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John L. Stuart Family Bible

From Family Findings, Vol. V, No. 1, January 1973, pp. 14-15

            The following Bible records were copied from the old Stuart Bible on August 18, 1971, by Mrs. L. R. Mitchell, 72 Woodhaven Drive, Jackson, Tennessee 38301. At that date the Bible was in the possession of Mrs. Elizabeth Moore Hardister of Vildo, Haywood County, Tennessee, who is the granddaughter of John L. Stuart.

            John L. Stuart was the son of Col. Louis Stuart and Mariah Holt Clark. Louis Stuart was born Feb. 19, 1782, and married Marish Holt Clark, who was born in Virginia September 27, 1800, on October 3, 1815. To this union was born: Arrington, October 16, 1816; Lucy Ann, August 29, 1818; Mary Sue, April 25, 1820; William Wiley, January 16, 1823; John Louis, December 25, 1825; Martha Marish, August 3, 1827; Sally Margaret, February 25, 1829; Benjamin Clark, May 10, 1833; Adelia Louvenia, May 29, 1835; and Alberta Helen, January 4, 1837.

            Col. Louis Stuart was a tailor by trade and traveled from place to place in his work. He was taken ill in Chesterfield County, Virginia, and died November 14, 1837. He served in the War of 1812 as an ensign in Capt. Wm. Parson's Company.

            John Louis Stuart came to Tennessee when a young man with his sister, Lucy Ann, and her husband, David Howe, and all located in Haywood County. After one year John Louis went back to Virginia by boat up the Mississippi and Ohio Rivers to Pittsburg, and by stage to Virginia. After about one year, in which time he settled his family'. business, he brought all the Stuart family by covered wagon to Haywood County. Mrs. Elizabeth Moore Hardister remembers hearing her grandfather tell of the journey crossing the mountains and below seeing th. snow fall.

            The Frontispiece of the old Stuart Bible is missing, but the following was found at the beginning of the New Testament.

The New Testament of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ translated Out of the Original Greek and with The Former Translations Diligently Compared and Revised. Philadelphia. Jesper Harding. 1854.


John L. Stuart and Elizabeth V. Newsom was married Dec. 18th 1853
John L. Stuart and Martha E. Nicholson was married January 26th 1871
Louis P. Stuart and Anna Morris was married Feb. 5th 1881
G. B. Moore and Cora E. Stuart was married March the 22 1882
T. P. Stuart & Laura L. Stott was married April the 7th 1885
H. T. Lay and Emma R. Stuart were married April the 7th 1885
John T. Stuart & Elizabeth Agusta Dyer married Dec. 21st 1892

John Lewis Stuart was born December 5th 1825
Elizabeth Virginia Newsom was born March 25th 1834
Allen Parham Stuart son of the above was born November 26th 1854
Lewis Phillip Stuart, son of the above was born May 2nd 1856
Theodore Preston Stuart son of Jno. L. & Elizabeth V. Stuart was born January 30th 1859
Cora Elisabeth Stuart daughter of Jno. L. & Elisabeth V. Stuart was born March 2nd 1861
Albert Pemberton Stuart son of Jno. L. & Elizabeth Stuart was born June 7th 1863
John Thos. son of Jno. L. & Elisabeth V. Stuart was born July 21st 1865
Emma Rosa Daughter of Jno. L. & E. V. Stuart was born Dec. 10th 1866
Milton Paul son of John L. and Elisabeth V. Stuart was born November 7th 1868
Martha E. Nicholson was born Nov. 27, 1840
Currie Powell Stuart son of Jno. L and Martha E. Stuart was born Oct. 30th 1871
Carl L. Stuart was born 6th Feb. 1882
Eula E. Lay was born 12th July 1888
Emma E. Lay was born Aug. 7th 1890
Cora C. Lay was born Oct. 6th 1892
Ernest Lewis son of T. P. & Laura Stuart was born April the 8th 1886
Lillian Stuart was born May 11th 1888
Rosa Cora Stuart, born Feb. 10th '94
Walter B. Moore was born April 30th 1883
Mary E. Moore was born 5th March 1885 (Mrs. Elizabeth Moore Hardister)
Grove E. Moore was born 19th December 1886
John E. Moore was born 24th January 1889 & "Died 29th"

