(East-Central Section)

            The East-Central Section is of Lexington Cemetery the area north of the wall of the old city cemetery extending from the Madison Street access road to the eastern extension of the access road from Natchez Trace Drive. In Hinson et al., the East-Central Section is pp. 429-439. David Donahue recorded this portion of Lexington Cemetery April 9-10, 1996; checked and updated it November 16-17, 2001; and updated it October 8, 2003 and June 29, 2004.


Adams, Ada E., 1890-1984, "Mother"
Adams, Atlas F., 1891-1967, "Father," military marker as footstone "Tennessee Pvt Co A 327 Infantry World War I"

Adams, Edward Wayne, 1949-1956, "Son of Edward & Marjorie Adams"

Adams, Marjorie, Aug. 19, 1928-____
Adams, Edward B., Feb. 14, 1925-Mar. 16, 1987, "Father" footstone, "Married Oct. 11, 1947," military marker as footstone "Edward Byron Adams" "PFC US Army World War II"

Albright, Joseph Byrum, Dec. 18, 1908-Mar. 12, 1975

Albright, Mary Taylor, Dec. 7, 1912-____ [adjacent to marker for Joseph Byrum Albright]

Alexander, Kristy Dawn, Feb. 6, 1968-Feb. 18, 1968, "Dau. of J. M. & Patsy Alexander"

Arnold, Alma Dyer, Sept. 30, 1918-June 29, 1981
Arnold, William E., Jr., Jan. 5, 1915-Nov. 27, 2000, military marker as footstone "Cpl US Army World War II"; "Married May 1, 1940"

Arnold, Clem Hearne, July 18, 1892-Jan. 3, 1987 [adjacent to marker for William Ernest Arnold]

Arnold, Joe Allen, July 19, 1930-Aug. 5, 1997, "Bubba"

Arnold, Joy Arnold Hix, 1924-____ [see Hix; probably daughter of William Ernest Arnold and Clem Hearne Arnold, whose markers are adjacent]

Arnold, Loy [see Dennison, Loy Arnold]

Arnold, Virginia Lou, Jan. 29, 1917-Apr. 4, 1917, "Dau. of W. E. & Clem Arnold"

Arnold, William Ernest, Apr. 16, 1893-July 11, 1961

Austin, Ella Holland, 1870-1956 [adjacent to marker for Jones A. Austin]

Austin, Herman Bedford, Feb. 12, 1898-Apr. 6, 1999, also military marker "US Army World War I"

Austin, Hermia, 1938, "Infant daughter of H. B. & Marguerite" [replacement]

Austin, Jewel Mary, July 17, 1900-Apr. 27, 1989

Austin, Jones A., 1859-1941

Austin, Marguerite Haggard, Dec. 24, 1903-Mar. 7, 1981 [adjacent to marker for Herman Bedford Austin]

Austin, Una [see Bobbitt, Una Austin]

Azbill, Annice Rowland, June 7, 1885-Feb. 4, 1962 [adjacent to marker for Clarence E. Azbill]

Azbill, Ardell P., 1888-1970
Azbill, Luther L., 1885-1955

Azbill, Clarence E., Sept. 29, 1882-Nov. 7, 1961, "Rev."

Azbill, Clarence R., Apr. 28, 1913-Aug. 26, 1947

Azbill, Flavel Joe, Mar. 7, 1875-Feb. 26, 1962

Azbill, Helen [see Burton, Helen Azbill]

Azbill, Howard Lanier Parish, Nov. 30, 1875-May 31, 1959

Azbill, Juanita White, Sept. 4, 1908-Mar. 3, 1971 [probably daughter of Effie Page White and Will T. White, whose markers are in the next row]
Azbill, Jim H., Jan. 27, 1902-Mar. 10, 1971

Azbill, Julia H., July 18, ____-May 22, 1963
Azbill, Leasel L., Sept. 18, 1905-Apr. 22, 1974

Azbill, Lola M., 1912-____
Azbill, Herschel B., 1901-1991, "Our son Dwight"

Azbill, Maude La Una, July 10, 1883-July 1, 1959
Azbill, James C. (Neal), May 3, 1873-Oct. 17, 1965

Azbill, May [see Stewart, May Parish Azbill]

Azbill, Maybelle H., July 10, 1922-____
Azbill, Floyd Parker, July 26, 1917-Feb. 18, 1999, military marker as footstone "Sgt US Army World War II"; "Married Dec. 8, 1945"

Azbill, Raymond F., Dec. 19, 1904-July 15, 1996, military marker "US Army Air Corps World War II"

Azbill, Ruth Naomi, May 19, 1907-Nov. 7, 1942 [adjacent to marker for Clarence R. Azbill]

Azbill, Will Emmitt, Aug. 8, 1909-Apr. 23, 1922, "Son of Rev. & Mrs. C. E. Azbill"

Basham, Maynard H., Aug. 27, 1910-____

Basham, Ruth Jones, Jan. 7, 1910-Sept. 24, 1998 [adjacent to marker for Maynard H. Basham]

Bass, Laura M., 1907-____, "Wife of John T."
Bass, Thomas H., 1933-1952
Bass, John T., 1886-1952

Bauman, Ophie [see Taylor, Ophie Bauman]

Beasley, Al. E., 1877-1927

Beasley, Alfred Elliott, 1916-1981

Beasley, E. Stanford, May 1, 1902-Feb. 12, 1955

Beasley, Henry A., Sept. 9, 1932-Oct. 14, 1943

Beasley, Mary Cox, Oct. 20, 1905-Jan. 28, 1993 [adjacent to marker for E. Stanford Beasley]

Beasley, Ruby, 1880-1971

Beasley, Stanford, Jr., July 6, 1927-Aug. 3, 1930

Beasley, ______ [there seems to have been a Beasley infant buried June 2004 4 feet northeast of marker for Alfred Elliott Beasley]

Beavers, Mary Gladys, Oct. 13, 1907-____

Beeler, Alene Butler, Jan. 6, 1910-Apr. 5, 1931, "Wife of V. A. Beeler" [probably daughter of Elbert A. Butler and Ida D. Butler, whose markers are adjacent]

Beeler, Vernon A., Aug. 5, 1907-June 17, 1967

Blankenship, C. W., 1857-1948, "Father"

Blankenship, Ida L., 1885-1965 [adjacent to marker for Robert F. Blankenship]

Blankenship, Lewis R., 1914-1981

Blankenship, Loy "Esaw," Mar. 31, 1918-Dec. 2, 1986

Blankenship, Robert F., 1885-1947

Bobbitt, James Arthur, Jan. 15, 1889-Aug. 4, 1933

Bobbitt, Una Austin, Jan. 14, 1892-Jan. 21, 1968 [adjacent to marker for James Arthur Bobbitt]

Bobbitt, William Austin, Jan. 26, 1919-Oct. 1, 1994 [probably son of Una Austin Bobbitt and James Arthur Bobbitt, whose markers are adjacent]

Boren, Frederick C., 1885-1950
Boren, Mary Smith, ____-1979, unplaced "Wife" footstone

Boswell, Etta [see Creasy, Etta Boswell]

Boswell, J. Frank, Jan. 28, 1876-Apr. 18, 1956, "He gave his life for others" (sunken) [name buried in 2001]

Boswell, John Fielder, 1880-1915

Boswell, Josephine [see Hardin, Josephine Boswell]

Boswell, Laura Ann Moffitt, Oct. 28, 1852-May 14, 1931, "Wife of John Brown Boswell"

Boswell, Lela Ada [see Hardin, Lela Ada Boswell]

