From clippings saved by the late Elsie Johnson.


Familiar Face Missing At Lexington School
Beloved Mrs. Tilson Has Retired After 51 Years in Classroom
By DORIS H. JARRETT, The Press-Scimitar Correspondent
Probably from Memphis Press-Scimitar
Date Unknown, On Scrapbook Page with 1959 Items

            LEXINGTON, Tenn.-When classes began at Lexington City School last week a familiar face was missing.

            Mrs. J. D. Tilson, long-time first grade and kindergarten teacher was not present. After teaching more than 50 years, Mrs. Tilson had retired.

            The past year her health had been poor, and it was getting hard to participate in the activities of nearly 30 kindergarten tots.

            Beginning her long teaching career as a very young woman in nearby Carroll County, she has had experience in all the grades. She first began in 1902, before her marriage, and taught in a one-teacher school. After moving to Henderson County, she left teaching briefly when her son, the late J. D. Tilson Jr., was born. But the love of children and the molding of young lives was still strong, and she returned to her chosen profession.

            In all she has taught 51 years, with only seven different places in the two counties. Thirty-three years were spent in Lexington City Schools, and she clearly recalls that eight years were with the third grade, 10 with the first and the remaining 15 in kindergarten.

            Her plans?

            To keep house in the lovely new brick home she and Mr. Tilson built after the 1956 tornado.


Sheriff, Raiders Nab "A1abama-Type" Still
Lexington Progress
Date Unknown, Probably 1959

            A 250 gallon "Alabama-type" still was destroyed by Sheriff George Teague Tuesday.

            Sheriff Teague, accompanied by Constables Walter Overman and Chester Crowe, nabbed the "factory" in the Mt. Gilead area.

            It was the 23rd still destroyed by Sheriff Teague since taking office.


Hats off to F. J. Azbill
Lexington Progress
November 23, 1961

            A man who has given much of his life to service of Lexington and Henderson County is F. J. Azbill, known far and wide as "squire". He'll be 87 next March 7, and in his life he can point with pride at 38 years' service as magistrate on the county court, plus service as alderman and city recorder of Lexington. Born in Henderson County, "Squire" has spent most of his life in and near Lexington and as a contractor and farmer. On Sept. 29, 1898, he married Miss Howard Parrish who died May 31, 1959. Mr. Azbill has a son and a daughter, one granddaughter and four great grandchildren. He is a Methodist. Hats off to "Squire" Azbill!


Lexington Progress
December 14, 1981

BREAK IN-Fred Reeves and Martin McPeake show where thieves jimmied a lock on a rear door to Fred's Market last week, making off with 300 cartons of' cigarettes, 50 boxes of shotgun shells and $67.25 in cash. They didn't bother the Coke machine and didn't take any nickels or pennies in the haul. Mr. Reeves is offering a reward for information leading to arrest.


Hats Off to Samuel F. Holcomb
Lexington Progress
December 21, 1961

An above-average number of years-83, in fact-even combined with inclement weather generally falls to keep Samuel F. Holcomb off the job. And it's usually only bad weather that can keep him from fishing. Founder of Holcomb-Porter Co., Mr. Holcomb is on the job at the firm just about every day. He celebrated his 83rd birthday on Oct. 25. Born in Murray, Ky., and educated in schools there, Mr. Holcomb came to Lexington in 1932. He started in the produce business in Hollow Rock in 1902 for Lowry Bros. Produce Co. and purchased the business the following year. He then expanded it to include houses in Perryville, Parsons and Lexington. In fact, just a weak or so ago, Mr. Holcomb found the letter offering him a job with the Hollow Rock firm. He moved back to Murray in 1915. During his residence in Murray he was chairman of the school board for 20 years and was secretary of the Rotary Club 15 years. He was in the group that helped organize Murray College in 1923. Mr. Holcomb is a member of the Christian Church. In 1907 he married Miss Irene Porter and they have four children and seven gandchildren. Hats off to Mr. Holcomb! 


Lindsey Seeks Trustee Post
Lexington Progress
Date Unknown, 1962

            To the voters of Henderson County:

            I take this opportunity to announce myself as a candidate for the office of Trustee of Henderson County, subject to the action of the Republican Primary to be held April 10, 1962.

