(West Section)

            The West Section of Lexington Cemetery is a mid-1930s westward expansion of the cemetery onto a terraced hillside, generally lying west of the main north-south access road, south of the entrance road from Natchez Trace Drive, and north of the old entrance road from Madison Street. This section mostly post-dates the WPA record and is pages 416-428 in Hinson et al. David Donahue recorded this section of Lexington cemetery April 11, 1996; checked and updated it November 24, 2001; updated it October 8, 2003 and June 29, 2004.


Adams, Ashley J., 1898-1992
Adams, Minnie Page, 1904-1999, "Parents of John D. Adams"

Adams, Randy Lynn, Jan. 11, 1955-Mar. 22, 1975

Amis, Alberta Holmes, Apr. 27, 1902-Aug. 8, 1994 [adjacent to marker for Guy Ballard Amis]

Amis, Bettie B., 1871-1971
Amis, August J., 1869-1949

Amis, Guy Ballard, Dec. 11, 1897-Jan. 12, 1980

Anderson, Annie [see Neisler, Annie Anderson]

Appleby, Joseph A., 1908-1969
Appleby, Grace Norman, 1911-1973

Armstrong, Charles A., Sept. 9, 1913-Jan. 5, 1981, "Colonel US Army" "Father"

Armstrong, Frank T., 1905-1990 [only first name and dates on marker; probably goes with Armstrong central marker but might go with Miller central marker]

Armstrong, Fred C., 1885-1964
Armstrong, Cavie D., 1895-1983, "Father and Mother" footstone

Armstrong, Jo Ann Bunch, 1931-____ [adjacent to marker for William "Billy" Roy Armstrong; both Armstrong markers in row with markers for Eddie S. Bunch and Thomas B. Bunch]

Armstrong, Mary Paul Spellings, 1908-1945

Armstrong, William "Billy" Roy, 1928-1998

Austin, Carrie Goff, 1889-1972 [adjacent to marker for Lon S. Austin]

Austin, Dorothy A., Sept. 15, 1915-Mar. 12, 1996 [adjacent to marker for Lon S. Austin; from temporary marker recorded in 1996, Dorothy Alene Austin

Austin, Henry Miller, Sept. 23, 1928-July 18, 1977

Austin, Lon S., 1885-1950

Austin, Maggie [see Johnson, Maggie Austin]

Austin, Mary V., Apr. 22, 1925-Sept. 21, 1986 [adjacent to marker for Henry Miller Austin]

Austin, Ode Henry, Mar. 21, 1891-Sept. 21, 1958

Austin, Wadie Miller, Aug. 31, 1891-Jan. 26, 1956 [adjacent to marker for Ode Henry Austin]

Azbill, Bennie Sue, Feb. 19, 1924-Dec. 14, 1991

Azbill, Catherine P., May 13, 1918-Apr. 5, 1972 [adjacent to marker for F. Bernard AzBill]

Azbill, Earline [see Hall, Earline A.]

Azbill, Edgar Earl, 1913-1962

Azbill, Emma M., Dec. 26, 1888-Mar. 25, 1973, "Mama" [adjacent to marker for Floy H. Azbill]

Azbill, Estlee Hatchett, Mar. 29, 1891-Jan. 15, 1950, "Wife of W. V. Azbill"

Azbill, F. Bernard, Sept. 1, 1914-Apr. 4, 1989

Azbill, Floy H., July 19, 1891-Feb. 21, 1973, "Daddy"

Azbill, Infant, Nov. 13, 1946, "Infant son of Joe W. & Lora Azbill"

Azbill, Jeffrey Glenn, July 29, 1966-July 2, 1978, "Son of John A. and Willie Azbill"

Azbill, Jesse J., Aug. 22, 1887-____
Azbill, Nellie G., Apr. 5, 1885-____

Azbill, Joe Wilson, 1914-1990, "Sgt US Army World War II"

Azbill, Mary Brower, Dec. 1, 1910-____
Azbill, James Calvin, Oct. 23, 1908-Apr. 30, 1984, "Married Sept. 11, 1928"

Azbill, Ruth H., 1902-1964
Azbill, Clyde T., 1896-1973

Azbill, Will Vestal, Aug. 29, 1888-May 21, 1961

Azbill, Willie M., Dec. 20, 1937-____
Azbill, John A., June 27, 1933-Apr. 26, 1971, military marker as footstone "Tennessee SP4 US Army World War II"; "Married Aug. 29, 1955"

Bagwell, H. B., 1903-1994

Bagwell, Infant, 1940, "Infant son of H. B. & Peggy Bagwell"

Bagwell, Peggy Pritchard, 1909-1948 [adjacent to marker for H. B. Bagwell]

Barr, Doshia [see Oakley, Doshia Barr]

Bedford, William H., Apr. 27, 1896-July 5, 1941, "Bill" footstone
Bedford, Carter Norman, Aug. 27, 1897-Nov. 1, 1952

Belew, Billy A., 1931-____

Belew, Carolyn S., 1935-____ [adjacent to marker for Billy A. Belew]

Belew, Clarence Robert, Dec. 1, 1892-Nov. 10, 1960 (marker being overtaken by boxwood)

Belew, Eddie [see Powers, Eddie Belew]

Belew, Giles Eugene, May 20, 1919-Nov. 20, 1995, military marker as footstone "Pvt US Army World War II"

Belew, Jacob W., 1868-1956

Belew, Joe R., Mar. 30, 1927-____
Belew, Pauline Russell, Feb. 18, 1928-____

Belew, John Lloyd, Nov. 15, 1925-Oct. 10, 1952, military marker "Tennessee Sgt 2584 Res Eng Cen AF World War II BSM OLC"

Belew, John R., 1900-1983
Belew, Bonnye W., 1900-1963, "Married June 2, 1918"

Belew, Josephine A. [see Butler, Josephine A. belew]

Belew, Laura Hill, Aug. 11, 1897-July 11, 1963 [adjacent to marker for Clarence Robert Belew]

Belew, Lois Wade, Apr. 13, 1920-Feb. 3, 2000 [adjacent to marker for Giles Eugene Belew]

Belew, Mittie E., 1905-1994 [Eastern Star symbol]

Belew, Nora Stewart, 1873-1938 [adjacent to marker for Jacob W. Belew]

Belew, Will Lee, 1901-1961 [Masonic symbol]

Bird, Olevia [see Johnston, Olevia Bird]

Blankenship, Beulah, May 22, 1900-Nov. 17, 1988

Blankenship, Cecil, 1904-1979

Blankenship, Frances, no dates

Blankenship, Ivary, Mar. 26, 1926-Mar. 28, 1983

Blankenship, James F., July 3, 1920-Sept. 1, 1999

Blankenship, Loula, 1915-____ [adjacent to marker for Cecil Blankenship]

Blankenship, R. R. (Bob), June 4, 1892-Oct. 20, 1958

Booth, James F., Nov. 5, 1913-Apr. 4, 1990, military marker "Tec5 US Army World War II"

Boothe, Viola Hargis, 1878-1965, "Their children Ewell, Luther Lee, James, and Velma" [adjacent to marker for James F. Booth]

Boyd, Imogene Hopper, 1917-1945 [probably daughter of Esther Myrtle and Charlie E. Hopper, whose double marker is adjacent]

Brandon, George A., 1874-1947, "M.D."

Brandon, Myrtle Delaney, 1888-1967 [adjacent to marker for George A. Brandon]

Bray, Adelaide McCall, July 31, 1865-July 5, 1948
Bray, John Askew, Dec. 14, 1865-Dec. 6, 1946

Bray, Alsie [see McCall, Alsie Bray]

Britt, Margaret [see Britt, Margaret Davis]

Britt, Mitchell Henry Jr., July 7, 1927-Sept. 27, 1997, military marker "1st Lt US Army Korea"

Britt, Mitchell, Sr., 1898-1959, "Father" on footstone
Britt, Edna Small, 1901-1951, "Mother" on footstone

Britt, Ouida [see Oakley, Ouida]

Britt, Virginia J., July 27, 1923-Mar. 20, 2002 [under a Joyner central marker]

Brooks, Bryan Daniel, Feb. 4, 1947-Mar. 13, 1978, "Bubby"

Brooks, Edith [see Orio, Edith Brooks]

Brooks, Lee Eugene, June 25, 1921-Aug. 1, 1959

Brower, Eddie G., 1906-1970
Brower, Edward E., 1902-1963

Brower, Mary [see Azbill, Mary Brower]

Brower, Mildred [see Daws, Mildred Brower]

Brown, Ione McRae, 1898-1976 [adjacent to marker for O. R. Brown]

Brown, Lucille, 1899-1985

Brown, O. R., 1889-1951

Brown, Willard M., June 14, 1906-Mar. 20, 1986
Brown, Woodrow Oakley, Apr. 6, 1913-Feb. 5, 2004

Bruce, Lucie Hendrix, 1888-1960 [Eastern Star symbol]

Bunch, Eddie S., 1902-1972, "Mother" [adjacent to marker for Thomas B. Bunch]

Bunch, Elizabeth M., June 18, 1911-Feb. 5, 1997 [adjacent to marker for Frank E. Bunch, Sr.]

