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From Lillye Younger, People of Action (Decatur County Printers, 1983).

Special thanks to Constance Collett and the estate of Lillye Younger for permission to make this web page.

Lillye Younger

PARSONS — Army Chief Warrant Officer David Inman, 22, of Parsons considers himself quite a lucky young man.

He has just completed a perilous stint in the Vietnam conflict as a helicopter pilot.

"Our duty was to transport troops for tactical operations from one field location to another and to resupply them with water and food," CWO Inman explained.

"Often we were shot upon by enemy ground forces on these missions when we dipped down and took off. It wasn't a very pleasant feeling; however, I was very lucky to escape then fire. You are never in a secure area in this line of service."

Because it was impossible to locate friendly positions at night, Inman's crew usually flew only from dawn until dusk.

"Weather played a predominant part in our work," the soldier said. "About a month ago, a typhoon kept us from getting off the ground for three days. Troops were really glad to see us in action after this delay."

CWO Inman and the 92nd Assault Helicopter Company were based in the remote central mountains of Vietnam. "The Vietnamese call the people who live there ‘Highlanders.' We were at a very small village whose scrap lumber homes are very primitive," Inman said. "Vietnamese children beg candy but Highland children are too proud to beg. The families grow their own food and seem happy with the lesser things of life. They are a tribal group and do not associate with others."

Inman's company started a scholarship program for h i g h school students who could not afford to go to college. "The Vietnamese are better educated than the Highlanders, yet even their education is poor according to our standards," he said.

"The American soldiers keep up a high morale in the conflict; they have a job to do and it helps keep the spirits high," Inman commented.

While on leave. CWO Inman is enjoying visiting his wife, the former Nancy Scates of Chesterfield: their baby daughter, Beth, and his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Inman of Parsons.

He left for Vietnam Nov. 2, 1966, and returned to the States Oct. 29 of this year. CWO Inman will report to Ft. Rucker, Ala. after his leave. He has another 20-month stretch in the Army.

"Actually I had never flown but once when I volunteered for the Army in July 1966," In-man said. "I thought I'd enjoy flying and it would be exciting."

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