Adams, Ada E., 1890-1984, "Mother"
Adams, Atlas F., 1891-1967, "Father," military marker as footstone "Tennessee Pvt Co A 327 Infantry World War I" (East-Central)

Adams, Ashley J., 1898-1992
Adams, Minnie Page, 1904-1999, "Parents of John D. Adams" (West)

Adams, Edward Wayne, 1949-1956, "Son of Edward & Marjorie Adams" (East-Central)

Adams, Marjorie, Aug. 19, 1928-____
Adams, Edward B., Feb. 14, 1925-Mar. 16, 1987, "Father" footstone, "Married Oct. 11, 1947," military marker as footstone "Edward Byron Adams" "PFC US Army World War II" (East-Central)

Adams, Martha [see Sellers, Martha Adams] (Northeast)

Adams, Randy Lynn, Jan. 11, 1955-Mar. 22, 1975 (West)

Adams, Sarah E. Smith, Sept. 7, 1874-Sept. 26, 1899, "Wife of E. B. Adams" (eroded) [dates are unreadable in 1996 and come from WPA] (Old City)

Adcock, Alma G., Aug. 16, 1924-____
Adcock, Robert W., Oct. 1, 1917-Jan. 12, 1992, "Wed Sept. 4, 1948," military marker as footstone Cpl US Army World War II" (Northeast)

Adcock, Eutychus, 1909-1988, "Mother" footstone
Adcock, James H., 1908-1985, "Daddy" footstone (Northeast)

Adcock, Gregory Warren, Apr. 25, 1958, "Son of Robert & Alma Adcock" (Northeast)

Adcock, M. Thomas, 1907-1982
Adcock, Frankie B., 1911-1967 (Northeast)

Adcock, Pauline L., Sept. 6, 1903-Nov. 9, 1983
Adcock, Fenner B., Aug. 19, 1902-Oct. 19, 1983 (Northeast)

Albright, Joseph Byrum, Dec. 18, 1908-Mar. 12, 1975 (East-Central)

Albright, Mary Taylor, Dec. 7, 1912-____ [adjacent to marker for Joseph Byrum Albright] (East-Central)

Alexander, Deborah Ann, May 16, 1958-May 18, 1958 (Southwest/Lewis)

Alexander, Hazel B., Nov. 10, 1907-Sept. 21, 1963 (Old City)

Alexander, Kristy Dawn, Feb. 6, 1968-Feb. 18, 1968, "Dau. of J. M. & Patsy Alexander" (East-Central)

Alexander, Rose Marie Lewis, Feb. 19, 1938-Aug. 25, 1990 (Southwest/Lewis)

Alexander, Verna L., 1924-____
Alexander, J. P., 1915-1984, military marker as footstone "Pvt US Army World War II" (Northeast)

Allen, Mary [see Davis, Mary Allen] (Northeast)

Allison, ______, no dates, "Children of C. W. & Ada O.[?] Allison" (Southern/Black)

Almond, John T., Jr., 1934-____, "Husband"
Almond, Patty S., 1933-____, "Mother" (Northeast)

Altom, Charles Ray, 1947-2002, temporary marker, Reed's Chapel, 4 yards east-northeast of double marker for Michael Irving Russell and Martha A. Snider Russell (Northeast)

Amis, Alberta Holmes, Apr. 27, 1902-Aug. 8, 1994 [adjacent to marker for Guy Ballard Amis] (West)

Amis, Bettie B., 1871-1971
Amis, August J., 1869-1949 (West)

Amis, Carol Ann [see Stone, Carol Ann Amis] (Northeast)

Amis, Guy Ballard, Dec. 11, 1897-Jan. 12, 1980 (West)

Amis, Shirley Ruth, Sept. 2, 1933, "Dau. of Mr. & Mrs. G. B. Amis" [listed as child of "Mr. & Mrs. Guy Amos" in WPA] (Old City)

Ancil, Robert, Aug. 5, 1980-Dec. 29, 2001, "Bobby" (Northeast)

Anderson, Annie [see Neisler, Annie Anderson] (West)

Anderson, Bonnie M., Nov. 7, 1927-Jan. 11, 2002, "Wife" footstone
Anderson, Loyce E., Mar. 13, 1924-Nov. 12, 2001 (Northeast)

Anderson, Eugene C., Oct. 6, 1890-Mar. 4, 1936 [WPA notes "Corp 51 Inf 6 Div"] (Old City)

Anderson, Ruth Enochs, May 13, 1895-Mar. 9, 1936 [adjacent to marker for Eugene C. Anderson; probably daughter of James Wiley Enochs and Ethel Pearson Enochs, whose matching markers are in same row] (Old City)

Anderson, Tommie H., Nov. 27, 1905-Mar. 2, 2000 (Southern/Black)

Appleby, Joseph A., 1908-1969
Appleby, Grace Norman, 1911-1973 (West)

Armstrong, Charles A., Sept. 9, 1913-Jan. 5, 1981, "Colonel US Army" "Father" (West)

Armstrong, Clifford Arnold, 1901-1902 [probably child of Albert and Mamie T. Armstrong] (Old City)

Armstrong, Elmer Allen, 1915-1917 [probably child of Albert and Mamie T. Armstrong] (Old City)

Armstrong, F. G., Oct. 25, 1902-June 1, 1956 (Old City)

Armstrong, Frank T., 1905-1990 [only first name and dates on marker; probably goes with Armstrong central marker but might go with Miller central marker] (West)

Armstrong, Fred C., 1885-1964
Armstrong, Cavie D., 1895-1983, "Father and Mother" footstone (West)

Armstrong, James Albert, 1903-1903 [probably child of Albert and Mamie T. Armstrong] (Old City)

Armstrong, Jo Ann Bunch, 1931-____ [adjacent to marker for William "Billy" Roy Armstrong; both Armstrong markers in row with markers for Eddie S. Bunch and Thomas B. Bunch] (West)

Armstrong, John P., 1872-1941, "Husband" [Masonic symbol]
Armstrong, Susie, 1881-1925, "Wife" [as reported in WPA: Susie Faulkner, Aug. 6, 1891-Nov. 13, 1925, "Wife of John Armstrong"] (Old City)

Armstrong, Mable I. Dodson, Mar. 21, 1912-May 17, 1982
Armstrong, Bertie Mae, Mar. 27, 1914-____ (Northeast)

Armstrong, Mamie T., 1883-1966
Armstrong, Albert, 1875-1958 (Old City)

Armstrong, Mary Ella, 1903-1976
Armstrong, Lyman T., 1905-1986, "Married Jan. 9, 1930" (Northeast)

Armstrong, Mary Paul Spellings, 1908-1945 (West)

Armstrong, Mildred F., 1876-1960, "Wife" footstone (Old City)

Armstrong, Ruby Smythe, 1916-1917 [probably child of Albert and Mamie T. Armstrong] (Old City)

Armstrong, W. S., Sept. 17, 1878-Aug. 20, 1927
Armstrong, Blanche Lee, May 21, 1885-Sept. 3, 1926, "His Wife" (Old City)

Armstrong, William "Billy" Roy, 1928-1998 (West)

Arnold, Alma Dyer, Sept. 30, 1918-June 29, 1981
Arnold, William E., Jr., Jan. 5, 1915-Nov. 27, 2000, military marker as footstone "Cpl US Army World War II"; "Married May 1, 1940" (East-Central)

Arnold, Bertha Mae, Dec. 25, 1921-Oct. 12, 2002, temporary marker, 6 feet north of double marker for Lewis E. and Linda S. Arnold (Southern/Black)

Arnold, Clem Hearne, July 18, 1892-Jan. 3, 1987 [adjacent to marker for William Ernest Arnold] (East-Central)

Arnold, Joe Allen, July 19, 1930-Aug. 5, 1997, "Bubba" (East-Central)

Arnold, Joy Arnold Hix, 1924-____ [see Hix; probably daughter of William Ernest Arnold and Clem Hearne Arnold, whose markers are adjacent] (East-Central)

Arnold, Larry Dean, Jan. 30, 1957-Jan. 22, 1978, military marker as footstone "Pvt US Marine Corps" (Southern/Black)

Arnold, Lewis E., 1949-____
Arnold, Linda S., 1948-1986 (Southern/Black)

Arnold, Loy [see Dennison, Loy Arnold] (East-Central)

Arnold, Steven Lavon, Apr. 3, 1966-Sept. 7, 1993, "Sweetness LHS-MTUS" "Jaguar #3" "G.O.M.A.B.," etched portrait, etched football jersey with #42, etched Phi Beta Sigma symbol (Southern/Black)

Arnold, Virginia Lou, Jan. 29, 1917-Apr. 4, 1917, "Dau. of W. E. & Clem Arnold" (East-Central)

Arnold, William Ernest, Apr. 16, 1893-July 11, 1961 (East-Central)

Asbell, Ronald Franklin, Aug. 9, 1942-June 30, 2002, military marker "SOG3 US Navy US Fleet Sonar Cuban Missile Crisis" (Northeast)

Austin, Carrie Goff, 1889-1972 [adjacent to marker for Lon S. Austin] (West)

Austin, Dorothy A., Sept. 15, 1915-Mar. 12, 1996 [adjacent to marker for Lon S. Austin; from temporary marker recorded in 1996, Dorothy Alene Austin (West)

Austin, Ella Holland, 1870-1956 [adjacent to marker for Jones A. Austin] (East-Central)

Austin, Grapel E., July 5, 1923-Nov. 21, 1997
Austin, K. D., July 16, 1917-May 10, 1985, "Wed July 5, 1937" (Northeast)

Austin, Henry Miller, Sept. 23, 1928-July 18, 1977 (West)

Austin, Herman Bedford, Feb. 12, 1898-Apr. 6, 1999, also military marker "US Army World War I" (East-Central)

Austin, Hermia, 1938, "Infant daughter of H. B. & Marguerite" [replacement] (East-Central)

Austin, Jewel Mary, July 17, 1900-Apr. 27, 1989 (East-Central)

Austin, Jones A., 1859-1941 (East-Central)

Austin, Lon S., 1885-1950 (West)

Austin, Maggie [see Johnson, Maggie Austin] (West)

Austin, Marguerite Haggard, Dec. 24, 1903-Mar. 7, 1981 [adjacent to marker for Herman Bedford Austin] (East-Central)

Austin, Mary V., Apr. 22, 1925-Sept. 21, 1986 [adjacent to marker for Henry Miller Austin] (West)

Austin, Ode Henry, Mar. 21, 1891-Sept. 21, 1958 (West)

Austin, Roger Dale, July 2, 1949-July 28, 1974 [probably son of Grapel E. and K. D. Austin, whose double marker is adjacent] (Northeast)

Austin, Una [see Bobbitt, Una Austin] (East-Central)

Austin, Wadie Miller, Aug. 31, 1891-Jan. 26, 1956 [adjacent to marker for Ode Henry Austin] (West)

Autry, Maudie A., Aug. 26, 1906-Sept. 20, 1991
Autry, Jesse F., Jan. 23, 1905-Dec. 18, 1965, "Married June 19, 1927" (Northeast)

Azbill, Annice Rowland, June 7, 1885-Feb. 4, 1962 [adjacent to marker for Clarence E. Azbill] (East-Central)

Azbill, Ardell P., 1888-1970
Azbill, Luther L., 1885-1955 (East-Central)

Azbill, Bennie Sue, Feb. 19, 1924-Dec. 14, 1991 (West)

Azbill, Catherine P., May 13, 1918-Apr. 5, 1972 [adjacent to marker for F. Bernard AzBill] (West)

Azbill, Clarence E., Sept. 29, 1882-Nov. 7, 1961, "Rev." (East-Central)

Azbill, Clarence R., Apr. 28, 1913-Aug. 26, 1947 (East-Central)

Azbill, Earline [see Hall, Earline A.] (West)

Azbill, Edgar Earl, 1913-1962 (West)

Azbill, Emma M., Dec. 26, 1888-Mar. 25, 1973, "Mama" [adjacent to marker for Floy H. Azbill] (West)

Azbill, Estlee Hatchett, Mar. 29, 1891-Jan. 15, 1950, "Wife of W. V. Azbill" (West)

Azbill, F. Bernard, Sept. 1, 1914-Apr. 4, 1989 (West)

Azbill, Flavel Joe, Mar. 7, 1875-Feb. 26, 1962 (East-Central)

Azbill, Floy H., July 19, 1891-Feb. 21, 1973, "Daddy" (West)

Azbill, Frances E., Nov. 13, 1911-____, unplaced "Mother" footstone
Azbill, Joe Howard, Jan. 15, 1911-Jan. 8, 1997, "Father" footstone, "Wed June 28, 1941" "Our children: Patricia, Judy" (Northeast)

Azbill, Helen [see Burton, Helen Azbill] (East-Central)

Azbill, Howard Lanier Parish, Nov. 30, 1875-May 31, 1959 (East-Central)

Azbill, Infant, Nov. 13, 1946, "Infant son of Joe W. & Lora Azbill" (West)

Azbill, Jeffrey Glenn, July 29, 1966-July 2, 1978, "Son of John A. and Willie Azbill" (West)

Azbill, Jesse J., Aug. 22, 1887-____
Azbill, Nellie G., Apr. 5, 1885-____ (West)

Azbill, Joe Wilson, 1914-1990, "Sgt US Army World War II" (West)

Azbill, Juanita White, Sept. 4, 1908-Mar. 3, 1971 [probably daughter of Effie Page White and Will T. White, whose markers are in the next row]
Azbill, Jim H., Jan. 27, 1902-Mar. 10, 1971 (East-Central)

Azbill, Julia H., July 18, ____-May 22, 1963
Azbill, Leasel L., Sept. 18, 1905-Apr. 22, 1974 (East-Central)

Azbill, Lola M., 1912-____
Azbill, Herschel B., 1901-1991, "Our son Dwight" (East-Central)

Azbill, Mary Brower, Dec. 1, 1910-____
Azbill, James Calvin, Oct. 23, 1908-Apr. 30, 1984, "Married Sept. 11, 1928" (West)

Azbill, Mary Murphy, Jan. 8, 1936-May 5, 1982 [probably daughter of Mary Sue and George A. Murphy, whose triple marker is adjacent] (Northeast)

Azbill, Maude La Una, July 10, 1883-July 1, 1959
Azbill, James C. (Neal), May 3, 1873-Oct. 17, 1965 (East-Central)

Azbill, May [see Stewart, May Parish Azbill] (East-Central)

Azbill, Maybelle H., July 10, 1922-____
Azbill, Floyd Parker, July 26, 1917-Feb. 18, 1999, military marker as footstone "Sgt US Army World War II"; "Married Dec. 8, 1945" (East-Central)

Azbill, Raymond F., Dec. 19, 1904-July 15, 1996, military marker "US Army Air Corps World War II" (East-Central)

Azbill, Ruth H., 1902-1964
Azbill, Clyde T., 1896-1973 (West)

Azbill, Ruth Naomi, May 19, 1907-Nov. 7, 1942 [adjacent to marker for Clarence R. Azbill] (East-Central)

Azbill, Vesta [see Melton, Vesta Azbill] (Old City)

Azbill, Will Emmitt, Aug. 8, 1909-Apr. 23, 1922, "Son of Rev. & Mrs. C. E. Azbill" (East-Central)

Azbill, Will Vestal, Aug. 29, 1888-May 21, 1961 (West)

Azbill, Willie M., Dec. 20, 1937-____
Azbill, John A., June 27, 1933-Apr. 26, 1971, military marker as footstone "Tennessee SP4 US Army World War II"; "Married Aug. 29, 1955" (West)



Bagwell, H. B., 1903-1994 (West)

Bagwell, Infant, 1940, "Infant son of H. B. & Peggy Bagwell" (West)

Bagwell, Peggy Pritchard, 1909-1948 [adjacent to marker for H. B. Bagwell] (West)

Bailey, John Alan, June 24, 1951-Oct. 21, 1976, "American Pharmaceutical Association" (Northeast)

Bailey, Kenny "Red," Jan. 31, 1961-Jan. 27, 1999, "Husband" footstone
Bailey, Deborah M., Sept. 25, 1955-____, unplaced "Wife" footstone, "Wed Jan. 31, 1989" (Northeast)

Bailey, Mary Lou, 1932-____
Bailey, James Fred, 1929-1962, military marker as footstone "Captain US Air Force"; dates on military marker Aug. 29, 1929-Oct. 23, 1962 (Northeast)

Bailey, Minnie A., 1901-1986 (Northeast)

Bailey, Vera H., 1905-1977
Bailey, Perry L., 1901-1987, "Married Sept. 23, 1923" (Northeast)

Ball, Fleetwood, 1876-1941, "Rev." "Doctor of Divinity" [Masonic symbol] (Old City)

Ball, Flossie Melton, 1892-1918, "Wife of Fleetwood Ball" [Woodmen Circle symbol] (Old City)

Ball, Flossie Melton, 1910-1970, "Bill" (Old City)

Ball, Martha Joe, 1918-1992 (Old City)

Ballard, Bertha [see Roach, Bertha Ballard] (Old City)

Ballard, Ollie Britt, 1885-1969, "Wife of"
Ballard, Seba Edward, 1884-1922 [dates in WAP: Feb. 10, 1884-Apr. 31, 1922] (Old City)

Banister, Maggie, 1873-1955 (Southern/Black)

Barker, Lonnie A., June 17, 1919-Dec. 11, 1993
Barker, Jewell I., Oct. 23, 1917-____, "Married Aug. 1, 1942" (Northeast)

Barker, Mae Nell [see Hall, Mary Nell Barker] (Northeast)

Barker, Opal McPeake, Aug. 26, 1926-____
Barker, Thetus S., July 3, 1919-Dec. 31, 1991, military marker as footstone "US Navy World War II"; "Our children: Donald, Ronald, Kay" (Northeast)

Barnes, Charles Shane "Bubba," Mar. 11, 1980-Nov. 24, 2002, "Brother of Tina and uncle of Zach and Allie" "Son of Leland, Gina and Bull" (Northeast)

Barnhill, Infant, born & died Dec. 25, 1913, "Infant son of G. W. & Dellar B. Barnhill" (Southern/Black)

Barr, Doshia [see Oakley, Doshia Barr] (West)

Barrells, Loday C., Dec. 23, 1898-Jan. 14, 1981
Barrells, Lantie, Dec. 22, 1901-Apr. 5, 1985 (Northeast)

Barrells, Mary [see Sarason, Mary Dell] (Northeast)

Barrells, Mary [see Sarason, Mary Dell] (Northeast)

Barrells, Mary Elizabeth, Jan. 23, 1924-Mar. 28, 1990, "Eliz," smaller marker as footstone with "Elizabeth Sisson Barrells" "Wife of Joe Barrells"
Barrells, Joseph James, Sept. 23, 1924-May 27, 1986, "Joe," military marker as footstone "Pvt US Army World War II"; "Our children-Mary-Rodney" (Northeast)

Barry, Catherine Marie, Aug. 23, 1895-June 15, 1970, "Dau. of W. V. & M. A. Barry" (Old City)

Barry, Daniel, Nov. 10, 1830-Dec. 11, 1891, "M.D." "Born at Bolivar, Tenn." "Died at Lexinton, Tenn." "This simple stone is erected by his children" (Old City)

Barry, Fanny [see Jones, Fanny Barry] (Old City)

Barry, Flora Grace, Sept. 16, 1891-Aug. 14, 1895, "Dau. of W. V. & M. A. Barry" "Died in Lexington, Tenn." (eroded) (Old City)

Barry, Gertie Lawler, 1878-1968, "Mother" (Old City)

Barry, Henry Daniel, 1885-1946 (Old City)

Barry, Julian M., Aug. 5, 1889-July 25, 1891, "Son of W. V. & M. A. Barry" [lichen and moss makes this marker almost unreadable in 1996; date information from Hinson et al.] (Old City)

Barry, Mary Ann, 1868-1945
Barry, William V., 1858-1948 (Old City)

Barry, Mary Logan, 1888-1960 [adjacent to marker for Henry Daniel Barry] (Old City)

Bartholomew, J. D., 1919 [replacement] (Old City)

Bartholomew, J. W., 1920 [replacement] (Old City)

Bartholomew, Maggie R., 1890-1930 (Old City)

Bartholomew, Stanley, July 7, 1925-____
Bartholomew, Cora Mae, Mar. 25, 1928-Dec. 14, 2001 (Northeast)

Bartles, Bennie F., Feb. 4, 1888-Aug. 23, 1889, "Son of B. F. & Lucretia Bartles" (Old City)

Bartles, Kate Ineze, Jan. 1, 1890-Jan. 11, 1890, "Dau. of B. F. & Lucretia Bartles" (Old City)

Basham, Maynard H., Aug. 27, 1910-____ (East-Central)

Basham, Ruth Jones, Jan. 7, 1910-Sept. 24, 1998 [adjacent to marker for Maynard H. Basham] (East-Central)

Bass, Laura M., 1907-____, "Wife of John T."
Bass, Thomas H., 1933-1952
Bass, John T., 1886-1952 (East-Central)

Bateman, Frances, 1920-1994, temporary marker, {afford Funeral Home, 2 yards south of marker for Jessie H. Powers (Northeast)

Bauman, Ophie [see Taylor, Ophie Bauman] (East-Central)

Beacham, Guy O., 1917-1994
Beacham, Mildred H., 1916-1992 (Northeast)

Beal, Jo Ann, Oct. 29, 1952-Mar. 10, 2000, "A loving and devoted sister" (Southern/Black)

Beasley, Al. E., 1877-1927 (East-Central)

Beasley, Alfred Elliott, 1916-1981 (East-Central)

Beasley, E. Stanford, May 1, 1902-Feb. 12, 1955 (East-Central)

Beasley, Henry A., Sept. 9, 1932-Oct. 14, 1943 (East-Central)

Beasley, Mary Cox, Oct. 20, 1905-Jan. 28, 1993 [adjacent to marker for E. Stanford Beasley] (East-Central)

Beasley, Ruby, 1880-1971 (East-Central)

Beasley, Stanford, Jr., July 6, 1927-Aug. 3, 1930 (East-Central)

Beaton, Laura E. Hopkins, Nov. 14, 1910-Nov. 3, 1933 [replacement; Mrs. W. H. Beaton in WPA] (Old City)

Beaton, Nannie L. Hays, July 9, 1857-Apr. 4, 1947 [replacement; adjacent to marker for William J. Beaton] (Old City)

Beaton, Opal M. Graham, Sept. 5, 1910-Mar. 31, 1995 (Old City)

Beaton, William H., Oct. 31, 1874-Dec. 12, 1965 (Old City)

Beaton, William J., Oct. 6, 1844-Feb. 15, 1916 [replacement] (Old City)

Beavers, Mary Gladys, Oct. 13, 1907-____ (East-Central)

Beavers, Mary Gladys, Oct. 13, 1907-____ (Old City)

Bedford, William H., Apr. 27, 1896-July 5, 1941, "Bill" footstone
Bedford, Carter Norman, Aug. 27, 1897-Nov. 1, 1952 (West)

Bedwell, Alice, Aug. 8, 1861-Nov. 20, 1929 (Old City)

Bedwell, Bud, d. 1908 [not found in 1996; from Hinson et al.; not in WPA] (Old City)

Bedwell, G. C., d. Apr. 21, 1939, "Aged 47 yrs." [not found in 1996; from Hinson et al.] (Old City)

Bedwell, George L., Aug. 7, 1913-Dec. 9, 1984, "Father" (Northeast)

Bedwell, Kathleen, Oct. 9, 1928-____[ground disturbance suggests she is buried here]
Bedwell, Wesley, Mar. 15, 1924-Oct. 2, 1984, "Married May 12, 1946" (Northeast)

Beeler, Alene Butler, Jan. 6, 1910-Apr. 5, 1931, "Wife of V. A. Beeler" [probably daughter of Elbert A. Butler and Ida D. Butler, whose markers are adjacent] (East-Central)

Beeler, Vernon A., Aug. 5, 1907-June 17, 1967 (East-Central)

Belew, Billy A., 1931-____ (West)

Belew, Carolyn S., 1935-____ [adjacent to marker for Billy A. Belew] (West)

Belew, Clarence Robert, Dec. 1, 1892-Nov. 10, 1960 (marker being overtaken by boxwood) (West)

Belew, Eddie [see Powers, Eddie Belew] (West)

Belew, Emma [see Council, Emma Belew] (Old City)

Belew, Giles Eugene, May 20, 1919-Nov. 20, 1995, military marker as footstone "Pvt US Army World War II" (West)

Belew, Gladys [see Orr, Gladys Belew] (Northeast)

Belew, Ida W., 1877-1975, "Mother" footstone
Belew, Joe H., 1886-1954, "Father" footstone (Old City)

Belew, Jacob W., 1868-1956 (West)

Belew, James H., Sept. 3, 1912-Sept. 4, 1912, "Son of J. J. & M. M. Belew" (eroded) (Old City)

Belew, Joe R., Mar. 30, 1927-____
Belew, Pauline Russell, Feb. 18, 1928-____ (West)

Belew, Joe, Jr., July 18, 1911-Oct. 22, 1911, "Son of Joe & Ida Belew" (Old City)

Belew, John Lloyd, Nov. 15, 1925-Oct. 10, 1952, military marker "Tennessee Sgt 2584 Res Eng Cen AF World War II BSM OLC" (West)

Belew, John R., 1900-1983
Belew, Bonnye W., 1900-1963, "Married June 2, 1918" (West)

Belew, Josephine A. [see Butler, Josephine A. belew] (West)

Belew, Laura Hill, Aug. 11, 1897-July 11, 1963 [adjacent to marker for Clarence Robert Belew] (West)

Belew, Lois Wade, Apr. 13, 1920-Feb. 3, 2000 [adjacent to marker for Giles Eugene Belew] (West)

Belew, M. T. Smith, Nov. 17, 1857-Aug. 14, 1920, "Married to D. R. Belew Mar. 30, 1876" "Mother"
Belew, David Reeves, Oct. 15, 1851-Apr. 2, 1938, "Father" (Old City)

Belew, Mary Elizabeth, Aug. 14, 1907-Oct. 22, 1915, "Dau. of Joe & Ida Belew" (Old City)

Belew, Mildred Irene, Jan. 7, 1909-Feb. 23, 1912, "Dau. of Joe & Ida Belew" (Old City)

Belew, Mittie E., 1905-1994 [Eastern Star symbol] (West)

Belew, Nora Stewart, 1873-1938 [adjacent to marker for Jacob W. Belew] (West)

Belew, Will Lee, 1901-1961 [Masonic symbol] (West)

Bell, Lela [see Price, Lela Bell] (Southern/Black)

Bell, Lena [see Miller, Lena Bell] (Southern/Black)

Bell, Nannie Wadley, 1879-1971 [shares double marker with Lela Bell Price] (Southern/Black)

Bell, Ollie [see Taylor, Ollie Bell] (Southern/Black)

Bell, Raymond M., July 21, 1914-Nov. 30, 1988, military marker as footstone "Raymond Martin Bell" "Tec 5 US Army World War II"
Bell, Nora Lee, Apr. 8, 1824-Jan. 9, 2000 (Southern/Black)

Bennett, Mitchell, 1915-1989, military marker as footstone "Frank Mitchell Bennett" "Pvt US Army World War II"
Bennett, Marie T., 1915-1993, unplaced "Mother" footstone (Northeast)

Bennett, Ruby F., 1889-1986
Bennett, Duncan A., 1881-1978 (Old City)

Berry, Ezra Sylvester, Aug. 28, 1931-Dec. 14, 1998, military marker "PFC US Army Korea" (Southern/Black)

Betts, Eliza L., Feb. 11, 1833-Dec. 17, 1896, "Wife of E. M. Betts" [overlooked of nor readable in 1996; from WPA] (Old City)

Betts, Emily Betts Britt, 1867-1936 [see Britt] (Old City)

Betzler, Kenneth Ray, Dec. 26, 1943-Feb. 3, 2000, "Son"
Betzler, Daisy Viola, Sept. 25, 1911-____, "Mother"
Betzler, Richard (Pete), Oct. 19, 1910-Apr. 9, 1971, "Father" "Our children: Jerry Wayne, Richard Darrell and David Allen" (Northeast)

Bevill, Luzanie Bevill Roberts, Jan. 23, 1855-May 24, 1902 (Old City)

Bird, Olevia [see Johnston, Olevia Bird] (West)

Bishop, Mayme [see Mullins, Mayme Bishop] (Northeast)

Bivens, Nellie Bivens Brower, 1879-1940, "Wife of W. L. Brower" [Supreme Forest Woodmen Circle symbol] (Old City)

Black, Elizabeth Ann, 1923-1992 (Northeast)

Blain, Jane B., Sept. 7, 1839-Nov. 11, 1914, "Wife of Isaiah Blain" [overlooked or not readable in 1996; from Hinson et al. and WPA; "Mother of Lucile Brown" in Hinson et al.; "Grandmother of Lucile Brown" in WPA] (Old City)

Blankenship, Beulah, May 22, 1900-Nov. 17, 1988 (West)

Blankenship, C. W., 1857-1948, "Father" (East-Central)

Blankenship, Cecil, 1904-1979 (West)

Blankenship, Dorene, 1929-1981
Blankenship, Guy, 1924-1975, "Married Mar. 8, 1946" (Northeast)

Blankenship, Elpha S., Aug. 19, 1906-Sept. 12, 1977, "Mother" (Northeast)

Blankenship, Frances, no dates (West)

Blankenship, Ida L., 1885-1965 [adjacent to marker for Robert F. Blankenship] (East-Central)

Blankenship, Ida, Mar. 13, 1888-Feb. 4, 1982
Blankenship, Ora, Aug. 3, 1882-Jan. 4, 1953 (Northeast)

Blankenship, Ivary, Mar. 26, 1926-Mar. 28, 1983 (West)

Blankenship, James F., July 3, 1920-Sept. 1, 1999 (West)

Blankenship, Lewis R., 1914-1981 (East-Central)

Blankenship, Loula, 1915-____ [adjacent to marker for Cecil Blankenship] (West)

Blankenship, Loy "Esaw," Mar. 31, 1918-Dec. 2, 1986 (East-Central)

Blankenship, Margaret, Apr. 10, 1928-Sept. 18, 1995, "Mother" footstone, also footstone with "Margaret Cogdell died Sept. 18, 1995 in Las Vegas, NV."
Blankenship, Rex, Aug. 30, 1924-Feb. 22, 1963, "Father" footstone (Northeast)

Blankenship, Margie H., Oct. 20, 1909-June 19, 1988, "Mother" footstone
Blankenship, Connie F., May 22, 1903-June 16, 1996, "Married Oct. 6, 1928" (Northeast)

Blankenship, Marie, 1928-____
Blankenship, Belton, 1901-1977 (Northeast)

Blankenship, Mary "Tealie," 1914-1995, "Momma" footstone (Northeast)

Blankenship, R. R. (Bob), June 4, 1892-Oct. 20, 1958 (West)

Blankenship, Rex Wayne, Sept. 8, 1947-Feb. 10, 2003 (Northeast)

Blankenship, Robert F., 1885-1947 (East-Central)

Bloomingburg, Gene Guy, Dec. 13, 1918-May 19, 1995 [only name on double marker] (Northeast)

Bobbitt, James Arthur, Jan. 15, 1889-Aug. 4, 1933 (East-Central)

Bobbitt, Maude M., 1886-1918, "Dau. of W. A. & M. L. Bobbitt" (Old City)

Bobbitt, Una Austin, Jan. 14, 1892-Jan. 21, 1968 [adjacent to marker for James Arthur Bobbitt] (East-Central)

Bobbitt, William A., 1852-1935, "Father" footstone
Bobbitt, Martha L., 1862-1938, "Mother" footstone (Old City)

Bobbitt, William Austin, Jan. 26, 1919-Oct. 1, 1994 [probably son of Una Austin Bobbitt and James Arthur Bobbitt, whose markers are adjacent] (East-Central)

Bobbitt, William Luther, 1895-1985
Bobbitt, Ione Thompson, 1904-1973, "Married July 10, 1933" "Sons William Lee and John Arthur" (Old City)

Boen, Martha Elizabeth, Dec. 31, 1921-____
Boen, Roald Einar, Apr. 21, 1915-May 8, 1998 (Northeast)

Bolen, George R., Dec. 26, 1916-Apr. 6, 1988
Bolen, Madge P., Oct. 16, 1916-____, "Married May 4, 1936" (Northeast)

Boling, Annie Gladys, July 9, 1899-Jan. 6, 1982, "Mama" footstone
Boling, William Cordie, May 6, 1889-June 15, 1971 (Northeast)

Bomer, Billy G., 1938-____, "Loving father"
Bomer, Carolyn A., 1943-2003, "Loving mother" (Southern/Black)

Bomer, Flora Mae [see Taylor, Flora Mae Bomer] (Southern/Black)

Booth, James F., Nov. 5, 1913-Apr. 4, 1990, military marker "Tec5 US Army World War II" (West)

Boothe, Viola Hargis, 1878-1965, "Their children Ewell, Luther Lee, James, and Velma" [adjacent to marker for James F. Booth] (West)

Boren, Eddie, 1905-1995; from previous temporary marker "Eddie L. Boren"
Boren, McKinley, 1898-1985; from previous temporary marker, d. Mar. 14, 1985
Boren, Bill, 1846-1930 (Southern/Black)

Boren, Frederick C., 1885-1950
Boren, Mary Smith, ____-1979, unplaced "Wife" footstone (East-Central)

Boswell, Barbara [see Hart, Barbara Boswell] (Northeast)

Boswell, Elijah Franklin, 1852-1931 (Old City)

Boswell, Elizabeth Fielder, 1857-1930 (Old City)

Boswell, Etta [see Creasy, Etta Boswell] (East-Central)

Boswell, Hugh F., 1884-1945 (Old City)

Boswell, J. Frank, Jan. 28, 1876-Apr. 18, 1956, "He gave his life for others" (sunken) [name buried in 2001] (East-Central)

Boswell, Joe, Jr., July 25, 1899-Feb. 2, 1977, "Son of Joe Boswell & Mary Adams Boswell"; under central marker with "Their children Martha Jo Austin-Barbara Ann Hart" (Northeast)

Boswell, John Fielder, 1880-1915 (East-Central)

Boswell, John Fielder, 1880-1915 (Old City)

Boswell, Josephine [see Hardin, Josephine Boswell] (East-Central)

Boswell, Laura Ann Moffitt, Oct. 28, 1852-May 14, 1931, "Wife of John Brown Boswell" (East-Central)

Boswell, Lela Ada [see Hardin, Lela Ada Boswell] (East-Central)

Boswell, Lorene Bolen, Apr. 2, 1904-July 14, 1988, "Dau. of Dr. C. E. Bolen and Louella Traywick Bolen," under central marker with "Their children Martha Jo Austin-Barbara Ann Hart"[adjacent to marker for Joe Boswell, Jr.] (Northeast)

Boswell, Maggie [see Robinson, Maggie Boswell] (Southern/Black)

Boswell, Nelle [see Forsyth, Nelle Boswell] (Old City)

Boswell, Nellie May, no dates [not found in 1996; from WPA; not in Hinson et al.] (Old City)

Bowden, Sallie, d. May 6, 1931 [replacement] (Southern/Black)

Bowens, Charles, no dates [not found in 1993/1994 or 2001; from Hinson et al.] (Southern/Black)

Bowman, Liza H., 1909-1997
Bowman, H. Tom, 1891-1955, military marker as footstone "Henry Thomas Bowman" "Tennessee Sgt Co E 323 Infantry World War I"; dates on military marker Sept. 27, 1891-Apr. 9, 1955
"Father and Mother" footstone (East-Central)

Boyd, Imogene Hopper, 1917-1945 [probably daughter of Esther Myrtle and Charlie E. Hopper, whose double marker is adjacent] (West)

Bradfield, Agnes Fiddler, Oct. 1, 1919-Nov. 24, 1998, "Mama" footstone, "My beloved mother" "Her son Billy" (Northeast)

Bradfield, Nola, July 8, 1907-Mar. 27, 1980
Bradfield, Roby, Oct. 22, 1908-Oct. 3, 1987, carved rings and "1930" "Our daughter Nancy" (Northeast)

Bradley, Roberta, Jan. 11, 1943-May 26, 2003 (Southern/Black)

Brady, Mary Evelyn, Nov. 2, 1922-Feb. 1, 1933
Brady, James C., Sept. 20, 1917-____ (Northeast)

Brandon, George A., 1874-1947, "M.D." (West)

Brandon, Myrtle Delaney, 1888-1967 [adjacent to marker for George A. Brandon] (West)

Brantley, Eliza H., ____-Jan. 15, 1995
Brantley, Joe E., ____-Jan. 5, 2000 (Northeast)

Bray, Adelaide McCall, July 31, 1865-July 5, 1948
Bray, John Askew, Dec. 14, 1865-Dec. 6, 1946 (West)

Bray, Alsie [see McCall, Alsie Bray] (West)

Brew, Flossie Wood, Apr. 5, 1914-Mar. 11, 1974
Brew, Douglas H., May 4, 1913-____ (Northeast)

Britt, Annie Smith, d. 1932, "In loving memory of our mother" [replacement; adjacent to marker for Henry Clay Britt] (Old City)

Britt, Blanche White, 1903-Dec. 12, 1933 [WPA: d. Dec. 12, 1933, "Aged 30 yrs. 10 mos. 6 days"]
Britt, Otto Freeman, Sr., Dec. 23, 1900-Mar. 13, 1957, "Father" footstone (Old City)

Britt, Eulia Pearl, Jan. 18, 1923-Oct. 24, 1944 [not found in 1996; from Hinson et al.] (Old City)

Britt, Gennie, Aug. 9, 1900-June 29, 1988 (Southern/Black)

Britt, Henry Clay, 1858-1946 [not found in 1996; from Hinson et al.] (Old City)

Britt, John Vander, Apr. 3, 1889-Aug. 30, 1902, "Son of W. R. & E. A Britt" (Old City)

Britt, Margaret [see Britt, Margaret Davis] (West)

Britt, Mary Adaline, Nov. 25, 1919-Mar. 30, 1923, "Dau. of Otto & Blanche Britt" (Old City)

Britt, Mary Hennessee, 1903-1986 (East-Central)

Britt, Mitchell Henry Jr., July 7, 1927-Sept. 27, 1997, military marker "1st Lt US Army Korea" (West)

Britt, Mitchell, Sr., 1898-1959, "Father" on footstone
Britt, Edna Small, 1901-1951, "Mother" on footstone (West)

Britt, Ollie [see Ballard, Ollie Britt] (Old City)

Britt, Ouida [see Oakley, Ouida] (West)

Britt, Ramelle [see Reid, Ramelle Britt] (Old City)

Britt, Roger, 1962-2003, temporary marker, Reed's Chapel, y yards northwest of double marker for Hazel Hays and Noah Lee Woods (Northeast)

Britt, Virginia J., July 27, 1923-Mar. 20, 2002 [under a Joyner central marker] (West)

Britt, William Rayburn, 1858-1942 [relacement]
Britt, Emily Betts, 1867-1936 (Old City)

Brooks, Adna Wright, 1881-1945
Brooks, Lonnie F., 1877-1930, military marker as footstone "Lonnie Franklin Brooks" "Pvt Co F 2 Tenn Inf Spanish American War" (military marker is sunken) (East-Central)

Brooks, Ben Hopper, 1913-1918 [replacement] (East-Central)

Brooks, Bryan Daniel, Feb. 4, 1947-Mar. 13, 1978, "Bubby" (West)

Brooks, Cleo White, May 19, 1899-Feb. 14, 1978, "Mamaw" [from previous temporary marker: Cleo Patra White Brooks; adjacent to marker for Ernest B. Brooks; probably daughter of J. K. White and Mary A. White, whose markers share same family marker] (Old City)

Brooks, Edith [see Orio, Edith Brooks] (West)

Brooks, Ernest B., Dec. 1, 1897-Feb. 15, 1941 (Old City)

Brooks, Infant, no dates, "Infant son of L. F. & Adna Brooks" [replacement] (East-Central)

Brooks, James Luther, Jan. 15, 1880-May 19, 1959 (Southern/Black)

Brooks, Janie, d. Jan. 17, 1912, "Aged 28 Years" "Wife of J. L. Brooks" (fallen) (Southern/Black)

Brooks, John C., Oct. 5, 1837-Oct. 30, 1858, "Son of W. & M. Brooks" (broken) (Old City)

Brooks, Joseph W., Mar. 26, 1920-July 20, 2000, military marker "MSgt US Army WWII Korea Vietman" (East-Central)

Brooks, Lee Eugene, June 25, 1921-Aug. 1, 1959 (West)

Brooks, Lettie Wray, Nov. 6, 1887-Aug. 16, 1888, "Dau. of W. F. & M. E." (Old City)

Brooks, Louvanna, Oct. 17, 1873-June 21, 1913, "Wife of John Brooks" (Southern/Black)

Brooks, M. Frances, 1919-1996
Brooks, Bill, 1905-1991, "Wed 1951" [Masonic symbol] (Northeast)

Brooks, Mamie [see Connell, Mamie Brooks] (East-Central)

Brooks, Margaret, Dec. 26, 1811-Nov. 19, 1865, "Wife of William Brooks" "Born in Londonderry, Ireland" "Died at Perryville, Tenn." (Old City)

Brooks, Mary, Nov. 6, 1887-Aug. 16, 1888, "Dau. of W. F. & M. E." [overlooked or not readable in 1996; from Hinson et al.] (Old City)

Brooks, Patsy A., Nov. 9, 1936-____, "Teacher"
Brooks, William L., Dec. 10, 1930-Aug. 15, 2002, "Attorney" "Married Dec. 23, 1956" "Children Philip Brooks Roger Brooks" (Northeast)

Brooks, Ruby Webb, 1908-2003
Brooks, Morris, 1904-1987, "Daddy" footstone (Northeast)

Brooks, W. F., Nov. 20, 1842-Apr. 21, 1889 (broken) (Old City)

Brooks, William, Mar. 5, 1805-Dec. 30, 1865, "Born in Newtonlamavady, Ireland" "Died at Nashville, Tenn." (Old City)

Brooks, Willie Sue, 1908-1916 [replacement] (East-Central)

Brower, Christine, Sept. 10, 1931-___
Brower, John W., Feb. 23, 1977-Nov. 24, 1974, "Married Apr. 28, 1946" (Northeast)

Brower, Eddie G., 1906-1970
Brower, Edward E., 1902-1963 (West)

Brower, John S., Nov. 22, 1914-Aug. 1, 1948, military marker as footstone "Tennessee Staff Sgt 8 Cav World War II PH" (Old City)

Brower, Lector C., 1904-1979, "Married Sept. 22, 1923
Brower, Leo W., 1898-1977 [Masonic symbol] (Northeast)

Brower, Leo, Jr., May 24, 1925-June 16, 1925 (eroded artificial granite) [dates are unreadable in 1996 and come from Hinson et al.] (Old City)

Brower, Lessie M., Mar. 2, 1900-Jan. 11, 1919, "Dau. of W. L. & Nellie B. Brower" (Old City)

Brower, Mary [see Azbill, Mary Brower] (West)

Brower, Mildred [see Daws, Mildred Brower] (West)

Brower, Nellie Bivens, 1879-1940, "Wife of W. L. Brower" [Supreme Forest Woodmen Circle symbol] (Old City)

Brower, Norman H., Mar. 8, 1906-Jan. 7, 1919, "Son of W. L. & Nellie B. Brower" (Old City)

Brower, Sarah Jane, 1851-1919 [replacement]
Brower, Wesley A., 1842-1906 (Old City)

Brower, William Lester, 1876-1940 [Woodmen of the World memorial] (Old City)

Brown, Annie Gammon, 1868-1950, "Mother" footstone
Brown, Frank A., 1866-1953 (East-Central)

Brown, Cindy Lynn, Oct. 22, 1971-Nov. 9, 1971 (Northeast)

Brown, Eura E. (Pete), Nov. 24, 1912-Apr. 12, 1998
Brown, Neil C., Dec. 23, 1914-May 28, 1982, "Our children: Pat, Judy, Cheryl" (East-Central)

Brown, Herbert L., Nov. 22, 1931-____, "Husband" footstone
Brown, Deliah C., Sept. 16, 1938-____, "Wife" footstone, "Wed Aug. 24, 1954" (Northeast)

Brown, Ida Dale, 1867-1945
Brown, James O., 1864-1945 (East-Central)

Brown, Ione McRae, 1898-1976 [adjacent to marker for O. R. Brown] (West)

Brown, Lela [see Threadgill, Lela Brown] (East-Central)

Brown, Lucille, 1899-1985 (West)

Brown, O. R., 1889-1951 (West)

Brown, Ruth M., July 10, 1915-Aug. 8, 1983 (Old City)

Brown, Willard M., June 14, 1906-Mar. 20, 1986
Brown, Woodrow Oakley, Apr. 6, 1913-____ (West)

Browning, Annie, Mar. 24, 1836-Mar. 27, 1910 (Old City)

Bruce, Lucie Hendrix, 1888-1960 [Eastern Star symbol] (West)

Bruner, Emma Goldman, 1863-1925, "Wife of F. H." ["Bruner" is assumed and appears only on family marker] (Old City)

Bruner, Geo. Trueman, 1884-1906, "Son of F. H. & Emma" ["Bruner" is assumed and appears only on family marker] (Old City)

Bryant, Gladys Jennings, June 25, 1910-Dec. 8, 2000 [adjacent to marker for James Thomas Bryant; probably daughter of William Richard Jennings and Annie Lee Whitaker Jennings, whose markers are adjacent] (East-Central)

Bryant, James Thomas, Nov. 8, 1897-Jan. 19, 1971 (East-Central)

Bryant, Lou Pafford, 1827-1918 [shares triple marker with Virgil and Mary E. Pafford] (Old City)

Buck, Alene, no dates
Buck, Barney, no dates, "Wed May 30, 1964" (Northeast)

Buck, Alice Meadows, June 1, 1890-May 24, 1972 (Southern/Black)

Buck, Beulah Mae, 1923-____
Buck, Thomas Wiley, 1897-1970 (Northeast)

Buck, Catherine, Jan. 2, 1915-____, unplaced "Mother" footstone
Buck, Hurley, Dec. 29, 1914-Mar. 27, 1995, "Father" footstone (Northeast)

Buck, Deva Christine, Aug. 7, 1980-Aug. 9, 1986 (Southern/Black)

Buck, Ella E., Mar. 26, 1865-Nov. 15, 1890, "Wife of J. F. Buck" (Old City)

Buck, Mary Lee Etta [see Young, Mary Lee Etta Buck] (Southern/Black)

Buck, Mary, 1887-1952
Buck, Bob, 1886-____ (East-Central)

Buck, Nellie B., Oct. 12, 1901-Sept. 4, 1989, "Wed Feb. 6, 1923"
Buck, Rubin A., Jan. 7, 1896-June 17, 1989, military marker as footstone "Pvt US Army World War I" (Northeast)

Buck, Reuben A., Sept. 21, 1917-May 30, 1978. military marker "SSgt US Army World War II" (Southern/Black)

Buck, Sarah, Dec. 6, 1919-Jan. 3, 1992
Buck, Howard, May 13, 1924-July 19, 1985, "Wed Feb. 14, 1945" (Northeast)

Buck, Veronica R., Jan. 17, 1979-Feb. 28, 1979 (Southern/Black)

Buck, Victoria, June 16, 1956-Jan. 29, 1973 (Southern/Black)

Buck, Willard S., Jr., d. Sept. 10, 1940 (Southern/Black)

Buckley, Ambrose, 1878-1918 (Old City)

Buckley, Ann [see Hudson, Ann Buckley] (Old City)

Buckley, Earnest, July 3, 1886?-Dec. 28, 1947 (homemade) (Southern/Black)

Buckley, Emerline d. May 28, 1911 (homemade, broken) [found 1993/1994 but not found in 2001; Smith, from death certificate: Emeline Buckley, d. May 7, 1916, aged 43 years] (Southern/Black)

Buckley, Lula [see Timberlake, Lula Buckley] (East-Central)

Buckley, Luther M., Nov. 10, 1922-July 10, 1992 "Husband" [from previous temporary marker: Luther Manuel Buckley]
Buckley, Jessie R., Dec. 14, 1926-Dec. 23, 1992, "Wife" footstone, "Wed May 6, 1946" [from previous temporary marker: Jessie Steele Buckley] (Southern/Black)

Buckley, Martha, no dates [not found in 1993/1994 or 2001; from Hinson et al.] (Southern/Black)

Bunch, Bertha W., Mar. 30, 1885-Jan. 11, 1928, "Mothre" (lichen covered) [replacement; adjacent to marker for Harry M. Bunch] (East-Central)

Bunch, Beulah Jones, Apr. 15, 1891-Apr. 5, 1969, "Daughter" [probably daughter of Margaret Paris Jones and James L. Jones, whose matching markers are adjacent] (Old City)

Bunch, Eddie S., 1902-1972, "Mother" [adjacent to marker for Thomas B. Bunch] (West)

Bunch, Elizabeth M., June 18, 1911-Feb. 5, 1997 [adjacent to marker for Frank E. Bunch, Sr.] (West)

Bunch, Frank E., Sr., Feb. 21, 1909-July 6, 1977 (West)

Bunch, Harry M., Feb. 4, 1882-Dec. 10, 1944, "Father" [replacement] (East-Central)

Bunch, Jo Ann [see Armstrong, Jo Ann Bunch] (West)

Bunch, Joe C. (Buddy), Mar. 31, 1930-May 5, 1983, "SSgt USAF" (East-Central)

Bunch, Joe Wylie, Dec. 1, 1906-July 3, 1972 (sunken) (East-Central)

Bunch, Kitty B., 1891-1964 [adjacent to marker for Willie G. Bunch] (Old City)

Bunch, Lucille [see Wray, Lucille Bunch] (West)

Bunch, Mary A., 1862-1921, "Wife of S. N. Bunch" (Old City)

Bunch, Mary Lois, Nov. 18, 1907-Dec. 26, 1980 (East-Central)

Bunch, Robert E., Dec. 1, 1900-Nov. 13, 1948 (West)

Bunch, Solomon N., 1856-1932 (Old City)

Bunch, Thomas B., 1897-1941, "Father" (West)

Bunch, Willie G., Sept. 19, 1888-Aug. 21, 1970 (Old City)

Burns, Pearl Denley, 1890-1979, "Butler/Burns" on central marker (Northeast)

Burrus, E. Raleigh, 1910-1984 [Masonic symbol]
Burrus, Mavie D., 1904-1986 [Eastern Star symbol] (West)

Burton, Alpha, 1908-_____, Mother" [Eastern Star symbol]
Burton, Cleo, 1906-1971, "Father" [Masonic symbol] (Northeast)

Burton, Helen Azbill, Feb. 16, 1924-____, unplaced "Grandma" footstone
Burton, W. R. (Bill), Sept. 25, 1919-Oct. 10, 1995, military marker as footstone "William R. Burton" "Sgt US Army World War II"; "Married Sept. 27, 1947" (East-Central)

Butler, Alene [see Beeler, Alene Butler] (East-Central)

Butler, Charles P., Sept. 1, 1902-Mar. 26, 1985 (Northeast)

Butler, Dewey L., 1922-1971, "Butler/Burns" on central marker (Northeast)

Butler, Elbert E., 1878-1945 [Masonic symbol] (East-Central)

Butler, Holmes, Apr. 11, 1919-June 11, 1995, military marker "US Army World War II" (East-Central)

Butler, Ida D., 1881-1977 [adjacent to marker for Elbert E. Butler; probably a Dennison] (East-Central)

Butler, Josephine A. Belew, 1901-1986 [adjacent to marker for Will Lee Bellew] (West)

Butler, Mary Key, 1914-2002 (East-Central)

Butler, Patrice T., Apr. 3, 1904-Aug. 29, 1950 [adjacent to marker for Charles P. Butler] (Northeast)

Butler, Sue, Sept. 21, 1938-____
Butler, Wayne, Nov. 27, 1925-Nov. 18, 1999, "Father" footstone (Northeast)

Butler, William I., 1919-____, "Dad"
Butler, Mary Katherine, 1918-1986, "Mom" "Married July 18, 1948" (Northeast)

Butler, Woodrow, 1913-1990 (East-Central)

Butts, Annie Elizabeth, May 17, 1844-Sept. 24, 1907, "Mother' "Her children rise up and call her blessed" (Old City)

Byous, Sarah A., Mar. 3, 1837-Mar. 15, 1915, "Mother" (unreadable) [almost unreadable in 1996 except for "Byous" on base; information from Hinson et al.] (Old City)

Campbell, Charles Henry, 1960-1986, temporary marker, Parham, 3 yards south of marker for George A. Campbell (Southern/Black)

Campbell, George A., 1955-1988; also temporary marker, Parham Mortuary, "George Aaron Campbell" (Southern/Black)



Campbell, J. C., June 12, 1849-Aug. 9, 1894 [Masonic symbol] (Old City)

Campbell, John C., Mar. 31, 1929-____, unplaced "father" footstone (Southern/Black)

Campbell, Rita Carol, July 14, 1957-Sept. 29, 1992, "Daughter" footstone (Southern/Black)

Campbell, Sarah, Apr. 5, 1822-June 22, 1896 (broken, eroded) (Old City)

Campbell, Surrey R., 1891-____
Campbell, Lena Frances, 1894-1925, "Mother" footstone [WPA: d. Sept. 4, 1925, "Aged 31 y. 4 m. 8 ds." ] (Old City)

Campbell, Thomas F., June 11, 1917-Jan. 12, 1986 (Northeast)

Campbell, Thomas, Mar. 12, 1820-Aug. 4, 1890 (Old City)

