Infant, Oct. 30, 1896-June 30, 1897, Infant son of W. S. & M. L. Pearcey

Piercey, Jimmie F., Feb. 2, 1889-Sept. 28, 1892, "Son of W. S. & M. L. Piercey"

Piercey, Robert Lee, Sept. 4, 1885-Feb. 18, 1920

Price, Josie R. [see Myers, Josie R. Price]

Price, Maude H. [see Yandell, maud H. Price]

Price, Rebecca H. Taylor, Jan. 25, 1838-June 16, 1877, "Wife of J. W. Price"
Price, Mary E., Apr. 26, 1855-June 4, 1874 [share quadruple marker with Josie R. Price Myers and Maud H. Price Yandell]

Rowlett, Cora Holland, Jan. 4, 1878-Oct. 8, 1894

Rowlett, Freeda Alline, Nov. 20, 1901-Jan. 14, 1904, "Dau. of J. H. & Linnie Rowlett"

Rowlett, Infant, born & died May 10, 1902, "Inf. dau. of J. H. & Linnie Rowlett"

Rowlett, Infant, borned died Oct. 17, 1909, Infant son of W. O.& E. F. Rowlett"

Rowlett, Trula Orine, Jan. 12, 1906-July 4, 1906, "Dau. of J. H. & Linnie Rowlett"

Smith, B. R., Sept. 29, 1855-____
Smith, Alice Longmire, Dec. 22, 1856-Nov. 22, 1897, "Wife of B. R. Smith"

Smythe, Kelly [see Adcock, Kelley Smythe]

Taylor, Cliff W., d. Mar. 13, 1879, 2 Ys 7 Ms 26 Ds, "Son of W. A. & E. E. Taylor"

Taylor, Elizabeth, no dates, Aged about 62 yrs., "Born in N.C." "Wife of Henry Taylor"

Taylor, Ella, Aug. 5, 1862-May 18, 1863, "Dau. of W. A. & T. V. Taylor"

Taylor, Elvira, Dec. 12, 1841-July 27, 1877, "Wife of W. A. Taylor"

Taylor, Hollie Wilson, 1882-1912

Taylor, J. H., 1850-19__
Taylor, Fannie, 1853-1909, "his wife"

Taylor, Josephine H., Jan. 27, 1843-Apr. 19, 1857, "Dau. of M. & N. Taylor" (broken, partially repair) [At some time this marker was broken. The upper part with the name and relationship was reset in the base. The lower part with dates is not at grave. Dates are those reported by Elam.]

Taylor, Mark, Jan. 17, 1795-July 3, 1862, "Born in N.C." (eroded)

Taylor, Matilda Anderson, May 15, 1859-July 23, 1860, "Daughter of W. A. & T. V. Taylor"

Taylor, Nancy A., July 1815-Feb. 28, 1876, "Born in N.C." "Wife of Mark Taylor"

Taylor, Richard H., May 11, 1856-Mar. 8, 1877

Taylor, Tennessee, Mar. 8, 1838-July 27, 1873, "Wife of Wyatt A. Taylor" "Married July 20, 1858" [replacement]

Taylor, William Anderson, 1866-1914

Taylor, Wyatt Adam, Nov. 18, 1834-Nov. 20, 1905, "Father" footstone
Taylor, Mary Emma, Mar.4, 1846-June 18, 1918, "Mother" footstone

Teague, Laura Jane, 1886-1970, "His wife"; "Mother" footstone
Teague, Grover C., 1888-1939, "Father" footstone

Teague, Maggie, Mrs., 1854-1940

Tomlin, Nancy J. Osborne, July 20, 1937-Apr. 2, 2001 [Somewhat confusing. There is a footstone-like "Daughter" marker 3 feet east of this marker and a footstone-like "Son" marker 7 feet east.]

Trice, Edward J., Aug. 7, 1817-Jan. 19, 1885 (broken, partially repair) [At some time this marker was broken. The upper part with the name was reset in the base. The lower part with dates is not at grave. Dates are those reported by Elam.]

Trice, Jane, Apr. 7, 1826-Oct. 16, 1888 [stonecutter: D. M. Patterson, Jackson]

Trice, Laura Virginia, May 7, 1852-Nov. 20, 1872, "Daughter of E. J. & M. J. Trice" (broken and repaired)

Trice, Lula [see Payne, Lula Trice]

Trice, Martha Jane, Apr. 7, 1826-Oct. 13, 1868, "Wife of E. J. Trice"

Trice, Mary E., Mar. 8, 1855-Mar 10, 18__, "Daughter of E. J. & M. J. Trice" (broken, partially repair) [At some time this marker was broken. The upper part with the name and relationship was reset in the base. The lower part with dates is not at grave. Dates are those reported by Elam.]

Trice, Nancy J., Jan. 19, 1857-Apr. 7, 1877, "Dau. of E. J. & M. J. Trice" [stonecutter: J. J. Snyder, Humboldt Tenn.]

Trice, Thomas G., Feb. 11, 1865-Sept. 21, 1889

Vandiver, Emma Leone, Apr. 5, 1881-Nov. 22, 1933, "Aunt" footstone [replacement]

Vandiver, Ezzell, 1907-1924

Vandiver, J. A., 1839-1923, "Father" footstone
Vandiver, Martha E., 1840-1919, "His wife"; "Mother" footstone

Vandiver, John, 1874-1912, "Father" footstone
Vandiver, DeEtta, 1874-1934, "Mother" footstone

Vantreese, V. C., June 27, 1851-Apr. 15, 1935
Vantreese, Virginia T., Oct. 25, 1852-July 9, 1937, "His wife"

Wilson, Hollie [see Taylor, Hollie Wilson]

Wooten, Annie D., Nov. 23, 1879-June 19, 1880, "Dau. of W. S. & M. A. Wooten"

Wyatt, Nelia A., Oct. 25, 1861-Feb. 28, 1883, "Wife of J. W. Wyatt"

Yandell, Clyde H., 1881-1955
Yandell, Bessie S., 1898-1998

Yandell, Edgar Lawrence, Aug. 3, 1894-Jan. 18, 1918, "Machinist's Mate 2nd Class Co. 93 U.S. Navy" [Woodmen of the World memorial; also American Legion symbol on post]

Yandell, Fannie A., Oct. 18, 1888-Sept. 2, 1978, "Wife of G. S. Yandell"

Yandell, George Sidney, June 25, 1884-July 28, 1955 [VFW symbol on pole]

Yandell, George T., 1855-1942

Yandell, Harry J., Oct. 7, 1927-Dec. 30, 1964

Yandell, Jerry S., Sept. 13, 1929-May 25, 1957

Yandell, LeAnn, June 30, 1964

Yandell, Mamie W., 1870-1927 [adjacent to marker for George T. Yandell]

Yandell, Mary [see Abernathy, Mary Yandell]

Yandell, Maud H. Price, Oct. 9, 1859-Apr. 5, 1899, "Wife of Geo. T. Yandell" [shares quadruple marker with Rebecca H. Taylor Price, Josie R. Price Myers, and Mary E. Price]

Yandell, Maud P., 1859-1898 [adjacent to marker for George T. Yandell]