Bunch, Frank E., Sr., Feb. 21, 1909-July 6, 1977

Bunch, Jo Ann [see Armstrong, Jo Ann Bunch]

Bunch, Lucille [see Wray, Lucille Bunch]

Bunch, Robert E., Dec. 1, 1900-Nov. 13, 1948

Bunch, Thomas B., 1897-1941, "Father"

Burrus, E. Raleigh, 1910-1984 [Masonic symbol]
Burrus, Mavie D., 1904-1986 [Eastern Star symbol]

Butler, Josephine A. Belew, 1901-1986 [adjacent to marker for Will Lee Bellew]

Castelberry, Fred, 1917-1957

Castelberry, Juaree, 1911-1982 [adjacent to marker for Fred Castleberry]

Chambers, Eva Katherine Clark, Oct. 12, 1920-Mar. 2, 2001 [probably daughter of James R. and Fannie M. Clark, whose double marker is adjacent]

Chambers, Jewel Cooper, Jan. 25, 1883-Mar. 30, 1971

Chambers, Lucille Chambers, June 29, 1910-Jan. 8, 1980 [adjacent to marker for Lonnie R. B. Guinn]

Chambers, R. C., Apr. 18, 1921-Nov. 23, 2000, "Dr."; military marker as footstone "Ray Cole Chambers" "LtJG US Navy World War II"

Chambers, William Earl, Jr., Feb. 12, 1908-Sept. 7, 1987

Christopher, Frank, 1875-1962
Christopher, Vinnie, 1881-1950

Christopher, Tom M., 1873-1955
Christopher, Cora M., 1884-1971

Chumney, Irene [see Conger, Irene Chumney]

Churchwell, Newton (Bob), May 17, 1921-____
Churchwell, Helen L., July 13, 1927-June 1, 1992, "Wed Feb. 2, 1945"

Clark, Eva Katherine [see Chambers, Eva Katherine Clark]

Clark, James R., 1879-1958
Clark, Fannie M., 1882-1969

Cody, Jess T., Feb. 9, 1894-Nov. 29, 1995, "Daddy" footstone, also military marker as footstone "Pvt US Army World War I"
Cody, Margie F., Apr. 19, 1901-Apr. 20, 1989 [from previous temporary marker: Mae Cody]

Cody, John T., Jan. 26, 1927-Dec. 30, 1984

Cody, Sarah [see Hill, Sarah Cody]

Coffee, Mary, 1918-____ ["Coffee" is assumed and appears only on central marker]

Coffee, Moye, 1917-1972 [marker which in 1996 was mostly covered by debris from the Jess T. Cody in 2001 is completely covered and needs to be dug out; about a yard north of marker for Mary Coffee; name and dates from Hinson et al.]

Coffee, Norma, July 10, 1905-Dec. 18, 1984 [Stewart central marker]

Coffey, Lallie Moye, Aug. 6, 1886-Oct. 13, 1962, "Wife of Hugh Coffey"

Coffman, James W., June 19, 1925-May 4, 1999____
Coffman, Audie Dee, Mar. 9, 1929-June 3, 1971, "Married 1945"

Cogdell, L. Glenn, 1913-2000
Cogdell, Betty T., 1916-____

Cogdell, Robert Lee, 1883-1956 [Masonic symbol and Eastern Star symbol]
Cogdell, Josephine Lindsey, 1889-1973 [Eastern Star symbol]

Conger, Coby Threadgill, Mar. 17, 1909-May 23, 1997 [adjacent to marker for Robert Mason Conger]

Conger, Elzie L., Jr., 1921-1995, military marker "Cpl US Army World War II" [from previous temporary marker, Elzie Leon Conger Jr.]

Conger, Hubert Lee, Mar. 13, 1903-Aug. 18, 1968, "M.D."
Conger, Nina Ferrell, Jan. 3, 1914-____, "R.N."

Conger, Inez [see Evans, Inex Conger]

Conger, Inez [see McMichael, Inez Conger]

Conger, Irene Chumney, Aug. 11, 1915-Apr. 11, 1965, "R.N."

Conger, James Robert, 1875-1951

Conger, Lona, 1880-1941, [Supreme Forest Woodmen Council; adjacent to marker for James Robert Conger]

Conger, Myrtle, Feb. 24, 1901-Oct. 7, 1989
Conger, Leon, Dec. 12, 1900-Oct. 24, 1976

Conger, Pearl M., May 28, 1923-Dec. 9, 1995 [from previous temporary marker: Pearl Mae Conger; adjacent to military marker for Elzie L. Comger, Jr]

Conger, Robert Mason," Sept. 28, 1909-Sept. 4, 1967, "Dr." "Pete"

Conger, Roger C., Apr. 25, 1943-Nov. 18, 1997, Military marker "SP4 US Army"

Connally, Hix, 1905-1986, military marker as footstone "John H. Connally" "Sgt US Army WWII"
Connally, Ann, 1921-1997

Connally, John T., 1863-1942

Connally, Mildred Fay, Mar. 22, 1917-Jan. 25, 1979
Connally, Euther L., Apr. 2, 1912-____

Connally, Nannie White, Apr. 16, 1878-Oct. 26, 1963 [adjacent to John T. Connally in Hinson et al. listing]

Connally, William S., 1867-1960
Connally, Viola B., 1870-1953 [Woodmen of the World memorial]

Cooper, Jewel [see Chambers, Jewel Cooper]

Cooper, Sally [see Threadgill, Sally Cooper]

Cottier, Lillian L., Jan. 1, 1901-Jan. 22, 1989

Cozart, Mack, 1889-1960
Cozart, Lessie, 1895-1969

Cozart, Ruth [see Horn, Ruth Cozart]

Craig, Arvin Lenard, Nov. 6, 1933-Feb. 15, 1989

Craig, Arvin, 1902-1958
Craig, Mattie Ella, 1905-1983, "Married Oct. 5, 1922" "Father and Mother" footstone

Craig, Joseph L., 1924-1952, mounted military marker "Tennessee PFC HQ Co 28 Infantry Div World War II"
Craig, Emma Lee, 1928-____, "Mother and Father" footstone

Creasy, Alfred Fred, Mar. 25, 1925-Apr. 23, 1971, military marker "Tennessee Pvt 507 AAA AW Bn CAC World War II"

Creasy, Charlotte [see Lunsford, Charlotte Creast]

Creasy, Emily Gilliam, Aug. 16, 1925-____ [adjacent to marker for Grady R. Creasy]

Creasy, Grady R., Mar. 8, 1918-Aug. 2, 1966

Creasy, Jimmie Marie, Feb. 7, 1925-Aug. 11, 1980

Crockett, Dora Howell, Apr. 9, 1905-Feb. 25, 1973, "Mother"

Crockett, James P., Jr., Oct. 15, 1924-June 4, 1995, military marker "TSgt US Army Air Corps World War II"

Crockett, JoAnn Fesmire, June 26, 1929-Sept. 10, 1983, "Loving wife and mother"

Crosser, Minnie [see Fesmire, Minnie Crosser]

Cummings, Jessie Laverne, 1921-1972

D'Arman, Ida West, Dec. 26, 1885-June 25, 1958

Davidson, Gertie [see White, Gertie Davidson]

Davies, Cathleen A., 1917-1990
Davies, W. Dan, 1912-1991

Davis, Ann W., June 30, 1923-Nov. 5, 1985
Davis, Connie E., Aug. 25, 1915-Mar. 27, 2001, unplaced "Father" footstone, military marker as footstone "Connie Edward Davis" "MSgt US Air Force World War II"

Davis, Esther W., Sept. 9, 1881-June 25, 1961
Davis, J. Hersie, Nov. 4, 1886-Mar. 10, 1966, "Daddy and Mother" footstone

Davis, J. Herbert, Apr. 29, 1910-June 16, 2002
Davis, Leilah Moore, Nov. 11, 1914-Jan. 12, 2003

Davis, Margaret Britt, May 2, 1921-May 2, 1981, "Daughter" [probably daughter of Mitchell Sr. and Edna Small Britt, whose double marker is adjacent]

Davis, Mary [see Harris, Mary Davis]

Daws, Erbie E. Jr., 1929-1996

Daws, Erbie, May 4, 1905-Sept. 8, 1971

Daws, J. T., Sept. 6, 1878-Mar. 4, 1965
Daws, Flora, Sept. 18, 1887-Nov. 18, 1973

Daws, John Wayne, Sept. 1, 1939-Dec. 8, 1934, "Son" "Brother"

Daws, Martha Louise, Feb. 22, 1935-Mar. 28, 1985, "Daughter" "Sister"

Daws, Mary [see Powers, Mary Daws]

Daws, Mildred Brower, 1908-1959, "Wife and Mother" [adjacent to marker for Erbie Daws]

Daws, Ona Bell [see Williams, Ona Bell Daws]

Daws, Rebecca Sims Green, 1927-____, "Loving wife" [adjacent to marker for Erbie E. Daws Jr.]

