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Located about 7 miles east of Jackson, Tennessee, just off U. S. Highway 412-E; adjacent the Brown’s United Methodist Church and the white Brown’s Cemetery. Undetermined number, but many unmarked graves here.


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East Half of Cemetery

EMMA WILLIS, Born Mar. 23, 1875, Died Aug. 8, 1899, Gone but not forgotten

I. V. JONES, Mar. 26, 1924-Aug. 7, 1945

GENIE NORMAN, Tennessee, PVT Co. L, 809 Pioneer Inf., World War I, November 26, 1896-December 27, 1965

LENNIE BUTLER, Born Dec. 5, 1873, Died Mar. 14, 1923, Pettigrews Rising Star Chamber 2680 Jackson, Tenn.

EDDIE FRANK GODWIN, SR., Born Nov. 20, 1940, Died April 1, 1993, Bledsoe Funeral Home Marker, Jackson, Tennessee

JAMES J. BROWN Co. E, 113 U.S. Cld. Inf., no dates

MABLE BOLTON, 1902-1942, At Rest

O. B. PUCKETT and Infant, Born Mar. 26, 1901, Died Dec. 30, 1901

ROBERT FINGER, 1885-1955, Love Never Dies

LEN, Husband of MARY TOMLINSON, Born 1882, Died Apr. 16, 1906, Earth has no Sorrows that Heaven cannot heal.

Double tombstone: MUSIE SYKES, Feb. 8, 1877-Sept. 6, 1963\Rev. TOM SYKES, Mar. 3, 1871-Sept. 24, 1956

FRANK H. RODGERS, Tennessee STM 1, U.S. Navy, World War II, Feb. 27, 1909-Aug. 17, 1971


DANNY LOUIS STARK, Sept. 28, 1981-Apr. 9, 1989, Rest in Peace

West side of tombstone:  SERVANER, Born Mar. 6, 1880, Died Nov. 7, 1901\FOLCIE, Born May 7, 1882, Died Oct. 12, 1901, Children of Jim J. & Sallie BROWN\East side of tombstone: SALLIE, Born May 6, 1900, Died April 6, 1905\VELMER, Born June 4, 1897, Died Aug. 22, 1910

LEROY LANCASTER, Nov. 19, 1935-May 2, 1943, Age 8 Yrs.

Double tombstone: LINIOUS PUCKETT, 1868-1930\LORENA PUCKETT, 1867-1955, In Loving Memory

GEORGE R. CONLEY, 1861-1929, Gone but not forgotten (Masonic Emblem)

Double tombstone: TOM BROWN, June 15, 1855-July 6, 1934\NETTIE, his wife, March 12, 1865-April 18, 1908, Love made us one


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CLARA HAMILTON, Apr. 16, 1904-Apr. 24, 1952

SALLIE CALDWELL, Dau. of Alex NORMAN, Born May 25, 1884, Died Feb. 9, 1910

JOE SMITH, Born Sept. 29, 1909, Died June 28, 1910, Sleep on Sweet Babe, take thy rest. God takes away when He thinks best. (middle initial illegible)

Mr. J. W. WILLIAMS, Died March 8, 1994, Aged 76 Years, Stephenson-Shaw Funeral Home Marker, Jackson


LULADALE HUTCHERSON, Born Apr. 25, 1898, Died July 23, 1910, Earth has one pure spirit less, Heaven one inmate more.

WILLIE SYKES DANTZLER, Sept. 17, 1910-Mar. 6, 1962 (a fallen stone)

Prof. P. R. LITTLE, Died Nov. 27, 1907, Gone but not forgotten (a broken stone)

JIM JORDAN, Mar. 16, 1871-Feb. 23, 1943, Rest in Peace

ELLEN JORDAN, Died Nov. 13, 1918, Pettigrews Rising Star Chamber 2680, Jackson, Tenn.

MINNIE L. ROGERS, 1880-1932


JASPER HUTCHERSON, Born May 3, 1874, Died Mar. 15, 1908

SHEDROCK HUTCHERSON, Born June 1, 1884, Died Oct. 7, 1884


West Half of Cemetery

Double tombstone: JOHN HENRY WILLIS, 1897-1978\CARRIE FENNER WILLIS, 1902-1977

SHARLET, wife of Price P. PUCKETT, Born 1865, Died Aug. 6, 1896, In Life Beloved. In Death Lamented. (a fallen stone)

One stone: JIMMIE PEARSON, At Rest (east side)\EVA MAY PEARSON, At Rest (no. side)\L. B. PEARSON, At Rest (south side)

WILLIE BROOKS SYKES, Tennessee PVT 16 Co. 158 Depot Brig. World War I, Feb. 2, 1887-Oct. 25, 1953

MARY ANN, wife of Shedrack FENNER, Born April 6, 1834, Died Apr. 26, 1904, The Lord gave and the Lord hath taken away. Gone but not forgotten.

SHEDRICK FENNER, Born 1826, Died in 1896, Aged 70 Years, The Lord gave and the Lord hath taken away. Gone but not forgotten.

EDWARD PEARSON, Tennessee PFC Co H, 4 Engr GS Regt World War II, January 27, 1917-November 2, 1965

EMMA SYKES, no dates

ALEX WATSON, Born 1863, Died Dec. 17, 1916, Union Temple 1003, Jackson, Tenn.


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Enter Unto Eternal Life CHARLIE, Son of Liney BAINES, Died Oct. 4, 1913, Jesus Lover of my Soul Let me to thy bosom fly.

WILL, Husband of Sallie MATHIS, Born 1868, Died 1892, Earth has no sorrows that Heaven cannot heal.

Mr. JONOR BRAY, Died December 20, 1989, Aged 70 Years, Stephenson-Shaw Funeral Home Marker, Jackson

GERMAN PORTER JORDAN, Feb. 14, 1915-Oct. 25, 1951, At Rest

E. D. JONES, Born Feb. 6, 1864, Died May 11, 1904, Blessed are the dead who die in the Lord

Our Mother MADIE BROWN BRAY, June 5, 1893-Dec. 7, 1955, Mother of Arch, Alberta, Mayo, Della Mae, Tom Jr., Tildy Ann, Dave, Jonah, Joe H., Eula Mae, Neal, Raymond R. and Clyde.

DICK WALDON, Died June 13, 1878, Aged 80 Years


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