Campbell, Virginia A., Aug. 12, 1933-Nov. 9, 1993, "Mother" footstone [from previous temporary marker: Virginia Ann Campbell; adjacent to marker for John C. Campbell] (Southern/Black)

Campbell, William F., Feb. 3, 1927-July 24, 1992, military marker "US Army" (Southern/Black)

Campbell, William T., Dec. 1, 1878-Sept. 8, 1910 [Woodmen of the World memorial] (Old City)

Cannon, Bonnie Lee, 1921-____
Cannon, Jessie A., 1920-1974 (Old City)

Cannon, Patty K., June 9, 1935-____, "Mother" "Blessed with children Kimberly Gayna Rodney" [shares double marker with Rodney C. Johnson] (Northeast)

Carl, J. F., Nov. 27, 1860-Sept. 2, 1907, "Rev." [Masonic symbol] [an unusual typeface makes it difficult to determine if the name is Carl or Garl; it looks somewhat more like Garl but there is a Carl family in eastern Madison County] (Old City)

Carpenter, Edward S., Oct. 2, 1929-Sept. 11, 1950 (Old City)

Carpenter, Thomas P., June 17, 1889-June 3, 1937 [replacement] (Old City)

Carrington, Lanora Reed, 1870-1920, "Wife of J. A. Carrington" (East-Central)

Carroll, Freida A., Dec. 4, 1948-____
Carroll, Dennis W., Jr., Dec. 12, 1948-May 5, 1999, military marker as footstone "OS3 US Navy" (East-Central)

Carver, Howard I. J., Sept. 5, 1925-Oct. 27, 1997, military marker "S1 US Navy World War II" (Southern/Black)

Carver, Lula M., 1912-1999
Carver, W. C., 1910-1979 (Southern/Black)

Carver, Virgil Jr., May 17, 1931-Sept. 4, 1997, "Loving husband and father" (Southern/Black)

Carver, Willie A., July 23, 1922-____
Carver, Royal W. (Dib), June 21, 1928-Sept. 9, 1991 [from previous temporary marker: Royal William Carver] (Southern/Black)

Cason, Anna B., 1859-1916 [adjacent to marker for James H. Cason; she may be a Ballard] (Old City)

Cason, James H., 1861-1933 (Old City)

Casteele, Virginia Ann McCall, Feb. 29, 1928-Sept. 20, 2002 (Northeast)

Castelberry, Fred, 1917-1957 (West)

Castelberry, Juaree, 1911-1982 [adjacent to marker for Fred Castleberry] (West)

Cates, Audrey [see Reid, Audrey Cates] (Old City)

Cathey, Annie Mae, Nov. 11, 1911-Nov. 13, 2002
Cathey, Ben Cecil, Nov. 17, 1914-Dec. 14, 1993 (Southern/Black)

Cathey, Clarence, Aug. 11, 1910-Dec. 10, 1968, military marker "Tennessee PFC US Army World War II" (Southern/Black)

Cathey, Eva Rush, May 27, 1915-Mar. 26, 1987 [adjacent to military marker for Clarence Cathey] (Southern/Black)

Cathey, George M., 1914-____ [Smith noted recent burial]
Cathey, Eugene E., 1901-1989 (Southern/Black)

Cathey, John Haywood, 1945-1979, military marker "Sgt US Air Force Vietnam" (Southern/Black)

Cawthon, Bobby J., Dec. 3, 1938-Aug. 20, 1999 (East-Central)

Cawthon, Lice, d. Aug. 31, 1914, aged about 38 years [Smith, from death certificate] (Southern/Black)

Cawthon, May Belle, 1908-1996
Cawthon, Joe C., 1910-1981, "Married Dec. 23, 1933 (East-Central)

Cawthorn, William J., Aug. 9, 1915-Dec. 20, 1989, military marker "US Army" (Southern/Black)

Caywood, Elizabeth Summers, Jan. 16, 1909-Apr. 6, 1996 [adjacent to marker for Paul Graden Caywood] (East-Central)

Caywood, Paul Graden, Jan. 11, 1907-June 24, 1990, military marker "Tec3 US Army World War II" (East-Central)

Chambers, Eva Katherine Clark, Oct. 12, 1920-Mar. 2, 2001 [probably daughter of James R. and Fannie M. Clark, whose double marker is adjacent] (West)

Chambers, Jewel Cooper, Jan. 25, 1883-Mar. 30, 1971 (West)

Chambers, Lucille Chambers, June 29, 1910-Jan. 8, 1980 [adjacent to marker for Lonnie R. B. Guinn] (West)

Chambers, R. C., Apr. 18, 1921-Nov. 23, 2000, "Dr."; military marker as footstone "Ray Cole Chambers" "LtJG US Navy World War II" (West)

Chambers, William Earl, Jr., Feb. 12, 1908-Sept. 7, 1987 (West)

Chamblis, Bertie Tall, 1916-1951
Chamblis, Susie, 1878-1958
Chamblis, Will, 1876-1962 (Southern/Black)

Chapman, Marie [see Timberlake, Marie Chapman] (East-Central)

Cheek, Martha L., Feb. 15, 1926-July 10, 2003, "Mother" footstone, "Her children Carolyn Susan Randy" "Loving husband L. H. Cheek" [shared double marker with John R. Kendrick (her son Randy?)] (Northeast)

Choat, Morris, 1912-1975 (East-Central)

Christopher, Frank, 1875-1962
Christopher, Vinnie, 1881-1950 (West)

Christopher, James E., 1936-1936, "Son" footstone [WPA: James A. Christopher, d. Feb. 2, 1937, "Aged 1 yr. 1 mo. 15 ds."]
Christopher, Vernel, 1933-1949 [probably children of Opal R. and J. B. Christopher] (Old City)

Christopher, Nancy [see Gurley, Nancy Christopher] (East-Central)

Christopher, Opal R., 1013-1976, "Mother" footstone
Christopher, J. B., 1909-1996, "Father" footstone (Old City)

Christopher, Tom M., 1873-1955
Christopher, Cora M., 1884-1971 (West)

Chumney, Irene [see Conger, Irene Chumney] (West)

Churchwell, Connie L., Oct. 23, 1932-May 26, 2000
Churchwell, Elbert P., Apr. 2, 1923-July 26, 1993, "Married Apr. 17, 1949" "Our children - James and Terry" (Northeast)

Churchwell, Newton (Bob), May 17, 1921-____
Churchwell, Helen L., July 13, 1927-June 1, 1992, "Wed Feb. 2, 1945" (West)

Clark, Ardel Mathiew, Feb. 16, 1896-July 17, 1896, "Infant son of John B. & Robertie E. Clark" (Old City)

Clark, Charlise Marie, d. July 29, 1990, temporary marker, Bledsoe Funeral Home, "Stillborn," 7 yards north-northeast of double marker for Elizabeth and William I. Thomas (Southern/Black)

Clark, Cluster, Sept. 27, 1927-Mar. 4, 1988, "Mother" (Southern/Black)

Clark, Eva Katherine [see Chambers, Eva Katherine Clark] (West)

Clark, James R., 1879-1958
Clark, Fannie M., 1882-1969 (West)

Clark, Robert Ennie Lee, Jan. 26, 1892-Dec. 7, 1894, "Son of John B. & Robertie E. Clark" (Old City)

Clater, Oscar, 1907-1975 (Old City)

Cleaves, John C., 1890-1964 (Southern/Black)

Clement, Francis Terry, Oct. 19, 1927-Nov. 29, 2001, military marker as footstone "S2 US Navy World War II"
Clement, Barbara Ann Gray, Apr. 25, 1934-____, "Children Paula and Terry" (Northeast)

Clement, J. C. (Jake), 1909-1993
Clement, J Louise Lewis, 1911-____, unplaced "Mother" footstone, "Married 1928" "Our daughter - Marie" (Northeast)

Clements, Ronald, no dates, "Age 7 yrs." [not found in 1996; from WPA; not reported by Hinson et al.] (Old City)

Coble, Ethel P., 1893-1984
Coble, John E., 1893-1970, "Married Sept. 13, 1917" (East-Central)

Cochran, James L., May 29, 1846-May 9, 1927, "Husband"
Cochran, Bettie, June 7, 1847-July 23, 1934, "Wife" (Old City)

Cody, Florence, 1908-2002
Cody, Jim B., 1906-1980, carved rings and "1925" "Children James, Clarence, Beaulah, Edith, Bobby, Barbara and Kay," (Northeast)

Cody, Jess T., Feb. 9, 1894-Nov. 29, 1995, "Daddy" footstone, also military marker as footstone "Pvt US Army World War I"
Cody, Margie F., Apr. 19, 1901-Apr. 20, 1989 [from previous temporary marker: Mae Cody] (West)

Cody, John T., Jan. 26, 1927-Dec. 30, 1984 (West)

Cody, Larry Joe, May 7, 1937-Jan. 5, 1992, "Wife Barbara," military marker as footstone "Pvt US Army Vietnam" (East-Central)

Cody, Lillian A., 1915-1991, "Mama" footstone
Cody, Joe F., 1907-1982, "Daddy" footstone, carved wedding rings and "1934" (East-Central)

Cody, Sarah [see Hill, Sarah Cody] (West)

Coffee, Mary, 1918-____ ["Coffee" is assumed and appears only on central marker] (West)

Coffee, Moye, 1917-1972 [marker which in 1996 was mostly covered by debris from the Jess T. Cody in 2001 is completely covered and needs to be dug out; about a yard north of marker for Mary Coffee; name and dates from Hinson et al.] (West)

Coffee, Norma, July 10, 1905-Dec. 18, 1984 [Stewart central marker] (West)

Coffey, Lallie Moye, Aug. 6, 1886-Oct. 13, 1962, "Wife of Hugh Coffey" (West)

Coffman, Elizbeth McPeake, July 1, 1929-____ [probably daughter of Audia Hayes and Chester A. McPeake, whose double marker is adjacent]
Coffman, Cecil Clayton (Pete), Nov. 7, 1927-Jan. 2, 1992, "Married Dec. 31, 1949" (Northeast)

Coffman, Infant, born & died Dec. 10, 1912, "Infant dau. of H. C. Coffman & Wife" (Old City)

Coffman, James W., June 19, 1925-May 4, 1999____
Coffman, Audie Dee, Mar. 9, 1929-June 3, 1971, "Married 1945" (West)

Coffman, Lou Annie, 1914-____
Coffman, I. D., 1910-1984, "Dee" footstone, "Married Dec. 2, 1925" "Our children Jo Anne & Vicki" (Northeast)

Cogdell, L. Glenn, 1913-2000
Cogdell, Betty T., 1916-____ (West)

Cogdell, Margaret [see Blankenship, Margaret] (Northeast)

Cogdell, Robert Lee, 1883-1956 [Masonic symbol and Eastern Star symbol]
Cogdell, Josephine Lindsey, 1889-1973 [Eastern Star symbol] (West)

Colburn, Helen J. [see Jones, Helen J. Colburn] (Old City)

Cole, Edith Aurelia, June 11, 1908-June 12, 1908, "Infant dau. of A. E. & M. L. Cole" (Old City)

Cole, Micheal J., 1980 [was Michael on earlier temporary marker] (Southern/Black)

Collins Memorial Marker
(note cleaned original markers moved to footstone position) (Old City)

Collins, Catharine, d. Nov. 26, 1850, "In the 64th yr. of her age" "Consort of Elder E. Collins" "Formerly of Va." [original single marker now used as footstone to new double marker] (Old City)

Collins, Catherine W. S., d. Aug. 21, 1851, "Aged 4 ms 18 ds" "Dau. of W. P. & Sophia Collins" (Old City)

Collins, Cloral Ann, d. Apr. 2, 1915, aged about 83 years [Smith, from death certificate] (Southern/Black)

Collins, E., "Elder," Oct. 20, 1788-Sept. 15, 1854, "Born in Virginia" (eroded) [original single marker now used as footstone to new double marker] (Old City)

Collins, Eddie A., d. Sept. 2, 1866, "Aged 5 mos. 15 days" "Son of N. D. & M. A. Collins" (eroded) [identifiable in 2001 from dates; information is from WPA] (Old City)

Collins, Elisha, "Elder," Oct. 20, 1788-Sept. 15, 1854, "Born in Virginia. He died in 66th year of his age. Pastor First Baptist Church 1842-1852."
Collins, Catherine, d. Nov. 26, 1850. "Consort of Elder Elisha Collins. Formerly of VA. She died in the 64th year of her age." "Erected July 2003 by FBC Lexington in loving memory" (Old City)

Collins, Elizabeth D. J., d. Mar. 24, 1849, "Aged 1 yr. 7 mos. 21 days" "Infant daughter of Wm. P. & Sophia Collins" (sunken) [age is buried in 1996 and 2001 and comes from WPA] (Old City)

Collins, Tanna Jo Sellers, Mar. 13, 1965-July 31, 1992
Collins, Martin Joseph, Oct. 2, 1965-July 31, 1992, "In loving memory of Joe and Tanna Collins and their children. Who, while serving the lord as missionaries to the Tibetan people in Nepal, went to be with the lord in an air crash in the Himilaya Mountains and are buried in the memorial park at Katani Nepal" List of children: Caleb Wayne, Feb. 11, 1987-July 31, 1982; Samuel Martin, Feb. 24, 1989-July 31, 1992; April Elizabeth, Sept. 5, 1985-July 31, 1992; Joseph Stanley, Nov. 20, 1991-July 31, 1992; Daniel Nathan, Nov. 20, 1991-July 31, 1992 (Northeast)

Collins, William P., Aug. 26, 1813-July 25, 1856, "Born . . . in Halifax County, Va." "Died . . . in Lexington, Tenn." "Husband" "Father" (Old City)

Collins, William P., d. Oct. 4, 1851, "Aged 11 y's 5 m's" "Son of Wm. P. & Sophia Collins" (Old City)

Combs, Flora A. Kizer, Apr. 21, 1900-Nov. 14, 1988 (fallen) (Southern/Black)

Combs, Kizer V., Mar. 14, 1931-June 15, 1999, military marker "SP5 US Army Korea Vietnam" (Southern/Black)

Conger, Coby Threadgill, Mar. 17, 1909-May 23, 1997 [adjacent to marker for Robert Mason Conger] (West)

Conger, Elmer, 1890-1964
Conger, Verdie, 1894-1979 (Old City)

Conger, Elzie L., Jr., 1921-1995, military marker "Cpl US Army World War II" [from previous temporary marker, Elzie Leon Conger Jr.] (West)

Conger, Hubert Lee, Mar. 13, 1903-Aug. 18, 1968, "M.D."
Conger, Nina Ferrell, Jan. 3, 1914-____, "R.N." (West)

Conger, Inez [see Evans, Inex Conger] (West)

Conger, Inez [see McMichael, Inez Conger] (West)

Conger, Irene Chumney, Aug. 11, 1915-Apr. 11, 1965, "R.N." (West)

Conger, James Robert, 1875-1951 (West)

Conger, Junior, July 1, 1917-Oct. 7, 1918, "Son of Elmer & Verdie Conger" (Old City)

Conger, Lona, 1880-1941, [Supreme Forest Woodmen Council; adjacent to marker for James Robert Conger] (West)

Conger, Martha, Apr. 4, 1851-Mar. 21, 1930, "Mother"
Conger, Josiah, Nov. 28, 1840-Jan. 20, 1924, "Father" (Old City)

Conger, Myrtle Reed, Sept. 22, 1910-Sept. 12, 1911, "Dau. of S. E. & Myrtle Conger" (Old City)

Conger, Myrtle, Feb. 24, 1901-Oct. 7, 1989
Conger, Leon, Dec. 12, 1900-Oct. 24, 1976 (West)

Conger, Pearl M., May 28, 1923-Dec. 9, 1995 [from previous temporary marker: Pearl Mae Conger; adjacent to military marker for Elzie L. Comger, Jr] (West)

Conger, Robert Mason," Sept. 28, 1909-Sept. 4, 1967, "Dr." "Pete" (West)

Conger, Roger C., Apr. 25, 1943-Nov. 18, 1997, Military marker "SP4 US Army" (West)

Conklin, J. F., Mar. 4, 1838-Mar. 25, 1901 (Old City)

Conklin, Mildred Louise, Sept. 6, 1902-Dec. 3, 1910 (Old City)

Connally, Hix, 1905-1986, military marker as footstone "John H. Connally" "Sgt US Army WWII"
Connally, Ann, 1921-1997 (West)

Connally, John T., 1863-1942 (West)

Connally, Johnie W., July 21, 1916-____, unplaced "Wife" footstone
Connally, K. Waldon, Feb. 13, 1914-Jan. 26, 2002, unplaced "Husband" footstone, military marker as footstone "Kenneth W. Connally" "Cpl US Army World War II"; "Wed Oct. 7, 1942" (Northeast)

Connally, Mildred Fay, Mar. 22, 1917-Jan. 25, 1979
Connally, Euther L., Apr. 2, 1912-____ (West)

Connally, Nannie White, Apr. 16, 1878-Oct. 26, 1963 [adjacent to John T. Connally in Hinson et al. listing] (West)

Connally, Robert M., 1875-1924 [Woodmen of the World Memorial] (Old City)

Connally, Robert, Mar. 21, 1885-Dec. 25, 1908, "Husband of Annie Connally" (Old City)

Connally, William S., 1867-1960
Connally, Viola B., 1870-1953 [Woodmen of the World memorial] (West)

Connell, Cindy Z., May 30, 1957-Jan. 19, 1996, "Wife" footstone (Northeast)

Connell, Kizzie A., July 26, 1911-Apr. 10, 1996 (Northeast)

Connell, Mamie Brooks, 1909-1976 (East-Central)

Cook, Ivy E. [Harper, Ivy E. Cook] (East-Central)

Cooper, Charles Edward, 1940-1979 (Southern/Black)

Cooper, Charlie, May 13, 1892-June 27, 1945 (Southern/Black)

Cooper, Elizar Ann, 1904-1992 [from previous temporary marker: d. Feb. 22, 1972, "Age 89 Years"] (Southern/Black)

Cooper, Eula B., Nov. 25, 1910-Sept. 12, 1985 [adjacent to marker for Homer Cooper] (Southern/Black)

Cooper, Evergene H., Nov. 26, 1907-____
Cooper, Son Andrew, Oct. 7, 1907-June 8, 1967 (Southern/Black)

Cooper, Homer, Dec. 21, 1901-Oct. 19, 1983 (Southern/Black)

Cooper, Jewel [see Chambers, Jewel Cooper] (West)

Cooper, Sally [see Threadgill, Sally Cooper] (West)

Copeland, Charles W., 1930-1992, military marker "Sgt US Army" (East-Central)

Copper, Eddie Lee, Mar. 11, 1940-Feb. 16, 1985 (Southern/Black)

Corbitt, Dennis Winston, Oct. 22, 1944-Sept. 2, 2000, military marker "US Army Vietnam" (Southern/Black)

Corbitt, Don L., May 5, 1947-Nov. 10, 2000, military marker "US Army" (Southern/Black)

Corbitt, Mae S., May 24, 1921-June 6, 1992
Corbitt, Lance C., July 7, 1915-May 4, 2000, "Wed Jan. 26, 1935" (Southern/Black)

Corbitt, Raymond John, Dec. 1, 1950-Mar. 31, 1993, military marker "PFC US Army Vietnam" (Southern/Black)

Cottier, Lillian L., Jan. 1, 1901-Jan. 22, 1989 (West)

Cottrell, Edna, Apr. 3, 1932-____, "Mama"
Cottrell, Edgar, May 9, 1934-May 20, 1995, "Daddy" "Married July 16, 1949" (Northeast)

Council, Charlie Frank, May 27, 1881-Dec. 2, 1944 [Woodmen of the World memorial] (Old City)

Council, Dessie L., 1894-1962
Council, Will C., 1876-1940 (East-Central)

Council, Emma Belew, July 19, 1877-Nov. 6, 1919, "Wife" "Mother" [Supreme Forest Woodmen Circle symbol; adjacent to marker for Charlie Frank Council] (Old City)

Council, George E., Oct. 22, 1871-July 29, 1935, "Husband"
Council, Ruby Donald, Mar. 26, 1883-June 3, 1950, "Wife" (Old City)

Council, Helen I., July 2, 1842-May 9, 1914 (Old City)

Council, Mae [see Young, Mae Council] (Old City)

Council, Nannie May, Feb. 10, 1874-Oct. 11, 1875, "Dau. of G. W. & Hellen I. Council" (Old City)

Coursey, J. W., Nov. 16, 1869-May 23, 1906, "Husband of M. A. Coursey" [Masonic symbol] (Old City)

Covey, Eliza Jane [see Hudson, Eliza Jane Covey] (Old City)

Cox, Clarence, Oct. 12, 1931-Jan. 2, 1996, military marker as footstone "A3C US Air Force Korea" (Northeast)

Cox, Mary [see Beasley, Mary Cox] (East-Central)

Cozart, David, 1929-2000, temporary marker, Parham Mortuary, 4 yards south of marker for Dennis Rush (Southern/Black)

Cozart, Mack, 1889-1960
Cozart, Lessie, 1895-1969 (West)

Cozart, Ruth [see Horn, Ruth Cozart] (West)

Cozart, Vernon, 1913-____
Cozart, Lizzie, 1912-1998, "Married Mar. 30, 1932" "Our children Thomas and Christene" (Northeast)

Craig, Arvin Lenard, Nov. 6, 1933-Feb. 15, 1989 (West)

Craig, Arvin, 1902-1958
Craig, Mattie Ella, 1905-1983, "Married Oct. 5, 1922" "Father and Mother" footstone (West)

Craig, Joseph L., 1924-1952, mounted military marker "Tennessee PFC HQ Co 28 Infantry Div World War II"
Craig, Emma Lee, 1928-____, "Mother and Father" footstone (West)

Creasy, Alfred Fred, Mar. 25, 1925-Apr. 23, 1971, military marker "Tennessee Pvt 507 AAA AW Bn CAC World War II" (West)

Creasy, Carl B., Nov. 28, 1913-Oct. 1, 1986
Creasy, Velma, Dec. 4, 1919-____, "Wed Aug. 21, 1937" "Our children Jimmy, Bobby, Nancy" (Northeast)

Creasy, Charlotte [see Lunsford, Charlotte Creast] (West)

Creasy, Emily Gilliam, Aug. 16, 1925-____ [adjacent to marker for Grady R. Creasy] (West)

Creasy, Etta Boswell, Sept. 28, 1877-Jan. 2, 1951, "Wife of Felix Creasy" (East-Central)

Creasy, Felix, Apr. 23, 1875-Dec. 14, 1955 (East-Central)

Creasy, Grady R., Mar. 8, 1918-Aug. 2, 1966 (West)

Creasy, Jean Swafford, 1948-1984, "Mother" footstone (Northeast)

Creasy, Jimmie Marie, Feb. 7, 1925-Aug. 11, 1980 (West)

Creasy, Jimmy, Feb. 18, 1939-____, "Father"
Creasy, Peggy, Mar. 30, 1942-____, "Mother" "Wed May 18, 1957" "Children Teresa Paula Susan" (Northeast)

Creasy, Nancy Ellen, Sept. 5, 1943-____, "Daughter Jacqueline Greenway" (Northeast)

Creasy, O. C., 1916-1995
Creasy, Jessie L., 1907-____, military marker as footstone "Oscar C. Creasy" "US Navy World War II"; dates on military marker Mar. 14, 1916-May 21, 1995 (Northeast)

Crockett, Dora Howell, Apr. 9, 1905-Feb. 25, 1973, "Mother" (West)

Crockett, James P., Jr., Oct. 15, 1924-June 4, 1995, military marker "TSgt US Army Air Corps World War II" (West)

Crockett, JoAnn Fesmire, June 26, 1929-Sept. 10, 1983, "Loving wife and mother" (West)

Crook, E. H., Sept. 24, 1839-Feb. 8, 1913, "Husband" "Father" (eroded) (Old City)

Crook, James Arnold, Feb. 28, 1920-Sept. 29, 1989, military marker "Pvt US Army World War II" (nearly overtaken by grass) (Southern/Black)

Crook, Mary E., Feb. 14, 1877-Dec. 22, 1911, "Dau. of E. H. & N. A. Crook" (Old City)

Crook, Nancy Adaline, Aug. 2, 1848-Dec. 16, 1932 (Old City)

Crook, Richard W. "Ritchie," July 5, 1964-Oct. 4, 1987, "Son of Winfield and Brenda Goff Crook" [Masonic symbols]
Crook, Amanda S., May 31, 1969-Oct. 4, 1997, "Daughter of Dale and Patty Douglas" [Eastern Star symbol]; "Their precious unborn child" "Married . . . July 10, 1993"; on granite bench: "Her sisters - Lisa and Rhonda" "His brother Clay" (Northeast)

Cross, Harold Norman, Oct. 24, 1926-Mar. 11, 1979 (Northeast)

Crosser, Minnie [see Fesmire, Minnie Crosser] (West)

Croswell, Elizabeth, 1903-1904 (Old City)

Croswell, Leo, 1870-1913 (Old City)

Croswell, Leo, Jr., 1911-1913 (Old City)

Croswell, Viola, 1881-1916 (Old City)

Crumpton, Nell, Dec. 28, 1933-Feb. 15, 1996, "Our mother" [from previous temporary marker: Robbie Nell Crumpton] (Northeast)

Cummings, Clyde E., Feb. 12, 1913-May 12, 1969
Cummings, Virginia S., May 13, 1915-____ (Old City)

Cummings, Jessie Laverne, 1921-1972 (West)



Dabbs, Billy F., 1934-1999, "Rev", temporary marker, Parham Mortuary, 4 yards east-northeast of double marker for Charles A. and Cynthia E. Quince (Southern/Black)

Dale, Ida [see Brown, Ida Dale] (East-Central)

D'Amico, Anastasia T., Nov. 8, 1909-June 20, 2000
D'Amico, Joseph L., Sept. 16, 1910-Sept. 12, 1992, "To papa and grandma with love Chrissy and Vicki" (Northeast)

Darden, Marietta, 1903-1926 [under a Boswell family marker] (East-Central)

D'Arman, Ida West, Dec. 26, 1885-June 25, 1958 (West)

Davenport, Cora [see Fanning, Cora Davenport] (East-Central)

Davenport, Glenna, Jan. 28, 1889-Dec. 21, 1953 [adjacent to marker for H. P. Davenport] (East-Central)

Davenport, H. P., Sept. 25, 1875-Aug. 14, 1933 (East-Central)

Davenport, Henry B., Aug. 24, 1910-Dec. 5, 1997, also military marker "MM1 US Navy World War II" [probably son of Glenna Davenport and H. P. Davenport, whose markers are adjacent] (East-Central)

Davenport, Laverne Travillion, Nov. 9, 1920-Nov. 12, 1998 [adjacent to marker for Henry B. Davenport] (East-Central)

Davidson, Gertie [see White, Gertie Davidson] (West)

Davidson, Ida L. Muse, Mar. 8, 1860-May 1, 1903, "Wife of Dr. R. H. Davidson" (Old City)

Davidson, James R., Apr. 23, 1903-Aug. 13, 1924 (Old City)

Davidson, Riley Howard, July 5, 1850-Mar. 17, 1925, "Dr." (Old City)

Davidson, Ruby Muse, d. Nov. 22, 1892, "Aged 6 mos. 10 da." "Dau. of Dr. R. H. & Ida Davidson" (eroded) [mostly unreadable in 1996; information from Hinson et al.] (Old City)

Davies, Cathleen A., 1917-1990
Davies, W. Dan, 1912-1991 (West)

Davis, Alice [see Daws, Alice Davis] (Old City)

Davis, Ann W., June 30, 1923-Nov. 5, 1985
Davis, Connie E., Aug. 25, 1915-Mar. 27, 2001, unplaced "Father" footstone (West)

Davis, C. C., Mar. 19, 1867-Dec. 20, 1917 (Old City)

Davis, Dora Pearson, 1874-1964, "Mother" [adjacent to marker for F. M. Davis] (Old City)

Davis, Esther W., Sept. 9, 1881-June 25, 1961
Davis, J. Hersie, Nov. 4, 1886-Mar. 10, 1966, "Daddy and Mother" footstone (West)

Davis, F. E., Feb. 17, 1882-Apr. 5, 1900, "Wife of J. L. Davis" (Old City)

Davis, F. M., 1865-1936, "Father" (Old City)

Davis, F. M., Jr., 1897-1956 (Old City)

Davis, G. W., July 22, 1896-Oct. 5, 1925 (Old City)

Davis, Halley, d. Aug. 2, 1914, "Aged 25 ys." (fallen) [Smith, from death certificate: Davis, Hallie, d. Aug. 2, 1914, aged 23. Father: Sam Timberlake.] (Southern/Black)

Davis, Ida Mae, Dec. 1, 1913-____
Davis, Oscar Hall, Apr. 21, 1912-Feb. 17, 1988, "Dad" footstone, "Married Mar. 20, 1932" "Our children: Betty Lou and Norman" (Northeast)

Davis, Infant, 1898, "Infant daughter of F. M. & Dora Davis" [replacement] (Old City)

Davis, J. Herbert, Apr. 29, 1910-June 16, 2002
Davis, Leilah Moore, Nov. 11, 1914-Jan. 12, 2003 (West)

Davis, James E., 1901-1943 [replacement] (Old City)

Davis, Jean [see Lawson, Jean Davis] (Northeast)

Davis, Joe C., 1901-1983, "Father' "Husband of Pearl E. Harris" (Old City)

Davis, Joe Earl, 1926-1970, military marker as footstone "Tennessee Pvt Co A 376 Infantry World War II"; dates on military marker Mar. 16, 1926-Oct. 31, 1970
Davis, Mary Allen, 1927-1978, "Married Sept. 22, 1945" (Northeast)

Davis, Johnnie M., 1918-1991, unplaced "Mother" footstone
Davis, Loyce M., 1919-1989 (Northeast)

Davis, Lessie [see Powers, Lessie Davis] (East-Central)

Davis, Lessie [see Powers, Lessie Davis] (Old City)

Davis, Lucille Inlow, 1897-1973, "Wife of F. M. Davis" (Old City)

Davis, Margaret Britt, May 2, 1921-May 2, 1981, "Daughter" [probably daughter of Mitchell Sr. and Edna Small Britt, whose double marker is adjacent] (West)

Davis, Margie H., June 6, 1925-____, "Granny"
Davis, Willie J. (Buss), Sept. 20, 1912-Oct. 12, 2000, "Papa," military marker as footstone "Willie James Davis" "Pvt US Army World War II"; "Daughters Peggy Patsy" "Grandchildren: Eddie, Kim Kristy, Doug, Kelly, Jeremy" (Northeast)

Davis, Mark Marion, Apr. 30, 1957-____, "Son" footstone
Davis, John Wilson, Dec. 17, 1954-Dec. 13, 2001, "Son" footstone; "Sons of Lyoce and Johnnie" (Northeast)

Davis, Mary [see Harris, Mary Davis] (West)

Davis, Melissa, 1870-1941 (Southern/Black)

Davis, Mildred B., Oct. 10, 1925-____
Davis, Stewart N., Mar. 2, 1918-May 22, 1985, "Married . . . Apr. 10, 1995" (Northeast)

Davis, Myrtle, 1875-1895, "Wife" [marker matches that of F. M. Davis; identified as "Wife of F. M. Davis" in WPA] (Old City)

Davis, Nancy, no dates, "Miss" [overlooked or unreadable in 1996; from WPA] (Old City)

Davis, Pearl E. Harris, 1903-1954, "Wife of Joe C. Davis" (Old City)

Daws, Alice Davis, 1866-____
Daws, G. H., 1855-1933 (Old City)

Daws, Brooksie, d. July 2, 1901, "Aged 6 Ms. 18 Ds." "Son of G. H. & Alice Daws" (Old City)

Daws, Catherine, 1902-1983
Daws, Asa L., 1898-1953 (East-Central)

Daws, Erbie E. Jr., 1929-1996 (West)

Daws, Erbie, May 4, 1905-Sept. 8, 1971 (West)

Daws, G. W., July 22, 1896-Oct. 5, 1925, "Husband" "Father" (East-Central)

Daws, J. F., July 12, 1864-Feb. 10, 1939
Daws, J. F., Mrs., Aug. 9, 1865-June 25, 1948, "His Wife" (Old City)

Daws, J. F., July 12, 1864-Feb. 10, 1939
Daws, J. F., Mrs., Aug. 9, 1865-June 25, 1948, "His Wife" (East-Central)

Daws, J. T., Sept. 6, 1878-Mar. 4, 1965
Daws, Flora, Sept. 18, 1887-Nov. 18, 1973 (West)

Daws, Jack F., Oct. 4, 1920-Oct. 11, 1994, military marker as footstone "PFC US Army World War II"; also temporary marker, Pafford Funeral Home, "Jack Frerrell Daws"
Daws, Eva Lewis, May 14, 1923-____, "Married Mar. 9, 1941" (Southwest/Lewis)

Daws, John Wayne, Sept. 1, 1939-Dec. 8, 1934, "Son" "Brother" (West)

Daws, Luther, d. Nov. 24, 1899, "Aged 9 Ms 12 Ds" "Son of G. H. & Alice Daws" (Old City)

Daws, Martha Louise, Feb. 22, 1935-Mar. 28, 1985, "Daughter" "Sister" (West)

Daws, Mary [see Powers, Mary Daws] (West)

Daws, Mildred Brower, 1908-1959, "Wife and Mother" [adjacent to marker for Erbie Daws] (West)

Daws, Ona Bell [see Williams, Ona Bell Daws] (West)

Daws, Rebecca Sims Green, 1927-____, "Loving wife" [adjacent to marker for Erbie E. Daws Jr.] (West)

Daws, Rixie Lee, Mar. 2, 1902-Jan. 21, 1911 (Old City)

Daws, Teresa Leigh [see Wills, Teresa Leigh Daws] (Northeast)

Dean, Peggy [see Teague, Peggy Dean] (Northeast)

Dean, Sarah H., May 12, 1954, "Inf. dau. of Mr. & Mrs. W. B. Dean" (Old City)

Dean, Willa [see Hale, Willa Dean] (Northeast)

Deere, Alene [see Fesmire, Alene Deere] (Northeast)

Deere, Aletha Elizabeth, Apr. 7, 1946-____
Deere, Danny Carl, June 15, 1947-Feb. 16, 1999, "Our children: Bryan and Christopher" (West)

Deere, Christopher Bret, Aug. 15, 1977-Aug. 25, 1977, "Son of Danny and Aletha Deere" (West)

Deere, Mabel H., Feb. 25, 1920-Nov. 9, 1993
Deere, Carl H., Jan. 27, 1911-Mar. 17, 1995, "Wed Nov. 2, 1936" "Our children: Charneal, David, Danny" (West)

Delaney, Brenda [see Reeves, Brenda Delaney] (Northeast)

Delaney, Myrtle [see Brandon, Myrtle Delaney] (West)

Denison, Aaron Lynn, July 7, 1980-Dec. 21, 1999 (Northeast)

Denison, Berry W., Oct. 8, 1915-June 30, 1990 (Northeast)

Denison, Delia I. [see Peyton, Delia I. Denison] (Old City)

Denison, Emmett Fuller, Sept. 30, 1884-Apr. 3, 1957, "Brother" footstone (Old City)

Denison, John Royal, Feb. 19, 1923-Feb. 3, 1975 (East-Central)

Denison, Katherine Gaston, Aug. 5, 1884-Nov. 6, 1968 [adjacent to marker for Washington H. Denison] (West)

Denison, Martha Jane, Mrs., d. May 24, 1832, "Aged 83 yrs. 10mo. 14 das." [not found in 1996; reported in WPA; if death year was 1932 this would be Martha Fuller Denison] (Old City)

Denison, Sudie M., June 12, 1915-May 18, 2000, unplaced "Mother" footstone
Denison, W. Edward, Mar. 9, 1909-May/1963 (East-Central)

Denison, Washington H., Jan. 5, 1878-May 20, 1955, "Judge" (West)

Denison, Washington W., 1837-1906, "Father" footstone
Denison, Martha Fuller, 1848-1932, "Mother" footstone [replacement; both Hinson et al. and WPA report two-N Dennison spelling used on older marker; see also Martha Jane Denison above] (Old City)

Denison, Watt H., Jr., July 3, 1922-Nov. 16, 1987 (West)

Denison, William P., 1876-1949
Denison, Victoria Gibson, 1882-1971, "His Wife" (East-Central)

Denley, Pearl [see Burns, Pearl Denley] (Northeast)

Dennison, Baby, July 15, 1921 [probably of Phillip H. Dennison and Ryanna H. Dennison] (Old City)

Dennison, Baby, Mar. 7, 1923 [probably of Phillip H. Dennison and Ryanna H. Dennison] (Old City)

Dennison, Baby, no dates [probably of L. H. Dennison and Mable Stewart Dennison] (Old City)

Dennison, Dan, 1919-1931 [probably son of I. M. Dennison and Loy Arnold Dennision] (East-Central)

Dennison, Elizabeth Pearson, Oct. 8, 1869-May 18, 1924, "Wife of J. R. Dennison" (Old City)

Dennison, Hazel B., Mar. 5, 1909-June 21, 2001
Dennison, Orvie G., Feb. 10, 1896-Dec. 29, 1985, military marker as footstone "US Army World War I" (West)

Dennison, Hazel [see Howard, Hazel Dennison] (Old City)

Dennison, I. M., 1890-1945 [Masonic symbol] (East-Central)

Dennison, James H. (Brice), Oct. 1, 1920-June 20, 1991, military marker as footstone "James Hubert Dennison" "US Navy World War II" (Northeast)

Dennison, James Robert, Nov. 9, 1866-Oct. 11, 1955 (Old City)

Dennison, Jewel [see Goff, Jewel Dennison] (West)

Dennison, L. H., Nov. 26, 1889-Apr. 15, 1937, "Jack" (Old City)

Dennison, Loy Arnold, 1895-1970 [adjacent to marker for I. M. Dennison] (Old City)

Dennison, Loy Arnold, 1895-1970 [adjacent to marker for I. M. Dennison] (East-Central)

Dennison, Mable Stewart, Jan. 5, 1894-Apr. 19, 1931, "Wife of L. H. Dennison" (Old City)

Dennison, Mayrene W., Aug. 21, 1899-Dec. 23, 1974 [adjacent to marker for Roy Dennison] (Old City)

Dennison, Oliver H., Aug. 15, 1874-Oct. 30, 1958
Dennison, Bessie L., Aug. 31, 1875-Oct. 25, 1953, "Mama" footstone (West)

Dennison, Phillip H., Dec. 29, 1868-Feb. 27, 1943 (Old City)

Dennison, Press, Dec. 16, 1897-Nov. 11, 1971 [probably son of Oliver H. and Bessie L. Dennison, whose double marker is adjacent] (West)

Dennison, Rachel Stanfill, Jan. 10, 1919-____, "Beloved mother" [adjacent to marker for John Royal Denison] (East-Central)

Dennison, Roy, Jan. 2, 1891-Oct. 24, 1945 (Old City)

Dennison, Ryanna H., Dec. 28, 1869-Sept. 10, 1955 [adjacent to marker for Phillip H. Dennison] (Old City)

Denver, H. P., 1846-1911 [Masonic symbol]
Denver, Callie, 1856-____, "His Wife" (Old City)

Denver, Lillian [see Nuckolls, Lillian Denver] (Old City)

Derryberry, Clara, 1889-1960 ["Derryberry" is assumed and appears only on central marker; adjacent to marker for Locie Derryberry] (West)

Derryberry, Locie, 1876-1942 ["Derryberry" is assumed and appears only on central marker] (West)

Deusner, Edwin E., June 24, 1912-Apr. 13, 1982, "Dr."
Deusner, Marie Wilson, Nov. 10, 1911-Oct. 21, 1999, unplaced "Mother" footstone (West)

Dickerson, Dycus B., Mar. 21, 1931-Jan. 10, 1983, "Husband & Dad" (West)

Dickerson, Virgie Mae, Sept. 14, 1913-Oct. 2, 1983 [surviving temporary marker says d. Nov. 2, 1983] (Southern/Black)

Dickson, Cordie H., 1892-1955 [dates in Hinson et al.: June 2, 1892-Apr. 25, 1955]
Dickson, Pearlie W., 1893-1983, "Married Nov. 14, 1915" [birth date in Hinson et al.: Sept. 27, 1893] (West)

Dickson, W. A., May 22, 1847-Apr. 5, 1926, "Beloved pastor of the M. E. Church" (Old City)

Dietz, Anne Neville, Aug. 10, 1921-July 22, 2003 [adjacent to marker for Thomas G. Dietz; probably daughter of Fred Hays Neville and Annie Mae Neville, whose matching markers are adjacent] (Northeast)

Dietz, Thomas G., Feb. 4, 1921-July 7, 2002 (Northeast)

Diggs, Henry, d. Jan. 2, 1936, military marker "Tennessee Pvt 367 Inf. 92 Div." (Southern/Black)

Dill, Winifred, 1923-2003, temporary marker, 1 foot north of double marker for Harry Bennett and Edith Brooks Orio (West)

Dixon, Annie V., Nov. 10, 1909-Apr. 28, 1998 (Southern/Black)

Dixon, Dennis Clark, Oct. 4, 1933-Apr. 23, 2001, military marker "US Army" (Southern/Black)

Dixon, Donnie C., 1890-1978 (Southern/Black)

Dixon, Ebb "Jack," July 1, 1903-Dec. 8, 1971 (Southern/Black)

Dodd, Dorothy H., June 12, 1915-June 15, 1983
Dorothy, John W., Jan. 18, 1901-Sept. 27, 1975 (Northeast)

Dodd, Edith White, Sept. 11, 1908-Oct. 29, 1959 [probably daughter of Ella Garey White and Jesse Dee White, whose matching markers are adjacent] (West)

Dodd, Sallie J., d. Dec. 7, 1915, "Aged 69 Ys. 6 M. 19 Ds." "Wife of S. F. Dodd" "Mother" "Grandma"; also new marker used as footstone to original: Sarah Jourdan Dodd, 1848-1915, "Wife of Samuel F. Dodd"] (Old City)

Dodd, Samuel French, 1842-1928, "Husband of Sarah Jourdan Dodd" "Union soldier 1862-1865" [replacement; earlier marker recorded by the WPA: S. F. Dodd, d. Aug. 16, 1928, "Aged 85 yrs. 0 mos. 3 days"] (Old City)

Dodds, _____, Nov. 12, 1982, "Baby Boy" [in Pafford family lot] (Old City)

Dodds, Griff Ross, 1898-1981
Dodds, Geneva Wiggs, 1901-1979 (Old City)

Dodds, Infant, Apr. 29, 1936, "Infant dau." "Mr. & Mrs. Griff R. Dodds"
Dodds, Infant, Feb. 25, 1937, "Infant son" "Mr. & Mrs. Griff R. Dodds" (Old City)

Dodds, Louise S., 1927-____
Dodds, Donald I., 1930-1991, "Wed 1952" "Our children: Joan, Tony and Donna" (Northeast)

Donelson, Lonnie Mae Halton, Apr. 17, 1931-Aug. 5, 2000, "beloved sister and mother" (Southern/Black)

Donnell, Early B., July 29, 1913-Feb. 15, 1967
Donnell, Agnes, Nov. 28, 1910-Feb. 16, 1989 (Southern/Black)

Doss, Grace, 1933-2001, temporary marker, Reed's Chapel, 4 yards south of double marker for Sue Gibson and Oneal J. Gobelet (Northeast)

Dotson, Alvin M., 1919-1983 (Northeast)

Dotson, Mable I. [see Armstrong, Mable I Dotson] (Northeast)

Douglas, Ada, Sept. 8, 1891-Mar. 27, 1988
Douglas, Tommie L., June 1, 1924-May 3, 1994 (Southern/Black)

Douglas, Amanda S. [see Crook, Amanda S.] (Northeast)

Douglas, Cain, Sept. 20, 1876-June 7, 1958
Douglas, Lou W., Oct. 28, 1881-July 24, 1970 (West)

Douglas, Cardie, June 18, 1897-Feb. 28, 1980
Douglas, Alberta, Apr. 2, 1908-June 15, 1992 (Southern/Black)

Douglas, Ella M. K., no dates (Southern/Black)

Douglas, John, Mar. 15, 1849-Oct. 30, 1914, "Cherry Temple No. 77" [Smith also reports a death certificate] (Southern/Black)

Douglas, Lizzie Mae, 1908-1993, temporary marker, Parham, 3 yards southwest of homemade marker for Maggie Boswell Robinson [temporary marker has been replaced as Smith records it as from Peoples Funeral Home, not Parham, and notes her to be "Mrs."] (Southern/Black)

Douglas, Otis, Sept. 5, 1928-____
Douglas, Eleanor, Oct. 11, 1931-____ (West)

Douglas, P. O., July 22, 1903-Oct. 15, 1985, "Father" (West)

Douglas, Ross Flaudie [see Oakley, Ross Flaudie Douglas] (West)

Douglas, Tony H., Nov. 2, 1935-____, "Son of Mae Douglas" (Southern/Black)

Douglass, Alton [see Lewis, Alton Douglass] (East-Central)

Douglass, Alva L., Feb. 22, 1894-Nov. 29, 1983 [adjacent to marker for T. Ben Douglass] (East-Central)

Douglass, Claudia [see Williams, Claudia Douglass] (West)

Douglass, Gran M., June 27, 1864-Oct. 31, 1931 (East-Central)

Douglass, Gregory Howard, Aug. 19, 1962-June 25, 1998, footstone with "'Leo' Beloved son, brother, uncle and friend" (East-Central)

Douglass, John M., Sept. 9, 1914-Nov. 11, 1994 (East-Central)

Douglass, Martha J., July 23, 1869-Dec. 9, 1950 [adjacent to marker for Gran M. Douglass] (East-Central)

Douglass, T. Ben, June 13, 1906-May 29, 1990 (East-Central)

Dowsett, Frank, Sept. 24, 1872-Oct. 22, 1959 (West)

Doyle, John, b. July 19, 1833
Doyle, S. A., d. Sept. 14, 1891, "Aged 56 Ys 6 Ms 13 Ds" "Wife of John Doyle" "Our father and mother are gone . . ." (Old City)

Droke, John W., Sept. 5, 1851-June 12, 1910, "Husband of Lena H. Droke" (Old City)

Droke, Otis K., June 7, 1885-Jan. 25, 1913 [Woodmen of the World memorial] (Old City)

Duck, Bonnie Lee, Nov. 21, 1911-Aug. 1, 1995, "Mother" (Northeast)

Duck, Helen [see Sheppard, Helen Duck] (Northeast)

Duck, William E., 1926-1991, military marker as footstone "US Army World War II"; dates on military marker Sept. 11, 1926-Dec. 2, 1991
Duck, Lethia L., 1939-____, "Wed 1958" "Our children sandra, Tammie, Bill, Jonathan" (Northeast)

Dudley, Brooxie M., Sept. 29, 1937-____
Dudley, W. W. (Billy), Dec. 19, 1936-July 27, 1987, "Our children Denny, Gina, Gary, Lisa, Dale" (West)

Dudley, George Y., Apr. 19, 1887-July 30, 1956, military marker "Tennessee Pvt Co A 2 Infantry Regt World War I" (West)

Dudley, Mary C., Mar. 9, 1902-Apr. 5, 1992 [adjacent to marker for George Y. Dudley] (West)

Duke, Alma [see McDaniel, Alma Duke] (Northeast)

Duke, Betty Lee [see Stephens, Betty Lee Duke] (Northeast)

Duke, Ruth Bird, May 23, 1910-Jan. 12, 1984 (Northeast)

Dumas, Earnest, Sept. 2, 1901-May 6, 1983 [undera a Beasley family marker] (East-Central)

Dumas, Elizabeth, Oct. 2, 1904-May 30, 1996 [adjacent to marker for Earnest Dumas] (East-Central)

Dunaway, Wilma J. (Jean), Feb. 25, 1931-____
Dunaway, John R. (Sarge), May 24, 1924-Aug. 4, 1998, military marker as footstone PFC US Army World War II"; "Married July 20, 1959" "State Trooper 1955-1980" "Our children: Paul, Karen and Andy" "Grandchildren: Shane, Jordan, John, Ty, Mallory" (Northeast)

Dunn, Robbie E., 1913-1985, "Sister of Willie and Myrtle" (Northeast)

Dunnivant, Infant, no dates [not found or not readable in 1996; from WPA; not reported in Hinson et al.] (Old City)

Dury, Andrew J., Aug. 9, 1975-Mar. 6, 1996, "Son" footstone
Dury, Joslyn M., Feb. 20, 1950-June 7, 1997, "Mother" footstone (Northeast)

Dury, Andrew Jason, 1975-1996, temporary marker, Pafford Funeral Home, 8 feet west of double marker for Ruth E. and Carl E. Martin (Northeast)

Dyer, Brenda K., 1947-____, "Wed Sept. 19, 1964"
Dyer, Jerry Lynn, 1945-1990, "Our children - Tiny, Bradley" (Northeast)

Dyer, Clara Nell, June 24, 1947-____ (Northeast)

Dyer, Gerthie Maness, Mar. 7, 1921-Aug. 31, 1999, "Our loving mother" "Her children Bobby Jo Robert Jerry Lillian Bill Jim Ronnie Terry Patsy" (Northeast)

Dyer, John W., 1922-1990, military marker "Cpl US Army World War II" (East-Central)

Dyer, Juanita P., Sept. 15, 1921-____
Dyer, J. Ernest, July 21, 1912-Nov. 15, 1991, "Wed Apr. 22, 1939" "Our children Joe, Jimmy, Terry, Jerry, Irene" (Northeast)

Dyer, Mildred Owens, Aug. 31, 1924-Feb. 13, 1992 [adjacent to marker for John W. Dyer; probably daughter of Opal B. owens and Will M. Owens, whose markers are adjacent] (East-Central)



Dyer, Sallie [see Taylor, Sallie Dyer] (East-Central)

Eads, John, Mrs., d. Oct. 29, 1928, "Aged 37 yrs." (Old City)

Eads, Minnie V., d. June 21, 1975, "Aged 85 yrs., 3 mos., 20 das." (Old City)

Early, Dorothy Early Timberlake, Jan. 18, 1928-____ [adjacent to marker for the younger John Richard Timberlake] (Old City)

Easley, Joyce Jean, no readable dates, temporary marker, 1 yard north of marker for James Massey, Sr. [her death was in June; remainder of date unreadable; Hinson et al. and Smith report death date of June 2, 1961] (Southern/Black)

Easley, William W., Feb. 6, 1910-Dec. 11, 1974, military marker "Pvt US Army" (Southern/Black)

Eason, Flossie L., 1923-____
Eason, Harold M., 1923-1991, military marker as footstone "Harold McEwen Eason" "Pvt US Army World War II" (Northeast)

Eason, Lena Idell, Mar. 7, 1926-Jan. 23, 2002, "Mother" (Northeast)

Edwards, Bettie, 1865-1958 ["Edwards" is assumed and appears only on family marker] (Old City)

Edwards, Donald Lee, 1930-1994, temporary marker, Boyd Funeral Home, 3 feet south of double marker for Daisy W. Gardiner and Hazel Y. Wiggs (Old City)

Edwards, Enloe, Sept. 5, 1910-July 26, 1989; also temporary marker as footstone, Parham Mortuary, "Thomas Enloe Edwards" (Southern/Black)

Edwards, John A., 1908-1976 (Southern/Black)

Edwards, John H., Feb. 22, 1873-July 24, 1943, unplaced "Father" footstone
Edwards, Daisy B., July 7, 1883-Mar. 31, 1957 (Southern/Black)

Edwards, Linnie Edwards Pafford, 1864-1927 [WPA: "Mrs. D. D. Pafford," d. Oct. 24, 1927, "Aged 63 yrs. 6 mos. 23 das."] (Old City)

Edwards, Milton S., July 27, 1838-Aug. 16, 1875 "Father" "Dear parents . . . we . . ."
Edwards, Jennie E., July 3, 1843-Jan. 7, 1897, "Wife of Milton S. Edwards" "Mother" (Old City)

Edwards, Milton, 1891-1917 ["Edwards" is assumed and appears only on family marker] (Old City)

Edwards, Thompson, 1862-1929 ["Edwards" is assumed and appears only on family marker] (Old City)

Elkins, Bessie [see Sweatt, Bessie Elkins] (Old City)

Elkins, Nannie May, June 24, 1886-Sept. 6, 1886 (sunken) [death date is buried in 1996; death date from Hinson et al.; marker has been replaced if 1886 death date is correct] (Old City)

Elkins, W. M., Mar. 12, 1853-Mar. 24, 1891, "Father" footstone
Elkins, Nannie Ross, Oct. 3, 1857-May 21, 1911, "His Wife" (Old City)

Eller, Irby W., 1887-1970
Eller, Annie Jones, 1887-1975 (Old City)

Eller, J. Elver, Sept. 11, 1883-Mar. 2, 1937 [scimitar and crescent moon carving] (Old City)

Eller, James A., June 2, 1852-June 24, 1916 [Masonic symbol]
Eller, Sahah J. Walker, Oct. 16, 1882-Jan. 31, 1947, "Mother" footstone (Old City)

Elliott, Gertla L., Apr. 20, 1920-____
Elliott, John R., Sept. 6, 1919-Jan. 14, 1987, "Wed Mar. 5, 1941" (West)

Elliott, John G., 1888-1967
Elliott, Minnie, 1888-1955 (West)

Elliott, John R., 1919-1987, military marker "Pvt US Army World war II" (West)

Elliott, Shirley Jean [see Seagraves, Shirley Jean Elliott] (Northeast)

Ellis, Billy R., 1940-1975 (Southern/Black)

Ellis, Geneva, Aug. 8, 1907-Jan. 5, 1963 (Southern/Black)

