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Located about 7 miles south of the present city limits of Jackson, Tennessee on the west side of Riverside Drive.


Page 108

Double tombstone: MATTIE, wife of Richard GIVENS, Born 1853, Died 1905, At Rest\ADALINE, wife of (rest almost completely eradicated)

A plain stone with no discernible lettering

HARRIET MACKEY, Died Dec. 31, 1914, Aged 72 Years, Gone but not forgotten

Double tombstone:, LOGAN CURRY, Died Sept. 15, 1904, Aged 68 Years\MOLLIE, his wife, Died Apr. 5, 1908, Aged 53 Years, Gone but not forgotten

Double tombstone: BERTHA HILL, Died Dec. 27, 1918, Age 18\FURMER HILL, Died Apr. 20, 1920, Age 22, At Rest

JOHNNIE REID, Oct. 22, 1890-Oct. 7, 1977

NEAL DUNAWAY, Mother, 1874-1916

BEN BLACK, Died Jan. 6, 1916, Aged 96, Resting in Peace

WILLIE L. TURNER, AB US Air Force, Jul. 4, 1952-Jul. 31, 1974


KEVIN D. DODD, July 13, 1972-July 6, 1973

GEORGE, Husband of Malinda Ried, Born 1819, Died Feb. 22, 1902, He died as he lived, trusting in God.

MALENDA, wife of George REID, Born 1838, Died 1912, Asleep in Jesus

NANCY HILL, Oct. 17, 1887-Mar. 19, 1947

NED, Husband of Niner DICKEY, Born 1853, Died Aug. 4, 1915, At Rest

ALIS HILL, Born Nov. 15, 1847, Died Sep. 13, 1909, Age 82 Years, Asleep in Jesus, Blessed Sleep (a broken stone)

WARZELL HILL, July 29, 1919-Oct. 28, 1952, Age 33 Yrs.

Double tombstone: BESSIE HILL, Died May 16, 1951, Age 18\CALLIE NORTHERN, Died Nov. 26, 1942, Age 65 Yrs.

WILLIAM HILL, Born 1874, Died 1915 (Masonic emblem)

One small shaft tombstone; if it had lettering at one time, it is no longer discernible

MABLE, wife of Geo. MULDREW, Born 1855, Died June 10, 1905, Asleep in Jesus

JOHN ROSE, 1875-1929, Age 54 At Rest

DEE DODD, Mar. l, 1896-Jan. 21, 1976

ED THOMAS HILL, Tennessee PVT US Army Vietnam, November 7, 1944-April 28, 1973


Page 109

RUTHIE M. NORTHERN, Dec. 31, 1919-Feb. 14, 1988

WALTER JAMES LOVE, CPL US Army Korea, Dec. 30, 1927-Feb. 20, 1979

Elder EVERETT LACY, Died August ? 1990, Aged 87 Yrs., Stephenson-Shaw Fun. Home Marker

JONAS B. McBRIDE, US Navy, Feb. 14, 1935-Aug. 15, 1993

OBBIE STOKES, PVT US Army, 1912 -1977

VIRGIE MAE MACKEY, Oct. 7, 1928-May 13, 1973 (a fallen stone)

THEO NORTHERN, Oct. 31, 1909-Apr. 12, 1968

ELLA HILL WINSTON, Sept. 22, 1909-Oct. 4, 1986, In Loving Memory

ANEVER BLACKWELL MACKEY REID, Aug. 29, 1900-Mar. 11, 1977

Double tombstone: EZELL M. LOVE, Mother, Feb. 5, 1905-Sept. 8, 1959\ALEX LOVE, Father, Dec. l1, 1908-no death date, Beyond the Sunset

THOMAS LOVE, SGT US Army Korea, 1931-1975

GRACIE L. PARKS, Oct. 29, 1923-Jufle 24, 1981, Thy will be done

JAMES PARKS, PFC US Army World War II, Aug. 27, 1922-Nov. 1, 1984

JAMES ALLEN CHANDLER, Nov. 26, 1936-Apr. 12, 1991

LEETOY McFADDEN, S1 US Navy World War II, Feb. 14, 1915-Mar. 29, 1988

OCTAVIOUS MACKEY, Oct. 9, 1971-Aug. 12, 1992

YOLONDA MARIE WINSTON, Daughter, Dec. 19, 1970-Oct. l, 1972

Rev. SHELBY BLACK, 1905-1969, Not my will but thine be done

JOSEPH WINSTON, July 2, 1943-Oct. 24, 1979, In Loving Memory, Husband & Father, Not my will but thine be done.

REGENIA N. LOVE, June 24, 1945-April 24, 1991, Miss me but let me go.

Double tombstone: WILLIE LEE HILL, Died Nov. 30, 1914, Age 6\FRED HILL, Died February 15, 1914, Age 1 Year, At Rest


A Mt. Tabor Cemetery Note

Supplement, Page 7

Persons buried in this cemetery are listed on pages 108-109 of TOMBSTONE INSCRIPTIONS FROM BLACK CEMETERIES IN MADISON COUNTY, TENNESSEE. These additions should be made:

NANCY HILL, Oct. 17, 1887-Mar. 18, 1947, Sleep on Mother

Next to Mrs.Hill a stone with name worn, with birth date, Mar.1864; death date, Mar. 1952. May be a GIVENS (a fallen stone)

One tombstone: FRONNIE WORTHY, Died Feb. 11, 1918, Age 23\MINNIE WORTHY, Died Dec. 21, 1918, Age 21, At Rest (a fallen stone)

EMMITT CURRY, September 25, 1955

an upright stone seems t read: F. D. HILL, Died Oct. 1918, Age 38, Gone to Rest


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