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From Lillye Younger, People of Action (Decatur County Printers, 1983).

Special thanks to Constance Collett and the estate of Lillye Younger for permission to make this web page.

(photo caption) PARSONS FAMILY WINS — Rev. Vernon Burrows (left) presents a certificate of honor to the Osco Taylor family of Parsons in services climaxing a community-wide search for the "Christian Family of the Year" in Parsons. The search was conducted under the auspices of the Parsons Ministerial Association, and included four of the town's six major churches. Mr. and Mrs. Taylor and son, Larry, are members of the Parsons Pentecostal Church, with Rev. R. M. Boyd, pastor.

(photo caption)HONOR STUDENTS — Valedictorian of Parsons High School is Nesha Smith, left, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Lion Smith. She serves as secretary of the Beta Club and was named "Homemaker of Tomorrow." She has maintained a 95.48 average. Salutatorian is Joy Yarbro, right, a daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Leo Yarbro of Parsons. She has maintained a 94.28 average and is an active member of the Future Homemakers and the Beta Club. She was selected "Most Likely to Succeed," and in homemaking has earned her State Degree. She was selected Miss Home Economics.

Former Resident Wins Music Awards

By Lillye Younger

It's always of great interest to homefolks when one of their own has made it good in the big city. Well that is just what has happened to J.D. Dodd, son of Mrs. Annie Rogers and the late Rev. Jessie Dodd.

For his musical career he has chosen the pen name of Jay Larrin. He captured "Male Vocalist of the Year" award and "Album Producer of the Year," which he shared with' co-producer Alan Yamamoto at Na Hoku Award in Hawaii.

An entertainer in residence at Sheraton's Surf-rider Hotel's Gang Plank Lounge, J.D.'s album debut describes it thus, "Jay Larrin's long awaited album, entitled 'Jay Larrin' is laced with simplicity." Simple, homespun melodies, performed in a simple unblemished vocal and instrumental style.

Simple, love songs, mixed with genuine emotions and experiences. Simple lullabys alongside simple recollections of lifestyle.

"Larrin's liner-note message says it best: "In traveling the world, I have learned to love the people of each country. Never have I felt so much love returned for so little given as I have in Hawaii. My songs are simply reflections of the great loving spirit of the land and its people. I will always be grateful." And so he signs . . . and plays. Larrin is one of the rare ones in Hawaii — a haole from Tennessee who has captured the essence of the Island spirit." No, he does not write Hawaiian songs, but his melodies linger and stew and stay — just like an Island anthem. He does write of Hawaii but his melodies have no geographical beauty. What is pretty is pretty here or in Amsterdam or in Tennessee. This is his diary, then — a peek at what has been making his tick these past years, as resident Key boarder entertainer-singer at the .Gang Plank Lounge of the Ship's Tavern, at the Surfrider Hotel.

He shares an intimacy — a love for his parents, "Annie and Jessie," which leads off the LP.

He sings of a love for the Hawaiian cowboy, "Singing a Paniolo Song," amid the terrain of Mauna Kea.

He captures the vision of a "Uttle Lei Lady," selling her blossoms and it sounds a bit country-western in flavor. Yet it is infinitely Hawaiian in spirit and in texture.

Larrin appears to be a bright, light morning person — as witnessed in two particular tracks. One is written by his good buddy Warren Marleyd and is entitled "Morning Star". It shimmers with morning light, oosing an inspirational message. The other is "Dove" with a cheerful, uplifting calypso tempo — the kind of feeling you get when you awaken to a singing bird in the morn.

He has been described as "an idealist who believes strongly in man's communion with nature and in following one's intuition, in recognizing the intrinsic beauty in all things. He is also an admitted romanticist.

"I found that until I began to write and sing a songs that I believed in, I was just floundering. I was just copying others. I know exactly when I began to believe in my own music to listen to myself. I had written, "Annie and Jessie" a song about my parents but I never played it for anyone, thinking people would make fun of it. Then a friend played my private tape of it at a party. I was horrified but this reaction was totally different from what I had expected. It said something to them too. That's when I learned that you must listen to yourself or you are nothing more than a mimic."

By digging for the truth in himself, Larrin found a way to reach others. Tell the truth about your own experiences; those around you will recognize the universal truth inherent in a single man's existence.

