(Madison County, Tennessee)

Jonathan K. T. Smith

Copyright, Jonathan K. T. Smith, 1995

Purpose and Acknowledgments (Page 1)
Old Salem Cemetery (Pages 2-5)
1938 Tombstone Inscription Readings from Old Salem Cemetery (Pages 5-8)
History of Old Salem Cemetery (Pages 9-14)
Families (Pages 15-30)
Miscellanea (Page 31)
Index (Page 32)

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The purpose of this publication is to provide a reliable (1) listing of the tombstone inscriptions on tombstones in the Old Salem Cemetery; (2)cemetery ownership history; (3) genealogical tidbits about some of the persons and families buried in this historic cemetery.

I am especially grateful to the following persons who have been helpful to me in successfully completing this project: Malcolm D. Wilcox, Monument Committee Chairman, John Ingram Camp 219, Sons of Confederate Veterans; Jack Darrel Wood and Robert D. Taylor, Jr., librarians, Tennessee Room, Jackson-Madison County Library; Kevin D. McCann, Huntsman biographer; Neil Williams, Executive Director, Madison County Parks and Recreation Department; Joseph W. and Paul New, J. W. Surveying Co.; Harbert L. R. Alexander, Madison County Historian; Curtis White, Madison County Register; James H. Hanna, retired civil engineer; Laura Jobe Clemmons, great-granddaughter of Judge Milton Brown; helpful and courteous ladies in the Madison County Court Clerk's office; helpful staff members of the Tennessee State Library and Archives

Useful to my study have been the diaries of Robert Henry Cartmell (1828-1915), available on microfilm in the Tennessee Room, Jackson-Madison County Library (the originals being in the manuscript division of the Tennessee State Library and Archives); the "Battle of Salem Cemetery" scrapbook, compiled by Malcolm D. Wilcox in memory of Captain M. D. Wilcox, 1st Kentucky Cavalry, Forrest's Command, C.S.A. (copy in the Tennessee Room, Jackson-Madison County Library).