Allen Parham, son of John L. & Elisabeth V. Stuart died September the 16th 1855, age 9 months and 20 days
Elizabeth V. (Newscni) Stuart wife of John L. Stuart died January 28th 1870, age 35 years 10 no. & 3 days
Grove E., son of G. B. & Cora E. Moore died 5th April 1889
Mariah Halt Stuart died July 31st 1894 (Mother of John L. Stuart)
Currie Powell Stuart Died March 28th 1895
Martha E. Stuart, wife of John L. Stuart died June 29th 1900
John L. Stuart died May 8th 1903
Emma R. Lay died Dec. 20th 1899
Albert Stuart died Oct. 29, 1926
Laura Stott Stuart died Jan. 24, 1926
Cora E. Stuart Moore died June 15, 1933
J. T. Stuart died Dec. 24, 1941
L. P. Stuart died Oct. 12, 1941
T. P. Stuart died Mar. 9, 1942
Annie Howse Stuart, wife of M. P. Stuart died Dec. 5, 1945
M. P. Stuart died Dec. 30, 1952

(On a small piece of paper in the Bible was written:)
Elizabeth V. Newsom daughter of Wm. & Martha (Bailey) Newsom was born March 25th 1834
Adelier H. Newsom daughter of Wm. & Martha Newsom was born January 20th 1836
David F. Newsom son of Wm. & Martha Newsom was born April 17th 1838
Martha Newsom daughter of Wm. & Martha Newsom was born September 23rd 1840
William Newsom son of Wm. & Martha Newscin was born January 1st 1843
Thomas J. Newsoxu son of Wm. & Martha Newsom was born (page torn) (Sept. 26, 1844)


Stewart Bible Record

From Family Findings, Vol. V, No. 1, January 1973, pp. 16-17

            The following Bible records were submitted by Miss Sara 14. Black, 130 Terrace Place, Jackson, Tennessee 38301. The Bible was in the possession of Mrs. Sam Lawrence, Sr., and was the Tomlinson Family Bible.


1812 to 1840

Elizabeth Stewart was born May 15, 1810 on Sunday Morning. Mary was born June the 2nd, 1a12, one hour after night on Tuesday.

Montgomery born 14th January, 1814 on Friday Night at ten o'clock.

Henry Taylor was born the 28th of August, 1815 on Monday, 10 o'clock at night.

Franky was born th 9th of October, 1817, Thursday Morning.

B. G. Stewart Jun. was born August 16th, 1819 Monday morning at a o'clock. Joseph Napoleon Stewart was bcrn Dec. 19th, 1821 on Wednesday at ten o'clock in the morning.

Robt Weakley Stewart was born November 21, 1827 between 2 & 3 o'clock in the morning on Wednesday.

Bartholomew G. Stewart was born on December 24, 1821.

Hugh M. Stewart was born the 23rd day of December 12 o'clock at night on Thursday 1823.

W. A. Stewart died Dec. 19, 1891.

William Stewart Sr. was born January 5, 1756 and departed the life December 12, 1883.

Richard Maulding died 24th of May, 1835. Age about 70 yrs. old. (

Elizabeth Snodgrass eldest daughter of B. G. Stewart died May 25, 1835 in yellowbusha County, Miss. State. Age 25 years, 12 days.

Mary Stewart died 10th day of Oct, 1822 aged 65 years.

Mary Elizabeth Maulding died 1810, aged 48 yrs.

(James Stewart was written five times - He scribbled something about not being forgotten when he was in his grave.)

Elizabeth Stewart & Joseph G. Snodgrass was married the 7th day of February 1828.

Mary Stewart and Silas Goodrich was married September 1st day, 1831.

First Child Elizabeth Malvina was born Monday 17th, Jan 1832. Sarah Jane was born Dec. 1st 1834.

Virginia Ann Jackson daughter of J. C. Jackson was born 3rd July 1839.

Elizabeth Snodgrass was born 11th of March, 1833.

B. G. Stewart, Sr. died of 29th day of April 1840.

Montgomery B. Stewart died on 22 of August 1847. 33 yrs., 7 months, 8 days.


Records from Bible of Charles Primm

From Family Findings, Vol. V, No. 1, January 1973, pp. 17-18

            The following Bible records are from the Bible of Charles Primm, the Bible now in the possession of Mrs. Henry Primm of Union County, Arkansas. Information submitted to FAMILY FINDINGS by Mrs. Hope Primm Sipes, 68 Carlisle Drive, Jackson, Tennessee 38301.

Nathan A. Primm and Mahala F. Liggin was maried on the 7th of August, 1836.

Wm. J. Tyson and E. D. Primm was married Oct. 13th, 1863.

John F. Primm and Mollie E. Foster married January 24, 1854.

Charles Foster Primm and Henry Ruby Henderson were married Sept. 14, 1927.

F. A. Primm was buried Oct. 25, 1854.

Nathan L. Primm was born May 15, 1886.