Ellis, Jerry, Jan. 1, 1949-Dec. 27, 1995, military marker as footstone "Jerry Anthony Ellis" "Pvt US Army Vietnam" (Southern/Black)

Ellis, Joe Edward, Oct. 31, 1923-Apr. 29, 2000, military marker "ST1 US Navy World war II" (Southern/Black)

Ellis, Lucy A., May 26, 1814-May 16, 1897, "Wife of Jonathan Ellis" (Old City)

Ellis, Preace, d. July 9, 1974 [not found in 1993/1994 or 2001; from Hinson et al.] (Southern/Black)

Elvington, Bertha, 1900-1987
Elvington, B. E., 1893-1977, carved rings and "1919" (Northeast)

Elvington, Ruth W., Jan. 18, 1915-Nov. 4, 1994, "Mother" (Northeast)

Embrey, Mary J., Dec. 27, 1825-Nov. 29, 1910, "Wife of M. T. Embry" (Old City)

Embrey, S. J., Sept. 8, 1852-Nov. 3, 1891 (Old City)

England, Avnet J., May 1, 1886-Oct. 9, 1918 [Woodmen of the World memorial]
England, Ophelia, Apr. 22, 1883-Dec. 8, 1957 [Spreme Forest Woodmen Circle symbol] (Old City)

England, Joe, Mar. 21, 1912-Sept. 11, 1912, "Son of A. J. & D. O. England" [replacement] (Old City)

England, Velma, Dec. 24, 1906-Oct. 10, 1908, "Dau. of A. J. & D. O. England" [replacement] (Old City)

Engles, Billie Rae, Nov. 13, 1927-July 22, 2001, "Wife" footstone, "Her children Bill, Alice, Andy, Martha, and Ray" "Ich liebe dich. Bill" (Northeast)

Enochs, Ada L. Stewart, Sept. 9, 1867-Dec. 13, 1924, "Wife of T. A. Enochs" (Old City)

Enochs, Ethel Pearson, Feb. 11, 1877-June 22, 1952 (Old City)

Enochs, Jackie Whitehorn, Oct. 25, 1865-June 21, 1906, "Wife of T. A. Enochs" (Old City)

Enochs, James Wiley, Oct. 15, 1867-Oct. 15, 1920 (Old City)

Enochs, Mary, Mar. 24, 1897-June 22, 1897 [as listed in WPA: "Mary E. Enochs" "Dau. of J. W. & Ethel Enochs" (Old City)

Enochs, Ruth [see Anderson, Ruth Enochs] (Old City)

Enochs, T. A., Sept. 4, 1860-Feb. 6, 1923 (Old City)

Ervin, Marie Hatchett, Sept. 3, 1923-July 23, 1965 [probably daughter of Martha E. and James H. Hatchett, whose double marker is adjacent] (East-Central)

Essary, Alba Watson, 1880-1919 [adjacent to marker for Ernest W. Essary, Sr.] (East-Central)

Essary, Ernest W., Sr., 1870-1960 (East-Central)

Essary, Ernest Watson. 1903-1982 (East-Central)

Essary, Infant, 1901, "Infant son ["Essary" is assumed as marker only says "Infant"; probably infant of Mary Frances and Joe Holland Essary, whose double marker is adjacent] (Old City)

Essary, Jane S., 1927-2000, "Wife" footstone
Essary, Paul J., 1911-1988 (Northeast)

Essary, Mary Frances, 1870-1912
Essary, Joe Holland, 1871-1925 [WPA: d. Jan. 19, 1924] (Old City)

Essary, Mary Louise [see Gayle, Mary Louise Essary] (Old City)

Estes, Walter E., 1881-1950
Estes, Bertha, 1895-1987, "Papa and Mama" footstone (West)

Eubank, Luther Oscar, May 1, 1887-Jan. 14, 1969, military marker as footstone "Pvt 534 Co Mtc World War I"
Eubank, Lillie M. Welch, June 29, 1899-Oct. 5, 1991 (Northeast)

Eubanks, Grapelle L., Feb. 14, 1926-Mar. 24, 1997
Eubanks, Merlin W., May 23, 1919-June 13, 2001 (Northeast)

Evans, Broxie [see Reeves, Broxie Evans] (Northeast)

Evans, Elizabeth Orr, July 24, 1934-Nov. 3, 2000 [possibly daughter of Gladys Belew and James Newton Orr, whose double marker is adjacent]
Evans, Lewis, Mar. 15, 1930-____, "Daddy" footstone "Married Dec. 18, 1954" "Our children Lewis Jr. and Beth" (Northeast)

Evans, Inez [see Fiddler, Inez Evans] (Northeast)

Evans, Inez Conger, 1924-1943 [probably daughter of Myrtle and Leon Conger, whose double marker is adjacent] (West)

Ewan, Elizabeth A., May 25, 1815-Oct. 10, 1901, "Wife of G. R. Ewan" (Old City)

Ewan, George R., Mar. 13, 1916-Jan. 9, 1890 (broken at death date) [death date from Hinson et al.] (Old City)



Fanning, A., 1839-1920, "Father" (Old City)

Fanning, Alice Scott, 1896-1935 (Old City)

Fanning, Cora Davenport, Oct. 18, 1878-July 24, 1965, Wife of W. C. Fanning" [Eastern Star symbol] (East-Central)

Fanning, Evelyn P., Feb. 22, 1899-Apr. 28, 1971, "Wife of I. B. Fanning" (East-Central)

Fanning, Innes B., Nov. 5, 1898-Apr. 13, 1982 (East-Central)

Fanning, John H., 1872-1950, "Father" footstone
Fanning, Ora A., 1877-1963 (Old City)

Fanning, Opal G., Feb. 6, 1903-Feb. 6, 1917, "Daughter" footstone [probably of John H. and Ora A. Fanning, whose double marker is adjacent] (Old City)

Fanning, Sarah, 1848-1919, "Mother" [adjacent to marker for A. Fanning] (Old City)

Fanning, W. G., 1892-1933, "Son" [probably of A. Fanning and Sarah Fanning, whose matching markers are adjacent] (Old City)

Fanning, William Carroll, July 11, 1872-Aug. 24, 1957 [Masonic symbol] (East-Central)

Farmer, Nola B., 1909-1982 (Northeast)

Farquhar-Cannon, Mary Elizabeth (Betty), ____-June 20, 1994 [she may be daughter of Bonnie Lee and Jessie A. cannon, whose double marker is adjacent]
Farquhar-Cannon, Edwin (Eddie), Feb. 2, 1943-Sept. 1, 1997 [carved 18-wheel truck] (Old City)

Faulkner, Susie [see Armstrong, Susie] (Old City)

Ferguson, James Jerry, 1946-1961, "Son of James-Laura" (West)

Ferguson, Laura, 1927-2002
Ferguson, James, 1915-1964, "Our child Jerry Ferguson," military marker as footstone "James O. Ferguson, Jr." "Georgia Cpl US Army World War II"; dates on military marker Apr. 9, 1915-May 6, 1964 (West)

Ferguson, Rexie [see Griffin, Rexie Ferguson] (Southern/Black)

Ferguson, W. L., 1896-1977, military marker as footstone, "Willie Lee Ferguson" "US Army World War I"; dates on military marker Aug. 20, 1896-Nov. 7, 1977
Ferguson, Martha J., 1898-1991 [from previous temporary marker: Aug. 18, 1898-Mar. 27, 1991] (Southern/Black)

Ferrell, Nina [see Conger, Nana Ferrell] (West)

Fesmire, Alene Deere, June 1, 1919-Oct. 18, 2002, "Mom" footstone
Fesmire, James Harold, Jan. 3, 1919-____, "Dad" footstone, "Wed Oct. 30, 1937" "Our son Paul Ronnie" (Northeast)

Fesmire, Beatrice D., 1905-____
Fesmire, Joe A., Sr., 1904-____ (Northeast)

Fesmire, Ben Priestly, Sept. 12, 1918-Aug. 8, 1978 (West)

Fesmire, Catherine, 1908-1988
Fesmire, Claude Allan, 1902-1984 (East-Central)

Fesmire, Floyd, 1903-1966 ["Fesmire" is assumed and appears only on central marker] (West)

Fesmire, Ida Hodgin, Apr. 18, 1906-July 11, 1977 ["Fesmire" is assumed and appears only on central marker; adjacent to marker for Floyd Fesmire] (West)

Fesmire, J. Opal, 1908-1985 (West)

Fesmire, James Henry, 1914-1992, military marker "Tec5 US Army World War II" (Northeast)

Fesmire, Jo, 1907-1997, unplaced "Mother" footstone
Fesmire, Roy, 1901-1979 (Northeast)

Fesmire, Lyda S, Oct. 4, 1899-Mar. 30, 1984, "Mother" footstone
Fesmire, James Eph, Mar. 30, 1896-May 10, 1987 (Northeast)

Fesmire, Maie A., Apr. 17, 1896-Mar. 18, 1983, "Mother" (Northeast)

Fesmire, Mary E., Nov. 13, 1869-Sept. 3, 1953
Fesmire, Thomas A., Apr. 8, 1874-July 2, 1955 (West)

Fesmire, Mary Ellen, 1930-1930, "Dau. of Catherine & Claude Fesmire"; death date in WPA: Nov. 18, 1930 (East-Central)

Fesmire, Minnie Crosser, 1888-1964 [adjacent to marker for Samuel E. Fesmire] (West)

Fesmire, Pearl, 1918-1984, "Mother" footstone
Fesmire, Houston, 1918-____, "Daddy" footstone, "Married Dec. 22, 1933" "Our children - David, Jimmy, Tony" (Northeast)

Fesmire, Rebecca Bell, 1917-____
Fesmire, F. E. (Abe), 1916-1977, military marker as footstone "Floyd Edward Fesmire" "PFC US Army World War II" (Northeast)

Fesmire, Samuel E., 1882-1957 (West)

Fesmire, Thomas R., 1916-1984, military marker as footstone "Cpl US Army World War II"; dates on military marker Mar. 31, 1916-Apr. 4, 1984 [Masonic symbol]
Fesmire, Elsie P., 1921-____, "Married Nov. 28, 1942" [Eastern Star symbol] (Northeast)

Fiddler, Agnes [see Bradfield, Agnes Fiddler] (Northeast)

Fiddler, Bobbie, 1937-1995, "Mama"
Fiddler, Demp, 1934-1993, "Daddy" "Wed Aug. 15, 1953" (Northeast)

Fiddler, Bobby G., 1940-1973 [probably son of Rushie G. and Hester U. Fiddler, whose double marker is adjacent] (Northeast)

Fiddler, Fairy W., July 1, 1906-Feb. 20, 1996, "Mama" footstone
Fiddler, Clifford C., Nov. 18, 1905-July 3, 2001, "Daddy" footstone, "Wed 1925" (Northeast)

Fiddler, Inez Evans, Aug. 2, 1917-Dec. 3, 2000
Fiddler, Hooper, Sept. 15, 1915-____, "Married May 19, 1935" "Our daughter Sarah" (Northeast)

Fiddler, Margaret Lou, Nov. 21, 1936-____, "Mama" footstone
Fiddler, James Lee, Dec. 21, 1936-Dec. 3, 1995, "Daddy" footstone, "Our children Tony-Anita-Allen" (Northeast)

Fiddler, Rushie G., 1912-1991, "Mother" footstone
Fiddler, Hester V., 1908-1992, "Father" footstone (Northeast)

Fiddler, Sam, Dec. 12, 1969-Jan. 25, 2001, "Son of Demp and Bobbie Sue" [race car etched on back of marker] (Northeast)

Fielder, C. D. M., Jan. 1, 1860-Oct. 5, 1860, "Infant son of J. S. & M. P. Fielder" [overlooked or not readable in 1996; from WPA; may be Creed D. Fielder] (Old City)

Fielder, Celestia [see Logan, Celestia Fielder] (Old City)

Fielder, Creed D., 1861-1861 [replacement] (Old City)

Fielder, Jesse Roy, 1877-1941 [replacement] (Old City)

Fielder, John Samuel, 1831-1882 [replacement; dates in Hinson et al.: Feb. 1, 1831-Sept. 6, 1882] (Old City)

Fielder, John Samuel, Jr., 1874-1938 [replacement] (Old City)

Fielder, L. T., 1865-1940
Fielder, Missie Murray, 1871-1947 (Old City)

Fielder, Lyda [see Hall, Lyda Fielder] (Old City)

Fielder, Mae [see Graper, Mae Fielder] (Old City)

Fielder, Mary Patience, 1837-1905 [as reported in Hinson et al.: d. Feb. 12, 1905, "Wife of John S. Fielder"; as reported in WPA: "Aged 68 yrs. 13 das." "Mother"] (Old City)

Fields, Barbara [ssee Wright, Barbara Fields] (East-Central)

Finch, Achilles L., 1900-1962 (Old City)

Finch, W. Stephen, Aug. 1, 1952, "Son of W. C. & Vonzille" (Old City)

Finch, William L., 1885-1941 (Old City)

Fisher, Dennis E., 1961-1980 (Southern/Black)

Fisher, Golden W., Sept. 21, 1910-Jan. 8, 2002, "Mother" (Northeast)

Fisher, James Ricky, Feb. 19, 1954-July 24, 1994, temporary marker, Parham Mortuary, 2 yards south of marker for Mildred M. Fisher (Southern/Black)

Fisher, Jessie Oakley, Aug. 9, 1905-Dec. 1, 1994
Fisher, Dan, Apr. 2, 1905-Aug. 25, 1982, "Married May 2, 1931" (Northeast)

Fisher, Mildred M., Apr. 23, 1927-Dec. 16, 1990, "Mother" footstone (Southern/Black)

Fitzgerald, Lucille, d. sept. 2, 2002, temporary marker, Mercer Brothers, Jackson, Tennessee, approx. 8 yards southeast of double marker for Mary J. and Prentice Wadley (Southern/Black)

Fitzhugh, Ethel Murray, Dec. 7, 1882-Mar. 13, 1934, "Wife of M. G. Fitzhugh" [probably daughter of J. L. Murray and Addie Murray, whose matching markers are adjacent] (Old City)

Flake, James Thomas (Jimmie), Oct. 23, 1951-Jan. 28, 1959 (West)

Flake, Johnnie O. [see Flaks, Johnnie O.] (Southern/Black)

Flake, Juanita [see Neisler, Juanita Flake] (West)

Flake, Luenell, Feb. 13, 1914-____
Flake, Obie, Feb. 22, 1912-Nov. 23, 1985, "Wed 1932" (Southern/Black)

Flake, Price M., 1908-1986
Flake, Tommie A., 1906-1984 (West)

Flakes, Artheira [see Trice, Artheira Flakes] (Southern/Black)

Flakes, Avery, "Mrs.," Apr. 10, 1909-May 24, 1993?, temporary marker, Peoples Funeral Home, 3 feet north of marker for Virgie Mae Dickerson [Smith: d. May 24, 1986] (Southern/Black)

Flakes, Inez, Nov. 12, 1922-____, "Mom" footstone [f;owers on grave in Oct. 2003]
Flakes, Lancaster, June 9, 1919-Nov. 6, 2001, "Dad" footstone (Southern/Black)

Flakes, Lena E., Apr. 13, 1913-Mar. 9, 1999 (Southern/Black)

Flakes, Murray, July 15, 1908-Nov. 11, 1990, military marker "S1 US Navy" (Southern/Black)

Flakes, Robert, 1918-1963
Flakes, Nettie, 1890-1954 (Southern/Black)

Flaks, Johnnie, 1890-1983 (homemade) [from previous temporary marker: Johnnie O. Flake, d. Jan. 23, 1983, "Aged 92 Years 9 Months 3 Days"] (Southern/Black)

Flanagan, Nancy, Jan. 1, 1833-July 14, 1900 (Old City)

Flannagan, Jimmie [see McPeake, Jimmie Flannagan] (Northeast)

Florence, George William, Sept. 16, 1832-Jan. 22, 1909 [Masonic symbol] (Old City)

Florence, James L., Mar. 21, 1856-Dec. 14, 1881 (eroded) [first name was unreadable in 1996; identified in Hinson et al. using dates] (Old City)

Floyd, Sarah [see Park, Sarah Floyd] (East-Central)

Flynn, Donald John, May 27, 1914-May 29, 1983 (West)

Flynn, Robbie Hart, Apr. 5, 1915 [adjacent to marker for Donald John Flynn] (West)

Foley, Buster, 1952-2003, temporary marker, Reed's Chapel, 4 feet south of marker for Jeffrey A. Hughes (Northeast)

Foley, Iona T., 1912-1993, "Mother" footstone, "Wed 1936"
Foley, William Lee, 1917-1989, military marker as footstone "Cpl US Army World War II"; dates on military marker Jan. 22, 1917-Feb. 20, 1989 (Northeast)

Foote, Shirley Jean, Sept. 5, 1940-May 22, 1999 (East-Central)

Forrester, Earline, May 10, 1947-Mar. 1, 1994, "Mother" footstone, "She left one son - Ray P. & one grandson - Christopher Shane" (Northeast)

Forsythe, Nelle Boswell, 1882-1950 (Old City)

Foster, ______, no dates, "Mrs." [not found in 1996; from WPA] (Old City)

Foster, Allie, d. Sept. 1, 1932, "Aged 57 yrs. 1 mo. 27 days" [not found in 1996 and not reported by Hinson et al.; from WPA] (Old City)

Foster, George, 1873-1952
Foster, Mamie, 1872- (Old City)

Foster, Henry, 1833-1891, "Father"
Foster, Nancy, 1833-1907, "Mother" (Old City)

Foster, J. B., May 9, 1866-Oct. 4, 1890, "Son of H. W. & N. S. Foster" (Old City)

Foster, Josie, 1878-1951 (disintegrating) (Southern/Black)

Foster, P. T. (Fill), 1873-1951 (Old City)

Fowler, Jewel Faye, Oct. 28, 1931-Oct. 8, 1955, "Mom" footstone
Fowler, Joe Stanley, Dec. 2, 1925-____, "Dad" footstone, "Wed Jan. 13, 1951" "Our children: Randy, Sherry, Sheila" (Northeast)

Fowler, Owida, Sept. 14, 1902-Sept. 29, 1989
Fowler, Herschel, Apr. 29, 1900-May 6, 1977 (Northeast)

Fox, Kenneth Ray, 1952-2001, temporary marker, Pafford Funeral Home, 4 feet north of marker for Earline Forrester (Northeast)

Fox, Tommie B., 1929-1989, "married Nov. 3, 1951
Fox, Ray L., 1924-1980, military marker as footstone "Ray Leonard Fox" "SSgt US Air Force World War II" (Northeast)

Franklin, Allie Kizer, 1882-1968 [adjacent to marker for John David Franklin] (Old City)

Franklin, Belton, Aug. 11, 1902-Feb. 8, 1975
Franklin, Mary, Mar. 6, 1899-Nov. 18, 1979 (West)

Franklin, Evelyn [see Reeves, Evelyn Franklin] (Northeast)

Franklin, Jennie Smith, 1870-1908 [as reported by WPA: Jennie Franklin, Nov. 7, 1870-Jan. 24, 1908, "Wife of John D. Franklin" "Mother"] (Old City)

Franklin, John David, 1865-1968 (Old City)

Franklin, Johnnie, Dec. 31, 1897-Mar. 30, 1975 (West)

Franklin, Joseph R., 1874-1952 [Masonic symbol]
Franklin, Media Holmes, 1880-1962 [Eastern Star symbol] (Old City)

Franklin, Kathleen T., Aug. 9, 1915-____ [adjacent to marker for William T. Franklin, Jr.] (West)

Franklin, Mary Louise, Aug. 17, 1922-Aug. 17, 1922, "Dau. of Belton & Mary Franklin" (West)

Franklin, Mary Louise, d. Aug. 7, 1922, "Aged 0 yrs. 0 mos. 0 das." [not found in 1996 and not reported in Hinson et al.; from WPA] (Old City)

Franklin, May, Aug. 20, 1921-____ [seems to be daughter of Johnnie Franklin and Willie Franklin, whose matching markers are adjacent] (West)

Franklin, Myrtle J., July 28, 1901-Oct. 22, 1970 [adjacent to marker for William T. Franklin, Sr.] (West)

Franklin, William T., Jr., June 9, 1918-Sept. 10, 1980, "He served in World War II" (West)

Franklin, William T., Sr., Nov. 20, 1895-June 11, 1983 (West)

Franklin, Willie, Mar. 30, 1900-____ [adjacent to marker for Johnnie Franklin] (West)

Frazier, E. Hall, 1898-1968 (Old City)

Frazier, Ida Medora, 1870-1942, "Mother" footstone
Frazier, William Acklin, 1866-1941, "Father" footstone (Old City)

Frazier, Tot, 1907-1930 [adjacent to marker for E. Hall Frazier] (Old City)

Frazier, W. A., June 30, 1866-Oct. 4, 1941, "Erected by his brother C. N. Frazier of Camden, Tenn." (Old City)

Frizzell, Donna Mae, Dec. 1, 1913-____
Frizzell, John L., July 8, 1911-Aug. 8, 1993, "Married May 10, 1931" "Our children Ray, Janice, David, Danny, Gregory" (Northeast)

Fuller, Alexander H., May 13, 1871-Feb. 14, 1936
Fuller, Mallie D., May 14, 1882-Mar. 21, 1976 (Old City)

Fuller, Martha [see Denison, Martha Fuller] (Old City)

Funderburk, Clyde Ross, 1896-1989, "Mother" footstone (Southern/Black)



Gainer, James Roy, Apr. 24, 1942-Apr. 15, 1982, military marker "DS2 US Navy Vietnam" (West)

Galbraith, Amy L., July 3, 1836-June 7, 1904, "Wife of J. H. Galbraith" (Old City)

Galloway, Amanda [see Melton, Amanda Galloway] (Old City)

Galloway, M. L., Mar. 2, 1835-Feb. 24, 1890 (Old City)

Galloway, Mathew Baker, d. Aug. 10, 1893, "Aged 1 yr. 6 ms, 15 ds." "Son of M. G. & M. L. Galloway" (Old City)

Galloway, Polly Ann, July 23, 1829-May 28, 1905, "Wife of M. L. Galloway" (Old City)

Galloway, Willie [see Muse, Willie Galloway] (Old City)

Gammon, Annie [see Brown, Annie Gammon] (East-Central)

Gardiner, Daisy W., June 19, 1906-____ [shares double marker with Hazel Y. Wiggs] (East-Central)

Gardner, Emmett Leon, 1908-1990, military marker "PFC US Army World War II" (Southern/Black)

Gardner, Hugh D., Sept. 29, 1924-Jan. 15, 1983, military marker "Pvt US Army World War II" (Southern/Black)

Garey, Ella [see White, Ella Garey] (West)

Garl, J. F., Nov. 27, 1860-Sept. 2, 1907, "Rev." [Masonic symbol] [an unusual typeface makes it difficult to decide if the name is Carl or Garl; it looks somewhat more like Garl but there is a Carl family in eastern Madison County] (Old City)

Garner, Aud L., 1886-1938
Garner, Ethel D., 1892-1972 (Old City)

Garner, Eugene C., 1893-1964
Garner, Beulah L., 1897-1979 (West)

Garner, J. Harvey, 1873-1914
Garner, Cora Eller, 1882-1937 (Old City)

Garner, James, July 26, 1923-____
Garner, Cleta Fay, Mar. 27, 1932-May 14, 1989, "Married Aug. 14, 1947" (Northeast)

Garner, Jerry G., 1941-1987, military marker as footstone "Terry Glean Garner" "SSgt US Army Tennessee National Guard"; dates on military marker Feb. 1, 1941-Apr. 2, 1987 [only name on double marker] (Northeast)

Garner, Johnie W., 1876-1945
Garner, Jerry M., 1864-1969 (Old City)

Garner, Kathleen E. Waite, Dec. 16, 1889-Feb. 3, 1968 (West)

Garner, Nell W., 1926-1989, "Mother" footstone
Garner, E. Earl, 1923-1987, "Father" footstone, "Wed Mar. 15, 1947" "Our son - Earl W.", military marker as footstone "US Army World War II; dates on military marker Sept. 16, 1923-July 30, 1987 (Northeast)

Garner, Silas, Jan. 26, 1925-Apr. 25, 1954 (West)

Garrett, Jerine, July 21, 1921-____
Garrett, Claude Lee, Mar. 5, 1918-June 24, 1995 (Southern/Black)

Garvey, Infant, d. June 12, 1928, "Infant of Mr. and Mrs. M. C. Garvey" [not found in 1996 or 2001; from WPA] (Old City)

Garvey, M. C., May 6, 1857-Feb. 24, 1928
Garvey, Mary E., Mar. 17, 1868-____, "His Wife" (Old City)

Garvey, Mike, no dates, military marker as footstone "Woodford M. Garvey, Jr." "US Army World War II"; dates on military marker 1917-1982
Garvey, Jean, no dates, footstone with "Ima Jean Garvey" ; dates on footstone Feb. 5, 1913-____ (West)

Garvey, Velma E., 1893-1954
Garvey, Woodford M., 1889-1972 (West)

Gaston, Katherine [see Denison, Katherine Gaston] (West)

Gatz, Emiel C., Dec. 17, 1870-Mar. 30, 1878, "Son of J. & E." (eroded, fallen) (Old City)

Gayle, Mary Louise Essary, Dec. 27, 1906-Dec. 19, 1989 [adjacent to marker for Stuart Campbell Gayle] (East-Central)

Gayle, Stuart Campbell, Mar. 22, 1904-May 22, 1972 (East-Central)

Gean, Mary Lounell, Feb. 21, 1932-____, unplaced "Mother" footstone
Gean, Jimmy, June 21, 1925-Feb. 3, 1985, military marker as footstone "Pvt US Army World War II" (Northeast)

Gibson, Arthur M., Mar. 20, 1895-May 30, 1966, "Dad" footstone
Gibson, Mary F., Jan. 22, 1900-Sept. 22, 1994, "Mother" footstone (Old City)

Gibson, Billy W., Nov. 4, 1950-June 30, 1990, "Beloved brother" (Northeast)

Gibson, C. Frederick, Mar. 18, 1922-Aug. 17, 1933, "Son of Mr. & Mrs. A. M. Gibson" [overlooked or not readable in 1996; from WPA] (Old City)

Gibson, G. B., Sept. 23, 1839-Apr. 23, 1926 (Old City)

Gibson, G. T., Dec. 22, 1873-Aug. 11, 1955 (Old City)

Gibson, Georgia D. Wheatley, Sept. 6, 1890-July 14, 1974 [adjacent to marker for Leslie H. Gibson] (West)

Gibson, Gertie L., 1904-1978
Gibson, Roy P., 1900-1984 (Northeast)

Gibson, Glenna H., Nov. 14, 1933-____
Gibson, Clovis G., Feb. 7, 1929-July 30, 1996, military marker as footstone "Clovis Gordon Gibson" "Cpl US Army World War II" (Northeast)

Gibson, James P., May 1, 1915-Feb. 26, 1941 (Old City)

Gibson, Leslie H., Aug. 28, 1889-May 26, 1957, military marker "Tennessee Cpl 38 Co 157 Depot Brigade World War I" (West)

Gibson, Lettie M., May 17, 1878-Dec. 29, 1924 [adjacent to marker for G. T. Gibson] (Old City)

Gibson, Naomi Wood, Dec. 27, 1923-May 27, 1988 (West)

Gibson, Satirayan, Aug. 12, 1847-Aug. 8, 1900, "Wife of G. B. Gibson" "Mother" [there is an unreadable marker adjacent to this marker] (Old City)

Gibson, Sue [see Gobelet, Sue Gibson] (Northeast)

Gibson, T. H., Oct. 28, 1903-June 21, 1904, "Son of G. T. & L. M. Gibson" (Old City)

Gibson, Thomas L., Sept. 26, 1922-Mar. 4, 1998, military marker "Sgt US Army World War II 99th Div 371st Field Artillery" (West)

Gibson, Velma Mae, Jan. 22, 1918-Jan. 28, 1919, "Dau. of A. M. & Mary Gibson" (Old City)

Gibson, Victoria [see Denison, Victoria Gibson] (East-Central)

Gibson, Wm. Moore, Jan. 4, 1862-Apr. 15, 1891, "Born in Memphis, Tenn." "Died in Lexington, Tenn." (Old City)

Gideon, Louise Timberlake, May 18, 1898-June 8, 1931, "Wife of Gill A. Gideon" [replacement] (East-Central)

Gilbert, Thomas Edward, Jr., Aug. 14, 1961-Feb. 18, 1995, "Hot Stuff Eddie"
Gilbert, Peggy Evelyn, Dec. 17, 1942-____, "Mama Peggy"
Gilbert, Thomas Edward, Sr., Jan. 15, 1940-____, "Tommy" "You are wrestling for the greatest booker of all time" "Wrestling the King of Sports" (Northeast)

Gillespie, Miriam, d. Feb. 16, 1841, "Aged 30 years 9 months and 6 days" [identifiable but mostly unreadable in 1996; information from WPA] [oldest original marker still in cemetery] (Old City)

Gilliam, Betty O., 1889-1980
Gilliam, Jack, 1884-1965 (West)

Gilliam, Emily [see Creasy, Emily Gilliam] (West)

Gilliam, Ernest Manley, 1902-1968 (East-Central)

Gilliam, Fenner H., 1897-1960 [Masonic symbol]
Gilliam, Ruth W., 1898-1993 [Eastern Star symbol] (East-Central)

Gilliam, Infant, Jan. 3, 1920, "Infant son of Ruth Roberts Gilliam" (East-Central)

Gilliam, John, 1958-____
Gilliam, Rebecca, 1930-____
Gilliam, Lloyd, 1922-____ [etching of fishing] (Northeast)

Gilliam, Laura Goff, Aug. 9, 1893-Dec. 24, 1986, "Rest in peace dear mother, Emily" (West)

Gilliam, Lizzie, d. Oct. ____, "Aged 25 yrs." [overlooked or not readable in 1996; from WPA] (East-Central)

Gilliam, Nell Snow, Sept. 2, 1924-____
Gilliam, Leon, Oct. 16, 1923-Nov. 15, 1986, "Married Jan. 21, 1944" (Northeast)

Gilmore, Nettie Wolfe, 1905-1998, Wife"
Gilmore, Arnold F., 1902-1950, "Husband" (East-Central)

Glass, Andrew M., d. Mar. 20, 1851, "Aged 3 mos 5 days" (fallen) (Old City)

Glass, James W., Mar. 8, 1845-Aug. 22, 1847 (Old City)

Glass, Sarah F., d. May 18, 1852, "In the 31st year of her life" "Consort of James W. Glass" (Old City)

Gobelet, Sue Gibson, Aug. 26, 1947-June 13, 997, "Momma" footstone
Gobelet, Oneal J., Aug. 12, 1944-____, "Our children Jimmie (Buck) W., Sheila W., Debbora Sue W., Sherry W., Timmy G., Ray (Bubba) W." (Northeast)

Goff, Agnes C., Oct. 6, 1839-Feb. 23, 1920 (Old City)

Goff, Ann B., Apr. 25, 1921-Jan. 10, 1983, "Mother" footstone [Eastern Star symbol]
Goff, Guy H., Aug. 19, 1917-Nov. 1, 1993, "Father" footstone, [Masonic symbol] "W.O.W."; "Married Apr. 26, 1941" (Northeast)

Goff, Ben H., Nov. 13, 1888-____ (Old City)

Goff, Carrie [see Austin, Carrie Goff] (West)

Goff, Clora Maud, 1885-1948 (Old City)

Goff, Earl Julian, 1913-1928 (Old City)

Goff, Edith, Nov. 4, 1925-____
Goff, Charlie T., Apr. 27, 1913-May 28, 1984, military marker as footstone "Tec4 US Army World War II"; "Married Mar. 5, 1949" "Our Son Keith" "W.O.W." (Northeast)

Goff, Evie, Jan. 23, 1908-July 8, 1990; also temporary marker, Pafford Funeral Home, "Evie L. Goff"
Goff, Dee, Nov. 12, 1904-Mar. 31, 1982, carved wedding rings and "1937" (West)

Goff, Farris [see Farris G. Stubblefield] (Northeast)

Goff, G. W. (Dick), Feb. 23, 1887-Feb. 19, 1980 (Old City)

Goff, G. W., Aug. 6, 1861-June 19, 1930 (Old City)

Goff, Georgie [see Petty, Georgie Goff] (West)

Goff, J. F., Dec. 28, 1884-Jan. 11, 1944, "Dr." (West)

Goff, Jewel Dennison, Dec. 19, 1889-Mar. 21, 1971 [adjacent to marker for J. F. Goff] (West)

Goff, Laura [see Gilliam, Laura Goff] (West)

Goff, Noraine Walker, Sept. 3, 1903-Jan. 13, 1971 [adjacent to marker for William McKinley Goff] (West)

Goff, Richard Dennison, Oct. 1, 1921-May 2, 1998 (West)

Goff, Stephen L., d. May 8, 1974, "Aged 66 yrs. 6 mos., 3 das." [not found in 1996; from Hinson et al.; probably read from a temporary marker] (Old City)

Goff, Steve, June 7, 1882-Oct. 10, 1923, "Husband of Maud Goff" [Masonic symbol] (Old City)

Goff, Susan P., Mar. 3, 1858-June 12, 1930 [adjacent to marker for G. W. Goff] (Old City)

Goff, William McKinley, Apr. 30, 1894-Sept. 18, 1963 (West)

Goldman, Emma [see Bruner, Emma Goldman] (Old City)

Gooch, Gary, Sept. 29, 1961-Apr. 8, 1997, "Husband" footstone (Southern/Black)

Gooch, Robert E., Jr., 1925-1944 (West)

Gooch, Robert Elwin, Sr., 1897-1953 (West)

Gooch, Sue Mae, May 10, 1904-Jan. 6, 1979 [adjacent to marker for Robert Elvin Gooch, Sr.] (West)

Graham, Opal M. [see Beaton, Opal M. Graham] (Old City)

Graham, Opal M. [see Beeton, Opal M. Graham] (Old City)

Graper, Callie [see Scott, Callie Graper] (Old City)

Graper, Henry E., 1873-1924 (Old City)

Graper, Infant, 1914, "Infant son of H. E. & Mae F. Graper" (Old City)

Graper, Julia [see Lancaster, Julia Graper] (Old City)

Graper, Mae Fielder, 1872-1921 (Old City)

Gray, Barbara Ann [see Clement, Barbara Ann Gray] (Northeast)

Green, Buddy, 1912-1993 [previous temporary marker listed nickname "Brer Rabbit"] (Southern/Black)

Green, Mae Roby, Aug. 31, 1899-Feb. 1, 1969 [adjacent to marker for Otis L. Green] (West)

Green, Minder P., May 4, 1894-Mar. 1, 1974, "Mother" [listed as Midney Phelps Green in Hinson et al.; Smith also names her as Midner P. Green] (Southern/Black)

Green, Otis L., Apr. 15, 1885-Dec. 30, 1943, "Father" footstone (West)

Greenway, Annette Moffitt, Feb. 20, 1941-____, unplaced "Mom" footstone
Greenway, Claude Eugene, Mar. 19, 1939-____, unplaced "Dad" footstone, "Married June 1, 1963" "Our daughter Gina" "Grandchildren: Chris, Michael and Becki" (Northeast)

Greer, Virginia, Mar. 4, 1930-Dec. 10, 1969, "Mrs." (Southern/Black)

Griffey, Effie Mae, June 1, 1891-July 19, 1922, "Wife of H. A. Griffey" (Old City)

Griffin, Bun Edward, 1909-1974 (Northeast)

Griffin, Mary [see Stoots, Mary Griffin] (Northeast)

Griffin, Rexie Ferguson, Dec. 12, 1920-Sept. 17, 1998 (Southern/Black)

Griggs, Alford, Apr. 2, 1833-July 14, 1916 (fallen) Masonic symbol] (Old City)

Griggs, D. A., Oct. 22, 1866-July 1, 1917 (Old City)

Griggs, G. H., Apr. 6, 1838-Nov. 9, 1912, "Husband"
Griggs, Louisa E., June 13, 1847-Dec. 11, 1917, "His Wife" (Old City)

Griggs, Hattie E. Scott, Sept. 26, 1874-Oct. 16, 1910, "Wide of D. A. Griggs" [probably daughter of C. R. Scott and Hattie Murphy Scott, whose markers are adjacent] (Old City)

Griggs, Mary E., Mar. 28, 1837-Sept. 26, 1894, "Wife of Alfred Griggs" (fallen) (Old City)

Griggs, Warren Fletcher, Sept. 2, 1964-Sept. 8, 1964 [overlooked or not found in 1996; from Hinson et al.] (East-Central)

Grimsley, Agnes V., 1923-____
Grimsley, C. L., 1926-1991, "Wed July 13, 1946" "Our children Diane, Richard, Johnny, Peggy, Garet," military marker as footstone "En1 US Coast Guard World War II Korea" (Northeast)

Grimsley, Peggy Sue, 1955-____, "Beloved daughter" [probably daughter of Agnes V. and C. L. Grimsley, whose double marker is adjacent] (Northeast)

Grissom, June R., July 5, 1931-____
Grissom, Marcus C., Aug. 6, 1928-Aug. 25, 1988, "Father footstone, "Our children - Linda, Butch, Lillian, Kathey, Andy, Scottie" (Northeast)

Grissom, Ray, 1927-2003, temporary marker, Pafford Funeral Home, 7 feet north of drive in row 119 (Northeast)

Guinn, Helen [see Houston, Helen Guinn] (West)

Guinn, Lonnie R. B., Aug. 22, 1905-June 20, 1965 (West)

Guinn, Lucille Chambers, June 29, 1910-Jan. 8, 1980 [adjacent to marker for Lonnie R. B. Guinn] (West)

Gurley, Arthur E., 1898-1954
Gurley, Theoda L., 1911-____ (West)

Gurley, Elus Lee, Jan. 11, 1906-July 7, 1990, "Beloved son and brother," military marker as footstone "PFC US Army World War II" [probably son of Nancy Christopher Gurley and brother of Velma G. Waynick] (East-Central)

Gurley, Fannie B., 1888-1985
Gurley, Walter Lee, 1885-1964, "Father and Mother" footstone, "Married Dec. 27, 1906" (Northeast)

Gurley, Nancy Christopher, 1877-1959 (East-Central)

Gurley, Virginia R., Sept. 7, 1920-Apr. 2, 1990
Gurley, Roy F., May 13, 1921-May 6, 1998, military marker as footstone "Pvt US Army World War II"; "Married Jan. 8, 1956" "Our children - Roylynn and Suzanne" (Northeast)

Gustason, Ruby Evelyn [see Martin, Ruby Evelyn] (Northeast)



Habacker, Floyd Fowler, Apr. 28, 1898-June 4, 1898, "Son of J. & M. K. Habacker" (eroded) [first name is unreadable in 1996; identified in WPA using dates and relationship information] (Old City)

Haggard, Marguerite [see Austin, Marguerite Haggard] (East-Central)

Haggard, Maude Roberts, 1876-1954 [noted as "Mrs." in Hinson et al.] (Old City)

Halbrook, Jesse W., 1929-1995, "Son"
Halbrook, Georgia J., 1899-1990, "Mother"
Halburton, George W., 1898-1973, "Father" "Their children Joe Billy Frances Louise Catherine Charles" (Northeast)

Halbrooks, Billy M., Apr. 6, 1935-____, "His children Charles, Teresa and Laura Lee" (Northeast)

Halbrooks, Charles W., 1924-1951, military marker as footstone "Tennessee Pvt US Marine Corps World war II"; dates on military marker Apr. 7, 1924-Sept. 2, 1851 (Old City)

Halbrooks, Joe Ben, 1933-1991, "Brother" footstone (Northeast)

Halbrooks, Phila, Dec. 17, 1898-Aug. 27, 1971 (East-Central)

Hale, Willa Dean, 1921-1988, "Mother"
Hale, Billy, 1953-1979, "Son" (Northeast)

Hall, B. J., Oct. 20, 1814-Mar. 21, 1844, "Wife of Isaac C. Hall" (broken) (Old City)

Hall, Earline A., 1933-____ [an Azbill, see below]
Hall, Paul K., 1918-1982, military marker as footstone "Paul Kenneth Hall" "Major US Army World War II"; dates on military marker Nov. 5, 1918-Dec. 18, 1982 (West)

Hall, Edward T., Dec. 5, 1811-Mar. 19, 1895, "Edward T. Hall was born in Carthage, Smith Co. Tenn." (Old City)

Hall, Eva Sneed, 1886-1951 (Old City)

Hall, Fannie, Aug. 16, 1868-May 22, 1908, "Dau. of E. T. & M. J." "Sister" [not found in 1996 or 2001; from WPA] (Old City)

Hall, Infant, June 8, 1965-June 8, 1965, "Infant son of Earline Azbill Hall" (West)

Hall, Joseph Nathaniel, 1844-1922 (Old City)

Hall, Luther R., 1904-1969
Hall, Prestell, 1908-1975, "Married Nov. 29, 1926" (West)

Hall, Lyda C., 1885-1913 (Old City)

Hall, Lyda Fielder, 1858-1890 [replacement; adjacent to marker for Joseph Nathaniel Hall] (Old City)

Hall, Mae Nell Barker, Nov. 4, 1925-____
Hall, Henry F., Sr., Dec. 15, 1919-____, "Navy veteran WWII"; "Married Dec. 5, 1945" "Our children: Elizabeth, Henry Jr., Richard, Betty" (Northeast)

Hall, Mary Murray, 1887-1957
Hall, John F., 1883-1959 (Old City)

Hall, Medora J., Oct. 21, 1844-Oct. 26, 1896, "Wife of E. T. Hall" "Medora J. Hall was born in Totty Bend Hickman Co. Tennessee" (Old City)

Hall, Opal [see White, Opal Hall] (Northeast)

Hall, R. J., Oct. 20, 1814-Mar. 21, 1874, "Wife of Isaac C. Hall" (broken, fallen) (Old City)

Hall, Robert Earl, June 22, 1942-Mar. 11, 1999 (Southern/Black)

Hall, Robert W., 1881-1951 (Old City)

Hall, Ruby Lee, Oct. 22, 1942-Aug. 29, 1991, "Mommy" foostone
Hall, Joe Neil, Nov. 10, 1938-____, unplaced "Daddy" footstone, "married Mar. 9, 1957" "Our children - Joe, Charlie and Donna" (Northeast)

Hall, Wilbina, 1888-1918 (Old City)

Halton, Herron, Oct. 7, 1937-June 27, 1998, military marker "US Air Force" (Southern/Black)

Halton, Lonnie Mae [see Donelson, :onnie Mae Halton] (Southern/Black)

Halton, Louis C., Aug. 29, 1934-Sept. 26, 1959 (Southern/Black)

Halton, Richard, 1944-1986, military marker "Sgt US Army Vietnam" (Southern/Black)

Hamlett, Ruth Rhodes, 1900-1961 (Old City)

Hamlin, Becky, 1958-2003, "Daughter of John and Nina Hamlin" (Northeast)

Hamlin, John B., Feb. 28, 1834-____
Hamlin, Nina McCollum, Apr. 4, 1940-____ (Northeast)

Hamm, Ruby Wood, Nov. 26, 1943-Oct. 1, 1979 [recorded in 1996 but not found in 2001; dates match those for Ruby Louise Wood] (Northeast)

Hammett, Ruth W., 1915-1979
Hammett, Emmitt, 1910-1975, "Married Dec. 24, 1933" (Northeast)

Hancel, Mollie G. [see Robb, Mollie G. Hancel] (Old City)

Hancock, Alvis Casey, Nov. 17, 1878-May 3, 1969 (West)

Hancock, Brittany Lee, Aug. 30, 1985-Sept. 1, 1985 (West)

Hancock, John Albert, Nov. 23, 1915-Mar. 15, 1976 (West)

Hancock, Lena Lindsey, Dec. 14, 1893-Mar. 2, 1963 [adjacent to marker for Alvis Casy Hancock] (West)

Hancock, Lucille [see Ozment, Lucille Hancock] (West)

Hancock, Martha E. Pearson, Dec. 8, 1921-Sept. 23, 2003 [adjacent to marker for John Albert Hancock] (West)

Hancock, Mary [see Ruffner, Mary Hancock Lawler] (West)

Hanna, Bessie [see White, Bessie Hanna] (West)

Hanna, Elizabeth [see Lewis, Elizabeth Hanna] (Old City)

Hanna, Florine M., Dec. 9, 1935-____, unplaced "Mama" [Eastern Star symbol]
Hanna, Junior D., Feb. 23, 1936-Apr. 16, 1989, unplaced "Dad" footstone, "Married Aug. 20, 1955," military marker as footstone "Pvt US Army Korea" (Northeast)

Hannah, James Harold, Aug. 20, 1944-Aug. 21, 1944 [replacement] (West)

Harden, Barbara Fay, June 27, 1948-Oct. 31, 1990 (Southern/Black)

Hardin, Jasper L., 1871-1955 (East-Central)

Hardin, Josephine Boswell, 1884-1952, "Wife of Will B. Hardin" (East-Central)

Hardin, Lela Ada Boswell, 1882-1954, "Wife of Jasper L. Hardin" (East-Central)

Hardin, Nickey, Dec. 1, 1960-____, unplaced "Son" footstone
Hardin, Barbara, June 2, 1916-Apr. 6, 1990, "Mother" footstone [from temporary marker read in 1998, Barbara K. Hardin]
Hardin, Eunice, Mar. 12, 1927-July 21, 2002, "Father" footstone (Northeast)

Hardin, Thompsie G., 1886-1956 (East-Central)

Hardin, Walter L., 1888-1981
Hardin, Dixie S., 1897-1994 (East-Central)

Hardin, Walter, June 18, 1895-Mar. 12, 1977, "Father"; military marker as footstone "Pvt US Army World War I" (Northeast)

Hardin, Willie Ben, 1874-1955 (East-Central)

Hare, Martin A., Apr. 25, 1841-Apr. 10, 1921, Husband of M. J. Hare"
Hare, Martha J., Oct. 24, 1850-May 3, 1914, "Wife of M. A. Hare" (Old City)

Harman, Ann, 1831-1913 [not found in 1993/1994 or 2001; from Hinson et al.] (Southern/Black)

Harman, Clark M., June 8, 1817-Jan. 31, 1901, "Husband of Sallie A. Harman" (fallen) (Old City)

Harman, Ellen, Aug. 20, 1841-Aug. 10, 1895 [not found in 1993/1994 or 2001; from Hinson et al.; smith points out that this would match the Hormon base and E. H. footstone in the Shrewsberry lot] (Southern/Black)

Harman, Infant, June 9, 1890, "Infant son of A. W. & Mary Lou Harman" [replacement] (Old City)

Harman, Jane W., Nov. 7, 1821-June 8, 1871, "Wife of C. M. Harman" (Old City)

Harman, Mary Lou, July 12, 1866-Sept. 27, 1915, "His Wife"
Harman, A. W., Sept. 27, 1860-July 15, 1905 (Old City)

Harman, May H., Dec. 4, 1856-Nov. 4, 1878, "Wife of J. C. Harman" (Old City)

Harman, Mellie, 1870-1949 [matches adjacent marker for Addie Stanford] (West)

Harman, Robert, May 22, 1889-Oct. 22, 1906, "Son of Louis and Amanda Harmon" (Southern/Black)

Harmon, Addie Taylor, 1897-1972 (Southern/Black)

Harmon, Charlie, Oct. 1, 1851-Dec. 8, 1932, "Father" (homemade, broken) (Southern/Black)

Harmon, Claude, 1905-1988, "Brother" footstone (Southern/Black)

Harmon, Clinton A., 1916-1982, "Daddy," military marker as footstone "Clinton Atkins Harmon" "STM1 US Navy World War II"; dates on military marker Nov. 1, 1916-Aug. 23, 1982
Harmon, U. L. Fostena, 1920-1991, "Mother," carved rings with "1940" (Southern/Black)

Harmon, Harriett, d. Dec. 17, 1972 [not found in 1993/1994 or 2001; from Hinson et al.] (Southern/Black)

Harmon, Infant, Oct. 30, 1974-Oct. 30, 1974 [not found in 1993/1994 or 2001; from Hinson et al.] (Southern/Black)

Harmon, Jerry, 1954-1982 (Southern/Black)

Harmon, Judie, 1897-1957 (Southern/Black)

Harmon, Lorene, 1912-1997
Harmon, Hall, 1910-1988, "Wed 1925" (Southern/Black)

Harmon, Mandy, Apr. 2, 1867-Jan. 4, 1929 (Southern/Black)

Harmon, Mary Lee [see White, Mary Lee Harmon] (Southern/Black)

Harmon, Mary, June 22, 1884-Oct. 3, 1970
Harmon, Green, Sr., June 10, 1882-Nov. 28, 1968 (Southern/Black)

Harmon, Sherman, 1958-1998 (Southern/Black)

Harmon, Zora, Nov. 15, 1893-Nov. 15, 1920, Father: George King, Mother: Jennie Kizer [Smith, from death certificate] (Southern/Black)

Harold, Mattie, d. Dec. 6, 1972 [not found in the southern section in 1993/1994 or 2001; name immediately precedes James E. McDonald in Hinson et al.] (Southern/Black)

Harper, Mamie Smith, Mrs., d. Sept. 8, 1918, "Aged 30 yrs. 6 mos. 24 das." [not found in 1996 or 2001; from WPA] (Old City)

Harrington, Catherine [see Catherine H. Hearn] (Northeast)

Harrington, Elsie Woods, Dec. 21, 1933-____
Harrington, Oder "Bug," Jr., June 6, 1931-Mar. 26, 2001, military marker as footstone "Cpl US Army Korea"; "Married Feb. 2, 1952" "Our children Lynn, Bobby, and Linda" (Northeast)

Harrington, Oder Bug Jr., 1931-2001, 4 yards, 1 row east of Billy M. Woods marker (Northeast)

Harris, George Woods, June 30, 1877-Sept. 9, 1878, "Son of Rev. W. T. & G. L. Harris" (Old City)

Harris, Ida Faye, 1918-1985 [adjacent to marker for O. C. Harris; may be a daughter of Monroe Overman and Lucy Overman] (West)

Harris, Mary Davis, July 14, 1913-Jan. 7, 1970
Harris, Warren, Dec. 1, 1913-Feb. 18, 1987 (West)

Harris, O. C., 1917-1992 (West)

Harris, Pearl E. [see Davis, Pearl E. Harris] (Old City)

Harris, Roy Ester, 1893-1964, "by Odell Harris Sep. 11, 1986" (homemade) (Southern/Black)

Harris, William Lawton, Oct. 19, 1934-May 4, 1936 (East-Central)

Harris, William Lawton, Oct. 19, 1934-May 4, 1936 (Old City)

Hart, Addie L., 1862-1947, "Mother" [Note: The markers for Lewis Melton, Margaret Melton, and Addie L. Hart were once enclosed by a fence.] (Southern/Black)

Hart, Andraine, 1910-1983, temporary marker, Parham Mortuary, 1 yard north of marker for Ludie Hart (Southern/Black)

Hart, Barbara Boswell, Dec. 2, 1938-____ [adjacent to marker for James Howell Hart; under central marker with "Loving parents of James David Hart"] (Northeast)

Hart, Commodore, Apr. 28, 1896-Apr. 29, 1963, military marker "Tennessee PFC 17 Co 20 Engineers World War I" (Southern/Black)

Hart, Ethie Mae, July 27, 1910-July 9, 1983 (Southern/Black)

Hart, Etta D., 1882-1960 [adjacent to marker for Robt. T. Hart] (Old City)

Hart, Infant, Jan. 16, 1918, "Infant son of Mr. & Mrs. M. B. Hart" [replacement] (Old City)

Hart, James Howell, May 7, 1937-Sept. 18, 1991 [under central marker with "Loving parents of James David Hart"] (Northeast)

Hart, Jeremy Lynn (Bubba), 5.19.1981-Oct. 15, 1998, "The best son, brother, uncle and friend to everyone" (Northeast)

Hart, Linna Sue, Sept. 26, 1926-Sept. 2, 1999, "Daughter Deborah Hart Gill" Granddaughter Kristen Gill" (Northeast)

Hart, Ludie, 1893-____ [marker may be out of place; in 1993/1994 this was adjacent to the marker for Commodore Hart; in 2001 it was several yards to the southwest] (Southern/Black)

Hart, M. B., 1879-1942 [Masonic symbol] (Old City)

Hart, Nita T., Mar. 7, 1922-____ [adjacent to marker for Norris B. Hart] (West)

Hart, Norris B., Jan. 18, 1922-Nov. 21, 1992 (West)

Hart, Ola Wilson, 1890-1966 [Eastern Star symbol; adjacent to marker for M. B. Hart] (Old City)

Hart, Robbie [see Flynn, Robbie Hart] (West)

Hart, Robt. T., 1882-1918 (Old City)

Hatch, Curtis Thomas, Oct. 17, 1914-Apr. 19, 1994, footstone with horse and "Trail Rider"
Hatch, Mary Ellen, Dec. 15, 1916-____, "Married Oct. 21, 1933" "Our children Cleo Lucy Linda John Charles" (Southwest/Lewis)

Hatcher, Idell Sego, Mar. 30, 1903-Aug. 12, 1979, "Nannie" footstone (Northeast)

Hatchett, Albert H., May 3, 1913-Nov. 1, 1969 (East-Central)

Hatchett, Edna June, Mar. 28, 1928-____
Hatchett, Carol C. V., Sept. 11, 1921-July 11, 1997, military marker as footstone PFC US Army World War II"; "Sons Wayne Mitchell] (Northeast)

Hatchett, Estlee [see Azbill, Estalee Hatchett] (West)

