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Mr. Jonathan Kennon Thompson Smith of Jackson has published seven genealogical miscellanies for Henderson County.  He wishes to share this information as widely as possible and has granted permission for these web pages to be created.  We thank Mr. Smith for his generosity.  Copyright, Jonathan K. T. Smith, 2001

Note: The format of this list has been modified for easier presentation in HTML and entries have been edited slightly to allow list to be alphabetized.

BALLARD, TENNIE, dau. of C. D.& E. Z. BALLARD, Born Jan. 11, 1917, Died Feb. 12, 1917, "May she rest in peace."

BAUGNH, JOSEPH W., Born April 9, 1816, Died Aug .4, 1872 (a fallen tombstone)

BEAL, ABRAHAM P., Died June 18, 1849, Aged 10 months, foot stone: APB (a fallen tombstone)

BEAL, ELIZA C., Born Mar. 20, 1814, Died Jan. 26, 1875 (a fallen tombstone)

BEAL, HENDERSON T., Died Dec. 11, 1851, Aged 2 years, footstone: HTB

BEAL, JOSEPHINE, wife of W. V.BEAL, Born Nov. 18, 1860, Died July 21, 1887

BEAL, M. A., Born in 1832, died in 1898, Mother\BEAL, H. T., Born in 1831, Died in 1881, Father, "Blessed are the pure in heart for they shall see God.

BEAL, MARY E., Daughter of B. & T. V.BEAL, Died Aug. 7, 1863, Aged 3 y'rs. 4 m's 7 d's, footstone: MEB

BEAL, SARAH E., Consort of BROOKS BEAL & daughter of A. P. & E. McGEE, Born Mar. 25, 1827, Died Aug. 14, 1858

BEAL, TRIONA O., wife of BROOKS BEAL, Died Oct. 25, 1863, Aged 22 y'rs.3 mo's. 9 d's (a fallen, broken tombstone)

BEAL, VINCENT, Born Aug. 12, 1804, Died Aug. 3, 1854, Aged 42 yrs. 11 mos. 21 d's. (a fallen tombstone)*

BEAL, W. V, June 10,1854-11/24/1929, Husband\BEAL, BELL, Oct. 26, 1854-____, Wife (no dd inscribed)

BOREN, SUSAN, Died Feb. 2, 1878, Aged About 78 Years*

BOSWELL, CHARLIE B., son of J. B. & L. A. BOS WELL, Born June 7, 1871, Died Aug. 5, 1891, Aged 20 ys 2 mos 8 ds , "No pains, no grief, no anxious fear, can reach our loved our sleeping here."

BOSWELL, J. A., son of J. B. & L. A., Sept. 18, 1873-July 30, 1874 [not reported by Smith; reported by Hamlett et al.]

BOSWELL, J. B., Born Nov. 8, 1836, Died Dec. 27, 1879, "Tho' lost to sight to memory dear."

BOW, SAMUEL, Died Sept .8, 1845, Aged about 50 Y'rs. (a fallen tombstone)*

CAGLE, OLLIE MAY, son of C. W. & LIZZIE CAGLE, Born July 19, 1896, Died Feb. 14, 1897

COOK, J. C., Born Jan. 27, 1830, Died April 13, 1884, "Dearest father, thou hast left us here. Thy loss we deeply feel but tis God who has bereft us. He can all our sorrows heal."; footstone: JCC

COOK, N.A., wife of J. C. COCK, Born Jan. 19, 1834, Died Jan. 17, 1875, "Rest, Mother, rest in spirit deeply while friends in sorrow o'er thee weep. And here our heartfelt offerings bring and near thy grave their requiem sing."

COOPER, ELIZABETH, Born Apr. 30, 1867, Died Feb. 10, 1902

DARDEN, ELIZABETH, dau. of S. E.& A. J. DARDEN, Born Sept. 20, 1858, Died Oct. 21, 1858

DARDEN, S. E., wife of A. J. DARDEN, Born June 1, 1840, Died Sept. 21, 1858

DIFFEE, CLARK, Died April 17, 1911, Aged 79 yrs.2 mos. 2 das. (a vandalized tombstone)

DIFFEE, DORA B., dau.of CLARK & MARY B. DIFFEE, Born July 26, 1872, Died Nov. 4,1887 (a vandalized tombstone)

DIFFEE, INFANT son of CLARK & MARY B. DIFFEE (no dates), "The Lord gave and the Lord taketh away."

