Andrews Chapel United Methodist Church and Cemetery is are located in the Huntersville Community, on Highway 70 west. The cemetery is maintained very well. It has a very large number of American Legion and DAR flag holders. There is a decorative brick and cast-iron fence on the north and east sides, with bronze memorial markers on most brick posts and the north gate. These were recorded and are listed after the markers.

            David Donahue recorded Andrews Chapel Cemetery May 10, 2004. The cemetery also was recorded circa 1991. This earlier record appears in Cemetery Records of Madison County, Tennessee, Volume I The Southern Half of County (Mid-West Tennessee Genealogical Society, 1995, pp. 2-4).


Bailey, Bruce E., Apr. 23, 1904-Dec. 8, 1973 [Bruce Edwards Bailey on fence]

Baird, Arthur V., Jan. 16, 1920-Jan. 13, 1992
Baird, Kitty Joan Bond, July 22, 1925-Jan. 6, 1997

Bell, Loys L., Apr. 6, 1905-June 20, 1966

Bell, Mary E. Pyron, Feb. 28, 1870-Feb. 3, 1953
Bell, Franklin C., Sept. 5, 1869-Aug. 27, 1950

Bell, Mary E., Nov. 28, 1909-Feb. 14, 1988

Bond, James Lee, Oct. 3, 1898-Mar. 1, 1980
Bond, Frances Crittenden, Apr. 8, 1901-Jan. 3, 1990

Bond, Kitty Joan [see Baird, Kitty Joan Bond]

Bond, Myrtle, [see Meriwether, Myrtle Bond]

Boylan, Judith Virginia Meriwether, Jan. 7, 1913-July 25, 1993

Brewer, Rachael [see Staggs, Rachael Brewer]

Brown, Daniel B., Oct. 8, 1894-Jan. 12, 1965 American Legion flag holder by marker; Daniel barfoeld Brown on fence]
Brown, Pansy H., June 15, 1898-Nov. 9, 1962 [DAR flag holder by marker; Pansy Henning Brown in fence]

Bryant, Alonzo H., Jan. 14, 1893-Jan. 5, 1977
Bryant, Eula D., Jan. 15, 1901-Sept. 24, 1980

Bryant, William L., Jan. 7, 1937-Jan. 6, 1948

Buntin, Howell, Oct. 16, 1895-July21, 1956

Buntin, John Henry, Dec. 19, 1917-May 13, 1974

Buntin, Mary Etta Meriwether, May 11, 1895-May 5, 1963

Clason, Madeline [see Harris, Madeline E.]

Cole Laura temperance [see Transou, Laura Temperance Cole]

Cole, Charles E., Jr., July 19, 1927-Jan. 5, 1957, military marker "MOMM3 USNR World War II"

Cole, Charles E., Oct.1, 1890-Nov. 16, 1974

Cole, Ethel Neely, 1897-July 25, 1927 [replacement; adjacent to marker for Charles E. Cole]

Cole, Mary A., 1877-1960
Cole, Randolph, 1875-1932

Cole, Mary W., 1876-1937

Cole, Mildred Overton, Feb. 15, 1911-Feb. 21, 1935

Cole, Mona Liza, Mar. 3, 1955, "Infant dau. of Mr. & Mrs. C. E. Cole"

Cole, Sallie [see Pegues, Sallie Cole]

Cole, Sue Weede, June 1, 1882-Aug. 21, 1890

Cole, Susan Ann, 1851-1942, "His wife"
Cole, William George, d. 1916, military marker as footstone"2nd Lt Co G 6 Regt Tenn Inf Confederate States Army"

Cole, Thomas I., 1876-1932 [American Legion flag holder by marker]

Cole, W. G., Jan. 15, 1880-June 25, 1953

Cole, Walter Drew, July 12, 1899-June 30, 1911, "Son of Walter Drew Cole and Mary W. Cole" [replacement]

Cole, William Burton, Nov. 1, 1914-Jan. 14, 1998, military marker as footstone "Col US Army World War II"
Cole, Blanche Harris, Feb. 17, 1920-____

Cole, Willie L. [see Meriwether, William Laura]

Crittenden, Harvey Thomas, Aug. 6, 1855-Aug. 2, 1951
Crittenden, Mary A. Pegues, Apr. 29, 1868-Feb. 10, 1938

Dougan, Infant, d. 1925, "Infant son of John & Lorena Dougan" [replacement]