Bowman, Liza H., 1909-1997
Bowman, H. Tom, 1891-1955, military marker as footstone "Henry Thomas Bowman" "Tennessee Sgt Co E 323 Infantry World War I"; dates on military marker Sept. 27, 1891-Apr. 9, 1955
"Father and Mother" footstone

Britt, Mary Hennessee, 1903-1986

Brooks, Adna Wright, 1881-1945
Brooks, Lonnie F., 1877-1930, military marker as footstone "Lonnie Franklin Brooks" "Pvt Co F 2 Tenn Inf Spanish American War" (military marker is sunken)

Brooks, Ben Hopper, 1913-1918 [replacement]

Brooks, Infant, no dates, "Infant son of L. F. & Adna Brooks" [replacement]

Brooks, Joseph W., Mar. 26, 1920-July 20, 2000, military marker "MSgt US Army WWII Korea Vietman"

Brooks, Mamie [see Connell, Mamie Brooks]

Brooks, Willie Sue, 1908-1916 [replacement]

Brown, Annie Gammon, 1868-1950, "Mother" footstone
Brown, Frank A., 1866-1953

Brown, Eura E. (Pete), Nov. 24, 1912-Apr. 12, 1998
Brown, Neil C., Dec. 23, 1914-May 28, 1982, "Our children: Pat, Judy, Cheryl"

Brown, Ida Dale, 1867-1945
Brown, James O., 1864-1945

Brown, Lela [see Threadgill, Lela Brown]

Bryant, Gladys Jennings, June 25, 1910-Dec. 8, 2000 [adjacent to marker for James Thomas Bryant; probably daughter of William Richard Jennings and Annie Lee Whitaker Jennings, whose markers are adjacent]

Bryant, James Thomas, Nov. 8, 1897-Jan. 19, 1971

Buck, Mary, 1887-1952
Buck, Bob, 1886-____

Buckley, Lula [see Timberlake, Lula Buckley]

Bunch, Bertha W., Mar. 30, 1885-Jan. 11, 1928, "Mothre" (lichen covered) [replacement; adjacent to marker for Harry M. Bunch]

Bunch, Harry M., Feb. 4, 1882-Dec. 10, 1944, "Father" [replacement]

Bunch, Joe C. (Buddy), Mar. 31, 1930-May 5, 1983, "SSgt USAF"

Bunch, Joe Wylie, Dec. 1, 1906-July 3, 1972 (sunken)

Bunch, Mary Lois, Nov. 18, 1907-Dec. 26, 1980

Burton, Helen Azbill, Feb. 16, 1924-____, unplaced "Grandma" footstone
Burton, W. R. (Bill), Sept. 25, 1919-Oct. 10, 1995, military marker as footstone "William R. Burton" "Sgt US Army World War II"; "Married Sept. 27, 1947"

Butler, Alene [see Beeler, Alene Butler]

Butler, Elbert E., 1878-1945 [Masonic symbol]

Butler, Holmes, Apr. 11, 1919-June 11, 1995, military marker "US Army World War II"

Butler, Ida D., 1881-1977 [adjacent to marker for Elbert E. Butler; probably a Dennison]

Butler, Mary Key, 1914-2002

Butler, Woodrow, 1913-1990

Carrington, Lanora Reed, 1870-1920, "Wife of J. A. Carrington"

Carroll, Freida A., Dec. 4, 1948-____
Carroll, Dennis W., Jr., Dec. 12, 1948-May 5, 1999, military marker as footstone "OS3 US Navy"

Cawthon, Bobby J., Dec. 3, 1938-Aug. 20, 1999

Cawthon, May Belle, 1908-1996
Cawthon, Joe C., 1910-1981, "Married Dec. 23, 1933

Caywood, Elizabeth Summers, Jan. 16, 1909-Apr. 6, 1996 [adjacent to marker for Paul Graden Caywood]

Caywood, Paul Graden, Jan. 11, 1907-June 24, 1990, military marker "Tec3 US Army World War II"

Chapman, Marie [see Timberlake, Marie Chapman]

Choat, Morris, 1912-1975

Christopher, Nancy [see Gurley, Nancy Christopher]

Coble, Ethel P., 1893-1984
Coble, John E., 1893-1970, "Married Sept. 13, 1917"

Cody, Larry Joe, May 7, 1937-Jan. 5, 1992, "Wife Barbara," military marker as footstone "Pvt US Army Vietnam"

Cody, Lillian A., 1915-1991, "Mama" footstone
Cody, Joe F., 1907-1982, "Daddy" footstone, carved wedding rings and "1934"

Connell, Mamie Brooks, 1909-1976

Cook, Ivy E. [Harper, Ivy E. Cook]

Copeland, Charles W., 1930-1992, military marker "Sgt US Army"

Council, Dessie L., 1894-1962
Council, Will C., 1876-1940

Cox, Mary [see Beasley, Mary Cox]

Creasy, Etta Boswell, Sept. 28, 1877-Jan. 2, 1951, "Wife of Felix Creasy"

Creasy, Felix, Apr. 23, 1875-Dec. 14, 1955

Dale, Ida [see Brown, Ida Dale]

Darden, Marietta, 1903-1926 [under a Boswell family marker]

Davenport, Cora [see Fanning, Cora Davenport]

Davenport, Glenna, Jan. 28, 1889-Dec. 21, 1953 [adjacent to marker for H. P. Davenport]

Davenport, H. P., Sept. 25, 1875-Aug. 14, 1933

Davenport, Henry B., Aug. 24, 1910-Dec. 5, 1997, also military marker "MM1 US Navy World War II" [probably son of Glenna Davenport and H. P. Davenport, whose markers are adjacent]

Davenport, Laverne Travillion, Nov. 9, 1920-Nov. 12, 1998 [adjacent to marker for Henry B. Davenport]

Davis, Lessie [see Powers, Lessie Davis]

Daws, Catherine, 1902-1983
Daws, Asa L., 1898-1953

Daws, G. W., July 22, 1896-Oct. 5, 1925, "Husband" "Father"

Daws, J. F., July 12, 1864-Feb. 10, 1939
Daws, J. F., Mrs., Aug. 9, 1865-June 25, 1948, "His Wife"

Denison, John Royal, Feb. 19, 1923-Feb. 3, 1975

Denison, Sudie M., June 12, 1915-May 18, 2000, unplaced "Mother" footstone
Denison, W. Edward, Mar. 9, 1909-May/1963

Denison, William P., 1876-1949
Denison, Victoria Gibson, 1882-1971, "His Wife"

Dennison, Dan, 1919-1931 [probably son of I. M. Dennison and Loy Arnold Dennision]

Dennison, I. M., 1890-1945 [Masonic symbol]

Dennison, Loy Arnold, 1895-1970 [adjacent to marker for I. M. Dennison]

Dennison, Rachel Stanfill, Jan. 10, 1919-____, "Beloved mother" [adjacent to marker for John Royal Denison]

Douglass, Alton [see Lewis, Alton Douglass]

Douglass, Alva L., Feb. 22, 1894-Nov. 29, 1983 [adjacent to marker for T. Ben Douglass]

Douglass, Gran M., June 27, 1864-Oct. 31, 1931

Douglass, Gregory Howard, Aug. 19, 1962-June 25, 1998, footstone with "'Leo' Beloved son, brother, uncle and friend"

Douglass, John M., Sept. 9, 1914-Nov. 11, 1994

Douglass, Martha J., July 23, 1869-Dec. 9, 1950 [adjacent to marker for Gran M. Douglass]

Douglass, T. Ben, June 13, 1906-May 29, 1990

Dumas, Earnest, Sept. 2, 1901-May 6, 1983 [undera a Beasley family marker]

Dumas, Elizabeth, Oct. 2, 1904-May 30, 1996 [adjacent to marker for Earnest Dumas]

Dyer, John W., 1922-1990, military marker "Cpl US Army World War II"

Dyer, Mildred Owens, Aug. 31, 1924-Feb. 13, 1992 [adjacent to marker for John W. Dyer; probably daughter of Opal B. owens and Will M. Owens, whose markers are adjacent]

Dyer, Sallie [see Taylor, Sallie Dyer]

Ervin, Marie Hatchett, Sept. 3, 1923-July 23, 1965 [probably daughter of Martha E. and James H. Hatchett, whose double marker is adjacent]

Essary, Alba Watson, 1880-1919 [adjacent to marker for Ernest W. Essary, Sr.]

