Hayes Chapel Cemetery is located north of Mercer on the west side of Highway 138 at Batchelor Loop Road, across from the Co-op. The access drive is from Batchelor Loop Road. The cemetery is mown periodically. Several fallen and broken markers had neen stacked in a pile which in 2004 was home of an ant colony. A number of others had been moved and placed along the fences at the northwest corner of the cemetery. These are partially hidden by overgrowth.

            David Donahue recorded Hayes Chapel Cemetery May 6, 2000. Floyd and Helen Johnson recorded Hayes Chapel Cemetery on April 17, 1988. Their record appeared in Family Findings, Vol. XXII, No. 4, October 1990 and in Cemetery Records of Madison County, Tennessee, Volume I The Southern Half of County (Mid-West Tennessee Genealogical Society, 1995, p. 42). This is referred to as Johnsons in notes below. Charlotte Holloway and Rose Greene recorded Hayes Chapel Cemetery March 14, 2001. Their record is available in the TNGenWeb/Rootsweb Archives. They did not include markers along the fence in the northwest corner.

            The Holloway and Green record includes this note: "At the entrance there is a brick marker with Confederate Burial Trench, no names no dates. It appears to be a large area of graves."


Baker, Anthony, July 3, 1843-Feb. 21, 1898 (broken)

Baker, Mary E., Feb. 15, 1853-Apr. 12, 1896, "Wife of A. Baker"

Brooks, Maggie, Jan. 25, 1868-Aug. 5, 1869, "Dau. of H. H. & F. R Brooks"

Bruce, Newton B., July 4, 1856-Feb. 10, 1882
Bruce, Martha E., Feb. 29, 1828-Feb. 7, 1878 (marker is loose on its base) [share triple marker with Sarah L. Rose]

Gardner, Clarence Jenning, June 2, 1895-July 17, 1895, "Son of O. G. & L. L. Gardner

Gordon, Edna B., Dec. 10, 1871-July 24, 1875, "Dau. of J. B. & J. C. Gordon" (marker is loose on its base)

Gordon, Jessie B., Apr. 1, 1829-Oct. 14, 1873 (broken)

Harston, Ella [see Midyett, Ella Harston]

Harston, Nancy C., May 13, 1838-Feb. 4, 1867, "Wife of D. W. Harston" (broken, eroded concrete marker)

Hays, Callie C., Feb. 22, 1849-Apr. 20, 1863, "Dau. of M. C. & C. M. Hays"

Hays, C. M., dates missing, "Wife of M. C. Hays" (broken) [not found in 2004; reported by the Johnsons as a stone lyong against the fence]

Hays, Newton B., b. 1835, "Son of M. C. & C. M. Hays" (broken)

Midyett, E. Hays, Oct. 21, 1892-June3, 1937

Midyett, Ella Harston, Aug. 4, 1868-May 7, 1918

Midyett, Erasmus M., Aug. 3, 1854-July 20, 1944

Midyett, Esther M., July 20, 1894-Jan. 22, 1951

Midyett, John R., Aug. 18, 1898-Jan. 3, 1923

Midyett, Joseph Edgar, Aug. 21, 1905-Oct. 23, 1992
Midyett, Earline Nuckolls, June 29, 1910-____, also temporary marker, Shackelford Funeral Directors, Bolivar, Tennessee, 1910-2003

Nickolls, Earline [see Midyett, Earline Nuckolls]

Owens, G. W., July 30, 1821-June 20, 1853? (broken)

Rose, Sarah L., May 14, 1832-Nov. 16, 1883, "Wife of W. H. Rose" (marker loose on its base) [shares triple marker with Newton B. Bruce and Martha E. Bruce]

Spencer, Joann, Mar. 13, 1959-June 18, 1960 (homemade)

White, Lee Auston, Apr. 22, 1886-Dec. 2, 1888, "Son of T. H. & Ada E. White"

Wilkes, J. S., Sept. 10, 1832-Jan. 12, 1898 [Masonic symbol]

Wilkes, Josephine C., Apr. 22, 1843-Dec. 23, 1913

Wilson, Mary Ann, Dec. 19, 1854-Sept. 22, 1863, "Dau. of J. T. & F. C. Wilson" (broken)