Charles Foster Primm was born June 23, 1888.

Julia E. Prizmn was borne July 31, 1890.

Christia C. Primm was born August 24, 1892.

John T. Primm was born Oct. 11, 1894.

Wm. J. Primm was born Dec. 21, 1897.

Mary L. Primm was born December 25th, 1899.

Charles Foster Primm, 2nd. Born spet. 30, 1928. first sone.

Lou Marilyn Primm born Nov. 17, 1936. First daughter.

Nathan A. Primm was born on the 18 Sept. 1807.

Mahala F. Primin was born on the 27 Sept. 1816.

First daughter was born May 21, 1837.

Charles L. Primin was born January th 28, 1859. First son.

Elizabeth D. Primm was born January th 28, 1841. Second daughter.

Samuel Primm was born Oct. 10th, 1843. Second son.

James Levi Primm was born February th 10, 1846. Third son.

Martha Jane Primm was born January 26th, 1849. Third daughter.

John F. Primm was born August 8, 1854. Fourth son.

First daughter died May 21, 1837.

Nathan A. Prmim died January th 20, 1857.

Samuel Primm died July, 1862. (Civil War)

Mahala F. Prmm died June 15th, 1804.

E. D. Tyson died November the 1st, 1864.

Charles L. Prim died July 14, 1904.

James L. Prim died June 8th, 1913.


Bryant Bible Records

From Family Findings, Vol. V, No. 2, April 1973, pp. 50-51

[original typed in cursive font; extremely difficult to read capital letters]

            The following bible records were submitted by Mrs. H. F.(?) May, 315 Hollywood Drive, Jackson, Tennessee 38301.


John Bryant was born in the year of our Lord 1809
Rhoda F(?)lippin was born September 14, 1829
Martha Bullington was born February 15, 1830
Amanda Bryant was borne the 19 of February and died April 15, 1833
Elvina Bryant was borne the 29th day of December 1833
Martha Bryant was born November 8th, 1835
Lucyesa Bryant was born June 25, 1838
Catherine Bryant was born September 8th, 1840 and Died October 17th, 1845
Starnes Bryant was born September 7th, 1842
Hanna Bryant was born March 9th, 1845
Frances Elizabeth Bryant was born the 1oth of August, 1857
Elijan Bryant was born April 8th, 1847
Elijah L. Bryant was born April 8th, 1847
Nath Williamson was born 1850 January 29

Ozzie Williamson died the 20th of October, 1918

Alton Lee Wren born Oct. 17 died November 12, 1918

Annie B. Williamson died April 22, 1925
Orl Cambell died August 22, 1925

John Samuel Belew was borned the first day of December, 1856
Frances Matilda Belew was born on the February 11th, 1859
William Martin Belew was borned on the 23 of December, 1862
Vandalia Jane Belew was borned on the first day of October, 1854
Elvira Matilda Pratt was borned on the 30th day of September, 1861 and died June 30, 1863
James J. Bryant died 10th day of June 1882. He was 16 years and 2 days old when he died.


Bishop, Austin Bible Records

From Family Findings, Vol. V, No. 2, April 1973, pp. 70-71

Submitted by Mrs. L. R. Mitchell, 72 Woodhaven Drive, Jackson, Tennessee 38301. The records were taken from an old Bible, no back on it and all pages loose and torn, which was given to Mrs. Mitchell by a junk dealer who had found the Bible in a box of old papers. According to old pictures and letters found with the Bible, some of this family lived in Sommerville and Enville, Tennessee. If any descendants of this Austin-Bishop Family would like to have the Bible, Mrs. Mitchell will be happy to send it to than.

There was no Frontispiece, but the following was found in the New Testament Section: THE PARABLES OF OUR LORD JESUS CHRIST. ILLUSTRATED BY JOHN FRANKLIN. Copyright 1883.

Births (1st page)
James Franklin Bishop was borned October 3 1828
Mary E. Bishop was borned February 2 1834
Nancy A. C. Bishop was borned Aug 18 1854
Martha E. Bishop was borned Feb. 23, 1856
Rebecca Allas was borned May 10 1861
William L. Bishop was borned Mar 10 1865
Lucy M. Bishop was borned Dec 9 1867
Susan N. Bishop was borned Dec 31 1869
Charley E. Bishop was borned Oct 14 1872
James Franklin Austin was Borned Oct 1835
Sarah E. Woodward was borned July 14 1839
Martha Ann Austin was borned Jan 5 1858
Sarah Elizabeth Austin was borned May 9 1860
Delila Jane Austin was borned July 4 1865
C. L. Austin was borned Oct 4 1867
Mary Eneline Austin was borned June 4, 1870
J. C. Austin was borned Mar 22 1872
D. F. Austin was borned Jan 19 1875

