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Lake County, Tennessee Centennial Edition
Vol. II, No. 4, October 1970, pp. 140-141
Copyright, Mid-West Tennessee Genealogical Society, 1970
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This Bible was in the possession of John Frame's only daughter, Mary Frame Kennedy, until her death. The oldest Kennedy daughter, Mable Kennedy Moore, has very generously given the Bible to Abigail Rice Hyde, oldest grand-daughter of Mary Frame Kennedy, and it is still in .her possession. We are most grateful to Mrs. Hyde for contributing these records to FAMILY FINDINGS. The front-piece of the Bible is missing:



John T. Frame of. Indiana and T. Emeline Hendrix of North Carolina were married on 30 April 1871



John T. Frame was born Feb. 1848.
T. Emeline Hendrix was born Oct. 9, 1844.
John T. Frame was born Sept. 9, 1872.
Mary Elizabeth Frame was born Dec. 2, 1874.
Thomas L. Frame was born May 7, 1876.
Allas Jane Frame was born Feb. 22, 1878.
James B. W. Frame was born Nov. 16, 1880.
William Mc. Frame was born Apr. 10, 1884.
John A. Kennedy was born May 18, 1896.
Ira Mable Kennedy was born Aug. 21, 1897.
Mary Lois Kennedy was born May 30, 1900.
Finis Hall Kennedy born Aug. 6, 1904.
Gladys E. Kennedy born March 10, 1906.
Helen Louise Kennedy born Aug. 9, 1912.
Walter W. Frame was born Aug. 30, 190_.

The children of John T. Frame and wife Sallie:
John Lafayette Frame born Aug. 2, 1898.
Paul Frame, Nov. 23, 1899.
O. C. Frame, Aug. 8, 1901.
Ruth Bernice Frame, Jan. 22, 1905.
Lala Beth Frame, April 3, 1907.
Alfred Clark Frame, Aug. 7, 1911.
Ralph Conrad Frame, Aug. 7, 1911.
Robert Lilburn Frame, AUg. 6, 1913.

Lavada Frame daughter of James B. Weaver Frame was born Sept. 17, 1905.
J. T. Frame was born in 1907.



John T. Frame, son of John Frame, and T. Emeline Hendrix married April 30, 1871.
John T. Frame (III) and Sarah Green Clark were married April 28, 1895.
Mary E. Frame and Cenus Hardy Kennedy were married May 26, 1895, by Rev. J. A. Sands in Ridgely, Tenn.
Thomas L. Frame and Mary Lunsford were married July 22, 1898.
J. B. W. Frame and Linia Dowdy were married November the last 1902.
William Frame and Myrtle Patmore were married Sept. 18, 1904.
Weaver and Bert Frame married in the year 1916.
William Frame and Lillie McKenney married Oct. 4, 1919.
John Perry Moore and Mable Kennedy were married March 26, 1915.
Wallye P. Rice and Mary Loyce Kennedy were married Oct. 28, 1915.
Gladys Kennedy and Crawford Crouch were married Dec. 22, 1925.



Alias Jane Frame died July 13, 1879.
John T. Frame died Dec. 28, 1884.
John Alfred Kennedy died March 6, 1897.
O. C. Frame died Dec. 25, 1903.
Finis Kennedy died July 21, 1905.
W. W. Frame died Oct. 27, 19__.
J. T. Frame died Sept. 17, 1911.
Mary Katherine Moore died March 13, 1917.
T. Emeline Frame died Aug. 17, 1919.
James B. W. Frame died April 4, 1925.
Mr. C. H. Kennedy died Jan. 27, 1927.
John T. Frame (III) died Aug. 5, 1940.
Mary E. Kennedy died May 19, 1950.
Helen Kennedy Foster, Feb. 27, 1963.
Thomas L. Frame died in the summer of 1958 or 1959.
William McClain Frame died Nov. 1959.
Robert Cenus Moore, Oct. 4, 1968.
John Perry Moore, Sept. 11, 1967.
Nullye P. Rice died April 19, 1965.

Notation in back of Bible: E. Frame came to Tenn. 1887.

(Note: A.R.H. The first John Frame and his brother left their homeland in Ireland. As they were going onto the ship, John Frame picked up a conch shell to bring to America. This shell has been handed down to the first born son in each generation of Frame, named John. It is now in the possession of John Carl, son of John Lafayette and Grace Buchannon Frame.)


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