Submitted by Tami Ramsey who believes that this family was from the Mason's Grove area of Madison Co. TN. Tami found the old Bible at an Antique Store in Virginia and the handwriting was so well preserved that she purchased the old bible and furnished the information to this project so that some family out there would know a little of their heritage... Tami transcribed the information in its original form so it is not alphabetized. The bible is fascinating because someone marked passages throughout the bible and dated it whenever someone was sick. I think Abram MASON might have purchased the bible after it had belonged to Zachariah BELL because there are two different handwritings for the BELL family and MASON family. The bible is in very worn condition but luckily the writing is legible. Some of the old ink ate through parts of pages and some things were written in pencil so they are hard to read ... Abram Mason sure was proud of that bible because he wrote all over the inside of it " Abram Mason HIS bible". I don't know whether there is an association between the BELL and MASON families but Tami says she'd love to find out ...Thank you Tami! :-)

MASON/BELL Bible (transcribed by Tami Ramsey)

Front inside cover: Zachariah P. BELL his Bible Bot at Jefferson January 18 AD 1818 Price $9=25

Abram MASON his bible
E.B. MASON Book August 27, 1864
Printed and Published by M Carey No. 121 Chestnut St. Philadelphia 1814

Zachariah BELL married to Nancy WALKER May the 9th 1812

John G BELL married to Mary P. LULLIVANT Sept. 8th 1818

Green H. MASON married to Frances C. WOOD 17 January 1833

Abram MASON was married to Peggy CURREY a daughter of Ezekiel CURREY's October the 28th, 1800

Ezekiel B. MASON was married to Candase H. WALDON a daughter of John WALDON February the 26, 1822

Elizabeth B. MASON was married to B.F. COLLINSWORTH September 21, 1825

Zachariah BELL born December 8th, 1791

Nancy BELL born June 30th 1797

John G. or J. BELL born November 22nd 1795

Martha J. or G. BELL February 22nd, 1797

Thomas B. KEEL or BELL born February 14, 1798

Harris was born October the 14, 1803

Green Washington was born May the 15th, 1830

Weit was born September 15, 1839

Mary Pope born April 24th 1761

Abram MASON was born October the 22, 1778

Peggey MASON was born July 15, 1774

Partheanea MASON was born July the 22nd, 1801

Ezekiel B. MASON was born October 18, 1802

Betsy MASON was born October 19th, 1804

Isaac Hall MASON was born October 14, 1807

Polly MASON was born April 22, 1807

Sally MASON was born Februuary 6th, 1811

Martha MASON was born January 26th, 1814

Nancy MASON was born January 11th, 1806

Joseph Price MASON was born Friday the tenth day of October 1823 a son of E.B. & C. H. MASON

John Walden MASON was born Monday the twenty first of March 1825 and weighed 11 pounds, son of E.B. & C.H. MASON

Abram Hall MASON was born the 31 day of December 1826

Green Washington MASON was born January 4th day 1829

Mary BELL died January 27th 1805

Nathaniel BELL died January 27th 1806

John BELL died on December 29th 1806

Hester died July the 22, 1846

Peggy MASON departed this life September 29, 1858 Aged 84 years 14 days

Abram MASON departed this life August 29th 1862 Aged 83 years 10 months 7 days

Sally BROWN wife of J.R. BROWN departed this life July 26th 1870

Isaac H. MASON died April 3rd 1880 at 9:30 A.M.

