(White Section)

            Croom is a mixed-race cemetery off Bowman Road southwest of Medon in southern Madison County. It is approached by a field road on the east side of Bowman Road 0.8 mile west of the junction of Bowman Road and Collins road. The cemetery is in the woods east of the gate. In 2004 the white section of the cemetery seemed to be receiving some minimal maintenance. Fallen tree branches had been removed and it probably was receiving at least a yearly mowing. At one time this section of the cemetery was fenced, but only some of the fence remains. The white section contains about a dozen fieldstone-marked, unmarked, and unidentified graves. Last identified burial was in 1959.

            The black section lies east of the fence of the white section and extends a couple of hundred feet to the northeast. The black section is abandoned and filled with downed trees and tree branches. Last identified burial was in 1966. There are many dozen unmarked graves.

            David Donahue recorded Croom Cemetery March 19, 2004. Faye Tennyson (Mrs. Howell Lee) Davidson recorded the white section of Croom Cemetery in February 1967. Her records appears in Family Findings, Vol. I, No 2, July 1969. She noted that "Maulden Reeves owned the land first. A Methodist Church stood near this cemetery and many unmarked graves are here." Jonathan K. T. Smith recorded the black section of Croom Cemetery about 1995. It appears in the supplement and Volume II of his Tombstone Inscriptions from Black Cemeteries in Madison County, Tennessee.


Croom, Frances I., June 2, 1823-May 16, 1885, "Wife of M. Croom" [Davidson noted that her middle name was Irene]

Croom, Major, Mar. 19, 1825-May 16, 1895

Emerson, James Jr., 1759-1860
Emerson, Sarah Evans, 1761-1855, "Borned in Chatham Co. N.C." [replacement; Davidson notes these to be husband and wife]

Emerson, John, 1792-1886
Emerson, Asenath Stuart, 1813-1907, "His wife"

Evans, Sarah [see Emerson, Sarah Evans

Gladney, ______, Apr. 14, 1780-Oct. 29, 1831, "Wife of James" [not found in 2004; Davidson noted this marker to be "badly broken"]

Gladney, Agnes, unreadable dates [not found in 2004, noted by Davidson to be "badly abused cannot read dates"]

Gladney, Bessie, May 8, 1879-Feb. 29, 1895, "Dau. of S. M. & V. L. Gladney"

Gladney, Catherine, Dec. 25, 1852-Mar. 29, 1897, "Wife of J. A. Gladney"

Gladney, Daisy Leigh, Jan. 7, 1876-Oct. 2, 1959, "Dau. of S. M. & V. L. Gladney"

Gladney, Effie, Mar. 21, 1886-Apr. 24, 1886, "Dau. of J. A. & Catherine Gladney"

Gladney, James T., Mar. 10, 1807-May 13, 1883

Gladney, James, 1827-8 June 1908 [Masonic symbol]

Gladney, James, Apr. 24, 1772-Aug. 29, 1847

Gladney, John A., June 6, 1836-Oct. 31, 1917

Gladney, John, Mar. 31, 1790-Oct. 28, 1858

Gladney, Joseph J., Dec. 25, 1830-Dec. 10, 1849, "Son of J. & M. Gladney"

Gladney, Mary L., June 9, 1839-Dec. 15, 1849, "Daughter of J. & M. Gladney"

Gladney, Mary Reeves, Nov. 13, 1811-Dec. 21, 1891, "Wife of J. T. Gladney"

Gladney, Mary, Mar. 9, 1801-Aug. 1, 1880, "Wife of Jno. Gladney"

Gladney, Ora, Nov. 21, 1887-Apr. 9, 1894, "Dau. of J. AS. & Catherine Gladney"

Gladney, Samuel M., Apr. 28, 1844-Feb. 25, 1932

Gladney, Sarah [see McMaster, Sarah Young Gladney]

Gladney, V. L., May 4, 1878-May 25, 1878

Gladney, Virginia L., Sept. 2, 1849-July 12, 1880, "Wife of S. M. Gladney"

Gladney, William A., Dec. 27, 1834-June 1, 1917

Glidewell, N. G., Mar. 22, 1819-Jul. 9, 1904

Glidewell, Sussanna, Sept. 16, 1824-Sept. 12, 1869

Hodge, David T., Jan. 22, 1825-Mar. 6, 1866, "A native of Kentucky" (fallen)

Johnson, James C., Oct. 12, 1880-Oct. 31, 1881, "Son F. C. & L. R. Johnson"

McMaster, Robert E., no dates, modern temporary marker 5 feet north of marker for James Gladney (1827-1908)

McMaster, Sarah Young Gladney, no dates, modern temporary marker 3 feet north of marker for James Gladney (1827-1908)

Reeves, Carie Warren, d. Mar. 28, 1843, Aged 55 Y'rs. "Wife of Maulden Reeves" "Mother"

Reeves, John R., Nov. 26, 1835-Apr. 27, 1862, "Died near Corinth, Miss." (broken)

Reeves, Mary [see Gladney, Mary Reeves]

Reeves, Maulden, Apr. 5, 1781-Nov. 1873 (broken, eroded) [this marker was illegible in 2004; information from Davidson]

Reeves, Nancy, Apr. 12, 1785-Apr. 6, 1828, "Wife of Maulden Reeves"

Reives, Charlotte Rose, no dates, "Mother of Sarah Reives"

Stuart, Asenath [see Emerson, Asenath Stuart]

Young, Sarah [see McMaster, Sarah Young Gladney]


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