Todd Cemetery, December 1999


            This small family cemetery is located just outside the Natchez Trace State Park boundary. Turn west on the gravel road just north of I-40 interchange. Drive about a mile and the access road joins the gravel road on the left at an acute angle. If you reach Rainey Cemetery you have gone too far. There is a locked gate at the beginning of the private property. The cemetery is located between two large cedar trees about 100 yards beyond the gate. Blocks mark four additional probable grave sites. This cemetery was recorded December 29, 1999.


Todd, Evie Lee, 1885-1907 [replacement]

Todd, S. E., Dec. 6, 1849-Jan. 31, 1936, "Mother"
Todd, J. P., Nov. 22, 1844-Mar. 20, 1925, "Father:


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