Hendrex Cemetery is off New Safford Road in northeastern Henderson County. The access drive has a street sign. When visited in 1992 and 2004 cemetery was fenced and maintained. Several markers noted as fallen or broken in 1992 had been repaired and reset by 2004. However, in the past the cemetery had been severely damaged by cattle getting through an older fence. In 1978 it was described thus: "The condition is terrible. Nearly all the rocks are broken. Some of the tombstones here are extremely nice. There is no fence to protect the graves from the cows."

            David Donahue recorded Hendrex Cemetery December 28, 1992, and checked and updated it March 28, 2004. Brenda Fiddler and James Essary recorded the cemetery in 1976. Their record appears in Henderson County, Tennessee Cemetery Inscriptions (R. H. Harris, Memphis, 1976), Vol. III, pp. 547-548. This is referred to as "Fiddler and Essary" in the notes below. They noted "at least 30 unmarked graves." Blanche Tuten and Margaret Alexander recorded the cemetery on April 8, 1978. Although the cemetery is in Henderson County, their record appears in Decatur County, Tennessee Cemetery Records by the Captain Nathaniel A. Wesson Chapter, United Daughters of the Confederacy, Parsons, Tennessee, 1984, pp. 258-260. This is referred to as "UDC transcription" in the notes below. Tuten and Alexander estimated 20 unmarked graves.


Bankston, Lela, 1903-1929 [replacement]

Bradfield, Eliza P., Feb. 6, 1852-Sept. 10, 1888, "Wife of Dr. D. W. Bradfield"

Bradfield, Winnie J., Aug. 14, 1872-Nov. 28, 1872, "Daughter of Dr. D. W. & E. P. Bradfield"

Bruce, Rhoeny, 1897-1938 [replacement]

Collins, Mandy, Sept. 8, 1855-Dec. 6, 1931, "To the memory of our mother" (broken and repaired) [adjacent to marker for S. D. Collons

Collins, S. D., Oct. 22, 1854-Feb. 14, 1884

Denison, Curry S., Mar. 17, 1864-____ "Husband of Sarah J. Denison" [both Fiddler and Essary and Tuten and Alexander report death date as Oct. 14, 1936, but it is not on the marker]
Denison, Sarah J., Oct. 29, 1858-Feb. 19, 1908, "Wife of Curry Denison"

Dennison, Cora L., Sept. 27, 1884-Sept. 30-1897, "Daughter of C. S. & S. J. Dennison"

Hawkes, Mary J., Nov. 29, 1859-Dec. 12, 1901, "Mother"
Hawkes, John H., June 11, 1854-Apr. 1, 1899, "Father""Married Nov. 13, 1873"

Hawkes, W. H., Aug. 14, 1830-Jan. 11, 1884, "Father"
Hawkes, Eliza C., July 12, 1834-Sept. 22, 1888, "Mother"

Hendrex, Elender, May 26, 1820-Jan. 8, 1902, "Wife of Elisha Hendrex"

Hendrex, Elisha, July 1, 1817-Oct. 3, 1866 (broken and repaired)

Hendrex, Ephraim, Mar. 20, 1830-May 26, 1862
Hendrex, Larceny, Mar. 31, 1835-Oct. 14, 1880, "Wife of E. Hendrex"

Johnson, Ada D. [see Tolley, Ada D.]

Johnson, Elzana, d. Sept. 30, 1888, "Aged 37 Ys, 11 Ms, 22 Ds" "Wife of W. G. Johnson"

Johnson, Infant, no dates
Johnson, Delunar, Oct. 11, 1886-July 21, 1888, "Children of W. G. & Elzanna Johnson" (broken)

Johnson, Infant, born & died Sept. 6, 1930, "Infant dau. of H. N. & K. E. Johnson"

Johnson, J. I., July 31, 1851-May 5, 1925 [Masonic symbol]

Johnson, J. P., Aug. 3, 1865-Nov. 27, 1933

Johnson, S. E., Sept. 22, 1838-July 24, 1901, "Wife of J. C. Johnson"
Johnson, John C., Mar. 20, 1838-Apr. 28, 1901, "Our father and mother are gone..."

Johnson, Johnie H., Nov. 31, 1897-July 20, 1899, "Son of S. J. & E. V. Johnson" (broken)

Johnson, Hooper, Aug. 21, 1910-July 28, 1912, "Son of W. G. & Dora Johnson"

Johnson, Maudie, Aug. 21, 1900-Aug. 11, 1958 [adjacent to marker for J. P. Johnson]

Johnson, Max A., Sept. 29, 1932-Dec. 28, 1932, "Son of H. N. & K. E. Johnson"

Johnson, N. E., Jan. 3, 1867-Sept. 2, 1926, "Wife of J. P. Johnson"

Johnson, Samuel, Nov. 21, 1863-Jan. 3, 1882, "Dearest brother..." (broken)

Johnson, Sarah, Feb. 10, 1840-July 15, 1920, "Wife of J. I. Johnson"

Johnson, Sidney M., Oct. 25, 1933-Mar. 1, 1934, "Son of H. N. & K. E. Johnson"

Johnson, William G., 1861-1942, "Father" footstone
Johnson, Mittie Eudora, 1880-1942, "Mother" footstone

Scallions, Gertrude, 1918-1943 [replacement]

Tolley, Ada D., Feb. 3, 1889-May 11, 1915, "Daughter of J. P. & N. E. Johnson"

Tolley, Rebegha A., Oct. 17, 1862-Jan. 28, 1887, "Mother" footstone
Tolley, George A., Dec. 30, 1853-Feb. 16, 1942, "Father" footstone

Tolley, L. J., Aug. 20, 1861-Nov. 2, 1945, "Wife of G. A. Tolley"; "Mother footstone

Tolly, Infant, Feb. 21, 1906-Mar. 22, 1906, "Infant Son of G. T. & S. C. Tolly"

Tolly, James Arthur, Dec. 19, 1880-Feb. 12, 1887, "Son of G. A. & Rebecha Tolly" (broken) [birth year is unreadable in 2004]


Other People Known To Be Buried Here

Bradfield, Hobert S. (1897-May 28, 1903), son of Robert Meredith Bradfield and Mary Liza Ivy

Hendricks, Henry (Hendrix) (1793-1856), listed by Fiddler and Essary as "Father of Meridy, Ephraim, & Elisha Hendrix."

Hendrix, Jane A. Davis (July 6, 1821-June 18, 1890), wife of Meredith Hendrix and listed by Fiddler and Essary as "Daughter of John B. Davis"

Hendrix, Meredith W. (Nov. 11, 1820-May 1, 1871), son of Henry Hendrix

Hendrix, ______, Died before 1850, "Wife of Henry Hendrix" [listed by Fiddler and Essary].


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