Deere, Aletha Elizabeth, Apr. 7, 1946-____
Deere, Danny Carl, June 15, 1947-Feb. 16, 1999, "Our children: Bryan and Christopher"

Deere, Christopher Bret, Aug. 15, 1977-Aug. 25, 1977, "Son of Danny and Aletha Deere"

Deere, Mabel H., Feb. 25, 1920-Nov. 9, 1993
Deere, Carl H., Jan. 27, 1911-Mar. 17, 1995, "Wed Nov. 2, 1936" "Our children: Charneal, David, Danny"

Delaney, Myrtle [see Brandon, Myrtle Delaney]

Denison, Katherine Gaston, Aug. 5, 1884-Nov. 6, 1968 [adjacent to marker for Washington H. Denison]

Denison, Washington H., Jan. 5, 1878-May 20, 1955, "Judge"

Denison, Watt H., Jr., July 3, 1922-Nov. 16, 1987

Dennison, Hazel B., Mar. 5, 1909-June 21, 2001
Dennison, Orvie G., Feb. 10, 1896-Dec. 29, 1985, military marker as footstone "US Army World War I"

Dennison, Jewel [see Goff, Jewel Dennison]

Dennison, Oliver H., Aug. 15, 1874-Oct. 30, 1958
Dennison, Bessie L., Aug. 31, 1875-Oct. 25, 1953, "Mama" footstone

Dennison, Press, Dec. 16, 1897-Nov. 11, 1971 [probably son of Oliver H. and Bessie L. Dennison, whose double marker is adjacent]

Derryberry, Clara, 1889-1960 ["Derryberry" is assumed and appears only on central marker; adjacent to marker for Locie Derryberry]

Derryberry, Locie, 1876-1942 ["Derryberry" is assumed and appears only on central marker]

Deusner, Edwin E., June 24, 1912-Apr. 13, 1982, "Dr."
Deusner, Marie Wilson, Nov. 10, 1911-Oct. 21, 1999, unplaced "Mother" footstone

Dickerson, Dycus B., Mar. 21, 1931-Jan. 10, 1983, "Husband & Dad"

Dickson, Cordie H., 1892-1955 [dates in Hinson et al.: June 2, 1892-Apr. 25, 1955]
Dickson, Pearlie W., 1893-1983, "Married Nov. 14, 1915" [birth date in Hinson et al.: Sept. 27, 1893]

Dill, Winifred, Apr. 15, 1923-Oct. 1, 2003

Dodd, Edith White, Sept. 11, 1908-Oct. 29, 1959 [probably daughter of Ella Garey White and Jesse Dee White, whose matching markers are adjacent]

Douglas, Cain, Sept. 20, 1876-June 7, 1958
Douglas, Lou W., Oct. 28, 1881-July 24, 1970

Douglas, Otis, Sept. 5, 1928-____
Douglas, Eleanor, Oct. 11, 1931-____

Douglas, P. O., July 22, 1903-Oct. 15, 1985, "Father"

Douglas, Ross Flaudie [see Oakley, Ross Flaudie Douglas]

Douglass, Claudia [see Williams, Claudia Douglass]

Dowsett, Frank, Sept. 24, 1872-Oct. 22, 1959

Dudley, Brooxie M., Sept. 29, 1937-____
Dudley, W. W. (Billy), Dec. 19, 1936-July 27, 1987, "Our children Denny, Gina, Gary, Lisa, Dale"

Dudley, George Y., Apr. 19, 1887-July 30, 1956, military marker "Tennessee Pvt Co A 2 Infantry Regt World War I"

Dudley, Mary C., Mar. 9, 1902-Apr. 5, 1992 [adjacent to marker for George Y. Dudley]

Elliott, Gertla L., Apr. 20, 1920-____
Elliott, John R., Sept. 6, 1919-Jan. 14, 1987, "Wed Mar. 5, 1941"

Elliott, John G., 1888-1967
Elliott, Minnie, 1888-1955

Elliott, John R., 1919-1987, military marker "Pvt US Army World war II"

Estes, Walter E., 1881-1950
Estes, Bertha, 1895-1987, "Papa and Mama" footstone

Evans, Inez Conger, 1924-1943 [probably daughter of Myrtle and Leon Conger, whose double marker is adjacent]

Ferguson, James Jerry, 1946-1961, "Son of James-Laura"

Ferguson, Laura, 1927-2002
Ferguson, James, 1915-1964, "Our child Jerry Ferguson," military marker as footstone "James O. Ferguson, Jr." "Georgia Cpl US Army World War II"; dates on military marker Apr. 9, 1915-May 6, 1964

Ferrell, Nina [see Conger, Nana Ferrell]

Fesmire, Ben Priestly, Sept. 12, 1918-Aug. 8, 1978

Fesmire, Floyd, 1903-1966 ["Fesmire" is assumed and appears only on central marker]

Fesmire, Ida Hodgin, Apr. 18, 1906-July 11, 1977 ["Fesmire" is assumed and appears only on central marker; adjacent to marker for Floyd Fesmire]

Fesmire, J. Opal, 1908-1985

Fesmire, Mary E., Nov. 13, 1869-Sept. 3, 1953
Fesmire, Thomas A., Apr. 8, 1874-July 2, 1955

Fesmire, Minnie Crosser, 1888-1964 [adjacent to marker for Samuel E. Fesmire]

Fesmire, Samuel E., 1882-1957

Flake, James Thomas (Jimmie), Oct. 23, 1951-Jan. 28, 1959

Flake, Juanita [see Neisler, Juanita Flake]

Flake, Price M., 1908-1986
Flake, Tommie A., 1906-1984

Flynn, Donald John, May 27, 1914-May 29, 1983

Flynn, Robbie Hart, Apr. 5, 1915 [adjacent to marker for Donald John Flynn]

Franklin, Belton, Aug. 11, 1902-Feb. 8, 1975
Franklin, Mary, Mar. 6, 1899-Nov. 18, 1979

Franklin, Johnnie, Dec. 31, 1897-Mar. 30, 1975

Franklin, Kathleen T., Aug. 9, 1915-____ [adjacent to marker for William T. Franklin, Jr.]

Franklin, Mary Louise, Aug. 17, 1922-Aug. 17, 1922, "Dau. of Belton & Mary Franklin"

Franklin, May, Aug. 20, 1921-____ [seems to be daughter of Johnnie Franklin and Willie Franklin, whose matching markers are adjacent]

Franklin, Myrtle J., July 28, 1901-Oct. 22, 1970 [adjacent to marker for William T. Franklin, Sr.]

Franklin, William T., Jr., June 9, 1918-Sept. 10, 1980, "He served in World War II"

Franklin, William T., Sr., Nov. 20, 1895-June 11, 1983

Franklin, Willie, Mar. 30, 1900-____ [adjacent to marker for Johnnie Franklin]

Gainer, James Roy, Apr. 24, 1942-Apr. 15, 1982, military marker "DS2 US Navy Vietnam"

Garey, Ella [see White, Ella Garey]

Garner, Eugene C., 1893-1964
Garner, Beulah L., 1897-1979

Garner, Kathleen E. Waite, Dec. 16, 1889-Feb. 3, 1968

Garner, Silas, Jan. 26, 1925-Apr. 25, 1954

Garvey, Mike, no dates, military marker as footstone "Woodford M. Garvey, Jr." "US Army World War II"; dates on military marker 1917-1982
Garvey, Jean, no dates, footstone with "Ima Jean Garvey" ; dates on footstone Feb. 5, 1913-____

Garvey, Velma E., 1893-1954
Garvey, Woodford M., 1889-1972

Gaston, Katherine [see Denison, Katherine Gaston]

Gibson, Georgia D. Wheatley, Sept. 6, 1890-July 14, 1974 [adjacent to marker for Leslie H. Gibson]

Gibson, Leslie H., Aug. 28, 1889-May 26, 1957, military marker "Tennessee Cpl 38 Co 157 Depot Brigade World War I"

Gibson, Naomi Wood, Dec. 27, 1923-May 27, 1988

Gibson, Thomas L., Sept. 26, 1922-Mar. 4, 1998, military marker "Sgt US Army World War II 99th Div 371st Field Artillery"

Gilliam, Betty O., 1889-1980
Gilliam, Jack, 1884-1965

Gilliam, Emily [see Creasy, Emily Gilliam]

Gilliam, Laura Goff, Aug. 9, 1893-Dec. 24, 1986, "Rest in peace dear mother, Emily"

Goff, Carrie [see Austin, Carrie Goff]

Goff, Evie, Jan. 23, 1908-July 8, 1990; also temporary marker, Pafford Funeral Home, "Evie L. Goff"
Goff, Dee, Nov. 12, 1904-Mar. 31, 1982, carved wedding rings and "1937"

Goff, Georgie [see Petty, Georgie Goff]

Goff, J. F., Dec. 28, 1884-Jan. 11, 1944, "Dr."

Goff, Jewel Dennison, Dec. 19, 1889-Mar. 21, 1971 [adjacent to marker for J. F. Goff]

Goff, Laura [see Gilliam, Laura Goff]

Goff, Noraine Walker, Sept. 3, 1903-Jan. 13, 1971 [adjacent to marker for William McKinley Goff]

Goff, Richard Dennison, Oct. 1, 1921-May 2, 1998

Goff, William McKinley, Apr. 30, 1894-Sept. 18, 1963

Gooch, Robert E., Jr., 1925-1944

Gooch, Robert Elwin, Sr., 1897-1953

Gooch, Sue Mae, May 10, 1904-Jan. 6, 1979 [adjacent to marker for Robert Elvin Gooch, Sr.]

