Lacy Cemetery is located off Edd Woods Road in western Madison County. Turn touth on ed Woods Road from Highway 412. Ed Woods Road runs south about 0.3 mile, then turns west and runs about 0.4 mile, before making a turn south and then a second turn west. The access drive is 0.8 mile from Highway 412 between the turn to the south and the second turn to the west. The access drive runs west along the northern edge of a field, then turns north and runs up the small hill. In 2004 the last 30 yards of the access road was planted in cotton. Lacy Cemetery itself was overgrown. The Jarvis markers are all in one group, and the Lacy markers are in another group. The other markers were hidden in the undergrowth and were not found in 2004. Anyone visiting this cemetery should go in winter.

            David Donahue recorded Lacy Cemetery August 27, 2004. The cemetery was recorded previously at an unknown date after 1986. This record appears in Cemetery Records of Madison County, Tennessee, Volume II, North Half of the County (1998), p. 115. The person who recorded the cemetery is not listed. This is referred to as "1998 record" in notes below.


Beene, Thomas C., Apr. 6, 1850-Sept. 25, 1870, "Son of A. L. & Mary" [not found in 2004; from 1998 record]

Brown, Mary J., Feb. 4, 1840-June 22, 1917

Jarvis, Adeline, Apr. 25, 1902-Feb. 17, 1948

Jarvis, Canie May, Jan. 23, 1880-Jan. 14, 1974

Jarvis, Eddie, June 18, 1905-May 15, 1986

Jarvis, Margaret Mazenar, Sept. 2, 1908-Nov. 4, 1986 [adjacent to marker for Eddie Jarvis]

Jarvis, Samuel Hilliard, Oct. 28, 1866-Dec. 4, 1934

Lacy, Elvis W., d. Mar. 19, 1895, Aged 21 Years

Lacy, J. B., July 4, 1866-Mar. 29, 1888, "Son of John & H. R. Lacy" (broken)

Lacy, James P., Aug. 26, 1871-Apr. 30, 1909 [Woodmen of the World memorial]

Lacy, John, Dec. 25, 1824-Jan. 29, 1886

Lacy, Lee H., Oct. 5, 1868-Sept. 7, 1871 [not found in 2004; according to 1998 record, this would have been on the same marker as J. B. Lacy]

Lacy, W. P., d. Aug. 29, 1893, Aged 64 Yrs. 8 Mos. (broken)

Mazenar, Margaret [see Jarvis, Margaret Mazenar]

McCrary, A. Delia, July 21, 1884-Oct. 25, 1886 [not found in 2004; from 1998 record]

McCrary, W. W., Jan. 17, 1859-Mar. 24, 1892 [not found in 2004; from 1998 record]