            First, I especially want to thank the people for the support given me in the past elections. I have done my best to justify the confidence you placed in me to handle the funds that come into the Trustee's office.

            The records will show that the duties of this office have been taken care of in an honest and efficient manner and are open to the public for inspection at any time.

            If you see fit to give me.... [continuation of item missing]


Johnson Asks Clerk Office
Lexington Progress
Date Unknown, 1962

            I hereby announce my candidacy for the Republican nomination for the office of County Court Clerk of Henderson County in the Republican Primary Election to be held April 10 of this year.

            In making this announcement, I desire first to express my deep gratitude to you for the confidence you have so generously bestowed upon me in giving me your support in the past. I have done my best to live up to your trust by conducting the affairs of office with fairness, impartiality, fidelity and humility. At all times, I halve recognized that I was your servant and not your master.

            I feel that I am better qualified now to serve you than ever before, and if you are so kind as to retuim me to this.... [continuation of item missing]


Hats Off to John W. Little
Lexington Progress
Date Unknown 1962

A man whose service to Henderson County is reflected in the improvements of the past decade is John Wilson Little, member of the county court nearly 14 years and life-long countian. Mr. Little celebrated his 78th birthday Tuesday. He was born in a log cabin near Piney at the home of his grandfather, while his parents were visiting there. Mr. Little drove a school bus for 13 years and for eight years he was the "bus driver" for the football and basketball teams-and missed only one game in that period. For the past 12 years he was worked at Princess Theater so it may be assumed youngsters-some not so young now-throughout the county know and respect "Mr. John." His bus driving also included a season as driver for the Lexington Kitty League team. Mr. Little and Mrs. Callie Kennedy Little were married Dec. 5, 1909. Mr. Little has a son, a daughter, six grandchildren and nine great grandchildren. For .35 years he has been a member of the United Baptist Church at Center Hill. Hats off to "Mr. John!"


Doctor's Day' Set For Tuesday
Lexington Progress
Unknown Date 1962

            The Lexington Hospital auxiliary (Pink Ladies) has set Tuesday as "Doctor's Appreciation Day" in Henderson County. All physicians will be honored.

            They are invited to come by the hospital dining room between 8:45 and 10 a.m. for coffee and doughnuts. They will all be given a red carnation to wear that day.

              To be honored are Dr. Warren Ramer, Dr. Maurice Lowry, Dr. Jack Stripling, Dr. Cornelia Huntsman, Dr. Wesley Jones, Dr. R. M. Conger and Dr. Edward F. Cutshaw of Parsons.


58 Draftees Off For Ft. Jackson
New Recruits Taken From 5 Counties
Source and date unknown

            Fifty-eight draftees from five West Tennessee counties are en route to Fort .Jackson. S.C., for training.

            They were sworn into the Army at Kennedy Veterans Hospital in Memphis. It was the second day for inductions in April.

            Total call this month is 452. Those inducted include 12 from Henderson County, 20 from Fayette, six from Hardin, eight from McNairy and 11 from Henry counties.

            Another induction is being held today. Scheduled to he sworn in are 47 draftees from Shelby County local board 84, 12 from Carroll and seven from Chester counties. Today's inductees will be shipped but sometime tonight.

            Draftees now en route to Fort Jackson include:


J. O. Hayes
Andrew Jackson Davis
Robert Lee Jowers
Waynard Marvin Carey
O. V. Reeves
Lewis Edward Timberlake
T. W. Scott

Billy Joe Reeves
Kenneth L. Hart
J. D. Blankenship
Truman Cecil Middleton
Uless Moody
Elmer Bailey



Ira Vance Stines
Willie Pearce Batemn
Herbert Thomas Gammel
James Elton Sullivan
James Thomas Lockreidge
Julius Johnson
Witlon Montgomery
William Henry Jackson
Robert Benjamin McKinnie
Jessie Earl Green

Freddie Louis Whittemoore
John Bernice Abel
Jewel Edward Bolden
Nathaniel Earl Brewer
Ransom Winfree Jr.
Alfred Humphreys Jr.
Allen Bret Batts
Frank Thomas Jones Jr.
Namon Cunningham
Nathaniel Long



Parker F. Adams
Oscar L. Smith
Hubert Siner

Claude Edison, Barnes
Forrest Eugene Cherry
Floyd William Jackson



Robert Kendrick Beck
Troy Durwood Lockman
J. R. Cone
Wilbur Eugene Kiestler

William Fred Peeples
Parker Matthew Johnson
Edwin Garwin Chandler
France Ada Jr.