(The following was written in pencil in a different handwriting)
Henry Lawrence Austin Born Jan. 14, 1878
J. A. Austin B. 1881 - June 1

Births (2nd page)
C. L. Austin was Born October the fourth.....1867
Joseph Charley Austin was Born March the 22 1872
David Franklin Austin was born Jan the 19 - 1875
Henry Lorence Austin was Born Jan 14 - 1878
James Auther Austin was Born June 1 - 1881
Martha Ann Austin was Born Jan 5 1858
Sarah Elizabeth Austin May 9 - 1860
Delila Jane Austin was Born July 4.......1865
Mary Emeline Austin was Born June 4 - 1870
Sons and Daughters of James Austin & Sarah Woodward

Certificate of Holy Matrimony
R. C. Austin and Cordelia (Holley or Holby) was married Nov. 1, 1903.
Robert Carl Austin the son of R. C. and Cordelia Austin was Borned Feb. 3, 1905.

James Austin and Sarh Woodward was married March 14 - 1856
James Reeves and Delila Jane Austin was married Dec. the 28 - 1885
James Carpenter and Elisabeth Austin was Married June the 6 - 1888
Elvis Carpenter was Born March 17 - 1889
R. C. Austin was Born April 1 -Della Bishop was bornd 1886 October 13
I. E. Bishop was borned 1858 November 3
I. E. Bishop and Martha Ann Austin was married 1886 January 21
H. L. Austin and Alice Fields was married May 16, 1896

Deaths (1st page)
James Franklin Bishop Departed this life November 15, 1883
Mary Elisa Crowder Bishop Died April 1900 (in pencil, different. handwriting)
H. L. Austin Departed this life September 22, 1897
I. E. Bishop Departed August 8, 1900 (in pencil, different handwriting)
Sarah E. Austin Died Mar. 17, 1912
J. F. Austin Died Jan. 26, 1910
Martha Ann Bishop Died Aug. 29, 1919 in the year of our Lord
Deed Reeves died Apr. 2, 1920 (in pencil, different handwriting)

Deaths (2nd page)
Henry L. Austin Died September the 22th in the year of our Lord 1897
Harmon F. Austin son of H. L. Austin was born Aug 16th in the year 1897
Dorothy Plunk was Born in 1899 July .8th
Birtha Plunk was Born l8~8 February 24th
Sarah E. Austin Departed this life March 17th in the year of our Lord 1912
J. F. Austin Died Jan. 26, 1910
A___ A___ Austin was borned December the 22 1889
James Harold Roxbury was born Jan. 14, 1908, Newport Kentucky, Campbell Co.
Delia Jane Austin Reeves Died April 20, 1920


Haldeman Family Bible

From Family Findings, Vol. V, No. 2, April 1973, pp. 74-75

The Records taken from the HALDEMAN (Halderman, Holdeman, Holdeman, Holloman, Holliman, Alderman) FAMILY BIBLE were submitted by Mrs. M. H. Pearson, 5201 Lakeside Drive, Port Arthur, Texas 77640. The Old Family Bible was given to Erasmus Oliver Holdeman by his Mother, Mary Oliver Berry, Wife of Thomas Jefferson Holdeman, Son of William Riley Holdeman and Lucinda Killiam, Son of John Haldeman and Elvira McClean (McLean).

Since this is a Bible of John Haldeman and Elvira MoClean who went to Texas in 1839 from Madison County, Tennessee, and settled in Nacogdoches County, Texas, near Melrose, Mrs. Pearson gave this Bible to the East Texas Room of the Stephen F. Austin College Library in Nacogdoches, Texas. Many names cannot be read because of the old walnut ink used long ago which has decayed some names and dates and several pages are torn out or rotted out. On two pages one-half and one-fourth of the page is gone. This Bible must be around 200 years old. The back and front of the Bible are gone as well as the first few pages in front.

All items appearing in CAPITAL LETTERS are entries in the Bible. Other items in small letters are by Mrs. Pearson.


JOHN HALDEMAN AND ELVIRA HALDEMAN WAS MARRIED FEB. 21, 18__. (Davidson County, Tennessee 21 Feb. 1826.)



WILLIAM RILEY HALDEMAN WAS BORNE IN THE YEAR OF OUR LORD 1827 IN JANUARY 26th. (He was born in Davidson County, Tennessee, according to his Civil War Record.)

