Tombstone Inscriptions from Black Cemeteries in Madison County, Tennessee, Volume Two
Compiled by Jonathan K. T. Smith
Copyright, Jonathan K. T. Smith, 2000

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            Located about one mile west of Medon, Tennessee on Bowman Road; approached by field road on the east side of this road .8 mile west of the juncture of Bowman and Collins Roads. Situated in a densely wooded area about a quarter of a mile east of the gate on Bowman Road. Numerous unmarked graves here.

JOHN W. BROWN, Dec. 24, 1897-Oct. 16, 1918, May he rest in peace

Double tombstone: CORNELIA AGINS, 1876-1934\EARLEY AGINS, 1876-1966

PERVIS BLADE, Tennessee PVT 840 Service BN QMC, November 21, 1928

BOB AUSTON, Born 1846, Died 1910, Gone but not forgotten

HANNER KELLEY, 1849-(Jan. 22) 1919, At Rest

GEORGE GLADNNEY, Born July 4, 1901, Died Nov. 21, 1901, First line of verse eradicated. Then: Babe & take thy rest. God calls when he thinks best

JAMES GLADNNEY, Born Apr. 15, 1880, Died May 29, 1909, Age 29 YEA, A loving husband, a father dear, a faithful friend lies buried here

GEO. WINCHESTER, Born 1896, Died Oct. 8, 1918 (a fallen stone)

MARY ANDERSON, Jan. 24, 1886-Jan. 11, 1928

JENNIE, wife of Joe LACY, Aug. 16, 1868-Dec. 23, 1911, Only Sleeping

MARTIN HULLUM, 1836-1915, He was faithful to every duty

GEO. W. MARCH, Apr. 16, 1880-Mar. 29, 1915, Gone but not forgotten

EMMA, wife of Joe LACY, Aug. 27, 1838-Apr. 15, 1915, Thy will be done

EDDIE L. ALSTON, May 24, 1900-May 30, 1914, In life beloved, in death lamented (a fallen stone)


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            Located about 2.5 miles north of Medon, Tennessee; situated on east side of Riverside Drive Extended about 600 feet, by lane, from this road.

            Several burials here. Mr. John L. Rochelle, born 1921, stated that it was common knowledge that a young nephew of Mr. Everett Lacy who died of smallpox was buried here. All signs of graves obliterated by nature and passing of years. Formerly part of the farm of early settler, Jessie Currie.


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            Located about 8.5 miles north of Interstate 40, at the Highway 45 Bypass, via the latter highway, Passmore Lane and Old Humboldt Highway. Situated on the south side of Old Humboldt Highway, about .1 mile east of the W.G. "Sonny" Dement residence (part of the old-time white DeLoach lands). There is evidence of numerous graves in this burial ground but there is only one tombstone at the site and it is off its proper grave site, fallen and at the foot of a tree.


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JESSE, son of Harsh & Lizzie TOMLIN, Born Sept.1905, Died Feb.1906, Budded on earth to bloom in heaven


A few of the other persons buried here, according to their Madison County death certificates:

Infant Daughter of Spencer YAREROUGH and Marinda DUNGAN, born and died Jan. 8, 1914, having lived about 30 minutes

Stillborn Son of S. YARBRO and Rena JOHNSON, December 29, 1915

GREEN GILL, died April 12, 1917, aged 5 days

EVERLEAN LYONS, married lady, 1902-March 23, 1921, Dau.of Andrew Hughes

JIM SHELL, died May 20, 1924, aged about 60 years; born in Mississippi


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            Located on the W. B. Donnell farm near Spring Creek; about a mile northeast of the Wadford Donnell residence on Highway 70-East.

            Unmarked slave graves located on south side of this cemetery


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            Located about 5.5 miles northwest from city limits of Jackson, Tennessee via the old Bells Highway and Adair Road. Cemetery situated on a wooded rise about a half-mile north from Adair Road about .2 mile west from this road's juncture with Midyett Road. No longer a road to the cemetery; approach is by following fencerow and then diverting to northeast to the cemetery. There are many unmarked graves here. No Epperson tombstones were found; that was the surname of persons who owned the farm on which the cemetery was located years ago. Some whites buried here; cemetery apparently an outgrowth of farm/plantation "graveyard."

