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Joseph L. Wheat

From Lillye Younger, People of Action (Brewer Printing Company, Jackson, Tennessee, n.d.).

This People of Action, issued circa 1969, reproduced newspaper clippings about people in Decatur County. Most items probably were written in the mid 1960s. Most, but not all, of the items were written by Lillye Younger herself and most, but not all, appeared in the Jackson Sun. The photographs, which in the book were poorly reproduced from clippings, have not been scanned.

Special thanks to Constance Collett and the estate of Lillye Younger for permission to make these web pages.

Thanks to www.tnyesterday.com for contributing this transcription.

Post-Cards Galore, Not One to Write

Post-cards everywhere, but not a one to write. Such is the lament of Joseph L. Wheat, of Parsons, Tenn. But there is a reason: Mr. Wheat is an avid card collector.

During the 17 years since he began collecting post-cards, Wheat has received more than 3,000 cards from virtually every part of the world.

The inspiration for Wheat's hobby came when he received a picturesque card sent from Hawaii in 1949. Impressed with the beauty of the card, he decided to begin collecting.

"By the end of the first year I was able to show cards from every state plus some foreign countries," Wheat said.

One of his most prized cards was sent from Scandinavia by a nephew serving in the United States Navy.

The card bears the greeting, "Salutation de Scandinavia," and contains seven canceled stamps: Two each from Finland, Denmark, and Norway and one from Sweden.

His biggest card measures 8½x4½ inches and contains a picture of the Ovoid Theater of the International Business Machine pavilion at the 1964-65 New York World Fair.

Also included in Wheat's collection are numerous card folders which vacationing friends sent him from places of special interest.

One of his most treasured is a centennial post-card commemorating the drilling of the world's first successful oil well (Drake's Well at Titusville, Pa.) Aug. 27, 1859. The card contains a series of pictures depicting the growth of the oil industry and the history behind it.

Wheat received this card from C. L. Partin, of Gibsonia, Pa., who is a former resident of Parsons.

Wheat receives more post-cards in the summer than winter because more people take vacations then.

In addition, Wheat's hobby is known to all residents of Parsons, and a special effort is made by them to mail him a card when they visit new areas.

Wheat said he also has made some new friends through his hobby. On occasion, he receives cards from people who have heard of him but have never met him.

It goes without saying that Joe Wheat looks forward to a visit from the mailman every day. Who knows from what far-away place the next post-card will come?

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