Dougan, John P., Sr., Oct. 15, 1890-Nov. 18, 1978
Dougan, Lorena G., Feb. 1, 1894-Aug. 16, 1985

Dougan, S. P., 1862-1933
Dougan, Bessie Mayfield, 1868-1923, "His wife"

Dougan, William M., May 25, 1870-May 9, 1952, "Father" footstone
Dougan, Bertha L., Feb. 25, 1886-Nov. 6, 1955, "Mother" footstone

Finley, Nick Allison, July 14, 1941-Dec. 16, 1969, military marker "Tennessee L Cpl Co F 1 Mar 1 Mar Div Vietnam PH"

Foster, Gladys Ivey, Jan. 8, 1908-Nov. 13, 1980, "Wife of Robt. L. Foster"

Foster, Robert L., May 7, 1916-July 14, 1955, military marker "Sgt Sq L 3505 Base Unit AAF World War II"; "Bob" footstone

Gibbs, Clara B. [see Witherspoon, Clara B. Gibbs]

Hall, Henrietta [see Sykes, Henrietta Henning Hall]

Hall, Jack G., May 9, 1876-Aug. 8, 1962
Hall, Vesta D., Oct.26, 1893-Sept. 20, 1982

Harris, Blanche [see Cole, Blanche Harris]

Harris, Fred, 1898-1972, "Father" footstone [American legion flag holder by marker; Joe Fred Harris on fence]
Harris, Leona P., 1898-1957, "Mother" footstone [Leona Pegues Harris on fence]

Harris, Madeline E., Feb. 23, 1892-Jan. 27, 1967 [Madeline Clason Harris on fence; adjacent to marker for W. S. Harris]

Harris, W. S., June 5, 1883-Jan. 17, 1978

Harris, Wesley Clason, Mar. 20, 1920-May 29, 2000, "Beloved son" [ probably son of Madeline E. Harris and W. S. Harris, whose markers are the next two to the south]

Henderson, Bettie L., Sept. 8, 1857-Jan. 15, 1915 [replacement]

Henderson, Ellie [see Henning, Ellie Mae]

Henderson, Sarah Neely, 1928-1979

Hendrix, Charles A., 1900-1980
Hendrix, Emma C., 1903-1992

Henning, Bessie [see Miles, Bessie Henning Morriss]

Henning, Camille [see Spivey, Camille Henning]

Henning, Ellie May, Dec. 19, 1860-July 17, 1923, "Wife of W. F. Henning" [Ellie Henderson Henning on fence]

Henning, Eloise [see Meriwether, Eloise Henning]

Henning, F. W., Mar. 7, 1858-Aug. 24, 1944 [Frank Waddell Henning on fence]

Henning, Henrietta [see Sykes, Henrietta Henning Hall]

Henning, James A., Sept. 23, 1845-Feb. 1865, "Son of Jas. B. & Winnyfred Henning" [American Legion flag holder by marker]

Henning, Joseph B., d. Feb. 20, 1866, Age 54 Y's. 1 mo. 10 d's. (broken)

Henning, Pansy [see Brown, Pamsy H.

Hewitt, Carolyn [see Pegues, Carolyn Hewitt]

Hewitt, Hazel [see Pegues, Hazel Hewitt]

Ingram, John, Nov. 3, 1877-May 30, 1928 [Woodmen of the World memorial]

Ingram, Lois, Aug. 30, 1882-Jan. 24, 1978

Ingram, Sue L., 1846-1933, "Sue Nell" "Mother"

Ivey, Gladys [see Foster, Gladys Ivey]

Johnston, Evelyn [see Meriwether, Evelyn Johnston]

Kelley, Isaac C., d. Feb. 20, 1906, Aged 30 Years"

Landers, Alfred, 1857-1915

Landers, Margrette Frances, 1860-1934 [adjacent to marker for Alfred Landers]

Landers, Tommie C., 1897-1913

Lasley, Susie B., 1919-2002, temporary marker, Arrington, 10 feet north of marker for Mary Etta Meriwether Buntin

Leeper, Robert Allen, Oct.3, 1896-Dec. 23, 1939 [American Legion flag holder by marker]

Long, Blanche [see Rich, Blanche Long]

Long, Harry Sykes, 1931-1983, military marker "PFC US Army World War II"

Long, Ola C., Nov. 12, 1896-Oct. 26, 1998 [adjacent to marker for Harry Sykes Long]