Hatchett, J. R., Jr., Mar. 1, 1909-May 19, 1981, "Brother" (Old City)

Hatchett, John R., June 28, 1878-June 5, 1953 (West)

Hatchett, Lissie W., 1911-____
Hatchett, John L., 1916-1991, "Our children Jean, Larry" "Our grandchildren Stacy, Sandery, Tony, Mark, Cindy Lee" (Northeast)

Hatchett, Marie [see Ervin, Marie Hatchett] (East-Central)

Hatchett, Martha E., 1893-1963
Hatchett, James H., 1887-1972 (East-Central)

Hatchett, Martin I., July 12, 1907-July 24, 1972 [probably son of Nora Jones and Sim A. Hatchett, whose double marker is adjacent] (East-Central)

Hatchett, Nora Jones, 1887-1966, "Married July 29, 1906"
Hatchett, Sim A., 1875-1964 (East-Central)

Hatchett, Odie Sanders, Nov. 25, 1883-July 26, 1971 [adjacent to marker for John R. Hatchett; probably daughter of Melvine Sanders, whose marker is adjacent] (West)

Hawkes, Lessie M., Nov. 14, 1906-Nov. 24, 2000
Hawkes, Harlan G., Dec. 5, 1906-Jan. 21, 1969, "Married Feb. 14, 1925" (Northeast)

Hawkes, Lounell Lewis, Sept. 10, 1932-Aug. 2, 2001, "Mama" footstone
Hawkes, Johnny Lee, Jan. 8, 1931-____, "Daddy" footstone, "Married Aug. 12, 1956" "Our daughter Janet" (Northeast)

Hay, Audrey H., Feb. 23, 1911-Feb. 9, 1982 [adjacent to marker for L. T. (Pie) Hay] (West)

Hay, Ernest A., Jan. 13, 1892-Feb. 6, 1948 (West)

Hay, Jessie B., Dec. 7, 1904-July 29, 1975 (West)

Hay, Jessie B., Dec. 7, 1904-July 29, 1975 [adjacent to marker for Ernest A. Hay] (West)

Hay, L. T. (Pie), Aug. 23, 1904-Oct. 29, 1983 [probably son of W. W. Hay and Lillian G. Hay, whose markers are adjacent] (West)

Hay, Lillian G., Feb. 23, 1887-Oct. 3, 1977 [adjacent to marker for W. W. Hay] (West)

Hay, Mary [see Patton, Mary Hay] (East-Central)

Hay, Thomas H., Dec. 7, 1912-Dec. 3, 1924 [in Enochs plot] (Old City)

Hay, W. W., Nov. 26, 1883-July 25, 1954 (West)

Hay, William W., May 26, 1934-Sept. 25, 1991, "Billy" [under a McNatt family marker] (East-Central)

Hayes, Alice, 1929-____
Hayes, J. D., 1926-1981, "Married 1947" "Children - Johnny Larry J. D., Michael" [carved Lexington police badge] (Northeast)

Hayes, Audia [see McPeake, Audia Hayes] (Northeast)

Hayes, Christine [see Sisson, Christine Maness] (East-Central)

Hayes, Elpha, Feb. 2, 1908-Mar. 31, 1981 (West)

Hayes, Elsie F., Nov. 8, 1914-July 30, 1999, "Mother" (Northeast)

Hayes, Exie [see Neisler, Exie Hayes] (West)

Hayes, Garfield, Dec. 22, 1929-Jan. 6, 1981 (West)

Hayes, Gary Neal, Jan. 17, 1951-Jan. 7, 1954 [probably son of Garfield Hayes] (West)

Hayes, Hettie [see Key, Hettie Hayes] (East-Central)

Hayes, Jennie F., 1912-1994, "Mother" footstone (Northeast)

Hayes, Madean, Apr. 11, 1932-Nov. 30, 1995 [from temporary marker read in 1998, Madean Wood Hayes]
Hayes, A. G., June 18, 1925-Aug. 27, 2003,"Elder," "Daddy" footstone, [Masonic symbol]; "Wed Nov. 3, 1945" "Our children Danny, Patsy, Vicky" (Northeast)

Haymon, Doris, 1933-1978, temporary marker, 5 feet south of marker for Bobby Wayne Stanford (Southern/Black)

Hays, Hazel [see Woods, Hazel Hays] (Northeast)

Hays, Henry Lee, 1901-1959
Hays, Lora Ann, 1915-1999 (West)

Hays, J. C., 1931-2003, temporary marker, Reed's Chapel, row 117 (Northeast)

Hays, Mary Nell, July 24, 1919-Dec. 14, 1995
Hays, Lloyd Ray, Sept. 10, 1924-____, unplaced "Daddy" footstone, "Married Apr. 21, 1945" "Max, Bill" "Helen, Jimmy" (Northeast)

Hays, Nannie L. [see Beaton, Nannie L. Hays] (Old City)

Hearn, Catherine H., 1924-1994, temporary marker, Pafford Funeral Home, "Catherine Harrington"
Hearn, John E., 1898-1971, military marker as footstone "Tennessee PFC Medical Dept. World War II"; dates on military marker Nov. 30, 1898-Sept. 1, 1971 (Northeast)

Hearn, Lula E., Feb. 12, 1863-Jan. 7, 1962
Hearn, Joe Lee. Sept. 4, 1861-June 13, 1934 (East-Central)

Hearn, May [see Parker, May Hearn] (East-Central)

Hearne, Beulah F., 1891-1980
Hearne, Usher G., 1890-1966 (East-Central)

Hearne, Clem [see Arnold, Clem Hearne] (East-Central)

Hearne, Ollie, Jan. 28, 1906-____
Hearne, Jimmie, Oct. 27, 1903-Mar. 30, 1969, "Beloved husband of Ollie" (East-Central)

Hearron, Lillian R., 1909-1962 [Hinson et al.: Lillian Raspberry Hearon, d. Oct. 24, 1972] (Southern/Black)

Heath, Hattie G., 1890-1964, unplaced "Mother" footstone
Heath, E. D., 1890-____ [buried within a year before March 1994 survey] (Southern/Black)

Hefley, Allie, d. Nov. 16, 1892, "Aged 12 days" "Son of I. M. & C. L. Hefley" [readable only in perfect light; information from WPA] (Old City)

Helms, Candace Juanita, Sept. 22, 1950-Sept. 25, 1953, "Dao. of Max & Juanita Helms" (West)

Helms, Infant, Dec. 4, 1949, "Infant dau. of Dennie & Eva Helms" [replacement; in Pafford family lot] (Old City)

Helms, Juanita P., 1923-____
Helms, Max, 1923-1983, "Our children: Randy, Candy, Steve, Rob" (West)

Helms, Lillie Mae, Mrs., Jan. 23, 1931-june 4, 2003, temporary marker, B;edsoe Funeral Home, Jackson, Tennessee, 3 yards south of double marker for Lorene and Hall Harmon (Southern/Black)

Hemby, Frances, Jan. 27, 1911-June 18, 2002, "Wife" footstone
Hemby, George, Oct. 5, 1914-Aug. 9, 1996, military marker as footstone "George Clark Hemby" "MSgt US Marine Corps World War II" (Northeast)

Henderson, Betty Jane, Jan. 26, 1940-Dec. 23, 1983 (Northeast)

Henderson, Bob R., 1934-2001 (West)

Henderson, Rhoda, d. Apr. 15, 1931, "Aged about 67 years" "Mother" (Southern/Black)

Hendrix, Lucie [see Bruce, Lucie Hendrix] (West)

Hendrix, Lucy [see Petty, Lucy Hendrix] (Northeast)

Hendrix, Zillah [see Neisler, Zillah Hendrix] (West)

Hennessee, Bethel N., 1891-1950 (East-Central)

Hennessee, Mary [see Britt, Mary Hennessee] (East-Central)

Henry Ida, May 13, 1895-Feb. 26, 1914. Father: Will Henry, Mother: Lucy Stanford. [Smith, from death certificate] (Southern/Black)

Henry, A. C., Oct. 1, 1799-Nov. 20, 1881, "Wife of F. W. Henry" "Wife" "Mother" (Old City)

Henry, A. L., Nov. 11, 1839-Nov. 9, 1921, "Wife of J. A. Henry" (broken) (Old City)

Henry, Addison C., d. Oct. 19, 1861, Aged 27 y's. 6 m's. 18 ds." (broken) [marker has been smashed; information from WPA; immediately south of marker for Sarah A. McHaney] (Old City)

Henry, Alice June, June 28, 1934-____, "Mama" footstone
Henry, Joe David, Sept. 5, 1928-Dec. 5, 2002, military marker as footstone "Cpl US Army Korea" (Northeast)

Henry, Beulah K., 1872-1952
Henry, James A., 1860-1946 (Old City)

Henry, Carl, 1895-1949, "Husband" footstone
Henry, Joe Ann, 1897-____, "Wife" footstone [buried between March 1994 and April 1996] (Southern/Black)

Henry, Ellen, d. Dec. 30, 1923, aged 78 years, Born Richmond, Virginia [Smith, from death certificate] (Southern/Black)

Henry, Felix W., Sept. 2, 1799-Jan. 5, 1873, "Erected by his grandchildren" (eroded) [WPA also notes "Husband"] (Old City)

Henry, Felix, Feb. 13, 1857-Oct. 21, 1859, "Son of J. A. & S. A. Henry" (Old City)

Henry, Jas. A., Oct. 10, 1826-Apr. 8, 1884 (Old City)

Henry, Louise [see McHaney, Louise Henry] (Old City)

Henry, Mamie, Dec. 22, 1859-Nov. 20, 1876, "Dau. of J. A. & S. A. Henry" (Old City)

Henry, Sarah A., d. Aug. 26, 1861, "Aged 27 Y'r. 7 M's 29 D's" "Wife of Ja's A. Henry" (Old City)

Hensley, H. Jewell, 1931-____
Hensley, O. Hershel, 1928-1973, "Their children Freida, Kenneth and Steven" (Northeast)

Hill, Anna Bell, 1880-1951
Hill, John W., 1875-1953 (West)

Hill, Dessie [see Petty, Dessie Hill] (West)

Hill, John W., Jr. (Billy), Apr. 8, 1918-May 28, 1991 (West)

Hill, Laura [see Belew, Laura Hill] (West)

Hill, Sarah Cody, May 22, 1920-Oct. 19, 1952 [probably daughter of Jess T. and Margie F. Cody, whose double marker is adjacent] (West)

Hill, Sattie B. [see Vanderveen, Satie B. Hill] (Northeast)

Hills, Alice Timberlake, Oct. 31, 1899-Sept. 26, 1963, "Wife of Walter J. Hills, Jr." (East-Central)

Hills, Walter J., Jr., Dec. 22, 1894-Jan. 11, 1932 (East-Central)

Hinsley, Baby, June 20, 1920 (Old City)

Hinsley, Baby, June 24, 1921 (Old City)

Hinsley, O'Ryan O., June 13, 1943-Jan. 29, 1944 [replacement] (West)

Hinsley, O'Ryan Oakley, June 24, 1921-Nov. 23, 1974, military marker as footstone "SFC US Army World War II"
Hinsley, Mattie Lou, Sept. 22, 1920-____, "Married Aug. 17, 1942" [Eastern Star symbol] (West)

Hinson, Arthur McCall, 1886-1964 (East-Central)

Hinson, Authurlene W., Sept. 16, 1916-Feb. 6, 1982 [adjacent to marker for Joe Byron Hinson; probably daughter of Claudia Douglass Williams and Thomas Marshal Williams, whose matching markers are adjacent] (West)

Hinson, Joe Byron, Nov. 9, 1902-Oct. 10, 1970 (West)

Hinson, John W., 1909-1994 (West)

Hinson, Martha [see White, Martha Hinson] (East-Central)

Hinson, Tennie Teague, 1886-1936 [WPA: "Mrs. Tenie Irene Hinson," d. Apr. 22, 1936, "Aged 50 ys. 2 ms. 4 ds."] (East-Central)

Hirgas, Viola [see Boothe, Viola Hargis] (West)

Hix, Joy Arnold, 1924-____ [probably daughter of William Ernest Arnold and Clem Hearne Arnold, whose markers are in the next row]
Hix, William Donald, 1949-1968, "Donnie"
Hix, William Newton, Jr., 1922-____ (East-Central)

Hix, Nora [see Veteto, Nora Hix] (West)

Hobbs, Effie Rhodes, 1900-1926, "Wife of Martin M. Hobbs" [probably daughter of Sarah Frances and I. N. Rhodes, whose double marker is adjacent] (Old City)

Hobbs, Martin M., 1900-1926 (Old City)

Hodge, Hess M., 1905-1949
Hodge, Dorothy, no dates [Hinson et al. note birth year as 1918 and death date as Feb. 2, 1969, "Aged 54 yrs., 9 mos., 16 das."] (West)

Hodge, Robert Lee, Aug. 8, 1919-____, "Son"; military marker as footstone "PFC US Army World War II"; dates on military marker Aug. 8, 1919-Feb. 10, 1995
Hodge, Vernon, Jan. 22, 1894-Oct. 20, 1982, "Father" (Southern/Black)

Hodgin, Ida [see Fesmire, Ida Hodgin] (West)

Holcomb, Ben K., Dec. 4, 1921-____, "Husband" footstone
Holcomb, Will G. "Billie," Dec. 23, 1920-July 16, 2000, "Wife" footstone, "Married June 18, 1955" (Northeast)

Holcomb, Dorothy Tolley, Mar. 12, 1918-July 30, 1980, "Wife of Sam C. Holcomb" (Northeast)

Holcomb, Irene P., July 3, 1887-Dec. 13, 1985 [adjacent to marker for Samuel F. Holcomb] (Northeast)

Holcomb, James Randall, Jan. 18, 1915-Sept. 1, 1985 (Northeast)

Holcomb, Lynn C., 1892-1956
Holcomb, Elen Tate, 1918-1987 [Tate may be last name; name added to previous double marker]
Holcomb, Irma K., 1893-1970 (West)

Holcomb, Margaret Ann, Mar. 20, 1951-Dec. 6, 1964, "Dau. of Sam & Dorothy Holcomb" (Northeast) [Death date corrected per Frances Boyd October 4, 2008]

Holcomb, Samuel F., Oct. 25, 1878-Mar. 4, 1969 (Northeast)

Holcomb, Virginia Watson, Sept. 5, 1917-Mar./14.1972, "Wife of James R." (Northeast)

Holland, Ella [see Austin, Ella Holland] (East-Central)

Holland, Georgette, Aug. 18, 1984-Aug. 18, 1984 (Southern/Black)

Holland, Ivie McKissack, 1879-1960 [adjacent to marker for W. Roy Holland] (East-Central)

Holland, Ivy M., Jan. 9, 1910-Jan. 26, 1992, military marker "US Navy World War II" (East-Central)

Holland, W. Roy, 1879-1938, "P.G.M." [Masonic symbol] (East-Central)

Hollandsworth, Donna A., Mar. 12, 1919-Oct. 25, 1987
Hollandsworth, Sherrell, June 26, 1916-Oct. 17, 1991, "Wed May 9, 1942" (Northeast)

Hollingsworth, Tiffany, Jan. 26, 1976-Jan. 19, 1994 [from previous temporary marker: Tiffany Ann Hollingsworth] (Southern/Black)

Holmes, Alberta [see Amis, Alberta Holmes] (West)

Holmes, Clara T., May 31, 1899-Feb. 12, 1985
Holmes, Roy W., Sept. 19, 1895-Sept. 4, 1984, military marker as footstone "Pvt US Army World War I" (Northeast)

Holmes, Connie S., 1927-____; dates on footstone: Feb. 9, 1927-____
Holmes, Ollie D., 1924-1994; dates on footstone: May 25, 1924-Sept. 24, 1994 (Northeast)

Holmes, Evelyn Threadgill, Jan. 17, 1914-Apr. 28, 1991 [adjacent to marker for Leroy Asbury Holmes] (East-Central)

Holmes, Jesse, 1935-1936, "Son of Joe H. & Mary Holmes" [WPA: "Jess Adren Holmes," d. Aug. 16, 1936 (Old City)

Holmes, Joe H., 1868-1941 (Old City)

Holmes, Joe V., 1908-1987 (West)

Holmes, Kate H., Sept. 16, 1900-July 11, 1991, "Big Mama"
Holmes, Dennis H., July 31, 1918-Dec. 31, 1981, "1st Son," military marker as footstone "Dennis Hawkins Holmes" "Sgt US Army World War II" (Northeast)

Holmes, Leroy Asbury, Dec. 28, 1910-____ (East-Central)

Holmes, Leroy Hartwell, Oct. 10, 1935-July 4, 1956 (East-Central)

Holmes, Madora Josephine, 1874-1939 [adjacent to marker for William Asbury Holmes] (West)

Holmes, Media [see Franklin, Media Holmes] (East-Central)

Holmes, Media [see Franklin, Media Holmes] (Old City)

Holmes, Paul F., 1960-1966 (Southern/Black)

Holmes, Paul L., May 9, 1919-Dec. 26, 1978, military marker "Pvt US Army World War II" (Southern/Black)

Holmes, Sallie V., 1867-1927, "Wife of Joe H. Holmes" (Old City)

Holmes, Vergie, 1908-1995
Holmes, Pierce, 1908-1961, "Mother and Father" footstone (East-Central)

Holmes, William Asbury, 1869-1946 (West)

Holt, Hessie M., 1915-____, unplaced "Mom" footstone [based on ground disturbance, she probably was buried in 2001]
Holt, Hilliard F., 1915-1991, removed "Daddy" footstone, "Wed 1969" (Northeast)

Hooks, Edmund C., Sept. 21, 1852-Sept. 3, 1929 [replacement] (Old City)

Hooks, Margaret B., Nov. 19, 1854-Mar. 20, 1925 [replacement] (Old City)

Hooper, Bedford F., 1870-1910 [replacement; Masonic symbol] (Old City)

Hopkins, Laura E. [see Beaton, Laura E. Hopkins] (Old City)

Hopman, Ann, 1831-1913 [not found in 1993/1994 or 2001; reported by Smith] (Southern/Black)

Hopper, Betty W. Horn, June 3, 1940-____
Hopper, Clifford D., Oct. 10, 1924-Nov. 1, 1996, military marker as footstone "MM3 US Navy World war II"; "Married Sept. 27, 1990" "Our children Joe Ann Judy Gary Regina Ernie Dean Patty Tamie" (Northeast)

Hopper, David C., Nov. 7, 1939-May 8, 1995
Hopper, Kay Nelle, Apr. 24, 1941-____, "Married April 10, 1960" (West)

Hopper, Esther Myrtle, 1892-1967
Hopper, Charlie E., 1887-____, unplaced "Father" footstone, "Married Apr. 25, 1915" (West)

Hopper, Imogene [see Boyd, Imogene Hopper] (West)

Hopper, Ivy E. Cook, Aug. 13, 1879-Jan. 22, 1928, "Wife of R. E. Hopper" (East-Central)

Hopper, Ruth Irene, 1909-____ [probably buried in 2001], "Mother" footstone
Hopper, Romie Ethol, 1879-1967, "Married Dec. 3, 1933" (East-Central)

Horn, Albert J., Mar. 3, 1923-Nov. 20, 1995, military marker "PFC US Army World War II Purple Heart" (West)

Horn, Betty W. [see Hopper, Betty W.] (Northeast)

Horn, Edward, Jan. 27, 1913-Sept. 8, 1996 (West)

Horn, Farice S., Dec. 31, 1915-____ [adjacent to marker for James David Horn] (West)

Horn, James Albert, 1889-1965 (West)

Horn, James David, Feb. 16, 1910-May 10, 1984, military marker "PFC US Army World War II" (West)

Horn, Ruth Cozart, 1896-1972 [adjacent to marker for James Albert Horn] (West)

Horton, David Thomas, May 28, 1917-May 28, 1917, "Son of C. L. & L. C. Horton" (Old City)

Horton, J. Michael, Dec. 9, 1970-July 25, 1990 [carved guitar on back] (Northeast)

Horton, Russell Wilson, Dec. 10, 1921-Feb. 11, 1923, "Son of C. L. & O. C. Horton" (Old City)

House, Mattie, 1898-1972 (Southern/Black)

Houston, Helen Guinn, 1901-1974 [adjacent to marker for W. M. (Bill) Houston] (West)

Houston, Libby Ann, 1934-1945 [probably daughter of W. M. Houston and Helen Guinn Houston, whose markers are adjacent] (West)

Houston, Virginia Elizabeth Scott, Sept. 15, 1917-____
Houston, Lyman Arthur (Red), Feb. 5, 1922-____, carved rings and "Dec. 21, 1945" "Children: Kay and Amy - grandchildren: Noah and Stefani" (Northeast)

Houston, W. M. (Bill), 1894-1948 (West)

Howard, Aaron, d. May 15, 1912, "Aged 70 yrs" (Southern/Black)

Howard, Ada [see Williamson, Ada Howard] (Old City)

Howard, Ada Celestia, Oct. 12, 1860-Oct. 16, 1881, "Wife of J. N. Howard" (Old City)

Howard, Baby, no dates [not found in 1996; from Hinson et al.] (Old City)

Howard, Carrie, 1895-____
Howard, Priest, 1897-1961 (Southern/Black)

Howard, Cornelia Elizabeth, Jan. 29, 1909-Apr. 23, 1909, "Dau. of Charley & Hazelle Howard" (Old City)

Howard, Frazier, 1888-1978, military marker "Pvt US Army World War I" (Southern/Black)

Howard, Frazier, Apr. 19, 1881-Nov. 22, 1914, "Erected by wife" [Smith, from death certificate: Father Phill Howard, Mother Louise Harmon] (Southern/Black)

Howard, Genie R., d. Feb. 11, 1927, military marker "Tennessee Pvt 407 Services Battn" (Southern/Black)

Howard, Hazel Dennison, Sept. 4, 1891-Sept. 29, 1911, "Wife of C. H. Howard" (Old City)

Howard, J. N., Oct. 1, 1853-June 2, 1908 (Old City)

Howard, Jenne E., d. 1942, "Mother" footstone [replacement] (Southern/Black)

Howard, Joseph P., 1841-1917 [replacement;WPA: d. Jan. 21, 1917] (Old City)

Howard, Katty, 1875-1934, "Mother" (Southern/Black)

Howard, Lueser, Nov. 21, 1859-Oct. 4, 1905, "Wife of Phil Howard" (Southern/Black)

Howard, McCall, Aug. 6, 1914-Nov. 24, 1947, military marker "Tennessee Tec 4 303 QM Sterilization Bn World War II" (Southern/Black)

Howard, Nobel L., Nov. 23, 1921-Apr. 23, 1954, military marker "Tennessee PFC 3327 QM Truck Co World War II" (Southern/Black)

Howard, Phil, d. Sept. 12, 1922, aged 84 [Smith, from death certificate] (Southern/Black)

Howard, Wil Mary, Feb. 3, 1924-Dec. 10, 1938 (Southern/Black)

Howell, Charles P., June 20, 1910-June 29, 1962 [probably son of William I. Howell and L. Viola Howell, whose markers are adjacent] (West)

Howell, Dora [see Crockett, Dora Howell] (West)

Howell, L. Viola, 1880-1944 [adjacent to marker for William I. Howell] (West)

Howell, William I., 1874-1954, "M.D." (West)

Hubbard, Pauline [see Neisler, Pauline Hubbard] (West)

Hudson, Ann Buckley, 1873-1946 [adjacent to marker for Dorsey G. Hudson] (Old City)

Hudson, Dorsey G., 1870-1946 (Old City)

Hughes, Jeffrey A., June 18, 1965-July 2, 1995 [from previous temporary marker: Jeffrey Allen Hughes] (Northeast)

Humphrey, Philo M., Jan. 3, 1865-Mar. 6, 1916, "Husband of India Hunphrey" [Woodmen of the World memorial] (Old City)

Huntsman, Bernice, 1907-1981 [adjacent to marker for Robert Huntsman] (West)

Huntsman, Cornelia James, Jan. 27, 1910-Nov. 1, 1993, "Dr." (West)

Huntsman, Robert, 1911-1976 [Masonic symbol] (West)

Huntsman, Virginia, 1881-1950 [adjacent to marker for W. F. Huntsman] (West)

Huntsman, W. F., 1868-1938, "Dr." [Masonic symbol] (West)

Hurd, Lusonja C., Feb. 4, 1972-May 8, 1999 (Southern/Black)

Hurt, Hazel Rebekah, Aug. 23, 1908-Jan. 14, 1985
Hurt, Milton Carney, Mar. 17, 1902-July 1, 1979 (Northeast)

Hutton, D. F. Mar. 14, 1850-June 2, 1899, "Born in Grief Scotland" "Died in Lexington, Tenn." [Woodmen of the World memorial] (Old City)

Hutton, Eliza Jane Covey, Aug. 6, 1852-Nov. 13, 1950 (Old City)

Hutton, Rena Mae, Jan. 25, 1884-Nov. 4, 1971 (Old City)

Hutton, Willie N., born & died Jan. 21, 1879, "Son of D. F. & E. J. Hutton" (Old City)



Inlow, Lucille [see Davis, Lucille Inlow] (Old City)

Inmon, Jimmy Dale, Jan. 27, 1946-Jan. 19, 1974 (Northeast)

Inmon, Madell, Feb. 16, 1920-____
Inmon, Clarence, Jan. 28, 1920-Oct. 16, 2001, military marker as footstone "S2 US Navy World War II" (Northeast)

Isaac, Lois Lee Smothers, Aug. 26, 1929-____, unplaced "Mother" footstone
Isaac, George, Nov. 4, 1921-____, unplaced "Daddy" footstone, "Married June 25, 1950" "Our daughters: Janet & Judy" (Northeast)



Jackson, Ardie [see Sellers, Ardie Jackson] (East-Central)

Jackson, Jessie, d. June 19, 1937, military marker, "Tennessee Pvt 414 Serv. Bn. QMC" (Southern/Black)

Jackson, Lula [see Tate, Lula Jackson] (East-Central)

Jackson, Sue, July 23, 1913-____
Jackson, Leo, Apr. 20, 1913-May 12, 1987 (Southern/Black)

James, F. J., d. Sept. 5, 1937, "Aged 73 yrs. 4 mos., 26 das." [not found in 1996; from Hinson et al.] (Old City)

James, Herman, Aug. 6, 1917-Apr. 27, 1996 (Northeast)

James, Raymell, July 2, 1921-Sept. 18, 1999, "Mother" footstone
James, Monroe, Apr. 1, 1915-Mar. 6, 1973, "Their children Jerry and Joyce" (Northeast)

Jarrett, Ben A., Dr., 1901-1956 [Masonic symbol] (West)

Jarrett, Ben Hickman, 1936-1986 (West)

Jarrett, Infant, 1940, "Infant dau. of Dr. Ben & Doris Jarrett" (West)

Jenkins, Robert E., 1909-1984 (Old City)

Jennings, Annie Lee Whitaker, Nov. 28, 1889-Mar. 16, 1959 [adjacent to marker for William Richard Jennings] (East-Central)

Jennings, Charlie, Apr. 18, 1913-Mar. 11, 1988
Jennings, Goldy, Apr. 8, 1915-Feb. 14, 1984 (Northeast)

Jennings, Charlie, Jr., July 1, 1945, "Infant of Charlie & Goldy Jennings" (Northeast)

Jennings, Gladys [see Bryant, Gladys Jennings] (East-Central)

Jennings, William Richard, May 28, 1875-Sept. 5, 1935 (East-Central)

Johnson, Alma, Oct. 7, 1913-Sept. 12, 1927 [replacement] (Old City)

Johnson, Almittie Kathryn, Apr. 18, 1921-Mar. 8, 20011964 (West)

Johnson, Arthur, d. Apr. 11, 1864, "Aged 2 mos. 13 das."
Johnson, Viola, d. Mar. 18, 1865, "Aged 5 days" "Children of R. & K. J. Johnson" (broken and repaired) (Old City)

Johnson, Bertha Lou, May 8, 1924-Aug. 19, 1986 (Southern/Black)

Johnson, Charles H., May 14, 1926-July 4, 1976 (marker loose on its base (Southern/Black)

Johnson, Clara, July 25, 1881-Aug. 20, 1921 [not found in 1996; from Hinson et al.] (Old City)

Johnson, Dayton, Mar. 1, 1918-June 7, 1972 (Southern/Black)

Johnson, Dorothy Mae, Mar. 22, 1922-June 1, 1996 [adjacent to marker for Charles H. Johnson] (Southern/Black)

Johnson, Effie C., Oct. 25, 1901-Nov. 26, 1966 [adjacent to marker for R. L. Johnson[ (Old City)

Johnson, Elsie, d. Aug. 16, 1993, temporary marker, Mercer Brothers, 1 yard south of homemade marker for Earnest Buckley and 5 feet north of the military marker for Leonard Jones (Southern/Black)

Johnson, Gussie, Mar. 6, 1906-Aug. 16, 1921 [replacement] (Old City)

Johnson, Henry Martin, 1891-1970 (West)

Johnson, Infant, d. Apr. 6, 1963 [not found in 1993/1994 or 2001; from Hinson et al.] (Southern/Black)

Johnson, Infant, d. June 6, 1935, "Aged 2 days" "Infant of H. H. & Ruby Johnson" [not found in 1996; from WPA; compare Kenneth Lynn Johnson] (East-Central)

Johnson, James Garfield, Mar. 2, 1919-Dec. 26, 1988, military marker "Pvt US Army" (Southern/Black)

Johnson, James R., Apr. 18, 1920-____ (West)

Johnson, Jim Henry, Jan. 27, 1903-July 20, 1991 [Masonic symbol]
Johnson, Girtha Petty, Feb. 11, 1908-Apr. 1, 1998, "Married Aug. 16, 1924" "Our children: James Leroy, Flora Elizabeth Smith" [Eastern Star symbol] (West)

Johnson, Kenneth Lynn, June 5, 1935-June 7, 1935 [matches dates of WPA listing of "Infant of H. H. & Ruby Johnson"] (East-Central)

Johnson, Larry H., Dec. 2, 1953-Jan. 11, 1978 (Southern/Black)

Johnson, Levie, Mar. 26, 1900-Apr. 3, 1968 [adjacent to the marker for Willie Lee Johnson" (Southern/Black)

Johnson, Lizzie M., 1913-1971, "Mother" footstone
Johnson, Samuel, 1914-1998, "Daddy" footstone (Southern/Black)

Johnson, Lucille, 1919-1999 [eastern Star symbol]
Johnson, Riles T., 1917-1977 [Masonic symbol], "Married Apr. 30, 1939" (East-Central)

Johnson, Lula Mae, Mar. 30, 1919-____
Johnson, Emmitt B., May 24, 1917-Dec. 15, 1993, "Wed Dec. 25, 1948" (West)

Johnson, Maggie Austin, 1895-1970 [adjacent to marker for Henry Martin Johnson] (West)

Johnson, Maxine P., Oct. 28, 1915-Oct. 17, 1992
Johnson, Lawrence L., May 9, 1920-____ (Northeast)

Johnson, Mildred, Aug. 11, 1906-Aug. 11, 1990 [adjacent to marker for Bernard Hal Johnson] (West)

Johnson, R. L., Mar. 29, 1881-Jan. 12, 1977 (Old City)

Johnson, Richard C., June 10, 1891-Feb. 20, 1958, "Father" footstone
Johnson, Iva E., Aug. 27, 1891-Feb. 8, 1980, "Mother" footstone (West)

Johnson, Rodney C., Sept. 8, 1996-Dec. 12, 1997, "Son" [shares double marker with Patty K. Cannon] (Northeast)

Johnson, Russell, 1935-1997 (Northeast)

Johnson, Shirley Inez, July 13, 1937-Aug. 2, 2000, "Memaw" footstone, "Mama" footstone (Northeast)

Johnson, Tony Dewayne, June 5, 1954-May 13, 1999, military marker as footstone "PFC US Army" (Southern/Black)

Johnson, Vashti [see Reevesm Vashti Johnson] (West)

Johnson, Velma, Jan. 16, 1920-Oct. 12, 1921 [replacement] (Old City)

Johnson, Vivian G., Sept. 26, 1938-____
Johnson, John B., Dec. 4, 1936-Mar. 18, 1999, also temporary marker, Parham Funeral Home, :John Bradley Johnson" (Southern/Black)

Johnson, William S., 1867-1935 [WPA: d. Dec. 25, 1935]
Johnson, Della Smith, 1873-1953 (Old City)

Johnson, Willie Lee, 1890-1987 (Southern/Black)

Johnston, C. H., 1869-1937, "M.D." [Masonic symbol] (East-Central)

Johnston, C. H., 1869-1937, "M.D." [Masonic symbol] (Old City)

Johnston, Graper [see Neisler, Graper Johnston] (West)

Johnston, Wilbur Kennedy, 1887-1960
Johnston, Olevia Bird, 1889-____ (West)

Jones, A. Lucille, 1923-____, unplaced "Mother" footstone
Jones, Jerrell D., 1916-____, unplaced "Father" footstone, "Wed. Aug. 28, 1942" "Our children: Jerry & Debbie" (Northeast)

Jones, Adeline [see White, Adeline Jones] (East-Central)

Jones, Adeline [see White, Adeline Jones] (Old City)

Jones, Alliefaire Sanders, Oct. 7, 1881-Nov. 22, 1960 [adjacent to marker for August Martin Jones; probably daughter of Melvine Sanders] (West)

Jones, Annie [see Eller, Annie Jones] (Old City)

Jones, August Martin, Jan. 22, 1874-Oct. 4, 1960 (West)

Jones, Banks D., Oct. 17, 1851-Oct. 9, 1852, "Son of Gen. J. W. & Helen J. Jones" (broken, fallen, eroded) [mostly unreadable in 1996; information from WPA] (Old City)

Jones, Bertha Lee, Jan. 11, 1897-Aug. 27, 1990 (Southern/Black)

Jones, Beulah [see Bunch, Beulah Jones] (Old City)

Jones, Clyde Banks, 1862-1926, "Father"
Jones, Fanny Barry, 1863-1895, "Mother"
Jones, Willis Barry, 1891-1923, "Son"
Jones, Wm. Clyde, 1894-1894, "Son" (Old City)

Jones, Donald Malvern, Aug. 8, 1929-Feb. 20, 1998 (Northeast)

Jones, Dorothy Woods, 1930-2002, "Mother" footstone (Northeast)

Jones, Eli, Jan. 16, 1877-Oct. 11, 1930 [replacement] (East-Central)

Jones, Elizabeth, Feb. 25, 1791-June 19, 1858, "Wife of Rev. R. B."
Jones, Elize B., d. Jan. 7, 1844, "Aged 18 years 6 mo. 18 days" (eroded) (Old City)

Jones, Elizar B., d. Jan. __, 1844, "Aged 18 years __ mos. and 12 days" [difficult to read] (Old City)

Jones, Ella Neisler, Sept. 21, 1888-Sept. 10, 1949 [adjacent to marker for Eli Jones] (East-Central)

Jones, Ella Reed, 1877-1965
Jones, James Wilson, 1877-1938 (Old City)

Jones, G. Matthew, Aug. 24, 1912-June 27, 1948 (East-Central)

Jones, Gladys L., June 30, 1898-July 15, 1990, "Beloved wife and mother" (Northeast)

Jones, Grenie [see Rosson, Grenie Jones] (Old City)

Jones, Hall, Feb. 13, 1929-Aug. 4, 1975, military marker "Sgt US Army Korea" (Southern/Black)

Jones, Harold M., Dec. 22, 1934-Aug. 3, 2000 (Northeast)

Jones, Helen J. Colburn, 1826-1902
Jones, J. W. G., 1817-1877, "Hon" [replacement] (Old City)

Jones, James B., d. Oct. 24, 1850, "Aged 9 months 21 days" (eroded, fallen) (Old City)

Jones, James L., Dec. 19, 1849-Sept. 29, 1936, "Father" (Old City)

Jones, Janice [see Janice E. Sarason] (Northeast)

Jones, Janice [see Sarason, Janice E.] (Northeast)

Jones, Jerry, d. Aug. 18, 1940, military marker "Tennessee Pvt 116 Engrs 41 Div." (Southern/Black)

Jones, Jerry, June 3, 1945-Feb. 12, 1997
Jones, Rowena, Oct. 21, 1943-____, "Our children: Tracey, Vickie, Mickie, Becky" (Northeast)

Jones, Jimmie Hope[see Peterson, Jimmie Jones] (Northeast)

Jones, John A., Dec. 19, 1861-Sept. 7, 1943, "Erected by A. Howell" (sunken) (Old City)

Jones, John W., Aug. 27, 1907-Nov. 13, 1991 (East-Central)

Jones, Julian L., Nov. 22, 1896-Sept. 21, 1932, "Son" [probably son of James L. Jones and Margaret Paris Jones, whose markers are adjacent] (Old City)

Jones, Katheryn W., 1925-____
Jones, M. L., Jr., 1924-1984, "Married July 4, 1942" "Sons: Larry and Gary" (Northeast)

Jones, Lela, 1900-1946 (Southern/Black)

Jones, Lemuel T., Nov. 11, 1888-Oct. 5, 1942, "Son" [probably son of James L. Jones and Margaret Paris Jones, whose markers are nearby] (Old City)

Jones, Leo C., 1913-1971, military marker as footstone "Tennessee PFC US Army World War II"; dates on military marker July 27, 1913-Dec. 13, 1971
Jones, Mary Norman, 1914-1993 (West)

Jones, Leonard, July 8, 1894-Mar. 27, 1963, military marker "Kentucky Pvt Co C 64 Pioneer Inf World War II" (Southern/Black)

Jones, Lois I., Dec. 14, 1943-Apr. 18, 1998
Jones, Wayne, Dec. 13, 1932-June 30, 2002, military marker as footstone "CW2 US Army Korea Vietnam" (Northeast)

Jones, Lucille [see Phillips, Lucille Jones] (Northeast)

Jones, Lulie Pearson, July 19, 1867-Oct. 7, 1927, "Wife of John A. Jones" [overlooked or not found in 1992; from WPA] (Old City)

Jones, M. Evelyn, Aug. 26, 1916-Jan. 4, 1988 [adjacent to marker for G. Matthew Jones] (East-Central)

Jones, Maggie Helen, Oct. 24, 1913-Sept. 22, 1995 (Southern/Black)

Jones, Maggie, Oct. 24, 1913-Sept. 22, 1995, temporary marker, Parham Mort., 3 feet southwest of military marker for Paul Edward Taylor (Southern/Black)

Jones, Margaret Helen, 1919-1942 (overgrown) (East-Central)

Jones, Margaret Paris, Nov. 18, 1856-Dec. 24, 1937, "Mother" [Supreme Forest Woodmen Circle symbol] (Old City)

Jones, Mary A., Feb. 4, 1843, "Aged 19 years 7 mon. and 4 days" (Old City)

Jones, Nathaniel, Apr. 18, 1927-May 15, 1995, "Paw Paw" footstone, military marker as footstone "S2 US Navy World War II"
Jones, Marie, Feb. 1, 1930-____, "Wed 12-25-48" "Daughter Jan" "Grandsons Jonathan and Josh" (Northeast)

Jones, Nora [see Hatchett, Nora Jones] (East-Central)

Jones, Nora J., 1860-1942
Jones, F. Jobe, 1864-1937, "Father" (Old City)

Jones, Norma K., Jan. 22, 1937-____, [adjacent to marker for Harold M. Jones; both are under a Kennedy Jones central marker] (Northeast)

Jones, Ollie M., Nov. 11, 1890-Apr. 3, 1983
Jones, Dorsey L., Aug. 24, 1887-Mar. 18, 1976, "Rev." "Married Jan. 20, 1907" (Northeast)

Jones, Patrick H. S., May 5, 1823-Oct. 6, 1844 (eroded) (Old City)

Jones, Ricky L., May 2, 1950-Nov. 5, 2001
Jones, Wilda N., Mar. 26, 1952-____ (Northeast)

Jones, Ruth [see Basham, Ruth Jones] (East-Central)

Jones, Tom, 1873-1954, "Daddy" footstone (Southern/Black)

Jones, Vickie S., Aug. 20, 1852-May 25, 1984, footstone with "Vickie S. Parker Jones" "A loving wife, mother & daughter" (Southern/Black)

Jones, Wesley F., Jr., Aug. 13, 1925-Mar. 10, 1991, "M.D." (West)

Jones, Willie L., Apr. 25, 1913-Aug. 8, 2002, "Mother" footstone
Johnson, F. E., June 11, 1912-Sept. 29, 1996, "Rev.," "Father" footstone, "Wed Aug. 19, 1933" (Northeast)

Jones, Willis H., 1892-1933 (East-Central)

Jordan, Anita [see Neisler, Anita Jordan] (West)

Jordan, Curry C., Oct. 17, 1910-Apr. 27, 1955 (West)

Jordan, Georgia, 1926-1998, "Mama" footstone
Jordan, David, 1936-1989, "Dad" foostone (Southern/Black)

Jordan, Max Kenith, June 28, 1915-Aug. 23, 1970, military marker as footstone "Max Kenneth Jordan" "Tennessee PFC US Army World War II" (West)

Jordan, Paul David, June 8, 1942-Aug. 25, 1976, "My Son" [probably of Sula V. Jordan] (West)

Jordan, W. N. (Bunk), Nov. 4, 1878-Oct. 4, 1936, "Father" footstone
Jordan, Maggie D., June 1, 1884-Sept. 15, 1979, "Mother" footstone (West)

Jordan, W. Paul, 1905-1948
Jordan, Sula V., 1906-1999 (West)

Jordan, William A., 1920-1960, military marker as footstone "Tec4 US Army World War II"; dates on military marker Dec. 12, 1919-Aug. 27, 1960
Jordan, Alice Pearson, 1919-1998, "Father and Mother" footstone (West)

Jorden, Mollie F., Apr. 28, 1857-June 4, 1932
Jorden, R. M., Apr. 12, 1844-Apr. 14, 1925 (Old City)

Jowers, Alex Velmer, Sept. 15, 1917-Dec. 24, 1980, "Father of Mary, Ruby, and Alex Ray" [probably son of W. T. Jowers and Daisy J. Jowers] (West)

Jowers, Betty Jo,. Jan. 19, 1931-____, unplaced "Mother" footstone
Jowers, John L., Apr. 17, 1924-Sept. 23, 1999, military marker as footstone "John Luther Jowers" "Tec 4 US Army World War II"; carved rings and "Aug. 2, 1947"; "Our children: Janet, Beverly & Danny" (Northeast)

Jowers, C. Lanoice, Sept. 22, 1925-Mar. 17, 1926 (East-Central)

Jowers, Chester, May 9, 1912-June 29, 1974, "In loving memory of his daughter" (West)

Jowers, Clelling, Sept. 9, 1898-Dec. 1, 1961 (West)

Jowers, Clem, Dec. 5, 1900-July 1, 1977 (Northeast)

Jowers, Crystal Nell, Mar. 20, 1983-Aug. 11, 2002, "Always miss you mom, dad, Jason" (Northeast)

Jowers, Daisy J., 1884-1974 [adjacent to marker for W. T. Jowers; as reported in Hinson et al.: Daisy Mae Jowers, d. June 13, 1974, "Wife of W. T. Jowers" "Aged 89 yrs., 11 mos., 15 das" (West)

Jowers, David Brent, Aug. 26, 1963-May 6, 1986 (Northeast)

Jowers, Delver B., June 3, 1915-Aug. 29, 1989
Jowers, Lorene M., Sept. 5, 1919-____ (Northeast)

Jowers, Edward C., Mar. 20, 1933-July 18, 1962 (East-Central)

Jowers, Elbert J., 1910-1939 ["Jowers" is assumed and appears only on central marker; probably son of W. T. Jowers and Daisy J. Jowers] (West)

Jowers, Elector Phillips, 1892-1974 [adjacent to marker for James Clifford Jowers] (East-Central)

Jowers, Ethel Lee, Aug. 4, 1911-Apr. 2, 1986
Jowers, Claude E., Oct. 11, 1900-June 29, 1978 (Northeast)

Jowers, Franklin D., "Son of Oscar & Omer Jowers" (West)

Jowers, Gary Thomas, Mar. 25, 1961-Jan. 14, 1963 (West)

Jowers, James Cliffird, 1892-1959 [Masonic symbol] (East-Central)

Jowers, Joe, 1880-1958 (West)

Jowers, Lena Bell, Apr. 5, 1937-July 25, 2003; also temporary marker, Pafford Funeral Home, Lena Thornton 1937-2002 [adjacent to marker for Parker Z. Jowers] (Northeast)

Jowers, Mildred, 1935-1999
Jowers, Reeford, 1927-1992 (West)

Jowers, Mollie, 1884-1945 [adjacent to marker for Joe Jowers] (West)

Jowers, Nell, Mar. 7, 1895, "Dau. of Charlie & Lucy Jowers" [replacement] (Old City)

Jowers, Omer, 1911-____ [Eastern Star symbol; adjacent to marker for Oscar Jowers; ground disturbance suggests she is buried] (West)

Jowers, Opal [see Wall, Opal J.] (West)

Jowers, Oscar, 1909-1989 [Masonic symbol and Eastern Star symbol] (West)

Jowers, Parker Z., Sept. 14, 1921-Aug. 24, 1974, military marker "GM3 US Navy" (Northeast)

Jowers, Pearl L., July 14, 1901-May 27, 1984 [adjacent to marker for Clelling Jowers] (West)

Jowers, Roy M., Mar. 28, 1917-Sept. 7, 1995, military marker, "MSgt US Marine Corps World War II" (East-Central)

Jowers, Sarah, 1883-1969 [adjacent to marker for Tom Jowers] (West)

Jowers, Tom, 1885-1939 (West)

Jowers, W. T., 1882-1961 (West)

Joyce, Edna L., 1907-1976 ["Joyce" is assumed and appears only on central marker] (West)

Joyce, James P., 1865-1939, "Dr." ["Joyce" is assumed and appears only on central marker] (West)

Joyce, Mary L., 1870-1963 ["Joyce" is assumed and appears only on central marker; adjacent to marker for James P. Joyce] (West)

Joyner, A. Homer, Jan. 6, 1880-Dec. 11, 1956 (West)

Joyner, Andrew L., Jan. 5, 1890-Jan. 29, 1959 (West)

Joyner, Bertha Long, July 18, 1902-Sept. 15, 1976 (West)

Joyner, Lucy [see McDaniel, Lucy Joyner] (Old City)

Joyner, Mary Jane, 1923 [probably daughter of Myrtle Mae and John W. Joyner, whose double marker is adjacent; death date in WPA: d. Nov. 29, 1923] (Old City)

Joyner, Mary P. Veteto, 1864-1942
Joyner, Arch Franklin, 1863-1926 (Old City)

Joyner, Myrtle Mae, 1892-1983
Joyner, John W., 1886-1959 (Old City)

Joyner, Ruby F., Sept. 14, 1905-Jan. 13, 1977
Joyner, Will R., Sept. 23, 1888-Aug. 26, 1992 (Northeast)



Kee, Frances Scott [see Mitchell, Frances Scott Key] (Northeast)

Kee, Hettie Hayes, Mar. 5, 1892-May 23, 1972
Kee, Martin E., July 9, 1893-Aug. 5, 1972, "Married Feb. 27, 1915" (East-Central)

Keller, Gladys S., Jan. 12, 1903-Sept. 15, 1980 [adjacent Sullivan family marker] (East-Central)

Kelley, Bertie F., 1908-1995, "Mama" footstone
Kelley, Clois T., 1908-1995, "Papa" footstone, "Married Apr. 3, 1926" (West)

Kelley, Carla Frances, Feb. 8, 1962-Sept. 7, 1998, "EMT" (West)

Kelley, Cheryl Ann, Dec. 21, 1957-____ (Old City)

Kelley, Infant, Nov. 5, 1940. "Infant son of William & O. D. Kelley" (Old City)

Kelley, Jean Wright, Oct. 5, 1928-____
Kelley, James T., Nov. 14, 1928-June 16, 1992, "Wed Nov. 28, 1949" (West)

Kelley, Jo An, 1935-1983
Kelley, William, Jr., 1931-____ (Old City)

Kelley, Opal E., 1909-1992, "Mother" footstone
Kelley, Wylie Z. (Bill), 1909-1977, "Married May 9, 1931" "Out children - Joe Bailey & Billy Wayne" (Northeast)

Kelley, Ridonna Sue, Dec. 17, 1959-Aug. 17, 1991 (Northeast)

Kelley, William, 1907-1971
Kelley, O. D., 1910-____, "Married Jan. 12, 1930" (Old City)

Kendrick, John R., Sept. 5, 1952-____, "His daughter Lisa Marie" [shares double marker with Martha L. Cheek (his mother?)] (Northeast)

Kennedy, Callie [see Threadgill, Callie Kennedy] (East-Central)

Kennedy, Charles H., Jan. 30, 1918-Aug. 14, 1983, military marker as footstone "Sgt US Army World War II"
Kennedy, Eula Mae, Feb. 23, 1920-Jan. 6, 1985 (Southern/Black)

Kennedy, Euda P., 1885-1972, unplaced "Mother" footstone
Kennedy, John L., 1887-1962 (West)

Kennedy, Opal L., Mar. 16, 1924-____
Kennedy, John A., Mar. 21, 1921-June 28, 2001, military marker as footstone "US Army World War II"; "Our daughter Phyllis Stewart" (West)

Kennedy, Renner Kizer, Apr. 15, 1890-Feb. 15, 1972
Kennedy, Charles Henry, Dec. 25, 1985-Feb. 14, 1964, "Father" foostone (Southern/Black)

Kent, Frank, 1880-1934 (Old City)

Kent, Infant, no dates ["Kent" is assumed as marker reads only "Infant"; in row with markers for Frank Kent and Kittie L. Kent] (Old City)

Kent, Kittie L., 1882-1980 [adjacent to marker for Frank Kent] (Old City)

Key, J. Hayes, Jan. 2, 1917-____
Key, Juanita C., July 16, 1917-____ (Northeast)

Key, Mary [see Butler, Mary Key] (East-Central)

Keyes, Gretchen Lorrane, Aug. 28, 1914-Mar. 5, 1999 (Southern/Black)

Kilian, F. F. (Fritz), 1882-1954 (East-Central)

Kilian, Mildred Wolfe, 1881-1972 (East-Central)

Kindred, Ida [see Taylor, Ida Kindred] (Old City)

King, Eva, June 9, 1894-June 26, 1894, "Dau. of J. R. & L. King" (Old City)

Kirby, Anna Lee, 1889-1977 (Southern/Black)

Kirby, Edward, Mar. 21, 1891-Apr. 6, 1934, military marker "Tennessee Pvt 350 Field Arty 92 Div." (Southern/Black)

Kirby, Enoch, d. Apr. 15, 1916, aged about 70 years [Smith, from death certificate] (Southern/Black)

Kirby, Euday, Feb. 17, 1892-Feb. 17, 1978 [from previous temporary marker: Mrs. Euday Kirby] (Southern/Black)

Kizer, Abregail Louise, d. Oct. 23, 2000, temporary marker, Selmer Mortuary, 4 yarsd north of marker for Mrs. Ada Kizer (Southern/Black)

Kizer, Ada J., Sept. 24, 1892-Oct. 24, 1949, "Mrs." (homemade) (Southern/Black)

Kizer, Akesha, Nov. 6, 1980-Mar. 27, 1991 (Southern/Black)

Kizer, Allie [see Franklin, Allie Kizer] (Old City)

Kizer, Dorothy, 1886-____
Kizer, Logon, 1887-____ [slightly ground disturbances seem to indicate both are buried here] (Southern/Black)

Kizer, Excel, 1908-____, unplaced "Mother" footstone [ground disturbance indicates she is buried here]
Kizer, Murray, 1912-1992, "Father" footstone (Southern/Black)

Kizer, Flora A. [see Combs, Flora A. Kizer] (Southern/Black)

Kizer, Golden, Sept. 28, 1913-____, "Wife" footstone [buried 1996-2001 period]
Kizer, Edward, Jan. 20, 1918-June 9, 1987, "Huband" footstone (Southern/Black)

Kizer, Jessie, Aug. 10, 1886-Apr. 1, 1932 (fallen) (Southern/Black)

Kizer, Jim Dick, d. Feb. 18, 1976, "Aged 50 yrs., 1 mo., 19 das." [not found in 1993/1994 or 2001; from Hinson et al.] (Southern/Black)

Kizer, Jim, Jr., Nov. 21, 1903-Jan. 7, 1962 [Masonic emblem] (Southern/Black)

Kizer, John H., Jan. 23, 1909-July 27, 1978 (Southern/Black)

Kizer, John Logan, 1923-1994, temporary marker, Parham, 4 feet south of marker for Nell Amie Kizer (Southern/Black)

Kizer, John Wayne, Sept. 19, 1968-Oct. 31, 2000, temporary marker, 4 feet north of marker for Robert Earl Hall (Southern/Black)

Kizer, Johnie, "Mrs.," d. June 6, ????, "Aged 79 Years 8 Mos 7 Days," temporary marker, 3 yards south of double marker for Luther M. and Jessie R. Buckley (Southern/Black)

Kizer, Josie E., May 11, 1848-Dec. 10, 1914 (Old City)

Kizer, Mary A., Sept. 28, 1816-Jan. 11, 1893, "Wife of Robert Kizer"
Kizer, Robert, July 6, 1816-Oct. 20, 1893, "Husband of Mary A. Kizer" "Our father and mother are gone . . ." (Old City)

Kizer, Mary Catherine, Sept. 27, 1848-Feb. 26, 1906, "Dau. of Robert & Mary A. Kizer" (Old City)

Kizer, Nell Amie, Sept. 4, 1925-Oct. 28, 1980 (Southern/Black)