DIFFEE, J. N., Born July 31, 1866, Died Feb. 26,1906, "Here is one who is sleeping in/faith and love.With hope that is/treasured in heaven above." (a fallen tombstone)

DIFFEE, JAMES E., son of C. & M. B. DIFFEE, Born July 4, 1875, Died Aug. l, 1875, "A little flower of love That blossomed but to die Transplanted now above."

DIFFEE, MARY B., wife of CLARK DIFFEE, Born Jan. 26, 1848, Died Jan. 9, 1885 (a vandalized tombstone)

DIFFEE, MOLSEY, Molsey, wife of MOSES DIFFEE, Died Aug.7, 1873 Aged 70 yrs., 4 mos. 23 das., "In God's own morn her orb will rise once more a star in Paradise" (a broken tombstone)

DIFFEE, MOSES, Born March 28, 1805, Died Sept. 1, 18 76 (a very worn tombstone)

FESMIRE, DEROY FESMIRE, Dec. 12, 1918- Sept. 19, 1920

FESMIRE, KIZZIE, 1802-1854\FESMIRE, BAILUM, 1800-1884

FESMIRE, MARTHA wife of WILLIAM FESMIRE, Born Oct. 27, 1827, Died Dec. 15, 1881, Aged 54 ys 1 mo 18 ds

FESMIRE, MARY C., Daughter of W. W.& M. W. FESMIRE, Born Oct .10, 1852, Died July 9, 1853

FESMIRE, VELMA, Dau. of A. S.& M. W. FESMIRE, Born Feb. 21, 1894, Died Aug. 25, 1910, Aged 16 ys, 6 ms "Weep not father and mother for me for I am waiting in glory for thee."

FESMIRE, WILLIAM W., Born Nov.26, 1832, Died Aug. 13, 1908, Aged 75 yrs.9 ms.18 ds., "Gone to a better home"

HALL, TENNIE, wife of HENRY HALL, Born Mar .7, 1859, Died Jan. 29,1912, Aged 52 Ys.10 ms. 22 ds, "A loving wife A mother dear lies buried here." (a fallen tombstone bearing a still clear facial and upper-body photograph of Tennie Hall)*

HAMLETT, J. S., Born Jan. 5, 1847, Died Apr. 5, 1886, Aged 39 y 3 m, "Gone but not forgotten" (a repaired, braced tombstone)*

HAYES, CLAUDIE H., son of G. W. & M. R. HAYES, Born Jan. 28, 1886, Died March 20, 1887, "Our darling one hath gone before to greet us on the blissful shore."

HAYES, ERNEST, son of G. W. & M. R. HAYES, Jan. 22, 1895-Aug. 3, 1917, "Gone but not forgotten," footstone: EH

HAYES, G. W., Born Nov.19, 1860, Died Feb. 28, 1904, Aged 43 ys. 5 mos.4 ds. "How desolate our home bereft of thee."; footstone: GWH

HAYES, ROXIE C., June 7, 1863-June 28, 1945, "A tender mother and faithful friend"

HAYS, STELLA, Born Feb. 21,1907, Died July 9, 1917, "In heaven this is one angel more."

HOOD, JOHN A., Born Feb 7, 1809, Died Aug.17, 1837*

JOHNSON, JAMES MADISON, son of HENDERSON & CARY JOHNSON, born Mar. 28, 1843, Died Aug. 10, 1843, footstone: JMJ

KNOTTS, ANDERSON F., son of B. E.& AMY F. KNOTTS, Died Nov. 3, 1856, Aged 1 mo.14 das.