Essary, Ernest W., Sr., 1870-1960

Essary, Ernest Watson. 1903-1982

Fanning, Cora Davenport, Oct. 18, 1878-July 24, 1965, Wife of W. C. Fanning" [Eastern Star symbol]

Fanning, Evelyn P., Feb. 22, 1899-Apr. 28, 1971, "Wife of I. B. Fanning"

Fanning, Innes B., Nov. 5, 1898-Apr. 13, 1982

Fanning, William Carroll, July 11, 1872-Aug. 24, 1957 [Masonic symbol]

Fesmire, Catherine, 1908-1988
Fesmire, Claude Allan, 1902-1984

Fesmire, Mary Ellen, 1930-1930, "Dau. of Catherine & Claude Fesmire"; death date in WPA: Nov. 18, 1930

Fields, Barbara [ssee Wright, Barbara Fields]

Floyd, Sarah [see Park, Sarah Floyd]

Foote, Shirley Jean, Sept. 5, 1940-May 22, 1999

Gammon, Annie [see Brown, Annie Gammon]

Gardiner, Daisy W., June 19, 1906-Dec. 29, 2003 [shares double marker with Hazel Y. Wiggs]

Gayle, Mary Louise Essary, Dec. 27, 1906-Dec. 19, 1989 [adjacent to marker for Stuart Campbell Gayle]

Gayle, Stuart Campbell, Mar. 22, 1904-May 22, 1972

Gibson, Victoria [see Denison, Victoria Gibson]

Gideon, Louise Timberlake, May 18, 1898-June 8, 1931, "Wife of Gill A. Gideon" [replacement]

Gilliam, Ernest Manley, 1902-1968

Gilliam, Fenner H., 1897-1960 [Masonic symbol]
Gilliam, Ruth W., 1898-1993 [Eastern Star symbol]

Gilliam, Infant, Jan. 3, 1920, "Infant son of Ruth Roberts Gilliam"

Gilliam, Lizzie, d. Oct. ____, "Aged 25 yrs." [overlooked or not readable in 1996; from WPA]

Gilmore, Nettie Wolfe, 1905-1998, Wife"
Gilmore, Arnold F., 1902-1950, "Husband"

Griggs, Warren Fletcher, Sept. 2, 1964-Sept. 8, 1964 [overlooked or not found in 1996; from Hinson et al.]

Gurley, Elus Lee, Jan. 11, 1906-July 7, 1990, "Beloved son and brother," military marker as footstone "PFC US Army World War II" [probably son of Nancy Christopher Gurley and brother of Velma G. Waynick]

Gurley, Nancy Christopher, 1877-1959

Haggard, Marguerite [see Austin, Marguerite Haggard]

Halbrooks, Phila, Dec. 17, 1898-Aug. 27, 1971

Hardin, Jasper L., 1871-1955

Hardin, Josephine Boswell, 1884-1952, "Wife of Will B. Hardin"

Hardin, Lela Ada Boswell, 1882-1954, "Wife of Jasper L. Hardin"

Hardin, Thompsie G., 1886-1956

Hardin, Walter L., 1888-1981
Hardin, Dixie S., 1897-1994

Hardin, Willie Ben, 1874-1955

Harris, William Lawton, Oct. 19, 1934-May 4, 1936

Hatchett, Albert H., May 3, 1913-Nov. 1, 1969

Hatchett, Marie [see Ervin, Marie Hatchett]

Hatchett, Martha E., 1893-1963
Hatchett, James H., 1887-1972

Hatchett, Martin I., July 12, 1907-July 24, 1972 [probably son of Nora Jones and Sim A. Hatchett, whose double marker is adjacent]

Hatchett, Nora Jones, 1887-1966, "Married July 29, 1906"
Hatchett, Sim A., 1875-1964

Hay, Mary [see Patton, Mary Hay]

Hay, William W., May 26, 1934-Sept. 25, 1991, "Billy" [under a McNatt family marker]

Hayes, Christine [see Sisson, Christine Maness]

Hayes, Hettie [see Key, Hettie Hayes]

Hearn, Lula E., Feb. 12, 1863-Jan. 7, 1962
Hearn, Joe Lee. Sept. 4, 1861-June 13, 1934

Hearn, May [see Parker, May Hearn]

Hearne, Beulah F., 1891-1980
Hearne, Usher G., 1890-1966

Hearne, Clem [see Arnold, Clem Hearne]

Hearne, Ollie, Jan. 28, 1906-____
Hearne, Jimmie, Oct. 27, 1903-Mar. 30, 1969, "Beloved husband of Ollie"

Hennessee, Bethel N., 1891-1950

Hennessee, Mary [see Britt, Mary Hennessee]

Hills, Alice Timberlake, Oct. 31, 1899-Sept. 26, 1963, "Wife of Walter J. Hills, Jr."

Hills, Walter J., Jr., Dec. 22, 1894-Jan. 11, 1932

Hinson, Arthur McCall, 1886-1964

Hinson, Martha [see White, Martha Hinson]

Hinson, Tennie Teague, 1886-1936 [WPA: "Mrs. Tenie Irene Hinson," d. Apr. 22, 1936, "Aged 50 ys. 2 ms. 4 ds."]

Hix, Joy Arnold, 1924-____ [probably daughter of William Ernest Arnold and Clem Hearne Arnold, whose markers are in the next row]
Hix, William Donald, 1949-1968, "Donnie"
Hix, William Newton, Jr., 1922-____

Holland, Ella [see Austin, Ella Holland]

Holland, Ivie McKissack, 1879-1960 [adjacent to marker for W. Roy Holland]

Holland, Ivy M., Jan. 9, 1910-Jan. 26, 1992, military marker "US Navy World War II"

Holland, W. Roy, 1879-1938, "P.G.M." [Masonic symbol]

Holmes, Evelyn Threadgill, Jan. 17, 1914-Apr. 28, 1991 [adjacent to marker for Leroy Asbury Holmes]

Holmes, Leroy Asbury, Dec. 28, 1910-Apr. 5, 2003

Holmes, Leroy Hartwell, Oct. 10, 1935-July 4, 1956

Holmes, Media [see Franklin, Media Holmes]

Holmes, Vergie, 1908-1995
Holmes, Pierce, 1908-1961, "Mother and Father" footstone

Hopper, Ivy E. Cook, Aug. 13, 1879-Jan. 22, 1928, "Wife of R. E. Hopper"

Hopper, Ruth Irene, 1909-____ [probably buried in 2001], "Mother" footstone
Hopper, Romie Ethol, 1879-1967, "Married Dec. 3, 1933"

Jackson, Ardie [see Sellers, Ardie Jackson]

Jackson, Lula [see Tate, Lula Jackson]