Kizer, Nelvin, Jan. 16, 1938-July 10, 1998, temporary marker, Boyd Funeral Home, Milan, Tennessee, no good reference point, near wood edge southwest of once-fenced Melton lot (Southern/Black)

Kizer, Oddie, 1886-1975 [Hinson et al.: d. Feb. 12, 1975] (Southern/Black)

Kizer, Renner [see Kennedy, Renner Kizer] (Southern/Black)

Kizer, Susan L., Nov. 6, 1841-Aug. 22, 1896, "Dau. of Robert & M. A. Kizer" (eroded) (Old City)

Kizer, Wren, Mar. 15, 1906-____ [flowers on grave in 1996; adjacent to marker for John H. Kizer] (Southern/Black)

Knowles, Charlie Lee, 1894-1929 [as reported in WPA: d. Aug. 10, 1929, "Aged 34 yrs. 10 mos." (Old City)

Knowles, Mary Agnes, Sept. 15, 1917-July 7, 1918, "Dau. of C. L. & Beulah Knowles" (Old City)

Knowles, Mary Anne, 1872-1963, "Mother" footstone
Knowles, James Wilson, 1865-1930, "Father" footstone [WPA: d. Aug. 7, 1930, "Aged 64 yrs. 7 mos. 10 days"] (Old City)

Knowles, Mary Elizabeth, 1896-1918 [replacement] (Old City)

Knowles, Robert Edmond, 1902-1941 [replacement] (Old City)

Kolwyck, Annie Owens, 1885-1968
Kolwyck, George W., 1882-1952, "Rev." [Masonic symbol] (East-Central)

Kolwyck, James A., 1918-1971 [Masonic symbol]
Kolwyck, Gladys I., 1922-___, "Mother" footstone, also unplaced "Wife" footstone [Eastern Star symbol; recently buried at time of 1996 survey]; "Married Dec. 9, 1939" (East-Central)

Kolwyck, Jewel, Feb. 15, 1910-____, "Mother" [adjacent to marker for Voyd Kolwyck] (Northeast)

Kolwyck, Voyd, July 1, 1906-Dec. 5, 1970, "Daddy" (Northeast)

Konieczny, Elizabeth B., May 23, 1925-Aug. 11, 1985
Konieczny, William "Bill," Aug. 26, 1927-____, "Married Aug. 26, 1948" (Northeast)

Kopp, Jason Christopher, Apr. 10, 1982-Dec. 9, 2000, military marker "AR US Navy" (Old City)

Kyle, Freda V., Apr. 12, 1921-____, unplaced "Mother" footstone
Kyle, Archie A., Mar. 11, 1920-Sept. 23, 1996, military marker as footstone "Pvt US Army World War II"; "Married April 20, 1939" "Our children Michael, Kevin, Kerry, Beverly" (Northeast)

Kyle, Mary, Jan. 24, 1949-____
Kyle, Berek Allen, Nov. 7, 1979-Mar. 3, 1997
Kyle, Kervin Allen, Feb. 28, 1949-____ (Northeast)



Lacy, Eva Marie, 1916-1983 (West)

Lacy, Hortense Ross, 1895-1961, "Wife of J. H. Lacy" (West)

Lacy, James Harrison, 1889-1964 [under bush] (West)

Ladd, Muriel Elaine, Mar. 30, 1996
Ladd, Megan Esther, Mar. 30, 1996 (Northeast)

Lancaster, Jesse R., Dec. 2, 1901-Oct. 18, 1970, "Father" (Old City)

Lancaster, Louise K., 1921-1999, "Wife" footstone
Lancaster, Winifred H., 1904-1975, "Husband" footstone (Old City)

Lancaster, Mather H., Sept. 19, 1888-Apr. 27, 1940, "Son" [probably of Priscilla W. Lancaster and William H. Lancaster] (Old City)

Lancaster, Priscilla W., July 30, 1867-Dec. 14, 1943, "Mother" [adjacent to marker for William H. Lancaster] (Old City)

Lancaster, Susan E., Feb. 19, 1833-July 11, 1897 [Eastern Star symbol]
Lancaster, Jesse J., Apr. 16, 1831-Nov. 28, 1898, "Dear parents, though we miss you much . . ." [Masonic symbol] (Old City)

Lancaster, Tilmon A., Nov. 23, 1858-Nov. 9, 1925
Lancaster, Julia Graper, Mar. 14, 1872-Mar. 27, 1952, "His Wife" (Old City)

Lancaster, William H., Jan. 27, 1864-Feb. 10, 1950, "Father" (Old City)

Lancaster, Witte, 1908-1951 ["Lancaster" is assumed; no last name on marker; under a Lancaster family marker] (Old City)

Lane, Tara [see Reeves, Tara Lane] (Northeast)

Laster, Edwin, no dates
Laster, Nevia, no dates, "20th Century O'Theophilis" [both appear to be buried] (Northeast)

Laster, Lottie, 1911-____
Laster, Floyd, 1907-1982 [from previous temporary marker: d. Aug. 17, 1982, "74 Years 10 Months 11 Days"] (Southern/Black)

Latham, Carrie Bell, Feb. 3, 1882-Jan. 5, 1901, "Wife of F. H. Latham"; "Mother" footstone (Old City)

Latham, F. H., Apr. 25, 1875-Dec. 19, 1941, "Father" footstone
Latham, Carrie M., Oct. 9, 1879-Feb. 10, 1923, "His Wife" (Old City)

Lawler, Callie T., Apr. 8, 1904-Feb. 24, 1994 [adjacent to marker for Herbert E. Lawler; probably daughter of William J. Taylor and Fannie Winslow Taylor, whose markers are also are under a Lawler Taylor central marker] (West)

Lawler, Felix Henry, Nov. 1, 1901-Nov. 20, 1947 (West)

Lawler, Gertie [see Barry, Gertie Lawler] (Old City)

Lawler, Guy Swayne, Apr. 1, 1882-Feb. 17, 1883, "Son of W. T. & S. E. Lawler" (Old City)

Lawler, Hal Howard, May 2, 1884-Mar. 6, 1969 (fallen) (Old City)

Lawler, Herbert E., Sept. 23, 1906-Sept. 11, 1988 (West)

Lawler, Leby, 1891-1891, "Son of W. T. & S. E. Lawler" [replacement] (Old City)

Lawler, Mary [see Ruffner, Mary Hancock Lawler] (West)

Lawler, Mary Woods, 1895-1970, "Dau. of W. T. & Lizzie Lawler" (Old City)

Lawler, Meadie C., 1893-1953
Lawler, Will A., 1880-1961 (West)

Lawler, W. T., Oct. 12, 1848-Jan. 29, 1906
Lawler, Lizzie, Feb. 17, 1856-Oct. 29, 1937, "His Wife" (Old City)

Lawrence, James Vincent, Sept. 9, 1970-June 10, 2003
Elvington, Larry Joe, Dec. 16, 1944-Feb. 8, 2003 (Northeast)

Laws, Hattie, 1892-1969
Laws, Henry, 1879-1964 (East-Central)

Laws, Jamima [see Sellers, Jamima Laws] (East-Central)

Laws, Ruby Mae, June 30, 1902-June 30, 1902, "Dau. of G. W. & M. F. Laws" [identifiable but not readable in 1996; information from WPA] (Old City)

Lawson, Geneva, 1899-1972
Lawson, Henry Don, 1900-1965 (Old City)

Lawson, Jean Davis, Apr. 29, 1921-____
Lawson, William Chester, Mar. 22, 1921-June 28, 1979, "Married Sept. 9, 1950," military marker as footstone "Tec5 US Army World War II" (Northeast)

Leach, Norma Lois, 1949-2003, temporary marker, Reed's Chapel, 10 feet west of double marker for Johnny Ray and Delores Renfroe Massengill (Northeast)

Lee, C. F., 1908-____, "Dad"
Lee, Amanda E., 1910-2000, "Mother" "Married Sept. 30, 1933" (Northeast)

Lee, E. G., d. Sept. 25, 1841, "Aged 28 years" (eroded, fallen) [Masonic symbol] (Old City)

Lee, Nannie, July 1, 1848-Aug. 30, 1888, "Wife of J. W. Lee"
Lee, J. W., Dec. 22, 1840-May 25, 1888 [Masonic symbol] (Old City)

Lee, Ronnie, May 29, 1964-May 31, 2002, "Loving memories of Chris and Ronnie" (Northeast)

Lester, Donald E., May 17, 1949-July 13, 1997, "Wed Feb. 3, 1996" "Don and Connie  . ." "My husband my best friend" (Northeast)

Lewis, Alfred A., Apr. 12, 1921-Oct. 31, 1996, "Father" footstone, military marker as footstone "PFC US Army World War II"
Lewis, Clara H., May 12, 1925-Oct. 7, 2000, "Mother" footstone (Southwest/Lewis)

Lewis, Alma Chumney, Mar. 1, 1922-____
Lewis, McCall, Jan. 26, 1923-____, "American Ex-Prisoner of War"; "Married July 3, 1943" "Our children: David, Bruce and Lisa" "Our grandchildren April, Heather, Cova, Richard, and Jill" (Northeast)

Lewis, Alton Douglass, Apr. 30, 1904-May 6, 1994 [adjacent to marker for M. Hollis Lewis] (East-Central)

Lewis, Antha Alma, Jan. 16, 1897-Feb. 28, 1992 [adjacent to marker for Dura Ethen Lewis] (West)

Lewis, Bertha [see Stevens, Bertha Lewis] (Southwest/Lewis)

Lewis, Cleo Pat, 1883-1964
Lewis, Mary Evy, 1887-1982 (Southwest/Lewis)

Lewis, Cova, 1900-1981
Lewis, Donna, 1904-____, "Married Mar. 5, 1922" "McCall/Our chilrden/Iris" (Northeast)

Lewis, Dura Ethen, June 17, 1899-July 6, 1973 (West)

Lewis, Etta G., 1908-1998
Lewis, John E. (Mutt), 1911-1989 [Masonic symbol], "Married Mar. 30, 1932" (West)

Lewis, Eva [see Daws, Eva Lewis] (Southwest/Lewis)

Lewis, Ezra K., Aug. 9, 1894-Dec. 15, 1961 (West)

Lewis, Fannie, no dates, "Age 33" [shares double marker with Ruby Stanford] (Southern/Black)

Lewis, George H., 1914-____, unplaced "Father" footstone
Lewis, Ruth A., 1912-2003, "Mother" footstone, "Wed 1946" (Southwest/Lewis)

Lewis, Hal, June 1, 1920-July 7, 1991, "Children Bobby & Betsy" (Northeast)

Lewis, Idell Woods, July 4, 1918-____
Lewis, James Bedford, Aug. 16, 1913-June 2, 1998, "Married May 8, 1937" "Our children: Vonella and McArthur" (Northeast)

Lewis, Infant, no dates ["Lewis" is assumed as marker ready only "Infant"; adjacent to double marker for Noah L. and Beulah H. Lewis; as reported by WPA:, d. May 4, 1932, "Infant of Mr. & Mrs. N. L. Lewis"] (East-Central)

Lewis, James T., Sept. 6, 1916-Dec. 29, 1985, "Father" footstone (Southwest/Lewis)

Lewis, John L., June 26, 1925-Oct. 18, 1944, military marker "PFC US Army World War II" (Southwest/Lewis)

Lewis, Lillian Roberts, Sept. 17, 1874-Sept. 2, 1926, "Wife of Robert A. Lewis, Jr." (Old City)

Lewis, Louise [see Clement, Louise Lewis] (Northeast)

Lewis, Lounell [see Hawkes, Lounell Lewis] (Northeast)

Lewis, Lovie Blount, May 27, 1857-Oct. 13, 1945 (West)

Lewis, M. Hollis, Dec. 7, 1905-June 24, 1970 (East-Central)

Lewis, Myrtle Pam, Feb. 18, 1958, "Age 0-Yrs 0-Mo 0-Days"" (Southwest/Lewis)

Lewis, Nealie P., 1912-2001
Lewis, Lizzie M., 1913-1978, "Married Apr. 9, 1932" (Southwest/Lewis)

Lewis, Noal L., 1894-1977, footstone with "Father"; dates on footstone July 8, 1894-June 10, 1977
Lewis, Beulah H., 1899-1970, footstone with "Mother"; dates on footstone Aug. 12, 1899-Apr. 26, 1970 (East-Central)

Lewis, R. L., 1913-____, temporary marker, Pafford Funeral Home, "Robert Lindsey Lewis," 1913-1985 (Northeast)

Lewis, Ricky G., Nov. 11, 1953-June 29, 1985, "Rick" footstone [probably son of James T. Lewis and Ruth Rose Lewis, whose matching markers are adjacent] (Southwest/Lewis)

Lewis, Robert A., Jr., Apr. 19, 1864-Apr. 9, 1945 (Old City)

Lewis, Robert G. (Bobby), Dec. 10, 1943-Apr. 16, 1971 [probably son of James T. Lewis and Ruth Rose Lewis, whose matching markers are adjacent] (Southwest/Lewis)

Lewis, Robert, d. Feb. 25, 1938, "Aged 0 ys 0 ms. 0 ds." [not found in 1996; from WPA] (Old City)

Lewis, Rose Marie [see Alexander, Rose Marie Lewis] (Southwest/Lewis)

Lewis, Ruby M., 1909-1982
Lewis, Sam A., 1908-1985 (Northeast)

Lewis, Ruth Rose, Apr. 3, 1923-July 28, 1992, "Mother" footstone [adjacent to marker for James T. Lewis] (Southwest/Lewis)

Lewis, Samuel, Aug. 7, 1942-Mar. 2, 1988 (Northeast)

Lewis, Trula Petty, Oct. 30, 1897-Mar. 4, 1962 [adjacent to marker for Ezra K. Lewis] (West)

Liggett, Harry Carter, Jan. 14, 1930-Jan. 2, 2000, military marker "PFC US Army Korea" (West)

Lindenfield, Bertha May, 1899-1974 [probably daughter of William Henry Lindenfield and Leila Phifer Lindenfield, whose matching markers are adjacent] (West)

Lindenfield, Jeanette, 1896-1915 [not found in 1996; from Hinson et al.] (Old City)

Lindenfield, Leila Phifer, 1872-1956, "Wife of William Henry Lindenfield" (West)

Lindenfield, William Henry, 1862-1939 (lichen covered) (West)

Lindsey, C. Neal, 1876-1953
Lindsey, Nora F., 1882-1974 (West)

Lindsey, Hugh, May 15, 1914-Mar. 3, 1998
Lindsey, Mildred B., Feb. 20, 1927-Nov. 21, 1984, "Married Dec. 27. 1946" (West)

Lindsey, Josephine [see Cogdell, Josephine Lindsey] (West)

Lindsey, Lena [see Hancock, Lena Lindsey] (West)

Lindsey, Pauline [see Essary, Pauline Lindsey] (East-Central)

Lipscomb, Charles David, 1944, "Son of A. P. & Oeda Lipscomb" (West)

Lipscomb, Oeda Davenport, Feb. 11, 1907-Feb. 8, 1957
Lipscomb, Asa Parham, June 10, 1903-____ (West)

Little, Alton J., 1940-1978 [probably son of Roy M. and Winnie A Little, whose matching double marker is adjacent]
Little, Mary A., 1941-____; "Married May 4, 1957" (Northeast)

Little, Danny G., Mar. 21, 1949-____
Little, Barbara Jo, Feb. 6, 1950-Oct. 13, 1999, "Mama" footstone, "Wed Oct. 11, 1982" (Northeast)

Little, Dee [see Sheppard, Dee Little] (West)

Little, Diane Reeves, July 3, 1954-July 21, 1954, "Dau. of W. F. & Alma" (West)

Little, Hazel E., Apr. 12, 1930-____
Little, Delton R., Nov. 8, 1926-Feb. 12, 1999, military marker as footstone "S2 US Navy World War II" (Northeast)

Little, J. E., Nov. 17, 1904-Nov. 13, 1987
Little, Annie Belle, Feb. 22, 1907-____, unplaced "Mother" footstone [ground disturbance suggests she is buried], "Married Oct. 12, 1924" (Northeast)

Little, Roy M., 1897-1977
Little, Winnie A., 1906-1985, "Married Oct. 8, 1921" (Northeast)

Lockhead, John C., Nov. 12, 1862-May 21, 1915 (Old City)

Loftin, Lona Lee, Mar. 23, 1923-____, unplaced "Mother" footstone
Loftin, E. W. (Babe), Sept. 24, 1926-July 16, 1993, "Father" footstone (Northeast)

Loftin, Vivian Lewis, Aug. 19, 1923-Oct. 17, 1999, "Daughter" footstone [adjacent to double marker for Noah L. and Beulah H. Lewis] (East-Central)

Lofton, Rosaline, 1890-1971
Lofton, William E., 1893-1971, "Daddy" footstone, "Married 1913" (East-Central)

Lofton, William C., May 18, 1919-May 22, 1960 (East-Central)

Logan, Celestia Fielder, Sept. 20, 1862-Nov. 14, 1945 [probably daughter of Mary Patience Fielder and John Samuel Fielder, whose markers are adjacent] (Old City)

Logan, Celestia Fielder, Sept. 20, 1862-Nov. 14, 1945 [probably daughter of Mary Patience Fielder and John Samuel Fielder, whose markers are adjacent] (East-Central)

Logan, Elizabeth, Feb. 11, 1890-Sept. 30, 1905, "Dau. of W. T. & C. A. Logan" (Old City)

Logan, John F., 1884-1919 (Old City)

Logan, Mary [see Barry, Mary Logan] (Old City)

Logan, W. T., d. Feb. 18, 1894, "Aged 37 Ys. 5 Ms., 24 Ds." (Old City)

Lomax, Dora, Apr. 6, 1927-____
Lomax, Howard, Nov. 29, 19205-June 16, 1999, military marker as footstone "Howard Franklin Lomax" "Cpl US Army Korea"; "Wed May 27, 1944" "Our children: Faye, Judy, Larry" (Northeast)

Long, Bertha [see Joyner, Bertha Long] (West)

Love, Earlie Mae, May 1, 1917-Nov. 11, 1995 (Southern/Black)

Love, Georgia, Oct. 21, 1886-Mar. 11, 1907, "Dau. of J. D. & Lula Love" (Southern/Black)

Love, J. D., 1860-1952
Love, Lula, 1871-____ [sunken spot indicates she is buried here] (Southern/Black)

Love, Nannie [see Taylor, Nannie Love] (Southern/Black)

Lowe, Emily B., 1904-1974
Lowe, W. M. (Kin), 1899-1973 (Northeast)

Lowry, Charlene, Mar. 17, 1926-____, "A loving mother"
Lowry, Maurice N., Jan. 4, 1922-June 17, 1979, "M.D." "A loving father," military marker as footstone "Maurice Neill Lowry" "ACM1 US Navy World War II" (Northeast)

Lowry, Keoko G., d. Jan. 29, 1902, "Aged 1 Yr. 7 Ms. 25 Ds." "Dau. of W. I. & S. G. Lowry" (Old City)

Luck, Alice Teague, Jan. 2, 1920-Jan. 8, 1996
Luck, Haywood Hall, Nov. 9, 1920-July 31, 1989, "Married Apr. 10, 1949" (West)

Lunn, Cora [see Moore, Cora Lunn] (West)

Lunsford, Charlotte Creasy, July 14, 1942-Feb. 20, 1975, "In memory of our mother Chip and David" (West)

Lunsford, Evelene, Aug. 15, 1928-Sept. 27, 2001, "Mother" footstone
Lunsford, Harvil, Mar. 17, 1916-Mar. 19, 2001, "Father" footstone (Northeast)

Lunsford, Lois E., Apr. 19, 1926-Mar. 16, 2003
Lunsford, Neal T., Sept. 18, 1924-Mar. 3, 2003, military marker as footstone "PFC US Army World War II Bronze Star Medal" (Northeast)

Lunsford, Nadine, Apr. 15, 1934-____
Lunsford, R. T., Oct. 17, 1918-____, "Married June 29, 1950" (Northeast)

Lunsford, Sherry, Apr. 1, 1966-____
Lunsford, Jimmy, Dec. 20, 1958-Oct. 10, 1993 (Northeast)

Lyles, Eula M., July 29, 1894-May 7, 1952 [possibly a Moore] (West)

Lynn, Eula F., Mar. 5, 1904-Sept. 12, 1922 (East-Central)

Lynn, May Elizabeth, Apr. 30, 1872-May 22, 1946 [adjacent to marker for Wm. A. Lynn] (East-Central)

Lynn, Wm. A., Dec. 30, 1869-Dec. 27, 1933 (East-Central)



MacLeod, Robert L., 1924-2002
MacLeod, Wilma B., 1924-____, carved rings and "June 29, 1951" (Northeast)

Madison, ______, [1886?] 1880-190_ (fieldstone) [part of border of Madison family lot] (Old City)

Madison, Elizabeth, no dates [not found in 1996 or 2001; from WPA] (Old City)

Madison, John, no dates, "Father"
Madison, Carter, no dates, "Mother"
Madison, Puss, no dates [as reported in WAP: Mrs., d. Jan. 10, 1928, "Aged 83 ys. 8 ms. 17 ds." (Old City)

Mallory, Annie [see McHaney, Annie Mallory] (Old City)

Malone, Effie B., Feb. 5, 1882-July 11, 1901, "Dau. of C. B. & N. F. Malone" (Old City)

Malone, Ruth Telford, May 30, 1900-Dec. 21, 1901, "Dau. of C. R. & N. F. Malone" (fallen, may be out of place) (Old City)

Maness, Anita M., Aug. 16, 1944-Feb. 26, 1988, "Her children -- Kenny, Felecia" (West)

Maness, Charles, 1937-____
Maness, Lucy M., 1916-____
Maness, Arles, 1916-1978 (Northeast)

Maness, Christine [see Sisson, Christine Maness] (East-Central)

Maness, Gerthie [see Dyer, Gerthie Maness] (Northeast)

Maness, Guy L., Aug. 20, 1914-Nov. 1, 1985, "Son of Ben F. & Bertha Duck Maness"
Maness, Lura H., Apr. 16, 1914-Nov. 28, 1995, "Mother" footstone "Daughter of James A. & Lucille Turner Hart" [from previous temporary marker: Lura Ann Sheppard]; "Our son Harold W" (Northeast)

Maness, Majorie Lee, Mar. 22, 1934-____, "Joy" footstone
Maness, James Wilburn, May 14, 1933-Oct. 2, 1996, "Pop" footstone, "Children: Ronald and Pam" "Grandchildren: Greg and Aaron Liles" (Northeast)

Maness, Michael L., Dec. 4, 1964-Mar. 15, 1987 (Northeast)

Maness, Nell [see Mays, Nell Maness] (Northeast)

Maness, Pamela Joan, June 30, 1959-____, "Mother" footstone
Maness, James Ronald, May 14, 1958-____, "Ronald" footstone, "Children: Greg and Aaron Liles" (Northeast)

Maness, Paul Wayne, May 5, 1942-Mar. 13, 1971 (Northeast)

Manley, Beulah M., June 28, 1931-May 27, 2000
Manley, John D., Apr. 20, 1928-Jan. 9, 2002, carved rings and "1950" "Our children: Cathy and Ricky" (Northeast)

Manley, Jimmy L., 1951-1951, "Son of Robt. O. & Mary Sue Manley" (West)

Manley, Johnny O., 1948-1954, "Son of Robt. O. & Mary Sue Manley" (West)

Manley, Mary Sue, 1923-1954, "Wife of Robt. O. Manley" (West)

Manley, Robert O., 1913-1980 (West)

Manley, Robt. Owen, 1885-1953 [Masonic symbol]
Manley, Maggie M., 1890-1976 (West)

Mannon, Willie Fay, Apr. 3, 1919-Feb. 7, 1999 (Northeast)

Mansker, Edward, Feb. 20, 1886-Nov. 20, 1917 (fallen) [Woodmen of the World memorial; WPA reports symbol with "Spanish War Veterans 1898-1902"] (Old City)

Mansker, Edward, Oct. 29, 1911-Mar. 1, 1913, "Son of E. K. & C. G. Mansker" (Old City)

Martin, Fairy [see Stanfill, Fairy Martin] (East-Central)

Martin, Georgia Anna Zilpha Jane [see Whitehead, Georgia Anna Zilpha Jane] (East-Central)

Martin, Haughtie [see Odle, Haughtie Martin] (West)

Martin, M. Sue, May 7, 1904-June 8, 1978, "Mother" footstone
Martin, S. Earl, Oct. 25, 1902-Dec. 23, 1982, "Daddy" footstone, "Wed Mar. 4, 1922" "Their children - James, Earl & Doris" (Old City)

Martin, Roy G., Aug. 18, 1920-Aug. 12, 1998, "Dad" footstone
Martin, Lola L., Dec. 23, 1923-____, "Mother" footstone (Northeast)

Martin, Ruby Evelyn, Mar. 5, 1917-Sept. 1, 2001, "Daughter of Hugo and Nellie Gustason born at White City Kansas"
Martin, James earl, June 18, 1923-____, "Son of Earl & Sue Martin born at Lexington, Tn." "Wed Sept. 1, 1962" (Northeast)

Martin, Ruth E., Dec. 19, 1935-____
Martin, Carl E., May 4, 1932-Sept. 1, 1995, military marker as footstone "PH3 US Navy Korea"; "Our children: Becky, Coleen, Dan, Rob" (Northeast)

Mashburn, William E., July 23, 1934-Jan. 19, 1994, mounted military marker "Pvt US Army Korea," "daddy" footstone (Northeast)

Massengill, Johnny Ray, Dec. 7, 1953-Mar. 24, 2002, "Dad" footstone
Massengill, Delores Renfroe, Apr. 29, 1955-____, "Mom" footstone, "Married Nov. 1, 1975" (Northeast)

Massey, Edgar Lee, Nov. 4, 1937-Sept. 14, 1962, military marker "Tennessee AG2 USNR" (Southern/Black)

Massey, Francis R., 1906-1966 (Southern/Black)

Massey, James, Sr., Aug. 1, 1919-July 4, 1949, military marker, "Tennessee Pvt Infantry World War II" (Southern/Black)

Massey, R. L., May 6, 1937-May 18, 1967, military marker "Tennessee YN2 US Navy" [not found in 1993/1994 or 2001 but reported by both Hinson et al. and Smith; this information from Smith] (Southern/Black)

Massey, Robert L., 1914-1955 (Southern/Black)

Massie, Joe, d. July 26, 1921, aged about 45 Years, Father: Louie Massie, Mother: Frances Wilson [Smith, from death certificate] (Southern/Black)

Mathis, Keith Alan, July 27, 1960-Jan. 11, 1994 (Northeast)

Maxwell, Calla Walker, 1889-1936 [WPA: "Mrs. E. G. Maxwell," d. May 16, 1936, "Aged 47 ys. 1 ms. 4 ds."
Maxwell, E. Gecovia, 1879-1947, "Dr." (East-Central)

Maxwell, Edward, 1910-1939 (East-Central)

Maxwell, Geo. H., 1886-1943 (East-Central)

Maxwell, Geo. H., Jr., 1912-1996 [from previous temporary marker: George Henry Maxwell, Jr.] (East-Central)

Maxwell, Harold L., Dec. 2, 1924-Aug. 4, 1990, military marker "US Navy World War II" (East-Central)

Maxwell, Lela A., Sept. 15, 1881-Apr. 10, 1949 (East-Central)

Maxwell, Lula L., 1888-1974 [adjacent to marker for Geo. H. Maxwell] (East-Central)

Maxwell, Maude [see Park, Maude Maxwell] (East-Central)

Maxwell, Rebecca E., 1914-2002 [adjacent to marker for Geo. H. Maxwell, Jr.] (East-Central)

May, Lena, no dates [not found in 1993/1994 or 2001; from Hinson et al.] (Southern/Black)

Mayes, Gladys [see Sweat, Gladys Mayes] (West)

Mayo, Annie Evagene, Aug. 3, 1928-Jan. 19, 1929, "Dau. of J. F. & Geneva Mayo" (Old City)

Mays, Donald E., 1951-1982 (West)

Mays, James E., 1942-1968, "His child Monique" (West)

Mays, Nell Maness, Jan. 20, 1925-Oct. 31, 2002
Mays, John W.,Oct. 9, 1920-____ (Northeast)

Mays, Norene M., 1926-1997
Mays, James F., 1918-1997, "Married Mar. 9, 1941" "Our children James, Cornelia, Patricia, Brenda, and Donald" (West)

McCall, Adelaide [see Bray, Adelaide McCall] (West)

McCall, Alsie Bray, Dec. 14, 1865-Oct. 20, 1956 [adjacent to marker for George W. McCall] (West)

McCall, Carolyn Pope, Sept. 5, 1896-Nov. 16, 1966, "Wife of Eff Muse McCall" (West)

McCall, Eff Muse, Jan. 20, 1892-Sept. 12, 1971, "Husband of Carolyn Pope McCall," military marker as footstone "Tennessee Capt US Army World War I" (West)

McCall, George C., 1889-1921 (Old City)

McCall, George W., June 28, 1856-Aug. 14, 1945 ["McCall" is assumed and appears only on central marker] (West)

McCall, George, Jr., 1920 ["McCall" is assumed] (Old City)

McCall, Georgia A., Mar. 22, 1901-Dec. 27, 1939 ["McCall" is assumed and appears only on central marker; probably daughter of George W. McCall and Alsie Bray McCall, whose markers are adjacent] (West)

McCall, Henry, 1880-1915 (may be out of place) (Old City)

McCall, Jessie F., 1885-1977 (Old City)

McCall, John Andrew, Aug. 6, 1894-Dec. 23, 1973 (Northeast)

McCall, Mollie A., 1859-1946 [adjacent to marker for P. H. McCall] (Old City)

McCall, P. H., 1856-1929, "Dr." (Old City)

McCall, Raulie Yates, Jan. 9, 1892-Apr. 22, 1980 [adjacent to marker for John Andrew McCall] (Northeast)

McCall, Virginia Ann [see Casteel, Virginia Ann McCall] (Northeast)

McCall, William, May 17, 1815-Mar. 8, 1837, "Second son of Andrew McCall and Jeanette Todd McCall" "Born . . . in the Laurins District S.S." "Died . . . at Lexington, Tenn." [replacement] (Old City)

McCaslin, Kenneth M., May 27, 1936-Jan. 20, 1999, footstone with "'Our poppie' Reid, Evan, Marcy"
McCaslin, Janet S., Apr. 22, 1938-____, "Married March 22, 1957" "Our children Pamela, Randall and David" (East-Central)

McClaine, Ivy Nell, 1937-1998, temporary marker, Parham, 2 yards south of double marker for Elva P. and Miller L. Sherley (Southern/Black)

McCollum, App H., 1885-1956
McCollum, Dovie S., 1885-1973 (West)

McCollum, Claude L., Jan. 29, 1917-Apr. 25, 1991, military marker "PFC US Army" (Northeast)

McCollum, Faustina Wilkins, June 6, 1929-____, "Tina"
McCollum, Richard Talmadge, Mar. 21, 1926-June 2, 1979, "Tab" [Masonic symbol], military marker as footstone "Cox US Navy World War II"; "Our children Larry Richard David Russell Lisa Grace" (Northeast)

McCollum, Joan S., May 2, 1943-Feb. 18, 1998
McCollum, David H., Nov. 19, 1936-May 26, 1973, "Children Kim, Pam and Jay" (Northeast)

McCollum, Joyce [see Scates, Joyce McCollum] (West)

McCollum, Kenneth Preston, July 6, 1955-July 10, 1955 [probably son of Pattye S. and John H. McCollum, whose double marker is adjacent] (West)

McCollum, Mary Sue, Aug. 24, 1916-May 28, 2000 (West)

McCollum, Nina [see Hamlin, Nina McCollum] (Northeast)

McCollum, Pattye S., Aug. 20, 1929-____
McCollum, John H., Dec. 11, 1925-July 17, 2001, unplaced "Father" footstone, military marker as footstone "SMSgt US Air Force"; "Wed 1949" (West)

McCollum, Richard T., 1926-1979, military marker "Cox US Navy World War II" (Northeast)

McCollum, Ruby, May 1, 1915-Aug. 8, 1978 (Northeast)

McConnell, Sylvia [see Milam, Sylvia McConnell] (Old City)

McCuiston, Henry C., July 1879-Apr. 1904
McCuiston, Charlie, Sept. 1890-Apr. 1909 [Smith reports "Son and daughter of Vinnie Hudspeth"] (Southern/Black)

McCullough, Averna, "Mrs.," no dates, temporary marker, Parham, approximately mid way between the marker for Eula B. Cooper and the marker for Lewis Melton [listed in Hinson et al.] (Southern/Black)

McCullough, Will, no dates, temporary marker, Parham, approximately mid way between the marker for Eula B. Cooper and the marker for Lewis Melton [listed in Hinson et al.] (Southern/Black)

McDaniel, Alma Duke, Aug. 29, 1924-____, unplaced "Mother" footstone
McDaniel, Dayton, Jr., Jan. 24, 1925-Oct. 20, 2001, "Father" footstone; also military marker as footstone "Pvt US Army World War II"; "Wed Mar. 14, 1945" (Northeast)

McDaniel, Lucy Joyner, Nov. 2, 1886-July 19, 1963 [adjacent to marker for Luther McDaniel] (Old City)

McDaniel, Luther, Sept. 15, 1883-Feb. 26, 1963 (Old City)

McDaniel, Nolan, Oct. 6, 1906-Oct. 6, 1906, "Son of L. & L. McDaniel" [overlooked or not readable in 1996; from WPA] (Old City)

McDaniel, Ruby B., Oct. 23, 1894-Feb. 19, 1892, "Mother" footstone
McDaniel, A. Ewing, Oct. 17, 1881-Oct. 5, 1978, "Father" footstone (Northeast)

McDonald, Helen, 1924-1979, temporary marker, 1 yard south of marker for Jerry Harmon (Southern/Black)

McDonald, James E., Mar. 14, 1889-Feb. 1, 1959, "Tennessee Pvt US Army World War I" (Southern/Black)

McDonald, Mary Katheryn, Aug. 24, 1925-Nov. 19, 1996
McDonald, Thomas, Nov. 7, 1924-Apr. 5, 1997 (Southern/Black)

McGlones, Mary [see Stark, Mary McGlones] (Northeast)

McHaney, Addie Trimble, d. Oct. 23, 1897, "Aged 2 yrs, 11 m, 23 d" "Dau. of J. C. & W. M. McHaney" (Old City)

McHaney, Addie, Sept. 24, 1910-May 18, 1990 (Southern/Black)

McHaney, Amanda [see Taylor, Amanda McHaney] (Old City)

McHaney, Annie Mallory, July 19, 1862-June 13, 1888, "Wife of John G. McHaney" (Old City)

McHaney, C. F., Nov. 1, 1841-June 19, 1919
McHaney, Anna E., Jan. 28, 1845-Jan. 24, 1923, "His Wife" (Old City)

McHaney, Casey, Nov. 15, 1909-Jan. 11, 1977 (Southern/Black)

McHaney, Cornelius Henry, d. Feb. 26, 1862, "Aged 7 y's. 5 m's. 15 d's." "Son of L. & S. A. McHaney" (eroded) [information from WPA] (Old City)

McHaney, Henry, June 6, 1882-May 16, 1948 (Southern/Black)

McHaney, J. D., July 25, 1862-Nov. 20, 1878 (Old City)

McHaney, James H., Mar. 27, 1905-Apr. 25, 1981 (fallen) (Southern/Black)

McHaney, Lessie E. Taylor, Mar. 26, 1905-Jan. 11, 1963 [adjacent to military marker for Purley Dean McHaney] (Southern/Black)

McHaney, Nannie L., Jan. 12, 1858-Feb. 4, 1923 (Old City)

McHaney, Purley Dean, Jan. 14, 1897-Apr. 23, 1968, military marker "Tennessee Pvt Quartermaster Corps World War I" (Southern/Black)

McHaney, Samantha A., d. Nov. 16, 1860, "Aged 31 Y'rs, 5 Mo's, 5 D's." "Wife of L. McHaney" (Old City)

McHaney, W. C., 1818-1890, "Father" footstone
McHaney, Louise Henry, 1821-1905, "His Wife" (Old City)

McHaney, W. C., Jr., Aug. 14, 1875-July 10, 1905 "Born in Henderson Co." "Died in his home in Lexington, Tenn." (Old City)

McIntosh, Halvert, 1934-____
McIntosh, Jewel D., 1939-____ (Northeast)

McKenney, R. A., d. Sept. 27, 1874, "Aged 42 yrs." [shares triple marker with S. E. McKenney Roach and J. A. Roach] (Old City)

McKenney, S. E. [see Roach, S. E. McKenney] (Old City)

McKenzie, Hassie J., 1875-1928
McKenzie, Rufus L., 1870-1929 (Old City)

McKinney, Mary, d. Jan. 14, 1843, "Aged 28 years" (Old City)

McKissack, Ivie [see Holland, Ivie McKissack] (East-Central)

McMichael, Frank Nelson, Mar. 25, 1942-May 21, 1999
McMichael, Inez Conger, Apr. 4, 1947-____ (West)

McMurry, Bettie Lou, 1883-1942 [replacement] (West)

McNatt, Albert, Sept. 25, 1885-Aug. 30, 1935 (East-Central)

McNatt, Arthur, Jr., Feb. 16, 1920, "Son of Arthur & Viola McNatt" [replacement] (Old City)

McNatt, Minnie N., Aug. 27, 1883-Mar. 9, 1977 [adjacent to marker for Albert McNatt] (East-Central)

McNatt, Viola W., 1880-1964, "Wife" footstone
McNatt, Arthur E., 1874-1958, "Husband" footstone (Old City)

McPeake, Alfred Taylor, Jan. 13, 1909-May 15, 2002
McPeake, Oda Mae, Jan. 28, 1912-____ (Northeast)

McPeake, Audia Hayes, June 15, 1909-June 9, 1989
McPeake, Chester A., Sept. 6, 1897-Mar. 5, 1997, "Married Mar. 17, 1928" "Our children: Elizabeth, Louisa, Arba, Orbin and Charles" (Northeast)

McPeake, Elizbeth [see Coffman, Elizabeth McPeake] (Northeast)

McPeake, Estelle G., Aug. 16, 1888-Sept. 26, 1978
McPeake, Louis, Jan. 28, 1887-July 4, 1978, "Married Aug. 31, 1906" "Our children Bert, Alf, Phil, John and Sam" (Northeast)

McPeake, Esther C., 1914-____, "Mother"
McPeake, John R., 1910-1988, "Daddy" (Northeast)

McPeake, Helen W., 1919-1973
McPeake, Cecil A., 1918-1999, "Bit"; "Our children Glenda and Jerry" (Northeast)

McPeake, Jimmie Flannagan, Mar. 8, 1936-____, "Wife Mother Granny"
McPeake, Clinton Jack, Oct. 27, 1934-Mar. 17, 1992, "Husband Daddy Papa" "Married Nov. 6, 1953" "Our sons: Michael and Jeffrey" (Northeast)

McPeake, Laura E., Mar. 19, 1908-Dec. 14, 1997
McPeake, Bert L., June 19, 1907-Apr. 5, 1991, "Married Oct. 4, 1930" (Northeast)

McPeake, Lema, Dec. 8, 1907-Sept. 22, 1997
McPeake, Curtis D., Apr. 14, 1902-June 25, 1966, "Children Dartha, Beatrice and Mason" (West)

McPeake, Margaret M., Mar. 18, 1945-____
McPeake, W. G. (Pete), Oct. 3, 1944-Sept. 5, 1981, carved rings and "May 8, 1963" "Our daughter, Kimberly Renae" (Northeast)

McPeake, Martha H., 1911-1994 [possible a Hatchett]
McPeake, Jesse A., 1904-1974, "Married July 11, 1931" "Our son Ralph E." (East-Central)

McPeake, Opal [see Barker, Opal McPeake] (Northeast)

McPeake, Opal, Aug. 26, 1926-____, "Married July 3, 1916"
McPeake, Thetus S., July 3, 1919-Dec. 31, 1991, military marker as footstone "US Navy World War II"; "Our children: Donald, Ronald, Kay" (Northeast)

McPeake, Sherry Wright, 1964-2003, temporary marker, Pafford Funeral Home, 4 feet south of marker for Tina Marie Wright (Northeast)

McPeake, Troy W., Mar. 12, 1901-Jan. 19, 1971 (East-Central)

McPeake, Wanda, June 19, 1934-____
McPeake, Louis (Sam), Jan. 19, 1930-Aug. 3, 1987, "Wed July 30, 1952," military marker as footstone "Louis Sam McPeake" "Pvt US Army Korea" (Northeast)

McPeake, Wilma S., Aug. 15, 1934-____
McPeake, William P. (Phil), Nov. 25, 1911-Apr. 29, 1993, "Married Feb. 18, 1950" "Our son Danny" [carved farmer plowing and tractor] (Northeast)

McPherson, David Wayne, May 10, 1985-July 5, 1999 (Old City)

McRae, Ione [see Brown, Ione McRae] (West)

Meadows, Alice [see Buck, Alice Meadows] (Southern/Black)

Mears, Kathleen R., Oct. 26, 1929-Nov. 17, 1997, "Mother and Grandmother" (Northeast)

Melton note: The markers for Lewis Melton, Margaret Melton, and Addie L. Hart are within a once-fenced plot. (Southern/Black)

Melton, Amanda Galloway, 1844-1931, "Mother" [replacement] (Old City)

Melton, Flossie [see Ball, Flossie Melton] (Old City)

Melton, Herbert, d. Oct. 17, 2001, temporary marker, Mercer Bros. F. H., Jackson, Tennessee, 4 feet north of military marker for Frazier Howard (Southern/Black)

Melton, J. Frank, May 26, 1927-____ (Northeast)

Melton, Lewis, Aug. 25, 1864-Aug. 4, 1918 (Southern/Black)

Melton, Margaret, d. June 15, 1911, "Aged 70[?] years" (Southern/Black)

Melton, Robert Lee, 1864-1911, "Son" [probably of Amanda Galloway Melton, whose marker is adjacent; replacement] (Old City)

Melton, Vesta Azbill, 1872-1950, "Granny" [in Ball family plot] (Old City)

Melton, Willie Myrtle, Aug. 3, 1898-July 1, 1974 [not found in 1994; from Hinson et al.] (Old City)

Middleton, Laura, Mar. 26, 1884-____
Middleton, Alfred H., Sept. 16, 1867-Feb. 6, 1959 (West)

Milam, Cecil G., 1895-1979, unplaced "Father" footstone
Milam, Patra C., 1899-1982
Milam, William T., 1917-1957 (West)

Milam, Dollie P., 1872-1948, "Mother" [Eastern Star symbol]
Milam, R. H., 1871-1927, "Father" "Dr." [Masonic symbol] (Old City)

Milam, Edna H., Oct. 2, 1910-Sept. 17, 1999
Milam, Granville O., Dec. 2, 1904-July 29, 1987, "Married Dec. 23, 1964," military marker as footstone "Cpl US Army World War II" (East-Central)

Milam, Edna R., 1918-1989, unplaced "Wife" footstone
Milam, Charles R., 1919-____, unplaced "Husband" footstone, "Wed 1940" (West)

Milam, Larea L., May 2, 1919-Jan. 3, 1999 [adjacent to marker for Loy M. Milam] (Old City)

Milam, Lessie M., July 6, 1895-Nov. 14, 1980 [adjacent to marker for Oscar L. Milam] (Old City)

Milam, Loy M., Apr. 3, 1918-July 9, 2000 (Old City)

Milam, Mary S., 1914-____
Milam, John D., 1915-1965, "Father and Mother" footstone (Northeast)

Milam, Nancy Cora, Sept. 14, 1938-Apr. 15, 1984 (Old City)

Milam, Oscar L., May 3, 1895-Oct. 11, 1974 (Old City)

Milam, Sylvia McConnell, Aug. 26, 1913-Apr. 9, 1991, "Mother"
Milam, Royal Hal, May 7, 1908-Jan. 12, 1984, "Father" (Old City)

Milam, Velma, 1895-1989, unplaced "Mom" footstone
Milam, Elmer, 1893-1975, "Children Ruth, J. D., Pearl, James, Ruby, Edward, Paul, Herbert and Wilbur" (Northeast)

Miller, Barry, June 16, 1859-Apr. 7, 1914 (eroded) [Woodmen of the World memorial] (Old City)

Miller, C. Thomas, 1875-1960 [Masonic symbol]
Miller, Ida Butler, 1882-1950 [Eastern Star symbol] (West)

Miller, Exie Neisler, Dec. 16, 1912-____
Miller, Floyd H., Oct. 2, 1907-Feb. 3, 1991 (West)

Miller, Fred A., Jan. 15, 1922-Sept. 24, 1999 (Old City)

Miller, John W., Aug. 17, 1870-May 3, 1925 (difficult to read) (Old City)

Miller, Lena Bell, 1915-1992, temporary marker, Parham Mortuary, 2 yards north of the military marker for O. C. Miller (Southern/Black)

Miller, Leroy, 1873-1970 (West)

Miller, O. C., 1916-1978, military marker "Cox US Navy World War II" (Southern/Black)

Miller, Ruby, 1908-1995; also temporary marker, Pafford Funeral Home, "Ruby Lee Miller" (West)

Miller, Sophia E., 1877-1942 [adjacent to marker for Leroy Miller] (West)

Miller, Verdie, 1907-1988 (West)

Miller, Wadie [see Austin, Wadie Miller (West)

Mills, Larry H., Feb. 8, 1932-____
Mills, Peggy O., Mar. 21, 1936-July 23, 1982, "Mama" footstone (Northeast)

Mitchell, Eliza Kate White, 1872-1958, "Mama" [adjacent to marker for D. T. White] (Old City)

Mitchell, Maria, d. June 7, 2003, temporary marker, Mercer Brothers F.H., Jackson, Tennessee, no good reference point, approx. 11 yards west of marker for Sherman Harmon (Southern/Black)

Mitchell, William, Mar. 30, 1920-____
Mitchell, Frances Scott Key, Apr. 5, 1920-July 11, 1994 (Northeast)

Moffitt, Annette [see Greenway, Annette Moffitt] (Northeast)

Moffitt, Clarence E., May 16, 1954-Feb. 1, 2002, military marker "Pvt US Marine Corps" (Southern/Black)

Moffitt, Elizabeth Stanford, May 19, 1866-Jan. 31, 1948, "Wife of Esoc A. Moffitt" (East-Central)

Moffitt, Esoc A., Mar. 23, 1862-Dec. 23, 1959, "Husband of Elizabeth Stanford" (East-Central)

Moffitt, Fred E., d. June 6, 2000, temporary marker, Mercer Brothers, Jackson, TN, 6 feet north of military marker for Clarence E. Moffitt (Southern/Black)

Moffitt, Goldie [see Phillips, Goldie Moffitt] (Old City)

Moffitt, Jimmie, 1862-1883 [replacement] (Old City)

Moffitt, Joe [see Smith, Joe Moffitt] (East-Central)

Moffitt, Joseph Henry, June 16, 1854-Dec. 17, 1928 [replacement] (East-Central)

Moffitt, Laura Ann, Oct. 28, 1852-May 14, 1931, "Wife of John Brown Boswell" (East-Central)

Moffitt, Lillie Ruth Murren, Aug. 24, 1919-May 10, 1988, "Mother" "Mother of Ruth Annette/Samuel Willard/Kenneth Randal/John Neal/Jimmy Andrew/Delores Jane/Paul Sidney" (Northeast)

Moffitt, Margaret S., May 14, 1899-Nov. 21, 1989 (East-Central)

Moffitt, Mary Lucille, 1907-1969 (Southern/Black)

Moffitt, Melvin, d. July 7, 1972 [not found in the southern section in 1993/1994 or 2001; name is second before James E. McDonald in Hinson et al.] (Southern/Black)

Moffitt, Trixie Veola, July 14, 1888-Oct. 4, 1951 (East-Central)

Moffitt, Virgil, d. Mar. 29, 1971 [not found in the southern section in 1993/1994 or 2001; name is third before James E. McDonald in Hinson et al.] (Southern/Black)

Montague, Guy Eula, July 9, 1930-Aug. 16, 1983, "Mother" footstone (Southern/Black)

Montague, I. D., d. June 12, 1969, "Aged 84 yrs., 1 mo., 4 das." [not found in 1993/1994 or 2001; from Hinson et al.] (Southern/Black)

Montague, Johnnie Uneal, Mar. 29, 1920-July 12, 1997, military marker Pvt US Army World War II" (Southern/Black)

Montague, Kevin, Sept. 6, 1978-Sept. 6, 1978 (Southern/Black)

Montague, Samuel H., 1921-1976, military marker "Pvt US Army World War II" (Southern/Black)

Montague, Terry E., Nov. 13, 1964-Nov. 14, 2000, also temporary marker, Terry Eugene Montague (Southern/Black)

Montgomery, Allie V., Nov. 26, 1871-Sept. 27, 1949 [adjacent to marker for Arthur S. Montgomery] (Old City)

Montgomery, Arthur S., Apr. 4, 1868-May 2, 1943 (Old City)

Montgomery, F. Vernon, Nov. 19, 1902-Mar. 19, 1988 (Old City)

Montgomery, Juddie Newbill Yates, Aug. 24, 1871-May 3, 1929, "Wife of W. H. Montgomery" (Old City)

Montgomery, Lloyd, Sept. 21, 1904-July 18, 1984 (Old City)

Montgomery, Martha Apr. 8, 1905-Jan. 13, 1992 [adjacent to marker for F. Vernon Montgomery] (Old City)

Montgomery, Thomas Elmer, Mar. 3, 1889-Aug. 26, 1945 (sunken) [only dates are visible in 2001] (Old City)

Montgomery, Violet B., Sept. 14, 1904-June 3, 1990 [adjacent to marker for Lloyd Montgomery] (Old City)

Montgomery, William Houston, May 1, 1860-Jan. 29, 1942 (Old City)

Moody, Becky, 1965-2002, temporary marker, Pafford Funeral Home, 2 feet north of marker for Geraldine Woods (Northeast)

Moody, Bill Willie, Aug. 8, 1925-____, "Father" [grave was being dug on Oct. 8, 2003] (Northeast)

Moody, Billy F., Oct. 20, 1936-Aug. 15, 2001, "Dad" (Southern/Black)

Moody, Daren Leon, Jan. 17, 1969-Mar. 27, 2001, "Son of William and Ruby Louise" [Wood] (Northeast)

Moody, Elmer, Sept. 22, 1935-Aug. 6, 1990, "Daddy" footstone (Northeast)

Moody, Ina Moore, Dec. 23, 1916-Nov. 21, 1985
Moody, Ernest, May 3, 1916-Feb. 13, 1976, military marker as footstone "Pvt US Army World War II" (Northeast)

Moody, Infant, born & died Jan. 24, 1905, "Infant of Joe & J. A. Moody" (Old City)

Moody, Isabell W., Jan. 23, 1913-June 16, 1973 [flowers with "Grandma"]
Moody, B. Albert, Jan. 9, 1892-Apr. 30, 1975 [flowers with "Grandpa" (Northeast)

Moody, Joan D., Feb. 6, 1948-____, unplaced "Mother" footstone
Moody, Jerry B., July 15, 1939-____, unplaced "Father" footstone, "Wed 1960" "Our children Joanne and Jerry A." (Northeast)

Moody, Joanah, Jan. 10, 1873-May 6, 1907, "Wife of Joe Moody" (Old City)

Moody, Joe A., Nov. 20, 1913-Aug. 5, 1914, "Son of Joe & L. A. Moody" (Old City)

Moody, Joe, 1865-1948 (East-Central)

Moody, Lessie A., 1884-1932 [replacement; as reported in WPA: d. Aug. 26, 1932, "Aged 48 ys. 1 mo. 10 da."] (Old City)

Moody, Paul Walton, 1926-1980, military marker "Pvt US Army World War II" (Northeast)

Moody, Riley P., Nov. 28, 1902-Dec. 25, 1903, "Son of E. F. & E. J.Moody" (Old City)

Moody, Sammy David, Oct. 17, 1948-Jan. 23, 1949 [replacement] (East-Central)

Moody, Theetus, Oct. 10, 1903-Nov. 16, 1905, "Son of Joe & J. A. Moody" (Old City)

Moore, Cora Lunn, 1877-1951 [adjacent to marker for Lawson Berry Moore] (West)

Moore, Cora, 1886-1971 [adjacent to marker for D. W. Moore] (West)

Moore, D. W., 1878-1938 [Woodmen of America symbol] (West)

Moore, Doris Tunis, 1924-1997 [adjacent to marker for Norris B. Moore] (Northeast)

Moore, Edward N., d. Aug. 10, 1866, "Aged 8 years 11 mos 21 das." "Son of Geo. W. & N. C. Moore" [not found or not readable in 1996; from WPA] (Old City)

Moore, Effie, Sept. 9, 1918-Dec. 24, 1994, "Mother" (Northeast)

Moore, Fred C., 1910-1982
Moore, Helen L., 1908-1981, "Married Feb. 27, 1948" (Northeast)

Moore, Ina [see Moody, Ina Moore] (Northeast)

Moore, James E., Sept. 21, 1923-May 5, 1985, military marker "S2 US Navy World War II" (Old City)

Moore, Joe W., Sept. 25, 1926-May 23, 1973, military marker "Phm2 US Navy World War II" (West)

Moore, Joe W., Sr., 1900-1944 (West)

Moore, Lawson Berry, 1867-1954 (West)

Moore, Leilah [see Davis, Leilah Moore] (West)

Moore, Lillie L., 1920-2001, "Wife" footstone
Moore, Raymond C., 1911-1993, "Husband footstone, "Wed Sept. 27, 1971" (Northeast)

