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Mr. Jonathan Kennon Thompson Smith of Jackson has published seven genealogical miscellanies for Henderson County.  He wishes to share this information as widely as possible and has granted permission for these web pages to be created.  We thank Mr. Smith for his generosity.  Copyright, Jonathan K. T. Smith, 2001

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WHIG-TRIBUTE, June 14, 1873
JAMES STORY, aged 85 years and W. C. GULLAGE, aged 30 years, died recently in Henderson Co.

IBID., June 21, 1873
Mr. S. /Shadrach/ PEARSON, who resided near Terry's, Carroll County /formerly of Henderson Co./ died of apoplexy, on the 7th.

IBID., November 15, 1873
LEVI S. WOODS and Miss McHaney, Lexington, were married November 4.

IBID., July 12, 1873
JOHN EVERE'IT was killed by lightning near Scott's Hill on June 22.


TRIBUNE-SUN, August 28, 1876
JOHN W. ANDREWS died near Juno, August 5, from being kicked by a mule.

IBID., September 13, 1878
GEORGE WOODS HARRIS son of Dr. W. T. Harris and wife died in Henderson Co. on September 9.

IBID., November 9, 1877
On Friday morning, November 2, a respectable farmer named THOMAS WILKINS was found mortally wounded with a gunshot to his head, lying within a half-mile of his home on the Lexington Crucifer Road; unconscious he soon died. He and 17 year old, WILLIAM KNIGHT, had taken his cotton into Lexington to sell it the day before, which he did, for $30. Wilkins' team of oxen had gone on to his homestead, leaving him beside the road. A search was made for Knight who was apprehended in Henderson, Tenn. a few days later, manifesting a "jocular" attitude, admitting his guilt, killing Wilkins for his money. It was reported that both men had been drinking. [At a trial a year later Knight was sentenced to be hanged on December 21, 1878 (IBID., November 8, 1878).]


WEST TENNESSEE WHIG, September 11, 1885
ELIZABETH TAYLOR, born in North Carolina, May 5, 1822; moved with parents when young to Henderson County; married Teague Taylor in 1848; mother of two sons and two daughters; member of Shady Grove Methodist Church; died September 5, 1885; funeral at Spring Hill Church on September 6.

IBID., August 12, 1886
One of the old men of our county, HENDERSON TAYLOR, died a few days ago, who was one of our leading citizens.

IBID., May 21, 1887
The Hon. PETER PEARSON, for many years a leading citizen of old Henderson County, who had represented us in the legislature two or three times since the war, died Monday morning, full of years. He was trusted and respected by all who knew him.


WHIG-TRIBUNE, November 1, 1873
The following persons have been married in Henderson County during the month of October: Saml. C. Barr and Nancy Meals; D. B. Nichols and Sarah Ann Mazy; James Hart and Eliza West; J. R. Talbot and M. A. Roden; J. D. Davis and Rachel M. Woods; G. W. Parker and Sarah Jane Smith; John W. Yates and Rebecca A. Hawkins; Moses W. Wadley and E. E. Griswell; Saml. N. Wheatley and Martha J. Johnson; W. C. Maness and Ellen Sellars; James Prince and C. E. Martin.



Cogdell Cemetery at Blue Goose

Note discrepancy in death date from that listed above.

Coffman Cemetery near Rocky Springs Church


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