This is a small, old cemetery just north of Davis Road and west of Haley Creek. It is reached by a narrow dirt lane through the woods. The cemetery is fenced but is not maintained.

            David Donahue recorded this cemetery December 28, 1992 and checked it January 22, 2002. Anita Webb and Pam Brady recorded this cemetery circa 1975. Their record appears in Henderson County, Tennessee Cemetery Inscriptions (R. H. Harris, Memphis, 1976), Vol. I, p. 219. This earlier work is referred to as "Webb and Brady" in the notes below.


Derryberry, Beulah, July 27, 1887-Jan. 5, 1889, "Dau. of H. D. & N. J. Derryberry"

Derryberry, Delver, July 15, 1880-Jan. 1, 1931

Derryberry, H. D. C., Oct. 26, 1849-Oct. 30, 1924, "Father"

Derryberry, Nannie J., Aug. 29, 1855-July 3, 1918, "Wife of H. D. C. Derryberry" "Mother"

Derryberry, Susan C., Aug. 11, 1820-Oct. 4, 1906, "Wife of M. W. Derryberry" "Mother"

Hare, Infant, born & died Jan. 26, 1886, "Infant son of I. I. & Nannie E. Hare" (broken)

Mackey, George W., d. Oct. 13, 1861, "Aged 4 Y's, 6 M's, ???" "Son of G. W. & C. N. Mackey" (eroded)

Mackey, James H., no dates, "Aged 6 mo's., 26 da's" "Son of G. W. & C. N. Mackey" (broken, eroded) [broken through death date; death date reported by Webb and Brady]

Mackey, Nancy, d. June 3, 1896, "Aged 63 Ys, 4 Ms" "Wife of G. W. Mackey" (broken)

Mackey, Robert W., d. July 18, 1865, "Son of G. W. & C. N. Mackey" (broken, eroded) [broken through age; and not reported by Webb and Brady]

Wallace, Cornealous, d. Apr. 1, 1893, "Aged 20 YS, 9 MS, 3 DS" "Son of W. B. & E. J. Wallace"

Wallace, E. J., Oct. 1, 1845-Apr. 2, 1895, "Wife of W. B. Wallace"

Wallace, Elizabeth A., d. Feb. 11, 1894, "Aged 66 Ys, 1 MO, 9 DS" "Wife of Jacob Wallace"

Wallace, Jacob, Jan. 10, 1823-June 18, 1886, "Consort of Elizabeth A. Wallace"

Wallace, Nancy, Apr. 10, 1810-Apr. 15, 1888, "Wife of Docturn Wallace"

Wallace, William, Jan. 12, 1820-Oct. 14, 1892
Wallace, Lucinda W., Sept. 10, 1827-Sept. 22, 1898

Wallis, Docturn, May 15, 1799-Mar. 18, 1874 (broken at death date)



______, 1910 [child marker?, in front of marker for E. J. Wallace]


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