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            Located in northeast Madison County. At a point .8 of a mile north of the junction of Tige Hopper Road and Highway 152 turn off on the west side of the former road onto a gravel road which becomes a dirt field road a short distance from the highway. Follow this field road a mile northwest to a wooded area along an old roadbed where the old burial ground is located. The old Lanier's Chapel Methodist Church stood to the southeast of the burial area. This was a black church which was built on a portion of the old white Lanier plantation lands; the burial ground dates to slavery times. It is a large cemetery with but few tombstones marking graves.


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FRANCIS HERRON wife of J. E. HERRON, Age 30 Years, Gone but not forgotten

BERTHEY BOLTON, May l, 1907-Sep. 28, 1910, Gone but not forgotten*

RUSSELL BOLTON, Feb. 27, 1905-Oct. 7, 1910, Weep not he is at rest.

ELIZABETH BOLTON, Age 64 yrs., Blessed are the pure in heart for they shall see God.

CLARA BOLTON, Dec. 13, 1906-Sep. 29, 1910, Budded on earth to bloom in heaven.

ANGELINE wife of Pomp LANIER, Died May 17, 1916, Age 54, A loving wife, a mother dear lies buried here.

On the left side of Angeline Lanier's grave, looking from the foot of her grave to her tombstone, is a sunken grave. On the right side are three sunken graves.


Death certificates indicate others buried here:

POMPEY LANIER, Jan. 2, 1840-May 21, 1928

U. D. LANIER, Son of Joe and Eula Woods Lanier, Apr. 25, 1908-July 14, 1928

MIDDY HERRON died March 10, 1920, aged about 30 years. Parents: Buck Herron-Fannie Rogers

DORITY SMITH, Aug. 26, 1914-Oct. 5, 1914. Parents: Joe and Hattie Smith


*1910 U.S. Census, Civil District 12, sheet three, April 22, 1910; James Boldton, age 42, born Tenn.; Mattie Boldton, wife, age 36, born Tenn. (married 15 years; 10 children, 8 living); Howard Boldton, daughter, age 14, born Tenn.; Christine Boldton, daughter, age l2, born Tenn.; Lottie Boldton, daughter, age 10, born Tenn.; Emerson Boldton, son, age 8, born Tenn.; Berthey Boldton, daughter, age 6, born Tenn.; Roosevelt S. H. son, age born Tenn.; Clara Boldton, daughter, age 3, born Tenn.; James Boldton, son, age 1, born Tenn. James Boldton given as a farmer.

1900 U.S. Census, Civil District 12, page 153, June 7-8, 1900; James Bolen, born March 1871, Tenn.; Mattie Bolen, wife, born Dec. 1973 (married 5 years, 4 children, 3 living); Howard Bolen, child, born Nov. 1896; Cris Bolen, Child, born Dec. 1998; Lottie Bolen, child, born March 1899; Lizzie Bolen, mother, born March 1835, Tenn. (her father born in Tenn., her mother in Virginia) Note; Lizzie Bolton, born March 1835, according to 1900 census is identified as Elizabeth Bolton with tombstone at Laniers Chapel. Berthey Bolton's tombstone gives her birth year as 1907, although census indicates 1904; the 1910 census indicates name of son Roosevelt S. H. rather than Russell as given as born in 1905, as noted on his tombstone.


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