This cemetery is located near I-40 and 641. Turn east on McIllwain Road, right (south) on Duck road, then right on a farm drive. The cemetery is about 50 yards beyond the locked gate. The cemetery is in two parts. The southern section serves as a family cemetery for the Wilson and Cox families and is maintained. To the north is a very old cemetery which is not maintained and is badly overgrown. The Wilson/Cox addition was probably created because the older cemetery was full within its borders. There are dozens of fieldstones and many more sunken spots. In small areas with good ground surface visibility grave depressions are very close together. The cemetery probably has 150 or more graves.

            David Donahue recorded Wilson or Cox Cemetery November 28, 1998. Margarett Alexander, Nancy Jones, Grapelle Stevens, and Blanche Tuten recorded this cemetery September 7, 1976. Their record appears in Decatur County, Tennessee Cemetery Records published by the Captain Nathaniel A. Wesson Chapter, United Daughters of the Confederacy, Parsons, Tennessee, 1984, pp. 609-610. This is referred to as Alexander et al. in notes below.


Bailey, Lucinda, Mar. 13, 1825-Dec. 2, 1891

Bailey, Meshack, d. Aug. 30, 1867, Aged about 66 ys., "Husband of Lucinda Bailey"

Box, Charlie, Mar. 23, 1899-Dec. 21, 1899, "Son of W. L. & Kate Box"

Box, Kate, June 24, 1877-Oct. 26, 1899, "Wife of W. L. Box"

Cox, Clara, Sept. 18, 1891-Feb. 14, 1987, "Aunt" footstone

Cox, Infant, Sept. 3, 1883-Nov. 10, 1883, "Infant son of J. D. & Jane Cox" [replacement]

Cox, Jennie, Jan. 30, 1878-July 14, 1956

Cox, John D., Oct. 25, 1848-Dec. 28, 1932, "Father" footstone
Cox, Jane W., Jan. 16, 1861-July 1, 1953

Cox, Ora Erban, Sept. 2, 1898-Dec. 26, 1981, "Uncle" footstone

Lain, E. F., Jan. 11, 1848-July 25, 1892, "Wife of T. F. Lain" (fallen) [Eastern Star symbol]

Luper, Mary Francis, 1829-Jan. 29, 1873, "Wife of S. W. Luper"

Petty, Lizzie, no dates, age 44 [overlooked or not readable in 1998; reported by Alexander et al.]

Robertson, Dora A., no dates, age 64
Robertson, Sammie, no dates, age 92[?] (homemade, eroded)

Robertson, John H., no dates, age 3 (homemade, eroded)

Robertson, Hurbert, no dates, age 4 (homemade) [overlooked or not readable in 1998; reported by Alexander et al.]

Robertson, Elina J., 1850-1913, "His Wife" "Mother"
Robertson, T. G., 1843-1928, "Father"

Robertson, ______, d. Oct. 20, 19_2, temporary marker ______ Funeral Home, Camden, ______ 8 Months 12 days"; 5 feet north of double marker for Elina J. and T. G. Robertson

Thornton, Arta, 1846-1934
Thornton, George, 1845-1891 [replacement; Alexander et al. noted him to be a CSA Soldier]

Wilson, John F., 1877-1949
Wilson, Sarah A., 1873-1961

Wilson, John R., May 18, 1822-Sept. 12, 1872
Wilson, Jane, Dec. 14, 1824-Jan. 28, 1918

Wilson, Nannie R., 1855-1881
Wilson, James, 1854-1933 [Masonic symbol]
Wilson, Nannie J., 1856-____


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