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            Old Liberty Grove Cemetery is located on the south side of Roberts Lane east of Lesters Chapel Road. The cemetery is on a farm lane behind (south of) a metal shop on Mr. Glenn Cooper's homeplace. Liberty Grove Baptist Church was located here from 1844 until it moved to its present site in the late 1850s. The white section of the cemetery (about the size of 1 tennis courts) is enclosed by a log fence immediately behind the shop building, while the black section of the cemetery lies about 200 yards south. Both sections if the cemetery are cared for. Any fieldstones which may once have stood in this cemetery have been removed and the ground surface seems to have been leveled, eliminating depressions. It is impossible to estimate the number of burials.

            David Donahue recorded this cemetery February 11, 2004. The cemetery appears twice in Cemetery Records of Madison County, Tennessee, Volume I, The Southern Half of County. The Lofton Brown marker is listed under Lester Cemetery. The corresponding map location is wrong, placing the marker at the site of the black Lester Chapel Road Cemetery. Both the black and white sections are listed under Cooper Farm Cemeteries. Again, the corresponding map location is wrong, placing the cemetery on the north side of Roberts Lane, when it actually is on the south side.


Brown, Lofton, Dec. 15, 1823-Nov. 9, 1888

Edwards, Thomas C., Aug. 4, 1841-Dec. 26, 1878
[There is a small flag by this marker like those often placed on veteran graves on memorial day.]


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