Jennings, Annie Lee Whitaker, Nov. 28, 1889-Mar. 16, 1959 [adjacent to marker for William Richard Jennings]

Jennings, Gladys [see Bryant, Gladys Jennings]

Jennings, William Richard, May 28, 1875-Sept. 5, 1935

Johnson, Infant, d. June 6, 1935, "Aged 2 days" "Infant of H. H. & Ruby Johnson" [not found in 1996; from WPA; compare Kenneth Lynn Johnson]

Johnson, Kenneth Lynn, June 5, 1935-June 7, 1935 [matches dates of WPA listing of "Infant of H. H. & Ruby Johnson"]

Johnson, Lucille, 1919-1999 [eastern Star symbol]
Johnson, Riles T., 1917-1977 [Masonic symbol], "Married Apr. 30, 1939"

Johnston, C. H., 1869-1937, "M.D." [Masonic symbol]

Jones, Adeline [see White, Adeline Jones]

Jones, Eli, Jan. 16, 1877-Oct. 11, 1930 [replacement]

Jones, Ella Neisler, Sept. 21, 1888-Sept. 10, 1949 [adjacent to marker for Eli Jones]

Jones, G. Matthew, Aug. 24, 1912-June 27, 1948

Jones, John W., Aug. 27, 1907-Nov. 13, 1991

Jones, M. Evelyn, Aug. 26, 1916-Jan. 4, 1988 [adjacent to marker for G. Matthew Jones]

Jones, Margaret Helen, 1919-1942 (overgrown)

Jones, Nora [see Hatchett, Nora Jones]

Jones, Ruth [see Basham, Ruth Jones]

Jones, Willis H., 1892-1933

Jowers, C. Lanoice, Sept. 22, 1925-Mar. 17, 1926

Jowers, Edward C., Mar. 20, 1933-July 18, 1962

Jowers, Elector Phillips, 1892-1974 [adjacent to marker for James Clifford Jowers]

Jowers, James Cliffird, 1892-1959 [Masonic symbol]

Jowers, Roy M., Mar. 28, 1917-Sept. 7, 1995, military marker, "MSgt US Marine Corps World War II"

Kee, Hettie Hayes, Mar. 5, 1892-May 23, 1972
Kee, Martin E., July 9, 1893-Aug. 5, 1972, "Married Feb. 27, 1915"

Keller, Gladys S., Jan. 12, 1903-Sept. 15, 1980 [adjacent Sullivan family marker]

Kennedy, Callie [see Threadgill, Callie Kennedy]

Key, Mary [see Butler, Mary Key]

Kilian, F. F. (Fritz), 1882-1954

Kilian, Mildred Wolfe, 1881-1972

Kolwyck, Annie Owens, 1885-1968
Kolwyck, George W., 1882-1952, "Rev." [Masonic symbol]

Kolwyck, James A., 1918-1971 [Masonic symbol]
Kolwyck, Gladys I., 1922-___, "Mother" footstone, also unplaced "Wife" footstone [Eastern Star symbol; recently buried at time of 1996 survey]; "Married Dec. 9, 1939"

Laws, Hattie, 1892-1969
Laws, Henry, 1879-1964

Laws, Jamima [see Sellers, Jamima Laws]

Lewis, Alton Douglass, Apr. 30, 1904-May 6, 1994 [adjacent to marker for M. Hollis Lewis]

Lewis, Infant, no dates ["Lewis" is assumed as marker ready only "Infant"; adjacent to double marker for Noah L. and Beulah H. Lewis; as reported by WPA:, d. May 4, 1932, "Infant of Mr. & Mrs. N. L. Lewis"]

Lewis, M. Hollis, Dec. 7, 1905-June 24, 1970

Lewis, Noal L., 1894-1977, footstone with "Father"; dates on footstone July 8, 1894-June 10, 1977
Lewis, Beulah H., 1899-1970, footstone with "Mother"; dates on footstone Aug. 12, 1899-Apr. 26, 1970

Lindsey, Pauline [see Essary, Pauline Lindsey]

Loftin, Vivian Lewis, Aug. 19, 1923-Oct. 17, 1999, "Daughter" footstone [adjacent to double marker for Noah L. and Beulah H. Lewis]

Lofton, Rosaline, 1890-1971
Lofton, William E., 1893-1971, "Daddy" footstone, "Married 1913"

Lofton, William C., May 18, 1919-May 22, 1960

Logan, Celestia Fielder, Sept. 20, 1862-Nov. 14, 1945 [probably daughter of Mary Patience Fielder and John Samuel Fielder, whose markers are adjacent]

Lynn, Eula F., Mar. 5, 1904-Sept. 12, 1922

Lynn, May Elizabeth, Apr. 30, 1872-May 22, 1946 [adjacent to marker for Wm. A. Lynn]

Lynn, Wm. A., Dec. 30, 1869-Dec. 27, 1933

Maness, Christine [see Sisson, Christine Maness]

Martin, Fairy [see Stanfill, Fairy Martin]

Martin, Georgia Anna Zilpha Jane [see Whitehead, Georgia Anna Zilpha Jane]

Maxwell, Calla Walker, 1889-1936 [WPA: "Mrs. E. G. Maxwell," d. May 16, 1936, "Aged 47 ys. 1 ms. 4 ds."
Maxwell, E. Gecovia, 1879-1947, "Dr."

Maxwell, Edward, 1910-1939

Maxwell, Geo. H., 1886-1943

Maxwell, Geo. H., Jr., 1912-1996 [from previous temporary marker: George Henry Maxwell, Jr.]

Maxwell, Harold L., Dec. 2, 1924-Aug. 4, 1990, military marker "US Navy World War II"

Maxwell, Lela A., Sept. 15, 1881-Apr. 10, 1949

Maxwell, Lula L., 1888-1974 [adjacent to marker for Geo. H. Maxwell]

Maxwell, Maude [see Park, Maude Maxwell]

Maxwell, Rebecca E., 1914-2002 [adjacent to marker for Geo. H. Maxwell, Jr.]

McCaslin, Kenneth M., May 27, 1936-Jan. 20, 1999, footstone with "'Our poppie' Reid, Evan, Marcy"
McCaslin, Janet S., Apr. 22, 1938-____, "Married March 22, 1957" "Our children Pamela, Randall and David"

McKissack, Ivie [see Holland, Ivie McKissack]

McNatt, Albert, Sept. 25, 1885-Aug. 30, 1935

McNatt, Minnie N., Aug. 27, 1883-Mar. 9, 1977 [adjacent to marker for Albert McNatt]

McPeake, Martha H., 1911-1994 [possible a Hatchett]
McPeake, Jesse A., 1904-1974, "Married July 11, 1931" "Our son Ralph E."