LAULER, JOHN, Born Oct. 22, 1783, Died Jan. 2, 1848 (a fallen tombstone)

LAULER, POLLY, Born Jan. 15, 1780, Died Mar. 31, 1852 (a fallen tombstone)

LAWLER, AMY, Born Jan. 20, 1787, Departed this life Dec. 25, 1861, Aged 82 yr. l mo. 5 ds., "Weep not for me as you stand beside my grave when I am gone. Predestinarian Baptist" (a fallen, broken tombstone)*

LAWLER, ENOCH R., Born Sept. 15, 1811, Died Sept . 3, 1888\LAWLER, LEUVICA, wife of E. R. LAWLER, Born Aug. 30, 1800, Died Oct. 18, 1875 (enclosed within an ornate wrought iron fence, one large shaft tombstone)

LAWLER, FRONA J., daughter of G. E. & E. G. LAWLER, Born April 4, 1869, Died Dec. 25, 1873 (a fallen, broken tombstone)*

LAWLER, JANE D., wife of J. T. LAWLER, Born Sept. 11, 1836, Died Mar. 18, 1872, Aged 35 ys.6 ms.9 ds. (a fallen tombstone)

LAWLER, JEHU, Born March 3, 1789, Died March 5,1867, epitaph very worn, the last line reading: "Predestinarian Baptist" (a fallen, broken tombstone)*

LAWLER, JOHN A., Died Oct. 23, 1865, Aged 33 yrs. 5 mos. (a fallen,broken tombstone)

LAWLER, LENORA, Daughter of G. E. & E. C. LAWLER, Born Mar .12, 1870, Died June 22, 1870, Aged 3 m's 10 d's

LAWLER, MARY ANN, wife of ABNER LAWLER. Died Aug . 27, 1865. Aged 36 Y'rs.7 mo's.& 16 d's, stonemasons: Emery & Young, Paducah, Ky; shaft of this tombstone has fallen.*

LAWLER, N. P., May 10,1837-Feb. 17, 1912, "Now thy art gone beyond the reach of woe, where sorrows tears shall ever cease to flow."

LAWLER, TENNESSEE, wife of N. P. LAWLER, Born Nov.2, 1841 Died Nov. 25, 1898, Aged 56 ys. 6 ms & 23 ds, "Since thou can no longer/stay to cheer me with/ thy love, I hope to meet with thee again In yon bright world above." (a fallen tombstone)

LAWLER, WILLIAM, Born Dec. 10, 1817, Died Oct. 13, 1845, Aged 27 yrs. 10 mos. 3 das.

MOFFITT, EARNEST M., son of JOE H. & E. A. MOFFITT, Born Nov. 7, 1890, Died Sept. 27, 1891, "Our darling one has gone before to greet us on the blissful shore."

MOFFITT, GEORGE C., Old funeral home marker, missing panel; back in July 1953 the present writer noted it read: GEORGE C. MOFFITT, born April 7,1873; died October 29, 1935. L. Moffitt Funeral Home marker, Henderson, Tennessee.

MOFFITT, GUY, son of J. H. & E. A., MOFFITT, Born July 10, 1901, Died Mar. 3, 1904, Aged 2 ys.7 ms.15 ds.

MOFFITT, HARRIET V., daughter of JAMES and H. C. MOFFITT, Born Apr. 17, 1868, Died Oct. 27, 1870, 2 yrs. 5 mos.15 ds., footstone HVM

MOFFITT, JAMES, 1825-1890\MOFFITT, CAROLINE H., 1832-1897*

MOFFITT, JULIA ANN, The footstone of a grave-length slab of stone inscribed "J.M." is thought to mark the grave of Miss JULIA ANN MOFFITT, born about 1831; died sometime in the 1880s. Headstone broken off and missing.*

MOFFITT, L. M., wife of E. M. MOFFITT, Born Feb. 26, 1865, Died Apr. 18, 1887, "Tho' thou art gone and thy fair form lies mouldering in dust, still, Mable, my memory clings to thee."

MOFFITT, MARGARET, Apr. 17, 1865-Oct. 2, 1870 [not reported by Smith; reported by Hamlett et al.]

