From Family Findings
Lake County, Tennessee Centennial Edition
Vol. II, No. 4, October 1970, p. 141
Copyright, Mid-West Tennessee Genealogical Society, 1970
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The following is a copy of' a letter written by WILLIAM AUSTON to his daughter during the Civil War. The letter is not dated but was sent by messenger to Tiptonville from Camp Brown near Union City, Tennessee. Mr. AUSTON was with the 47th Regt. which was organized late in 1861 with M. R. HILL, Colonel. They first participated in the movement of' General Polk's Army and in April, 1862, engaged the enemy at Shiloh where Mr. Auston died. The original letter is in the possession of' Mrs. Joe Carter, Wynnburg, Tennessee, a grand-daughter of WILLIAM AUSTON.

The first page of the letter was stamped in the upper right hand corner with the words "Camp Brown, near Union City, Tenn." The left hand corner has a very unusual printing of a very vividly colored flag, a white stripe with a wide red stripe above and below. The union is 11 stars and a T, white on a blue field. Underneath the flag are the printed words:

To arms! To arms! Ye brave
the avenging Sword unsheatHed~
March on! March on! All hearts resolved
on victory or death.




Dear Daughter

This leaves me well at present/ I havv been pretty sick but feel well enough to eat my allowance of Beef and bread at present/ I would like to spend the hollow days at home but we are under strick crders and have to stay here all the time/ We are going to commence building our winter shanties tomorrow and will be very busy for some time to come/ I hope you and the boys will be good children and take care of' your Ma and mind to be good to each other. tell Billy to feed the Hoggs and Oxen and Jim and Johnny to feed the sheep and Learn their books and be Shure to help your Ma all you can and be good children and I will come and Se you as soon as I can/ you must send me some potatoes & turnips & a bacon ham and some butter by the first waggon that comes up. I sent you Wm 2 chimney by Moorings boy Sandy/ if he has not brot them you must send and get them/ We have had some cold weather and lots of work to do. there is going to be a big party up here Christmas and you and your Cousin must come up. Give my love to all the Kin and Kiss all the small fry for me/ your uncle Jim sends his love to you all says tell your Ma to be of good chear and all will be rite an hundred years hence/ you must all write soon often and every thing.




This letter was folded and the address written on the outside fold:

                                    and House

per Col/


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