McPeake, Troy W., Mar. 12, 1901-Jan. 19, 1971

Medaris, Chip, 1949-2003, temporary marker, Pafford Funeral Home, 2 yards north of marker for Leroy Hartwell Holmes

Milam, Edna H., Oct. 2, 1910-Sept. 17, 1999
Milam, Granville O., Dec. 2, 1904-July 29, 1987, "Married Dec. 23, 1964," military marker as footstone "Cpl US Army World War II"

Moffitt, Elizabeth Stanford, May 19, 1866-Jan. 31, 1948, "Wife of Esoc A. Moffitt"

Moffitt, Esoc A., Mar. 23, 1862-Dec. 23, 1959, "Husband of Elizabeth Stanford"

Moffitt, Joe [see Smith, Joe Moffitt]

Moffitt, Joseph Henry, June 16, 1854-Dec. 17, 1928 [replacement]

Moffitt, Laura Ann, Oct. 28, 1852-May 14, 1931, "Wife of John Brown Boswell"

Moffitt, Margaret S., May 14, 1899-Nov. 21, 1989

Moffitt, Trixie Veola, July 14, 1888-Oct. 4, 1951

Moody, Joe, 1865-1948

Moody, Sammy David, Oct. 17, 1948-Jan. 23, 1949 [replacement]

Moss, Frank, 1895-1923 [replacement; as reported in WPA: June 19, 1895-Dec. 1, 1923, "Son of D. T. & J. F. Moss"]

Moss, Thomas Dudley, 1864-1940

Myracle, Thelma L., July 3, 1921-Oct. 10, 2001, form temporary marker read in 2001: Lorine Myracle]
Myracle, Robert L., Jan. 25, 1925-____

Myracle, Thelma Lee, Dec. 15, 1946-July 21, 1951, "Dau. of R. L. & Lorene Myracle" "Peaches"

Neely, Dorothy Richardson, Apr. 2, 1924-May 16, 1981

Neisler, Ella [see Jones, Ella neisler]

Oakley, Carlie Page, 1886-1962

Oakley, Corine, 1924-1931 [replacement; adjacent to marker for N. Rush Oakley]

Oakley, Faye, 1911-2000

Oakley, Imogene [see Poston, Imogene]

Oakley, Louise, 1909-1998

Oakley, N. Rush, 1884-1932 [replacement]

Odle, Helen May, Sept. 4, 1942-Feb. 3, 1979, "Wife"

Odle, Parrish Edward, Dec. 19, 1972-Feb. 3, 1979, "Son" [of Helen May Odle]

Odle, Richard Fred, Aug. 10, 1902-Oct. 31, 1989

Odle, Ruth Threadgill, Apr. 19, 1911-Mar. 8, 1992 [adjacent to marker for Richard Fred Odle]

Osier, Eugene C., 1882-1951

Osier, John B., 1913-1973

Overman, Ben, Sept. 11, 1911-Mar. 30, 1991, "Daddy Ben" footstone
Overman, Blossom, July 3, 1908-____, unplaced "Wife" footstone
Overman, Annie Awbrey, Aug. 11, 1910-Jan. 27, 1987, "Niece" footstone

Overman, Sue Nell, Sept. 29, 1934-____
Overman, Carl D., Sept. 24, 1932-Dec. 18, 1994, military marker as footstone "PFC US Army Korea"; "Married Mar. 4, 1956"

Owens, Annie [see Kolwyck, Annie Owens]

Owens, Cordelia [see Smith, Cordelia Owens]

Owens, Mildred [see Dyer, Mildred Owens]

Owens, Opal B., June 2, 1906-Jan. 1, 1982 [adjacent to marker for Will M. Owens]

Owens, Will M., June 23, 1899-Mar. 10, 1967

Pafford, Darius D., 1854-1918
Pafford, Linnie Edwards, 1864-1927 [WPA: "Mrs. D. D. Pafford," d. Oct. 24, 1927, "Aged 63 yrs. 6 mos. 23 das."]

Page, Benjamin Franklin, July 31, 1896-Jan. 5, 1940 [replacement]

Page, Benjamin Franklin, Sept. 1, 1925-July 30, 1978, military marker "US Navy" [called Frank Page in Hinson et al.]

Page, Clarice, 1928-1962

Page, Frank, Sept. 1, 1925-Dec. 13, 1964, military marker "Tennessee S1 USNR World War II"

Page, J. A., Sept. 17, 1891-Jan. 22, 1958

Page, J. W., 1861-1938

Page, Janice, Mar. 8, 1928-Aug. 23, 1998

Page, Linnie White, Sept. 26, 1884-Nov. 3, 1979 [adjacent to marker for Ollie P. Page]

Page, Marion Edgar, Mar. 14, 1889-Apr. 13, 1949

Page, Mary Frances, 1964-1915 [replacement; as reported in WPA: Dec. 19, 1864-Dec. 5, 1915, "Wife of J. W. Page" "Mother"]

Page, Ollie P., July 11, 1888-Sept. 30, 1945

Page, Roy W., 1898-1953

Page, Ruby White, Feb. 2, 1894-Nov. 7, 1951 [adjacent to marker for J. A. Page]

Page, Stephie D., Mar. 26, 1894-Oct. 26, 1927, "Wife of M. E. Page"

Park, Irby D., 1905-1988

Park, Lucille [see Pope, Lucille Park]

Park, Martha M., 1905-1971 [adjacent to marker for Irby D. Park]

Park, Maude Maxwell, 1885-1965
Park, Washington S., 1878-1945, "Mother and Father" footstone

Park, Sarah Floyd, 1917-1993 [from previous temporary marker: "Mrs."; Mar. 16, 1917-May 16, 1993]

Parker, Clara Frances, 1901-1979

Parker, Cora E., 1895-1978
Parker, Fred Lee, 1891-1969, "Married Nov. 23, 1913"

Parker, May Hearn, Nov. 22, 1884-June 10, 1983
Parker, Noble Francis, Aug. 16, 1883-Apr. 24, 1919
Parker, Francis Lorraine, Oct. 21, 1907-Mar. 15, 1975

Parker, Myrtle, 1882-1975 [adjacent to marker for Will P. Parker]

Parker, Pinkie, 1906-1990 [matches markers for Myrtle Parker and Will P. Parker]

Parker, Will P., 1880-1943

Paschall, Janet, Apr. 28, 1931-____ [in a Stubblefield row]

Patton, Mary Hay, Mar. 29, 1912-Apr. 25, 1996

Pearson, Eliza [see Moffitt, Eliza Pearson]

Pearson, Elizabeth Spellings, Apr. 5, 1903-Oct. 3, 1987 [adjacent to marker for Samuel Howard Pearson]

Pearson, Ella Howard, Oct. 3, 1874-July 25, 1925, "Wife of W. C. Pearson"

Pearson, Estelle, 1881-1951 [adjacent to marker for Leo H. Pearson]

Pearson, Leo H., 1881-1935

Pearson, Leo H., Jr.,1915-1971

Pearson, Samuel Howard, Apr. 9, 1897-Mar. 6, 1964

Pearson, Walter C., Nov. 24, 1871-Apr. 25, 1929

Perkins, Barbara Ann, Jan. 16, 1940-July 28, 1940

Pettigrew, Blanche Threadgill, 1901-1972 [adjacent to marker for Ezra Dean Threadgill]

Pettigrew, Ezra Dean, 1896-1973, military marker as footstone "Phm2 US Navy World War I"; dates on military marker Nov. 1, 1896-July 22, 1973

Phillips, Elector [see Jowers, Elector Phillips]

Phillips, Molisse Alice, June 24, 1875-Mar. 27, 1955 [adjacent to marker for Richard Henry Phillips]

Phillips, Richard Henry, Apr. 12, 1869-Jan. 10, 1936

Pope, Lucille Park, d. Mar. 22, 1999
Peterson, Finley Fay, 1910-1988, "Married Dec. 29, 1928"

Poston, Imogene Oakley, 1913-1975 [adjacent to marker for W. D. Poston]

Poston, W. D., 1888-1961, "Dr."

