Tombstone Inscriptions from Black Cemeteries
in Henderson County, Tennessee

Compiled by Jonathan Kennon Thompson Smith
Copyright, Jonathan K. T. Smith, 1995

(Page 41)


Located in north Henderson County, very near that county's border with Carroll County to the north. One of the two or three cemeteries in Henderson County known as the Morris cemeteries. Situated on the north side of Morris Cemetery Road about four miles southeast of Yuma, Tennessee via Yuma Road and Morris Cemetery Road.

To the southwest side of this cemetery are buried several whites with tombstones:

ANNIE, wife of W. H. DODD, formerly wife of B. F. MORRIS
Born May 18, 1839
Died July 4, 1899
A loving wife, a mother so dear lies buried here.
(west side of tombstone)

Born May 11, 1832
Died Oct. 9, 1879
A husband true, a father so dear
lies buried here. (east side)
There is a fallen, separate tombstone for this man with the same information.

A. C., dau. of A. L. & S. J. SOLOMON
Died Sept. 2, 1889, aged 12 ys 9 mos. 9 days



Mr. R. B. Morgan (born July 1912), who grew up in this area, showed this cemetery to the compiler and Mr. Robert D. Taylor, Jr., March 27, 1995. He had personal knowledge of several of the black persons buried in the northeast side of this cemetery: CHARLEY MITCHELL, ALVIN GOOCH, HECTOR MITCHELL, Mrs. MOLLIE (Dunlap) BOMAR, WILLIAM BOMAR, SUSAN OWENS, BEN OWENS, LANNY OWENS, GEORGE THOMAS, WINFIELD COZART and several of the latter's children. This is a very old black burial ground with many unmarked graves.


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