Long, T. Crawford, Jr., Nov. 1, 1895-Dec. 7, 1983

Mayfield, Bessie [see Dougan, Bessie Mayfield]

McQuarre, Kathleen Morriss, 1890-1983

Meriwether, Eileen [see Parsons, Eileen meriwether]

Meriwether, Eloise Henning, Mrs., Oct. 11, 1893-Apr. 17, 1972, "Beloved mother" "Dau. of Mr. & Mrs. F. W. Henning" [DAR flag holder by marker]

Meriwether, Evora P., Mar. 22, 1909-Oct.14, 1975

Meriwether, Harris E., Mar. 18, 1907-Feb. 8, 1992

Meriwether, Hewitt Pegues, Nov. 13, 1904-May 23, 1980
Meriwether, Elizabeth Randolph, Nov. 6, 1910-May 12, 1999

Meriwether, Isaac Lewis, June 21, 1901-Dec. 13, 1951

Meriwether, James Robert, May 14, 1897-Sept. 21, 1968

Meriwether, Jettye Richardson, June 30, 1911-Jan. 5, 2001 [adjacent to marker for James Robert Meriwether]

Meriwether, John Henry, III, Apr. 6, 1926-Nov. 2, 1998
Meriwether, Evelyn Johnston, no dates

Meriwether, John Henry, Jr., May 1, 1899-July31, 1948

Meriwether, Judith Virginia [see Boylan, Judith Virginia Meriwether]

Meriwether, Mary Etta [see Buntin, Mary Etta Meriwether]

Meriwether, Thomas Mayfield, Jun. 22, 1859-Apr. 11, 1943
Meriwether, Myrtle Bond, Aug. 3, 1865-Sept. 24, 1947

Meriwether, Thomas Mayfield, Nov. 15, 1900-Mar. 6, 1965

Meriwether, William Benford, 1863-1939, "Father"

Meriwether, William Laura, 1872-1936, "Mother" [adjacent to marker for William Benford Meriwether; Willie L. Cole Meriwether on fence]

meriwether, William Pace, Jr., Apr. 26, 1918-Sept. 17, 1998 [American Legion flag holder by marker]

Miles, Bessie Henning Morriss, Dec. 26, 1881-Jan. 14, 1946 [adjacent to marker for E. C. "Peck" Morriss]

Morriss, Bessie [see Miles, Bessie Henning Morriss]

Morriss, E. C. "Peck," 1881-1929

Morriss, George Prentiss, Apr. 3, 1891-Dec. 9, 1945 [Woodmen of the World memorial]

Morriss, Georgia T., 1908-1983 [adjacent to marker for James Bond Morris]

Morriss, J. H., 1886-1922

Morriss, James Bond, 1910-1990

Morriss, John Bond, 1879-1949

Morriss, Kathleen [see McQuarre, Kathleen Morriss]

Morriss, Mattie Lee, 1868-1951

Neely, Elizabeth Pegues, 1902-1929, "Wife of Leonard Neely"

Neely, Ethel [see Cole, Ethel Neely]

Neely, Sarah [see Henderson, Sarah Neely]

Overton, Mary Elizabeth, Jan. 1, 1915-Feb. 3, 1999 [adjacent to military marker for Thomas L. Overton]

Overton, Mildred [see Cole, Mildred Overton]

Overton, Thomas L., Feb. 22, 1915-Feb. 12, 1983, military marker "US Navy"

Parsons, Eileen Meriwether, Oct.7, 1923-____
Parsons, Harry A., Apr. 19, 1922-Feb. 6, 1980

Pegues, Blanche [see Ramer, Blanche Pegues]

Pegues, Carolyn Hewitt, 1905-1975

Pegues, Elizabeth [see Neely, Elizabeth Pegues]

Pegues, Hazel Hewitt, 1868-1935

Pegues, Infant, June 19, 1909, "Infant son of H. H. & Chichie Pegues"

Pegues, Leona [see Harris, Leona P.]