_____IA W_____MAN WAS ___________ YEAR OF LORD 1829 THE 14. (This is Lavinia Haldaman born in 1829)

WILLIAM R. HALDEMAN AND LUCINDA HALDEMAN WAS MARRIED ON JANUARY THE 15, 1851. (Lucinda was the daughter of William Killian and Delila Morton. This marriage took place in Nacogdoches County, Texas.)


AMANDY JANE HALDEMAN WAS BORN THE 27 OF APRIL 1854. (She is buried in Ferguson Cemetery in Anderson County, Texas, next to John Eramaus Holdeman)


JOHN ERASMUS HOLDEMAN WAS BORN IN THE YEAR OF OUR LORD 1859 SEPTEMBER THE 30. (Buried in Ferguson Cemetery, Anderson County, Texas.)

P. H. HOLDEMAN WAS BORNED NOVEMER 28th 1861. (This is Patrick Henry Holdeman buried in Moyer Cemetery in Rusk County, Texas.)

HENRY R. HALDEMAN AND SUSAN R. HALDEMAN WAS MARRIED MAY 31, 1860. (Henry Reid Haldeman son of John and Elvira Haldeman who married Susan H. Ross.)

Can see JOHN ______ MARRIED THE 23 and on the other side YEAR 1838 24th. (This is probably John son of John and Elvira Haldeman who was born 1838.)

W. R. HALDEMAN WAS MARRED IN THE YEAR OF 1878 SEPTEMBER THE 31. (Another place on same page has) W. R. HOLDEMAN WAS MARIED IN THE YEAR OF 1879. (This is William Riley Haldeman who married Emily - son of Wm. Riley Holdeman and Lucinda Killian.

ANGALINA HALDEMAN DIED 13 OF SEPTEMBER 1835. (This may have been a child of John and Elvira Haldeman, and if so, died in Madison County, Tenn.)

ELVIRA VIRGINIA HALDEMAN DIED THE 25th OF SEPTEMBER 1840. (Mrs. Pearson feels sure this is a child of John and Elvira Haldeman and is buried in Nacogdoches County, Texas.)

JOHN HALLDEMAN DEPARTED THIS LIFE THE 20th DAY OF AUGUST 1841. (He is buried in a long lost cemetery about seven miles out of Melrose, going into Nacogdoches, Texas.)


LENORY CLENENTINE GAMBLIN WAS BORN THE 4th OF DECEMBER 1839. (Child of Sina McLean and John Gamblin. Sina is sister of Elvira McClean.)

JOHN GAMBLIN DIED ON THE 9 OF SEPTEMBER 1840. (Husband of Sina McLean.)

GRACE HOLDEMAN WAS BORN 1920 MAY 28 SHE IS 14 YEAR OLD NOW. (This is Mrs. Pearson and she states that at the age of 14, she scribbled in the old Bible.)

FAY HOLDEMAN WAS BORN IN THE YEAR 1933 JUNE 4. (Mrs. Pearson made this entry. Fay was her little sister and at the time was the only sister she knew of. Later she found that she had a half sister.)


Records of the Long, Doyle & Caldwell Families

From Family Findings, Vol. V, No. 4, October 1973, pp. 116-120

The following Bible Records wore submitted by Mrs. Steve Martin, 2415 McKinley #44, El Paso, Texas 79930, who writes that these records have never before been copied or printed. Your Editor greatly appreciates the fact that Mrs. Martin, who is not a member of our Society, was kind enough to allow us to publish this valuable material. The three Bibles from which the records were taken are now in the possession of Mrs. Martin's Mother, Maurine Finley (Mrs. Paul) Rockhill of McAllen, Texas.


Bible of Edward Doyle (1810-1839)

Frontispiece: The New Testament of Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ Translated Out of The Original Greek __________________________. Stereotyped by D. & G. Bruce. Philadelphia. 1830.

Written across the Frontispiece i. the following:
Wm. T. Griffin was bornd August 18 1847
Pa - James K. R. Doyle
Ma - Pamelia Posey
Edward Doyle (son) & Tabitha
1. Ransom
2. John
3. Edward
4. Pamelia was maried to Wash Fisher
5. Mastin
6. Joe (Joseph Posey)
here are children of James H. U. Doyle & Pamelia Posey


Bible of James Caldwell (1803-1873)

Frontispiece: The New Testament of Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ; Translated out of the Original Greek; and with The Former Translations Diligently Compared and Revised. Cincinnati: Published by J. Morgan & Co., 1851.

