Baker Family Cemetery is located in northern Madison County. To reach it, one would drive to the end of Baker Cemetery Lane off Baker's Chapel Road. However, the cemetery is in the woods northeast of the end of the lane and a guide is necessary to find it.

            Terry Albers visited Baker Family Cemetery in the summer of 2002 and photographed all visible and accessible markers. In a July 19, 2004 email to David Donahue, she wrote: "My husband and I visited it 2 summers ago. It was terribly hot and humid. The owner of the property took us back in a truck and then we had to walk in a lot of overgrowth (his son walked in front of us with a machete cutting a path). Yes I took a picture of every marker I could find. A tree had crashed down on 2 that we couldn't get at to get a picture. The owner said that it had happened since the previous fall when he had last been there. They were really nice folks and invited us to come back in the late fall or winter when it would be easier to get back there." To the extent possible, the record of the cemetery below is based on and includes links to Terry Albers photographs.

            The late William B. Elam recorded Baker Family Cemetery at an unknown date, probably in the early 1970s. His record appears in Family Findings, Vol. VII, No. 1, January 1975, p. 24. Additional information from this earlier record has been included.


Markers Found in 2002 and Photographed by Terry Albers

Baker, E. R., Nov. 15, 1865-Jan. 24, 1883 (fallen)

Baker, Elizabeth, Feb. 16, 1828-Dec. 14, 1886, "Wife of Henry Barker"
Baker, Henry, Feb. 14, 1802-Nov. 6, 1887

Baker, Elizabeth F., May 30, 1846-Oct. 14, 1868, "Wife of J. W. Baker"

Baker, James H., Mar. 12, .1876-Mar. 24, 1878, "Son of J. W. & M. S. Baker"

Baker, Lucretia, Mar. 6, 1820-June __, 1859, "Wife of Joshua Baker" (broken) [partial death date reported by William B. Elam]

Baker, Martha A., Feb. 7, 1827-Apr. 22, 1876, "Wife of W. R. Baker"

Baker, Nancy, Oct. 27, 1851-May 20, 1912

Baker, Nancy, Feb. 13, 1801-Dec. 28, 1857, "Wife of Henry Baker" (broken) [missing first name reported by William B. Elam; photo does show a bit of the "of"]

Baker, Sarah Ann, Sept. 7, 1847-Feb. 16, 1905
Baker, Henry Clay, Sept. 1, 1844-Sept. 25, 1895

Baker, William H., Feb. 16, 1842-Feb. 23, 1873, "Son of Joshua & Lucretia Baker"

Baker, Wm. R., Jan. 10, 1822-May 21, 1903

Goodrich, Wm., Apr. 10, 1786-Feb. 20, 1859

Gordon, D. W., May 11, 1844-Apr. 17, 1862, "Son of Samuel & M. A. Gordon"

Piercey, Algie N., Sept. 9, 1887-Feb. 20, 1905, "Son of W. E. & R. J. Piercey"


Additional Markers Found Here in the Early 1970s
and Reported by William B. Elam

Davenport, Susan Jane, Sept. 16, 1840-Sept. 30, 1878, "Wife of J. H. Davenport"

Goodrich, Jane P., Apr. 15, 1795-Mar. 29, 1855, "Wife of Wm. Goodrich"

Goodrich, Samuel, Feb. 17, 1858-Jan. 17, 1879

Graves, J. T., 1855-1917

Graves, Mary A., Aug. 13, 1849-Feb. 8. 1885, "Wife of J. M. Graves"

Reaves, Joseph G., June 24, 1874-July 19, 1879, "Son of J. W. & A. A. Reaves"



________, Nannie R., July 11, 1851-Sept. 20, 1878, "Wife of _______" (broken)

William B. Elam also noted: "There were two graves mounded over with brick but no markers. I was told there were other graves not marked."