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From Lillye Younger, People of Action (Decatur County Printers, 1983).

Special thanks to Constance Collett and the estate of Lillye Younger for permission to make this web page.

Birthday Celebrated

Miss Jennifer Nicole Young, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Boyd Lee Young, was honored on her first birthday last Thursday in the home of her parents at 108 East Fourth Street at 7:00 p.m.

Favors included colorful balloons which were passed out to each guest.

Refreshments included Raggedy Ann birthday cake and ice cream.

Grandparents helping her celebrate were Mr. and Mrs. Chuck Young and Mr. and Mrs. Parce Collett.

[Avery Kenneth Bell]

Master Avery Kenneth Bell, aged two, was complimented on his birthday last Saturday by his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Bill Bell, at their home on Lexington Highway.

The lovely patio was artistically decorated with colorful streamers from which balloons were suspended.

Youngsters arrived, laden with ribbon bedecked gifts, which they presented to Avery. A merry good time was had as Avery opened his gifts, with shots of joy and laughter, assisted by his guests.

Mrs. Bell moved the toy box to the patio and the young age had a ball playing with Avery's toys.

Excitement ran high as the bright sparkling eyes of the party group viewed the beautiful birthday cake of white spun sugar decorated with pink rosebuds "Happy Birthday, Avery" topped the cake which was lighted by candles. Clowns danced around on the cake.

Party fare consisted of birthday cake, ice cream and favors of ice cream cones, filled with cake and topped with a clown.

Included on the guest list were Miss April Watkins, John, Grey and Robert Watkins, Shawn O'Cain, Cliff Brasher, Damon Mays, Matt Marshall, Karen Woods, Dena Montgomery, Michael and Kim Borough, Cheryl Box, Susan Kizer, Cinday Keeton, Lisa Wilkins, Billy Jean Treece, Leigh Ann Holder, Jelima Hester, Chuckie Hornbuckle.

Adults attending were Mrs. Lorene Mays, Miss Donn Mays, Mrs. Pearl Montgomery, Mrs. Reba Borough, Mrs. Wanda Box, Miss Gail Box, Mrs. Pat Treece, Mrs. Patsy Holder, Mrs. Shirley Hester, Mrs. Frances Hornbuckle, Mr. and Mrs. Leslie Bell, Mr. and Mrs. Avery Armstrong and Mrs. Mattie Wilkins.

Miss Darlene Carrillo and Miss Tammye Bedingfield assisted Mrs. Bell in the hospitality.

Birthday Celebrated

Miss Melissa Young celebrated her third birthday last Thursday, August 9th, at the home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Boyd Lee Young, 108 West Fourth Street in Parsons. Guests joined in singing "Happy Birthday" to Melissa and the highlight of the party was cutting the red and white birthday cake in the shape of Raggedy Ann. Those present were Mrs. Louise Young, Mrs. Billy Murphree, Audra and Vicki Murphree. Mrs. Mary Tolley, Angie and Mr. and Mrs. ParceCollett.

Birthday Celebrated

Susy Lyn Houston was one year old June 20. She is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Joe E. Houston of Parsons and the granddaughter of Mr. and Mrs. James R. Golf and Mrs. Troy Houston, all of Parsons.

Birthday Party Held

Miss Tammy Kelley was complimented with a birthday party on her eighth birthday by her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Jimmy Kelley at their suburban home near Decaturville last Sunday.

The spacious lawn was decorated with colorful balloons. As guests arrived they were met by the honoree who seated them in the rainbow color lawn chairs.

The refreshment table was attractively decorated with birthday decorations. The point of interest was the beautiful white birthday cake topped with red rosebuds and green leaves. "Happy Birthday, Tammy" was imprinted among the roses. Nine burning tapers cast a soft glow over the setting. Miss Kelley made a wish and blew her candles out.

Party fare consisted of birthday cake, ice cream, chips, cookies, and frosted drinks. Assisting in serving was Mrs. Troy Brasher.

Multicolored Gem party favors, with fortunes and guessing rhyme and double bubble chewing were presented to guests.