Powers, Betty Jo [see Spoor, Betty Jo Powers]

Powers, Hugh Austin, 1889-1975
Powers, Lessie Davis, 1891-1968

Ray, Dora, 1877-1966 ["Ray" is assumed as it appears only on family marker; adjacent to marker for Terry Ray]

Ray, Terry, 1875-1929 ["Ray" is assumed as it appears only on family marker]

Reed, Lanora [see Carrington, Lanora Reed]

Reeves, John Neal, 1886-1983, military marker "Pvt US Army World War I"

Reeves, Julia E., Aug. 20, 1899-Mar. 13, 1943 [replacement; adjacent to marker for John Neal Reeves]

Rhodes, Alma T., 1883-1980
Rhodes, William A., 1872-1964

Rhodes, Mellie J., 1882-1970 ["Rhodes" is assumed as it appears only on family marker; adjacent to marker for Sidney B. Rhodes]

Rhodes, Sidney B., 1876-1936 ["Rhodes" is assumed as it appears only on family marker]

Rice, R. L., Oct. 28, 1866-Mar. 11, 1933

Richardson, Annabelle Wright, May 6, 1889-Aug. 31, 1952 [adjacent to marker for William Alfred Richardson]

Richardson, Dorothy [see Neely, Dorothy Richardson]

Richardson, Edna Lois, Mar. 29, 1911-June 10, 1984

Richardson, Jettie Lane J., Oct. 15, 1908-____ [adjacent to marker for Thomas Floyd Richardson]

Richardson, Thomas Floyd, May 11, 1903-Dec. 1, 1991

Richardson, William Alfred, Oct. 11, 1886-Dec. 2, 1963

Roberts, John D., Oct. 16, 1918-July 31, 1974, "SSgt Army Air Forces" [military service is carved on main marker; a military marker is used as a footstone on this grave but is is sunken, mostly buried, and unreadable in 1996]

Roberts, Mary W., Nov. 22, 1880-Sept. 30, 1962

Rogers, Virgil M., Apr. 12, 1920-Nov. 19, 2003
Rogers, Una A., Jan. 11, 1919-____

Rosser, Lena [see Scott, Lena Rosser]

Rowland, Annice [see Azbill, Annice Rowland]

Scates, Charles Elmer, July 12, 1928-Nov. 23, 1930

Scates, Elmer Ottrice, Sept. 27, 1906-June 12, 1931

Scates, Elpha L., May 31, 1888-Oct. 27, 1967
Scates, Cornelius L., Sept. 17, 1885-Mar. 16, 1970

Scates, Oakley E., Dec. 8, 1896-Aug. 9, 1952, military marker "Tennessee Sgt 1 prov Dev Regt World War I"

Scott, Charles W., 1881-1953

Scott, Hazel C., 1908-1934

Scott, Lena Rosser, 1884-1962 [adjacent to marker for Charles W. Scott]

Seaton, Harold B., 1912-1975

Seaton, Nell M., 1914-____ [adjacent to marker for Harold B. Seaton; she may be a Maxwell]

Seaton, Ruth V., Sept. 17, 1914-____
Seaton, Eldred D., June 12, 1912-May 22, 1959

Sego, Ray E., Sept. 15, 1919-Feb. 5, 1955, military marker "Sgt Co I 12 Infantry Regt World War II BSM-PH"

Sellers, Ardie Jackson, 1891-1939 ["Sellers" is assumed as it appears only on family marker; adjacent to marker for Fred S. Sellers]

Sellers, Fred S., 1883-1969 ["Sellers" is assumed as it appears only on family marker]

Sellers, James Carol, 1927-1928 ["Sellers" is assumed as it appears only on family marker]

Sellers, Jamima Laws, 1895-1970 ["Sellers" is assumed as it appears only on family marker; adjacent to marker for Fred S. Sellers]

Sellers, Otha Gray, Dec. 11, 1908-Apr. 4, 1949, military marker "Tennessee S1 USNR World War II"

Shackleford, Gladys, Oct. 10, 1909-Dec. 30, 1936 [replacement]

Shackleford, Hubert N., Jan. 20, 1902-Dec. 27, 1971, military marker "Tennessee PFC US Air Force World War II"

Shackleford, L. F., 1875-1928, "Wife of S. N. Shackleford"

Shackleford, M. E., 1895-1925, "Son of S. N. & L. F. Shackleford"

Shackleford, S. N., 1873-1937

Sisson, Christine Maness, Oct. 28, 1928-____
Sisson, Harold lloyd, June 10, 1933-July 11, 2000, military marker as footstone "Ad2 US Navy Korea"; "Our children Edith Marie and Thomas W." "Her son Larry S. Hayes"

Sisson, Edith Marie, Jan. 22, 1958-June 9, 1967

Sisson, Ernestine, 1908-____, "Mother" footstone
Sisson, S. Grant, 1904-1960

Sisson, Eva Dora, May 27, 1899-Oct. 17, 1947 [adjacent to marker for Thomas R. Sisson]

Sisson, John Lloyd, Feb. 24, 1911-Mar. 7, 1971, "Papa"

Sisson, Samuel G., Aug. 2, 1930-Aug. 3, 1930 [replacement; probably son of Ernestine and S. Grant Sisson, whose double marker is adjacent]

Sisson, Thomas Elbert, May 5, 1919-Apr. 15, 1954, military marker "Tennessee Amm3 USNR World War II"

Sisson, Thomas R., Feb. 17, 1884-Oct. 25, 1931

Sitton, Charline C., May 19, 1916-July 28, 1976 [adjacent to double marker for Ethel P. and John E. Coble]

Skeet, Leta [see Weir, Leta Skeet]

Smith, Bonnie [see Walpole, Bonnie Smith]

Smith, Cordelia Owens, 1872-1928 [adjacent to marker for William G. Smith; Supreme Forest Woodmen Circle symbol]

Smith, Dorothy D., 1914-1978
Smith, Joe Ruben, 1905-1975 [from previous temporary marker: Joe Reuben Smith, d. Dec. 30, 1975, "Aged 70 yrs., 1 mo., 15 das."]

Smith, Jennie [see Watson, Jennie Smith]

Smith, Joe Moffitt, June 28, 1895-Dec. 15, 1986, "Mrs."

Smith, Lizzie [see Winslow, Lizzie Smith]

Smith, Penelope E., Nov. 18, 1917-Aug. 20, 1918
Smith, Infant, Aug. 10, 1914-Aug. 10, 1914, "Infant son" [replacement]

Smith, Samuel Kennon, May 4, 1883-Dec. 16, 1950

Smith, Shady G., Mar. 2, 1890-May 21, 1953, military marker as footstone "Pvt Co H 137 Inf 35 Div World War I"

Smith, William G., 1859-1932, "I.O.O.F."

Spellings, Elizabeth [see Pearson, Elizabeth Spellings]

Spoor, Betty Jo Powers, Feb. 2, 1925-June 14, 1965 [probably daughter of Hugh Austin and Lessie Davis Powers, whose double marker is adjacent]

Stanfill, Edgar E., Mar. 14, 1887-Apr. 23, 1968
Stanfill, Ophie M., Feb. 26, 1898-Feb. 3, 1982

Stanfill, Fairy Martin, Feb. 15, 1910-Dec. 21, 2000, "Ninny"

Stanfill, Rachel [see Dennison, Rachel Stanfill]

Stanfill, W. B. (Buford), Oct. 4, 1904-Jan. 2, 1986, "Diddy"

Stanford, Elizabeth [see Moffitt, Elizabeth Stanford]

Stanford, Fannie K., 1875-1960, "Mother"
Stanford, George W., 1871-1950, "Father"

Starks, G. R., 1878-1929

Starks, Minnie, 1877-1953 [adjacent to marker for G. R. Starks; Supreme Forest Woodmen Circle symbol]

Starks, Rubena [see Walters, Rubena Starks]

