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            Located in west Madison County about 3 miles southeast of Providence via Providence Road and Wellwood Road, being at the end of the latter road and situated on the north side of the church. Gate to cemetery kept locked. "OK" to enter cemetery to copy inscriptions was given by elderly black man with relatives buried here. A well-kept cemetery.


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PHILLIP TAYLOR, Aug. 28, 1903-Nov. 5, 1959


MATTIE LEE HENNING NEWBERN, Mother, July 30, 1898-July 1, 1991

Double tombstone: LEONARD H. HENNING, 1851-1936\MARY E. HENNING, 1858-1935, In Loving Memory

RUBIE W. INGRAM, Born 6-6-1918-22-1984, Bledsoe Funeral Home Marker

LEE WOODS, Jan. 30, 1894-Oct. 29, 1943

NANNIE N. INGRAM, Apr. 10, 1930-Nov. (no day) 1936

ALICE B. INGRAM, 1910-1942

BEN FIELD INGRAM, July 22, 1908-May 24, 1978, In Loving Memory

MARY RUSSELL, Oct. 12, 1872-July 7, 1964, Gone but not forgotten

ETHEL INGRAM JONES, Aug. 13, 1932 (Order of Eastern Star emblem)

LEROY COLE, SR., Dec. 6, 1885-Sept. 12, 1941

ERNEST LEE WATKINS, US Navy World War II, Apr. 23, 1925-Mar. 21, 1976

Double tombstone: FRANK BRANCH, SR., Father, Mar. 31, 1877-Apr. 18, 1975\LEE ANNA BRANCH, Mother, June 30, 1881-June 25, 1961

VIRGIE INGRAM, Jan. 7, 1907-Sept. 21, 1951

ALFRED S. INGRAM, Apr. 30, 1946

JESSE L. GOOCH, Tennessee PVT 423 Res. Labor BN, July 24, 1934

WINNIE CARTER INGRAM BELL, June 30, 1886-June 12, 1976, Gone but not forgotten

CORNELIA INGRAM SHAW CARUTHERS, July 2, 1924-Feb. 6, 1993, Thy life was beauty, truth, goodness and love.

JOSIE WOODS, June 10, 1898-Dec. 11, 1977

JERRY B. INGRAM TROTTER, Born 1852, Died 1937

JAMES D. INGRAM, 9-3-1930, Age 8 Mo.

Double tombstone: MARY B. INGRAM, 1888-1973\JOE HENRY INGRAM, 1882-1963

Double tombstone: JENNIE B. INGRAM, Jan. 16, 1914-____\SUDIE M. INGRAM, July 18, 1920-Mar. 1, 1990

Mrs. JOANN BOND, Died Jan. 9, 1994, Aged 88 Yrs., Stephenson-Shaw Funeral Home Marker

Double tombstone: ALICE B. WATKINS, 2-11-1904-2-29-1984\WILLIE B. WATKINS, 1-28-1901-11-27-1977

JAMES W. GRAVES, 1914-1982


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ROGER LEE GRAVES, Feb. 19, 1944-Mar. 6, 1974, Husband of Emma Lou Graves; Their Children: Michael, Vernedelle, Willie, Roger, Jr., Brerlda, Leisa arid Garrett

ROBERT L. BRANCH, Mar. 11, 1923-Apr. 2, 1988

CHARLIE R. COLE, May 9, 1952-June 23, 1977, In Loving Memory

CLEOPHIA INGRAM, Mar. 27, 1919-Sept. 11, 1970, Wife Hattie, Children Lonell, Lois, Curtis, Savannah, Barbara, Carolyn, Velma

LYDIA B. INGRAM BOND, July 26, 1896-Feb. 25, 1978

STEPHEN W. INGRAM, Tennessee PVT 43 Co 11 TNGBN World War I, January 23, 1894-January 25, 1954

MICHAEL L. ROSS, June 12, 1992, Mercer Funeral Home Marker

ARLANDA T. BURNETT, SR., Apr. 2, 1955-Jan. 5, 1978, Beloved Father of Desean Maurice Burnett, Fraternity Organizations: Alpha Phi Alpha, Beta Pi Chapter; Kappa Kappa PS1, Band; Phi Beta Lambda-Business.

LESSIE MAE BRANCH SYKES, Sept. 5, 1991, Age 77 Yrs., Stephenson-Shaw Funeral Home Marker

MALCOLM A. INGRAM, May 10, 1969-May 27, 1988

FRANK J. INGRAM, Oct. 13, 1890-Dec. 14, 1938, Be still sad heart, and cease repining; behind the darkest cloud the sun is still shining.

THOMAS J. INGRAM, Died Nov. 13, 1974, Aged 73 Yrs., a funeral home marker

JACK C. COLE, PVT US Army, Jun. 23, 1894-Oct. S, 1974

Mrs. LESSIE T. COLE, Died Dec. 28, 1994, Age 105 Years, Bledsoe Funeral Home Marker


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