MOFFITT, SAMUEL SIDNEY, son of JAS. & H. C. MOFFITT, Born August 7, 1871, Died Oct. 21, 1872

MOFFITT, WILLIAM V., son of JAMES and H. C. MOFFITT, Born May 25, 1870, Died July 6, 1870 (tombstone disintegrated but was read in July 1953; footstone intact: WVM

MORGAN, IDA, wife of T. H. MORGAN, Died Jan. 25, 1909, Aged 39 ys 8 ms 26 ds, footstone: IM

NICHOLS, ALVIN, June 26, 1887-July 15, 1887

NICHOLS, JOHN D., Sept. 26, 1876-Oct. 13, 1876

NICHOLS, MARTHA ANN, July 10, 1882-Nov. 8, 1949

NICHOLS, MARY VAND, July 10, 1882-Aug.26, 1882

NICHOLS, SUSIE, 1854-1940\NICHOLS, DENNIS, 1854-1899, "Gone but not forgotten"

PHILLIPS, JOEL, son of W. I. & E. J. PHILLIPS, Born March 11, 1872, Died Feb. 7, 1874

PHILLIPS, MARTHA C. M., daughter of W. I. & E. J. PHILLIPS, Died Nov. 12, 1862, Aged 2 mos.14 days

PHILLIPS, SARAH E., daughter of W. I. & E. J. PHILLIPS, Died Nov. 18, 1865, Aged 1 yr.2 mos. 11 days

PHILLIPS, W. I., Born Jan. 22, 1843, Departed this life Oct .23,1877\PHILLIPS, ELIZA J., wife of W. I. PHILLIPS, born July 29, 1844, Died Sept . 22, 1878, "My father and mother are gone./They lie beneath the sod./Dear parents tho' I miss you much/I know you rest with God.

PHILLIPS, WILLIAM LONNIE, son of J. W. & E. B. PHILLIPS, Born Aug. 24, 1897, Died Mar. 27, 1898, "Sleep on sweet babe and take thy rest. God called thee home He thought it best."

REED, MARTHA J., daughter of J. R. & E. T. REED, Born Jan. 24, 1848, Died May 1, 1911

REED, MARTHA J., daughter of J. R. & E. T., Born Jan. 22, 1843, Died July 1, 1844

SMITH, BENJAMIN, Born June 1, 1793, Died Feb. 9, 1862, Aged 68 ys 8 ms 8 ds (a fallen tombstone)

SMITH, BETSY, dau. Of BENJ. & EASTER SMITH, Died Dec .17, 1901, Aged 77 ys.9 ms.25 ds.

SMITH, EASTER, Born May 11, 1794, Died Jan. 9, 1862, Aged 67 ys 1 mo.28 ds (a shattered tombstone) [as reported by Hamlett et al.: SMITH, ESTHER, Nov. 11, 1791-Jan. 9, 1862]

SMITH, G. W., Born Apr. 22, 1826, Died Nov.19, 1859, Aged 38 ys 6 ms 27 ds

STANFORD, SARAH, March 15, 1837-June 12, 1921, "Jesus loves the pure and holy."

TAYLOR, J. A., Aug.9, 1854-no dd inscribed\TAYLOR, M. A., wife of J. A. TAYLOR, Jan. 12, 1854-Jan. 3, 1917 (a fallen tombstone)

TAYLOR, JAMES T., son of C. & S. J. TAYLOR, Born Aug. 2, 1855, Died Aug. 11, 1856 (a fallen tombstone)

TAYLOR, LIZZIE, no dates [not reported by Smith; reported by Hamlett et al.]

TAYLOR, ROBERT E., son of C. & S. J. TAYLOR, Born Apr. 15, 1854, Died Sept. 15, 1854*

TEAGUE, B. J., Husband of M. B. TEAGUE, Born Apr.9, 1833, Died Sept. 24, 1888, Aged 55 y's 5 m's & 15 days, On left side of this fallen tombstone is inscribed: "Amiable and beloved husband farewell, thy years were few but thy virtues many. They are recorded not on this perishing stone but on the book of life and in the hearts of thy afflicted friends."

TEAGUE, ELI, Born Feb. 6, 1808, Died Mar. 29, 1856, Aged 52 y'rs. 1 mo. 23 d's

TEAGUE, ELIZABETH, wife of ELI TEAGUE, Born May 14, 1796, Died Feb. 26, 1861 (a fallen tombstone)

THOMAS, KATURAH, wife of JOHN H. THOMAS, Born April 3, 1824, Died May 17,1853 (this is the top of a ruined box vault; lettering of inscription ornately rendered.)