Lively games, including the balloons, and drop the clothes pin were conducted.

The highlight of the party was when Tammy opened her gifts. Squeals of delight were heard as the sparkling brown eyed youth opened each gift. She received monetary gifts, clothing, games and a pair of Lovebirds. She thanked each one for their gifts.

Those present were Rickey Kelley, Debbie Moore, Jeff Kelley, Eddie Moore, Amie Wallace, Mr. and Mrs. Horace Crick of Jackson, Mrs. Juanita Moore of Memphis, Mr. and Mrs. Edd Lee, Mr. and Mrs. Troy Kelley, Miss Betty Parrish and Mr. and Mrs. Joe Younger.

Mrs. Younger Complimented With Party

Miss Tammy Kelley complimented Mrs. Joe Younger with a birthday dinner party last Saturday evening at Mr. and Mrs. Troy Brasher's cabin on Lost Creek.

When the honoree arrived the guests sang "Happy Birthday" greetings. A delectable "Tennessee Catfish" dinner was served on the spacious patio overlooking the sparkling waters. The serving table was overlaid with a pink cloth and centered with a lovely arrangement of dahlias in an antique brown pitcher.

Sizzling hot catfish, hushpuppies, french fries with all the trimmings was served buffet style. Climaxing the delectable meal, a beautiful birthday cake, loaded down with glowing candles was served. The hostess and honoree blew the candles out. Mrs. Jimmy Kelley baked the birthday cake.

After the meal, gifts were presented to the honoree, who opened each one with a big "Thank you" to the giver.

Guests withdrew into the cabin, which was artistically, decorated with dahlias and chrysanthemums from the garden of Mrs. Brasher.

Rook games were enjoyed until the wee hours.

Those present were Mr. and Mrs. Horace Crick of Jackson, Mr. and Mrs. Jimmy Kelley, Mr. and Mrs. Troy Brasher, Miss Tammy Kelley, Mrs. Constance Collett and Mrs. Younger.

[Mrs. Parce Collett and Mr. Joe Younger]

Mr. and Mrs. Joe Younger entertained while camping for a week at Crooked Creek near Pineview.

Mr. and Mrs. Billy Goff arrived via pontoon and a steak supper was prepared and enjoyed one evening. Mr. and Mrs. Zade Patterson were dinner guests on Friday evening which was topped off with pecan pie and egg custard, prepared by Mrs. Patterson.

Sunday a birthday dinner, complimenting Mrs. Parce Collett and Joe Younger was prepared in the coals. The meal featured hamburger steaks, baked corn on the cob, and was topped off with a beautiful white birthday cake, decorated with pink and topped with an insignia of a deer, baked by Mrs. Louise Patterson. Happy birthday was sung and gifts presented.

Guests were Mr. and Mrs. Troy Brasher, Miss Tammy Kelley, Mr. Parce Collett, Mr. David Dye, Mr. Roy Young and John Hessee of Memphis.

[Miss Tammy Kelley]

Miss Tammy Kelley was complimented on her 8th birthday with a party on the lawn of Mr. and Mrs. Joe Younger. Colorful balloons and streamers outlined the patio where hamburgers were grilled and served with all the trimmings.

The serving table was overlaid with a white cloth, bordered with yellow and green designs and centered with hurricane candles casting a glow over the scene. Matching napkins added beauty to the setting.

Miss Kelley made a wish and blew out the eight yellow candles atop the white birthday cake decorated with pink and lavender rosebuds and green leaves. "Happy Birthday Greetings" were imprinted amid the rosebuds. Guests sang "Happy Birthday" to the honoree.

Gifts were presented, which Miss Kelley opened with shouts of gratitude. Helping her celebrate were her dad, Jimmy Kel1ey, Miss Shirley Scott of Scotts Hill, Miss Darlene Carrillo. Miss Janice Collett, Steve Reynolds. Mr. and Mrs. Parce Collett and J. C. Washburn.

On Wednesday the honoree was complimented with a trip to Beech Bend at Bowling Green, Kentucky where the youngsters enjoyed a day of rides, swimming and eating.

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