Green, Mae Roby, Aug. 31, 1899-Feb. 1, 1969 [adjacent to marker for Otis L. Green]

Green, Otis L., Apr. 15, 1885-Dec. 30, 1943, "Father" footstone

Guinn, Helen [see Houston, Helen Guinn]

Guinn, Lonnie R. B., Aug. 22, 1905-June 20, 1965

Guinn, Lucille Chambers, June 29, 1910-Jan. 8, 1980 [adjacent to marker for Lonnie R. B. Guinn]

Gurley, Arthur E., 1898-1954
Gurley, Theoda L., 1911-____

Hall, Earline A., 1933-____ [an Azbill, see below]
Hall, Paul K., 1918-1982, military marker as footstone "Paul Kenneth Hall" "Major US Army World War II"; dates on military marker Nov. 5, 1918-Dec. 18, 1982

Hall, Infant, June 8, 1965-June 8, 1965, "Infant son of Earline Azbill Hall"

Hall, Luther R., 1904-1969
Hall, Prestell, 1908-1975, "Married Nov. 29, 1926"

Hancock, Alvis Casey, Nov. 17, 1878-May 3, 1969

Hancock, Brittany Lee, Aug. 30, 1985-Sept. 1, 1985

Hancock, John Albert, Nov. 23, 1915-Mar. 15, 1976

Hancock, Lena Lindsey, Dec. 14, 1893-Mar. 2, 1963 [adjacent to marker for Alvis Casy Hancock]

Hancock, Lucille [see Ozment, Lucille Hancock]

Hancock, Martha E. Pearson, Dec. 8, 1921-Sept. 23, 2003 [adjacent to marker for John Albert Hancock]

Hancock, Mary [see Ruffner, Mary Hancock Lawler]

Hanna, Bessie [see White, Bessie Hanna]

Hannah, James Harold, Aug. 20, 1944-Aug. 21, 1944 [replacement]

Harman, Mellie, 1870-1949 [matches adjacent marker for Addie Stanford]

Harris, Ida Faye, 1918-1985 [adjacent to marker for O. C. Harris; may be a daughter of Monroe Overman and Lucy Overman]

Harris, Mary Davis, July 14, 1913-Jan. 7, 1970
Harris, Warren, Dec. 1, 1913-Feb. 18, 1987

Harris, O. C., 1917-1992

Hart, Nita T., Mar. 7, 1922-____ [adjacent to marker for Norris B. Hart]

Hart, Norris B., Jan. 18, 1922-Nov. 21, 1992

Hart, Robbie [see Flynn, Robbie Hart]

Hatchett, Estlee [see Azbill, Estalee Hatchett]

Hatchett, John R., June 28, 1878-June 5, 1953

Hatchett, Odie Sanders, Nov. 25, 1883-July 26, 1971 [adjacent to marker for John R. Hatchett; probably daughter of Melvine Sanders, whose marker is adjacent]

Hay, Audrey H., Feb. 23, 1911-Feb. 9, 1982 [adjacent to marker for L. T. (Pie) Hay]

Hay, Ernest A., Jan. 13, 1892-Feb. 6, 1948

Hay, Jessie B., Dec. 7, 1904-July 29, 1975

Hay, Jessie B., Dec. 7, 1904-July 29, 1975 [adjacent to marker for Ernest A. Hay]

Hay, L. T. (Pie), Aug. 23, 1904-Oct. 29, 1983 [probably son of W. W. Hay and Lillian G. Hay, whose markers are adjacent]

Hay, Lillian G., Feb. 23, 1887-Oct. 3, 1977 [adjacent to marker for W. W. Hay]

Hay, W. W., Nov. 26, 1883-July 25, 1954

Hayes, Elpha, Feb. 2, 1908-Mar. 31, 1981

Hayes, Exie [see Neisler, Exie Hayes]

Hayes, Garfield, Dec. 22, 1929-Jan. 6, 1981

Hayes, Gary Neal, Jan. 17, 1951-Jan. 7, 1954 [probably son of Garfield Hayes]

Hays, Henry Lee, 1901-1959
Hays, Lora Ann, 1915-1999

Helms, Candace Juanita, Sept. 22, 1950-Sept. 25, 1953, "Dao. of Max & Juanita Helms"

Helms, Juanita P., 1923-____
Helms, Max, 1923-1983, "Our children: Randy, Candy, Steve, Rob"

Henderson, Bob R., 1934-2001

Hendrix, Lucie [see Bruce, Lucie Hendrix]

Hendrix, Zillah [see Neisler, Zillah Hendrix]

Hill, Anna Bell, 1880-1951
Hill, John W., 1875-1953

Hill, Dessie [see Petty, Dessie Hill]

Hill, John W., Jr. (Billy), Apr. 8, 1918-May 28, 1991

Hill, Laura [see Belew, Laura Hill]

Hill, Sarah Cody, May 22, 1920-Oct. 19, 1952 [probably daughter of Jess T. and Margie F. Cody, whose double marker is adjacent]

Hinsley, O'Ryan O., June 13, 1943-Jan. 29, 1944 [replacement]

Hinsley, O'Ryan Oakley, June 24, 1921-Nov. 23, 1974, military marker as footstone "SFC US Army World War II"
Hinsley, Mattie Lou, Sept. 22, 1920-____, "Married Aug. 17, 1942" [Eastern Star symbol]

Hinson, Authurlene W., Sept. 16, 1916-Feb. 6, 1982 [adjacent to marker for Joe Byron Hinson; probably daughter of Claudia Douglass Williams and Thomas Marshal Williams, whose matching markers are adjacent]

Hinson, Joe Byron, Nov. 9, 1902-Oct. 10, 1970

Hinson, John W., 1909-1994

Hirgas, Viola [see Boothe, Viola Hargis]

Hix, Nora [see Veteto, Nora Hix]

Hodge, Hess M., 1905-1949
Hodge, Dorothy, no dates [Hinson et al. note birth year as 1918 and death date as Feb. 2, 1969, "Aged 54 yrs., 9 mos., 16 das."]

Hodgin, Ida [see Fesmire, Ida Hodgin]

Holcomb, Lynn C., 1892-1956
Holcomb, Elen Tate, 1918-1987 [Tate may be last name; name added to previous double marker]
Holcomb, Irma K., 1893-1970

Holmes, Alberta [see Amis, Alberta Holmes]

Holmes, Joe V., 1908-1987

Holmes, Madora Josephine, 1874-1939 [adjacent to marker for William Asbury Holmes]

Holmes, William Asbury, 1869-1946

Hopper, David C., Nov. 7, 1939-May 8, 1995
Hopper, Kay Nelle, Apr. 24, 1941-____, "Married April 10, 1960"

Hopper, Esther Myrtle, 1892-1967
Hopper, Charlie E., 1887-____, unplaced "Father" footstone, "Married Apr. 25, 1915"

Hopper, Imogene [see Boyd, Imogene Hopper]

Horn, Albert J., Mar. 3, 1923-Nov. 20, 1995, military marker "PFC US Army World War II Purple Heart"

Horn, Edward, Jan. 27, 1913-Sept. 8, 1996

Horn, Farice S., Dec. 31, 1915-____ [adjacent to marker for James David Horn]

Horn, James Albert, 1889-1965

Horn, James David, Feb. 16, 1910-May 10, 1984, military marker "PFC US Army World War II"

Horn, Ruth Cozart, 1896-1972 [adjacent to marker for James Albert Horn]

Houston, Helen Guinn, 1901-1974 [adjacent to marker for W. M. (Bill) Houston]

Houston, Libby Ann, 1934-1945 [probably daughter of W. M. Houston and Helen Guinn Houston, whose markers are adjacent]

Houston, W. M. (Bill), 1894-1948

Howell, Charles P., June 20, 1910-June 29, 1962 [probably son of William I. Howell and L. Viola Howell, whose markers are adjacent]

Howell, Dora [see Crockett, Dora Howell]

Howell, L. Viola, 1880-1944 [adjacent to marker for William I. Howell]

Howell, William I., 1874-1954, "M.D."

Hubbard, Pauline [see Neisler, Pauline Hubbard]

Huntsman, Bernice, 1907-1981 [adjacent to marker for Robert Huntsman]

Huntsman, Cornelia James, Jan. 27, 1910-Nov. 1, 1993, "Dr."

Huntsman, Robert, 1911-1976 [Masonic symbol]

Huntsman, Virginia, 1881-1950 [adjacent to marker for W. F. Huntsman]

Huntsman, W. F., 1868-1938, "Dr." [Masonic symbol]

Jarrett, Ben A., Dr., 1901-1956 [Masonic symbol]

Jarrett, Ben Hickman, 1936-1986

Jarrett, Infant, 1940, "Infant dau. of Dr. Ben & Doris Jarrett"

Johnson, Almittie Kathryn, Apr. 18, 1921-Mar. 8, 20011964

Johnson, Henry Martin, 1891-1970

Johnson, James R., Apr. 18, 1920-____

Johnson, Jim Henry, Jan. 27, 1903-July 20, 1991 [Masonic symbol]
Johnson, Girtha Petty, Feb. 11, 1908-Apr. 1, 1998, "Married Aug. 16, 1924" "Our children: James Leroy, Flora Elizabeth Smith" [Eastern Star symbol]

Johnson, Lula Mae, Mar. 30, 1919-____
Johnson, Emmitt B., May 24, 1917-Dec. 15, 1993, "Wed Dec. 25, 1948"

Johnson, Maggie Austin, 1895-1970 [adjacent to marker for Henry Martin Johnson]

Johnson, Mildred, Aug. 11, 1906-Aug. 11, 1990 [adjacent to marker for Bernard Hal Johnson]

Johnson, Richard C., June 10, 1891-Feb. 20, 1958, "Father" footstone
Johnson, Iva E., Aug. 27, 1891-Feb. 8, 1980, "Mother" footstone

Johnson, Vashti [see Reevesm Vashti Johnson]

Johnston, Graper [see Neisler, Graper Johnston]

Johnston, Wilbur Kennedy, 1887-1960
Johnston, Olevia Bird, 1889-____

Jones, Alliefaire Sanders, Oct. 7, 1881-Nov. 22, 1960 [adjacent to marker for August Martin Jones; probably daughter of Melvine Sanders]

Jones, August Martin, Jan. 22, 1874-Oct. 4, 1960

Jones, Leo C., 1913-1971, military marker as footstone "Tennessee PFC US Army World War II"; dates on military marker July 27, 1913-Dec. 13, 1971
Jones, Mary Norman, 1914-1993

Jones, Wesley F., Jr., Aug. 13, 1925-Mar. 10, 1991, "M.D."