William Riley Wright
Lloyd Mason Peale
L. B. Dunlap
Billy Windsor
James Oliver Dumas
Earl Alexander Blakemore

William Homer Carter, Jr.
Daniel Blainey Jeffrey
Robert Earl Jackson
Wallace Wade
Bobby Winston Harris



Prize-Winning Entry, Names "PROGRESS"

From the Lutheran Medical Center Progress, Omaha, Nebraska
Date unknown

            Earline Westbrook a dietary employee, received the $10 award for her winning entry in the Lutheran Medical Center's "Name the Newsletter" contest.

            Mrs. Westbrook submitted the name "LUTHERAN MEDICAL CENTER PROGRESS" for the new bi-monthly house organ. The winning name was selected by the judges as the most descriptive of the purpose of the publication, and even more of the aims of the Medical Center.

            "PROGRESS" will carry feature items on various departments of the hospitals, information about personnel, reports on development and improvement of facilities and contributions from staff and guest writers. Articles on medical topics of general interest and news of the several volunteer organizations serving the hospitals will also be included.

            The newsletter will be mailed to former patients, business and civic organizations, members of the medical profession and friends who have shown interest in the hospitals.

            Jane Thorp, Public Relations Director, is the current editor of the newspaper which will have an initial circulation more than twelve thousand.

Lester H. Wehner, Administrator of Lutheran Medical Center, presents $10 check to Earline
Westbrook for her winning entry in Lutheran's "Name the Newsletter" contest.


Court Ends For Term
Culp Given 5 Year Sentence
Lexington Progress
Date unknown

            Several decisions were handed down Friday in the last day of the October term of Circuit Court.

            Cases disposed of included R. L. Britton Jr., felonious assault, retired with leave to reinstate; Charley Parker, felonious assault, 60 day jail sentence, guilty plea; also 80 days on a larceny charge; Will Holland, enticing child to place where intoxicating drinks sold, jury found not guilty.

            Larceny charge against Homer Stubblefield not processed, jury found not guilty against Will Holland and Albert Johnson; Billy F. Creasy, reckless driving, $25 fine, guilty plea; James O. Smith, driving while intoxicated, guilty plea, $50 fine, 10 day jail sentence; also driving with revoked license, $25 fine, two day jail sentence.

            Thomas Culp, rape, convicted of assault with intent to commit rape, 5 years in pen.


Laueria Flowers

Source and Date Unknown
Seems to be a black newspaper in Memphis
Parts of two issues


            Timberlake Grove Baptist Church observed Choir Day Sunday, Nov. 5th at 2:30. Mrs. Clara Parker was in charge of the program. A wonderful tine was enjoyed by all.

            The Staple Singers and Friendly Tour of Chicago rendered a program at Merry High School recently. Among those attending from Lexington were: Mrs. Willie Mae McKinley aid daughter, Valene, Mrs. Ella Mae Somer, Cozette Ellis, Mr. Tom Bomer, Miss Lizzie Mae Douglass and yours truly.

            Students attending Tenn. State A & I State university with their parents this weekend were: Edna Joe Johnson, Lena Johnson and Larry Jackson.

            Mrs. June Fields of MD visited with her mother, Ms. Grace Parker and sister, Mrs. Ruth Doyle.

            Mr. Matthew White of Kentucky is visiting his wife, Mrs. Nettle White and mother, Krs. Lizzie White.

            There was a Bridal Shower held in the hone of Mrs. Addie Easley, Sunday afternoon for Mr. and Mrs. William....

[lines missing]

...visited their mother, Mrs. Annie Lee Kirby and sister, Mrs. Katherine Ross.

