(including Whitlow Family Cemetery)

            The cemetery at Oak Grove Methodist Church on Westover Road in the Westover Community is a lovely, shaded, well-maintained cemetery. There are a dozen or more unmarked and unidentified graves.

            David Donahue recorded Oak Grove Methodist Cemetery on August 12, 2004. The cemetery had been recorded previously between 1989 and 1995. This earlier record appears in Cemetery Records of Madison County, Tennessee, Volume I The Southern Half of County (Mid-West Tennessee Genealogical Society, 1995, pp. 92-94). The person who recorded the cemetery is not identified. This is called 1995 record in notes below. Included in the 1995 record is the note "The Whitlow Family Cemetery was on the north [east] side next to the parking lot, but it is all one now."

            There is a slight but visible change in the cemetery about 40% of the distance between the front gate and the west fence. This may be the separation between the older and newer cemeteries. In this case the Whitlow Family Cemetery dates to at least the 1830s, though the double markers with the earliest dates probably were erected a couple of decades later. The church cemetery was laid out west of the Whitlow Family Cemetery about 1914.

            In the presentation below, I have attempted to separate the older and newer cemeteries.


Church Cemetery

Anglin, Cora Mae, Sept. 10, 1897-May11, 1980

Anglin, Joseph N. A., Nov. 26, 1880-Jan. 20, 1961, military marker "Tennessee AS USNRF World War I"

Anglin, Mollie G., Mar. 12, 1918-____

Boyd, H. W., 1855-1927, "Daddy"

Boyd, Mable Louise, Aug. 24,1926, "Baby" footstone
Boyd, Baby, Aug. 24, 1926

Boyd, W. D., Jr., Dec. 12, 1910-Nov. 7, 1940

Boyd, William David, Apr. 11, 1884-Aug. 31, 1944, "Father" footstone
Boyd, Ludy Ione, Aug. 30, 1886-Dec. 31, 1946, "Mother" footstone

Coble, John Wyly, Feb. 23, 1851-Mar. 2, 1929
Coble, Ann Mary, Jan. 6, 1862-Nov. 6, 1943

Collins, R. L., May 4, 1900-Sept. 14, 1933

Davis, Mary Elizabeth, 1852-1929
Davis, McW., 1880-1924

Evans, Mary Lou, Oct. 14, 1917-Dec. 8, 1959

Farmer, Elston L., Mar. 6, 1913-Feb. 6, 1972

Farmer, Jenny Ruth, June 21, 1916-Sept. 7, 1989

Farmer, Linda Kay, Nov. 18, 1937-July 20, 1938

Frye, James B., Nov. 30, 1878-Mar. 1, 1914 [Woodmen of the World memorial]

Gaskins, Hazie [see McDaniel, Hazie Gaskins]

Gaskins, John S., Sept. 22, 1906-Jan. 29, 1965

Gaskins, John, d. Oct. 25,1942

Gaskins, Raymond H., July31, 1909-July 2, 1974

Gaskins, S. Fannie, Oct. 16, 1872-Feb. 1, 1961

Goff, Perry Albert, Jr., Mar. 3, 1925-Nov. 30, 1935

Hall, Edna Rainey, Jan. 8, 1898-Feb. 11, 1987 [shares double marker with David C. Rainey]

Hall, Jennie, "Mrs., d. May 19,1921 (homemade)

Hall, John Ed, Mar. 11,1921-July 25, 1921 [replacement]

Hinton, Infant, Mar. 5, 1920, "Infant dau. of Lessie and J. D. Hinton" [replacement]

Hinton, W. H., Sept. 11, 1869-Jan. 24, 1945

Jackson, Ellis S., Dec. 14, 1902-May 23, 1926, "Son of M. T. & M. E. Jackson"

Jackson, J. Carl, Feb. 2, 1901-Feb. 22, 1954, "Brother"

Jackson, M. T., Mar. 1,1878-Sept. 16, 1953, "Father"

Jackson, Robert F., Sept. 12, 1904-____

Johnson, Infant, 1923, "Infant dau. of E. A. & Thelma Johnson" [replacement]

Johnson, Ray, Mar. 4, 1928-Apr. 1, 1928 [replacement]

McDaniel, Hazie Gaskins, Apr. 20, 1911-Feb. 28, 2002

Merriweather, Infant, 1923, "Infant son of Louis & Pattie Merriweather" [replacement]

Moss, Alice C., Aug. 6, 1879-Feb. 19, 1949, "Father" footstone
Moss, Hugh L., Mar. 30, 1879-Feb. 22,1936, "Mother" footstone

Moss, George H., May 9, 1919-May 10, 1919 [replacement]

Page, Vera M., Feb. 16, 1909-____

Poole, W. A., Sept. 19, 1875-May 26,1945
Poole, Osee L., Oct. 30, 1876-May 2, 1964

Porter, Henry Clay, 1862-1931

Rainey, David C., Feb. 4, 1896-Jan. 22, 1941 [shares double marker with Edna Rainey Hall]

Rainey, Edna [see Hall, Edna Rainey]

Redding, P. M., no dates (homemade) [the homemade marker at the head position simple reads Redding, while a homemade footstone reads "P.M.R.]