Jordan, Anita [see Neisler, Anita Jordan]

Jordan, Curry C., Oct. 17, 1910-Apr. 27, 1955

Jordan, Max Kenith, June 28, 1915-Aug. 23, 1970, military marker as footstone "Max Kenneth Jordan" "Tennessee PFC US Army World War II"

Jordan, Paul David, June 8, 1942-Aug. 25, 1976, "My Son" [probably of Sula V. Jordan]

Jordan, W. N. (Bunk), Nov. 4, 1878-Oct. 4, 1936, "Father" footstone
Jordan, Maggie D., June 1, 1884-Sept. 15, 1979, "Mother" footstone

Jordan, W. Paul, 1905-1948
Jordan, Sula V., 1906-1999

Jordan, William A., 1920-1960, military marker as footstone "Tec4 US Army World War II"; dates on military marker Dec. 12, 1919-Aug. 27, 1960
Jordan, Alice Pearson, 1919-1998, "Father and Mother" footstone

Jowers, Alex Velmer, Sept. 15, 1917-Dec. 24, 1980, "Father of Mary, Ruby, and Alex Ray" [probably son of W. T. Jowers and Daisy J. Jowers]

Jowers, Chester, May 9, 1912-June 29, 1974, "In loving memory of his daughter"

Jowers, Clelling, Sept. 9, 1898-Dec. 1, 1961

Jowers, Daisy J., 1884-1974 [adjacent to marker for W. T. Jowers; as reported in Hinson et al.: Daisy Mae Jowers, d. June 13, 1974, "Wife of W. T. Jowers" "Aged 89 yrs., 11 mos., 15 das"

Jowers, Elbert J., 1910-1939 ["Jowers" is assumed and appears only on central marker; probably son of W. T. Jowers and Daisy J. Jowers]

Jowers, Franklin D., "Son of Oscar & Omer Jowers"

Jowers, Gary Thomas, Mar. 25, 1961-Jan. 14, 1963

Jowers, Joe, 1880-1958

Jowers, Mildred, 1935-1999
Jowers, Reeford, 1927-1992

Jowers, Mollie, 1884-1945 [adjacent to marker for Joe Jowers]

Jowers, Opal [see Wall, Opal J.]

Jowers, Omer, 1911-____ [Eastern Star symbol; adjacent to marker for Oscar Jowers; ground disturbance suggests she is buried]

Jowers, Oscar, 1909-1989 [Masonic symbol and Eastern Star symbol]

Jowers, Pearl L., July 14, 1901-May 27, 1984 [adjacent to marker for Clelling Jowers]

Jowers, Sarah, 1883-1969 [adjacent to marker for Tom Jowers]

Jowers, Tom, 1885-1939

Jowers, W. T., 1882-1961

Joyce, Edna L., 1907-1976 ["Joyce" is assumed and appears only on central marker]

Joyce, James P., 1865-1939, "Dr." ["Joyce" is assumed and appears only on central marker]

Joyce, Mary L., 1870-1963 ["Joyce" is assumed and appears only on central marker; adjacent to marker for James P. Joyce]

Joyner, A. Homer, Jan. 6, 1880-Dec. 11, 1956

Joyner, Andrew L., Jan. 5, 1890-Jan. 29, 1959

Joyner, Bertha Long, July 18, 1902-Sept. 15, 1976

Kelley, Bertie F., 1908-1995, "Mama" footstone
Kelley, Clois T., 1908-1995, "Papa" footstone, "Married Apr. 3, 1926"

Kelley, Carla Frances, Feb. 8, 1962-Sept. 7, 1998, "EMT"

Kelley, Jean Wright, Oct. 5, 1928-____
Kelley, James T., Nov. 14, 1928-June 16, 1992, "Wed Nov. 28, 1949"

Kennedy, Euda P., 1885-1972, unplaced "Mother" footstone
Kennedy, John L., 1887-1962

Kennedy, Opal L., Mar. 16, 1924-____
Kennedy, John A., Mar. 21, 1921-June 28, 2001, military marker as footstone "US Army World War II"; "Our daughter Phyllis Stewart"

Lacy, Eva Marie, 1916-1983

Lacy, Hortense Ross, 1895-1961, "Wife of J. H. Lacy"

Lacy, James Harrison, 1889-1964 [under bush]

Lawler, Callie T., Apr. 8, 1904-Feb. 24, 1994 [adjacent to marker for Herbert E. Lawler; probably daughter of William J. Taylor and Fannie Winslow Taylor, whose markers are also are under a Lawler Taylor central marker]

Lawler, Felix Henry, Nov. 1, 1901-Nov. 20, 1947

Lawler, Herbert E., Sept. 23, 1906-Sept. 11, 1988

Lawler, Mary [see Ruffner, Mary Hancock Lawler]

Lawler, Meadie C., 1893-1953
Lawler, Will A., 1880-1961

Lewis, Antha Alma, Jan. 16, 1897-Feb. 28, 1992 [adjacent to marker for Dura Ethen Lewis]

Lewis, Dura Ethen, June 17, 1899-July 6, 1973

Lewis, Etta G., 1908-1998
Lewis, John E. (Mutt), 1911-1989 [Masonic symbol], "Married Mar. 30, 1932"

Lewis, Ezra K., Aug. 9, 1894-Dec. 15, 1961

Lewis, Lovie Blount, May 27, 1857-Oct. 13, 1945

Lewis, Trula Petty, Oct. 30, 1897-Mar. 4, 1962 [adjacent to marker for Ezra K. Lewis]

Liggett, Harry Carter, Jan. 14, 1930-Jan. 2, 2000, military marker "PFC US Army Korea"

Lindenfield, Bertha May, 1899-1974 [probably daughter of William Henry Lindenfield and Leila Phifer Lindenfield, whose matching markers are adjacent]

Lindenfield, Leila Phifer, 1872-1956, "Wife of William Henry Lindenfield"

Lindenfield, William Henry, 1862-1939 (lichen covered)

Lindsey, C. Neal, 1876-1953
Lindsey, Nora F., 1882-1974

Lindsey, Hugh, May 15, 1914-Mar. 3, 1998
Lindsey, Mildred B., Feb. 20, 1927-Nov. 21, 1984, "Married Dec. 27. 1946"

Lindsey, Josephine [see Cogdell, Josephine Lindsey]

Lindsey, Lena [see Hancock, Lena Lindsey]

Lipscomb, Charles David, 1944, "Son of A. P. & Oeda Lipscomb"

Lipscomb, Oeda Davenport, Feb. 11, 1907-Feb. 8, 1957
Lipscomb, Asa Parham, June 10, 1903-____

Little, Dee [see Sheppard, Dee Little]

Little, Diane Reeves, July 3, 1954-July 21, 1954, "Dau. of W. F. & Alma"

Long, Bertha [see Joyner, Bertha Long]

Luck, Alice Teague, Jan. 2, 1920-Jan. 8, 1996
Luck, Haywood Hall, Nov. 9, 1920-July 31, 1989, "Married Apr. 10, 1949"

Lunn, Cora [see Moore, Cora Lunn]

Lunsford, Charlotte Creasy, July 14, 1942-Feb. 20, 1975, "In memory of our mother Chip and David"

Lyles, Eula M., July 29, 1894-May 7, 1952 [possibly a Moore]

Maness, Anita M., Aug. 16, 1944-Feb. 26, 1988, "Her children -- Kenny, Felecia"

Manley, Jimmy L., 1951-1951, "Son of Robt. O. & Mary Sue Manley"

Manley, Johnny O., 1948-1954, "Son of Robt. O. & Mary Sue Manley"

Manley, Mary Sue, 1923-1954, "Wife of Robt. O. Manley"

Manley, Robert O., 1913-1980

Manley, Robt. Owen, 1885-1953 [Masonic symbol]
Manley, Maggie M., 1890-1976

Martin, Haughtie [see Odle, Haughtie Martin]

Mayes, Gladys [see Sweat, Gladys Mayes]

Mays, Donald E., 1951-1982

Mays, James E., 1942-1968, "His child Monique"

Mays, Norene M., 1926-1997
Mays, James F., 1918-1997, "Married Mar. 9, 1941" "Our children James, Cornelia, Patricia, Brenda, and Donald"

McCall, Adelaide [see Bray, Adelaide McCall]

McCall, Alsie Bray, Dec. 14, 1865-Oct. 20, 1956 [adjacent to marker for George W. McCall]

McCall, Carolyn Pope, Sept. 5, 1896-Nov. 16, 1966, "Wife of Eff Muse McCall"

McCall, Eff Muse, Jan. 20, 1892-Sept. 12, 1971, "Husband of Carolyn Pope McCall," military marker as footstone "Tennessee Capt US Army World War I"