Mr. Jacob M. TWIGG and Mizz Manerva MERRITT married March 26, 1850

Jacob M. TWIGG born March 13th 1813

Manerva M. TWIGG born October 18, 1823

Andrew M. LEARY was born Oct 4th 1812

Martha H. MASON was born July 20th, 1814

Jacob M. TWIGG departed this life January 17th, 1851

Minerva TWIGG departed this life October the 6, 1852

Isaac MASON and Parthenea his wife was married November 24, 1774

Polly MASON was married to William DUNGAN February the 13, 1800

Abram MASON was married to Peggey his wife October the 28, 1800

Isaac MASON, Jr. was married to Sally his wife October the 16, 1806

Jacob MASON was married to Martha his wife July the 14, 1805

Caty MASON was married to Timothy TWIGG October the 12, 1803

Joseph MASON was married to Edieth his wife June the 30, 1812

Thomas MASON was married to Elenner his wife the 26 of February 1818

Reynear H. MASON was married to Elizabeth his wife January the 12, 1826

Isaac MASON, Sr. was married to Sarah his second wife September the 28, 1817

Isaac H. MASON and Rebecca A. FURGISON was married October 26, 1830

Sarah MASON was married to James R. BROWN December the 19, 1833

Green H. MASON was married to Frances C. WEBB January the 17, 1833

Martha H. MASON was married to Andrew McCLARY January 3, 1837

Nancy M. MASON was married to Thomas M. DUNGAN January 3, 1837

Isaac H. MASON was married to Mary A.E. CORE? September the 24..... 1846

Isaac H. MASON died April 4..... 1880

Elizabeth B. COLLINWOOD died January 26......1879

Isaac MASON was born January 31...... 1753

Parthenea MASON his wife was born June the 6.....1756

Polly MASON was born November the 21..... 1775

Abram MASON was born October the 22...... 1778

Isaac MASON, Jr. was born April the 16.... 1782

Jacob MASON was born March the 3 ...1784

Caty MASON was born January the 31...1786

Rebeckah MASON was born December the 18....1787

Joseph MASON was born February the 3.....1790

Thomas MASON was born February the 25...1792

Elizabeth MASON was born February the 11....1794

Reynear H. MASON was born December the 23...1797

William H. MASON son of Isaac H. & Rebecca Ann MASON was born October 14, 1831

Bergman C. MASON was born March 6th 1833

Robert W. MASON was born January the 4..1834

Tennfree C. MASON was born July 25 1854

Thomas MASON died 31 December 1847 aged 55 year and 10 months

Jacob MASON departed this life January 26 the year 1810 aged 26 years

Parthenea MASON departed this life June the 13...1816 Aged 60 years

Caty TWIGG departed this life April the 15 ..1818 aged 32 years

Rebeckah MASON departed this life the 23 of August 1818 Aged 30 years

Elizabeth MASON departed this life February the 24..1822 aged 28 years

Polly DUNGAN departed this life December the 22 ...1825 aged 50 years

Polly LANE departed this life August 30 ..1830 aged 21 years

William H. MASON departed this life October the 10 ... 1832 aged 1 year

Isaac MASON Sr. departed this life August the 30 ...1832 aged 80 years

Rebecca A. MASON departed this life August 30 ..1845 aged 32 years

Martha MASON departed this life September the 30 ...1846 aged 11 years

Parthenea H. GARVER departed this life December the 20......1846 aged 44 years

Isaac MASON Jr. departed this life October 5th 1853 aged 70 years and 5 months

Reynear H. MASON departed this life January the 1 ...1852 aged 55 years

Peggy MASON departed this life September 29, 1858 age 88 years

Harrette was born 28 of November 1845

Luci's boy Tom was born the 27th of February 1850

Luci's girl Mary was born the 3rd of May 1851

Henry was born August the 10...1848

Gladys POWELL born October 24, 1906

The information above was donated by Tami Ramsey on April 2, 1998 - Thank you Tami for your contribution to the Bible Records page!!! :-)


Power, Moore families included
Transcribed by Martha Power Little

I am not sure which member of the Hill family this belonged to. In December of 1930 I know that the Bible belonging to Allen Hill was still in existence, plus in the letter I have from December of 1930 it says that the bible belonging to Sarah Garrett Hill was also available because a list of deaths and births from that bible were mentioned. The following are records from the bible:

John G. Hill was married to Jemima Cook, Feb 11th, 1826

Lucinda A. Hill was married to J. McAlexander, May 12th, 1845

Sarah Hill was married to C.N. Moore, Jan 19th 1848

Eliza Jane Hill was married to G. H. Dukes

William M. Hill was (married) to Mary E. Ruby, Dec 25th, 1855

Allen Hill died Nov 5th, 1830

Charles Hill died Feb 5th, 1842

Jacob T. Hill died Mar 8th, 1856

Martha L. (Hill) Sucer died June 20th, 1857

Jamma (Jemima) Hill died June 7th, 1861

M.(Meredith) N. Hill died July the 25th, 1852 in war, Richmond, Va.

