Brooks Cemetery is located about six miles northwest from city limits of Jackson, Tennessee on the west side of Adair Road about 0.3 mile north of the juncture of this road with Brooks Lane.

            David Donahue recorded this cemetery August 18, 2003. The cemetery was recorded in 1995 by Jonathan K. T. Smith and appeared in the supplement to his Tombstone Inscriptions from Black Cemeteries in Madison County, Tennessee. This is referred to as Smith in the notes below.


Brooks, Ed, Dec. 4, 1856-Oct. 5, 1939 (homemade)

Brooks, Fred Vann, June 22, 1917-Apr. 6, 2003, temporary marker, Ford Funeral Home, 3 yards east of marker for Bettie Collins

Brooks, Joe Nelson, 1865-1940

Brooks, Mary E., June 12, 1867-Nov. 27, 1949 (homemade) [adjacent to marker for Ed Brooks]

Brooks, Milton, d. May 26, 1922, "Red Elk Temple-786 Bells, Tenn." (falen)

Brooks, Minnie M. [see Weedle, Minnie M. Brooks]

Brooks, Olympio, Apr. 9, 1909-Oct. 19, 1934 (homemade)

Brooks, Ozell, Mar. 15, 1904-Mar. 18, 1990, "We love you grandpa"

Cobb, Rena Cole, d. Apr. 1, 1963, "Mother of Hoyie Huddleston" (homemade) [4 feet north of marker for Bettie Collins]

Cole, Rena [see Cobb, Rena Cole]

Cole, Will W., no dates, "Beloved uncle" (homemade) [1 feet north of marker for Bettie Collins]

Collins, Bettte, Dec. 25, 1873-July 19, 1940, " Wife of Grant Collins"

Hinkle, Arthur Banks, July 11, 1924-Dec. 17, 1996, military marker "Pvt US Army"

Hinkle, Lela J., Nov. 17, 1919-Jan. 13, 1985

Patterson, Mattie, 1878-1961 [adjacent to marker for W. M. Patterson]

Patterson, W. M., 1848-1951

Van, Julia Van, 1878-1940, "Wife of Lonnie Van"

Vann, Adam, 1855-1945 (fallen)

Vann, Arzell Floyd, Sept. 20, 1908-Mar 10, 1951

Vann, Birtha Mae, June 22, 1936-June 26, 1936 [replacement]

Vann, Lonnie, May 18, 1888-Aug. 24, 1973

Vann, Melvoy, Aug. 18, 1941-Jan. 18, 1969

Vann, Minnie, May 7, 1913-May 2, 1998, "Mother"

Vann, Mollie, 1857-1940 (fallen)

Walker, _oris Jean, Sept. 7, 1954-Nov. 23, 1968 (chipped) [Smith reported Doris Jean Walker]

Walker, Richard, Aug. 11, 1905-Mar. 25, 1977

Walker, Sarah, Sept. 11, 1911-Mar. 10, 1971

Weedle, Minnie M. Brooks, July 31, 1925-Aug. 28, 1997, "Mother"