McCall, George W., June 28, 1856-Aug. 14, 1945 ["McCall" is assumed and appears only on central marker]

McCall, Georgia A., Mar. 22, 1901-Dec. 27, 1939 ["McCall" is assumed and appears only on central marker; probably daughter of George W. McCall and Alsie Bray McCall, whose markers are adjacent]

McCollum, App H., 1885-1956
McCollum, Dovie S., 1885-1973

McCollum, Joyce [see Scates, Joyce McCollum]

McCollum, Kenneth Preston, July 6, 1955-July 10, 1955 [probably son of Pattye S. and John H. McCollum, whose double marker is adjacent]

McCollum, Mary Sue, Aug. 24, 1916-May 28, 2000

McCollum, Pattye S., Aug. 20, 1929-____
McCollum, John H., Dec. 11, 1925-July 17, 2001, unplaced "Father" footstone, military marker as footstone "SMSgt US Air Force"; "Wed 1949"

McMichael, Frank Nelson, Mar. 25, 1942-May 21, 1999
McMichael, Inez Conger, Apr. 4, 1947-____

McMurry, Bettie Lou, 1883-1942 [replacement]

McPeake, Lema, Dec. 8, 1907-Sept. 22, 1997
McPeake, Curtis D., Apr. 14, 1902-June 25, 1966, "Children Dartha, Beatrice and Mason"

McRae, Ione [see Brown, Ione McRae]

Middleton, Laura, Mar. 26, 1884-____
Middleton, Alfred H., Sept. 16, 1867-Feb. 6, 1959

Milam, Cecil G., 1895-1979, unplaced "Father" footstone
Milam, Patra C., 1899-1982
Milam, William T., 1917-1957

Milam, Edna R., 1918-1989, unplaced "Wife" footstone
Milam, Charles R., 1919-____, unplaced "Husband" footstone, "Wed 1940"

Miller, C. Thomas, 1875-1960 [Masonic symbol]
Miller, Ida Butler, 1882-1950 [Eastern Star symbol]

Miller, Exie Neisler, Dec. 16, 1912-____
Miller, Floyd H., Oct. 2, 1907-Feb. 3, 1991

Miller, Leroy, 1873-1970

Miller, Ruby, 1908-1995; also temporary marker, Pafford Funeral Home, "Ruby Lee Miller"

Miller, Sophia E., 1877-1942 [adjacent to marker for Leroy Miller]

Miller, Verdie, 1907-1988

Miller, Wadie [see Austin, Wadie Miller

Moore, Cora Lunn, 1877-1951 [adjacent to marker for Lawson Berry Moore]

Moore, Cora, 1886-1971 [adjacent to marker for D. W. Moore]

Moore, D. W., 1878-1938 [Woodmen of America symbol]

Moore, Joe W., Sept. 25, 1926-May 23, 1973, military marker "Phm2 US Navy World War II"

Moore, Joe W., Sr., 1900-1944

Moore, Lawson Berry, 1867-1954

Moore, Leilah [see Davis, Leilah Moore]

Moore, Lucille [see Wood, Lucille Moore]

Moore, Marie, Apr. 10, 1928-Apr. 13, 1993, "Mother" footstone

Morris, Arthur H. (June), July 16, 1915-Nov. 19, 1992

Morris, Arthur Harvey, June 10, 1886-July 25, 1964

Morris, Eva Pinkley, Oct. 18, 1886-Dec. 7, 1967

Morris, Mary W., Mar. 29, 1916-Aug. 10, 1993 [adjacent to marker for Arthur H. (June) Morris]

Mullins, E. A., 1880-1947

Mullins, Ella [see Threadgill, Ella Mullins]

Murphy, Fannie, 1879-1951
Murphy, Charlie, 1878-1950

Needham, Savannah W., 1872-1960 [overlooked in 1996; in western section based on listing in Hinson et al.]

Neisler, Exie [see Miller, Exie Neisler]

Neisler, Exie Hayes, Jan. 29, 1902-Aug. 24, 1984
Neisler, William Ernest, July 3, 1899-Dec. 15, 1977, "Married Dec. 5, 1925"

Neisler, Gertie [see White, Gertie Neisler]

Neisler, Graper Johnston, 1904-1959

Neisler, J. Frank, Jr., Mar. 26, 1930-May 3, 1986
Neisler, Juanita Flake, Apr. 24, 1929-____

Neisler, J. Frank, Sr., 1884-1957
Neisler, Eva May, 1888-1959

Neisler, James Guy, 1908-1958
Neisler, Annie Anderson, 1908-____

Neisler, Jewell [see Weaver, Jewell Neisler]

Neisler, John Milton, 1869-1946
Neisler, Mattie Ann Presley, 1871-1957, "His Wife"

Neisler, John Roy, Apr. 7, 1906-Nov. 3, 1999
Neisler, Anita Jordan, Sept. 14, 1912-____, "Wed March 26, 1935"

Neisler, Pauline Hubbard, 1907-1976

Neisler, Wanda E., Apr. 13, 1937-Apr. 13, 1947 (sunken)

Neisler, Willie H., 1873-1953
Neisler, Zillah Hendrix, 1881-1963

Norman, Carter [see Bedford, Carter Norman]

Norman, Chas. E., 1871-1940, "Rev."
Norman, Minneola K., 1879-1949

Norman, Grace [see Appleby, Grace Norman]

Norman, Mary [see Jones, Mary Norman]

Oakley, Doshia Barr, Jan. 6, 1898-June 24, 1946, "Wife of H. C. Oakley"

Oakley, H. C., Mar. 6, 1865-July 5, 1941

Oakley, Mary F., 1916-1999, "Dau. of H. C. & Doshia Oakley"

Oakley, Polk, Mar. 15, 1911-Feb. 17, 1958, older marker as footstone with "J. Polk Oakley"
Oakley, Ouida, Aug. 6, 1914-July 4, 1992, footstone with "Our Mimi" and "Ouida Britt Oakley"

Oakley, Ross Flaudie Douglas, 1906-1970 [adjacent to marker for Thompsie R. Oakley]

Oakley, Thompsie R., Aug. 6, 1903-Apr. 10, 1948

Oakley, Thompsie Ray, June 12, 1928-Nov. 7, 1956, military marker "Tennessee SP2 Co C 30 Tank Bn Korea"

Oakley, Woodrow Apr. 6, 1913-____ [see Brown, Woodrow Oakley]

Odle, J. C., 1912-1978
Odle, Willie, 1912-____

Odle, James S., 1878-1950
Odle, Haughtie Martin, 1879-1942, "His Wife"

Odle, Lillian B., 1916-1965 [adjacent to marker for W. F. (Jack) Odle]

Odle, W. F. (Jack), 1915-1952

Orio, Harry Bennett, no dates, "Beloved father," military marker as footstone "Lt G US Army World War II"; dates on military marker May 18, 1910-Oct. 18, 1996
Orio, Edith Brooks, no dates, "Beloved mother," footstone with "Edith (Pinkey) Brooks"; dates on footstone Apr. 10, 1915-July 22, 1993; on main marker: "Married Dec. 24, 1939" "Son - Edward Bennett" "Daughter - Beverly Orio Romaines"

Overman, George W., 1882-1956

Overman, Louania L., 1882-1971 [adjacent to marker for George W. Overman]

Overman, Lucy, 1892-1982 [adjacent to marker for Monroe Overman]

Overman, Monroe, 1887-1971

Owen, Hulie A., Oct. 18, 1891-Jan. 10, 1959
Owen, Ora Lee, Sept. 4, 1894-July 8, 1957

Ozment, Leroy Anderson, Nov. 6, 1906-Apr. 6, 1974

Ozment, Lucille Hancock, May 24, 1906-June 27, 1999 [adjacent to marker for Leroy Anderson Ozment; probably daughter of Alvis Casey Hancock and Lena Lindsey Hancock, whose markers are adjacent]

Pafford, Royal R., June 30, 1891-Dec. 31, 1950
Pafford, Zula Mae, July 2, 1903-Aug. 5, 1992

Page, Clara E., 1869-1960

Page, Clarence L., 1892-1975
Page, Eva P., 1901-1990, "Married Feb. 25, 1939"

Page, Elizabeth Ringgold, Aug. 8, 1899-Nov. 10, 1988 (being overtaken by honeysuckle) [adjacent to marker for Ruff F. Page]

Page, Linnie [see Patton, Linnie Page]

Page, Minnie [see Adams, Minnie Page]

Page, Rufe F., 1899-1948

Page, Sam A., Dec. 11, 1922-Jan. 25, 1973, military marker as footstone "Sam Allen Page" "US Army Air Corps World War II"
Page, Gwendolyn M., June 8, 1924-____, carved wedding rings and "Dec. 25, 1945"

Patton, Henry K., Sept. 27, 1910-July 18, 1989

Patton, James J., Apr. 5, 1905-____
Patton, Edith J., Jan. 29, 1909-Oct. 28, 1994, "Mother" footstone
Patton, Jerry J., Feb. 15, 1934-Feb. 22, 1992, "Son" footstone

Patton, Linnie Page, Mar. 21, 1906-Mar. 29, 1953 [adjacent to marker for Henry K. Patton]

Pearson, Alice [see Jordan, Alice Pearson]

Pearson, Martha E. [see Hancock, Martha E. Pearson]

Pearson, Priest, Jr., 1914-1960, "Son"
Pearson, Priest, Sr., 1874-1954, "Father"
Pearson, Ida S., 1886-1961, "Mother"