Moore, Lucille [see Wood, Lucille Moore] (West)

Moore, Mamie, 1876-1922 [replacement] (Old City)

Moore, Marie, 1923-1996 [from previous temporary marker: Mary Marie Moore]
Moore, Jessie R., 1917-1975, "Married Feb. 27, 1949" (Northeast)

Moore, Marie, Apr. 10, 1928-Apr. 13, 1993, "Mother" footstone (West)

Moore, Mary Lou, Mar. 5, 1920-Oct. 8, 1997 (Northeast)

Moore, Moreen, 1906-1915 (Old City)

Moore, Norris B., 1920-1963 (Northeast)

Moore, Opal, 1915-____
Moore, Roy, 1910-____, "Married Jan. 26, 1946" (Northeast)

Moore, W. L., Mrs., d. June 8, 1925, "Aged 46 Years" [not found or not readable in 1996; from WPA] (Old City)

Morgan, A. D., July 22, 1849-Mar. 5, 1885 (Old City)

Morris, Arthur H. (June), July 16, 1915-Nov. 19, 1992 (West)

Morris, Arthur Harvey, June 10, 1886-July 25, 1964 (West)

Morris, Eva Pinkley, Oct. 18, 1886-Dec. 7, 1967 (West)

Morris, Mary W., Mar. 29, 1916-Aug. 10, 1993 [adjacent to marker for Arthur H. (June) Morris] (West)

Moss, Frank, 1895-1923 [replacement; as reported in WPA: June 19, 1895-Dec. 1, 1923, "Son of D. T. & J. F. Moss"] (East-Central)

Moss, Thomas Dudley, 1864-1940 (East-Central)

Mullins, E. A., 1880-1947 (West)

Mullins, Ella [see Threadgill, Ella Mullins] (West)

Mullins, Marie, 1930-____ [probably daughter of J. C. (Jake) and Louise Lewis Clement, whose double marker is adjacent]
Mullins, Billy Joe, 1924-1976, military marker as footstone "S1 US Navy World War II"; dates on military marker Dec. 25, 1924-June 15, 1976; "Married July 21, 1951" "Our sons - Gary and Larry" (Northeast)

Mullins, Mayme Bishop, Feb. 16, 1926-Apr. 9, 2002, "Mom" footstone
Mullins, J. C. (Jack), May 27, 1927-Sept. 20, 2002, "Dad" footstone; also military marker as footstone "PFC US Army World War II"; "Married Nov. 23, 1950" (Northeast)

Murphy, Consowillow, Apr. 24, 1961-July 8, 1963 (Southern/Black)

Murphy, Fannie, 1879-1951
Murphy, Charlie, 1878-1950 (West)

Murphy, Hattie [see Scott, Hattie Murphy] (Old City)

Murphy, Mary [see Azbill, Mary Murphy] (Northeast)

Murphy, Sammy A., Dec. 25, 1939-Nov. 4, 1968
Murphy, Mary Sue, Jan. 26, 1917-Oct. 4, 1981
Murphy, George A., Oct. 29, 1917-Apr. 20, 1990 (Northeast)

Murray, Addie, June 10, 1852-June 14, 1910, "Wife of J. L. Murray" (Old City)

Murray, Ethel [see Fitzhugh, Ethel Murray] (Old City)

Murray, J. L., July 31, 1842-Dec. 5, 1916, "Dr." (Old City)

Murray, Mary [see Hall, Mary Murray] (Old City)

Murray, Maude, Feb. 14, 1873-Oct. 29, 1942 (Old City)

Murray, Missie [see Fielder, Missie Murray] (Old City)

Murray, O. K., Apr. 12, 1879-Feb. 26, 1910 (Old City)

Murren, Lillie Ruth [see Moffitt, Lillie Ruth Murren] (Northeast)

Muse, E. E., Sept. 29, 1857-Oct. 10, 1925
Muse, Willie Galloway, Feb. 5, 1860-Oct. 10, 1937, "His Wife" [probably daughter of M. L. Galloway and Polly Ann Galloway, whose markers are adjacent] (Old City)

Muse, Ida [see Davidson, Ida Muse] (Old City)

Muse, Infant, born & died Apr. 30, 1893, "Our baby girl" [probably child of E. E. and Willie Galloway Muse] (Old City)

Muse, J. R., Mar. 12, 1846-Apr. 26, 1912, "Dr." (Old City)

Muse, James D., Feb. 19, 1863-Jan. 24, 1911 [WPA notes symbol with "Spanish War Veterans 1898-1902"] (Old City)

Muse, Royal E., May 26, 1887-Dec. 15, 1889, "Son of E. E. & W. A. Muse" (Old City)

Muse, Ursula Scott, Dec. 22, 1878-Jan. 6, 1956 [adjacent to marker for James D. Muse] (Old City)

Myracle, Edna L., Nov. 8, 1926-____
Myracle, Hearl L., June 23, 1921-June 6, 1981 (Northeast)

Myracle, Eliza J., Sept. 31, 18__-Nov. 18, 1900, "Age 59 ys. 2 ms. 15 ds." "Wife of W. A. Myracle" (fragmented, eroded) (Old City)

Myracle, Thelma L., July 3, 1921-Oct. 10, 2001, form temporary marker read in 2001: Lorine Myracle]
Myracle, Robert L., Jan. 25, 1925-____ (East-Central)

Myracle, Thelma Lee, Dec. 15, 1946-July 21, 1951, "Dau. of R. L. & Lorene Myracle" "Peaches" (East-Central)



Neal, Bertha Mae, Apr. 17, 1924-____, "Daughter" [shares double marker with mother Willie Mae Williams] (Southern/Black)

Needham, Savannah W., 1872-1960 [overlooked in 1996; in western section based on listing in Hinson et al.] (West)

Neely, Dorothy Richardson, Apr. 2, 1924-May 16, 1981 (East-Central)

Neisler, Ella [see Jones, Ella neisler] (East-Central)

Neisler, Exie [see Miller, Exie Neisler] (West)

Neisler, Exie Hayes, Jan. 29, 1902-Aug. 24, 1984
Neisler, William Ernest, July 3, 1899-Dec. 15, 1977, "Married Dec. 5, 1925" (West)

Neisler, Gertie [see White, Gertie Neisler] (West)

Neisler, Graper Johnston, 1904-1959 (West)

Neisler, J. Frank, Jr., Mar. 26, 1930-May 3, 1986
Neisler, Juanita Flake, Apr. 24, 1929-____ (West)

Neisler, J. Frank, Sr., 1884-1957
Neisler, Eva May, 1888-1959 (West)

Neisler, James Guy, 1908-1958
Neisler, Annie Anderson, 1908-____ (West)

Neisler, Jewell [see Weaver, Jewell Neisler] (West)

Neisler, John Milton, 1869-1946
Neisler, Mattie Ann Presley, 1871-1957, "His Wife" (West)

Neisler, John Roy, Apr. 7, 1906-Nov. 3, 1999
Neisler, Anita Jordan, Sept. 14, 1912-____, "Wed March 26, 1935" (West)

Neisler, Larrie Lynn, Jan. 3, 1946-Nov. 30, 1996, "Mom" footstone, "We love you moma John Neal, Jan, Jina" (Northeast)

Neisler, Lynetta F., 1924-1977
Neisler, Jerry N., 1926-____, "Married Oct. 17, 1948" (Northeast)

Neisler, Pauline Hubbard, 1907-1976 (West)

Neisler, Wanda E., Apr. 13, 1937-Apr. 13, 1947 (sunken) (West)

Neisler, Willie H., 1873-1953
Neisler, Zillah Hendrix, 1881-1963 (West)

Neville, Ann [see Dietz, Ann Neville] (Northeast)

Neville, Annie Mae, Mar. 3, 1899-May 6, 1988 [adjacent to marker for Fred Hays Neville] (Northeast)

Neville, Fred Hays, June 12, 1895-Mar. 14, 1970 (Northeast)

Newsom, Sue [see Stripling, Sue newsom] (Northeast)

Newsome, Jessie, d. Nov. 11, 1945 (Southern/Black)

Nichols, Elmer Dean, Oct. 22, 1937-Feb. 16, 1922 (Northeast)

Norman, Carter [see Bedford, Carter Norman] (West)

Norman, Chas. E., 1871-1940, "Rev."
Norman, Minneola K., 1879-1949 (West)

Norman, Grace [see Appleby, Grace Norman] (West)

Norman, Mary [see Jones, Mary Norman] (West)

Nuckolls, Lillian Denver, 1898-1965, "Wife" [probably daughter of H. P. and Callie Denver, whose double marker is adjacent] (Old City)

Nuckolls, Malcolm Waddell, 1908-1943, "Husband" (Old City)



Oakley, Carlie Page, 1886-1962 (East-Central)

Oakley, Corine, 1924-1931 [replacement; adjacent to marker for N. Rush Oakley] (East-Central)

Oakley, Doshia Barr, Jan. 6, 1898-June 24, 1946, "Wife of H. C. Oakley" (West)

Oakley, Faye, 1911-2000 (East-Central)

Oakley, H. C., Mar. 6, 1865-July 5, 1941 (West)

Oakley, Imogene [see Poston, Imogene] (East-Central)

Oakley, Jessie [see Fisher, Jessie Oakley] (Northeast)

Oakley, Louise, 1909-1998 (East-Central)

Oakley, Mary F., 1916-1999, "Dau. of H. C. & Doshia Oakley" (West)

Oakley, N. Rush, 1884-1932 [replacement] (East-Central)

Oakley, Polk, Mar. 15, 1911-Feb. 17, 1958, older marker as footstone with "J. Polk Oakley"
Oakley, Ouida, Aug. 6, 1914-July 4, 1992, footstone with "Our Mimi" and "Ouida Britt Oakley" (West)

Oakley, Randolph, 1874-1935, "Husband"
Oakley, Myrtle, 1874-____, "Wife" (Old City)

Oakley, Ross Flaudie Douglas, 1906-1970 [adjacent to marker for Thompsie R. Oakley] (West)

Oakley, Thompsie R., Aug. 6, 1903-Apr. 10, 1948 (West)

Oakley, Thompsie Ray, June 12, 1928-Nov. 7, 1956, military marker "Tennessee SP2 Co C 30 Tank Bn Korea" (West)

Oakley, Woodrow Apr. 6, 1913-____ [see Brown, Woodrow Oakley] (West)

Odle, Bobby Allen, 1938-1982, military marker "A3C US Air Force" [probably son of Rebecca W. and Preston S. Odle, whose double marker is adjacent] (Old City)

Odle, Helen May, Sept. 4, 1942-Feb. 3, 1979, "Wife" (East-Central)

Odle, J. C., 1912-1978
Odle, Willie, 1912-____ (West)

Odle, James S., 1878-1950
Odle, Haughtie Martin, 1879-1942, "His Wife" (West)

Odle, Julia [see Martin, Julia Odle] (Old City)

Odle, Lillian B., 1916-1965 [adjacent to marker for W. F. (Jack) Odle] (West)

Odle, Parrish Edward, Dec. 19, 1972-Feb. 3, 1979, "Son" [of Helen May Odle] (East-Central)

Odle, Rebecca W., 1910-1956
Odle, Preston S., 1907-1969 (Old City)

Odle, Richard Fred, Aug. 10, 1902-Oct. 31, 1989 (East-Central)

Odle, Ruth Threadgill, Apr. 19, 1911-Mar. 8, 1992 [adjacent to marker for Richard Fred Odle] (East-Central)

Odle, W. F. (Jack), 1915-1952 (West)

Odle, Wm. Stuart, Apr. 7, 1875-Sept. 1, 1964
Odle, Mabel Roberts, Oct. 9, 1878-Apr. 21, 1966 (Old City)

Oliver, Cora B., d. Mar. 26, 1922, aged 39, Father: Abe Howard [Smith, from death certificate] (Southern/Black)

Orio, Harry Bennett, no dates, "Beloved father," military marker as footstone "Lt G US Army World War II"; dates on military marker May 18, 1910-Oct. 18, 1996
Orio, Edith Brooks, no dates, "Beloved mother," footstone with "Edith (Pinkey) Brooks"; dates on footstone Apr. 10, 1915-July 22, 1993; on main marker: "Married Dec. 24, 1939" "Son - Edward Bennett" "Daughter - Beverly Orio Romaines" (West)

Orr, Elizabeth [see Evans, Elizabeth Orr] (Northeast)

Orr, Gladys Belew, Jan. 8, 1907-____
Orr, James Newton, July 6, 1900-Apr. 26, 1976, "Married Nov. 3, 1929" (Northeast)

Osier, Eugene C., 1882-1951 (East-Central)

Osier, John B., 1913-1973 (East-Central)

Overman, Ben, Sept. 11, 1911-Mar. 30, 1991, "Daddy Ben" footstone
Overman, Blossom, July 3, 1908-____, unplaced "Wife" footstone
Overman, Annie Awbrey, Aug. 11, 1910-Jan. 27, 1987, "Niece" footstone (East-Central)

Overman, George W., 1882-1956 (West)

Overman, Linnie Mae, Feb. 10, 1933-Dec. 28, 1998 [Eastern Star symbol]
Overman, William McKinley, Mar. 27, 1927-____ [Masonic symbol], carved rings and "Mar. 17, 1948" "Our children Barbara, Patricia, Rhonda" (Northeast)

Overman, Louania L., 1882-1971 [adjacent to marker for George W. Overman] (West)

Overman, Lucy, 1892-1982 [adjacent to marker for Monroe Overman] (West)

Overman, Monroe, 1887-1971 (West)

Overman, Sue Nell, Sept. 29, 1934-____
Overman, Carl D., Sept. 24, 1932-Dec. 18, 1994, military marker as footstone "PFC US Army Korea"; "Married Mar. 4, 1956" (East-Central)

Owen, Hulie A., Oct. 18, 1891-Jan. 10, 1959
Owen, Ora Lee, Sept. 4, 1894-July 8, 1957 (West)

Owens, Annie [see Kolwyck, Annie Owens] (East-Central)

Owens, Cordelia [see Smith, Cordelia Owens] (East-Central)

Owens, Lizzie, May 15, 1901-Dec. 18, 1931 [not found in 1993/1994/2000; from Hinson et al.] (Southern/Black)

Owens, Mildred [see Dyer, Mildred Owens] (East-Central)

Owens, Opal B., June 2, 1906-Jan. 1, 1982 [adjacent to marker for Will M. Owens] (East-Central)

Owens, Will M., June 23, 1899-Mar. 10, 1967 (East-Central)

Ozment, Leroy Anderson, Nov. 6, 1906-Apr. 6, 1974 (West)

Ozment, Lucille Hancock, May 24, 1906-June 27, 1999 [adjacent to marker for Leroy Anderson Ozment; probably daughter of Alvis Casey Hancock and Lena Lindsey Hancock, whose markers are adjacent] (West)



Pafford, Darius D., 1854-1918
Pafford, Linnie Edwards, 1864-1927 [WPA: "Mrs. D. D. Pafford," d. Oct. 24, 1927, "Aged 63 yrs. 6 mos. 23 das."] (East-Central)

Pafford, Darius D., 1854-1918, "Father" footstone
Pafford, Linnie Edwards, 1864-1927, "Mother" footstone [WPA: "Mrs. D. D. Pafford," d. Oct. 24, 1927, "Aged 63 yrs. 6 mos. 23 das."] (Old City)

Pafford, Erle E., 1889-1920 (Old City)

Pafford, Lanie, May 19, 1829-June 17, 1897, "Wife of T. W. Pafford" (Old City)

Pafford, Lou [see Bryant, Lou Pafford] (Old City)

Pafford, Marie, 1897-1926 (Old City)

Pafford, Royal R., June 30, 1891-Dec. 31, 1950
Pafford, Zula Mae, July 2, 1903-Aug. 5, 1992 (West)

Pafford, T. H., Mar. 10, 1858-Jan. 22, 1905 (Old City)

Pafford, Virgil, 1858-1916
Mary E., 1860-1929 [share triple marker with Lou Pafford Bryant] (Old City)

Pafford, Willa [see Stewart, Willa Pafford] (Old City)

Page, Benjamin Franklin, July 31, 1896-Jan. 5, 1940 [replacement] (East-Central)

Page, Benjamin Franklin, Sept. 1, 1925-July 30, 1978, military marker "US Navy" [called Frank Page in Hinson et al.] (East-Central)

Page, Clara E., 1869-1960 (West)

Page, Clarence L., 1892-1975
Page, Eva P., 1901-1990, "Married Feb. 25, 1939" (West)

Page, Clarice, 1928-1962 (East-Central)

Page, Elizabeth Ringgold, Aug. 8, 1899-Nov. 10, 1988 (being overtaken by honeysuckle) [adjacent to marker for Ruff F. Page] (West)

Page, Frank, Sept. 1, 1925-Dec. 13, 1964, military marker "Tennessee S1 USNR World War II" (East-Central)

Page, J. A., Sept. 17, 1891-Jan. 22, 1958 (East-Central)

Page, J. W., 1861-1938 (East-Central)

Page, James H., Feb. 14, 1899-July 6, 1979 (Northeast)

Page, Janice, Mar. 8, 1928-Aug. 23, 1998 (East-Central)

Page, Kimberley Nicole, s. Dec. 26, 1995, temporary marker 4 feet north of temporary marker and concrete block bordered grave for Steven Parham (Southern/Black)

Page, Laelaleigh Ringgold, June 7, 1913-____ [adjacent to marker for James H. Page] (Northeast)

Page, Linnie [see Patton, Linnie Page] (West)

Page, Linnie White, Sept. 26, 1884-Nov. 3, 1979 [adjacent to marker for Ollie P. Page] (East-Central)

Page, Marion Edgar, Mar. 14, 1889-Apr. 13, 1949 (East-Central)

Page, Mary Frances, 1964-1915 [replacement; as reported in WPA: Dec. 19, 1864-Dec. 5, 1915, "Wife of J. W. Page" "Mother"] (East-Central)

Page, Minnie [see Adams, Minnie Page] (West)

Page, Noble L., 1918-1990
Page, Otis F., 1900-1993, "Married Aug. 14, 1937" (Northeast)

Page, Ollie P., July 11, 1888-Sept. 30, 1945 (East-Central)

Page, Roy W., 1898-1953 (East-Central)

Page, Ruby White, Feb. 2, 1894-Nov. 7, 1951 [adjacent to marker for J. A. Page] (East-Central)

Page, Rufe F., 1899-1948 (West)

Page, Sam A., Dec. 11, 1922-Jan. 25, 1973, military marker as footstone "Sam Allen Page" "US Army Air Corps World War II"
Page, Gwendolyn M., June 8, 1924-____, carved wedding rings and "Dec. 25, 1945" (West)

Page, Stephie D., Mar. 26, 1894-Oct. 26, 1927, "Wife of M. E. Page" (East-Central)

Page, Wm. Cecil, d. Oct. 6, 1894, "Aged 5 Ms 15 Days" "Son of J. W. & M. F. Page" (Old City)

Parham, Steven, 1975-1995, temporary marker, Parham, 4 yards northwest of marker for Tom Jones (Southern/Black)

Paris, Margaret [see Jones, Margaret Paris] (Old City)

Park, Irby D., 1905-1988 (East-Central)

Park, Lucille [see Pope, Lucille Park] (East-Central)

Park, Martha M., 1905-1971 [adjacent to marker for Irby D. Park] (East-Central)

Park, Maude Maxwell, 1885-1965
Park, Washington S., 1878-1945, "Mother and Father" footstone (East-Central)

Park, Sarah Floyd, 1917-1993 [from previous temporary marker: "Mrs."; Mar. 16, 1917-May 16, 1993] (East-Central)

Parker, Albert Tomie, Jr., July 25, 1903-Dec. 26, 1915, "Son of A. T. & Francis Parker" [Smith also reports a death certificate, Tommie Parker] (Southern/Black)

Parker, Anna Lee, Jan. 8, 1946-____, unplaced "Mama" footstone
Parker, Preston H., Apr. 4, 1941-Nov. 25, 1996, "Daddy" footstone, "Wed Feb. 28, 1977" "Our sons: Tim and Jeff" (Northeast)

Parker, Bennie Mae, Jan. 26, 1902-Apr. 1, 1931, "Wife of Paul Parker" (Old City)

Parker, Clara Frances, 1901-1979 (East-Central)

Parker, Cora E., 1895-1978
Parker, Fred Lee, 1891-1969, "Married Nov. 23, 1913" (East-Central)

Parker, Elnora, 1919-1977 (homemade) (Southern/Black)

Parker, Irene, Dec. 23, 1925-Sept. 9, 2003, temporary marker, 5 yrads east-northeast of marker for Billy F. Moody (Southern/Black)

Parker, Jake Covey, May 9, 1895-Nov. 20, 1978
Parker, Persie Steele, July 2, 1900-____ (Southern/Black)

Parker, Kenney Dale, 1978-1987, temporary marker, Parham Mortuary, 6 yards north of marker for Lillian R. Hearron [in 2001 last name is "Parke" having lost an R; Smith reports last name as Parker] (Southern/Black)

Parker, Lela M., Apr. 24, 1919-Dec. 28, 1991
Parker, Willard, May 25, 1916-June 30, 1990, military marker as footstone "James Willard Parker" "PFC US Army World War II" (Northeast)

Parker, May Hearn, Nov. 22, 1884-June 10, 1983
Parker, Noble Francis, Aug. 16, 1883-Apr. 24, 1919
Parker, Francis Lorraine, Oct. 21, 1907-Mar. 15, 1975 (East-Central)

Parker, Myrtle, 1882-1975 [adjacent to marker for Will P. Parker] (East-Central)

Parker, Paul, May 10, 1896-Aug. 19, 1930 [Masonic symbol on family marker] (Old City)

Parker, Pinkie, 1906-1990 [matches markers for Myrtle Parker and Will P. Parker] (East-Central)

Parker, Vickie S. [see Jones, Vickie S.] (Southern/Black)

Parker, Will P., 1880-1943 (East-Central)

Paschall, Janet, Apr. 28, 1931-____ [in a Stubblefield row] (East-Central)

Patton, Henry K., Sept. 27, 1910-July 18, 1989 (West)

Patton, James J., Apr. 5, 1905-____
Patton, Edith J., Jan. 29, 1909-Oct. 28, 1994, "Mother" footstone
Patton, Jerry J., Feb. 15, 1934-Feb. 22, 1992, "Son" footstone (West)

Patton, Linnie Page, Mar. 21, 1906-Mar. 29, 1953 [adjacent to marker for Henry K. Patton] (West)

Patton, Mary Hay, Mar. 29, 1912-Apr. 25, 1996 (East-Central)

Pearsey, Ida, "Mrs.," d. ???? 1950, temporary marker, 2 yards south of the marker for John Haywood Cathey [Smith: Mrs. Ida Pearson, d. __ 11, 1950] (Southern/Black)

Pearson, Alice [see Jordan, Alice Pearson] (West)

Pearson, Brenda Renae, July 11, 1996-Sept. 30, 1996 (Northeast)

Pearson, Cecil, Mar. 3, 1923-July 15, 1975, military marker "Pvt US Army World War II" (Southern/Black)

Pearson, Dora [see Davis, Dora Pearson] (Old City)

Pearson, Eliza [see Moffitt, Eliza Pearson] (East-Central)

Pearson, Elizabeth [see Dennison, Elizabeth Pearson] (Old City)

Pearson, Elizabeth Spellings, Apr. 5, 1903-Oct. 3, 1987 [adjacent to marker for Samuel Howard Pearson] (East-Central)

Pearson, Ella Howard, Oct. 3, 1874-July 25, 1925, "Wife of W. C. Pearson" (East-Central)

Pearson, Ella, 1873-1936, "Mother" footstone [replacement; Hinson et al.: Ella Pearson, 1873-Aug. 16, 1935; WPA: "Mrs. Ella Pearson" d. Aug. 16, 1935, "Aged 61 yrs 7 mos 3 das."]
Pearson, Peter S., 1957-1923, Father" footstone [Hinson et al.: 1857-Dec. 29, 1923; WPA: "Aged 65 yrs. 11 mos. 8 das."] (Old City)

Pearson, Elsie Mae, Feb. 22, 1901-Jan. 26, 1984
Pearson, Floyd, May 6, 1898-____ [from previous temporary marker: 1898-1996] (Southern/Black)

Pearson, Estelle, 1881-1951 [adjacent to marker for Leo H. Pearson] (East-Central)

Pearson, Ethel [see Enochs, Ethel Pearson] (Old City)

Pearson, Gary Wayne, Oct. 26, 1955-Aug. 31, 1974 (Southern/Black)

Pearson, Gee Oliver, 1894-1989, temporary marker, Parham, 5 yards south of marker for Judie Harmon (Southern/Black)

Pearson, Ida [see Pearsey, Ida] (Southern/Black)

Pearson, John I., d. Oct. 20, 192?, "Aged 74 yrs. 4 mos. 16 das." [not found or not readable in 1996; from WPA] (Old City)

Pearson, Leo H., 1881-1935 (East-Central)

Pearson, Leo H., Jr.,1915-1971 (East-Central)

Pearson, Leon Morris, Apr. 16, 1926-Oct. 14, 1997, military marker S1 US Navy World War II" (Southern/Black)

Pearson, Lulie [see Jones, Lulie Pearson] (Old City)

Pearson, Martha E. [see Hancock, Martha E. Pearson] (West)

Pearson, Peter Andrew, July 12, 1961-Mar. 10, 1982 (Northeast)

Pearson, Priest, Jr., 1914-1960, "Son"
Pearson, Priest, Sr., 1874-1954, "Father"
Pearson, Ida S., 1886-1961, "Mother" (West)

Pearson, Ruby M., June 30, 1928-____, unplaced "Wife" footstone
Pearson, John M., Aug. 28, 1928-Nov. 26, 1999, "Husband" footstone, also military marker as footstone "Sgt US Army"; "Married Nov. 30, 1952" (Southern/Black)

Pearson, Ruth Penix, 1921-____
Pearson, H. S. (Bill), 1918-1978, military marker as footstone "Harold S. Pearson" "PFC US Army World War II" (Northeast)

Pearson, Samuel Howard, Apr. 9, 1897-Mar. 6, 1964 (East-Central)

Pearson, Starla Marie, Nov. 22, 1958-June 16, 1995 (Southern/Black)

Pearson, Walter C., Nov. 24, 1871-Apr. 25, 1929 (East-Central)

Peeler, Donna Lou, Dec. 14, 1921-____
Peeler, W. Carl, Feb. 23, 1895-Oct. 12, 1967, "Married Sept, 22, 1944" (Northeast)

Peeples, G. T., May 18, 1842-Nov. 27, 1915
Peeples, Anna E., Oct. 24, 1854-Jan. 8, 1914, "His Wife" [marker also includes Nellie P. Thompson] (Old City)

Peeples, Mattie May [see Rives, Mattie Mae Peeples] (Old City)

Pelshell, Haily Catherine, d. Oct. 12, 1924, "Aged 87 yrs., 5 mos., 26 das." "Mrs." (Old City)

Penix, Don H., 1917-____
Penix, Mellie B., 1921-____ (Northeast)

Penix, Ruth [see Pearson, Ruth Penix] (Northeast)

Penn, Virginia S., May 24, 1845-Aug. 9, 1855, "Youngest dau. of G. D. & T. P. Penn" (Old City)

Peoples, Robert Brown, 1920-1942 (West)

Perine, John F., d. Sept. 15, 1917, "Aged 73 ys." [not found or not readable in 1996; from WPA] (Old City)

Perkins, Barbara Ann, Jan. 16, 1940-July 28, 1940 (East-Central)

Perkins, Charles H., Dec. 10, 1938-Oct. 29, 2001, unplaced "Son" footstone
Perkins, Elizabeth L., Dec. 15, 1915-____
Perkins, Jessie T., Apr. 15, 1915-Sept. 13, 1963, "Father" footstone; also military marker as footstone "Tennessee AS USNR World War II" (West)

Perkins, Ida M., 1889-1976
Perkins, Robert O., 1889-1978 (Northeast)

Perkins, Mollie, Nov. 11, 1924-____
Perkins, Boyd, July 18, 1912-May 6, 1980, military marker as footstone "Leland Boyd Perkins" "Sgt US Army World War II Korea" (Northeast)

Perry, Ida Mae, Sept. 10, 1904-Nov. 25, 1975, "To our mother"; "Perry Eason" on back of marker (Northeast)

Peterson, Charlie W., June 7, 1926-Oct. 18, 1985, military marker "Cpl US Army World War II" (Old City)

Peterson, Estell [see Wilkerson, Estelle Peterson] (Old City)

Peterson, J. Calvin, 1858-1922 [Masonic symbol]
Peterson, Rebecca, 1860-1919 (Old City)

Peterson, J. G., d. June 1, 1928, "Aged 64 yrs." [not found or not readable in 1996; from WPA; might be J. Calvin Peterson see above] (Old City)

Peterson, Jessie Riley, 1912-1978, military marker "Pvt US Army World War II" (Old City)

Peterson, Jimmie Jones, July 9, 1916-____; on back: "Jimmie Hope Jones"
Peterson, Carse Oliver, Dec. 18, 1921-Jan. 3, 1999, "Jack" footstone; on back: "Carse Oliver Jr."; "Married July 25, 1942" "Daughters Elizabeth Anne b. 1948
Deborah Jane b. 1951" (Northeast)

Peterson, John Thomas, Dec. 1, 1916-July 1, 1918 [replacement; probably son of Lula Mae and Carse Oliver Peterson, whose double marker is adjacent] (Old City)

Peterson, Lula Mae, Feb. 16, 1892-Nov. 10, 1965
Peterson, Carse Oliver, Feb. 19, 1892-Oct. 3, 1964 (Old City)

Peterson, William E., Mar. 29, 1924-Feb. 4, 1968, military marker "Texas SSgt US Air Force Korea" (Old City)

Pettigrew, Anthony, Feb. 28, 1961-Oct. 20, 1991 (Southern/Black)

Pettigrew, Blanche Threadgill, 1901-1972 [adjacent to marker for Ezra Dean Threadgill] (East-Central)

Pettigrew, Ezra Dean, 1896-1973, military marker as footstone "Phm2 US Navy World War I"; dates on military marker Nov. 1, 1896-July 22, 1973 (East-Central)

Pettigrew, James L. (Stinker), July 5, 1954-Aug. 31, 1986, "Brother" (Southern/Black)

Pettigrew, Russell, 1905-1987, temporary marker, Parham Mortuary, 2 yards south southwest of the military marker for O. C. Miller (Southern/Black)

Petty, Arthor Lee, 1893-1954
Petty, Georgie Goff, 1897-1990 (West)

Petty, Erie, 1926-____ (West)

Petty, Girtha [see Johnson, Girtha Petty] (West)

Petty, Irene F., 1912-1980 ["Petty" is assumed and appears only on central marker] (West)

Petty, Leo, 1912-____ ["Petty" is assumed and appears only on central marker] (West)

Petty, Lucy Hendrix, 1916-____
Petty, Thomas Wilson, 1910-1980, "Married Dec. 25, 1936" (Northeast)

Petty, Thomas Walter, 1886-1973
Petty, Dessie Hill, 1908-1959 (West)

Petty, Trula [see Laws, Trula Petty] (West)

Peyton, Delia I. Denison, 1870-1898, "Wife of J. W. Peyton"; "Sister" footstone [replacement; as reported in WPA: d. Oct. 9, 1898, "Aged 27 yrs. 11 mos. 9 das." "Dau of W. W. & M. J. Denison"] (Old City)

Phelps, Alvin T., Mar. 3, 1912-Aug. 1, 1982 (Southern/Black)

Phifer, Leila [see Lindenfield, Leila Phifer] (West)

Phillips, Charlie T., 1896-1959
Phillips, Genie, 1900-____ (West)

Phillips, Elector [see Jowers, Elector Phillips] (East-Central)

Phillips, Goldie Moffett, 1886-1953
Phillips, Charlie L., 1882-1959 (Old City)

Phillips, Lucille Jones, Aug. 21, 1912-Sept. 16, 1996
Phillips, Louis L., July 9, 1916-____, "Married June 15, 1935" "Our sons: Randy, Danny, Rodney" (Northeast)

Phillips, Molisse Alice, June 24, 1875-Mar. 27, 1955 [adjacent to marker for Richard Henry Phillips] (East-Central)

Phillips, Noah F. (Pete), 1915-1971, military marker as footstone "Tennessee Tec 4 Co G 112 Inf World War II"
Phillips, Dorothy W., 1924-1993, "Married Mar. 21, 1968" (West)

Phillips, Richard Henry, Apr. 12, 1869-Jan. 10, 1936 (East-Central)

Phillips, Willie L., Nov. 6, 1913-____
Phillips, Joe P., Sept. 19, 1907-July 30, 1988, military marker as footstone "US Army World War II"; "Married Mar. 21, 1968" (West)

Pierce, Willie P., 1894-1987
Pierce, Frank L., 1894-1988, "Father" footstone (Northeast)

Pinkley, Eva [see Morris, Eva Pinkley] (West)

Pinkley, Eva [see Morris, Eva Pinkley] (West)

Pitts, Grace W., 1910-1994. temporary marker [reported by Smith; probably next to marker for Nathaniel W. Pitts] (Southern/Black)

Pitts, Nathaniel W., Sept. 25, 1952-Nov. 14, 1970 (Southern/Black)

Pitts, Rex, Aug. 9, 1907-Dec. 1, 1964 (Southern/Black)

Poniecki, Ada Sue, 1921-1984 [adjacent to marker for Marion A. Poniecki] (Northeast)

Poniecki, Marion A., Sept. 9, 1911-Dec. 17, 1962 (Northeast)

Pope, Carolyn [see McCall, Carolyn Pope] (West)

Pope, Lucille Park, d. Mar. 22, 1999
Peterson, Finley Fay, 1910-1988, "Married Dec. 29, 1928" (East-Central)

Poston, Imogene Oakley, 1913-1975 [adjacent to marker for W. D. Poston] (East-Central)

Poston, W. D., 1888-1961, "Dr." (East-Central)

Powell, Lee Anna, Dec. 2, 1845-Dec. 2, 1919, "Wife of Rev. A. P. Powell" (Southern/Black)

Powers, Betty Jo [see Spoor, Betty Jo Powers] (East-Central)

Powers, Callie M., July 14, 1918-Nov. 25, 1994
Powers, U. Ray, Sept. 7, 1913-Dec. 14, 1994, "Married Sept. 1, 1938" "Our children Betty Ray/Thomas Henry/Billie Faye" (Northeast)

Powers, Eddie Belew, Feb. 14, 1914-Dec. 12, 1995 (West)

Powers, Georgia E., Feb. 22, 1940-____
Powers, Chester E., Dec. 15, 1929-____ (Northeast)

Powers, Hugh Austin, 1889-1975
Powers, Lessie Davis, 1891-1968 (East-Central)

Powers, Jake Warren, Feb. 2, 1920-Feb. 22, 2003
Powers, Wanda Mae, Oct. 25, 1930-____, carved rings and "July 14, 1974," "Our children: Janice, Brad, June and Jeff" (Northeast)

Powers, Jessie H., 1923-1994, military marker as footstone "US Army World War II"; dates on military marker Sept. 14, 1923-June 26, 1994 (Northeast)

Powers, Jewel H., Aug. 2, 1937-____, unplaced "Mother" footstone
Powers, James N., Sept. 27, 1926-Feb. 16, 1976, military marker as footstone "James Norman Powers" "SFC US Army World War II Vietnam"; "Married Feb. 2, 1952" (Northeast)

Powers, Louise, 1902-1976 [adjacent to marker for Robert E. Powers] (West)

Powers, Luther M., 1885-1961
Powers, Mary Daws, 1901-____ (West)

Powers, Minnie F., 1892-1984
Powers, J. Leonard, 1891-1967 (West)

Powers, Monnie A., Dec. 3, 1889-____, unplaced "Wife" footstone [Hinson et al. report death date as Nov. 9, 1975]
Powers, Sam H., Oct. 11, 1888-Apr. 6, 1973 [Masonic symbol] (West)

Powers, Richard "Ed," May 18, 1923-Oct. 7, 1999, "Dad" footstone [Masonic symbol]
Powers, Dorothy J., Oct. 25, 1932-____, unplaced "Mom" footstone, "Married Nov. 20, 1948" "Our children: Peggy & Tony" (Northeast)

Powers, Robert E., 1894-1963, "165th Inf. 42nd Div. W.W.I" (West)

Presley, Mattie Ann [see Neisler, Mattie Ann Presley] (West)

Price, Lela Bell, 1901-1971 [shares double marker with Nannie Wadley Bell] (Southern/Black)

Priddy, Bertha, Jan. 10, 1887-Sept. 8, 1915, and her stillborn son, Sept. 8, 1915 [Smith, from death certificate] (Southern/Black)

Priddy, Eliza, Mrs., d. November ???, "Aged __ yrs. 1 mo. 27 days" [not found or not readable in 1996; from WPA; not reported by Hinson et al.] (Old City)

Priddy, Eula C., Dec. 30, 1889-June 14, 1957
Priddy, Foster A., Sept. 26, 1882-Aug. 15, 1936 (Old City)

Priddy, Lenora D., Oct. 23, 1859-June 18, 1947
Priddy, George W., Nov. 14, 1854-May 4, 1948 (Old City)

Priddy, Vashti G., 1893-1975
Priddy, William G., 1891-1972, "Married Jan. 9, 1927" (Northeast)

Prince, Fred N., Sept. 28, 1911-Dec. 29, 1984
Prince, Geraldine S., Dec. 29, 1923-____, "Married June 13, 1945" (Northeast)

Priore, Alma D., 1910-1962 (West)

Pritchard, Peggy [see Bagwell, Peggy Pritchard] (West)

Pruitt, W. C., d. Aug. 2, 1909, "Aged 55 Y'rs." "Father" (eroded, almost unreadable) (Old City)

Pugh, Inez H., Mar. 26, 1914-Dec. 31, 2000
Pugh, Thomas E., June 17, 1916-May 16, 1990, "Married Nov. 27, 1937" (Northeast)



Quince, Charles A., June 18, 1960-____
Quince, Cynthia E., June 28, 1953-June 10, 2000 (Southern/Black)



Ramer, Katherine Stark, 1913-1978 [adjacent to marker for Dr. Warren C. Ramer; probably daughter of Mary McGlone Start, whose marker is adjacent] (Northeast)

Ramer, Warren C., 1914-1994, "Dr." (Northeast)

Ramsey, James A., Nov. 11, 1951-Feb. 28, 1977, military marker as footstone "AC2 US Navy Vietnam" (Northeast)

Ramsey, Marie Ann, Sept. 5, 1919-Mar. 25, 1976
Ramsey, James Minor, ___ 18, 1909-May 27, 1994, "Married Mar. 20, 1949" "Our children James Anthony/Newman Minor/Marvin Lee," military marker as footstone "US Army World War II" [birth month mistyped in 1996] (Northeast)

Randels, Berniece S., Aug. 10, 1929-Feb. 6, 1994, "Mother" footstone (Southern/Black)

Randels, Terrence Sven "Booty," June 23, 1990-Mar. 11, 1994 (Southern/Black)

Randle, Margaret, 1888-____ [ground disturbance suggests she is buried here]
Randle, Walter, 1871-1941 (West)

Randle, Wilbur K., Apr. 12, 1919-May 15, 1961, military marker "Kentucky 1st Lt 4197 Base Unit AAF World War II" (West)

Raspberry, Dainuel, 1925-1946 [replacement] (Southern/Black)

Raspberry, Garnie M., d. Aug. 1, ????, "Age 65," temporary marker, Peoples Funeral Home, 3 yards south of marker for John Raspberry (Southern/Black)

Raspberry, James, 1905-1936 [replacement] (Southern/Black)

Raspberry, John, Apr. 8, 1912-Dec. 23, 1970, "Husband" (Southern/Black)

Raspberry, Keith Bernard Jr., Aug. 22, 1977-Aug. 6, 2001 (Southern/Black)

Raspberry, Leva, Oct. 7, 1887-Oct. 23, 1943, "Mother" (Southern/Black)

Raspberry, Lillian [see Hearron, Lillian R.] (Southern/Black)

Raspberry, Mary E., Feb. 21, 1922-Apr. 30, 1999, "Mrs."; temporary marker, M. J. Edwards Whitehaven Chapel, 4 feet north of marker for John Raspberry (Southern/Black)

Raspberry, Riley, Jr., June 16, 1917-Aug. 31, 1961, military marker, "Tennessee Tec 5 322 QM Truck Co World War II (Southern/Black)

Raspberry, Robert Wayne, b. 12452 [1 24, 1952?, Dec. 4, 1952?], d. Sept. 28, 1998, Age 37, temporary marker, Peoples Funeral Home, 5 yards north of military marker for Namon Williams [Smith: b. Feb. 4, 1952] (Southern/Black)

Raspberry, Robert, Oct. 15, 1920-July 3, 1987, military marker "PFC US Army World War II" (loose, out of place) (Southern/Black)

Raspberry, Ruby, 1914-1994, "Mrs."; temporary marker [reported by Smith] (Southern/Black)

Raspberry, W. R., 1877-1934 (Southern/Black)

Ray, Dora, 1877-1966 ["Ray" is assumed as it appears only on family marker; adjacent to marker for Terry Ray] (East-Central)

Ray, Terry, 1875-1929 ["Ray" is assumed as it appears only on family marker] (East-Central)

Reaves, Troy B., 1921-1990, "Daddy"
Reaves, Luvina, 1921-1995, "Mother" (Old City)

Redd, Nathaniel W., July 4, 1946-June 14, 1981 (Southern/Black)

Reddick, Maggie, d. July 17, 1922, "Aged 42 yrs. 2 mos 9 da." "Miss" [not found or not readable in 1996; from WPA; not reported by Hinson et al.] (Old City)

Reddick, Roy Edward, Oct. 29, 1924 [not found or not readable in 1996; from WPA; not reported by Hinson et al.] (Old City)

Reed, Bertie T., Aug. 15, 1878-Oct. 12, 1978 [adjacent to marker for Robert L. Reed] (West)

Reed, Charlie, May 22, 1907-June 6, 1970 (West)

Reed, Ella [see Jones, Ella Reed] (Old City)

Reed, Frances, July 23, 1912-Jan. 13, 1994 [adjacent to marker for Charlie Reed] (West)

Reed, Lanora [see Carrington, Lanora Reed] (East-Central)

Reed, Ora Mae, 1924-1999, temporary marker, Parham Mortuary, 5 feet southwest of marker for Consowillow Murphy (Southern/Black)

Reed, Robert L., Oct. 23, 1875-June 18, 1962 (West)

Reed, Wallace Franklin, 1887-1947 (Old City)

Reed, William Henry "Cricket," June 12, 1932-July 6, 2002, temporary marker, 7 yards 2 graves west of marker for Elthie Mae Hart (Southern/Black)

Reedy, Tennie, Aug. 10, 1930 [not found or not readable in 1996; from WPA; not reported by Hinson et al.] (Old City)

Reeves, Clyde M., 1906-1966, "Judge" [Masonic symbol, American legion symbol]
Reeves, Vashti Johnson, 1907-1960 [Eastern Star symbol] (West)

Reeves, Dayton D., Dec. 12, 1910-____, "Daddy" footstone
Reeves, Broxie Evans, Feb. 25, 1924-Jan. 7, 2002, "Mama" footstone, "Married June 12, 1937" (Northeast)

Reeves, Edward Howell, Aug. 28, 1923-Dec. 7, 1998, "Daddy" footstone
Reeves, Evelyn Franklin, Apr. 27, 1924-____, unplaced "Mother" footstone, "Married Feb. 1, 1944" (Northeast)

Reeves, John Neal, 1886-1983, military marker "Pvt US Army World War I" (East-Central)

Reeves, Julia E., Aug. 20, 1899-Mar. 13, 1943 [replacement; adjacent to marker for John Neal Reeves] (East-Central)

Reeves, Larry Evans, Aug. 13, 1941-____, "Daddy"
Reeves, Brenda Delaney, June 19, 1941-Nov. 12, 2000, "Mama" "Our children: Ricky, Tim, Jeff and April" (Northeast)

Reeves, Timothy James, Nov. 23, 1965-Dec. 12, 1997
Reeves, Tara Lane, Dec. 6, 1972-____, "Wed Aug. 5, 1995" "Our daughter Breanna Allean" (Northeast)

Reid, Audrey Cates, 1910-1985
Reid, James Rayburn, 1913-1986 [probably son of Ramelle Britt and James Robert Reid, whose double marker is adjacent] (Old City)

Reid, Eliza W., 1866-1932 [adjacent to marker for J. F. Reid] (Old City)

Reid, J. F., 1859-1952 (Old City)

Reid, Mary Frances [see Tillman, Mary Frances Reid] (Old City)

Reid, Ramelle Britt, 1887-____ [probably daughter of William Rayburn and Emily Betts Britt, whose double marker is adjacent]
Reid, James Robert, 1879-1950 (Old City)

Renfroe, Deloris [see Massengill, Delores Renfroe] (Northeast)

Renshaw, Edna Mae, 1919-1998, "Mother"
Renshaw, Henry, 1916-1998, "Father" "Married Dec. 24, 1938" ""Sons - Ronnie - Donald" (Northeast)

Renshaw, Patsy F., 1952-____, unplaced "Mother" footstone
Renshaw, Donald W., 1949-1991, "Father" footstone, "Married Sept. 10, 1971" "Our son Adam" (Northeast)

Reynolds, Zelma Webb, Apr. 14, 1930-____
Reynolds, Kenneth Gordon, July 27, 1928-____, "Our children Gary-Donald-Mark" (Northeast)

Rhodes, Alma T., 1883-1980
Rhodes, William A., 1872-1964 (East-Central)

Rhodes, E. R., July 7, 1825-Oct. 23, 1890 (fallen) (Old City)

Rhodes, Effie, 1900-1925, "Wife of Martin M. Hobbs" [probably dugghter of Sarah Frances and I. N. Rhodes, whose double marker is adjacent] (Old City)

Rhodes, Eldon Paul, July 12, 1927-Oct. 20, 1951, military marker "Tennessee PFC 5 Infantry Korea" (Old City)

Rhodes, Ernest E., July 21, 1928-Apr. 9, 2001, "Papa" footstone
Rhodes, Ruth E., Apr. 9, 1945-____, "Nannie" footstone, "Wed Apr. 29, 1978" "daughter Vanessa - grandchildren Tyler and Molly" (Northeast)

Rhodes, Everett J., 1890-1972
Rhodes, Nina W. Lee, 1893-1981 (West)

Rhodes, Forrest L., Nov. 26, 1967-Apr. 6, 1985 (Northeast)

Rhodes, Freeman Albert, 1905-1959 (Old City)

Rhodes, G. Luther, 1885-1955
Rhodes, Ruby Mae, 1889-1973 (West)

Rhodes, Harry, 1891-1946 (Old City)

Rhodes, James Edgar, Nov. 20, 1895-May 9, 1996, unplaced "Dad" footstone
Rhodes, Eula Mae, Mar. 16, 1898-Sept. 18, 1973, "Married Aug. 10, 1916" (West)

Rhodes, Johnny M., May 5, 1950-May 7, 1950, "Son"
Rhodes, John E., July 26, 1921-____, "Father"
Rhodes, Dorothy E., Sept. 3, 1923-Dec. 13, 2000, "Mother" (West)

Rhodes, Mabel [see Williams, Mabel Rhodes] (West)

Rhodes, Mellie J., 1882-1970 ["Rhodes" is assumed as it appears only on family marker; adjacent to marker for Sidney B. Rhodes] (East-Central)

Rhodes, Richard Edward, 1912-1974 (Old City)

Rhodes, Ruth [see Hamlett, Ruth Rhodes] (Old City)

Rhodes, Sarah Frances, 1877-1973, "His Wife"
Rhodes, I. N., 1870-1933 (Old City)

Rhodes, Selah Viola, 1878-1970 (West)

Rhodes, Sidney B., 1876-1936 ["Rhodes" is assumed as it appears only on family marker] (East-Central)

Rhodes, William A., 1876-1949
Rhodes, Pearl M., 1877-1971 (West)

Rice, R. L., Oct. 28, 1866-Mar. 11, 1933 (East-Central)

Rich, Adam C., 1986, "Beloved son and brother" [infant style marker] (Northeast)

Richardson, Annabelle Wright, May 6, 1889-Aug. 31, 1952 [adjacent to marker for William Alfred Richardson] (East-Central)

Richardson, B. Delton, 1931-2003, temporary marker, Reed's Chapel, 3 yards north of double marker for Maggie H. and Connie F. Blankenship [probably buried Oct. 9 or 10 as fresh flowers on grave were very fragrant] (Northeast)

Richardson, Dorothy [see Neely, Dorothy Richardson] (East-Central)

Richardson, Edna Lois, Mar. 29, 1911-June 10, 1984 (East-Central)

Richardson, Jettie Lane J., Oct. 15, 1908-____ [adjacent to marker for Thomas Floyd Richardson] (East-Central)

Richardson, Thomas Floyd, May 11, 1903-Dec. 1, 1991 (East-Central)

Richardson, William Alfred, Oct. 11, 1886-Dec. 2, 1963 (East-Central)

Ridley, Earl, July 23, 1929-Aug. 9, 1996
Ridley, Margaret, Sept. 6, 1930-____, "Wed Dec. 25, 1948" "Our sons Alan, Denny" (Northeast)

Riffle, Michael Brandon, Mar. 28, 1978-Mar. 13, 1998, "His son Deron" "Son of Paula and Darell" (Northeast)

Riles, Betty, 1938-____, unplaced "Mom" footstone
Riles, Seldon, Jr., 1931-1993, "Dad" footstone (Northeast)

Riles, Jessie Mae, 1912-1979, "Mother" (Northeast)

Riley, Amanda, Sept. 4, 1878-Aug. 3, 1918, "Sister Mitt" "Woodmen Circle" (Old City)

Riley, H. E., Mrs., 1857-1924, "Wife" (Old City)

Ringgold, Elizabeth [see Page, Elizabeth Ringgold] (West)

Ringgold, Eula Mae, Oct. 25, 1907-Apr. 11, 1983 (Northeast)

Ringgold, Laelaleigh [see Page, Laelaleigh, Ringgold] (Northeast)

Ritter, Ray R., Mar. 15, 1920-____
Ritter, Mary Jo., Jan. 14, 1931-Aug. 12, 2003, "Married Jan. 12, 1957"
Ritter, Kenneth Ray, Oct. 10, 1951-Feb. 19, 1974 (Northeast)

Rives, Mattie May Peeples, 1889-1965, "Wife of Thomas W. Rives" (Old City)

Roach, Bertha Ballard, 1892-1978 [adjacent to marker for Murray Frank Roach] (Old City)

Roach, J. A., d. June 12, 1894, "Aged 60 yrs. 3 mos. 8 da."
Roach, S. E. McKenney, no dates, "Wife of J. A. Roach" [readable only when lighting is just right; date and age of J. A. Roach are from WPA; R. A. McKenney is also on this marker] (Old City)

Roach, James William, June 5, 1917 (Old City)

Roach, Johnnie A., July 28, 1904-Sept. 12, 1905, "Son of M. F. & N. M. Roach" [identifiable but only "Johnnie A." is readable in 1996; information from WPA] (Old City)

Roach, Murray Frank, 1876-1955 (Old City)

Roach, Nora, July 2, 1880-Feb. 4, 1912, "Wife of M. F. Roach" (Old City)

Roach, Willie Murray, Apr. 8, 1919 (Old City)

Robbs, Mollie G. Hancel, Dec. 11, 1852-Mar. 7, 1908, "Wife of C. A. Robbs" "Mother" (Old City)

Roberts, Betty J., Sept. 18, 1929-____
Roberts, Joe D., Mar. 2, 1923-Mar. 2, 1983 (Northeast)

Roberts, Clara [see Scott, Clara Roberts] (Old City)

Roberts, Clara W., Mar. 8, 1922-____, unplaced "Mother" footstone
Roberts, Guy L., May 9, 1924-____, unplaced "Father" footstone (Northeast)

Roberts, Connie K., Aug. 27, 1901-Aug. 26, 1991
Roberts, Oscar H., Aug. 15, 1887-Jan. 19, 1977, military marker as footstone "Pvt US Army World War I" (Northeast)

Roberts, Herbert O., 1880-Nov. 2, 1933 [replacement; WPA: d. Nov. 2, 1933, "Aged 53 yrs. 4 mos. 11 das."] (Old City)

Roberts, John D., Oct. 16, 1918-July 31, 1974, "SSgt Army Air Forces" [military service is carved on main marker; a military marker is used as a footstone on this grave but is is sunken, mostly buried, and unreadable in 1996] (East-Central)

Roberts, Lillian [see Lewis, Lillian Roberts] (Old City)

Roberts, Lucille, Feb. 4, 1909-Nov. 22, 1915, "Dau. of Cora & Andrew Jackson Roberts" (Old City)

Roberts, Luzanie Bevill, Jan. 23, 1855-May 24, 1902 (Old City)

Roberts, Mabel [see Odle, Mabel Roberts] (Old City)

Roberts, Mary [see Sisson, Mary Roberts] (Northeast)

Roberts, Mary W., Nov. 22, 1880-Sept. 30, 1962 (East-Central)

Roberts, Maude [see haggard, Maude Roberts] (Old City)

Roberts, Monroe, Mar. 20, 1931-Jan. 17, 2002
Roberts, Christine, Dec. 22, 1932-Sept. 15, 2000, "Married Mar. 12, 1949" "Our children Mary, Larry, Garry, Barry, Cindy" (Northeast)

