From the photograph collection of Fran Marlow

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Hicks Cemetery, May 2003


The Hicks graves shown are from the Hicks Cemetery. It is beside the Clanton Cemetery, immediately across a very narrow road. It appears that these two are the only graves there. The area around them could have other graves, but I would not want to say for sure one way or the other, but there are small trees in that area.

Fran Marlow, July 2003


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James Hicks
Born in Northampton C.
N. C.
Jan. 3, 1808
Mar. 9, 1882


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Our Mother
Martha A. Hicks
Jan 23, 1887
63 Years


Top of marker has inscribed "Gone Home." Below it is a concave circular area. Within this circle is a right hand, with index finger pointing skyward.