On the last page of the Old Testament portico of the Bible is written the following:

Robert Caldwell To Hanner Willace      Their Children
1. David
2. Willace
3. Nancie Pullum
4. William
5. HannerOrr
6. Edward
7. John P. Caldwell m. Lucy Hamilton
8. Varner
9. James N. Mary Bushart
10. Henry N. Nancy Hamilton
11. Warren
12. Mary Turner
13. Joe
(Robert and Hannah Willis Caldwell were the parents of James Caldwell, the original owner of the Bible.)

Written across the upper portion of the Frontispiece was the following:
children of Oscar & Angie Caldwell
Hattie Clyne born June 12 - 1876 died Nov. 29, 1944
Mary Daisy born January 7 - 1880 Died July 4 - 1881
Ruthi.born Septmber23-1896 Died Oct 7 - 1886

Parents' Record
James Caldwell born in Adair County Kentucky August 3rd 1803 & Died in Obion county Tennessee April 4th 1873
Mary K. Bushart born in Cabarras County, N. Carolina December 23rd 1807 Died in Obion County July 11th 1881

Of James & Mary K. Caldwell Children

Wm. H. Caldwell born Decbr. 16th 1826.
R. D. Caldwell born Octr. 20th 1828.
J. W. Caldwell born, Octr. 22nd 1830.
A. J. Caldwell born, May 28th 1833.
H. 1. CaIdwell born, Octr. 22nd 1835.
J. P. 3. Caldwell born, Jany. 25th 1838.
Jasper W. Caldwell born July 14th 1840 Jasper
V. H. Caldwell born Feby. 16th 1843. Huston V.
K. T. Caldwell born Apl. 2nd 1846.
C. A. Caldwell born Octr. 11th 1848.
L.O. Caldwell born Apl. 2nd 1851
Angeline Bates Dunigan Nov. 14 - 1852

(In another handwriting)

ann Jane
Huston V.

James Caldwell & K. K. Bushart were married Novmber 3rd 1825.
John W. Caldwell & Elisabeth Crockett married Jany. 29th 1854.
Hannah R. Caldwell & D. O. Alcock married Dec. 14th 1854.
R. D. Caldwell & Addle K. Hubert married March the 14th 1858.
Wm. K. Caldwell & Jane C. Park Married April the 24th 1861
A. J. Caldwell & I. A. Ward Married Dec. the 25 1864.
V. H. Calduell & Miss A. E. Park Married Dec the 25 - 1870.
L. O. Caldwell & A. B. Dunigan Married April 2th 1872.
Mary T. Caldwell & W. W. Hollow Married Feb. 1872.

Jasper W. Caldwell died June 12th 1842.
J. P. E. Caldwell died Sept. 9th 1845.
Chas. A. Caldwell died Sept. 18th 1851.
H. Rebecca Allcock Died Oct. 5th 1856
Mary T. Holoway Died 5th April 1874.
R. D. Caldwell Died July 31st 1879
John W. Caldwell Died March 19th 1883.
V. H. Caldwell Died Apr. 15 1893
Aim J. Ward Died Jan. 30th 1917
W. H. Caldwell Died June 3rd 1917
Oscar Caldwell Died 18 Nov. 1931
Angie D. Caldwell Died 12 Feb 1921
Hettie Caldwell Doyle died 29 Nov. 1944.

Bible of James H. Doyle (b. 1789)

(Also includes information copied from the Long Family Bible.) Mrs. Martin writes that her Mother knew Robert Alexander Doyle (her grandfather) quite well. She was 23 years of age when he died and she is sure that "William Robinson Alexander Doyle" is an error.

On a blank page in the Bible is written:

Edward Doyle - B. 1758 - D. 1833 - his son is

Bible of James H. R. Doyle Heirs

Edward Doyle Born Jan 23 - 1810 - D. 1839

Eli Jackson Doyle born March 5 - 1837 - Died 1889

Robert Alexander Doyle born Aug. 5 1862 Died Aug. 10 1943 whose real name is
William Robinson Alexander Doyle

Robt. C. Doyle
B. 1894

Robt. C. Doyle, Jr.
B. 1928

Clarice Doyle Finley
b. 1896 d. 1949

Clarice Maurine Finley
b. 1920

Edward Jackson Doyle
B. 1908

Mary Jane Doyle
B. 1931

1. Judith Doyle Rockhill b. 1946, Sept. 27
2. Paul Logan Rocichill b. 1948, Nov. 25
3. Patrick Finley Rockhill b. 1950, Aug 29
4. Clarice Ruth Roakhill b. 1951, July 9

Frontispiece: The Holy Bible, Containing The Old and Mew Testaments: Translated out of The Original Tongues; and with The former Translations Diligently Compared awl Revised. New York: American Bible Society, Instituted in the Year MDCCCXVI. 1870.