Annie H. Taylor was born Feb the 16, 1850

Emma Ophelia Moore was born Jan 14, 1849

Elizabeth Ella Moore was born Nov 20, 1850

Frank Charles Moore was born Dec 27, 1852

Octie Olivia Moore was born March 14, 1854

Hal J. Ferrell Moore was born May 20, 1856

Lelia Newton Moore was born Nov 14, 1859

John G. Hill was wounded at the Battle of Chickamauga and departed this life at Augusta, Georgia at the Sauletimos (sp?) House in the year of out Lord one thousand and eight hundred and sixty four.

Charles Newton Moore died Aug 25, 1859

John G. Hill (Sr.) departed this life the 29th day of October 1869

Emma Ophelia Moore died Sept 1859

Frank Chalres Moore died March 14, 1899

Lelia Newton Moore died July 1863

Sarah E. Braden (Hill) died June 1919

Leonidas F. Hill was married to Annie Taylor August the 14th, 1866

Elizabeth Ella Moore married Samuel Thomas Power, Feb 3, 1880

Frank Charles Moore married Mattie E. Rook, Dec 20, 1878

Octie Olivia Moore married William Norman, 1875

H. J. F. Moore was married to Barbara Rook (no date)

Charles Lewis Power married Lena McLain, Nov 14, 1907

Mary Emma Power married H. Clyde Woods July 20, 1910

Shelby Reeves Power married Octie Kizer July 12, 1912

Sallie Thomas Power married John Hamilton McClatchy Dec 28, 1912

Eugene Douglas Power married Pearl Wright May 10, 1914

Octie Power married Andrew Cochran, Dec 31 1916

Charles Lewis Power was born Dec 15, 1880

Mary Emma Power was born Nov 10, 1882

Eugene Douglas Power Aug 14, 1884 (was born)

Octie Moore Power was born Oct 28, 1887

Shelby Reeves Power was born May 10, 1890

Sallie Thomas Power was born Oct 25, 1891

Sarah Louise Power was born May 27, 1909

Helen Estelle Power was born Aug 31, 1911

Douglas Clyde Woods was born June 23, 1911

Charles Lewis Power Jr. was born May 13, 1914

Mary Alice Power was born Oct 31, 1916

Dorothy Elizabeth Power was born Jan 16, 1915

Shelby Reeves Power, Jr. was born Jan 31, 1917

I know these are not in any order, but this is the progression of the names and births and marriages as they appear in the two different columns in the family bible.

I also have records from the Moore family bible that belonged to Austin Elvy Moore ( 15 Aug 1804 - 16 Aug 1874) The copyright date of that bible is 1856. The records in the Moore family bible coincide with the records from the Hill family bible.

Transcribed by Martha Power Little
A small synopsis of the Hill family (by Martha Power Little):
The first Hill family of which we have a record is Allen Hill who was born 27 Dec 1769 on the Dan River, Pittsburg Co., Virginia. Although efforts have been made to find out the names of his parents, nothing is known about them. Allen married Sarah Garrett in East Tennessee in 1794. Sarah Garrett was born Feb 22, 1771 in Amelia County, Virginia. Nothing is known about her parents. After marrying, Allen Hill began to move westward from East Tennessee following the Cumberland River. He settled near Nashville, living on the Cumberland, Big Harpeth and the Little Harpeth Rivers where several of his children were born. These children were Jacob, Nancy, Byrd, Evalina, Eliza and John Garrett Hill. Later Allen Hill moved to Madison County, Tenn where he settled near Medon. It was here that he helped establish the Cane Creek Baptist Church. He died at Medon in 1857. John (Jack) Garrett, son of Allen Hill and Sarah Garrett Hill, married Jemima Cook of Medon, Tenn on 11 Feb 1826. After the signing of a treaty with the Chickasaw Indians which moved the Indians to Oklahoma and opened sections in North Mississippi to settlement, John G. Hill moved his family to Marshall County, Mississippi near Holly Springs in the Wesley Chapel neighborhood.

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