Robertson, Elizabeth, Apr. 10,1845-Aug. 10, 1926, "Wife of W. A. Robertson"
Robertson, W. A., July 15, 1843-May 28, 1933

Robertson, George H., 1887-1962, "Father" footstone
Robertson, Ida L., 1891-1971, "Mother" footstone

Robertson, Thomas B., Apr. 5, 1890-June 6, 1936

Robertson, W. A., Jr., Aug. 10, 1939 [infant-style marker]

Rowlett, Amanda, Jan. 4, 1875-Aug. 2, 1947, "Mother" footstone
Rowlett, J. T., Mar. 23, 1865-Sept. 19. 1940, "Father" footstone [American Legion flag holder by marker]

Rowlett, Cecil B., Mar. 1, 1907-Feb. 7, 1956

Rowlett, M. Carl, Sept. 14, 1909-Mar. 6, 1929

Thomas, Lonnie, 1900-1942

Vaughn, Leon R., Dec. 7, 1932-Jan. 26, 1991, military maker "Cpl US Army Korea"

Vaughn, Nancy, Dec. 23, 1933-July 4, 2000 [adjacent to military marker for Leon R. Vaughn]


Whitlow Family Cemetery

Bell, Murdogh, d. Aug. 4, 1873, 1 yr, 7 mos, 15 days
Bell, Maggie, d. Dec. 4, 1871, 1 yr, 6 mos, 7 days, "Children of J. H. & L. A. Bell"

Cole, Peter Hunter, no dates
Cole, Martha Jane Clover, no dates, "Parents of John Robert Cole"

Cole, Pheiba, May 27, 1824-Sept. 18, 1885, "Wife of Jas. H. Cole"

Cole, Sarah, Mar. 6, 1851-Aug. 17, 1851
Cole, Susan, 1855-Aug. 1857
Cole, Willie, 1857-July 1860, "Children of J. H. & P. Cole"

Cummings, Elizabeth, Apr. 6, 1774-Oct. 7, 1840 [shares double marker with Pharibe Whitlow]

Gardner, Uriah, 1830-1906, "Born in Virginia" "Died Madison Co. Tenn."
[The compiler of the 1995 record included this note: The Gardner Family [cemetery] was originally northwest of this cemetery, with a fence around plot. In time it has gotten lost, but the Uriah Gardner stone was found and placed in this location.]

Grantham, Arlen W., Apr. 22, 1900-July 30, 1984

Kirby, Eghert, 1850-1925, "Father" footstone
Kirby, Georgia A., 1858-1946, "Mother" footstone

Kirby, Nicholas, Aug. 6, 1921-Jan. 30, 1923

Smith, H. F., July 28, 1913-July 31, 1913, "Infant son of J. J. & Minnie Smith"

Smith, Nancy, no dates [name on concrete border around grave]

Smith, Samuel, 1816-1862
Smith, Mary Whitlow, 1820-1915, "His wife"

[Smith], Sammie, no dates
[Smith], Martha, no dates [two first names only on concrete border around graves; in an email responding to the misidentification of these children in the 1995 record and initially repeated here, Karen Lambert noted that these were children of Samuel and Mary Whitlow Smith, as was Nancy Smith, a daughter with a disability who lived to be an adult]

VanHook, Nancy S., Mar. 8, 1822-Feb. 27, 1871
VanHook, Jacob B., Sept. 2, 1822-Aug. 7, 1868

Whitlow, Dan W., Aug. 25, 1862-Aug. 18, 1925

Whitlow, F. H., May 24, 1859-Oct. 2, 1882

Whitlow, H. S., Apr. 11, 1828-May 22, 1907, "Our father"
Whitlow, E., Apr. 21, 1827-Mar. 7, 1887, "Our mother"

Whitlow, Henry, Apr. 12, 1792-Oct. 26, 1839
Whitlow, Lucy, Mar. 15, 1793-Dec. 30, 1862

Whitlow, Infant, no dates, "Infant of N. H. & M. E. Whitlow" (broken)

Whitlow, Mary [see Smith, Mary Whitlow]

Whitlow, Pharibe, June 12, 1772-Apr. 19, 1840 [shares double marker with Elizabeth Cummings]

Whitlow, S. D., Mar.28, 1830-Apr.28, 1849
Whitlow, John, Mar. 19, 1832-Oct. 2, 1835

Whitlow, S. D., Nov. 13, ____-June 16, 1851 [no birth year listed]
Whitlow, Martha, Jan. 24, 1857-June 26, 1858



R.W.W. [In the 1995 record this was reported as a footstone corresponding to the base of a missing marker. The footstone was not found in 2004]