Stewart, Coy, Aug. 28, 1894-Mar. 1, 1954

Stewart, May Parish Azbill, July 15, 1900-Nov. 29, 1973 [adjacent to marker for Coy Stewart; probably daughter of Howard Lanier parish Azbill and Flavel Joe Azbill, whose markers are in next row]

Stout, A. W., 1854-1938
Stout, Tennie M., 1856-1931, "His Wife"

Stout, Leafie, 1895-1982, "Wife"
Stout, Felix, 1879-1942, "Husband"

Stricklin, Annie Bell, Aug. 19, 1890-July 13, 1966
Stricklin, James L. (Jim), Aug. 20, 1884-May 30, 1952, "Married Oct. 5, 1908"

Stubblefield, Ernest L., Feb. 24, 1918-July 10, 1970, military marker "Tennessee Tec5 US Army World War II" [probably son of Ida B. and Will R. Stubblefield, whose double marker is adacent]

Stubblefield, Frances A., 1936-____
Stubblefield, John S., 1931-1972, military marker as footstone "Tennessee S1 US Navy"; dates on military marker Apr. 28, 1931-Feb. 9, 1972

Stubblefield, Homer F., 1913-1986, military marker "PFC US Army World War II"

Stubblefield, Ida B., Sept. 16, 1891-Apr. 28, 1972, "Mother" footstone
Stubblefield, Will R., May 26, 1890-July 7, 1969

Sullivan, Avie E., 1877-1958 [adjacent to marker for John L. Sullivan]

Sullivan, Curry L., June 25, 1915-Mar. 4, 1967

Sullivan, Ethel S., Mar. 20, 1910-May 3, 1985 [adjacent to marker for Curry L. Sullivan]

Sullivan, John L., 1878-1967

Summers, Annie Lou, 1877-1941, "Mother" [adjacent to marker for Wilbur B. Summers]

Summers, Elizabeth [see Caywood, Elizabeth Summers]

Summers, John Carey, 1917-1977, military marker "Lt Col US Air Force World War II"

Summers, W. Gaston, 1907-1928

Summers, Wilbur B., 1870-1946, "Father" "D.D.S."

Tate, John L., 1882-1940

Tate, Loy Elizabeth, Dec. 18, 1911-June 2, 1993

Tate, Lula Jackson, 1885-1949 [adjacent to marker for John L. Tate]

Tate, Thelma Glynn, Aug. 20, 1910-Sept. 29, 1991

Taylor, Margaret [see Williams, Margaret Taylor]

Taylor, Mary [see Albright, Mary Taylor]

Taylor, Ophie Bauman, Aug. 30, 1906-Apr. 8, 1989

Taylor, Pearl H., 1886-1987 [adjacent to marker for Robert L. Taylor]

Taylor, Robert L., 1887-1957

Taylor, Sallie Dyer, 1860-1942

Teague, Chas. A., 1884-1945 [not found in 1996; from Hinson et al.]

Teague, Tennie [see Hinson, Tennie Teague]]

Thomas, Barbara Faye, Sept. 9, 1954-May 10, 1995

Thomas, Betty Carol, July 1, 1954-Dec. 25, 1986

Thomas, Charles Alton, 1926-1989, military marker "S1 US Navy World War II"

Thomas, Edward L., Nov. 4, 1934-Jan. 24, 1990

Thomas, Terry Charles, Sept. 26, 1956-Jan. 28, 1958

Thomas, Velma N., Jan. 20, 1898-Dec. 25, 1994, "Married May 3, 1918"
Thomas, E. L. (Edd), Apr. 15, 1891-Feb. 2, 1970, "Their children: Newman, Kyle, Lythel Ray, Charles, Coy Lee, Edward and Billy Bob"

Thomas, Zula Mae, Jan. 27, 1930-____

Threadgill, Blanche [see Pettigrew, Blanche Threadgill]

Threadgill, Callie Kennedy, 1875-1966 [adjacent to marker for newton Swift Threadgill]

Threadgill, Evelyn [see Holmes, Evelyn Threadgill]

Threadgill, Holland Hartwell, Aug. 26, 1882-Sept. 22, 1967

Threadgill, Lala Brown, Mar. 17, 1891-June 17, 1972 [adjacent to marker for Holland Hartwell Threadgill]

Threadgill, Newton Swift, 1878-1935

Threadgill, Ruth [see Odle, Ruth Threadgill]

Threadgill, Wyatt Taylor, 1905-1987, military marker as footstone "PFC US Army World War II"
Threadgill, Virginia Ann Tilson, 1908-____

Tilson, Grace, 1885-1970
Tilson, Dudley, 1882-1963, "and Grandchildren"

Tilson, Virginia Ann [see Threadgill, Virginia Ann Tilson]

Timberlake, Alice [see Hills, Alice Timberlake]

Timberlake, Dorothy Early, Jan. 18, 1928-____ [adjacent to marker for the younger John Richard Timberlake]

Timberlake, Edward Ambrose, Dec. 26, 1901-Mar. 29, 1969

Timberlake, John Richard, July 8, 1929-____

Timberlake, John Richard, Sept. 9, 1871-Apr. 12, 1963

Timberlake, Louise [see Gideon, Louise Timberlake]

Timberlake, Lula Buckley, Aug. 22, 1875-Jan. 4, 1930, "Wife of John Richard Timberlake"

Timberlake, Marie Chapman, June 13, 1939-____ [adjacent to marker for William Edward Timberlake]

Timberlake, Ophie Bauman, Aug. 30, 1906-Apr. 8, 1989 [adjacent to marker for Edward Ambrose Taylor]

Timberlake, William Edward, Aug. 8, 1937-____

Townsend, Dorsey G., July 27, 1902-Nov. 7, 1990

Townsend, Ettie B., 1903-1933 [replacement; as reported in WPA: "Mrs. D. G. Townsend," d. Nov. 8, ____, "Aged 30 ys. 1 mo. 15 ds."

Townsend, George E., 1878-1951

Townsend, Mary L., May 10, 1913-Mar. 21, 1981 [adjacent to marker for Dorsey G. Townsend]

Travillion, Laverne [see Davenport, Laverne Travillion]

Tripp, Geo. B., 1889-1949

Tripp, H. H., Feb. 14, 1864-Apr. 9, 1933
Tripp, Fannie, Jan. 30, 1864-Mar. 6, 1935

Tuck, Helen [see Williams, Helen Tuck]

Tuck, Lena B., Mar. 9, 1893-Dec. 7, 1981
Tuck, Charles A., May 17, 1888-July 6, 1956

Wadley, Felix H., 1859-1944

Wadley, Jennie M., 1859-1936 [adjacent to marker for Helix H. Wadley; WPA: d. Oct. 21, 1936, "Aged 71 ys. 1 mo."

Wadley, Lawrence E., 1910-1937 [replacement; as reported in WPA: d. Jan. 13, 1937, "Aged 26 yrs. 1 mo. 12 days"]

Walker, Calla [see Maxwell, Callie Walker]

Walker, Hardy W., Nov. 2, 1924-Nov. 19, 1990, military marker as footstone "PFC US Army World War II"
Walker, Mary E. Weir, Jan. 6, 1925-May 8, 1996, "Married Oct. 13, 1943"

Wallace, Andy, Feb. 12, 1951-July 25, 1951

Wallace, Gertrude A., Feb. 26, 1929-____
Wallace, George Lee, Feb. 19, 1926-May 1, 2002, military marker as footstone "SK2 US Navy World War Ii"; "Married Mar. 28, 1948"

Walpole, Edward H., 1883-1954
Walpole, Bonnie Smith, 1888-1981

Walters, Rubena Starks, Oct. 13, 1911-Oct. 1, 1998 [adjacent to markers for G. R. Starks and Minnie Starks]

Watson, Alba [see Essary, Alba Watson]

Watson, Fred C., Sept. 21, 1884-Apr. 19, 1956, "Dr."

