by Jonathan K. T. Smith
Copyright, Jonathan K. T. Smith, 1995

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This Bible is presently owned by Mrs. Frances Chapman of Medina, Tennessee who shared its contents with Jonathan Smith. She wrote, "In the Huddleston family Bible the title page was before the New Testament rather than in front of the book. The front cover of this book has been taped on." H. & E. Phinney's Stereotype Edition. The New Testament of Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, Cooperstown (N.Y.), 1828.

Benjamin Huddleston was married January 20th AD 1820
William Arne and Patsy Huddleston was married on 14th November AD 1839
J. R. Todd and W. A. Huddleston was married on 14th of July 1854
Frederick Kelsh was married to Almeda C. Huddleston on the 18th day of March 1852
Cornelia Ann Kelsh was born on the 17th December 1853 at two o'clock in the evening in the town of Richmond Madison Parish Louisiana. She is the daughter of Fred. Kelsh and Almeda C. Kelsh

Benjamin Huddleston was born September 18th AD 1795
Polley his wife was born June 30th AD 1802
Eliza Ann Huddleston was born November 6th AD 1820
Patsy Huddleston was born February 14th AD 1822
Polley Huddleston was born April 5th 1824
Almeda Caroline Huddleston was born November 27th 1826
Mahala Huddleston was born April 11th 1829
Rebeckah Huddleston was born January 8th 1831
Welthy Ann Huddleston was born March 22nd 1833
Benjamin Jordan Huddleston was born August 31st 1835
William Benjamin Arne was born August 17th AD 1840
John P. Huddleston was born July 23rd AD 1843
Mary C. Huddleston was born March 1st AD 1845
P. M. Huddleston was born Oct. 16th AD 1816
A. C. Kelsh was born August the 5, 1855. Died Jan. 10, 1938
F. Kelsh was born March 27, 1818

Polley Huddleston Daughter of Benjamin and Polley Huddleston Died October 25th AD 1837
William Arne died August 27th AD 1840
William B. Arne died November 5th AD 1840
John P. Huddleston died July 26th AD 1845
Wm. Huddleston was born April the 7, 1824
Benjamin Huddleston died April 5th 1849
Rebeckah Huddleston died December the 2, 1851
Cornelia Ann Kelsh died the 25th of June 1854. She was six months and nine days old. God bless you. F. Kelsh
F. Kelsh died February the 7th, 1857
W. A. Todd died Dec. 15th 1862
B. J. Huddleston died Jan. 22nd 1867
Polly Huddleston died July 6th 1870
Almeda C. Kelsh died Feb. 12, 1871