THOMAS, KATURAH A., daughter of J. H. & K. A. THOMAS, Born May 10, 1853, Died June 26, 1853

THOMPSON, B. M. C., Born Aug . 16, 1798, Died Aug. 22,1837*

WEBB, CHARLES L., son of S.W.& N.WEBB, Died June 17, 1861, Aged 3 mo's.2 da's, foot stone: CLW (a fallen tombstone)

WEBB, Eld. DANIEL, Born Apr. 22, 1779, Died Mar. 22, 1855, Aged 75 yrs. 11 ms.\WEBB, MARY H., wife of E1d. D. WEBB, Born Feb. 14, 1782, Died Oct .8, 1858, Aged 75 yrs.7 mos. & 24 das., Inscribed below their names and dates: "They were members of the regular Baptist! 60 years of which time Eld. D. Webb served in a ministerial capacity 50 years and was opposed to Missions in all its forms. Though worms our poor bodies do claim as their prey\Will outshine when rising the sun at noonday." Married Sept.1803*

WEBB, Rev. GARDNER T., Born Apr. 6, 1817, Died Feb. 10, 1891, "His spirit smiles from that bright shore and whispers Softly weep no more."

WEBB, JOHN P., son of Rev. D. G. & M. WEBB, Born Sept .18, 1848, Died Nov. 15, 1851, Aged 5 ys. 2 mos. 27 ds.

WEBB, MARTHA M., Born Apr. 27, 1822, Died May 29, 1892, "A loved one has gone from our circle. A voice we loved is still. A place is vacant in our home which never can be filled."

WEBB, MARTHA, Consort of Rev. D. G .WEBB, Born Feb.18, 1819, Died June 23, 1858, Aged 39 yrs. 4 mos. 5 ds footstone :MW

WEBB, NANCY S., dau. of Rev. S. W. & N. WEBB, Born July 7, 1858, Died July 25,1859

WEBB, S. W., son of S. W. & N. WEBB, Born Feb.13, 1854, Died Aug. 30,1856

WEBB, WILLIAM D., son of S. W. & N.WEBB, Born Apr. 25, 1847, Died Dec. 14, 1857

YOUNG, SINDY, wife of GEO. YOUNG, Died Dec. 14, 1889, Aged 85 Yrs.



A broken tombstone, lower portion only intact bearing date Oct. 2, 1890; probing did not reveal missing fragment with remaining inscription. [compare MOFFITT, MARGARET]

*Marker photograph available. (350K file)

Fenced Family Groups

Enclosed within an intact wire fence are the markers for William W. Fesmire; Martha, wife of William Fesmire; Deroy Fesmire; Mary C., daughter of W. C. & M. W. Fesmire; and Velma, dau. of A. S. & M. W. Fesmire.

Enclosed within an intact wire fence are the markers for J. C. Cook; N. A., wife of J. C. Cook; G. W. Hayes; Roxie C. Hayes; Ernest, son of G. W. & M. R. Hayes; Claudie H., son of G. W. & M. R. Hayes; and the lower portion of a broken marker with the date Oct. 2, 1890

Originally enclosed within a wire fence, so damaged by falling trees that it was removed in 1985 are the markers for L. M., wife of E. M. Moffitt; Charlie B., son of J. B. & L. A. Boswell; J. B. Boswell; James Moffitt; H. Caroline Moffitt; Harriet V, daughter of James and H. C. Moffitt; William V., son of James & H. C. Moffitt; and Samuel Sidney, son of Jas. & H. C. Moffitt; and 1953 location of temporary marker for George C. Moffitt


Elder DANIEL WEBB was born in Virginia, April 22, 1779;married Mary H. (Polly) Gilliam, a daughter of James Gilliam, according to their marriage bond dated October 1,1803 in Prince Edward County, Virginia; after a few years they migrated to Sumner County in middle Tennessee, in an area now within Macon County and there he joined the Testament Baptist Church in February 1815; according to the minutes of this church, he was ordained as a preacher in August 1815. He was the principal preacher of this congregation for a time. In October 1817 one of the women-members accused his wife of witchcraft which absurdity was dismissed in December, thereafter. Feelings were evidently too intense from this dispute so that Elder Webb resigned as pastor early in May 1818 but continued to solemnize marriages over the next several years in the area; sold out late in 1824 and moved to Henderson County, Tennessee where he spent the remainder of his life. He was long the pastor of Hepzibah congregation and one of its messengers to association meetings over the years.

