Mt. Zion Cemetery lies on the north side of Mt. Zion Cemetery Road on the west side of Pine Lake in southern Henderson County. Someone mows regularly around the Beecham and Brittain markers but the remainder of the cemetery may get only one cutting each year. In addition to the identified burials, six graves are marked with fieldstone, one grave is marked with a concrete block, three graves are marked with bricks, and one grave has a marker so broken up and eroded that nothing remains readable.

          David Donahue recorded this cemetery October 21, 2002. Anith Webb, Alicia Adcox, and Mr. Elbert Beecham recorded this cemetery circa 1976. Their record appears in Henderson County, Tennessee Cemetery Inscriptions (R. H. Harris, Memphis, 1976), pp. 223-224. This is referred to as Webb et al. in notes below.


Bailey, Infant, Feb. 16, 1934-Mar. 19, 1934, "Infant son of Max & Exie Bailey"

Beecham, Florence, 1900-1941, "Mama" footstone
Beecham, Jess, 1891-1974, "Daddy" footstone

Beecham, Golden, Sept. 15, 1926-July 1945

Beecham, Juanita, Feb. 1935-Aug. 1936 [replacement]

Beecham, Katie, Jan. 17, 1934-June 16, 1935, "Dau. of Charlie & Patra" [replacement]

Brittain, Avis, May 20, 1923-Nov. 20, 1923

Brittain, Iley, 1854-1924 [Masonic symbol]

Brittain, Isaac, 1869-1923, "Father" footstone
Brittain, Arbie, 1880-1974, "Mother" footstone

Crowe, Larry Don, May 18, 1944-Nov. 28, 1945

Hart, Nancy C., Apr. 16, 1851-Sept. 14, 1939 [replacement]

Johnson, Eli, Sept. 8, 1837-May 20, 1914, "Hus. of E. A. Johnson"
Johnson, E. A., Nov. 11, 1856-June 4, 1937, "Wife of Eli Johnson" fallen

Johnson, Emily Rodgers, d. Aug. 10, 1893, Aged about 85 Ys, "Wife of S. M. Johnson"

Johnson, Josephine, d. Feb. 3, 1863, Aged 12 Y'rs & 8 D's, "Daughter of _____ Johnson" (broken)

Johnson, M. E., Jan. 16, 1849-Mar. 3, 1879, "Wife of Eli Johnson" broken

Johnson, R., Dec. 17, 1871-Jan. 28, 1877, "Son of M. E. & Eli Johnson" broken

Johnson, S. M., d. May 15, 1864, Aged 50 Years (broken) [death date unreadable in 2003 and is that reported by Webb et al.]

Johnson, S. M., Dec. 9, 1874-Jan. 30, 1877, "Son of M. E. & Eli Johnson

Johnson, W. B., July 19, 1878-June 15, 1877, "Son of M. E. & Eli Johnson"

Jordon, Melvina, ______, "Wife of R. M. Jordan" (broken) [cannot find fragment with dates in 2003; Webb et al. give partial date Jan. 1879, which would suggest she died from complications in the birth of her daughter Melvina]

Jordon, Melvina, Jan. 27, 1879-Feb. 1, 1879, "Dau. of R.M. Jordan"

Jordon, T. W., Nov. 13, 1876-Nov. 15, 1876, "Son of R. M. Jordan"

Phillips, John, 1849-1941 [not found in 2003; reported by Webb et al.]

Rodgers, Emily [see Johnson, Emily Rodgers]

Scott, Hester E., May 3, 1898-June 4, 1916, "Dau. of John & Ella Scott"

Scott, Homer C., Nov. 17, 1901-Jan. 17, 1908, "Son of J. T. & D. E. Scott"

Scott, J. O., Apr. 29, 1886-Jan. 18, 1905, "Son of J. R. & L. T. Johnson"

Scott, Jesse L., Dec. 30, 1895-Sept. 19, 1916, "Son of John & Ella Scott"

Scott, John T., 1870-1933
Scott, Louella, 1876-1956

Scott, Lavina T., Jan. 18, 1848-May 5, 1928
Scott, Jesse R., Nov. 8, 1843-July 3, 1898 [replacement]

Scott, M. I., Dec. 20, 1889-Jan. 26, 1890, "Dau. of J. R. & L. T. Scott" middle initial damaged

Scott, Rite, Aug. 1, 1877-Sept. 2, 1877, "Son of J. R. & L. T. Scott"

Thomas, Anna, Sept. 25, 1812-Apr. 15, 1872 (broken) [adjacent to marker for Rev. Stephen Thomas]

Thomas, J. R., Apr. 4, 1842-Apr. 12, 1863, "Son of Rev. S. & A. Thomas"

Thomas, John, July 24, 1786-July 15, 1860

Thomas, Martha J. D., May 2, 1870-May 7, 1871, "Daughter of J. H. & N. J. Thomas"

Thomas, Martha L., May 2, 1870-Mar. 7, 1871, "Daughter of J. H. & N. F. Thomas" note: there seem to be two markers for her, about 6 feet apart]

Thomas, Minerva Ann, May 2, 1847-Aug. 10, 1861, "Dau. of Rev. S. & A. Thomas"

Thomas, S. F., Sept. 20, 1878-Sept. 12, 1879, "Dau. of M. L. & Caldona Thomas"

Thomas, Stephen, Dec. 13, 1816-Apr. 13, 1872, Rev. (broken) [death year is unreadable in 2003 and is that reported by Webb et al.]

Tidwell, Jodie, 1900-1910 [replacement]

Tidwell, Roy, 1910-1910 [replacement]

Wise, Infant, b. Feb. 5, 1871, "Infant son of John & C. M. Wise"


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