"I use to go around acting crazy and ridiculous and do meaningless things. I used to have total nonsense rolling out of my mouth - all the time," says Larry. "Then once someone ran a tape recorder during my show. I heard it and didn't like what I heard, so I changed it."

Other influences have changed Jay Larrin. He speaks openly and without hint of self-consciousness about the new meaning religion holds for him. "I ______ [remainder of article missing]

Mayor Madison Scott Honored

(photo caption) HONORED - Parsons Mayor Madison Scott is listed in the ninth edition of Who's Who in the South and Southwest for 1965-66, a biographical dictionary of noteworthy men and women of this section, Scott has served as mayor of Parsons for three terms. He served with the U.S. Army Air Force from 1942 to 1946, and has been an honorary colonel on Gay. Frank Clement's staff.

Autograph Party Fetes Poet

PARSONS - An autograph party was held for Lewis Sanders, local poet, for his book of poems, entitled "By the Cross" which has just been released. The party was held in the home of Mrs. Lerah Washam assisted by Mrs. Inez Jones, on Saturday evening from 6 to 9 p.m. Keeping the guest register was Mrs. Jones. The party rooms were enhanced with arrangements of fresh garden flowers. Welcoming guests was Mrs. Washam, attired in an attractive summer creation.

Intermingling among guests was Mr. Sanders, who most graciously autographed each of his poem hooks.

Refreshments of petite sandwiches, cake squares, nuts, mints, olives, pickles and punch was served from an attractive round table overlaid with a pink linen cloth and centered with an arrangement of fresh flowers.

Around 100 guests called to view and purchase his poetry book.

Mrs. Younger To Appear In Book

Mrs. Lillye Younger has been selected to appear in the 1972 edition of "Personalities of the South."

Personalities selected for this publication are citizens whose background, service, and past achievements are worthy of note by other citizens.

The volume is reviewed by businessmen, journalists, librarians, historians, and biographers; and is a useful addition to one's library and a source of pride for posterity.

A complimentary copy of "Personalities of the South" is placed in the Library of Congress in Washington, D.C. and copies may be found in state libraries of the following southern states; Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Louisana, Maryland, Mississippi, North Carolina, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia, and West Virginia.

This unique honor is awarded to four thousand Southerners annually. The selections are made by the Executive Board from nominations furnished by businessess, Civic clubs, colleges and universities.

Mrs. Younger was recommended by Mrs. Kathleen Fisher, who appeared in the 1971 edition of "Personalities of the South."

St. Jude Benefits From Fund Raising Event

Residents of Scotts Hill have been working like Beavers on a Fund Raising project for St. Jude Hospital in Memphis since Mr. Todd Scott, son of Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Scott has been hospitalized there and is now an out-patient, making regular trips to the hospital.

It was the dream of the Scotts to be able to raise at least $2400.00, the amount it takes to operate the hospital for one hour. Fortunately they reached over their goal, that of a little over $2610.00. This amount was received from a telethon which netted $1600.00, a Gospel singing by the Wanda Lomax Trio with Tucker Shutt and the Melody Quartet at Scotts Hill School, road blocks by the Scotts Hill Lions Club, donations from the Wandering Deer Camping Club and from the business places and citizens of the town.

The Senior Citizens donated a Friendship Quilt to the cause, which they had made. Interested persons had their names embroidered on the quilt top.

At the Gospel singing a Savings bond was given away which went to Mr. Pete Win-stead of Martin. ceramics went to Mrs. Jo Anne Helms of Scotts Hill and the quilt went to Mrs. Lillye Younger of Parsons.

The Scotts wish to express their appreciation to each one for the success and their son will present this donation to St. Jude Hospital on November 8th.

Lucky Winner Named At Library

Mrs. Constance Collett was the "Lucky Winner" when she captured prizes donated by the local merchants in the "Mystery Woman" contest, sponsored by the Parsons Public Library in keeping with National Library Week.

Mrs. Doris Scott, chairman of activities at the local library during the week, posted clues each day, in poetic form, leading to the identity of the "Mystery Woman." Participants dropped their guesses in a box in the library. Each evening Mrs. Scott removed names from the box.

It was on Tuesday that Mrs. Collett placed the lucky name in the box. It was the only one with the correct person, "Mrs. Sue Carrington," listed thereon in the box, that day, thereby making Mrs. Collett the lucky winner.

Announcement or the winner was made on Saturday by Mrs. Scott.

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