LOUIS MAHONE, Jan. 8, 1842-Oct. 31, 1914, Asleep in Jesus. Blessed sleep [His death certificate states that he was born in Tolbert County, Georgia]

ALLEN, husband of Judie BARNETT, Born 1854, Died July 2, 1909, He died as he lived, trusting in God

HARRIET, wife of I. H. HOLMES, Born Feb. 1, 1848, Died June 23, 1905

PEARLINE BARNETT, Died July 7, 1906, Aged 14 Years, At Rest

ROBERT MAHONE, Born Oct. 5, 1820, Died Aug. 15, 1893

FONZA, son of B. J. & Ida COLE, Born Feb. 14, 1885, Died Feb. 13, 1901, Gone but not forgotten

DINISHA, dau. of Tomlin & Alice COLE, Born Sept. 7, 1911, Died July 9, 1912

ETHER MAHOME (not Mahone), Born Nov. 19, 1888, Died Jan. 20, 1918, At Rest

I. H. HOLMES, Born Dec. 15, 1846, Died May 3, 1909, Gone but not forgotten

DAN, husband of Henrietta HOLMES, Born Oct. 2, 1865, Died Sept. 21, 1908

LUCY ANN BARNETT, Born Mar. 26, 1898, Died Aug. 4, 1903

MARTHA, wife of L. P. PATRICK, Born 1862, Died 1902

FRANK, husband of Amanda AYDLOTT, Born 1831, Died Oct. 16, 1901

ADALINE, wife of Jack WOODS, Born 1848, Died Dec. 7, 1906, Blessed are the pure in heart for they shall see God


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SOFA, wife of Thomas RANDOLPH, dau. of Wash & Lou HUDLESTON, Born July 5, 1892, Died April 18, 1913, At Rest

COUNTEE, son of Adam & Mollie VANN, Born April 15, 1892, Died July 12, 1912, Gone but not forgotten

JOSIE GLENN, Died Nov. 26, 1918, Winfred Chamber 2004 Bells, Tenn.

AMMA, wife of Milton BUMPIS, Born 1837, Died Aug. 11, 1917, At Rest

LUCHES LEE, son of Michael & Mary McCLELLAN, Born 1915, Died July 12, 1916, With the angels

JIMMY, son of Sam & ____ Lacy, Born May 7, 1873, Died Aug. 30, 1912, Gone to rest (stone broken) [Mrs. Iona Cole says that Jimmy Lacy's mother was named TINA LACY.]

MARY COLE, wife of B. C. COLE, Born June 17, 1878, Died Jan. 7, 1915

Double tombstone (fallen): SULER, wife of James BROOKS, Born 1848, Died 1902\JAMES, husband of Suler BROOKS, Born 1838, Died 1907

OBYE, son of Henry & Emer PERRY, Born Dec. 28, 1907, Died Apr. 27, 1909

BOOZ, son of C. C. & S. D. HUDDLESTON, Born Dec. 17, 1908, Died Nov. 12, 1907, God blesses an early death and takes the infant unto himself

CLIDE, son of Frank & Amma MATTHEWS, Born 1897, Died 1911

RHODENEAL, son of Spence & Clodie WALKER, Born Sept. 2, 1911, Died Nov. 30, 1911, Our darling has gone before

RENA, dau. of Jas. & Hattie WEATHERS, Born 1887, Died 1911

NANNIE BROOKS, Died Nov. 18, 1915, Winford Chamber 2004 Bells, Tenn.

