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Located in west-central Madison County just southeast of Providence. Situated at the end of a fieldroad .3 mile from Howell Buntin Road from which it joins S. Taylor Road .9 mile to the west. There are many unmarked graves here. Reputedly, this cemetery began as a slave burial ground on one of the Dr. Thomas Ingram (1805-1875) plantation tracts in old civil district seven.


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Double tombstone: Rev. WM. SHAW, 1847-1918\MARY E.SHAW,1852-no date

JOHN H.INGRAM (Masonic emblem), Born 1893, Died 1921, Safe in the arms of Jesus (Tombstone broken into 3 pieces)

Double tombstone: Father, CASS INGRAM, 1835-1895\Mother, RETTA INGRAM, 1837-1903 (This is a large fallen tombstone.)

Note: Death certificate of Rev. William Shaw, Madison County, records that he was born in 1862 and died Oct. l, 1918; his motherís name was Hogan Shaw. He died suddenly. An A. Ingram of Denmark furnished this information.

The 1900 Census, Madison Co., Civil District 7:
Billy Shaw, born August 1844

Mary E. Shaw, born August 1863; married 15 years; l child Mary J.Shaw, born August 1883

1910 Census, Madison County, Civil District 7:
Wm. Shaw, age 50,born Tenn.; minister (denomination not furnished)
Mary E. Shaw, age 52, born Tenn.; married 25 years; l child

1920 Census, Madison Co., Civil District 2:
Ruffin Ingram, age 53, born Tenn.; farmer
Mary E.

Madison County Marriage Book I, page 160. William Shaw married Mary E. Ingram, March 20, 1884

1880 Census, Madison County, Civil District 7:
Listed in family of Casteel Ingram and wife Ridda were Mary Ingram, age 18; Ruffin Ingram, age 17; their children.


Death certificates indicate others buried here:

WILLIAM SHAW, 1913-April 19,1917

NEORA INGRAM, Nov. 4, 1893-May 2, 1917; d/o Eli and Mary Ingram

VIRGINIA BOND, died Jan. 9, 1919, aged 44 years

CORA INGRAM, 1872-January 26, 1919

OSCA BOND, male, Dec. 31, 1918-Mar. 13, 1919, s/o Nathan and Laurie Chapman Bond

OSCAR BONDS, April 29,1898-May 6, 1923; s/o Raf Bonds and Lucy Bonds

LIZZIE MAY WOOD, February 23, 1922-June 27,1923; d/o Lee Wood and Josie Weddle

EMLETT BOYD, May 10, 80 years old-Sept.5, 1923

IKE INGRAM, died March 9,1924, age 67 years

MAUDE SPRINGFIELD, Dec.5,1897-Dec. 16, 1923

(Mr. Travis Ingram, aged black man, told Jonathan Smith, Aug.14, 1996 that he remembered this ladyís death; that she died near his present home just west of the Huntersville-Denmark Road, near its junction with Highway 70.)


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