From genealogical notes of his descendant, Elder T. L. Webb, Jr. of Milan, Tennessee it appears that among the several children of Elder Daniel and Mary Webb were EDMOND B.WEBB, DANIEL GARY WEBB, GARDNER T. WEBB and SAMUEL WOODSIDE WEBB.

In some genealogical accounts Elder Webb is called Daniel Gary Webb but this is surely a mistake; on no public or private record known to the present writer is Elder Webb ever given a middle name or initial. Also, his and Mary's marriage date is stated in some accounts to have been inscribed on their tombstone as September 6,1803.Their tombstone simply states that they were married in "Sept.1803," which is also incorrect as their marriage bond shows that it was in October 1803.

1850 U.S. Census, Henderson County, Tennessee
Civil District Seven

page 316 (October 11): S. W. WEBB, aged 27, born Tenn.; farmer; NANCY WEBB, aged 23, born in Tenn.; ABNER WEBB, aged 5, born Tenn.; WILLIAM WEBB, aged 3, born Tenn.; JAMES WEBB, aged 1, born Tenn.

page 318 (September 11): DANIEL G. WEBB, aged 36, born Tenn.; farmer; MARTHA WEBB, aged 30,born Tenn.; JAMES WEBB, aged 13, born Tenn.; NANCY WEBB, aged 8, born Tenn.; ELIZA WEBB, aged 6,born Tenn.; SARAH WEBB, aged 4, born Tenn.; JOHN WEBB, aged 2, born Tenn.

Ibid.: VINCENT BEAL, aged 46, born N.C.; farmer; ELIZA BEAL, aged 35, born Tenn.; SARAH BEAL, aged 15, born Tenn.; WILLIAM BEAL, aged 13, born Tenn.; NANCY BEAL, aged 10, born Tenn.; JOHN BEAL, aged 8, born Tenn.; AMY BEAL, aged 5,born Tenn.; THOMAS BEAL, aged 11 months, born Tenn.; HENRY T. BEAL, aged 19, born Tenn.; farmer.

page 319 (October 11l): BROOKS BEAL, aged 27, born N.C.; farmer; SARAH BEAL, aged 24, born Tenn.; HENDERSON BEAL, aged 9 months, born Tenn.

ibid.: MOSES DIFFEE, aged 48, born N.C.; farmer; MALSY DIFFEE, aged 48, born N.C.;WASHINGTON DIFFEE, aged 20, born Tenn.; CLARK DIFFEE, aged 19, born Tenn.; LOUIS DIFFEE, aged 15, born Tenn.; SARAH DIFFEE, aged 12, born Tenn.; NANCY DIFFEE, aged 10, born Tenn.; EMILY DIFFEE, aged 6, born Tenn.

page 320 (October 12): ENOCH R. LAWLER, aged 39, born N.C.; farmer; LEUVICY LAWLER, aged 48, born N.C.; AMY F. LAWLER, aged 19, born Tenn.; JOHN A.LAWLER, aged 18, born Tenn.; ELIZABETH LAWLER, aged 8, born Tenn.

Civil District Ten

page 373 (November 4): DANIEL WEBB, aged 71, born Va.; farmer; MARY L. WEBB, aged 68,born Va.

Civil District Two

page 329 (September 5): ELI TEAGUE, aged 46, born N.C.; farmer: ELIZABETH TEAGUE, aged 52,born N.C.; SARAH TEAGUE, aged 22,born Tenn. ;BRANTLY TEAGUE, aged 17, born Tenn. ;MARTHA TEAGUE, aged 15, born Tenn.; ELIZABETH J. TEAGUE, aged 21, born Tenn.

Civil District Eleven

page 378 (November 6):BENJAMIN SMITH, aged 58, born Va.; farmer; EASTER SMITH, aged 56,born N.C.; THOMAS SMITH, aged 33, born N.C.; MARY SMITH, aged 25,born N.C.;JAMES SMITH, aged 24, born Tenn.; GEORGE SMITH, aged 24, born Tenn.; ELIZABETH SMITH, aged 21,born Tenn.; NANCY SMITH, aged 18,born Tenn.; MARTHA SMITH, aged 14,born Tenn.