Family Record
Edward Doyle
James H. R. Doyle - Revolutionary Soldier

Children of J. H. R. Doyle & Pamelia Posey
Edward Jan 23. 1810
Mastin & Joe

Children of Edward & Tabitha Doyle
William T. born Feb. 18 - 1832
MaryAnn born Nov. 5th 1833
Pamelia Catherine Febr. 5 1836
Eli Jackson Doyle born March 15 1838
Wife Sally Long born Febr. 1838, daughter of Gabriel Long and Tabitha Boron (Gabriel Long May 19 - 1808, Tabitha Boron borned 1820)
Hettie Clyne Caldwefl born June 12, 1876, dau. of Oscar Caldwell, April 2, 1851, & Angeline Bates Dunigan Caldwell, Nover 14 - 1851.
Ruthie Caldwell born Sept. 23, 1886

Robert A. Doyle married Hettie Clyne Caldwell Dec. 12, 1893.
Children of Hettle & R. A.
Robert Caldwell Doyle Dec. 28 - 1894
Clarice Dixie Doyle Aug.17-1896
Edward Jackson Doyle Aug. 12 - 1908

Clarice Maurine Finley Aug. 19 - 1920 - dau. of Clarice
Robert Caldwell Jr. Doyle Dec. 15 - 1928 - son of Robt. C.
Mary Jane Doyle Dec. 30 - 1931 - d. of Jack & Nona
Judith Doyle Rockhill - Sept. 29, 1943 - dau. of Maurine
Paul Logan Rockhill, Jr. - Nov. 23, 1948 - son of Maurine
Patrick Finley Rockhill, Aug. 29, 1950 - son of Maurine

Children of Eli Jack Doyle and Sally Long Doyle.
Mary Margaret Aug. 30 1860
Robert Alexander Aug. 5 1862
Martha Tabitha June 3 1864
Sidney Edward Dallas Nov. 22 '65
Sally May, May 1, 1870

Children of Minerva/Jackson Doyle
Jackson Doyle Jan. 6 - 1875
Davis Killcrease Doyle, January 3 - 1875
Nannie Wade
Kate Erskine
Johnnie Marshall
Virgie Ethel
Joseph Posey b. July 27 1886

James R. H. Doyle & Pamelia Posey
Edward Doyle & Tabitha Check December 23 - 1830 A. D.
Tabitha Doyle to Anon Griffin April 11 - 1841
Mazy Ann Doyle & David Green 11 May 1855
Pamelia Catherine Doyle & Zade Price Aug. 8 1854
Eli Jackson Doyle & Sally Long June 30 - 1859
Gabriel L. Long & Tabitha Boren 1827
Eli Jackson Doyle & Minerva Jackson June 3 - 1871
Robert Alexander Doyle and Hettie Caldwell Dec. 12 1893
L. Oscar Caldwell and Angie B. Dunigan Apr. 2 - 1872
Clarice Dixie Doyle to Howard Finley June 5 - 1918
Robert Caldwell Doyle to Iva Mildred McMican May 23 - 1924
Edward Jackson Doyle to Mona Nienhiser Sept 7 - 1930
Clarice Maurine Finley to Paul Logan Rockhill Jan 18 - 1945
Pamelia Doyle married Wash Fisher

Edward Doyle 1839
Tabitha Doyle Griffin 1873
Sara Adaline Long Doyle May 13 1870
Eli Jackson Doyle Feb 1888
Minerva Doyle
Angie Caldwell Febr 12 1921
Oscar Caldwell Nov. 18 1931
Robert Alex Doyle Aug 10, 1943
Hettie Caldwell Doyle 29 Nov. 1944
Clarice Doyle Finley May 20, 1949
Mazy Daisy Caldwell July 4, 1881
Ruthie Caldwell Oct. 7 1886
Gabe Long June 1 1851
Tabitha Boren Long 1841

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Howard Finley married Clarice D. Doyle 1918
Iva McMican - Jan. 16 1906 - 17th married R. C. 1924
Mona Nienhiser Married E. J. - 1930

Judith Doyle Rockhill Sept. 27, 1946 - McAllen, Tex.
Paul Logan Rockhill, Jr. Nov. 23, 1948 - McAllen, Tex.
Patrick Finley Rockhill - Aug. 29, 1950 McAllen, Tex.
Clarice Ruth Rockhill July 9, 1951 - McAllen