Roberts, P. O., Nov. 22, 1845-Jan. 16, 1940, "Father" footstone
Roberts, Laura J., Jan. 4, 1853-July 22, 1923, "Mother" footstone (Old City)

Roberts, Rachel Small, Jan. 4, 1902-Jan. 18, 1988 (Old City)

Roberts, Royce Houston, Aug. 27, 1897-Oct. 23, 1898, "Son of Albert C. & Liza Roberts" (Old City)

Robinson, Bland, Sept. 15, 1906-Jan. 8, 1993
Robinson, A. L., June 10, 1907-July 1, 1997 (Southern/Black)

Robinson, Connie Lee, d. Mar. 7, 1974 [not found in 1993/1994 or 2001; from Hinson et al.] (Southern/Black)

Robinson, D. J., Aug. 8, 1918-Oct. 10, 1982, military marker as footstone "Sgt US Army World War II Korea"
Robinson, Pauline K., Apr. 24, 1916-July 16, 1982 [she probably is a Kizer; military marker recorded 1993/1994 is missing in 2001] (Southern/Black)

Robinson, Maggie Boswell, 1880-1960, "by Odell Hinson et al. Sep. 11, 1986" (homemade) (Southern/Black)

Robinson, Turner, 1877-1952, "by Odell Hinson et al. Gra. Son Sep. 11, 1986" (homemade) (Southern/Black)

Roby, Mae [see Green, Roby Mae] (West)

Rogers, Lora M., Dec. 11, 1902-Feb. 2, 1973
Rogers, Joe C., Oct. 10, 1899-Dec. 20, 1973 (Northeast)

Rogers, Virgil M., Apr. 12, 1920-Nov. 19, 2003
Rogers, Una A., Jan. 11, 1919-____ (East-Central)

Rosel, Joy, Jan. 2, 1937-____, "Mama" footstone
Rosel, Bill, Dec. 2, 1921-Feb. 5, 2003, military marker as footstone "William H. Rosel" "S1 US Navy World War II Korea" (Northeast)

Ross, Charles C., Jan. 11, 1906-Oct. 8, 1989 (West)

Ross, Clyde [see Funderburk, Cyde Ross] (Southern/Black)

Ross, Helen Threadgill, Nov. 2, 1906-July 21, 1997 [adjacent to marker for Charles C. Ross] (West)

Ross, Hester E., Dec. 10, 1892-Jan. 17, 1947, "Mother" [probably a Enochs] (Old City)

Ross, Mary B., Jan. 7, 1874-July 19, 1920 [replacement; adjacent to marker for William H. Ross] (Old City)

Ross, Mintie E., Nov. 29, 1880-Nov. 8, 1967 [adjacent to marker for Silas H. Ross] (Old City)

Ross, Nannie [see Elkins, Nannie Ross] (Old City)

Ross, Otis K., Mar. 4, 1910-May 2, 1968 (Old City)

Ross, Silas H., 1881-1937 [replacement] (Old City)

Ross, Vara L., Dec. 20, 1908-Sept. 6, 1925 [WPA: "Vera Louise Ross," d. "Aged 14 yrs. 4 mos. 18 days"] (Old City)

Ross, William H., Aug. 28, 1871-Mar. 19, 1930 [replacement] (Old City)

Rosser, Lena [see Scott, Lena Rosser] (East-Central)

Rosser, Ruby Mae, 1899-1977
Rosser, Clifford P., 1895-1969, "Married Feb. 4, 1916" (West)

Rosson, Grenie Jones, Nov. 24, 1879-Apr. 25, 1913, "Wife of J. W. Rosson" [replacement] (Old City)

Rosson, Mary, Nov. 12, 1908-Sept. 25, 1911, "Dau. of S. E. & L. E. Rosson" [not found or not readable in 1996; from WPA] (Old City)

Rowland, Annice [see Azbill, Annice Rowland] (East-Central)

Ruffner, Mary Hancock Lawler, Oct. 30, 1906-Mar. 25, 1973 (West)

Rush, Addie Mae, 1901-1986, temporary marker, Parham, 3 feet north of marker for Judie Harmon (Southern/Black)

Rush, Dennis, Nov. 15, 1913-Sept. 13, 1994 (Southern/Black)

Rush, Eva [see Cathey, Eva Rush] (Southern/Black)

Russell, Martha A, Snider, Feb. 22, 1949-Apr. 8, 2003
Russell, Michael Irving, Nov. 22, 1947-____, "Married Dec. 8, 1967" "Our children: Emily and Jim" (Northeast)

Russell, Pauline [see Belew, Pauline Russell] (West)

Russell, William A., 1864-1919 (Old City)

Rutkowski, Sherry Lynn, July 14, 1978-____, unplaced "mama" footstone
Rutkowski, Todd Eugene, Feb. 25, 1977-Sept. 15, 1998, "Daddy" footstone
Rutkowski, Zachary Brice, Mar. 16, 1996-____, unplaced "Son" footstone [etched Camero on back] (Northeast)



Sadler, Estell, Apr. 30, 1920-____ [Eastern Star symbol]
Sadler, James R., Jan. 6, 1913-Oct. 20, 1994 [Masonic symbol] (Northeast)

Sadler, R. V., Dec. 13, 1922-____
Sadler, Luther V., July 1, 1922-Jan. 25, 1999, military marker as footstone "Pvt US Army World War II" (Northeast)

Sanders, A. A., Dec. 1, 1814-May 23, 1869, "Elder" "Born in Chatham Co. N.C." "Died . . . in Lexington, Tenn." (broken, fallen, eroded) (Old City)

Sanders, Alliefaire [see Jones, Allifaire Sanders] (West)

Sanders, Lila M., 1903-1938, "Mother" footstone
Sanders, William L., 1894-1968, "Father" footstone (West)

Sanders, Melvine, Aug. 17, 1863-Apr. 6, 1939, "Wife of C. C. Sanders" (West)

Sanders, Odie [see Hatchett, Odie Sanders] (West)

Sanders, William (Buddy), May 28, 1929-June 7, 1971, military marker as footstone "William L. Sanders, Jr." "Tennessee Pvt US Army World War II" (West)

Sarason, Janice E., Nov. 16, 1925-Oct. 24, 1993, "Janice Jones"
Sarason, Raymond L., Jan. 14, 1933-____, "Wed June 29, 1952" (Northeast)

Sarason, Mary Dell, Dec. 12, 1943-____, "Mary Barrels daughter Suzanne"
Sarason, Raymond L., Jan. 14, 1933-____, "Raymond Loper" [Mary Dell is probably the daughter of Mary Elizabeth and Joseph James Barrels on the adjacent marker] (Northeast)

Sarason, Mary Dell, Dec. 12, 1943-____, on back: Mary Barrells daughter Suzanne"
Sarason, Raymond L., Jan. 14, 1933-____; on back: "Raymond Loper"; Married Mar. 19, 1994" (Northeast)

Scates, Billy Leo, Dec. 20, 1955-Dec. 22, 1955 (West)

Scates, Charles Elmer, July 12, 1928-Nov. 23, 1930 (East-Central)

Scates, Elmer Ottrice, Sept. 27, 1906-June 12, 1931 (East-Central)

Scates, Elpha L., May 31, 1888-Oct. 27, 1967
Scates, Cornelius L., Sept. 17, 1885-Mar. 16, 1970 (East-Central)

Scates, J. L., Jr., July 17, 1929-____ (West)

Scates, Jesse L., Feb. 8, 1897-June 16, 1971 (West)

Scates, Jewel M., Jan. 1, 1910-Dec. 8, 1988 (West)

Scates, Joyce McCollum, July 1, 1914-July 25, 1968, "Mother" footstone (West)

Scates, Oakley E., Dec. 8, 1896-Aug. 9, 1952, military marker "Tennessee Sgt 1 prov Dev Regt World War I" (East-Central)

Scates, Ollie, 1913-1982 ["Scates" is assumed and appears only on central marker] (West)

Scates, Ramelle, 1915-1942 ["Scates" is assumed and appears only on central marker; adjacent to marker for Ollie Scates] (West)

Scates, Tommie H., July 27, 1931-Apr. 10, 1945 (West)

Schoonover, James Jr., no dates, "My grandson" [probably of Sula V. Jordan] (West)

Schoonover, Shirley, 1937-2000, temporary marker, "Reed's Chapel, 3 yards south of marker for Marie Moore (West)

Scott, Blanche E., Jan. 26, 1885-Apr. 21, 1906, "Dau. of D. E. & M. E. Scott" (Old City)

Scott, Bonnie Mae, Sept. 5, 1907-____
Scott, Mel E., Mar. 22, 1892-Dec. 21, 1973, "Married June 1, 1934" (Old City)

Scott, Brenda Kaye, July 31, 1965-Dec. 7, 1969 (Old City)

Scott, C. R., May 2, 1838-Dec. 30, 1907, "Husband" footstone (Old City)

Scott, Callie Graper, 1870-1939 [adjacent to marker for Thomas Walter Scott] (Old City)

Scott, Charles W., 1881-1953 (East-Central)

Scott, Chris, May 30, 1961-June 26, 1999 (Old City)

Scott, Clara Roberts, July 13, 1929-____
Scott, John David, Aug. 5, 1924-Apr. 25, 1989, "Married Feb. 3, 1951" (Old City)

Scott, Everett O., 1889-1925 [Woodmen of the World memorial] (Old City)

Scott, Everette McHaney, d. June 11, 1919, military marker "Tennessee Pvt. 1 Cl. 268 Mil. Police Co." (Old City)

Scott, Hattie E. [see Griggs, Hattie E. Scott] (Old City)

Scott, Hattie Murphy, May 4, 1844-Feb. 17, 1927, "Wife of C. R. Scott" (Old City)

Scott, Hazel C., 1908-1934 (East-Central)

Scott, Infant, born & died Sept. 25, 1913, "Infant dau. of E. O. Scott" (fallen) (Old City)

Scott, James E., 1927-1987, military marker "Pvt US Air Force World War II" (Northeast)

Scott, Jimmy Paul, 1943-1993, temporary marker, 5 feet south of marker for Mildred M. Fisher (Southern/Black)

Scott, Lena Rosser, 1884-1962 [adjacent to marker for Charles W. Scott] (Old City)

Scott, Lena Rosser, 1884-1962 [adjacent to marker for Charles W. Scott] (East-Central)

Scott, Lessie H., 1883-1968 [adjacent to the military marker for Will Scott] (Southern/Black)

Scott, Lizzie [see White, Lizzie Scott] (Old City)

Scott, Margaret V., May 6, 1883-Oct. 4, 1959 (Old City)

Scott, Martha E., July 4, 1851-Sept. 5, 1920, "Mother" "His Wife"
Scott, D. E., Apr. 9, 1850-Oct. 24, 1917, "Father" (Old City)

Scott, Thomas Walter, 1869-1941 (Old City)

Scott, Ursula [see Muse, Ursula Scott] (Old City)

Scott, Virginia Elizabeth [see Houston, Virginia Elizabeth Scott] (Northeast)

Scott, Walter, July 23, 1902-Sept. 27, 1938 [probably son of Thomas Walter Scott and Callie Graper Scott, whose markers are adjacent] (Old City)

Scott, Will, May 10, 1884-Nov. 3, 1945, military marker, "Tennessee Pvt 20 Engrs." (fallen) (Southern/Black)

Scott, Zilla Beatrice, Apr. 30, 1891-Mar. 9, 1965, "Memama" footstone
Scott, David Eugene, Sept. 29, 1880-Apr. 22, 1970, "Pappy" footstone, "Married June 22, 1913" (Old City)

Seagraves, Shirley Jean Elliott, July 26, 1949-Oct. 30, 1971 (Northeast)

Seaton, Harold B., 1912-1975 (East-Central)

Seaton, Nell M., 1914-____ [adjacent to marker for Harold B. Seaton; she may be a Maxwell] (East-Central)

Seaton, Ruth V., Sept. 17, 1914-____
Seaton, Eldred D., June 12, 1912-May 22, 1959 (East-Central)

Segerson, Everett, Dec. 17, 1895-July 26, 1975 ["Joe Everett Segerson" in Hinson et al.]
Segerson, Edith, Mar. 24, 1895-July 22, 1980 (Old City)

Segerson, H. L. (Pony), Apr. 20, 1898-Apr. 13, 1961 [Masonic symbol] (West)

Segerson, Infant, Apr. 8, 1924, "Infant of Edith & J. E. Segerson" [replacement] (Old City)

Segerson, William Fred, May 26, 1904-Sept. 14, 1971 (Old City)

Sego, Charles, d. 1925, "Aged 21 days" [not found or not readable in 1996; from WPA] (Old City)

Sego, Idell [see Hatcher, Idell Sego] (Northeast)

Sego, Ray E., Sept. 15, 1919-Feb. 5, 1955, military marker "Sgt Co I 12 Infantry Regt World War II BSM-PH" (East-Central)

Sellers, Ardie Jackson, 1891-1939 ["Sellers" is assumed as it appears only on family marker; adjacent to marker for Fred S. Sellers] (East-Central)

Sellers, Doris, Nov. 15, 1925-Mar. 19, 1986
Sellers, Laymon, Sept. 15, 1915-May 23, 2002, military marker as footstone "SSgt US Army"; "Married Dec. 27, 1942" "Children: Jerry, Brenda, Chris" (Northeast)

Sellers, Fred S., 1883-1969 ["Sellers" is assumed as it appears only on family marker] (East-Central)

Sellers, James Carol, 1927-1928 ["Sellers" is assumed as it appears only on family marker] (East-Central)

Sellers, Jamima Laws, 1895-1970 ["Sellers" is assumed as it appears only on family marker; adjacent to marker for Fred S. Sellers] (East-Central)

Sellers, John R., 1880-1954
Sellers, Lillian, 1902-____ (Old City)

Sellers, Martha Adams, Dec. 16, 1945-____
Sellers, Jerry Wayne, Dec. 24, 1943-____, "Married Feb. 2, 1963" "Our children: Jennifer, Tanna, Kerry, Chad" (Northeast)

Sellers, Otha Gray, Dec. 11, 1908-Apr. 4, 1949, military marker "Tennessee S1 USNR World War II" (East-Central)

Sellers, Tanna Jo [see Collins, Tanna Jo Sellers] (Northeast)

Shackleford, Gladys, Oct. 10, 1909-Dec. 30, 1936 [replacement] (East-Central)

Shackleford, Hubert N., Jan. 20, 1902-Dec. 27, 1971, military marker "Tennessee PFC US Air Force World War II" (East-Central)

Shackleford, L. F., 1875-1928, "Wife of S. N. Shackleford" (East-Central)

Shackleford, M. E., 1895-1925, "Son of S. N. & L. F. Shackleford" (East-Central)

Shackleford, S. N., 1873-1937 (East-Central)

Shaefer, Robert, Apr. 24, 1888-May 9, 1901, "Son of A H. & O. I. Shaefer" (eroded) [identifiable but not readable in 1996; information from WPA] (Old City)

Shannon, Scotty Ray, Sept. 5, 1976 [infant size grave] (Northeast)

Sharp, Cora M., d. May 5, 1973 [not found in 1993/1994 or 2001; from Hinson et al.] (Southern/Black)

Sheppard, Carl Lee, 1910-1990 (West)

Sheppard, Dee Little, 1910-1953 [adjacent to marker for Carl Lee Sheppard] (West)

Sheppard, E. O. "Shep," July 27, 1910-May 31, 1968
Sheppard, Eula P., Jan. 15, 1909-Jan. 11, 1970 (West)

Sheppard, Elmer, 1892-1972
Sheppard, Ethel, 1891-1987 (West)

Sheppard, Howard, 1919-____
Sheppard, Earlbra, 1917-2002
Sheppard, Robert, 1935-1991 (West)

Sheppard, Lura Ann [see Lura Ann Maness] (Northeast)

Sheppard, Nolan Eugene, May 25, 1915-____
Sheppard, Helen Duck, Apr. 17, 1922-July 3, 1984 (Northeast)

Sheppard, Thomas E., Oct. 16, 1923-____
Sheppard, Frances L., Sept. 26, 1923-____, "Married Oct. 22, 1942" (West)

Sherley, Elva P. (Tut), Apr. 17, 1915-Apr. 23, 1988
Sherley, Miller L., July 25, 1910-Jan. 16, 1993, unplaced "Father" footstone, "Married 1935" (Southern/Black)

Short, Jesse E., Aug. 13, 1899-May 24, 1965, military marker "Texas Pvt US Army World War II" (West)

Short, Vennie P., 1910-1986 [adjacent to marker for Jesse E. Short] (West)

Shrewsberry, Ed, June 15, 1857-Oct. 19, 1934, "Husband"
Shrewsberry, Rose, Feb. 13, 1861-____, "Wife" [per her obituary, she was Lexington's oldest citizen when she died in 1961] [Note: Ed and Rose Shrewsberry are two of four burials within a once-fenced area. Two markers are missing. One grave has an "E.H." footstone and a "Harmon" base.] (Southern/Black)

Shrewsberry, Jane, July 6, 1826-Apr. 18, 1902 (Southern/Black)

Shrewsberry, Puss [see Puss Talbert] (Southern/Black)

Shrewsberry, Rhoda, d. Apr. 26, 1892, "Aged about 90 Yrs." (Southern/Black)

Shugart, Allean G., 1916-1988, "Mother" footstone
Shugart, Alton J., 1914-2002, "Father" footstone (Northeast)

Simms, Carl V., 1883-1969, "Husband"
Simms, Imogene H., 1879-1961, "Wife" (Old City)

Sipes, James W., July 20, 1950-Oct. 5, 1999
Sipes, Ruth M., July 20, 1953-____, "Married Nov. 23, 1968" "Our children: Barbara and Jamie" (Northeast)

Sisson, Christine Maness, Oct. 28, 1928-____
Sisson, Harold lloyd, June 10, 1933-July 11, 2000, military marker as footstone "Ad2 US Navy Korea"; "Our children Edith Marie and Thomas W." "Her son Larry S. Hayes" (East-Central)

Sisson, Edith Marie, Jan. 22, 1958-June 9, 1967 (East-Central)

Sisson, Elizabeth [see Barrells, Mary Elizabeth] (Northeast)

Sisson, Ernestine, 1908-____, "Mother" footstone
Sisson, S. Grant, 1904-1960 (East-Central)

Sisson, Eva Dora, May 27, 1899-Oct. 17, 1947 [adjacent to marker for Thomas R. Sisson] (East-Central)

Sisson, John Lloyd, Feb. 24, 1911-Mar. 7, 1971, "Papa" (East-Central)

Sisson, Mary Roberts, Dec. 12, 1949-____
Sisson, John Wayne, Sept. 29, 1948-June 21, 1996 (Northeast)

Sisson, Samuel G., Aug. 2, 1930-Aug. 3, 1930 [replacement; probably son of Ernestine and S. Grant Sisson, whose double marker is adjacent] (East-Central)

Sisson, Thomas Elbert, May 5, 1919-Apr. 15, 1954, military marker "Tennessee Amm3 USNR World War II" (East-Central)

Sisson, Thomas R., Feb. 17, 1884-Oct. 25, 1931 (East-Central)

Sitton, Charline C., May 19, 1916-July 28, 1976 [adjacent to double marker for Ethel P. and John E. Coble] (East-Central)

Skeet, Leta [see Weir, Leta Skeet] (East-Central)

Slagel, Stephanie R., Sept. 12, 1973-____, "Wife" footstone
Slagel, Tommy J., Jr., Dec. 18, 1973-Oct. 29, 1995, "Husband" footstone, "Wed Aug. 19, 1994" (Northeast)

Small, C. W., Jr., Apr. 23, 1913-Nov. 2, 1914, "Wade, Jr." (Old City)

Small, Edna [see Britt, Edna Small] (West)

Small, Fannie Elizabeth, Sept. 11, 1905-June 7, 1926 [replacement] (Old City)

Small, Rachel [see Roberts, Rachel Small] (Old City)

Small, Ruth, Sept. 20, 1922-Nov. 6, 1922, "Dau. of Wade & Georgia Small" (Old City)

Smehoin, Patricia F., 1933-1985, "Loving mother & wife" [adjacent to military marker for Ronald Eugene Smehoin] (Northeast)

Smehoin, Ronald Eugene, Sept. 16, 1934-Nov. 14, 1996, military marker "SP3 US Army Korea" (Northeast)

Smelhoin, Angie Marie, Aug. 22, 1991-Dec. 4, 2002, "Daughter of Mary Anne Smelhoin" (Northeast)

Smith, Amand, Mrs., no dates [not found or not readable in 1996; from WPA] (Old City)

Smith, Annie [see Britt, Annie Smith] (Old City)

Smith, Bonnie [see Walpole, Bonnie Smith] (East-Central)

Smith, Charles T., 1878-1939, "Father" (West)

Smith, Cordelia Owens, 1872-1928 [adjacent to marker for William G. Smith; Supreme Forest Woodmen Circle symbol] (East-Central)

Smith, Della [see Johnson, Della Smith] (Old City)

Smith, Dollie J., 1882-1972, "Mother" [adjacent to marker for Charles T. Smith] (West)

Smith, Dona Ann, Dec. 31, 1932-Dec. 31, 1932 [replacement] (Old City)

Smith, Dorothy D., 1914-1978
Smith, Joe Ruben, 1905-1975 [from previous temporary marker: Joe Reuben Smith, d. Dec. 30, 1975, "Aged 70 yrs., 1 mo., 15 das."] (East-Central)

Smith, E. C., Mar. 24, 1878-Oct. 20, 1882, "Dau. of Sallie Smith" (Southern/Black)

Smith, E. E., July 21, 1827-Oct. 24, 1888, "Wife of John Smith" "Mother" (Old City)

Smith, Floyd L., 1918-____
Smith, Loretta N., 1922-1990, "Married June 1941" "Our son Floyd Jr." (West)

Smith, Gayle T., Sept. 4, 1897-June 24, 1948 [matches marker for Thomas B. Smith] (Old City)

Smith, Hester, d. May 8, 1916, aged about 77 years [Smith, from death certificate] (Southern/Black)

Smith, J. Howard, Sept. 14, 1883-Feb. 23, 1950
Smith, Annie, Oct. 12, 1876-July 3, 1952 (West)

Smith, Jennie [see Franklin, Jennie Smith] (Old City)

Smith, Jennie [see Watson, Jennie Smith] (East-Central)

Smith, Joe Moffitt, June 28, 1895-Dec. 15, 1986, "Mrs." (East-Central)

Smith, John, Feb. 12, 1812-Feb. 17, 1876 (Old City)

Smith, Johnnie, Jan. 19, 1869-Sept. 12, 1876, "Son of John & E. E. Smith" (Old City)

Smith, Joseph T., June 7, 1857-July 9, 1885, "Son of John & E. E. Smith" (Old City)

Smith, Lessie Jane, Aug. 1, 1908-May 13, 2001, "Mother" footstone (West)

Smith, Lizzie [see Winslow, Lizzie Smith] (East-Central)

Smith, Mae C., May 6, 1899-Nov. 21, 1975 [adjacent to marker for Robert (Bob) Smith] (West)

Smith, Mamie [see Harper, Mamie Smith] (Old City)

Smith, Mary E., 1923-1979 (Southern/Black)

Smith, Mary Jane, Jan. 24, 1841-Jan. 30, 1911, "Beloved wife of Thomas A. Smith" (Old City)

Smith, Mildred I., Sept. 7, 1923-May 8, 1993, temporary marker as footstone, "Mildred M. Smith"
Smith, Norman N., Nov. 9, 1930-____, "Wed Nov. 12, 1949" (Northeast)

Smith, Parker, 1921-1993, temporary marker, Pafford Funeral Home, 2 yards north of marker for Lucille Bunch Wray (West)

Smith, Penelope E., Nov. 18, 1917-Aug. 20, 1918
Smith, Infant, Aug. 10, 1914-Aug. 10, 1914, "Infant son" [replacement] (East-Central)

Smith, Rickey DeWayne, Aug. 24, 1971-Feb. 14, 1993, military marker "SPC US Army" (West)

Smith, Robert (Bob), May 26, 1893-Apr. 11, 1969 (West)

Smith, Samuel Kennon, May 4, 1883-Dec. 16, 1950 (East-Central)

Smith, Sarah E. [see Adams, Sarah E. Smith] (Old City)

Smith, Sarah Emma, Mar. 9, 1873-Mar. 26, 1905, "Wife of Thomas B. Smith"* (Old City)

Smith, Shady G., Mar. 2, 1890-May 21, 1953, military marker as footstone "Pvt Co H 137 Inf 35 Div World War I" (East-Central)

Smith, Thelma, Oct. 11, 1921-____, "Wed June 30, 1946"
Smith, Leon, Sept. 10, 1921-Jan. 22, 1991, "Our children Sandra Olivia/Carthel L. Jr./Teresa Ann," military marker as footstone "Carthel L. Smith" "SSgt US Army World War II" (Northeast)

Smith, Thomas A., July 6, 1817-Oct. 18, 1891, "Husband" "Father" (Old City)

Smith, Thomas B., Aug. 7, 1861-July 13, 1939 [Woodmen of the World memorial] (Old City)

Smith, U. C., d. May 13, 1890, "Son of T. A. & M. J. Smith" "Aged 24 Y'rs, 2 M's, & 6 D's." (Old City)

Smith, V. A., Sept. 9, 1872-Sept. 9, 1872, "Son of B. F. & A. M. Smith" (Old City)

Smith, Viola, Dec. 14, 1918-Dec. 27, 1994, "Mom"
Smith, Willie, July 15, 1913-May 5, 1968, "Dad" (Southern/Black)

Smith, W. J., Feb. 11, 1864-July 15, 1864, "Son of T. A. & M. J Smith"
Smith, Arther, Oct. 1, 1876-Oct. 2, 1876, "Son of T. A. & M. J. Smith" (Old City)

Smith, William G., 1859-1932, "I.O.O.F." (East-Central)

Smith, William G., 1859-1932, "I.O.O.F." (Old City)

Smothers, Lois Lee [see Isaac, Lois Lee Smothers] (Northeast)

Sneed, Emmett, Jan. 2, 1876-Nov. 10, 1921 (Old City)

Sneed, Eva Hall, 1886-1951 [adjacent to marker for Emmett Sneed] (Old City)

Sneed, Walter C., Nov. 27, 1903-Oct. 27, 1907, "Son of Emmett & Eva Sneed" (broken) (Old City)

Snider, Martha A. [see Russell, Martha A. Snider] (Northeast)

Snow, Danny J., 1927-1992, "Bother of Truma/J. P./charles/Nell/Bill/Sue," military marker as footstone "PFC US Army World War II"; dates on military marker Jan. 12, 1927-Oct. 7, 1992 (Northeast)

Snow, Marlene P., July 8, 1924-____
Snow, Charles W., Oct. 15, 1922-Mar. 26, 2000, military marker as footstone "Sgt US Army World War II Bronze Star Medal"; carved on base for military marker "Sergeant Tn. National Guard 1942-1982"; "Our children:Mayron and Floyd" (Northeast)

Snow, Nell [see Gilliam, Nell Snow] (Northeast)

Sollman, Nola Catherine, Nov. 4, 1928-Feb. 22, 2001
Sollman, Robert Edward, Nov. 18, 1930-Feb. 14, 1996 (Northeast)

Spellings, Elizabeth [see Pearson, Elizabeth Spellings] (East-Central)

Spellings, Mary [see Armstrong, Mary Paul Spellings] (West)

Spoor, Betty Jo Powers, Feb. 2, 1925-June 14, 1965 [probably daughter of Hugh Austin and Lessie Davis Powers, whose double marker is adjacent] (East-Central)

Stalnaker, Charles A., Apr. 16, 1945-____
Stalnaker, Patricia A., May 13, 1947-Jan. 18, 1972 (West)

Stanfill, Drexel B., Nov. 18, 1910-July 23, 1987, "Mother" footstone
Stanfill, Hicks R., Feb. 14, 1907-Feb. 26, 1992, "Father" footstone, "Married Mar. 24, 1928" "Our children Billy, Dennie, Wilma, Fleetwood, Frank" (Northeast)

Stanfill, Edgar E., Mar. 14, 1887-Apr. 23, 1968
Stanfill, Ophie M., Feb. 26, 1898-Feb. 3, 1982 (East-Central)

Stanfill, Estamae C., May 7, 1897-Dec. 15, 1980 (West)

Stanfill, Fairy Martin, Feb. 15, 1910-Dec. 21, 2000, "Ninny" (East-Central)

Stanfill, James Albert, Jan. 13, 1888-Aug. 27, 1971 (West)

Stanfill, James Giley, July 6, 1914-Dec. 21, 1972, military marker US Army World War II" (West)

Stanfill, Rachel [see Dennison, Rachel Stanfill] (East-Central)

Stanfill, W. B. (Buford), Oct. 4, 1904-Jan. 2, 1986, "Diddy" (East-Central)

Stanford, Addie Louise, July 27, 1926-Jan. 27, 1996 (marker loose on its base) (Southern/Black)

Stanford, Addie, 1865-1950 [matches adjacent marker for Mellie Harman] (West)

Stanford, Blondell, 1902-1964 (Southern/Black)

Stanford, Bobby Wayne, Feb. 25, 1943-June 2, 1981 (sinking) (Southern/Black)

Stanford, Elizabeth [see Moffitt, Elizabeth Stanford] (East-Central)

Stanford, Evajean G., 1875-1955, "Mother" footstone
Stanfill, Arcadius S., 1872-1949, "Father" footstone (Old City)

Stanford, Fannie K., 1875-1960, "Mother"
Stanford, George W., 1871-1950, "Father" (East-Central)

Stanford, Haran, 1910-1964
Stanford, Dave, 1901-1974, "Married 1923" (West)

Stanford, Hautie M., July 20, 1927-Nov. 4, 1986 (West)

Stanford, Jessie, 1894-1971 [not found in 1993/1994 or 2001; from Hinson et al.] (Southern/Black)

Stanford, Joe Esco, Dec. 24, 1900-Feb. 19, 1958, military marker "Tennessee Pvt 9 Co r Rgt Camp World War I" (Southern/Black)

Stanford, John B., Sept. 5, 1896-Apr. 20, 1951, military marker "Tennessee Pvt 13 Co 159 Depot Brigade World War I" (Southern/Black)

Stanford, Lula, Apr. 21, 1947-Nov. 16, 1998, temporary marker 8 yards south of marker for Addie Louise Stanford (Southern/Black)

Stanford, Mariam T., Feb. 8, 1903-Dec. 3, 1969, "Mother" footstone
Stanford, Alfred S., May 17, 1901-Dec. 19, 1972, "Father" footstone (Old City)

Stanford, Michael Cowan, 1960-1986 (Northeast)

Stanford, Orlean, Apr. 29, 1909-Aug. 18, 1995 (Southern/Black)

Stanford, Ruby, no dates, "Age 40" [shares double marker with Fannie Lewis] (Southern/Black)

Stanford, W. Thomas, 1946-1973
Stanford, Shirley, n.d. (Southern/Black)

Stark, Katherine [see Ramer, Katherine Stark] (Northeast)

Stark, Mary McGlone, 1874-1964 (Northeast)

Starks, G. R., 1878-1929 (East-Central)

Starks, Minnie, 1877-1953 [adjacent to marker for G. R. Starks; Supreme Forest Woodmen Circle symbol] (East-Central)

Starks, Rubena [see Walters, Rubena Starks] (East-Central)

Steele, Dessie, 1906-____
Steele, John W., 1902-1978, "Father" footstone (Southern/Black)

Steele, Jessie [see Buckley, Jessie R.] (Southern/Black)

Steele, John Lee, Feb. 4, 1934-Feb. 7, 1998 (Southern/Black)

Steele, Persie, [sss Parker, Persie Steele] (Southern/Black)

Stegall, Georgia Woods, July 1, 1877-Sept. 19, 1964 [probably daughter of Levi S. and Mollie S. Woods, whose double marker is adjacent]
Stegall, Walter L., Sept. 21, 1877-June 28, 1949 (Old City)

Stephens, Betty Lee Duke, Jan. 8, 1930-Jan. 6, 2000, "Mother" footstone (Northeast)

Stevens, Loren Leroy, Apr. 6, 1914-May 8, 1992, military marker as footstone "Cpl US Army World War II"
Stevens, Bertha Lewis, Sept. 2, 1927-____, "Married Aug. 30, 1945" (Southwest/Lewis)

Stewart note: Under a Stewart central marker were adjacent individual markers for Norma Coffee and John Threadgill. (West)

Stewart, Ada L. [see Enochs, Ada L. Stewart] (Old City)

Stewart, Coy, Aug. 28, 1894-Mar. 1, 1954 (East-Central)

Stewart, Eleanor Ruth, Apr. 27, 1938-June 20, 1944 (West)

Stewart, Elmer L., Feb. 8, 1900-Oct. 21, 2000 (West)

Stewart, Infant, Sept. 18, 1903-Sept. 28, 1903, "Dau. of J. F. & Daisye Stewart" (Old City)

Stewart, J. Frank, Dec. 17, 1869-Mar. 20, 1954 (Old City)

Stewart, John Woods, 1878-1962 (Old City)

Stewart, Mable [see Dennison, Mable Stewart] (Old City)

Stewart, Manerva [see Wright, Manerva Stewart] (Old City)

Stewart, Mary, 1905-1910 [replacement; probably daughter of John Woods Stewart and Willa Pafford Stewart] (Old City)

Stewart, May Parish Azbill, July 15, 1900-Nov. 29, 1973 [adjacent to marker for Coy Stewart; probably daughter of Howard Lanier parish Azbill and Flavel Joe Azbill, whose markers are in next row] (East-Central)

Stewart, Nora [see Belew, Nora Stewart (West)

Stewart, Paul, 1898-1903, "Son" [shares double marker with mother Manerva Stewart Wright] (Old City)

Stewart, Richard W., 1841-1926, "Father"
Stewart, Armenta, 1844-1895, "Mother" (Old City)

Stewart, Willa Pafford, 1881-1966 [adjacent to marker for John Woods Stewart; may be daughter of Virgil and Mary E. Pafford, whose marker is in the next row] (Old City)

Stines, Doris, 1939-____, unplaced "Mother" footstone
Stines, Otis, 1936-1980, military marker as footstone "Pvt US Army Korea"; "Married Mar. 13, 1970 (Northeast)

Stone, Carol Ann Amis, Nov. 29, 1929-____
Stone, William Thomas, Sept. 30, 1927-____, carved rings and "Aug. 4, 1950" "Our daughter - Sandra" (Northeast)

Stone, Chelsey Dawn, Aug. 22, 1999-Aug. 22, 1999 (Northeast)

Stone, Lester F., Jan. 26, 1921-May 10, 2000, military marker as footstone "Lester Franklin Stone" "SSgt US Army World War II"
Stone, Lucille A., Feb. 10, 1924-____, "Mother" footstone, "Wed Nov. 1, 1947" "Our son Mark" (Northeast)

Stoots, Clarence E., Feb. 14, 1906-Sept. 9, 1995
Stoots, Mary Griffin, Dec. 5, 1910-Jan. 24, 1980 (Northeast)

Stout, A. W., 1854-1938
Stout, Tennie M., 1856-1931, "His Wife" (East-Central)

Stout, Leafie, 1895-1982, "Wife"
Stout, Felix, 1879-1942, "Husband" (East-Central)

Stricklin, Annie Bell, Aug. 19, 1890-July 13, 1966
Stricklin, James L. (Jim), Aug. 20, 1884-May 30, 1952, "Married Oct. 5, 1908" (East-Central)

Stripling, Sue Newsom, Aug. 4, 1933-May 1, 1969 (Northeast)

Stubblefield, Edward L., 1923-1985, military marker "Pvt US Army World War II" (Northeast)

Stubblefield, Elmer, Dec. 24, 1910-Mar. 22, 1999 (Northeast)

Stubblefield, Ernest H., Sept. 6, 1893-Mar. 30, 1966, military marker "Tennessee Cpl 306 Trench Mortar Btry World War I" (Northeast)

Stubblefield, Ernest L., Feb. 24, 1918-July 10, 1970, military marker "Tennessee Tec5 US Army World War II" [probably son of Ida B. and Will R. Stubblefield, whose double marker is adacent] (East-Central)

Stubblefield, Frances A., 1936-____
Stubblefield, John S., 1931-1972, military marker as footstone "Tennessee S1 US Navy"; dates on military marker Apr. 28, 1931-Feb. 9, 1972 (East-Central)

Stubblefield, Homer F., 1913-1986, military marker "PFC US Army World War II" (East-Central)

Stubblefield, Ida B., Sept. 16, 1891-Apr. 28, 1972, "Mother" footstone
Stubblefield, Will R., May 26, 1890-July 7, 1969 (East-Central)

Stubblefield, Jerry W., 1946-1985, footstone with "In memory of my brother"; dates on footstone July 29, 1946-Aug. 14, 1985
Stubblefield, Farris G., 1909-1995 [from previous temporary marker: Farris Goff Stubblefield]
Stubblefield, Jim D., 1906-1986, "Our children Louise, Alice, Opal, Joe, Nolan, Barbara" (Northeast)

Stubblefield, Joy, Feb. 29, 1940-____, unplaced "Mom" footstone
Stubblefield, Nolan, June 28, 1939-June 6, 1995, "Dad" footstone, "Wed. Oct. 21, 1958" "Our children: Robert, Kim, Chris" (Northeast)

Stubblefield, Mary Sue, 1935-1987
Stubblefield, Jerry Neal, 1931-1996, military marker as footstone "SFC US Army Korea Vietnam"; "Wed May 3, 1952" "Children Kenneth Diane" "Grandchildren Toby Chris" (Northeast)

Stubblefield, Myrtle Ellie, July 9, 1902-Jan. 30, 1967 [adjacent to military marker for Ernest H. Stubblefield] (Northeast)

Sturgill, Millard L., 1938-1979, "Father" (Northeast)

Sullivan, Avie E., 1877-1958 [adjacent to marker for John L. Sullivan] (East-Central)

Sullivan, Connie C., Feb. 10, 1906-Feb. 16, 1970 (Northeast)

Sullivan, Curry L., June 25, 1915-Mar. 4, 1967 (East-Central)

Sullivan, Ethel S., Mar. 20, 1910-May 3, 1985 [adjacent to marker for Curry L. Sullivan] (East-Central)

Sullivan, Guilford, May 7, 1900-Feb. 7, 1977
Sullivan, Josie, June 9, 1901-Oct. 22, 1986, "Married July 13, 1919" (Northeast)

Sullivan, John L., 1878-1967 (East-Central)

Sullivan, John Ray, Oct. 3, 1909-Feb. 19, 1968 (Northeast)

Summerize, Nettie Mae, July 2, 1919-Dec. 3, 1981, "Mother" (Southern/Black)

Summers, Annie Lou, 1877-1941, "Mother" [adjacent to marker for Wilbur B. Summers] (East-Central)

Summers, Elizabeth [see Caywood, Elizabeth Summers] (East-Central)

Summers, John Carey, 1917-1977, military marker "Lt Col US Air Force World War II" (East-Central)

Summers, W. Gaston, 1907-1928 (East-Central)

Summers, Wilbur B., 1870-1946, "Father" "D.D.S." (East-Central)

Sunner, Levie M., d. Jan. 17, 1970 [not found in 1993/1994 or 2001; from Hinson et al.] (Southern/Black)

Swafford, J. B., Jan. 10, 1918-June 28, 1995
Swafford, Ortha E., Aug. 19, 1921-Aug. 3, 2000 (Northeast)

Swafford, Jean [see Creasy, Jean Swaffford] (Northeast)

Swain, Bertha Lee, May 2, 1896-May 22, 1970
Swain, William Leroy, Sr., Apr. 4, 1886-June 1, 1972 (Old City)

Swain, Joseph E., Sept. 26, 1921 [replacement] (Old City)

Swayne, Amanda J., May 18, 1824-July 1, 1857 (Old City)

Sweat, Gladys Mayes, 1896-1970 (West)

Sweatt, Bessie Elkins, Oct. 2, 1881-Sept. 26, 1905, "Wife of W. W. Sweatt" "Mother" [probably daughter of W. M. & Nannie Ross Elkins, whose double marker is adjacent] (Old City)

Sweatt, Infant, Nov. 14, 1906, Infant of Babe Cooper & Willie Sweatt" (eroded) (Old City)

Sweatt, Willie E., Mrs." Feb. 23, 1933, "Aged 49 years" [not found or not readable in 1996; from Hinson et al.] (Old City)

Swift, Alice K., 1891-1983
Swift, Charles S., 1892-1979 (Old City)

Swindler, Della N., Feb. 10, 1895-Feb. 22, 1985 [adjacent to marker for James H. Swindler] (West)

Swindler, James H., Dec. 16, 1876-Nov. 12, 1950 (West)



Talbert, Puss, d. July 4, 1899, "Aged 46 Ys 4 Ms" "Dau. of Jane Shrewsberry" (Southern/Black)

Talley, Cora Wilkerson, 1914-1952, "Wife of A. S. Talley"; "Babe" footstone (Old City)

Tapler, Jewel, d. Aug. 2, 1914, aged about 33 years [death certificate reported by Smith; seems likely to be a Taylor] (Southern/Black)

Tate, Elen, 1918-1987 [name added to previous double marker for Lynn C. and Irma K. Holcomb] (West)

Tate, John L., 1882-1940 (East-Central)

Tate, Loy Elizabeth, Dec. 18, 1911-June 2, 1993 (East-Central)

Tate, Lula Jackson, 1885-1949 [adjacent to marker for John L. Tate] (East-Central)

Tate, Thelma Glynn, Aug. 20, 1910-Sept. 29, 1991 (East-Central)

Tate, Timothy Michael, Sept. 24, 1965-Aug. 30, 1985, "Goober" (Northeast)

Taylor note: The following form a row of matching markers: (in order) Charles Taylor, Nannie Love Taylor, James R. Taylor, Hermon M. Taylor, and Ollie Bell Taylor. (Southern/Black)

Taylor, Addie [see Harmon, Addie Taylor] (Southern/Black)

Taylor, Billy Joe, July 16, 1937-Feb. 13, 1956 (Southern/Black)

Taylor, Bobby J., Apr. 30, 1939-____
Taylor, Mary S., Nov. 29, 1937-____ (Southern/Black)

Taylor, Bobby Jean, June 5, 1934-Dec. 14, 1986, "Beloved mother of James, Cheneta, Rudolph J." (Southern/Black)

Taylor, Carlee Kizer, Oct. 15, 1930-May 15, 1978, military marker "PFC US Army" (Southern/Black)

Taylor, Charles, 1880-1939 (Southern/Black)

Taylor, Daisy, 1876-1915 (Old City)

Taylor, David Earl, June 2, 1959-Mar. 20, 2001 (Southern/Black)

Taylor, Dollie, 1899-1968, temporary marker, Parham, 32 yards east of military marker for Paul Edward Taylor (Southern/Black)

Taylor, Edwina, Feb. 1, 1917-Apr. 3, 1924, "Dau. of W. N. & G. M. Taylor" (fallen) (Old City)

Taylor, Exie, Oct. 25, 1902-Feb. 23, 1990 (West)

Taylor, Fannie Winslow, May 4, 1880-Nov. 28, 1970 [adjacent to marker for William J. Taylor] (West)

Taylor, Flora Mae Bomer, Oct. 5, 1932-Mar. 16, 1966, temporary marker, Peoples Funeral Home, 15 yards south of marker for Richard Halton and 5 feet north of loose military marker for Carlee Kizer Taylor (Southern/Black)

Taylor, Hermon M., 1898-1962 (Southern/Black)

Taylor, Ida Kindred, 1874-1943, "His Wife"
Taylor, William McHaney, 1868-1925 (Old City)

Taylor, Infant, born & died July 25, 1873, "Infant son of John M. & Amanda J. Taylor" "A Twin" (Old City)

Taylor, Infant, Feb. 26, 1905, "Infant dau. of W. M. & I. K. Taylor" (Old City)

Taylor, Infants, May 14, 1907, "Infant son and daughter of W. M. & Ida K. Taylor" (Old City)

Taylor, James R., 1900-1973 (Southern/Black)

Taylor, Jesse, July 25, 1873-Sept. 4, 1883, "Son of J. M. & Amanda J. Taylor" (Old City)

Taylor, Jesse, Oct. 26, 1791-May 5, 1860, "Born in Va." "Died in Lexington, Tenn." (eroded) (Old City)

Taylor, Jessie M., 1907-1945
Taylor, Opal L., 1938-1939 (Southern/Black)

Taylor, Jessie Mae, 1907-1946, temporary marker, Parham, 4 yards east on military marker for Edward Kirby (Southern/Black)

Taylor, John M., Aug. 11, 1879-Feb. 7, 1881, "Little son of John M. & Amanda Taylor" (eroded) [name unreadable in 1996; identified from WPA using dates] (Old City)

Taylor, John M., May 18, 1836-Feb. 17, 1911, "Father" footstone
Taylor, Amanda McHaney, Sept. 15, 1845-June 19, 1931, "His wife," "Mother" footstone (Old City)

Taylor, John M., Sept. 13, 1897-Oct. 13, 1906, "Son of W. M. & I. K. Taylor"
Taylor, Will M., Aug. 5, 1901-Sept. 1, 1902, "Son of W. M. & I. K. Taylor" [replacement] (Old City)

Taylor, Lessie E. [see McHaney, Lessie E. Taylor] (Southern/Black)

Taylor, Lucy Pauline, July 22, 1896-June 21, 1897, "Dau. of W. M. & Ida K. Taylor" (eroded) (Old City)

Taylor, Lydia, b. June 10, 1864, "Wife of Dave Taylor"
Taylor, Dave, d. July 10, 1913, "Aged 48 Ys" "Husband of Lydia Taylor" (fallen) (Southern/Black)

Taylor, Margaret [see Williams, Margaret Taylor] (East-Central)

Taylor, Mary [see Albright, Mary Taylor] (East-Central)

Taylor, Mary, Oct. 19, 1807-Jan. 18, 1890, "Wife of Jesse Taylor" "Our mother" (Old City)

Taylor, Nannie H., Jan. 29, 1871-Oct. 9, 1872, "Dau. of John M. & Amanda J. Taylor" "Sweet Hazie" (Old City)

Taylor, Nannie Love, 1883-1970 (Southern/Black)

Taylor, Ollie Bell, 1903-1968 (Southern/Black)

Taylor, Ophie Bauman, Aug. 30, 1906-Apr. 8, 1989 (East-Central)

Taylor, Paul Edward, Aug. 15, 1936-Feb. 15, 1983, military marker "SN US Navy" (Southern/Black)

Taylor, Pearl H., 1886-1987 [adjacent to marker for Robert L. Taylor] (Old City)

Taylor, Pearl H., 1886-1987 [adjacent to marker for Robert L. Taylor] (East-Central)

Taylor, Robert L., 1887-1957 (East-Central)

Taylor, Ronnie F., June 5, 1948-Apr. 15, 1994, temporary marker [reported by Smith] (Southern/Black)

Taylor, Sallie Dyer, 1860-1942 (East-Central)

Taylor, Samuel David, Mar. 8, 1892-Aug. 30, 1975 (Southern/Black)

Taylor, Surmantha, 1851-Feb. 8, 1910, "Wife" "Mother" [Eastern Star symbol] (Southern/Black)

Taylor, William J., July 26, 1875-Nov. 26, 1959 (West)

Taylor, William, no dates, "2 Yrs. 7 Mo. 2 Days" (homemade) (Southern/Black)

Teague, Alice [see Luck, Alice Teague] (West)

Teague, Alice, Jan. 2, 1920-____ [ground disturbance seems to indice she is buried]
Teague, Haywood Wall, Nov. 9, 1920-July 31, 1989, "Married Apr. 10, 1949" (West)

Teague, Charles, d. Sept. 11, 2001, temporary marker, Mercer Brothers F.H., Jackson, Tennessee, 3 yards east of double marker for Junior Robert and Lillie Ida Teague (Southern/Black)

Teague, Chas. A., 1884-1945 [not found in 1996; from Hinson et al.] (East-Central)

Teague, Guy Gladen, Jan. 29, 1897-Oct. 27, 1897, "Babe of W. C. & M. E. Teague"* (Old City)

Teague, H. Mert, 1881-1941, "Father" footstone
Teague, Clyde E., 1894-1960, "Mother" footstone (West)

Teague, Junior Robert, Nov. 25, 1909-Oct. 6, 1972
Teague, Lillie Ida, Aug. 10, 1910-Feb. 11, 2000 (Southern/Black)

Teague, Margaret D., 1921-____
Teague, George A., 1913-1993, "children Brenda-Patty" "Grandson Douglas" "Married Feb. 9, 1940," military marker as footstone "George Anuel Teague" "US Army World War II"; dates on military marker Oct. 8, 1913-Nov. 26, 1993 (Northeast)

Teague, Nilar W., Jan. 10, 1907-Aug. 4, 1993, "Mother" footstone
Teague, T. Elmer, Dec. 5, 1906-Feb. 18, 1991, "Father" footstone, "Wed Dec. 23, 1923" "Our children: Tommie, Larry, Lynn, Glynn" (Northeast)

Teague, Peggy Dean, Aug. 23, 1948-May 1, 1991, unplaced "Mama" footstone
Teague, Johnny Lynn, Jan. 10, 1948-Sept. 3, 1978, "Married Dec. 31, 1971" "Their child Deena Lynn" (Northeast)

Teague, Tennie [see Hinson, Tennie Teague]] (East-Central)

Terr, Walter L., Feb. 17, 1886-May 10, 1954
Teer, Ethel B., Dec. 19, 1889-Aug. 22, 1963 (West)

Tharp, Dan, Dec. 25, 1928-Feb. 20, 1995, military marker "Pvt US Army World War II" (Southern/Black)

Tharp, Ruby R., 1914-____ [one of 4 matching markers in group of seven Raspberry family markers] (Southern/Black)

Thomas, Alveta, Aug. 14, 1925-Dec. 13, 1995
Thomas, Gladen, Mar. 16, 1925-Jan. 10, 1996 (Southern/Black)

Thomas, Barbara Faye, Sept. 9, 1954-May 10, 1995 (East-Central)

Thomas, Betty Carol, July 1, 1954-Dec. 25, 1986 (East-Central)

Thomas, Caldona J., Dec. 15, 1858-Apr. 18, 111909, "Mother" footstone [replacement]
Thomas, Martin L., July 8, 1850-Aug. 4, 1930, "Father" footstone (Old City)

Thomas, Charles Alton, 1926-1989, military marker "S1 US Navy World War II" (East-Central)

Thomas, Daisy L., Sept. 3, 1922-July 29, 1982 [Eastern Star symbol]
Thomas, Kile E., July 6, 1921-____ [Masonic symbol], "Married Dec. 21, 1941" "Our children Dwain Bill Nancy Ricky" (Northeast)

Thomas, Dorothy J., Nov. 17, 1949-____
Thomas, Ernest Ray, Sr., Jan. 7, 1947-May 18, 1995, military marker as footstone SP6 US Army Vietnam"; "Wed June 23, 1968" "Our son Ernest Ray Jr." (Southern/Black)

Thomas, Edward L., Nov. 4, 1934-Jan. 24, 1990 (East-Central)

Thomas, Edwin Dwain, Oct. 28, 1946-____
Thomas, Billy Glen, Mar. 23, 1948-____
Thomas, Ricky Lynn, Oct. 9, 1963-____ (Northeast)

Thomas, Elizabeth, 1925-____
Thomas, William I., 1922-1986, "Wed June 1, 1946" (Southern/Black)

Thomas, George L., June 20, 1932-July 26, 2001, military marker "A2C US Air Force" (Southern/Black)

Thomas, George W., May 4, 1845-Feb. 21, 1905 (Old City)

Thomas, James H., Jan. 4, 1844-May 2, 1934, military marker "Co. A 7 Tenn. Cav." (Old City)

Thomas, Mary A., Feb. 27, 1850-Dec. 3, 1915, "Wife of G. W. Thomas" (sunken) [dates buried in 1996; dates from WPA] (Old City)

Thomas, Mollie B., Mar. 17, 1876-June 7, 1968 (Old City)

Thomas, Terry Charles, Sept. 26, 1956-Jan. 28, 1958 (East-Central)

Thomas, Velma N., Jan. 20, 1898-Dec. 25, 1994, "Married May 3, 1918"
Thomas, E. L. (Edd), Apr. 15, 1891-Feb. 2, 1970, "Their children: Newman, Kyle, Lythel Ray, Charles, Coy Lee, Edward and Billy Bob" (East-Central)

Thomas, Willie R., July 17, 1927-July 31, 1987, temporary marker, no good reference point, approximately 10 yards west of the marker for Adam Howard (Southern/Black)

Thomas, Zula Mae, Jan. 27, 1930-____ (East-Central)

Thompson, Eddie Sue, 1942-1989 (sunken) [seems to overlie the graves of Luther R. and Prestell Hall] (West)

Thompson, Ione [see Bobbitt, Ione Thompson] (Old City)

Thompson, Mattie, 1921-2003, temporary marker, Reed's Chapel, 7 yards east of double marker for Michael Irving Russell and Martha A. Snider Russell (Northeast)

Thompson, Nellie P., Mar. 11, 1887-Feb. 3, 1914, "Wife of W. W. Thompson" [shares triple marker with G. T. & Anna E. Peeples] (Old City)

Thorn, Emily Esther, 1846-1925 [adjacent to marker for Roland H. Thorn] (Old City)

Thorn, Roland H., 1840-1904 [replacement] (Old City)

Thornton, Lena [see Jowers, Lena Bell] (Northeast)

Thornton, Leora B., July 24, 1922-Sept. 6, 1999 (Northeast)

Threadgill, Billy, 1848-1873 [replacement] (Old City)

Threadgill, Blanche [see Pettigrew, Blanche Threadgill] (East-Central)

