Tombstone Inscriptions from Black Cemeteries
in Henderson County, Tennessee

Compiled by Jonathan Kennon Thompson Smith
Copyright, Jonathan K. T. Smith, 1995

(Page 40)


Located in extreme southeast Henderson County, literally astride the boundary line of Henderson and Decatur counties. About 4.5 miles south Scotts Hill, Tennessee via the Scotts Hill, Goff and Presley Ridge Roads. Situated on the north side of Presley Ridge Road about .2 mile east of its juncture with Goff Road. This was the burial ground of Dr. Robert Lowery and his black servants and some of their descendants. Dr. Lowery lived in Henderson County, in the old thirteenth civil district. He was unmarried.

Mr. Gordon H. Turner, Sr. wrote of Dr. Lowery in THE HISTORY OF SCOTTS HILL, TN, 1977), page 117, that he was a graduate of the University of South Carolina, 1831; "By 1860 he is shown with 30 slaves some of whom, if reports
are true, were his own children by slave girls. . . . He was preeminently a slave-holder and farmer. . . . When I was a lad, however, the oldest citizens here said he was known for his stern mastery and ruled by brute force when any slave got out of hand."

ROSIE, Mother of H. E. & J. F. LOWERY
Born 1831
Died May 15, 1856
Her happy soul has winged
its way to one pure eternal day
(a broken stone)

SARAH A., wife of E. LEBRY
Born Sept. 27, 1870
Died Feb. 15, 1898
Her happy soul has winged its way to one pure eternal day

MATILDA, wife of Rev. H. LOWERY
Born Mar. 1, 1832
Died Feb. 6, 1901
Age 62 ys 1 mo 5ds

M., daughter of E. D. & Maggie CAMPBELL
Born Aug. 16, 1875
Died Oct. 23, 1898
Sleep on dear child and take thy rest. God called thee home. He thought it best.

Graduate of the Medical College of
South Carolina. Born in Ireland.
Died Dec. 5, 1872 Aged about 68 yrs.
(stone off its base)

LUTHER, son of R. /Redric/ B. & M. A. /Mary/ BUNCH
Born June 19, 1876
Died Oct. 21, 189l
Sleep on dear child and take thy rest in Jesus arms, forever blessed

SIP, husband of Mirtie LOWERY
Born July 12, 1874
Died Oct. 23, 1918
Age 44 ys 3 ms 11 ds
His spirit smiles from that bright
shore and softly whispers weep no more

Aug. 5, 1871-Feb. 17, 1958

Apr. 9, 1908-Sept. 25, 1982


Death certificates indicate that the following persons are buried here:

_DELL KIZER, died May 23, 1918, aged 7
ORA KIZER, died May 11, 1918, aged 11
(Children of Rube and Vick Welch Kizer)

VIRGIE KIZER, died August 10, 1918, aged 16
JORANE KIZER, died November 12, 1918, aged 45. Her Mother: Mary Kizer.


Note: The earliest death date inscribed on any old-time tombstone for a black in Henderson County, that of Rosie, who died May 1856, is located in this cemetery.

Auburn Powers' HISTORY OF HENDERSON COUNTY, TENNESSEE (1930), pages 43-45 has much about Dr. Robert Lowery that he learned from Hoad Lowery, one of the doctor’s former slaves. States that ANTNEY, a slave man, was shot and killed by the doctor and buried in Lowery Cemetery. Apparently the doctor was of a vicious temperament whatever good traits he may otherwise have had.


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