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Richard Long 3-Sept 22-1758: D May 30 - 1848, Married 1778 to Sara Adaline Hall 1760-1860
13 Children
Mary Long b. 1779 m. James Shaw
Benjamin Long 1788-1826 m. Mary Dickson 1797-1866
Thosms Long 1793-1884 M. June 22-1825 to Sally Chapman 1809-1884 13 Children
Amelia Long m. Mitchell
Susan Hall m. Maj Clebourne Phippe 1827    1805-1862
Gabriel L. Long the youngest child 1808-1854 1827 m. Tabitha Boren 1810-1841 gr. dau of Nicholas Boren and Mary Hampon; dau. of Jac & Jane Blair Boren

Children of Gab. & Tabitha Long.
1. Infant
Sidney A.
Gideon O.
Tabitha m - Walker
2. Elisabeth Ann Long (1831-1914) m. 1847 David Harvey McCool 1818-1890
8. Infant
6. Sara Adaline m8al1~y" Long 1838-1870 M. E. J. Doyle 1859 (1838-1888)
7. Mary Larue Long 1841-1903 m. June 26 - 1864 to Sam Preston Martin 1837-1902
Tabitha Boren Long Died 1841 - Sister Polly Neil took children
Gabe married PolLy Bills May 21 1843
1. Martha Jane Long b. 1846 m. Rufus Steegall. M. Dr. Simeon Patterson
2. James Johnathan Long 1848-1929 M. 1883 to Elisabeth Stinson 1864-1925


Ragan Family Bible Records

From Family Findings, Vol. V, No. 4, October 1973, p. 124

Contributed to FAMILY FINDINGS by Mittie Emelyn Nelms (Mrs. L. R.) Ritter, 114 S. Marne St., Memphis, Tenn. 38111. The Bible from which the following records were copied is in the possession of Mrs. Ralph Denton, 3070 Summer Ave. #150, Memphis, Tenn. 38112. Mrs. Denton is a cousin of Mrs. Ritter on the Ragan family line. The four deaths in September 1872 that were entered in the Bible were caused by typhoid fever. The Ragan Family lived in Hardeman County, Tennessee, as well as the Nelms Family.

The HOLY BIBLE, Containing the OLD AND NEW TESTAMENTS: Translated out of THE ORIGINAL TONGUES; and with The Former Translations Diligently Compared and Revised. NEW YORK: AMERICAN BIBLE SOCIETY, Instituted in the Year MDCCCXVL. 1866.

Elisha Ragan was borned Jany 27th 1821.
Mary A. Ragan was borned April 7th 1832.
Margaret C. Ragan was borned Dec 2d 1848.
Martha C. Ragan was borned April 6th 1850.
Mary C. V. Ragan was borned Feby 9th 1852.
Rebecca J. A. Ragan was borned June 2d 1854.
Cilla Francis Ragan was borned May 5th 1856.
W. B. I. Ragan was borned Feby 15th 1858
Alice Ragan was borned Sept 22d 1861
Sophinona Elizabeth Nelms was borned June 24th 1870.
Narcissus Reed Ragan was born May 18th 1869.
Sydney Lynton Ragan was born Feby 9th 1881.
Alger Kiturah Ragan was born June 20th 1883.
Lela Ethel Ragan was born Oct 23d 1885.
Hubert Iverson Ragan was born Sept. 29th, 1887
Excy Gertrude Ragan was born Feb. 6th 1891.

Elisha Ragan and Mary A. Perkins was married August 4th 1847.*
David S. Nelms and M. C. Ragan was married the 18th of June 1868.**
W. B. Ragan and Narcisus Reed was married Dec. 16th 1877.
(*Grandparents of Mrs. Ritter; **Grandparents of owner of Bible.)

Mary A. Ragan departed this life Jany 13th 1869.
Martha C. Ragan departed this life Aug 22d 1851.
Catharine Ragan Mother of E. Ragan died Oct. 26th 1861.
Rebecca Jane Ragan Daughter of E. Ragan Died Sept-7th 1872.
Silla Francis Ragan, Daughter of E. Ragan Died Sept. 13th 1872.
Elisha Ragan Departed this life Sept. 19th 1872.
Alice Ragan Daughter of E. Ragan Died Sept 27th 1872.
Alger Kiturah Ragan departed this life Oct 23th 1899
Narcissus (Reed) Ragan, Died Oct. 16th 1936.
W. B. Ragan Died Oct. 28th 1946.
Samuel Lester Erwin son of Joe Ervin died Dec. 1959
Hubert I. Ragan departed this life Aug. 19th 1961
Lela Ethel Ragan Erwin departed this life Nov. 4th 1966.


Mayfield Family Bible

From Family Findings, Vol. V, No. 4, October 1973, pp. 130-131

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