Peoples, Robert Brown, 1920-1942

Perkins, Charles H., Dec. 10, 1938-Oct. 29, 2001, unplaced "Son" footstone
Perkins, Elizabeth L., Dec. 15, 1915-____
Perkins, Jessie T., Apr. 15, 1915-Sept. 13, 1963, "Father" footstone; also military marker as footstone "Tennessee AS USNR World War II"

Petty, Arthor Lee, 1893-1954
Petty, Georgie Goff, 1897-1990

Petty, Erie, 1926-____

Petty, Girtha [see Johnson, Girtha Petty]

Petty, Irene F., 1912-1980 ["Petty" is assumed and appears only on central marker]

Petty, Leo, 1912-____ ["Petty" is assumed and appears only on central marker]

Petty, Thomas Walter, 1886-1973
Petty, Dessie Hill, 1908-1959

Petty, Trula [see Laws, Trula Petty]

Phifer, Leila [see Lindenfield, Leila Phifer]

Phillips, Charlie T., 1896-1959
Phillips, Genie, 1900-____

Phillips, Noah F. (Pete), 1915-1971, military marker as footstone "Tennessee Tec 4 Co G 112 Inf World War II"
Phillips, Dorothy W., 1924-1993, "Married Mar. 21, 1968"

Phillips, Willie L., Nov. 6, 1913-____
Phillips, Joe P., Sept. 19, 1907-July 30, 1988, military marker as footstone "US Army World War II"; "Married Mar. 21, 1968"

Pinkley, Eva [see Morris, Eva Pinkley]

Pinkley, Eva [see Morris, Eva Pinkley]

Pope, Carolyn [see McCall, Carolyn Pope]

Powers, Eddie Belew, Feb. 14, 1914-Dec. 12, 1995

Powers, Louise, 1902-1976 [adjacent to marker for Robert E. Powers]

Powers, Luther M., 1885-1961
Powers, Mary Daws, 1901-____

Powers, Minnie F., 1892-1984
Powers, J. Leonard, 1891-1967

Powers, Monnie A., Dec. 3, 1889-____, unplaced "Wife" footstone [Hinson et al. report death date as Nov. 9, 1975]
Powers, Sam H., Oct. 11, 1888-Apr. 6, 1973 [Masonic symbol]

Powers, Robert E., 1894-1963, "165th Inf. 42nd Div. W.W.I"

Presley, Mattie Ann [see Neisler, Mattie Ann Presley]

Priore, Alma D., 1910-1962

Pritchard, Peggy [see Bagwell, Peggy Pritchard]

Randle, Margaret, 1888-____ [ground disturbance suggests she is buried here]
Randle, Walter, 1871-1941

Randle, Wilbur K., Apr. 12, 1919-May 15, 1961, military marker "Kentucky 1st Lt 4197 Base Unit AAF World War II"

Reed, Bertie T., Aug. 15, 1878-Oct. 12, 1978 [adjacent to marker for Robert L. Reed]

Reed, Charlie, May 22, 1907-June 6, 1970

Reed, Frances, July 23, 1912-Jan. 13, 1994 [adjacent to marker for Charlie Reed]

Reed, Robert L., Oct. 23, 1875-June 18, 1962

Reeves, Clyde M., 1906-1966, "Judge" [Masonic symbol, American legion symbol]
Reeves, Vashti Johnson, 1907-1960 [Eastern Star symbol]

Rhodes, Everett J., 1890-1972
Rhodes, Nina W. Lee, 1893-1981

Rhodes, G. Luther, 1885-1955
Rhodes, Ruby Mae, 1889-1973

Rhodes, James Edgar, Nov. 20, 1895-May 9, 1996, unplaced "Dad" footstone
Rhodes, Eula Mae, Mar. 16, 1898-Sept. 18, 1973, "Married Aug. 10, 1916"

Rhodes, Johnny M., May 5, 1950-May 7, 1950, "Son"
Rhodes, John E., July 26, 1921-____, "Father"
Rhodes, Dorothy E., Sept. 3, 1923-Dec. 13, 2000, "Mother"

Rhodes, Mabel [see Williams, Mabel Rhodes]

Rhodes, Selah Viola, 1878-1970

Rhodes, William A., 1876-1949
Rhodes, Pearl M., 1877-1971

Ringgold, Elizabeth [see Page, Elizabeth Ringgold]

Roby, Mae [see Green, Roby Mae]

Ross, Charles C., Jan. 11, 1906-Oct. 8, 1989

Ross, Helen Threadgill, Nov. 2, 1906-July 21, 1997 [adjacent to marker for Charles C. Ross]

Rosser, Ruby Mae, 1899-1977
Rosser, Clifford P., 1895-1969, "Married Feb. 4, 1916"

Ruffner, Mary Hancock Lawler, Oct. 30, 1906-Mar. 25, 1973

Russell, Pauline [see Belew, Pauline Russell]

Sanders, Alliefaire [see Jones, Allifaire Sanders]

Sanders, Lila M., 1903-1938, "Mother" footstone
Sanders, William L., 1894-1968, "Father" footstone

Sanders, Melvine, Aug. 17, 1863-Apr. 6, 1939, "Wife of C. C. Sanders"

Sanders, Odie [see Hatchett, Odie Sanders]

Sanders, William (Buddy), May 28, 1929-June 7, 1971, military marker as footstone "William L. Sanders, Jr." "Tennessee Pvt US Army World War II"

Scates, Billy Leo, Dec. 20, 1955-Dec. 22, 1955

Scates, J. L., Jr., July 17, 1929-____

Scates, Jesse L., Feb. 8, 1897-June 16, 1971

Scates, Jewel M., Jan. 1, 1910-Dec. 8, 1988

Scates, Joyce McCollum, July 1, 1914-July 25, 1968, "Mother" footstone

Scates, Ollie, 1913-1982 ["Scates" is assumed and appears only on central marker]

Scates, Ramelle, 1915-1942 ["Scates" is assumed and appears only on central marker; adjacent to marker for Ollie Scates]

Scates, Tommie H., July 27, 1931-Apr. 10, 1945

Schoonover, James Jr., no dates, "My grandson" [probably of Sula V. Jordan]

Schoonover, Shirley, 1937-2000, temporary marker, "Reed's Chapel, 3 yards south of marker for Marie Moore

Segerson, H. L. (Pony), Apr. 20, 1898-Apr. 13, 1961 [Masonic symbol]

Sheppard, Carl Lee, 1910-1990

Sheppard, Dee Little, 1910-1953 [adjacent to marker for Carl Lee Sheppard]

Sheppard, E. O. "Shep," July 27, 1910-May 31, 1968
Sheppard, Eula P., Jan. 15, 1909-Jan. 11, 1970

Sheppard, Elmer, 1892-1972
Sheppard, Ethel, 1891-1987

Sheppard, Howard, 1919-2003, unplaced "Father" footstone
Sheppard, Earlbra, 1917-2002, unplaced "Mother" footstone
Sheppard, Robert, 1935-1991, "Son" footstone

Sheppard, Thomas E., Oct. 16, 1923-____
Sheppard, Frances L., Sept. 26, 1923-____, "Married Oct. 22, 1942"

Short, Jesse E., Aug. 13, 1899-May 24, 1965, military marker "Texas Pvt US Army World War II"

Short, Vennie P., 1910-1986 [adjacent to marker for Jesse E. Short]

Small, Edna [see Britt, Edna Small]

Smith, Charles T., 1878-1939, "Father"

Smith, Dollie J., 1882-1972, "Mother" [adjacent to marker for Charles T. Smith]

Smith, Floyd L., 1918-____
Smith, Loretta N., 1922-1990, "Married June 1941" "Our son Floyd Jr."

Smith, J. Howard, Sept. 14, 1883-Feb. 23, 1950
Smith, Annie, Oct. 12, 1876-July 3, 1952

Smith, Lessie Jane, Aug. 1, 1908-May 13, 2001, "Mother" footstone

Smith, Mae C., May 6, 1899-Nov. 21, 1975 [adjacent to marker for Robert (Bob) Smith]

Smith, Parker, 1921-1993, temporary marker, Pafford Funeral Home, 2 yards north of marker for Lucille Bunch Wray

Smith, Rickey DeWayne, Aug. 24, 1971-Feb. 14, 1993, military marker "SPC US Army"

Smith, Robert (Bob), May 26, 1893-Apr. 11, 1969

Spellings, Mary [see Armstrong, Mary Paul Spellings]

Stalnaker, Charles A., Apr. 16, 1945-____
Stalnaker, Patricia A., May 13, 1947-Jan. 18, 1972

Stanfill, Estamae C., May 7, 1897-Dec. 15, 1980

Stanfill, James Albert, Jan. 13, 1888-Aug. 27, 1971

Stanfill, James Giley, July 6, 1914-Dec. 21, 1972, military marker US Army World War II"

Stanford, Addie, 1865-1950 [matches adjacent marker for Mellie Harman]

Stanford, Haran, 1910-1964
Stanford, Dave, 1901-1974, "Married 1923"

Stanford, Hautie M., July 20, 1927-Nov. 4, 1986

Stewart note: Under a Stewart central marker were adjacent individual markers for Norma Coffee and John Threadgill.

