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            Old Liberty Grove Cemetery is located off Roberts Lane. The cemetery is on a farm lane behind (south of) a metal shop on Mr. Glenn Cooper's homeplace. Liberty Grove Baptist Church was located here from 1844 until it moved to its present site in the late 1850s. The white section of the cemetery is enclosed by a log fence immediately behind the shop building, while the black section of the cemetery lies about 200 yards south. The cemetery is cared for, getting at least a yearly cutting.

            David Donahue recorded this cemetery February 11, 2004 based on earlier work by Jonathan K. T. Smith. Mr. Smith's record for this cemetery appears in the supplement to his Tombstone Inscriptions from Black Cemeteries in Madison County, Tennessee and in his Tombstone Inscriptions from Black Cemeteries in Madison County, Tennessee, Volume 2. These works are referred to collectively as Smith in the notes below. Some markers noted by Smith as broken or fallen had been repaired and righted by 2004.

            The cemetery also appears Cemetery Records of Madison County, Tennessee, Volume I, The Southern Half of County under the name Cooper Farm Cemeteries. The corresponding map location is wrong, placing the cemetery on the north side of Roberts Lane, when it actually is on the south side.


______, Nora, 1897-1920, "Grand Dau. of Susan Jenkins"

Brown, Minnie, 1895-1922, "Dau. of Emma Jinkins"

Cobb, Annie, Dec. 15, 1901-Jan. 4, 1902, "Daug. of Mr. and Mrs. W. C. Cobb"

Grant, Henry, 1831-June 24, 1918, "Husband of Kittie Grant"
Smith noted "His official death certificate states that Henry Grant was born May 14, 1831 and died June 24,1918. Son of Ben Grant."

Grant, Katie, 1842-1907, "Wife of Henry Grant"

Hampton, Emma, 1872-1916, "Wife of John Hampton" (broken)
Smith noted "Her official death certificate states that Emma Hampton was born in 1865 and died June 5, 1916. Dau. of Perry Thomas and Marrilda Dye Thomas."

Harris, Jim, d. Jan. 31, 1909, Aged About 80 Yrs.

Harris, Lucinda, Nov. 7, 1891-Feb. 3, 1908

Hays, Carroll, no dates, military marker "Co. I 54 Ill. Inf."

Jenkins, Mollie, 1887-1907, "Dau. of Susan Jenkins"
Smith noted "1900 U.S. Census, Civil District 8, Madison County, shows that Susan Jenkins was the wife of Carroll Jenkins who was born in May 1844; she was the mother of 13 children, 7 of whom were still living."

Jones, Sam, 1854-Aug. 19, 1906, "Husband" "Father"

Maison, Forest, Aug. 4, 1904-July 26, 1913, "Son of G. W. & N. M. Maison" (homemade)

Mason, John, Aug. 12, 1892-June 11, 1945, military marker "Pvt 1Cl. 371 Inf. 93 Div."

McFadden, Earline, Age 8, 1917-1925
McFadden, Elca, Age 2, 1923-1925

Rice, Charity, 1861, Died Nov. 17, 1916, "Wife of J. R. Rice" (broken and repaired)
Snith noted "Her official death certificate states that Charity Rice was born in 1863 and died November 17, 1915. Daughter of Willis and Harriet Hayes."

Rice, Earnest, Sept. 24, 1897-Nov. 10, 1913, "Son of James & Charity Rice"

Thomas, Rilda, 1827-1912, "Wife of Perry Thomas"

Tunstall, Emma, 1865-1928, "Mother" footstone

Williams, Frank, Mar. 8, 1917-July 15, 1919 (disintegrating concrete marker)


From Jonathan K. T. Smith:
Other Persons Buried in this Cemetery According to Official Death Certificates, Madison County, Tennessee, 1914-1924


Burdain, Samuel, 1907-Dec. 18, 1917. Son of Samuel and Mittie Burdain

Cobb, Maria, Nov. 27, 1865-Jan. 20, 1923. Dau. of Amos Long, born in N.C.

Collins, Bessie, Nov. 6, 1889-Feb.18, 1920; single

Croom, Lillian, 1889-May 2, 1915. Dau. of Lum Ozier and Mary Collier; married

Hall, Catherine, Feb. 5, 1915-June 25, 1916. Dau. of Martin Hall and Elnora Ward

Hall, Rube, May 14, 1863-Feb. l3, 1919. Child of Rub_ Hall

Hamlett, Mattie, Mrs., died July 12, 1921, aged about 71 years. Dau. of J .J. Cox and S. Marchbanks Cox

Hersey, Camille, Mar. 15, 1896-May 25, 1917

Jackson, Lillie, 1885-Nov. 10, 1915. Dau. of Jeff Jones and Elvira Jones

Jackson, Margaret, 1915-Feb. 12, 1918. Dau. of Jesse Jackson and Marrie Smith

Jenkins, Flemilee, Dec. 1, 1917-Jan. 11, 1915. Dau. of Charley Jenkins and Agnes Price

McGee, Mary, died Mar. 23, 1917. Dau. of Andrew Boling; married

Norman, Saddie, July 7, 1890-Dec. 31, 1919. Dau.of Oscar Norman and Elvira Martin

Outlaw, Jane, died Dec. 26, 1914, aged about 65 years

Pearson, Viola, Jan. 1, 1900-Feb. 2, 1920. Dau. of Tom Curry and Jane Kelley

Person, Annie May, Mar. 9, 1920-Apr. 13, 1920. Dau. of Forest Night and Mardella Person

Price, Mack, Aug. 7, 1905-Aug. 7, 1915. Born Whiteville, Tenn. Son of F. Price and Lizzie (Brown) Price

White, Infant, Sept. 15, 1916-Sept. 15, 1916; lived 12 hrs. Infant dau. of Ruby White

White, John, July 20, 1891-June 5, 1916. Son of A. S. White and Ailsey Jackson

White, Willie, Sept. 27, 1888-Dec. 6, 1915. Dau. of A. S.White and Ailsie Jackson

Williams, Addie G., Aug. 21, 1916-Sept. 19, 1921. Dau. of Bob Williams and Martha Hall Williams

Wilson, Infant, Sept. 8-Sept. 18, 1916. Infant son of Frank and Mary Wilson


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