Watson, Jennie Smith, Apr. 26, 1859-July 31, 1945 [adjacent to marker for W. T. Watson]

Watson, Mallie, Mar. 24, 1888-Feb. 25, 1970 [adjacent to marker for Fred C. Watson]

Watson, Sarah B., Nov. 11, 1919-____
Watson, James C., Mar. 4, 1930-Mar. 24, 1996, military marker as footstone "Sgt US Army Korea" [from previous temporary marker: James Clyde Watson]

Watson, Vivian Ellen, Sept. 10, 1914-July 14, 1921, "Dau. of W. V. & Imogene" [not found in 1996; from Hinson et al.]

Watson, W. T., Jan. 27, 1852-Jan. 20, 1934, "Dr."

Waynick, Velma G., 1908-2004 [Eastern Star symbol; she may be a Gurley]
Waynick, William C., 1909-1993 [Masonic symbol; from previous temporary marker: William Clyde Waynick]

Weir, Leta Skeet, 1925-1995, temporary marker, Pafford Funeral Home, 3 yards northwest of marker for Ruby L. Winslow Weir

Weir, Mary E. [see Walker, Mary E. Weir]

Weir, Raymond L., June 22, 1898-Oct. 13, 1966

Weir, Ruby L. Winslow, 1897-1928, "Wife of R. L. Wier"

Wheatley, William Ray, Aug. 12, 1942-Feb. 6, 1995, military marker as footstone "SN US Navy Vietnam"
Wheatley, Sherry Anyce, Jan. 7, 1946-____, unplaced "Mother" footstone, "Married Feb. 1, 1964" "Our children: Anyce Michelle (Sissy) and William John (Will)"

Whitaker, Annie Lee [see Jennings, Annie Lee Whitaker]

White, Adeline Jones, 1898-____ [adjacent to marker for Tom White]

White, Bennie D., Nov. 4, 1892-Sept. 20, 1951, military marker as footstone "Tennessee Pvt 63 Artillery CAC World War I"

White, Effie Page, 1884-1978
White, Will T., 1882-1940

White, Emma, 1859-1945 [adjacent to marker for John H. White]

White, Hattie [see Winslow, Hattie White]

White, John H., 1852-1938

White, Juanita [see Azbill, Juanita White]

White, Linnie [see Page, Linnie White]

White, Martha Hinson, 1917-1941

White, Ruby [see Page, Ruby White]

White, Tom, 1885-1967

White, Virginia W., 1901-1996 [under a Wadley family marker; may be daughter of Jennie M. Wadley and Felix H. Wadley, whose markers are in the same row; adjacent to marker for Bennie D. White; from previous temporary marker: Virginia Irene White, d. Jan. 10, 1996]

Whitehead, A. N., May 26, 1900-Feb. 26, 1931, "Husband of G. F. Whitehead"

Whitehead, Georgia Anna Zilpha Jane Martin, Feb. 4, 1863-Sept. 26, 1935, "Wife of Archer Franklin Whitehead" [Eastern Star symbol]

Whitehead, Glennie F., Jan. 4, 1894-Jan. 25, 1983

Wiggs, Hazel Y., June 24, 1909-Jan. 28, 1996 [shares double marker with Daisy W. Gardiner]

Williams, Helen Tuck, 1918-____ [probably daughter of Lena B. and Charles A. Tuck, whose double marker is adjacent]
Williams, Dalton H., 1904-1979

Williams, Hubert McCall, Oct. 4, 1919-Nov. 21, 1919 [proably son of John Herman Williams and Martha Jane Williams, whose markers are adjacent]

Williams, James W., Aug. 30, 1916-Nov. 14, 1997

Williams, John Herman, Mar. 22, 1883-May 9, 1943

Williams, Margaret Taylor, May 21, 1917-Aug. 30, 1995 [adjacent to marker for James W. Williams]

Williams, Martha Jane, May 14, 1889-Dec. 27, 1919 [adjacent to marker for John Herman Williams]

Williams, Myrtle D., June 1, 1917-Feb. 5, 1994
Williams, Billy R., May 26, 1917-Apr. 16, 1972, "Married Sept. 26, 1931" "Father and Mother" footstone

Winslow, Alice, 1862-1942, "Mother"
Wilslow, Forest, 1862-1941, "Father"

Winslow, Leva M., Mar. 25, 1873-Aug. 13, 1959
Wilslow, Walter E., Jan. 10, 1874-May 17, 1950

Winslow, Lizzie Smith, 1882-1939
Wilslow, Alson G., 1869-1945

Winslow, Minnie R., Mar. 30, 1888-Mar. 3, 1973 [adjacent to marker for Robert C. Winslow]

Winslow, Raymond H., July 26, 1914-Feb. 4, 1999, military marker "Sgt US Army World War II"

Winslow, Robert C., May 7, 1878-Dec. 16, 1937 [replacement; Woodmen of the World memorial]

Winslow, Ruby L. [see Weir, Ruby L. Winslow]

Winslow, Thomas L., 1876-1932, "Father"
Winslow, Hattie White, 1879-1958, "Mother" [Woodmen of the World memorial]

Winslow, W. E., Jr., Sept. 18, 1909-Sept. 22, 1970, "Bill"

Winslow, Willie T., 1890-1958
Wilslow, Jesse R., 1885-1972, unplaced "Dad" footstone

Wolfe, D. A., Sr., 1871-1932

Wolfe, Devergie A., Oct. 24, 1931, military marker "Tennessee Pvt. 83 Field Arty. 8 Div."

Wolfe, Henry, Mar. 10, 1923-Mar. 15, 1923

Wolfe, Mildred [see Kilian, Mildred Wolfe]

Wolfe, Nettie [see Gilmore, Nettie Wolfe]

Wolfe, W. P., 1900-1928

Wooley, Bertie A., 1892-1961
Wooley, John W., 1890-1978, "Married Aug. Nov./1913"

Wright, Adna [see Brooks, Adna Wright]

Wright, Annabelle [see Richardson, Annabelle Wright]

Wright, Barbara Fields, Feb. 6, 1847-Feb. 16, 1931

Wright, Fannie Lee, Jan. 13, 1881-July 3, 1968 [adjacent to marker for James Walter Wright]

Wright, James Lee, July 4, 1912-Aug. 24, 1969

Wright, James Walter, Nov. 16, 1883-Mar. 3, 1952

Wright, Maud G., d. Sept. 12, 1956, "Wife of W. R. Wright"

Wright, Nancy A., Aug. 18, 1881-Nov. 8, 1929 [Eastern Star symbol]
Wright, William R., Dec. 10, 1879-Mar. 24, 1975, "Married Dec. 10, 1899" "Our children Terry, Elsie and Ray" [Masonic scimitar symbol]

Wright, Ray, July 29, 1908-May 26, 1962, "Husband of Edith Coughman" "Son of W. R. & Nancy Wright"; military marker as footstone "Mississippi Sgt US Army World War II"

Wright, Terry, Feb. 2, 1901-Oct. 26, 1983
Wright, Pauline, July 31, 1902-Jan. 15, 2000, "Wife" footstone

Wright, William Daniel, Nov. 27, 1849-Oct. 27, 1928

Yeiser, Russ, Jr., Oct. 22, 1920-July 29, 1963

Young, Wallace G., June 15, 1902-Aug. 21, 1978


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