Stewart, Eleanor Ruth, Apr. 27, 1938-June 20, 1944

Stewart, Elmer L., Feb. 8, 1900-Oct. 21, 2000

Stewart, Nora [see Belew, Nora Stewart

Sweat, Gladys Mayes, 1896-1970

Swindler, Della N., Feb. 10, 1895-Feb. 22, 1985 [adjacent to marker for James H. Swindler]

Swindler, James H., Dec. 16, 1876-Nov. 12, 1950

Tate, Elen, 1918-1987 [name added to previous double marker for Lynn C. and Irma K. Holcomb]

Taylor, Exie, Oct. 25, 1902-Feb. 23, 1990

Taylor, Fannie Winslow, May 4, 1880-Nov. 28, 1970 [adjacent to marker for William J. Taylor]

Taylor, William J., July 26, 1875-Nov. 26, 1959

Teague, Alice [see Luck, Alice Teague]

Teague, Alice, Jan. 2, 1920-____ [ground disturbance seems to indice she is buried]
Teague, Haywood Wall, Nov. 9, 1920-July 31, 1989, "Married Apr. 10, 1949"

Teague, H. Mert, 1881-1941, "Father" footstone
Teague, Clyde E., 1894-1960, "Mother" footstone

Terr, Walter L., Feb. 17, 1886-May 10, 1954
Teer, Ethel B., Dec. 19, 1889-Aug. 22, 1963

Thompson, Eddie Sue, 1942-1989 (sunken) [seems to overlie the graves of Luther R. and Prestell Hall]

Threadgill, Ella Mullins, Jan. 8, 1882-Sept. 19, 1965 [adjacent to marker for James Washington Threadgill]

Threadgill, Harold A. (Dickie), Dec. 4, 1922-Apr. 20, 1972

Threadgill, Helen [see Ross, Helen Threadgill]

Threadgill, Irene B. [see Watson, Irene B. Threadgill]

Threadgill, James E. (Czar), Apr. 23, 1904-Feb. 4, 1971

Threadgill, James Washington, Dec. 24, 1879-Aug. 14, 1969

Threadgill, John (Gaggy), Oct. 18, 1903-Aug. 24, 1984 [under a Stewart central marker; Stewart could be his last name]

Threadgill, Opal Winslow, 1901-1958 [adjacent to marker for Roy Lafayette Threadgill]

Threadgill, Paul Reid, 1911-1959

Threadgill, Roy Lafayette, 1897-1975

Threadgill, Sally Cooper, Feb. 8, 1913-June 4, 1995 [adjacent to marker for James E. (Czar) Threadgill]

Todd, Charlotte S., Apr. 28, 1943-____

Todd, J. Plautt, 1910-1994
Todd, Janice S., 1926-1985, "Married Oct. 26, 1941" [she probably is a Sheppard as this marker is in a Sheppard row]

Todd, W. Arnold, Feb. 3, 1928-May 18, 1969

Vaughn, Anna F., 1869-1939
Vaughn, Will A., 1868-1939

Veteto, Dartha L., 1926-1998 [probably daughter of Lema and Curtis D. McPeake, two markers away in same row, who had child named Dartha]
Veteto, J. H. (Buddy), 1915-1977, military marker as footstone "Jess H. Veteto" "TSgt US Army World War II"

Veteto, Elton "Tom," Apr. 13, 1913-May 24, 2000
Weteto, Evelyn H., Feb. 17, 1915-____, "Married 62 Years"

Veteto, Jerry Neal, May 29, 1942-Jan. 10, 1995

Veteto, Jess L., 1886-1945, "Father" footstone
Veteto, Nora Hix, 1894-1945

Veteto, Lizzie P., Mar. 20, 1892-Apr. 20, 1976 [Eastern Star symbol; adjacent to marker for William A. Veteto]

Veteto, Ruth Emily, 1922-1943

Veteto, W. Thomas, 1860-1940
Veteto, A. Mitty, 1867-1954

Veteto, William A., Sept. 18, 1883-Dec. 16, 1967 (sunken) [Masonic symbol; marker is mostly buried; dates are from Hinson et al.]

Wade, Emery M., 1893-1968
Wade, Jennie D., 1889-1951

Wade, Lois [see Belew, Lois Wade]

Waite, Kathleen E. [see Garner, Katherine E. Waite]

Walker, Karl E., Sept. 27, 1901-Sept. 8, 1964 [under a White central marker and matches markers for James Oscar White and Bessie Hanna White - a son-in-law?]

Walker, Noraine [see Goff, Noraine Walker]

Wall, Vernice, Mar. 25, 1910-Dec. 28, 1987, footstone with "Beloved poppa Wall"
Wall, Opal J., July 12, 1912-Mar. 8, 2002, footstone with "Opal Jowers Wall" "Beloved mother of Bobby and Marie" [she may be the daughter of Daisy J. Jowers and W. T. Jowers, whose markers are in the same short row]

Wallace, Gladys A., 1896-1945

Wallace, R. Vinson, 1874-1955
Wallace, Minnie I., 1890-1975, "Husband and Wife" footstone

Wallace, Waldo, Apr. 17, 1911-May 29, 1995, military marker as footstone "Waldo Bert Wallace" "SSgt US Army World War II"
Wallace, Irene, Feb. 1, 1913-Dec. 17, 2002, "Wife" footstone

Washam, Cleybourne, Sept. 20, 1896-Sept. 14, 1955, military marker "Kentucky S2 USNRF World War I"

Washam, Jessie J., May 23, 1899-Dec. 23, 1999 [adjacent to marker for Cleybourne Washam]

Watson, Dora M., 1889-1959
Watson, Harrison B., 1887-1943

Watson, Imogene W., Mar. 18, 1895-June 19, 1981 [adjacent to marker for W. Van Watson]

Watson, Irene B. Threadgill, 1915-1986 [adjacent to marker for Paul Reid Threadgill]

Watson, Ray M., Aug. 19, 1895-Aug. 31, 1969, military marker "Tennessee PFC S1 Mil Police Co World War I"

Watson, Vivian E., Sept. 10, 1914-July 14, 1921 [replacement; this grave probably was moved from Old City Cemetery section of the cemetery to the west section as this death date predates the creation of this section; Hinson et al. note "Vivian Ellen Watson" "Dau. of W. V. & Imogene"]

Watson, W. Van, Sept. 17, 1892-Jan. 3, 1980

Weatherly, Mary Jo, Sept. 19, 1925-Nov. 19, 1988 [adjacent to marker for William David Weatherly

Weatherly, William David, Jan. 15, 1951-June 19, 1966

Weaver, Jewell Neisler, 1909-1960

Webb, Joe L., Oct. 20, 1907-June 1, 1980

West, Ida [see D'Arman, Ida West]

Wheatley, Georgia D. [see Gibson, Georgia D. Wheatley]

White, Bessie Hanna, July 24, 1880-Dec. 31, 1960 [adjacent to marker for James Oscar White]

White, Edith [see Dodd, Edith White]

White, Ella Garey, Mar. 7, 1885-Dec. 16, 1951 [adjacent to marker for Jesse Dee White]

White, Gertie Davidson, 1897-1973 [compare Gertie Niesler White]

White, Gertie Neisler, d. Dec. 13, 1972, "Aged 76 yrs., 5 mos., 1 das." [not found in 1996 or 2001; reported in Hinson et al., probably read from a temporary marker]

White, James Oscar, Oct. 5, 1878-Jan. 22, 1953

White, Jesse Dee, Jan. 27, 1884-Aug. 13, 1971

White, Lessie O., 1898-1983
White, Howard R., 1891-1964, "Daddy and Mama" footstone

White, Nannie [see Connally, Nannie White]

Wilkins, Ernest, July 18, 1897-Jan. 9, 1974
Wilkins, Grace, Jan. 6, 1901-Mar. 2, 1998, on back "S/Sgt Russell H. Wilkins 15th Air Force Killed in Albania World War II"

Wilkins, Russell H., Sept. 16, 1923-Aug. 10, 1944, military marker "Tennessee SSgt Army Air Force World War II AM-PH"

Williams, Authurlene [see Hinson, Authurlene W.]

Williams, Claudia Douglass, Apr. 5, 1887-Nov. 16, 1975 [adjacent to marker for Thomas Marshal Williams]

Williams, Flossie Jane, Mar. 1, 1903-Aug. 12, 1965

Williams, Mabel Rhodes, 1930-1960

Williams, Ona Bell Daws, 1905-1995 [may be daughter of J. T. & Flora Daws in next row]
Williams, Roy Chesley, 1899-1950

Williams, Thomas Marshal, June 2, 1880-Oct. 3, 1962

Williford, Thelma Coffey, Apr. 25, 1912-Oct. 2, 1942

Wilson, Bradley Shawn, Aug. 5, 1971-June 5, 2001, "Brad"; "Daddy" footstone

Wilson, Marie [see Deusner, Marie Wilson]

Wilson, Marty Shane, Jan. 27, 1967-Jan. 29, 1967

Winslow, Fannie [see Taylor, Fannie Winslow]

Winslow, Opal [see Threadgill, Opal Winslow]

Wood, Lucille Moore. 1901-1996 [adjacent to marker for Joe W. Moore Sr.]

Wood, Naomi [see Gibson, Naomi Wood]

Wray, Lucille Bunch, May 7, 1902-Dec. 28, 1972 [adjacent to marker for Robert E. Bunch]

Wright, Jean [see Kelley, Jran Wright]



Frank T., 1905-1990 [only first name and dates on marker; probably goes with Armstrong central marker but might go with Miller central marker]


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