Gregory Cemetery is located on the west side of Old Windy City Road opposite the Moore Cemetery in northwestern Madison County. In addition to the markers listed below, one grave is marked with a cement cross. David Donahue recorded this cemetery in March 2004.


Appleton, Lizzie, no dates (homemade concrete marker)

Cleaton, Mary A., Jan. 28, 1858-Dec. 7, 1888, "Dau. of J. H. & E. J. Gregory"

Gregory, ______, no dates (homemade concrete marker)

Gregory, ______, no dates (homemade concrete marker)

Gregory, Eliza J., d. June 18, 1897, Aged 72 years, "Wfe of J. H. Gregory"

Gregory, Infant, no dates, "Infant dau. of J. B. & S. J. Gregory"

Gregory, John H., May 23, 1824-Apr. 8, 1905, "Husband of Eliza Gregory" (broken off at base and remounted between metal rods)

Gregory, Lillie D., June 29, 1882-Jan. 6, 1958
Gregory, William H., Feb. 24, 1876-Aug. 11, 1961

Gregory, Louis, Mrs., no dates, "Mother" (homemade concrete marker)

Gregory, Mary [see Cleaton, Mary]

Gregory, Sarah E., Apr. 16, 1863-Apr. 10, 1936, "Mother" footstone
Gregory, John B., July 1, 1860-Jan. 13, 1946, "Father" footstone

Gregory, Sarah J., Jan. 31, 1859-May 19, 1883, "Wife of J. B. Gregory"

Gregory, Zillah D., Sept. 3, 1894-Nov. 12, 1976, "Wife" footstone
Gregory, John J., Feb. 4, 1886-Aug. 5, 1967, "Husband" footstone

Horton, Grover Cleveland, Oct. 4, 1885-Oct. 17, 1962
Horton, Mary Elizabeth, Aug. 23, 1888-Jan. 7, 1929

Scarbrough, Myrtle E., 1899-1901, "Dau. of L.C. & L.F. Scarbrough (broken)