On April 20,1956 the present writer interviewed Esoc A. Moffitt (1862-1959),while the latter was attending a funeral in Lexington, Tennessee, and although he was feeble and hard of hearing the older man's memory seemed quite clear for someone of such an advanced age; at this time Esoc Moffitt remarked that his own grandparents, Henry Moffitt (born about 1792) and Mary Moffitt were buried in the Old Hepzibah Cemetery along with their daughter, Julia Ann Moffitt and other kindred, including his parents, James and Caroline Moffitt. Henry and Mary Moffitt died in the late 1860s when their grandson Esoc was a small boy but he remembered them. They and Julia Ann Moffitt lie in unmarked graves in this cemetery. He said that the other children of Henry Moffitt and wife were Brooks Moffitt, Nancy Moffitt, Liza Moffitt, William Moffitt, James Moffitt, John Moffitt and Robert D.Moffitt.

On August 8, 1853 Henry Moffitt had applied for some governmental benefit based on the Revolutionary War services of his father, Robert Moffitt of Randolph County, North Carolina but who died in Chatham County in that state about 1817 leaving a widow, Catharine (who later died in Missouri) and children Henry, Nancy, Mary, Maria, William, Aaron, Rachel and Sarah. As there was no legislation to provide this type of benefit the application was denied. Established in the record, however, was that Robert Moffitt had rendered service in the North Carolina militia during the Revolution. (National Archives:Pension *R 7293)

Ruined in the cyclone of spring 1956 was the family Bible of James and Harriett Caroline Moffitt, when owned by Frank Boswell, but the family record was copied by the present writer before the Bible was destroyed:

JAMES MOFFITT, born September 15,1825;died February 10,1890

HARRIETT CAROLINE HEFLEY born January 12,1832;died November 13,1897; they were married January 21,1852

Their children,

LAURA ANN MOFFITT, born October 28, 1852; married John B. Boswell, January 13, 1870;
JOSEPH HENRY MOFFITT born June 16, 1854;
MARY INA MOFFITT born May 26, 1856;
EDWARD MARTIN MOFFITT born April 14, 1858;
ELIZA JANE MOFFITT born March 8, 1860;
ESOC A.MOFFITT born March 23, 1862;
EMMA HELEN MOFFITT born March 30, 1866;
HARRIETT V.MOFFITT born April 17, 1868; died October 2, 1870;
WILLIAM V.MOFFITT born May 25, 1870; died July 6, 1870;
SAMUEL SIDNEY MOFFITT born August 7, 1871; died October 21, 1872;
GEORGE C.MOFFITT born April 7, 1873

Esoc Moffitt recalled that his maternal grandparents, Martin and Clarissa Ann (Mahaffy) Hefley died a few hours a part; one soon after midnight and the other towards dawn. Their tombstones at Antioch Cemetery near Lexington read: MARTIN HEFLEY, born Nov. 30, 1791; died November 17, 1841; CLARISSA ANN HEFLEY, born December 20, 1791; died November 17, 1841./The Hefleys had come to Henderson County from Haywood County, North Carolina in 1829./


In the WEST TENNESSEE WHIG, Jackson, Tenn., January 8, 1856, notice of case in the Chancery Court of Henderson County: construction of the will of THOMAS BEAL, dec'd. - CHARLES S. LOVELACE and CURTIS D. LOVELACE, trustees of NANCY BEAL and her children THOMAS BEAL, LEONA RUSSELL and others, complainants versus SARAH STRICKLAND, ISAAC STRICKLAND, BROOKS BEAL, HENRY BEAL, ELIZABETH and WILLIAM CAWTHON, WILLIAM BROWN, adm. of VINCENT BEAL, ELIZA BEAL, SARAH and JOHN WHITE, WILLIAM BEAL, ELIZABETH BEAL,WILLIAM J. HART, adm. of SIMEON BEAL, MONTEREY BEAL and others, defendants. It appeared that SARAH STRICKLAND, ISAAC STRICKLAND, W. STRICKLAND, BRANTLY STRICKLAND, SIMEON H. STRICKLAND, WM. H. STRICKLAND, six of the defendants resided in Missouri; WILLIAM J. HART, another of the defendants, lived in Mississippi. In an attempt to notify these persons, the Court ordered notice placed in the WEST TENN.WHIG to announce that this case would be heard in the Lexington courthouse the second Monday in February 1859.

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