Pegues, Mary A. [see Crittenden, Mary A. Pegues]

Pegues, Sallie Cole, 1876-1963

Puckett, Claude, May30, 1892-Dec. 25, 1924, "Son of J. P. & Mamie Puckett" [American Legion flag holder]

Pyron, Mary E. [see Bell, Mary E. Byron]

Ramer, Blanche Pegues, 1897-1986

Randolph, Elizabeth [see Meriwether, Elizabeth Randolph]

Rich, Blanche Long, 1901-1991

Richardson, Jettye [see Meriwether, Jettye Richardson]

Spivey, Betty Joe [see Wilbur, Betty Joe Spivey]

Spivey, Camille Henning, June29, 1880-Apr. 20, 1970, "Mother" footstone [adjacent to marker for Joe Eddie Spivey]

Spivey, Joe Eddie, Mar. 2, 1880-Nov. 15, 1943, "Daddy" footstone

Springs, B. L., 1824-1901

Stagg, Cornelius Franklin, June 5, 1866-Mar. 30, 1950
Staggs, Rachael Brewer, Oct. 21, 1866-Dec. 25, 1930

Staggs, Edwin L., Feb. 5, 1932-June 9, 1933

Staggs, Lela Mae, June 9, 1922-Feb. 2, 1924

Staggs, Marine E. Nicholson, Apr. 11, 1906-Oct. 15, 1981

Sykes, Cyrus, Nov. 15, 1834-July 1, 1906, military marker "2nd Lt. Co. H 51 Tenn. Inf. C.S.A."

Sykes, E. W., 1866-1926

Sykes, Henrietta Henning Hall, Feb. 24, 1851 Aug. 25, 1898, "In loving memory" "Wife of Cyrus Sykes" "Married Mar. 20, 1884" "Dau. of Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Henning" "Born Madison Co, TN" "Mother of Frances Sykes Bogan, John Sykes and Jack Hall" "Buried in Henning family burial lot"

Sykes, John C., 1885-1892 [replacement]

Sykes, R. C., 1863-1921

Sykes, W. J., 1868-1941

Transou, Hewitt H., Nov. 14, 1883-Sept. 29, 1938

Transou, Laura Temperance Cole, 1882-1934, "Wife of Hewitt H. Transou

Valentine, Robert V., 1872-1946

Valentine, Yolande C., 1885-1960 [adjacent to marker for Robert V. Valentine]

Waite, Harold G., Nov. 14, 1909-Sept. 16, 1975, military marker as footstone "Harold Gardner Waite" "Cdr US Navy World War II"

Waite, Mildred L. Spivey, Oct.26, 1918-Nov. 19, 1973, military marker as footstone "S Sgt US Marines World War II" [DAR flag holder]

Wilbur, Betty Joe Spivey, Mar. 1, 1926-Oct. 27, 1997
Wilbur, William Bradford, Oct. 31, 1920-____

Witherspoon, Bettie W., 1857-1916
Witherspoon, William, 1839-1923 [replacement]

Witherspoon, Calvin S., Nov. 23, 1868-Apr. 3, 1949

Witherspoon, Clara B. Gibbs, Nov. 30, 1900-Jan. 30, 1967
Witherspoon, James Freeman, June 22, 1897-Apr. 1, 1966

Witherspoon, James F., Jr., Nov. 15, 1923-Nov. 11, 1982, military marker "US Army"

Witherspoon, John, June 27, 1842-Mar. 6, 1900



______, Jennie V., 1911-1912 [replacement]


The Fence

            The north boundary and part of the east boundary of the Andrews Chapel Cemetery is a decorative fence consisting of a brick base, brick posts, and cast iron fence segments. All but three of the brick posts and the north gate have bronze memorial markers. These are listed sequentially from the east side counterclockwise to the northwest corner. Asterisks note people buried in Andrews Chapel Cemetery.


Henry Cobb Crittenden 1898-1969

Harvey Thomas Crittenden 1855-1951*
Mary Pegues Crittenden 1867-1938*

T. S. Avery
Louise Liggett Avery

Frank Waddell Henning 1858-1954*
Ellie Henderson Henning 1860-1923*

Bruce Edwards Bailey 1904-1973*
Sue Pegues Bailey

Hazel Hewitt Pegues*
Sallie Cole Pegues 1876-1963*

Joe Fred Harris*
Leona Pegues Harris*

William Burton Cole*
Blanche Harris Cole*

Madeline Clason Harris 1891-1967*

The Thomas M. Meriwether Family

James Robert Meriwether 1891-1968*

William B. Meriwether 1863-1939*
Willie L. Cole Meriwether 1872-1936*

The J. H. Meriwether Family

Mr. & Mrs. S. P Dougan* by the J. C. Hall Family

Daniel Barfield Brown, 1895-1965*
Pansy Henning Brown 1898-1962*