            Mrs. Martha Lue Smith is a patient at Lexington General Hospital. We hope she will be up and out soon.

            Continued on the Sick List are: Ms. Midna Green, Mrs. Nannie Taylor, Mrs. Ollie B. Taylor, Mr. Buddy Parker, Mr. Opal Williams, Mr. Gene Parker, Mr. Jimmy Don Kizer, Miss Excell Hilyard, Mrs. Nary Harmon, Mrs. Geneva Ellis and Mrs. Essie Ellis.

            We are praying for a speedy recovery.

            Mrs. Mildred Williams and baby, Mrs. Othel1 Watson of Chicago are visiting their parents, Mr. and Ms. Rex Pitts.


Dick Berry


A. L. Robinson

            Faced with the gravest threat in this nation's history State Rep. W. L. (Dick) Barry declared, Americans must preserve their inherited freedoms, no matter what the cost.

* * * * *

            Prof. L. A. Robinson, principal of Montgomery High School, Lexington, Tennessee was re-elected President of the Mid-West Teachers Association recently.

            The Lexington Shoe Store salute prof. Robinson for the fine work he is doing.

            They made him present of a six-months subscription of the Times-Herald newspaper.



            Annual Men's Day was observed at Keys Chapel Church Sunday.

            Mr. G. T. Beal was the guest speaker. He was presented by Mr. William Campbell. His subject. "What Have I To Give."



Ellington Names Speight and Pack
Source Unknown
Date Unknown

Assistant Managing Editor

          Appointment of Charles W. Speight and David Pack to his cabinet was announced today by Gov.-elect Buford Ellington.

            Speight will succeed Pack as Commissioner of Highways and Pack will serve as Commissioner of Insurance and Banking.

            Speight is currently serving as maintenance engineer and has been with the highway department 38 years. He began his career as a rodman on a surveying crew in 1928. He worked his way up and since that time has headed two divisions of the department - rural roads and highway maintenance. His salary will be $19,000 a year.

Commissioner of Insurance and Banking

           Pack is a former chancellor and a former assistant attorney general. He was appointed highway commissioner in 1963 by Gov. Frank Clement. He is a native of Sevierville and a graduate of the University of Tennessee and the U-T Law School. Pack's salary will be $17,500.

            Ellington, in appointing the highway commissioner, said: "Charlie Speight's record of service in the department speaks for itself. Under his leadership, the department must always keep in mind the total road picture in Tennessee."

            Speight said he was "very grateful for the confidence that Gov. Ellington has placed in me."


            Ellington said Pack "has clearly shown his ability as an administrator who consistently p1aces the public interest as the main objective of his department."

Pack's experience and legal background qualities him for the insurance and banking department, Ellington said.

            Pack, in Memphis today, said he was "very happy at the prospect of moving into a new field of challenge which offers an equally important task of guarding the public interest."

            Today's appointments followed on the heels of the announcement last night that William L. (Dick) Barry, speaker of the House and five-term veteran of the legislature, would serve as Ellington's executive assistant at $17,500 a year.

Ellington's Executive


            Barry did not run for re-election this year in order to devote full time to campaigning for Ellington. Barry, of Lexington, was majority leader in the House in the 1959 and 1961 sessions, before he was named to the speakership.

            Ellington described Barry as "a man of great intellect and a man devoted to Tennessee," who has "an intimate knowledge of the legislative process."

            Barry, 40, was the fourth cabinet-level appointment from West Tennessee. Others were Mrs. Leo Burson, of Memphis, as Commissioner of Employment Security; H. T. Lockard, first Negro member of the Shelby County Court in this century, as administrative assistant to the governor; and Dr. R. H. Hutcheson, reared in West Tennessee, as Commissioner of Public Health.

            Barry, in accepting the post, predicting the next four years will be "years of problems and progress in Tennessee."


            Joe F. Hudgens has been reappointed director of Tennessee Division of Veteran's Affairs.

            Hudgens has been complimented for the job he has done by veterans organizations of Tennessee, Ellington said. The department coordinates veterans organizations in the state and collects data regarding facilities and services for veterans.


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