LEE LUNITAN, son of Adam & Mollie VANN, Born 1904, Died Mar. 1905, It is not dead but asleep (Second given name as on tombstone)

SALLIE, dau. of Ned & Julian WOOD, Born May 29, 1912, Died Nov. 14, 1916, At Rest

SAM, son of Shep & Judie MALONE, Born 1898, Died 1915, Gone to rest

TRAVIS, son of Stephen & Gertrude MAHONE, Born Sept. 22, 1915, Died Oct. 29, 1916, Budded on earth to bloom in heaven

ALEX, son of Frank & Amma MATTHEWS, Born 1895, Died 1907

RACHEL, wife of Nels BROOKS, Born 1868, Died Mar. 6, 1905

INFANT DAU. of John & Lue COLE, B.& D. Mar. 1910

INFANT DAU. of John & Lue COLE, B.& D. Mar. 1911

FANNIE, dau.of Oliver & Rosie WALKER, Born June 3, 1909, Died Oct. 17, 1917

RACHEL, dau. of Roed & Catherine WALKER, Born Jan. 8, 1905, Died Jan. 23, 1905, Gone but not forgotten

EMER, dau. of Sam & Tennier LACY, Born Aug. 11, 1892, Died Feb. 10, 1911

SUSAN, wife of E. N. SHEPARD, Born Nov. 27, 1857, Died Mar. 12, 1913, Gone but not forgotten


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CALLIE CLAYTON, Died Aug. 15, 1918, Withers Chamber 2008 Jackson, Tenn.

HATTIE HOBSON, Born March 5, 1870, Died Sep. 22, 1890 (a fallen stone)

CURRENTER, dau. of P. & Currenter COLE, Born 1890, Died 1902, In life beloved, in death lamented

HATHORN, son of Andrew & Ethel MAHONE, Born Dec. 6, 1906, Died July 14, 1907, There is no parting in heaven

MATILDA, dau. of Turnner & Isabell YARBROUGH, Born 1866, Died Oct. 2, 1918, At Rest

THEARESA, wife of John JAMES, Born June 16, 1887, Died Sept. 12, 1910, There will be no parting in heaven (a fallen stone)


Double tombstone of a white couple:
ALBERT PERRY, Born Apr. 26, 1788, Died Apr. 9, 1835\SUSAN B. PERRY, Born June 8, 1795, Died Mar. 25, 1857, Awaiting the Resurrection


Death Certificate

JOHN MAHOMES, Born 1841, Died May 3, 1914. Son of Robert Long Mahomes and Emily Mahomes. All born in Ga.


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            Located about a mile and a half west of the present Jackson, Tennessee city limits. Situated on the northeast side of the driveway of the Crossett residence at 7 O'Keena Vista, less than .1 of a mile from the driveway's opening onto O'Keena Vista and about .3 of a mile from the juncture of O'Keena Vista with the Old Bells Highway Road. There are a number of unmarked graves at this location; one tombstone is missing with only its base in situ.


ANKIE, wife of Eddie BARNETT, Born Dec.24, 1883, Died Oct.17, 1902, It was an angel that visited the earth and took the flower away.

OSIE BELLE, wife of John BUMPIS, Born Oct.28, 1887, Died Oct. 28, 1907, She died as she lived, trusting in God

W. T., son of Henry & Lizzie GLEWN, Born July 24, 1906, Died May 23, 1907, Budded on earth to bloom in heaven

INFANT DAUGHTER of Ben & Virginia PATTERSON, Born and Died Apr.3, 1909, Budded on earth to bloom in heaven

WILLIS, husband of Jennie MARTIN, Born June 1832, Died Apr. 3, 1912, Gone to rest

ADA M., dau. of Willis & Mary MARTIN, Born 1902, Died 1905, Budded on earth to bloom in heaven

WILLIE, dau. of Henry & Lizzie GLEWN, Born Aug. 7, 1902, Died May 20, 1907, Earth has no sorrows that heaven cannot heal

HOLSEY, son of Tobe & Annie GLENN, Born Dec. 4, 1891, Died Oct. 24, 1904, He is not dead but sleepeth /He/ Shall never wake to weep
[Note: In the June 1900 U.S. Census, Madison Co., Tenn., Civil Dist. 10, Tobe Glenn, born March 1850 and wife, Annie, born March 1855, have five children listed, including "Holsie" born May 1889 (which is at variance with tombstone date).]