Threadgill, Callie Kennedy, 1875-1966 [adjacent to marker for newton Swift Threadgill] (East-Central)

Threadgill, Ella Mullins, Jan. 8, 1882-Sept. 19, 1965 [adjacent to marker for James Washington Threadgill] (West)

Threadgill, Evelyn [see Holmes, Evelyn Threadgill] (East-Central)

Threadgill, G. L., 1859-1927, "Father"
Threadgill, M. J., 1861-1940, "Mother" (Old City)

Threadgill, Harold A. (Dickie), Dec. 4, 1922-Apr. 20, 1972 (West)

Threadgill, Helen [see Ross, Helen Threadgill] (West)

Threadgill, Holland Hartwell, Aug. 26, 1882-Sept. 22, 1967 (East-Central)

Threadgill, Irene B. [see Watson, Irene B. Threadgill] (West)

Threadgill, J. C., Jan. 19, 1846-Sept. 6, 1897, "He still lives in the hearts of those who loved him" (Old City)

Threadgill, James E. (Czar), Apr. 23, 1904-Feb. 4, 1971 (West)

Threadgill, James Washington, Dec. 24, 1879-Aug. 14, 1969 (West)

Threadgill, John (Gaggy), Oct. 18, 1903-Aug. 24, 1984 [under a Stewart central marker; Stewart could be his last name] (West)

Threadgill, Lala Brown, Mar. 17, 1891-June 17, 1972 [adjacent to marker for Holland Hartwell Threadgill] (East-Central)

Threadgill, Lucy E., Apr. 1, 1857-Nov. 28, 1916, "Mother"
Threadgill, Wyatt T., Oct. 15, 1854-Mar. 26, 1938, "Father" (Old City)

Threadgill, Lucy, 1852-1900 [replacement] (Old City)

Threadgill, Mary P. H., Mar. 31, 1817-Mar. 4, 1890 (Old City)

Threadgill, Newton Swift, 1878-1935 (East-Central)

Threadgill, Opal Winslow, 1901-1958 [adjacent to marker for Roy Lafayette Threadgill] (West)

Threadgill, Paul Reid, 1911-1959 (West)

Threadgill, Roy Lafayette, 1897-1975 (West)

Threadgill, Ruth [see Odle, Ruth Threadgill] (East-Central)

Threadgill, Sally Cooper, Feb. 8, 1913-June 4, 1995 [adjacent to marker for James E. (Czar) Threadgill] (West)

Threadgill, Wyatt Taylor, 1905-1987, military marker as footstone "PFC US Army World War II"
Threadgill, Virginia Ann Tilson, 1908-____ (East-Central)

Thrice, Mary Ada, Feb. 5, 1886-Mar. 5, 1895, "Dau. of J. A. P. & Ella Thrice" (eroded) [very difficult to read; name, relationship, and dates are best guess] (Southern/Black)

Tidwell, Matthew W., 1950-1983 (Northeast)

Tillman, Mary Frances Reid, 1909-1987 [probably daughter of Ramelle Britt and James Robert Reid, whose double marker is adjacent] (Old City)

Tilson, Grace, 1885-1970
Tilson, Dudley, 1882-1963, "and Grandchildren" (East-Central)

Tilson, Virginia Ann [see Threadgill, Virginia Ann Tilson] (East-Central)

Timberlake, Alice [see Hills, Alice Timberlake] (East-Central)

Timberlake, Bessie, d. Nov. 9, 1960 [not found in 1993/1994 or 2001; from Hinson et al.] (Southern/Black)

Timberlake, Dorothy Early, Jan. 18, 1928-____ [adjacent to marker for the younger John Richard Timberlake] (East-Central)

Timberlake, Edward Ambrose, Dec. 26, 1901-Mar. 29, 1969 (East-Central)

Timberlake, Ervie, Nov. 16, 1907-Feb. 14, 1999
Timberlake, Edward, Apr. 24, 1907-Apr. 27, 1999, "Married Apr. 24, 1926" (Southern/Black)

Timberlake, Infant, Apr. 14, 1877-Apr. 14, 1877, "Infant son of R. H. & Katie P. Timberlake" [very difficult to read] (Old City)

Timberlake, Jake, Mar. 15, 1858-July 1, 1935 (homemade) [death date is best guess; dates differ in Hinson et al.: Apr. 2, 1861-July 1933] (Southern/Black)

Timberlake, John Richard, July 8, 1929-____ (East-Central)

Timberlake, John Richard, Sept. 9, 1871-Apr. 12, 1963 (East-Central)

Timberlake, Katie P., Feb. 20, 1857-Apr. 14, 1877, "Wife of R. H. Timberlake"* (Old City)

Timberlake, Lem, d. May 26, 1984, "Aged 83 Yrs 0 Mos 16 Days," temporary marker, Parham Mortuary, 6 yards north of marker for Lilliam R. Hearron (Southern/Black)

Timberlake, Lewis Edward, Aug. 27, 1930-Aug. 14, 1992, military marker "PFC US Army Korea" (Southern/Black)

Timberlake, Louise [see Gideon, Louise Timberlake] (East-Central)

Timberlake, Lula Buckley, Aug. 22, 1875-Jan. 4, 1930, "Wife of John Richard Timberlake" (East-Central)

Timberlake, Marie Chapman, June 13, 1939-____ [adjacent to marker for William Edward Timberlake] (East-Central)

Timberlake, Ophie Bauman, Aug. 30, 1906-Apr. 8, 1989 [adjacent to marker for Edward Ambrose Taylor] (East-Central)

Timberlake, R. H., Sept. 12, 1836-Feb. 5, 1896 (Old City)

Timberlake, Rosa, May 15, 1868-Jan. 23, 1953 (Southern/Black)

Timberlake, Walter A., 1963-1991, "Father" footstone, "Married Mar. 31, 1986" (Southern/Black)

Timberlake, William Edward, Aug. 8, 1937-____ (East-Central)

Timm, Frances, Mar. 9, 1925-Dec. 14, 1999, "Mother" footstone
Timm, Rollo F., Oct. 5, 1923-____, unplaced "Pops" footstone (Northeast)

Todd, Charlotte S., Apr. 28, 1943-____ (West)

Todd, J. Plautt, 1910-1994
Todd, Janice S., 1926-1985, "Married Oct. 26, 1941" [she probably is a Sheppard as this marker is in a Sheppard row] (West)

Todd, Vernell, Dec. 7, 1923-Aug. 16, 2002
Todd, J. T., Nov. 30, 1921-____, "Married Nov. 11, 1942" "Children-Michael-Jennifer" (Northeast)

Todd, W. Arnold, Feb. 3, 1928-May 18, 1969 (West)

Tolley, Dorothy [see Holcomb, Dorothy Tolley] (Northeast)

Tomlin, Sam H., 1890-1981, military marker "Pvt US Army" (Northeast)

Townsend, Don Sevier, Apr. 28, 1935-Oct. 25, 1995, military marker "US Navy" (Southern/Black)

Townsend, Dorsey G., July 27, 1902-Nov. 7, 1990 (East-Central)

Townsend, Ettie B., 1903-1933 [replacement; as reported in WPA: "Mrs. D. G. Townsend," d. Nov. 8, ____, "Aged 30 ys. 1 mo. 15 ds." (East-Central)

Townsend, George E., 1878-1951 (East-Central)

Townsend, Geraldine, Jan. 19, 1913-Nov. 14, 1997, "Mrs." (homemade) [1 yard south of marker for Buddy Green] (Southern/Black)

Townsend, Mary L., May 10, 1913-Mar. 21, 1981 [adjacent to marker for Dorsey G. Townsend] (East-Central)

Townsend, Wilma T., May 9, 1929-Dec. 16, 1994
Townsend, Lyman E., May 9, 1927-____, "Our children: Lynn, Barry, David" (Northeast)

Townsley, Ardell M., Oct. 10, 1920-June 19, 1981
Townsley, Johnnie H., Feb. 7, 1914-Nov. 21, 1975 (Northeast)

Travillion, Laverne [see Davenport, Laverne Travillion] (East-Central)

Trice, Artheira Flakes, Sept. 15, 1900-Jan. 23, 1975 (Southern/Black)

Trice, E. C., Feb. 5, 1887-Mar. 5, 1894, "Dau. of Jas. & Ella Trice" [reported by Smith] (Southern/Black)

Trice, Jesse B., d. Mar. 12, 1973 [not found in 1993/1994; from Hinson et al.] (Southern/Black)

Tripp, Geo. B., 1889-1949 (East-Central)

Tripp, H. H., Feb. 14, 1864-Apr. 9, 1933
Tripp, Fannie, Jan. 30, 1864-Mar. 6, 1935 (East-Central)

Tuck, Helen [see Williams, Helen Tuck] (East-Central)

Tuck, J. O., 1894-1968 (Old City)

Tuck, Lena B., Mar. 9, 1893-Dec. 7, 1981
Tuck, Charles A., May 17, 1888-July 6, 1956 (East-Central)

Turner, Lura Ann [see Lura Ann Maness] (Northeast)



Unstead, Addie, Aug. 19, 1936-Nov. 10, 2002, "Nanny" footstone, "Her daughter Pam grandchildren Tanya and Shane" (Northeast)



Vanderveen, Sattie B. Hill, Apr. 12, 1886-July 6, 1979 (Northeast)

Vandyke, Charlotte L., 1917-2000, unplaced "Mother" footstone
Vandyke, Joe Cooke, 1909-1983 (Northeast)

Vanhook, William G., d. Apr. 12, 1849, "In the 47th yr. of his age" (Old City)

Vaughn, Anna F., 1869-1939
Vaughn, Will A., 1868-1939 (West)

Veteto, Charles Nolan, June 19, 1928-Jan. 8, 1989
Veteto, Hattie Lou, Apr. 19, 1930-____, "Married Feb. 18, 1950" (Northeast)

Veteto, Dartha L., 1926-1998 [probably daughter of Lema and Curtis D. McPeake, two markers away in same row, who had child named Dartha]
Veteto, J. H. (Buddy), 1915-1977, military marker as footstone "Jess H. Veteto" "TSgt US Army World War II" (West)

Veteto, Elton "Tom," Apr. 13, 1913-May 24, 2000
Weteto, Evelyn H., Feb. 17, 1915-____, "Married 62 Years" (West)

Veteto, Jerry Neal, May 29, 1942-Jan. 10, 1995 (West)

Veteto, Jess L., 1886-1945, "Father" footstone
Veteto, Nora Hix, 1894-1945 (West)

Veteto, Lizzie P., Mar. 20, 1892-Apr. 20, 1976 [Eastern Star symbol; adjacent to marker for William A. Veteto] (West)

Veteto, Mary P. [see Joyner, Maryt P Veteto] (Old City)

Veteto, Pearl, Dec. 10, 1915-____
Veteto, R. C., May 11, 1914-Jan. 25, 1997 (Northeast)

Veteto, Ruth Emily, 1922-1943 (West)

Veteto, Sammy P., 1926-2000, "Mother" footstone
Veteto, William P., 1921-1984, "Father" footstone, also military marker as footstone "SSgt US Army World War II" (Northeast)

Veteto, W. Thomas, 1860-1940
Veteto, A. Mitty, 1867-1954 (West)

Veteto, William A., Sept. 18, 1883-Dec. 16, 1967 (sunken) [Masonic symbol; marker is mostly buried; dates are from Hinson et al.] (West)

Voss, Charles H., Mar. 20, 1917-Sept. 27, 1982, military marker "PFC US Army World War II" (Northeast)

Vowell, Jacquelyn Carol, Apr. 16, 1959-July 8, 2001, "My precious son David" (Northeast)



Wade, Emery M., 1893-1968
Wade, Jennie D., 1889-1951 (West)

Wade, Lizzie, July 4, 1912-Sept. 23, 1980 (Old City)

Wade, Lois [see Belew, Lois Wade] (West)

Wadley, Bess, 1885-1939, "Mother"
Wadley, Fredlee, 1910-1916, "Baby"
Wadley, Fred, 1876-1953, "Father" (Old City)

Wadley, Blanche Watson, Mar. 4, 1899-Jan. 19, 1902, "Daughter of D. L. & C. M. Wadley" (fallen) (Old City)

Wadley, Eva E., 1893-1979 [adjacent to marker for John Wadley; in an Edwards plot] (Old City)

Wadley, Felix H., 1859-1944 (East-Central)

Wadley, Infant, Aug. 8, 1903-Aug. 8, 1903, "Infant daughter of D. L. & Mae Wadley" [overlooked or not readable in 1996; from WPA] (Old City)

Wadley, Infant, born & died Aug. 20, 1900, "Infant dau. of D. L. & M. C. Wadley"
Wadley, Infant, born & died Aug. 14, 1901, "Infant son of D. L. & M. C. Wadley" (Old City)

Wadley, Jennie M., 1859-1936 [adjacent to marker for Helix H. Wadley; WPA: d. Oct. 21, 1936, "Aged 71 ys. 1 mo." (East-Central)

Wadley, John, 1891-1978 (Old City)

Wadley, Lawrence E., 1910-1937 [replacement; as reported in WPA: d. Jan. 13, 1937, "Aged 26 yrs. 1 mo. 12 days"] (East-Central)

Wadley, Mary J., 1913-____
Wadley, Prentice, 1912-1986; also temporary marker, Parham Mortuary, "Prentice Simon Wadley" (Southern/Black)

Wadley, Maud, d. Apr. 24, 1898, "Aged 3 Ms & 16 Ds" "Dau. of N. H. & N. D. Wadley" (Old City)

Wadley, N. H., Dec. 6, 1847-May 6, 1904, "Husband of N. D. Wadley" (fallen) (Old City)

Wadley, N. H., Mrs., d. Feb. 9, ????, "Aged 55 yrs." [not found in 1996; from WPA; may be marker lying face down adjacent to marker for N. H. Wadley] (Old City)

Wadley, Nannie [see Bell, Nannie Wadley] (Southern/Black)

Wadley, Ruby A., Jan. 20, 1912-Aug. 9, 1999, unplaced "Mother" footstone
Wadley, W. Fray, May 8, 1909-Feb. 14, 1979, "Daddy" footstone (Northeast)

Waggoner, Louise C., July 27, 1922-____ [in a Council row] (Old City)

Waite, Kathleen E. [see Garner, Katherine E. Waite] (West)

Waldrop, B. C., Apr. 3, 1850-July 22, 1911 (fallen) (Southern/Black)

Waldrop, Mary E., July 6, 1865-Oct. 3, 1908, "Wife of B. C. Waldrop" (fallen) (Southern/Black)

Walker, Bonnie Ann, Aug. 6, 1934-Feb. 24, 2000
Walker, Guy Houston, Feb. 8, 1934-Dec. 24, 2001, "Married Feb. 2, 1952" "Our children: Allie, Barbara, Buddy and Bonnie" (Northeast)

Walker, Calla [see Maxwell, Callie Walker] (East-Central)

Walker, Dock, 1890-1952, military marker "Pvt Co F 65 Pioneer Inf World War I" (Southern/Black)

Walker, Glenn T. (Tommy), June 6, 1944-June 2, 1983 (Northeast)

Walker, Hardy W., Nov. 2, 1924-Nov. 19, 1990, military marker as footstone "PFC US Army World War II"
Walker, Mary E. Weir, Jan. 6, 1925-May 8, 1996, "Married Oct. 13, 1943" (East-Central)

Walker, James R., May 14, 1921-July 13, 1995, military marker as footstone "SSgt US Army Air Corps World War II"
Walker, Betty B., Aug. 19, 1926-____, unplaced "Mother" footstone (Northeast)

Walker, Karl E., Sept. 27, 1901-Sept. 8, 1964 [under a White central marker and matches markers for James Oscar White and Bessie Hanna White - a son-in-law?] (West)

Walker, Noraine [see Goff, Noraine Walker] (West)

Walker, Pauline C., Oct. 18, 1920-____
Walker, Thomas H., May 30, 1918-Jan. 20, 1998, "Shorty"; "Married July 17, 1937" (Northeast)

Walker, Sarah J. [see Eller, Sarah J. Walker] (Old City)

Wall, Vernice, Mar. 25, 1910-Dec. 28, 1987, footstone with "Beloved poppa Wall"
Wall, Opal J., July 12, 1912-Mar. 8, 2002, footstone with "Opal Jowers Wall" "Beloved mother of Bobby and Marie" [she may be the daughter of Daisy J. Jowers and W. T. Jowers, whose markers are in the same short row] (West)

Wallace, Andy, Feb. 12, 1951-July 25, 1951 (East-Central)

Wallace, Gertrude A., Feb. 26, 1929-____
Wallace, George Lee, Feb. 19, 1926-May 1, 2002, military marker as footstone "SK2 US Navy World War Ii"; "Married Mar. 28, 1948" (East-Central)

Wallace, Gladys A., 1896-1945 (West)

Wallace, R. Vinson, 1874-1955
Wallace, Minnie I., 1890-1975, "Husband and Wife" footstone (West)

Wallace, Waldo, Apr. 17, 1911-May 29, 1995, military marker as footstone "Waldo Bert Wallace" "SSgt US Army World War II"
Wallace, Irene, Feb. 1, 1913-Dec. 17, 2002, "Wife" footstone (West)

Walpole, Edward H., 1883-1954
Walpole, Bonnie Smith, 1888-1981 (East-Central)

Walters, Rubena Starks, Oct. 13, 1911-Oct. 1, 1998 [adjacent to markers for G. R. Starks and Minnie Starks] (East-Central)

Ward, Lena L., Nov. 10, 1866-May 22, 1902, "Wife of W. P. Ward" (eroded) [first name unreadable in 1996; identified from WPA using dates and relationship] (Old City)

Washam, Cleybourne, Sept. 20, 1896-Sept. 14, 1955, military marker "Kentucky S2 USNRF World War I" (West)

Washam, Jessie J., May 23, 1899-Dec. 23, 1999 [adjacent to marker for Cleybourne Washam] (West)

Watson, Alba [see Essary, Alba Watson] (East-Central)

Watson, Dora M., 1889-1959
Watson, Harrison B., 1887-1943 (West)

Watson, Fred C., Sept. 21, 1884-Apr. 19, 1956, "Dr." (East-Central)

Watson, Imogene W., Mar. 18, 1895-June 19, 1981 [adjacent to marker for W. Van Watson] (West)

Watson, Infant, May 5, 1901, "Infant son of F. H. & Lavenia Watson" (Old City)

Watson, Irene B. Threadgill, 1915-1986 [adjacent to marker for Paul Reid Threadgill] (West)

Watson, Jennie Smith, Apr. 26, 1859-July 31, 1945 [adjacent to marker for W. T. Watson] (East-Central)

Watson, Mallie, Mar. 24, 1888-Feb. 25, 1970 [adjacent to marker for Fred C. Watson] (East-Central)

Watson, Odell, Dec. 10, 1926-Oct. 15, 1964 (Southern/Black)

Watson, Ray M., Aug. 19, 1895-Aug. 31, 1969, military marker "Tennessee PFC S1 Mil Police Co World War I" (West)

Watson, Sarah B., Nov. 11, 1919-____
Watson, James C., Mar. 4, 1930-Mar. 24, 1996, military marker as footstone "Sgt US Army Korea" [from previous temporary marker: James Clyde Watson] (East-Central)

Watson, Viola Katherine, 1912-1992, temporary marker, 3 yards east of double marker for Charles A. and Cynthia E. Quince (Southern/Black)

Watson, Virginia [see Holcomb, Virginia Watson] (Northeast)

Watson, Vivian E., Sept. 10, 1914-July 14, 1921 [replacement; this grave probably was moved from Old City Cemetery section of the cemetery to the west section as this death date predates the creation of this section; Hinson et al. note "Vivian Ellen Watson" "Dau. of W. V. & Imogene"] (West)

Watson, Vivian Ellen, Sept. 10, 1914-July 14, 1921, "Dau. of W. V. & Imogene" [not found in 1996; from Hinson et al.] (East-Central)

Watson, W. T., Jan. 27, 1852-Jan. 20, 1934, "Dr." (East-Central)

Watson, W. Van, Sept. 17, 1892-Jan. 3, 1980 (West)

Waynick, Velma G., 1908-____ [Eastern Star symbol; she may be a Gurley]
Waynick, William C., 1909-1993 [Masonic symbol; from previous temporary marker: William Clyde Waynick] (East-Central)

Weatherford, Frances W., May 29, 1909-____
Weatherford, Troy L., Mar. 28, 1905-____ (Northeast)

Weatherly, Mary Jo, Sept. 19, 1925-Nov. 19, 1988 [adjacent to marker for William David Weatherly (West)

Weatherly, William David, Jan. 15, 1951-June 19, 1966 (West)

Weathers, Broxie N., July 3, 1924-Feb. 3, 1997
Weathers, A. L., Jan. 14, 1919-____, "Married Apr. 14, 1940" (Southern/Black)

Weaver, Jewell Neisler, 1909-1960 (West)

Weaver, Lois, 1918-2000
Weaver, James R., 1924-1978 (Northeast)

Weaver, Myrtle Marie, Apr. 15, 1924-____, "Mother"; "Wife" footstone
Weaver, Johnnie Carl Sr., Nov. 23, 1915-Apr. 21, 2000, "Father"; "Husband" footstone, "Married Dec. 19, 1939" "Our children Johnny and Carolyn" (Northeast)

Webb, Carol J. [see Williams, Carol J.] (Northeast)

Webb, James D., 1921-1995, temporary marker, Parham Mortuary, 2 feet north of marker for Micheal J. Cole (Southern/Black)

Webb, Joe L., Oct. 20, 1907-June 1, 1980 (West)

Webb, Lorenzo Lea, Apr. 26, 1890-Aug. 9, 1890, "Son of Dr. H. M. & Addie E. Webb" (Old City)

Webb, R. Marie, Jan. 3, 1938-Oct. 26, 1998, "Our mother, our grannie Rie, our best friend" (Northeast)

Webb, Ruby [see Brooks, Ruby Webb] (Northeast)

Webb, William Brian, May 11, 1977-May 14, 1977 (Old City)

Webb, Zelma [see Reynolds, Zelma Webb] (Northeast)

Weir, Leta Skeet, 1925-1995, temporary marker, Pafford Funeral Home, 3 yards northwest of marker for Ruby L. Winslow Weir (East-Central)

Weir, Mary E. [see Walker, Mary E. Weir] (East-Central)

Weir, Raymond L., June 22, 1898-Oct. 13, 1966 (East-Central)

Weir, Ruby L. Winslow, 1897-1928, "Wife of R. L. Wier" (East-Central)

Welch, Eula, Oct. 5, 1891-Sept. 5, 1910, "Wife of H. A. Welch" (Old City)

Welch, Lillie M. [see Eubank, Lila M. Welch] (Northeast)

Wenn, Fannie A., Nov. 26, 1864-July 9, 1896, Wife of W. H. Wenn" [not found or not readable in 1996; from WPA] (Old City)

Werthing, Austin, 1895-1972 [Hinson et al.: d. Apr. 10, 1972] (Southern/Black)

Werthing, Ida Mae, 1895-1973 [Hinson et al.: d. Oct. 3, 1973] (Southern/Black)

Werthing, Sid Noah, Sept. 25, 1901-May 12, 1968 (Southern/Black)

Wess, Amanda, 1851-Nov. 5, 1914 [Smith, from death certificate: Amanda West, d. Nov. 11, 1914, age unknown] (Southern/Black)

Wess, Pauline, Mar. 13, 1926-Apr. 20, 1994 (Southern/Black)

West, Ida [see D'Arman, Ida West] (West)

West, John Ruben, July 25, 1922-Aug. 5, 1965, military marker "Tennessee Pvt Btry B 235 AAA Gn Bn CAC World War II" (Southern/Black)

Westbrooks, Add, Sr., Mar. 29, 1897-July 2, 1957
Westbrooks, Odessa Essie, Aug. 8, 1902-Nov. 8, 1976 (Southern/Black)

Westbrooks, Earl, 1907-1988, temporary marker, Parham, no good reference point, approximately 7 yards north of marker for Minder P. Green (Southern/Black)

Westbrooks, George, no dates [not found in 1993/1994 or 2001; from Hinson et al.] (Southern/Black)

Westbrooks, Katy, no dates [not found in 1993/1994 or 2001; from Hinson et al.] (Southern/Black)

Wheatley, Georgia D. [see Gibson, Georgia D. Wheatley] (West)

Wheatley, Louise K., Oct. 16, 1928-____, unplaced "Lulu" footstone
Wheatley, Ernest W. (Pete), Apr. 13, 1924-Nov. 9, 1993, "Our children: Bruce and Cathy" (Northeast)

Wheatley, William Ray, Aug. 12, 1942-Feb. 6, 1995, military marker as footstone "SN US Navy Vietnam"
Wheatley, Sherry Anyce, Jan. 7, 1946-____, unplaced "Mother" footstone, "Married Feb. 1, 1964" "Our children: Anyce Michelle (Sissy) and William John (Will)" (East-Central)

Whitaker, Annie Lee [see Jennings, Annie Lee Whitaker] (East-Central)

White, Adeline Jones, 1898-____ [adjacent to marker for Tom White] (East-Central)

White, Bennie D., Nov. 4, 1892-Sept. 20, 1951, military marker as footstone "Tennessee Pvt 63 Artillery CAC World War I" (East-Central)

White, Bessie Hanna, July 24, 1880-Dec. 31, 1960 [adjacent to marker for James Oscar White] (West)

White, Bettie, no dates, temporary marker [not found in 1993/1994 or 2001; reported by Smith] (Southern/Black)

White, Blanche [see Britt, Blanche White] (Old City)

White, Charles M., Feb. 16, 1860-Apr. 10, 1897 (Old City)

White, Charlie E., May 11, 1897-Mar. 7, 1921 [probably son of Lizzie Scott and Charles M. White] (Old City)

White, Charlie F., July 27, 1899-Apr. 10, 1900, "Son of J. C. & Mary White" (eroded) [mostly unreadable in 1996; first name and relationship information from WPA] (Old City)

White, Cleo [see Brooks, Cleo White] (Old City)

White, D. T., Apr. 25, 1886-July 27, 1917 [Woodmen of the World Memorial] (Old City)

White, David Bunnie, Nov. 12, 1900-July 10, 1942 [replacement] (Old City)

White, Edith [see Dodd, Edith White] (West)

White, Effie Page, 1884-1978
White, Will T., 1882-1940 (East-Central)

White, Eliza Kate [see Mitchell, Eliza Kate White] (Old City)

White, Ella Garey, Mar. 7, 1885-Dec. 16, 1951 [adjacent to marker for Jesse Dee White] (West)

White, Emily, d. Jan. 15, 1925, "Aged 85 yrs. 6 mos. 0 Das." [not found in 1996; from WPA] (Old City)

White, Emma, 1859-1945 [adjacent to marker for John H. White] (East-Central)

White, Eula M., 1931-1984 (homemade) (Southern/Black)

White, Florence, d. Mar. 30, 1916, "Aged 34 Ys 9 Ms 12 Ds" (Southern/Black)

White, Freda Denise Wood, May 1, 1962-Jan. 10, 1998, "Son: Cliff" "Dau: Gina" "Loving sister of Ricky, Pam, Shaunda, Tonja" (Northeast)

White, George W., Feb. 6, 1827-Dec. 19, 1907, "Husband of Emily" [not found in 1996; from Hinson et al.] (Old City)

White, George W., Mar. 13, 1908-July 21, 1965 (Old City)

White, Geraldine J. (Jerry), Jan. 23, 1927-____, unplaced "Mother" footstone
White, Hilburn L., Apr. 16, 1911-June 2, 1990, "Daddy footstone, "Married Aug. 8, 1946" "Our children Judy & Jimmy" (Northeast)

White, Gertie Davidson, 1897-1973 [compare Gertie Niesler White] (West)

White, Gertie Neisler, d. Dec. 13, 1972, "Aged 76 yrs., 5 mos., 1 das." [not found in 1996 or 2001; reported in Hinson et al., probably read from a temporary marker] (West)

White, Hattie [see Winslow, Hattie White] (East-Central)

White, J. K., Oct. 13, 1857-Dec. 2, 1933* (Old City)

White, Jack, Apr. 6, 1906-Nov. 11, 1971, "In loving memory of my dear husband" (Southern/Black)

White, James Murrel, Apr. 13, 1931-May 20, 1940 [replacement] (Old City)

White, James Oscar, Oct. 5, 1878-Jan. 22, 1953 (West)

White, Jesse Dee, Jan. 27, 1884-Aug. 13, 1971 (West)

White, John H., 1852-1938 (East-Central)

White, Juanita [see Azbill, Juanita White] (East-Central)

White, Lessie O., 1898-1983
White, Howard R., 1891-1964, "Daddy and Mama" footstone (West)

White, Linnie [see Page, Linnie White] (East-Central)

White, Lizzie Scott, Sept. 29, 1865-Nov. 3, 1920 [adjacent to marker for Charles M. White; probably daughter of C. R. scott and hattie Murphy Scott, whose markers are adjacent] (Old City)

White, Martha Hinson, 1917-1941 (East-Central)

White, Mary A., Oct. 13, 1859-June 13, 1923, "Wife of J. K. White" (Old City)

White, Mary L., Apr. 24, 1906-Mar. 24, 1981, "In loving memory of my mother" [adjacent to the marker for Jack White] (Southern/Black)

White, Mary Lee Harmon, June 9, 1898-Dec. 3, 1911 (fallen) (Southern/Black)

White, Nannie [see Connally, Nannie White] (West)

White, Opal Hall, 1916-____
White, Murray Arlen, 1912-____, "Married Jan. 20, 1939," carved rings with "Opal" and "Buddy" (Northeast)

White, Ruby [see Page, Ruby White] (East-Central)

White, Tom, 1885-1967 (East-Central)

White, Virginia W., 1901-1996 [under a Wadley family marker; may be daughter of Jennie M. Wadley and Felix H. Wadley, whose markers are in the same row; adjacent to marker for Bennie D. White; from previous temporary marker: Virginia Irene White, d. Jan. 10, 1996] (East-Central)

Whitehead, A. N., May 26, 1900-Feb. 26, 1931, "Husband of G. F. Whitehead" (East-Central)

Whitehead, Georgia Anna Zilpha Jane Martin, Feb. 4, 1863-Sept. 26, 1935, "Wife of Archer Franklin Whitehead" [Eastern Star symbol] (East-Central)

Whitehead, Glennie F., Jan. 4, 1894-Jan. 25, 1983 (East-Central)

Whitehorn, Jackie [see Enochs, Jackie Whitehorn] (Old City)

Whitenton, Betty, Nov. 7, 1954-May 2, 1978 (Northeast)

Whitenton, Willie L., Apr. 24, 1911-Sept. 2, 1997
Whitenton, James R., Feb. 19, 1901-Dec. 8, 1984, "Parents of Paul," military marker as footstone "PFC US Army World War I" (Northeast)

Wiggs, Geneva [see Dodds, geneva Wiggs] (Old City)

Wiggs, Hazel Y., June 24, 1909-Jan. 28, 1996 [shares double marker with Daisy W. Gardiner] (East-Central)

Wilkerson, Cora [see Talley, Cora Wilkerson] (Old City)

Wilkerson, Estell Peterson, 1886-1948, "Mother" footstone
Wilkerson, John Thomas, 1883-1916, "father" footstone [Woodmen of the World memorial; dates in WPA: Feb. 12, 1883-July 22, 1916] (Old City)

Wilkerson, Geneva, May 8, 1907-Feb. 10, 1908
Wilkerson, Lucille, Apr. 4, 1909-Oct. 16, 1909 (Old City)

Wilkerson, Mittie, Aug. 15, 1879-Jan. 30, 1918, "Sister" footstone [replacement] (Old City)

Wilkins, Ernest, July 18, 1897-Jan. 9, 1974
Wilkins, Grace, Jan. 6, 1901-Mar. 2, 1998, on back "S/Sgt Russell H. Wilkins 15th Air Force Killed in Albania World War II" (West)

Wilkins, Faustina [see McCollum, Faustina Wilkins] (Northeast)

Wilkins, Russell H., Sept. 16, 1923-Aug. 10, 1944, military marker "Tennessee SSgt Army Air Force World War II AM-PH" (West)

Williams, Arlene P., Apr. 1, 1920-____
Williams, H. Brown, Apr. 17, 1915-May 22, 1994, "Married Nov. 19, 1938" "Our children: Lynn, Tracy, Janie, Jerry B., Susan," military marker as footstone "Hollis B. Williams" "Maj US Army World War II"; carved on mounting stone for military marker "Colonel 1947-1975 Tenn. National Guard" (Northeast)

Williams, Audra P., 1908-1994
Williams, Clayton (Doc), 1925-____, unplaced "Father" footstone, "Wed 1956" (Old City)

Williams, Authurlene [see Hinson, Authurlene W.] (West)

Williams, Barney R., Apr. 16, 1907-Jan. 17, 1981
Williams, Inez A., July 28, 1925-June 14, 1999, "Married June 27, 1941" (Northeast)

Williams, C. M. (Dick), 1887-1974, "Father"
Williams, Mary Frances, 1925-1970, "Daughter"
Williams, Dixie L., 1891-1970, "Mother" [with a Logan family lot] (Old City)

Williams, Carol J., Nov. 4, 1948-____, "Daughter of O. T. & Annie McClure Webb"
Williams, Freddie R., Feb. 23, 1942-Sept. 11, 1988, "Son of James F. and Rachel Chandler" "Wed Jan. 22, 1966" "Our son Marcus B." [etching of duck hunters on back of marker] (Northeast)

Williams, Charles E., Apr. 26, 1919-June 30, 2002
Williams, Alice C., May 27, 1915-July 19, 1975, "Married Mar. 1, 1942" (Northeast)

Williams, Christopher Harris, Dec. 18, 1798-Nov. 22, 1857, "Son of Duke & Ede Harris Williams" "For ten years member of U.S. House of representatives from this district" [replacement] (Old City)

Williams, Claudia Douglass, Apr. 5, 1887-Nov. 16, 1975 [adjacent to marker for Thomas Marshal Williams] (West)

Williams, Dollie P., Sept. 18, 1866-Oct. 3, 1889, "Wife of Joseph Williams" (eroded) (Old City)

Williams, Duke, Feb. 14, 1768-Sept. 22, 1834, "Son of John and Elizabeth Williams" [replacement] (Old City)

Williams, Duke, July 30, 1827-Mar. 24, 1856, "Son of Christopher Harris Williams and Jane Allison Williams" (eroded) (Old City)

Williams, Elender B., Jan. 30, 1925-Jan. 16, 1997, unplaced "Mom" footstone
Williams, James F., 1- 29, 1923-Jan. 17, 1998, unplaced "Dad" footstone, military marker as footstone "Pvt US Army World War II" (Northeast)

Williams, Eliza Jane, May 11, 1832-Aug. 26, 1840, "Daughter of Christopher Harris Williams and Jane Allsion Williams" [replacement] (Old City)

Williams, Ester, d. Dec. 4, 1985, "Aged 87 Years 2 Months 3 Days," temporary marker, Peoples Funeral Home, 3 yards north of military marker for Namon Williams [Smith: d. Feb. 4, 1985] (Southern/Black)

Williams, Eula L., Mar. 27, 1919-____
Williams, Bryant A., Sept. 18, 1919-May 6, 1997, "Wed Apr. 25, 1942" "Our daughter Sandra Blankenship" "Out grandchildren: Karen Ann, Connie Marie" (Northeast)

Williams, Flossie Jane, Mar. 1, 1903-Aug. 12, 1965 (West)

Williams, Helen Tuck, 1918-____ [probably daughter of Lena B. and Charles A. Tuck, whose double marker is adjacent]
Williams, Dalton H., 1904-1979 (East-Central)

Williams, Hubert McCall, Oct. 4, 1919-Nov. 21, 1919 [proably son of John Herman Williams and Martha Jane Williams, whose markers are adjacent] (East-Central)

Williams, James W., Aug. 30, 1916-Nov. 14, 1997 (East-Central)

Williams, Jo Ann, 1949-____
Williams, Sammy L., 1947-1970, "Their children Mike & Rudy" (Northeast)

Williams, John Herman, Mar. 22, 1883-May 9, 1943 (East-Central)

Williams, Loamon, d. Apr. 11, 1974 [not found in 1993/1994 or 2001; from Hinson et al. Note: The graves of Namon Williams, Ester Williams, and an intervening grave had matching flowers in December 1993; intervening grave probably is Loamon Williams as Loamon immediately follows Namon in Hinson et al..] (Southern/Black)

Williams, Mabel Rhodes, 1930-1960 (West)

Williams, Margaret Taylor, May 21, 1917-Aug. 30, 1995 [adjacent to marker for James W. Williams] (East-Central)

Williams, Margie A., Oct. 20, 1931-Sept. 30, 1995, "Mom" footstone
Williams, James Roy, Feb. 6, 1933-____, unplaced "Dad" footstone, "Married Oct. 29, 1951" "Our children: Jim, Jeannie" (Northeast)

Williams, Martha Jane, May 14, 1889-Dec. 27, 1919 [adjacent to marker for John Herman Williams] (East-Central)

Williams, Mary A., May 29, 1920-Feb. 23, 1990, "Mother" footstone
Williams, Jerry H., Jan. 6, 1921-July 21, 2001, "Father" footstone, also military marker as footstone "PFC US Army World War Ii"; "Married Nov. 3, 1945" (Old City)

Williams, Mildred, Aug. 5, 1925-Apr. 22, 1966 (Southern/Black)

Williams, Myrtle D., June 1, 1917-Feb. 5, 1994
Williams, Billy R., May 26, 1917-Apr. 16, 1972, "Married Sept. 26, 1931" "Father and Mother" footstone (East-Central)

Williams, Namon, Aug. 20, 1922-Jan. 23, 1946, military marker "Tennessee Pvt. 1 Cl. 94 AAF Aviation SQ" (Southern/Black)

Williams, Nancy Allison, June 13, 1834-Sept. 7, 1852, "Daughter of Christopher Harris Williams and Jane Allison Williams" [replacement] (Old City)

Williams, Ona Bell Daws, 1905-1995 [may be daughter of J. T. & Flora Daws in next row]
Williams, Roy Chesley, 1899-1950 (West)

Williams, Ruth F., 1925-1996, "Mother" footstone
Williams, James, 1925-1983, military marker as footstone "PFC US Army World War II"; dates on military marker July 17, 1925-Feb. 27, 1983 (Southern/Black)

Williams, Thomas Marshal, June 2, 1880-Oct. 3, 1962 (West)

Williams, Willie Mae, July 4, 1897-Sept. 6, 1994, "Mother" [shares double marker with daughter Bertha Mae Neal] (Southern/Black)

Williamson, Ada Howard, 1881-1959 [probably daughter of John N. Howard and Ada Celeste Howard, whose markers are adjacent] (Old City)

Williford, Thelma Coffey, Apr. 25, 1912-Oct. 2, 1942 (West)

Willis, David F., Sept. 19, 1931-May 31, 1998
Willis, Barbara F., Nov. 15, 1935-____, "Wed Oct. 26, 1951" (Northeast)

Wills, Claude V., 1921-____, unplaced "Husband" footstone
Wills, Clara L., 1934-____, unplaced "Wife" footstone, "Married Mar. 3, 1962" [probably daughter of Nealie P. and Lizzie M. Lewis, whose matching double marker is adjacent] (Southwest/Lewis)

Wills, Teresa Leigh Daws, Jan. 28, 1970-Jan. 6, 1993, "My son Robert Mathew Compton" (Northeast)

Wilson, Bradley Shawn, Aug. 5, 1971-June 5, 2001, "Brad"; "Daddy" footstone (West)

Wilson, Carolyn, Nov. 29, 1934-July 22, 1997
Wilson, R. H., Apr. 28, 1930-____ [Masonic symbol], "Our sons Johnny-Glen" (Northeast)

Wilson, Dorothy M., Jan. 3, 1921-____
Wilson, Cleo P., Jan. 29, 1915-May 31, 1993, "Married Dec. 1, 1936" "our beloved sons Billy, Bobby, & Kenneth" (Northeast)

Wilson, Hessie, Aug. 15, 1906-June 15, 1991 (Southern/Black)

Wilson, Joe Howell, Mar. 7, 1936-Mar. 29, 2001, "Father" "Husband of Katie"
Wilson, Cathy Lynette, Oct. 22, 1958-____, "Daughter" "Mother of Summer"; "Our loving dad we miss you Judy June Cathy Redonna Gayla Lori Gary Michael" (Northeast)

Wilson, Katie Lou, Aug. 18, 1932-____, "A loving mother" "Her children Judy, Jane, Cathy, Redonna, Gayla, Lori, Gary, and Michael"
Wilson, Michael Anthony, Mar. 13, 1968-____, "A loving son" (Northeast)

Wilson, Lucy, Dec. 10, 1881-Mar. 15, 1911, "Mama" footstone [replacement] (Old City)

Wilson, Marie [see Deusner, Marie Wilson] (West)

Wilson, Marty Shane, Jan. 27, 1967-Jan. 29, 1967 (West)

Wilson, Michael V., d. Jan. 10, 1972 [not found in 1993/1994 or 2001; from Hinson et al.] (Southern/Black)

Wilson, Ola [see Hart, Ola Wilson] (Old City)

Wilson, San Chang, Dec. 22, 1955-Apr. 2, 1999
Wilson, Charles Leon, Apr. 29, 1928-____
Wilson, Martha Elese, May 16, 1929-____
Wilson, Martha Jean, Oct. 7, 1950-____ (Northeast)

Winn, Fannie A., Nov. 26, 1864-July 7, 1896 [not found or not readable in 1996; from Hinson et al.] (Old City)

Winslow, Alice, 1862-1942, "Mother"
Wilslow, Forest, 1862-1941, "Father" (East-Central)

Winslow, Fannie [see Taylor, Fannie Winslow] (West)

Winslow, Leva M., Mar. 25, 1873-Aug. 13, 1959
Wilslow, Walter E., Jan. 10, 1874-May 17, 1950 (East-Central)

Winslow, Lizzie Smith, 1882-1939
Wilslow, Alson G., 1869-1945 (East-Central)

Winslow, Minnie R., Mar. 30, 1888-Mar. 3, 1973 [adjacent to marker for Robert C. Winslow] (East-Central)

Winslow, Opal [see Threadgill, Opal Winslow] (West)

Winslow, Raymond H., July 26, 1914-Feb. 4, 1999, military marker "Sgt US Army World War II" (East-Central)

Winslow, Robert C., May 7, 1878-Dec. 16, 1937 [replacement; Woodmen of the World memorial] (East-Central)

Winslow, Ruby L. [see Weir, Ruby L. Winslow] (East-Central)

Winslow, Thomas L., 1876-1932, "Father"
Winslow, Hattie White, 1879-1958, "Mother" [Woodmen of the World memorial] (East-Central)

Winslow, W. E., Jr., Sept. 18, 1909-Sept. 22, 1970, "Bill" (East-Central)

Winslow, Willie T., 1890-1958
Wilslow, Jesse R., 1885-1972, unplaced "Dad" footstone (East-Central)

Wise, Ruby M., 1921-____, unplaced "Bo" footstone
Wise, Lois V., 1920-1989, "Our son Bruce M." (Northeast)

Witherspoon, Thomas O., Mar. 15, 1894-July 9, 1970, "Father" footstone, military marker as footstone "Tom Witherspoon" "Tennessee PFC Trans Corps World War I"
Witherspoon, Willie M., Apr. 1, 1896-July 25, 1990, "Mother" footstone (Southern/Black)

Wolfe, D. A., Sr., 1871-1932 (East-Central)

Wolfe, Devergie A., Oct. 24, 1931, military marker "Tennessee Pvt. 83 Field Arty. 8 Div." (East-Central)

Wolfe, Henry, Mar. 10, 1923-Mar. 15, 1923 (East-Central)

Wolfe, Henry, Mar. 10, 1923-Mar. 15, 1923 (Old City)

Wolfe, Mildred [see Kilian, Mildred Wolfe] (East-Central)

Wolfe, Nettie [see Gilmore, Nettie Wolfe] (East-Central)

Wolfe, W. P., 1900-1928 (East-Central)

Wood, Danny Lynn, Feb. 3, 1970-Apr. 14, 1971, "Son of J. F. & Nadine Wood" (Northeast)

Wood, Eliza Ann, 1902-1984
Wood, William Hughel, 1901-1977, "Married Dec. 25, 1921" (Northeast)

Wood, Etta M., 1923-2000
Wood, Obie, 1916-1987, "Daddy" footstone [Masonic symbol], "Married Feb. 22, 1941" "Daughters - Shirley, Linda, Janice" "Grand-daughters - Teressa, Amy, Kathy" (Northeast)

Wood, Flossie [see Brew, Floossie Wood] (Northeast)

Wood, Freda Denise [see White, Freda Denise Wood] (Northeast)

Wood, Geraldine, May 10, 1947-Feb. 16, 1974 (Northeast)

Wood, James D., 1921-1975, temporary marker, Parham Mortuary, 2 teraces below and 15 yards east of marker for William F. Campbell (Southern/Black)

Wood, Lucille Moore. 1901-1996 [adjacent to marker for Joe W. Moore Sr.] (West)

Wood, Madean [see Madean Hayes] (Northeast)

Wood, Naomi [see Gibson, Naomi Wood] (West)

Wood, Ruby [see Hamm, Ruby Wood] (Northeast)

Wood, Ruby Louise, Nov. 26, 1943-Oct. 1, 1979, "Daughter" [she was Ruby Wood Hamm on a single marker recorded in 1996]
Wood, William A., Nov. 18, 1904-Feb. 22, 1982, "Father"; Beloved son and brother, Robert" (Northeast)

Wood, Thomas Howell, 1943-2001, temporary marker found in 2001 but not 2003, Pafford Funeral Home, 3 yards south of double marker for Barney R. and Inez A. Williams (Northeast)

Wood, Thomas, Nov. 16, 1901-____ [had flowers and flag in 1996] (Northeast)

Woods, Dorothy [see Jones, Dorothy Woods] (Northeast)

Woods, Elsie [see Harrington, Elsie Woods] (Northeast)

Woods, Georgia [see Stegall, Georgia Woods] (Old City)

Woods, Hazel Hays, June 25, 1945-____, "Mama" footstone
Woods, Noah Lee, Mar. 12, 1943-Sept. 2, 2001, "Daddy" footstone, "Married July 7, 1962" "Our daughter Rita" "Our grandson Kurtis" (Northeast)

Woods, Idell [see Lewis, Idell Woods] (Northeast)

Woods, Infant, Aug. 15, 1874-Aug. 15, 1874, "Infant son of L. S. & M. S. Woods"
Woods, Georgie A., Sept. 9, 1875-Sept. 27, 1875, "Dau. of L. S. & M. S. Woods" (Old City)

Woods, Levi S., Nov. 17, 1848-May 13, 1908
Woods, Mollie S., Aug. 20, 1849-May 13, 1936, "His Wife" (Old City)

Woods, Lorene K., May 29, 1917-Apr. 12, 1999
Woods, Elston, Aug. 12, 1910-May 21, 1989, "Married Oct. 28, 1933" (Northeast)

Woods, Mary [see Lawler, Mary Woods] (Old City)

Woods, Myrtle Howard, Oct. 5, 1879-Oct. 3, 1883, "Dau. of L. S. & M. S. Woods" (Old City)

Woods, Patty S., Feb. 24, 1941-Dec. 10, 1998
Woods, Billy M., Aug. 20, 1938-____, "Married June 7, 1961" (Northeast)

Woodward, V. D., June 15, 1881-Jan. 20, 1903, "Son of H. H. & M. F. Woodward" (Old City)

Wooley, Bertie A., 1892-1961
Wooley, John W., 1890-1978, "Married Aug. Nov./1913" (East-Central)

Wray, Lucille Bunch, May 7, 1902-Dec. 28, 1972 [adjacent to marker for Robert E. Bunch] (West)

Wright, Adna [see Brooks, Adna Wright] (East-Central)

Wright, Annabelle [see Richardson, Annabelle Wright] (East-Central)

Wright, Barbara Fields, Feb. 6, 1847-Feb. 16, 1931 (East-Central)

Wright, Fannie Lee, Jan. 13, 1881-July 3, 1968 [adjacent to marker for James Walter Wright] (East-Central)

Wright, James Lee, July 4, 1912-Aug. 24, 1969 (East-Central)

Wright, James Walter, Nov. 16, 1883-Mar. 3, 1952 (East-Central)

Wright, Jean [see Kelley, Jran Wright] (West)

Wright, Manerva Stewart, 1876-1905, "Mother" [replacement; shares double marker with Paul Stewart] (Old City)

Wright, Maud G., d. Sept. 12, 1956, "Wife of W. R. Wright" (East-Central)

Wright, Nancy A., Aug. 18, 1881-Nov. 8, 1929 [Eastern Star symbol]
Wright, William R., Dec. 10, 1879-Mar. 24, 1975, "Married Dec. 10, 1899" "Our children Terry, Elsie and Ray" [Masonic scimitar symbol] (East-Central)

Wright, Ray, July 29, 1908-May 26, 1962, "Husband of Edith Coughman" "Son of W. R. & Nancy Wright"; military marker as footstone "Mississippi Sgt US Army World War II" (East-Central)

Wright, Terry, Feb. 2, 1901-Oct. 26, 1983
Wright, Pauline, July 31, 1902-Jan. 15, 2000, "Wife" footstone (East-Central)

Wright, Tina Marie, Aug. 23, 1963-Apr. 14, 1999, "Beloved daughter sister and mother" (Northeast)

Wright, William Daniel, Nov. 27, 1849-Oct. 27, 1928 (East-Central)

Wylie, Olie A., Aug. 14, 1857-June 15, 1927, "Wife of C. C. Wylie"
Wylie, C. C., Feb. 10, 1852-____, "Husband of Olie A. Wylie" [death date from WPA: Apr. 26, 1934 (Old City)



Yarbro, Allie Mae, 1891-1969 [adjacent to marker for Edgar Yarbro; these ,arkers are part of and match markers of McCall cluster] (Old City)

Yarbro, Edgar, 1885-1959 (Old City)

Yarbro, Herdise, Dec. 1, 1925-Feb. 27, 1979, military marker "US Navy World War II" (Southern/Black)

Yarbro, Pearlie A., Sept. 16, 1903-____ [flowers and ground disturbance indicate her burial before March 1994
yarbro, John T., Apr. 6, 1883-July 30, 1993, "Husband" footstone (Southern/Black)

Yarbrough, Maudie M., Feb. 15, 1931-Mar. 10, 1994
Yarbrough, John A., Sept. 11, 1936-Feb. 6, 1990 [Smith: "Wed April 1957"] (Southern/Black)

Yates, Juddie Newbill [see Montgomery, Juddie Newbill Yates] (Old City)

Yates, Raulie [see McCall, Raulie Yates] (Northeast)

Yeiser, Russ, Jr., Oct. 22, 1920-July 29, 1963 (East-Central)

Young, Adam d. May 18, 1913, "Aged 34 Yrs." "Husband of E. F. Young" (broken) (Southern/Black)

Young, Betty, no dates
Young, Hattie M., no dates [from former temporary marker: d. May 4, 1953]
Young, John L., no dates [Hinson et al.: 1912-1960] (homemade) (Southern/Black)

Young, Clyde, d. July 15, 1983, "Aged 75 Yrs. 9 Mos. 7 days," temporary marker, Parham Nortuary, 4 yards south of double marker for Ida Mae and Austin Werthing (Southern/Black)

Young, Guy, d. Apr. 24, 1982, "Aged 83 Years, 11 Months, 13 Days," temporary marker, Parham Mortuary, 2 yards south of the tripple marker for Betty, Hattie M., and John L. Young (Southern/Black)

Young, Mae Council, Aug. 24, 1904-Nov. 15, 1994 [probably daughter of Charlie Frank Council and Emma Belew Council, whose markers are adjacent] (Old City)

Young, Marie B., 1913-1991, temporary marker, Parham Mortuary, 6 yards south of double marker for Nannie Wadley Bell and Lela Bell Price (Southern/Black)

Young, Mary Lee Etta Buck, Nov. 15, 1888-Dec. 14, 1965 (Southern/Black)

Young, Memory (female), d. Feb. 27, 1920, aged 110, Born No. Carolina, Father: Stephen Young [Smith, from death certificate] (Southern/Black)

Young, Wallace G., June 15, 1902-Aug. 21, 1978 (East-Central)



Zimmerlee, Audrey L., 1918-____
Zimmerlee, Rayford W., 1922-____, "Married Sept. 19, 1942" (Northeast)



______, 1889-1958, temporary marker, Parham, 2 yards east of military marker for Paul Edward Taylor [probably a Taylor; cannot be identified in Hinson et al.] (Southern/Black)

A.L.S. (footstone) [predates Addie Louise Stanford by many years] (Southern/Black)

C. B. J., d. June ____, "Aged 66 yrs." [from WPA; possibly Clyde Banks Jones] (Old City)

Elizabeth W., June 12, 1917-July 24, 1982 [under "Kennedy Jones" central marker (Northeast)

Frank T., 1905-1990 [only first name and dates on marker; probably goes with Armstrong central marker but might go with Miller central marker] (West)

Johnie A. _____, d. Jan ____, "Age 49 Years," temporary marker, 5 feet north of homemade marker for Johnnie Flaks (Southern/Black)

M. H. N. (footstone) (Old City)

Mary Jane, 1923 (Old City)

Mrs. Hat_____, b. 1909, fragment of paper in temporary marker plate, death between 1996 and 2001 (Southern/Black)

Paul, May 27, 1911-Jan. 20, 1969 [under "Kennedy Jones" central marker (Northeast)

Witte, 1908-1951 [no last name; last name probably is Lancaster] (Old City)


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