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Chapter XIV

From Lillye Younger, The History of Decatur County Past and Present (Southhaven, MS: Carter Printing Company, 1978).
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In Memory of Lillye Washburn Younger 1912-1998.

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The Jonathan Duck Family: Left to right, Bunion, parents Charles R. and Malinda Jane
Maness Duck, Almerine, Daniel, Elbert, Andrew, Jonathan, James [Jim] Sampson (Samp]
and William [Will].

Jonothan Duck, known as "Old John" was an early settler in Decatur County, settling in the Scotts Hill vicinity.

He was born in 1788 and died in 1885. He married Bathsheba Woodward, born 1793 and died in 1872. To this union were born the following children.

Piety, born 1815 died 1883, married Green Turner the first time and Gabriel Scott the second time.

Cynthia born 1819 died 1881, married David Lancaster.

Jephtha born 1824 death unknown, married William A. Holmes.

Nathan born 1826, died 1890, married Jane Winchester

Zilpha born 1830 died 1904 married William A. Holmes.

Charles Reaford, born 1833 died 1907 married a McClanahan the first time, first name unknown, second marriage to Melinda Jane Maness.

Charles R. and his first wife had four children, Lafayette, born 1854, known as Fate, Margaret born 1856, Frances born 1858 and a son whose name is unknown.

He later married Melinda Jane Maness and they were the parents of 11 children, namely Almerine born 1863 died 1929, first marriage to Satterfield (Sat) Dyer and they had a son, second marriage was to Charley White and they had two children.

James (Jim) Charles Duck born 1864 died in 1934 married Azalee Johnson, born 1866 died 1947 and they were the parents of 10 children, Roy who married Jewel Armstrong and they had three sons and two daughters, Roy Benton, Juanita, Billy Robert and Martha Conty.

Grady married Lois Nichols and they had no children, Edd married Jewel Love and they have two daughters, Mary Jo and Margaret. Gus married Mildred Dancy and they are the parents of Mary Priscilla and Betty Carolyn.

Joe married Inez Bringo and they have two daughters, Joan and Virginia. Artie maried John Martin and they are the parents of Opal, John Edward, Ruby and Frances.

 Callie married George Chumney and they had three daughters, Mary Edith, Mae, Melba and two sons Calvin, and James.

Pearl married Jessie B. Austin and they had Leon and Virginia. Mabel married Dennis Todd who died and later married George Hoffmeyer and they have a son Bucky.

Hazel married Everett McIllwain and they have two sons, Jimmye and Sammy.

Andrew Jackson Duck born 1867 died 1942 married Nicie C. Perkins, born 1868 died 1933 and they had five children, Della, Charley, Dora, Finis and Frank.

Daniel Webster Duck born, 1869 died 1940 never married.

William (Will) Hosea Duck, born 1870 died 1952 married Arbie Azalee Jones, born 1858 died in 1933 second wife Mary Rose Eason, born 1887 died 1939.

Jonathan Little Duck, born 1872 died 1946 married Mattie Lettie Wood-ward, born 1873 and died in 1918, Their children are Homer, Betty, Florence, Yancy and Verna.

Sampson Duck born 1873 died 1951 married Louanna Clenny 1873-1958. They were the parents of ten children, Tulie born 1893, died as an infant, Alice born 1894 married E. C. Kennedy and they are the parents of Juanita, Hoover, Wynema and Thelma. Eunice born 1896 married Thomas (Tom) Jones and they had two sons, Leo and Kermit. Ethel born 1897 married Bill Duck and they had a son, Marvin. Holice Duck, born 1899 married Virginia Criss the first time and Jessie (Jet) Douglas Wilmon. Samuel L. born 1902 married Marie Harrell and they have a daughter, Margaret Ann and a son, John Sam. Grace born 1903 and died at the age of three. Oleta (O. C.) born 1909 married Rose Mallery and they have three sons, John, Jim and Jeff. Violet born 1912 married Coy McPeake and they had no children. Reaford born 1907 never married.

Elbert Houston Duck born 1875 died 1958 married Rebecca Milvira Austin born 1875 died 1950. They had a son Farris, and two daughters, Hettie and Lura. They had five children that died in infancy.

 John Bunion Duck, born 1879 died 1955 first marriage was to Eliza B. (Sid) Lancaster born 1886 died 1920, second marriage to Flora Creasy Flatt born 1886 died 1976. By his first marriage a son Russell and daughter, Alma were born and the second marriage J.B. and Helen. Two children died at birth.