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Death certificate information indicate the following buried here:

RUFUS GLENN, died Nov. 30, 1916, aged 36 years; s/o Frank Glen

BALLARD YARBROUGH, Mar. 24, 1914-Apr. 5, 1914; s/o John and Cora Glenn Yarbrough

BOB STOVALL, April 1898-June 28, 1923; parents: Sam and Mary Stovall

URA MAY SCOTT, died April 21, 1917, aged about 24 years; parents: Sam Kenney-Ella Brown

ANNIE LIZZIE SMITH, April 3, 1917-May 30, 1917; parents: Allen Glenn-Jane campbell

ISMAEL SCOTT, November 6, 1916-May 3, 1917

MARY KATHERINE GILLIARD, July 1, 1922-January 28, 1923


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            Located about 2-1/2 miles north of the junction of Interstate Highway 40 with Highway 45-North; situated on a wooded rise about 2000 feet north of the Alfred Jaquet, Sr. residence which is located on the north side of Ashport Road about .7 of a mile east of this road's juncture with Highway 45-N. The old-time course of Ashport Road once ran beside this cemetery. There are many unmarked graves here, indicated by sunken graves.

JEFFREY LEE, son of Mr. and Mrs. Ezekial YOUNG, 1959-1960

CORA, wife of JUDGE GILL, Born 1885, Died Nov. 5, 1916, Gone but not forgotten

NANCY, wife of Henry HOWARD, Born 1852, Died 1891, Age 39 Yrs., Done by her son Frank, Gone but not forgotten

MARY HICKS, Born 1884, Died Nov. 8, 1922, Mt. Pleasant Israelite Chamber 3005 Jackson, Tenn., Come Ye Blessed

SALLIE ANN, wife of Bryant GILL, Born 1832, Died June 28, 1907


Death certificates indicate burial here also of:

BRYANT GILL, "mulatto," Dec. 15, 1837-Dec. 15, 1914. Noted that his father was a "white man." M. V. B. Exum, informant.

TONA CHURCH, Aug. 8, 1893-March 8, 1915. Parents: Fox Pearson-Maria Cathey

WILMER WASHINGTON, male, Feb. 17, 1907-Aug. 11, 1916

EARLY GILL, Dec.1894-Oct. 29, 1914. Parents: Charley Gill-Maria Cathey

DAVID GREEN, JR., Aug. 29, 1915-Nov. 13, 1915. Parents: David Green-Susie Jenkins

LAURA MURPHY, Aug. 15, 1870-Mar. 16, 1917. Parents: Geo.Patrick-Dorcas Joyner

J. F. FOWLER, Jan. 28, 1918-Oct. 28, 1919. Parents: Frank Fowler-Florence Brown

RUFUS MATHIS, Oct. 25, 1904-Aug. 29, 1922. Parents: Rufus Mathis-Willie Washington

JERRY WASHINGTON, April 28, 1909-July 30, 1917. Parents: Frank Washington-Ida Thomas

MARY HICKS (has a stone), 1868-Nov. 8, 1922. Birth date different from what is on her tombstone (see above)


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            Located 1.8 miles north from Interstate 40, via Law Road and Tennessee Highway 152. Situated .1 mile west of Tennessee Highway 152 on the Parnell Landers place. Whites, Asa H. Gaston (1819-1881) and D. H. Grant and families buried here. Beyond the old fenced-in burial area of these families, to the east and slightly to the northeast appear evidences of several graves. Death certificates indicate burial here of:

ROBERTA WOODS, 1922-Feb.2, 1922. Parents: Bert Woods-Ida Christofer

RODA WOODS, July 30, 1916-Aug. 6, 1916. Parents: B. F. Woods-Ida Christofer


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